Bethany was in the way so I was to keep her busy.
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Her Fat Younger Sister

I am a horny sixteen-year-old virgin boy. I have a fourteen-year-old brother Teddy that has a terrific looking fourteen-year-old girlfriend. It is surprising but for a really slim pretty girl, Amanda has a big fat thirteen-year-old sister named Bethany.

Obviously Teddy gets a lot more action than I do. Especially since I didn’t get any action at all. You see I’m not very outgoing and to tell you the truth, I’m scared of girls. Really, I’m just afraid that I’ll say something wrong, get embarrassed, or get shot down.

One night I noticed that Teddy was just about ready to slam his fist into a wall. When I asked him what was wrong he told me. He said that every time that he came close to copping a feel with Amanda, that Bethany would pop up out of nowhere and stop them. He knew that Amanda was ready but he just couldn’t get her alone long enough. Oh he had kissed her a few times and once he got his hand on her breast through her clothes and he even got his hand on her warm crotch through her jeans once.

Then he punched the wall.

The next day Amanda caught me outside after school. She said, “I need your help. We need your help, Teddy and me. We can’t get away from my sister.”

I asked, “So what can I do?”

Amanda said, “Take Bethany into your bedroom and have sex with her.”

Wow, a dream come true for me. Well, not a dream involving a fat chick but a dream that involved fucking. I was afraid that Teddy would loose his virginity before I did and it just wasn’t fair.

Then Amanda said, “Treat her badly, boss her around, spank her if you think she needs it. Daddy does that to her all of the time. That’s how he treats my mother too. Funny but he never treats me like that.”

I asked, “You don’t want me to be nice to her?”

Amanda said, “No! Besides she has a crush on you. I’ve read her diary. Here, I’ve made copies of the last two weeks. Daddy’s printer also copies things.”

She handed me a few sheets of paper.

She said, “Read these and you’ll see what I mean.”

I had the papers in my pocket and was walking away when I heard Bethany asking Amanda what she was doing. I just kept walking.

At home I went in the house and up to my bedroom.

I read the fourteen entries that Bethany had written into her diary. Then I read them a second time because I just couldn’t believe what I had read the first time. I got a yellow highlighter and went through it again.

“Fran looked at me and I think his cock got hard.”

“I played with myself thinking about Fran. I had three orgasms.”

“I caught Amanda with Teddy’s hand on her crotch.”

“I heard Daddy tell Mommy to get naked and get on her knees. I peeked into their bedroom and I watched Daddy fuck Mommy and she liked it. He made her suck his cock and she liked that too.”

“Tonight I saw Daddy take an ice cube out of his drink and slip it into Mommy’s pussy. Later I saw him pinch and twist both of Mommy’s nipples. She seemed to like it.”

“I caught Teddy kissing Amanda.”

I spread my legs for Fran but I don’t think he could see my panties. My fat legs wouldn’t open up far enough in my skirt.”

“Daddy thought that I was outside. When I heard the smack and Mommy crying I peeked in on them. Daddy was beating Mommy’s bare ass with a paddle but Mommy wasn’t trying to get away. She was begging for more and harder. She had a small baseball bat sticking into her pussy.”

“I just can’t wait to get fucked.”

There were several references to me, to Teddy and Amanda, and of course to herself.

The next day in school Amanda looked me up and asked me if I would help her and my brother out. I said, “Yes!”

Our parents both work. We get home just after three o’clock, Mom gets home about five-thirty, and Dad gets home just after six. That gives Teddy and I a good two and a half hours alone every day after school.

Amanda brought Bethany over to our house as soon as they got home and checked in with their mother.

I looked at Bethany. She was a few inches short of five feet tall and a few pounds short of two hundred. Her brown hair was straight and hung down her back in a ponytail. She had on a big loose blue blouse that had a couple of buttons undone at the top. I could see a few inches of cleavage. Her skirt was about halfway between her knees and her crotch, maybe even higher. She had on black shoes.

I took Bethany’s hand and pulled her into my bedroom. She looked back and saw her sister pulling Teddy into his bedroom. Both doors closed.

I said, “Bethany, I like you. Do you like me?”

She blushed and said, “Yes!”

I asked, “Are you a virgin?”

She said, “Yes!”

I said, “So am I but I want to loose it. How about you?”

Bethany said, “Oh, yes!”

Then I asked, “Would you like to loose it with me?”

Again Bethany said, “Oh, YES!”

I leaned down and kissed her as I ran my hand over her big fat boobs and down over her big fat belly, and then underneath her skirt to cup her big fat pussy. She had panties on but they were wet.

