The church dance turned into a nude dance before it ended.
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Brother Sister Church Dance

Our parents didn’t want to hear my objections. The church was putting on a dance for brothers and sisters and we WERE going, whether we wanted to or not. Case closed!

At fourteen I sure as hell didn’t want to be caught dancing with my thirteen-year-old sister. I didn’t know how to dance anyway.

Cindy really could dance. She had taken all sorts of dance classes from ballet to jazz to line dancing and square dancing. I had often admired her skills. She looked sexy in her ballet body suit as well as in her tight jeans and western shirts.

In fact in the past year or so Cindy had filled out rather nicely. She lost her baby fat, developed curves, and had nice tits and ass.

Dad dropped us off at the Fellowship Hall. An older boy and girl greeted us, told us their names were Ken and Barbie, and then they invited us in. Surprisingly there were only six couples, including us. There were no adults to chaperone us.

Ken and Barbie resembled the dolls that my sister used to play with. They were nineteen and eighteen years old and the oldest of those present.

A CD player was set up and the first dance was a slow one that involved my sister and I to get almost romantic. She was right in my arms and her hips were swaying in beat to the music. Her pelvis was brushing against my crotch and she caused my cock to become erect. Damn it!

Cindy pressed harder into my crotch and then whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry about that, I think the other boys got hard too. I can tell by the looks on their sister’s faces. Janet’s brother is holding onto her ass tightly. He is lifting the back of her skirt. She’s wearing thong panties.”

She turned me as we danced so that I could see Janet’s cute ass.

She whispered, “Now Ken is lifting Barbie’s skirt too. She has on pink panties.”

Again, my little sister turned me so that I could see Barbie’s ass.

Then Cindy whispered, “Lift my skirt up in the back. I’m wearing thong panties but mine are black and have a lacy waistband.”

So with her permission I reached down and started lifting the back of her skirt as we swayed with the music.

As I looked around the other boys were looking at my sister’s ass and I was looking at their sister’s asses. All six girls were partially on display.

The song that had been playing was “Hey Jude” by the Beetles and it was over seven minutes long.

After that several faster songs played and I noticed that the other boys stepped back to watch the girls dance.

I recognized the song “Dirty Dancing” from the movie. I saw my sister checking out the way that the other girls were dancing. Then Cindy started to out shine them. She had spread her legs, squatted down quite low, and started to thrust her hips. She was fucking the air in front of her and it was exciting her. I could have sworn that she had an orgasm.

The other girls tried to do what my sister was doing but they just were not that good. I did get to see a few crotches in the process though.

I looked at the other boys and then I stepped in. I had seen that movie with my mother and my sister a hundred times. I knew that all Cindy needed was a knee to hump…and I was that knee.

Cindy smiled and let me grab her hips as she fucked my leg. It was fantastic. Everyone stopped to watch us, or rather to watch my sister dance. She was very sexy and I’m sure that she got off.

It was time to take a break, get a drink, and go to the bathroom.

The boys were telling me how lucky I was to be Cindy’s brother. I told them that I had been admiring their sisters as well.

Barbie was the first girl to come out. She walked over to an empty table and placed a bra and the panties that I had seen on the table. Cindy came out and placed her bra and those sexy black panties on the table next to Barbie’s. One by one the other girls deposited their underwear on the table.

Ken said, “Now the party can really get started.”

One of the other boys suggested “The Limbo.”

I had to smile and immediately volunteered to hold the broomstick.

I soon realized that all of the girls shaved their pussies. Barbie and another girl had tuffs of pubic hair up on their mounds but none on their slits. With their knees spread for balance their pussy lips opened up nicely showing some pink on each girl. Their nipples got hard too.

Cindy won that contest and managed to give us all a good show. As a way of thanking us, she lifted her blouse up to let us all see her bare breasts.

Cindy said, “If you see my pussy you have to see my tits…it’s the law in my house.”

I knew of no such law but I wasn’t going to say anything. Besides, the other girls raised their tops up above their breasts too.

Ken said, “Why not just take them off for the next few dances?”

Cindy was the first to pull her top off and place it on her bra and panties.

Barbie had great tits. They were full and large, and she obviously had a nice tan. I suspected that from seeing her ass earlier.

