I was seventeen when I joined the fleet for the required five years. I was from a rural colony and got a shock when I started basic. Not only did we have women sleeping in bunks with us, they showered and thought nothing of being naked around the men. The first day we were paired up, normally it was men together and women together.

We had an odd number of women and Jess became my buddy. They called us battle buddies because we were to do everything together and watch each others back in combat. Jess was shy at first but grinned when the other women called me a backwoods hick. We worked well with each other and excelled with heavy weapons like the mini guns on a transport.

Before we finished with basic and started advanced training we had been given a designator as transport gunners. Three months later we were sent out together on a troop transport ship. We were assigned to the same unit and I hoped Jess would continue as my battle buddy. We had lived, slept, eaten and showered together since being put together.

We were even assigned the same small cabin on the transport. The first day we came aboard and put our bags in the lockers. We sat on the lower bunk to wait for the ship to leave orbit. Jess finally grinned and stood, “finally no sergeant to tell us what to do.”

She started stripping and I blushed, “what are you doing?”

She smiled and reached out to caress my face, “I have not had sex since I enlisted.”

My face reddened even more as I murmured, “I have not had sex before.”

Jess finished undressing and gestured, “you will if you get your ass up and strip.”

I stood and started to undress as she laid down on the bunk and started fingering her bald pussy. She had told me she had the hair removed permanently. Once I was naked I hesitated and Jess held out her hand, “you have seen me a hundred times. Look closer and lick my pussy.”

I sat beside her on the bunk and reached out to feel and caress her. I bent to suck on a pretty nipple before turning and moving down as she spread her legs more. I moved between them and opened her pussy as I licked through it. She shivered and humped and I pushed my tongue into her before covering her clit.

I sucked and wiggled my tongue up and down and back and forth. She wiggled and shuddered while she kept lifting her hips and moaning. She tilted her hips and reached down to hold my head as she began to hump and thrust her pussy against my mouth. I kept licking her and started sucking on her clit harder.

Jess yelled and jerked a few moments later as she twisted and pushed me away. I looked up as she shuddered and she gestured and held out her arms. I moved up and felt her hand as she positioned my cock. I pushed into her and she wiggled and pulled until my cock was buried. I looked at her and she humped before grinning at me.

I grinned back and started to fuck her with long strokes. She met each thrust while her warm pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock. It was not long before she was panting and shuddering as I kept fucking her. Several minutes later she spasmed before jerking as she wailed. Her pussy was a lot wetter and constantly tightening.

She humped and thrust up harder as I fucked all the way into her and against her cervix as it began opening. I shoved into her and pushed as I grunted and Jess clutched me and screamed, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I gushed and spewed and pumped and spurted until I was done. She shuddered as her pussy milked the cum into her and then relaxed. I sighed and looked at her before I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. She grinned as she lifted her hips and hugged me. We did not even hear the chime that announced the ship leaving orbit.

If we were not exercising or training with a neural net we were in our cabin fucking. When the shuttle down came we were sad because we knew we could be assigned to separate companies. A sergeant was calling off names and directing soldiers where to go. We were in our battle dress uniform with all our equipment except weapons.

We pulled our floats after us and stood waiting with the others until he called both of us together. He pointed to a slim female sergeant who turned as we approached, “follow me.”

She led us off the tarmac to a hover truck where we put our gear in back and climbed in. A moment later we were heading out very fast and across the huge field. She slowed when she reached an area with hundreds of small armed transports and pointed to one, “that is ours.”

She kept going until we reached sets of metal pods that had been converted into living quarters. She climbed out, “fourth row, third level, pod six. There is only three of us so do not crowd each other.”

She pointed to a low building in front of the pods, “put your things away and meet me in ops.”

We climbed out and started pulling our floats after us and then picked them up and started climbing stairs. On the third level we turned and pulled the floats after us on the narrow walk to the fourth row of pods. The pods were numbered and we walked down to the sixth before opening the door and stepping in.

The bunks were narrow and there were open shelves and a wide locker for each bunk. We looked at each other and Jess grinned, “push two bunks together.”

We did and then unpacked a few things before leaving and going down and then across to the building the sergeant had pointed out. Ops was easy to find and busy, they had flights coming and going constantly. The sergeant led us to the armorer who issued us weapons. The day was spent zeroing our weapons and meeting first lieutenant Christain and second lieutenant Harris.