I went to the door and locked it. I turned and told Bethany to get undressed. Then I just stood there and watched her.

She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, and then she unfastened her skirt and took that off.

I looked at her standing there in her old white bra and panties. She had outgrown her bra and her big tits were resting on her belly. They were so big that they drooped. Her big belly hung down and almost covered her white panties. I pointed to her bra and she removed it letting her tits bounce free. Her areolas were pink and her nipples were hard but tiny. Then I pointed at her panties. She slipped them off as if I weren’t even there. She was not in the least embarrassed.

I said, “I just want to stick it in you before we do any of that foreplay stuff.”

Bethany said, “Okay” and then she sat on the edge of my bed and lay back. Her breasts slid off toward her armpits and her belly flattened out. She lifted her legs up and spread them for me.

I looked into the crevice that had just been exposed. She spread her legs some more and her pussy opened up. It was pink inside. She was really wet too.

I just stepped up to her, aimed my cock, and shoved it in. It was warm, it was wet, and it was my first pussy, something that I knew I would never forget.

I pushed it in and pulled it out. I could hardly believe that I was fucking a girl. I didn’t even care that she was fat or that her sister had set her up with me. I was just thankful for the chance to loose my virginity.

A few strokes later and I was cumming in her pussy. I held onto her legs and just kept arching my back and thrusting into her for all I was worth. I emptied sixteen years worth of backed up cum into the girl.

I was still in her when Bethany said, “Oh my God! I made you cum! I really made you cum. I didn’t think it was possible. Daddy can’t cum in Mommy because I stretched her cunt out when I was born. Daddy usually sticks it in her ass. That is if he can get it hard. He has to torture Mommy to get excited. He spanks her, pinches her nipples, and shoves his beer bottle up her.”

I just looked at her in disbelief.

Bethany said, “It’s true. He can’t get enough feeling in her fat pussy to cum…but you did.”

I couldn’t believe it but I was still in her and I was hard again…or was I still hard. I didn’t care either way.

I just started to fuck Bethany again until I came in her.

I asked, “Are you on birth control?”

Bethany giggled and said, “Yup! Mommy made sure that both Amanda and I were protected after I told her about Amanda and Teddy a few weeks ago.”

My softened cock was just starting to slip out of her pussy when I said, “You told on them! Why?”

Bethany blushed and said, “I didn’t want her to have sex and for me to get nothing.”

I said, “You know…for that…you should be punished.”

Bethany giggled and said, “Oh goodie! Anything you want! Does this mean that I’m your girlfriend?”

A very quick thought rushed through my head. Did I really want to be seen with a fat chick? Did I really want to be seen with a thirteen-year-old girlfriend? How many more times could I fuck her before Mom came home?

I threw caution to the wind, slipped my hard cock back into her and said, “As long as I can fuck you whenever I want too, you can be my girlfriend. Can we keep it kind of quiet though?”

Bethany smiled and pulled herself up into a sitting position, wrapped her legs around me, and kissed me. It was really a nice kiss too. Imagine, I had a girlfriend to kiss and fuck. It felt wonderful.

Bethany asked, “Do you think we can have sleepovers?”

I asked, “Why?”

She blushed and said, “Well if I write in my diary that I slept with you, shouldn’t I really sleep?”

I hugged her close and thrust into her some more, “I wish that you wouldn’t write anything about this in your diary. What if your parents read it?”

She said, “Okay, but can I sleep over sometime?”

I dumped my third load of cum into her and said, “I would like that. Let’s go tell Amanda and Teddy what we did.”

She giggled, took my hand, and started out the door naked.

I asked, “Don’t you want to get dressed first?”

Bethany said, “No! Everyone has seen me naked so why bother?”

I said, “Even Teddy?”

She blushed again and said, “A few weeks ago he wanted to see what a naked girl looked like. I was coming out of the shower with just a big towel wrapped around me and Amanda dared me to drop it. I did!”

She opened the door to Teddy’s bedroom without knocking. He started to say something but stopped when he saw her naked.

Amanda was just wearing her shorts and most likely her panties. She quickly put her hands over her small breasts. She was sitting on the bed with Teddy beside her.

Bethany pushed Amanda back onto the bed and climbed up on it to sit on her sister’s face. Bethany said, “You wanted to know what cum tastes like. Start licking.”

Teddy just looked at me, smiled, and gave me the thumbs-up gesture.

I was right behind Bethany. I placed one of Teddy’s hands on her closest breast. Bethany smiled and placed her hand on his to hold it there.

I slipped a finger up Amanda’s shorts. Yup, she was wearing panties. Then I slipped my finger under her panties and fingered her pussy hole. She squirmed a little but stopped when I started to massage her clit.