Barbie said, “This is stupid! We should just dance nude! There is nothing left that they haven’t seen.”

That was true enough.

So I danced with Cindy and then we traded partners for each new song until I had danced with all of the girls. Barbie was taller than I was so when she pulled my head into her breasts I got one nipple in my ear and her other nipple into my mouth.

She whispered, “Cindy is wonderful. Do you two fuck? Would you like to join Ken and I in bed for a little fun? Does she like girls?”

With her nipple in my mouth I just sort of grunted.

The last dance was with my naked sister pressing her crotch into my crotch.

Cindy whispered, “Ken asked me if we were fucking one another and if we wanted to join him and Barbie in bed for some fun.”

I said, “Barbie asked me the same thing.”

Cindy asked, “What did you tell her?”

I replied, “I just grunted and didn’t really answer her.”

Cindy said, “Well I said yes. We will meet them tomorrow.”

I said, “But you and I haven’t had sex with each other, let alone with anyone else.”

Cindy giggled and said, “We have tonight to fix that.”

The dance ended, the girls let us watch them get dressed, and we got hugs, kisses, and pleasantries from everyone else. Ken and Barbie gave us a ride home.

Mom was waiting for us to come in.

She asked, “So how was it? Did you like it?”

Cindy hugged Mom and said, “It was even better than you said it would be. We took our panties off, we did the limbo, and then we got naked and danced with all of boys. Ken and Barbie invited us over for group sex tomorrow.”

I could not believe that she had told Mom all about it. I couldn’t believe that Mom had confided in Cindy and that I had been left in the dark about the dance.

Mom looked right at me and said, “I guess you had better pop her cherry and get her ready for Ken tomorrow night.”

She hugged Cindy and said, “That’s how I met your father. He was there with your Aunt June and I was there with your Uncle Tim.”

I looked at Mom she was glowing with her memories. I asked, “So you let Uncle Tim fuck you?”

Mom laughed and said, “I still do.”

Cindy took me to her bedroom. She stripped down and got on her bed waiting for me to get undressed and fuck her.

It was slowly sinking into me that I was going to fuck my little sister…probably for the rest of her life. Then I started to get jealous. Did I really want Ken fucking her? Then I thought about fucking Barbie. I was harder than ever as I slipped it into my very first pussy.

Cindy said, “Go faster and see if you can put it in deeper. Mom gave me a dildo but you feel a lot better all ready.”

I tried to jackhammer my cock into her and I was slapping my skin against her skin. It made a sort of clapping sound.

I had been hard all night so cumming was not a problem…unless you wanted the sex to last longer. In that case I went off prematurely. Damn it!

Cindy hugged me and said, “Let me suck you hard so you can fuck me again”

I asked, “Where did you learn to do that?”

Cindy replied, “Mom has been teaching me a lot of sex things. I can get a dildo in my pussy, I can masturbate really good, and I can put the tip of a hotdog into my throat without gagging.”

I looked at her and she added, “I can eat Mom’s pussy better than Dad can too.”

I was hard and she was climbing on top of me. My little sister was fucking me. Wow!

We did it two more times before we feel asleep. Then we did it in the morning before we went to school. I was just about to fuck Cindy again after school when Mom stopped me and said, “Hey, you better save some of that for Barbie.”

I waited until we were at Ken and Barbie’s house but just as soon as Barbie asked me if I wanted to see her bedroom, I was gone. Mere minutes later we were both naked and on her bed in an embrace that let our nipples touch each other’s nipples and let my cock rest in her pussy.

She felt so good. She could squeeze my cock with her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in closer. Then Barbie gave me the best kiss that I had ever had…not that I had kissed that many girls. It took me a while to cum and she appreciated that.

After I had cum and was lying next to her she said, “You were good. We should invite you and your sister over more often.”

I came in her a couple more times before we had to go home.

Barbie said, “Please don’t tell Ken…but you are much better at sex than he is.”

I got a very nice kiss at the door. She was still naked. Ken had dressed to drive us home.

At home Cindy said, “You are a lot better at sex than Ken is.”

I said, “Thank you but can we go to their house some more? I like fucking Barbie.”

Mom laughed and said, “Then invite Barbie over here without her brother. Maybe for a weekend sleepover.”

I had the best dream that night.

The End
Brother Sister Church Dance
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