We checked the transport and talked with the maintenance crew before going to find the dining hall. After we ate we returned to our pod and went back to unpacking. The bathroom and shower for the pod was in the pod at the end of the row. The sergeant walked in and grinned when she saw the bunks together, “that way already?”

We had straightened and gone to parade rest and she gestured for us to relax. I blushed, “we... on the way here.”

Jess saved me, “we fucked each other every chance we got.”

The sergeant looked at me, “he have enough to share?”

I grinned at Jess as she snorted, “he does not run out so sure.”

The sergeant started for her bunk, “we can push another bunk over. I am Emily.”

I went to help move the bunk, “Dan.”

Jess helped me, “Jess.”

I knelt and used cord to secure the legs of the bunks together. When I stood Jess was grinning and patted my cheek before starting to undress me. I blushed and looked at the sergeant to see her stripping. Jess pushed me towards the bunk, “lick her pussy and fuck her nice and deep.”

Emily laughed as she laid back on the bunks, “that sounds perfect.”

I grinned and moved onto the bunk and down between her legs as she spread them. I looked at her trimmed pussy before licking through it. I pushed my tongue into her as she humped and shivered and then covered her clit. I sucked hard while wiggling my tongue and she gasped and jerked as her hips lifted and thrust up, “ooohhhh!”

I went back and forth licking her and sucked on her clit while using my tongue to tease it. It was not long before she was constantly shaking and thrusting up while moaning. She finally jerked and tried to close her legs as she pushed my face back. I looked up and moved up and over her before pushing into her slick pussy.

She groaned and tilted her hips while lifting her legs. I started to fuck her with deep strokes as she put her arms around me. Her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing and she began to shudder. I fucked her steadily and a few minutes later she wailed and spasmed while her pussy clenched.

She constantly jerked and clutched me as I continued to fuck into her and bury my cock. Jess laughed and rubbed my back, “hard now.”

I kissed Emily and began to fuck her hard with long deep strokes as I tried to cum. A couple of minutes and she was thrashing around and bucking, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

She twisted and struggled under me as I kept fucking her and finally shoved all the way into her. She clutched me again and grunted as she looked into my eyes. I pushed as my cock erupted and I spewed cum into her. Emily screamed and jerked while her pussy massaged my cock as I continued to pump strong spurts of cum.

When I finished I slowly relaxed as Emily panted and Jess chuckled, “fuck me like a bitch.”

I grinned and gave Emily a kiss before I pulled out and turned to stalk toward Jess. She had gone to her stomach and pushed up onto her knees with her head and shoulders still on the bed. I pulled her legs together before straddling them and slowly pushing into her. She groaned as I buried my cock and waited and then she pushed back.

I grinned and held her waist as I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep strokes. She continued to push and shove back while her pussy kept grasping my cock. A couple of minutes and I fucked her hard, fast and deep as she jerked. She shoved the blanket into her mouth to quiet the scream. Her pussy clenched as I kept fucking her and finally I slowed.

I used long strokes but planted my cock as deep as I could each time I buried it. Jess had sagged to the bed so I was holding her butt up while I kept fucking her. Her pussy was very wet and slippery and constantly tightening. It took a few more minutes before I pushed into her and grunted as I began to spurt and spew.

She jerked and shoved back while her pussy gripped my cock, “YES!”

I held her while pumping sperm into her and when I was done I relaxed and pulled out. I laid on the bed beside her and Emily laughed as she straddled me. It was a long night and ended only after both Jess and Emily stopped fucking me. I woke to Emily moving off the bed to answer the pod comm.

She glanced at us as we looked at her and gestured and we rolled out of bed. We grabbed clothes and towels before walking out and down to the bathroom and then into the shower. When we returned to the pod we got dressed in our battle gear and grabbed our weapons. Emily walked out and we followed her to the dining hall.

After wolfing food down we went to ops where other transport teams were gathering. We were briefed on the pick up site and the landing area which would be hot. We triple checked the mini guns while Emily and the ground crew went over the transport. Ten minutes later we lifted and I was scanning the area to the right while Jess watched the left.