When Amanda started to orgasm, Bethany lifted herself up off from her sister’s face. Amanda looked at Teddy, saw both of his hands, and then smiled at me.

Bethany said, “Strip! My new boyfriend wants to see you naked. I’m sure that your boyfriend would like to see you naked too.”

I looked at Bethany. She knew that I never said that. She just smiled at me and gave me a thumbs-up.

Meanwhile Amanda had stopped covering her breasts, wiped her mouth off on the back of her hand, and then started to unbutton and unzip her shorts before sliding them down her legs and kicking them toward me. Next she lowered her panties, kicked them at me, and opened her legs. She had a small solid looking pussy. Her lips were either glued shut or they just didn’t flower open like Bethany’s had.

Amanda said, “You are the first boy to finger fuck me. You are the first one to see me naked too.

Teddy asked, “What about me?”

Amanda said, “You are over there and you can’t see up my pussy.” She spread her lips open with her fingers.

She looked at Teddy and said, “See! You can’t take your eyes off my sister’s big fat tits.”

Bethany pushed Amanda flat to the bed and sat on her face again. Amanda was sideways on the bed with her knees over the side toward me. Bethany lifted her sister’s legs up in the air. Then she pulled me in for a kiss. During our kiss Bethany placed the tip of my cock at Amanda’s opening and then pulled me in further as she kissed me.

I had just entered my second virgin, both sisters, and both less than an hour apart. I was fucking Teddy’s girlfriend…even before he had.

When I came in Amanda, Bethany moved back so that Amanda could see me.

Amanda said, “That was nice.”

I moved to the side and motioned for my brother to take my place between his girlfriend’s legs. This time Amanda pulled him into her. Teddy reached out to grab my girlfriend’s tit.

After Teddy finished cumming in Amanda, Bethany again got her pussy over Amanda’s face then leaned down to eat her sister’s pussy while Teddy and I watched.

Every day after school was the same. Our girlfriends would let us fuck them, then fuck her sister, and then Teddy and I watch them eat each other out.

The following week Bethany said, “We have a problem.”

I asked, “Are you pregnant?”

She laughed and said, “No, not that kind of a problem. Mommy wants you to fuck her pussy and cum in it. Daddy hasn’t cum in her in about ten years and she would really like it.”

I talked it out with her and found out that her mother had suspected what we were up too. She didn’t want to stop us. She just wanted some of the fun too. She didn’t really want Amanda and Teddy involved though. So Bethany took me over to her house.

Her mother smiled at me and asked me if I really came in Bethany’s pussy. I replied that I had…several times. Then she asked me if I would please fuck her pussy. Of course I would.

The three of us got undressed in Bethany’s bedroom, the one that she shared with Amanda.

Her mother was just a bigger version of Bethany. She was a lot bigger version, three hundred pounds worth.

With the mother sitting on the edge of the bed I pushed her shoulders back to lay her down. I picked her legs up and that was when I saw her huge pussy. It was covered with matted hair and it was really wet.

Bethany reached in and poked a finger into her mother’s pussy. Then another finger and another until she was slipping her whole hand into her mother’s hole. Wow, was she ever big down there. I pulled her hand out and slipped my hand in after a few tries. I made a fist and turned my hand around until I was rubbing my knuckles across her G-spot.

I gave her an orgasm and she started to cry and thank me. I gave her another orgasm, and then I removed my fist and replaced it with my cock.

There was very little feeling but I had gotten used to that with Bethany. I held her feet up on my shoulders as I plowed into her fast and furious. Then I started to cum and cum inside of her pussy. Again she started to cry and thank me.

I had made her day, hell I had made her year, ten years.

She was still crying when I slipped it back into her for a second time.

You would have thought that she had died and gone to heaven.

After that I was allowed to sleep with Bethany every night if I wanted too. I could fuck Amanda and then Bethany before falling asleep. In the morning I could fuck their mother after “Daddy” went to work.

Mom knew what was going on because Bethany’s mother had told her everything. I do mean everything.

Mom got home a good half-hour before Dad did. That gave me plenty of time to fuck Mom. I must have been the luckiest boy in the world. I got to fuck two girls, two women, and sleep with my girlfriend.

Bethany’s father knew about me but chose to ignore me. If he saw me he just smiled and kept walking without a word.

Eventually Teddy found another girlfriend and gave Amanda to me. Hell, I had been fucking her every day since that first time, anyway. She had always been mine more than she had been his.

My father knew about Amanda, Bethany, and their mother but he never did know about Mom.

The End
Her Fat Younger Sister
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