The transports dropped into a field where our troops were waiting. A dozen soldiers rushed to our transport and Emily began loading them. We were loaded and waiting before the comm give the signal to lift. My heart was racing as I checked the mini and adjusted the neural net under my helmet.

I closed the visor and like in training and practice the world slowed. I saw the firing ahead and swivelled to fire, others were firing but I was calmly selecting targets and killing them before I shifted aim. The transport dropped and Emily barked a warned to Jess and I. There was a jar as the transport landed and then the soldiers were pouring out.

I did not have targets but was still scanning for anything that moved. As the transport lifted and turned I saw the missile launch. Normally there was a launch and then impact because modern missile were kinetic. This time I fired and it exploded between us and the launch site. The problem was the debris was still traveling towards us.

I took the launch site out as the transport shook with the impact. I heard the transport comm as lieutenant Christain yelled that we lost a grav and were going down. I continued to fire at the enemy as the transport fell and spun. We hit hard and I yanked the neural net off with my helmet as I moved away from the mini.

I grabbed Emily and saw her shoulder and thigh were bloody, “Jess!”

She appeared a moment later as I was helping the sergeant out of the transport. I looked at the two lieutenants as they crawled out of their seats and shifted my rifle and started for a depression to one side. I helped Emily as Jess moved ahead and went prone with her rifle up and ready.

I laid Emily down behind Jess and rolled her onto her side to check the wounds before pulling out her neural patch. I placed it and pushed it down between her shoulders and onto her spine before activating it to kill the pain. I moved around the two lieutenants and went prone to watch for enemy.

I could still hear comm chatter and knew an evac transport was coming. We just needed to stay alive until it reached us. I aimed when I saw movement and then hoards of the enemy were rushing towards us. Jess and I began firing and then three mini’s were suddenly ripping them apart. They were from the three transports that were circling.

A minute and it was over with the large mass of the enemy down, dead or dying. A huge carrier transport appeared and dropped towards ours with a smaller one coming to land beside us. I moved back and lifted Emily as the two lieutenants stood and headed for the transports. Jess followed behind me as she covered us and I carried Emily and the flight medic pulled her in.

I climbed in and turned to pull Jess in as the transport lifted. I could see the carrier transport ahead of us with our transport under and inside the frame. Luckily Emily’s wounds were not serious and she was back after a few hours with the doctors. We were the seventh transport that had been shot down.

We were the only ones to survive and our transport would be back in service in a couple of days. Jess and I spent the time cleaning the transport equipment we had removed while our ground crew went to work. It was a long day and after we ate dinner we returned to our pod. I grinned when I walked in and saw Emily naked on the bed.

Jess chuckled as she stripped while walking to the bed, “you comfortable?”

Emily laid back with her legs spread, “I will be after someone licks my pussy.”

I began to undress as Jess laid between her legs and started licking her. I followed her to the bed and looked at her butt as she wiggled it. Emily was moaning and humping and I grinned as I moved onto the bed behind Jess and slowly buried my cock in her warm pussy. She pushed back and shuddered as I held her hips and pulled back.

I started to fuck her with deep thrusts and she shoved back to meet each one. Her pussy began grasping my cock when I pushed into her. A few minutes later Jess and Emily were both moaning and wailing. I slowly started fucking Jess harder and she began to spasm and shake while clinging to Emily.

I held her hips up as I kept fucking her and several minutes later shoved into her and buried my cock. She screamed and jerked while her pussy clenched and I began to pump and spew cum. Emily laughed as Jess continued to jerk and shudder while I grunted and spurted sperm. When I was done I let her go and she groaned as she sagged and rolled over.

Emily grinned as she held out her arms, “nice and deep Dan.”

I moved forward and over her before sinking my cock all the way into her. Her warm slippery pussy clenched and she shivered as she humped. I gave her a kiss and pulled back and began to fuck her with deep strokes. She sighed and wiggled as she kept lifting her hips and thrusting up.

I kept fucking her using long thrusts that almost pulled my cock out before I buried it. It was not long before she was clutching me and bucking as her pussy constantly gripped my cock. She shuddered and spasmed as she began to wail, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

Jess laughed as she rubbed my butt, “hard!”

I grinned as I kissed Emily and began to fuck her long, hard and deep. She writhed around and howled as she wet me and her pussy tightened, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I continued to fuck her as her pussy pulsed and massaged my cock each time I pushed into her. It was several minutes before I suddenly shoved into her and pressed as my cock erupted and I began spurting. She jerked and hugged me while her pussy grasped and kept squeezing, “aaahhhh!”

I pumped and gushed and spewed until I was done and then I grinned and pulled back and thrust into her. She shuddered and her pussy clenched, “YES!”

She jerked and wiggled and then grinned and pushed me back, “fuck Jess.”

I pulled out and turned to moved over Jess as she laid back and held her legs up and spread. It was awhile before we stopped and slept. A week later the transport was repaired and Emily was better. We got a call to go do a team pick up. Our flight was low and twisting as we stayed just above the ground.

I had the visor down and was running the neural interface. I barely heard the slowed comm as it blended into the interface, “landing zone is hot.”

It seemed like hours before the transport suddenly turned as it dropped to the ground and I had targets. I was firing and the mini ripped into the few hundred charging enemy and the fixed positions. I went back and forth as the team we had come to get finally began moving. It was like they were moving in slow motion as I continued to rip the enemy positions apart.

The transport lifted and spun and I engaged one target after another. It was mostly light armored vehicles that seemed to fly apart under the impact from the mini rounds. Then we were gone and speeding back the way we had come, doing the same twisting dance just above the ground.

I checked my weapon and ammo, “starboard mini green and at forty percent on ammo.”

I heard Jess give her status and then Emily on the transport and passengers before lieutenant Harris acknowledged us. Once we landed I shut the interface down and lifted the visor as the world returned to normal. I watched the team we had picked up leave and turned to begin our after action clean up.

After that it was our debriefing and then dinner. Once we walked into the pod Emily turned me to face her as she started backing me towards the bed while stripping me. Jess grinned and began taking Emily’s clothes off before she pushed me down on the bed. I wiggled back and onto the bed as Emily stalked after me with a growl.

She straddled me and impaled her warm pussy before she began to thrust back and forth hard. Jess giggled as she laid beside me naked and rubbed my chest, “someone is very horny.”

I was cupping and kneading Emily’s breasts as she continued to rock and shove down and onto my cock. She twisted and rolled her hips as her pussy kept grasping and squeezing. I pulled her down and rolled until she was under me and started to fuck her hard and deep. I was grinding each time I buried my cock and she lifted and spread her legs, “FUCK!”

I kept fucking her firmly and began to rub and press and jab each time I shoved into her. She spasmed and began convulsing as she bucked and howled, “aaaahhhh!”

I was fucking her hard with deep grinding strokes as she thrashed and kicked in the air. I finally shoved into her and kissed her hard as my cock erupted and I gushed cum. She twisted and screamed when she felt the stream of warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

She shook and shuddered as I spewed and finally stopped and took a breath. Jess laughed and pulled on me, “my turn for a ride.”

I grinned as I pulled out and rolled onto my back. She impaled her pussy and sat before wiggling as her pussy squeezed. She glanced at Emily, “hey sergeant?”

She rubbed her pussy on me while it continued to clench and Emily turned to look at her, “yeah?”

Jess bounced, “after our enlistment is up want to go exclusive and take our country boy to the back woods and raise a couple of dozen kids?”

Emily chuckled as I growled and pulled Jess down and rolled, “bossy witch you would stay pregnant.”

I started fucking her with deep thrusts as she kept lifting her hips. She grinned as her wonderful pussy tightened and squeezed, “that is the idea stud.”

I grinned and buried my cock, “I am going to fuck you until our enlistment is up. Waverley is rural but I need to register any woman or women I intend to marry. My entire family must witness our wedding night consummation and you will not have an implant.”

She wiggled and thrust up as she turned her head to Emily, “in that case we better make sure we are fertile at the same time.”

Emily laughed as I began to fuck Jess hard. She shuddered and spasmed while her slippery pussy clenched. By the time I was ready to cum she was shaking and jerking and her eyes were rolled up. I pushed into her and kissed her as I began pumping cum. She gasped and clutched me, “YES!”

I pulled out and sighed before looking at Emily on her knees wiggling her butt. She grinned, “come breed me sweetness.”

The tour and our enlistment seemed to fly by. With Emily guiding things we stayed together until our enlistment ended and I did take them home and they did marry me. Of course they were the ones that fucked me while the family watched and laughed.
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