I have always been a smart kid with a love of weapons and learning. I was fifteen when both my parents were killed. My uncle filed papers with the court to become executor of their estate. Even though they had named someone else he was named by the court. Of course there were things he could not change like the quarterly audit that was done and sent to me.

I was sent to a military academy on Griffin which was in another solar system. Because I was going to a military academy my grandfather decided I should have weapons. Like a Smith twelve millimeter plasma pistol, a semi auto Drake mark IV assault rifle, a stun pistol and a shock wand. Of course that was when things began going wrong for my uncle.

The first audit showed discrepancies which I contacted my father’s lawyer about. That brought it before a probate court but was postponed and then my life received a twist. My room was at the end of the hall and I was lucky enough to have it to myself. I bought a large bed and had two night stands as well as the standard in wall clothing lockers.

What woke me was a slight noise at the door. I slept with the stun pistol and shock wand beside my bed each night. I hesitated before reaching for the pistol and pointing it at the door. The door slid aside which it should not have done. A shadowy man stepped into the doorway and I saw the flash and felt the searing pain in my upper chest and shoulder.

I fired the stun pistol rapidly and screamed but managed to move off the bed and towards the door as I shot the man on the floor once more. I hit the light switch and looked down on a man all in black as guys and girls came out of other rooms. A teacher pushed through the growing crowd, “what is going on!”

He stopped when he saw the man and then me as I staggered and sagged to the floor. The next thing I knew he was yelling as I fell back and people were moving around. When I opened my eyes I was in the academy med room and the school doctor was standing beside the bed.

He smiled, “back? Well the two bullets went through clean. You lost a bit of blood and shock did not help.”

I glanced past him as a uniformed peace officer stepped closer. I tried to speak and had to clear my throat a couple of times, “who was he and why did he shoot me?”

The officer shook his head, “we do not know. He tried to escape and injured an officer before he was killed.”

He started with questions like did I have enemies and did I have any idea who would want me harmed. The only name I came up with was my uncle. After the officer left the doctor helped me up and told me he had put over a liter of regen nanites in me. He gave me a neural patch to use for the pain and let me go.

It took a day to replace the mattress for my bed and several more to recover. A week later I was working out in the gym, sparing with a bot. We had just started when it attacked me viciously. I blocked or deflected kicks and lethal strikes while yelling for it to stop. A kick to my right knee almost took me down and I knew it had broken something.

I hopped and kept yelling as instructors started for us. I almost screamed when a strike and twist snapped my right wrist. That was when I knew I had to do something drastic. I had started carrying the shock wand after the assassin had tried to kill me. I hopped back as I fumbled it out of the holder in the small of my back.

I was using my left hand and turned as I brought my right across, up and then back to the right. It deflected the bot’s right hand and arm as it struck and I twisted and stabbed out and into its side. The shock wand hit and suddenly it was jerking and spasming before falling as smoke started coming out of it.

I hopped back a step as instructors reached me and one helped me down to the mat to check my injuries. The others started looking at and examining the bot. I was taken to the med room where the doctor used a neural patch to numb the pain as he looked at and then set my broken wrist and knee and taped my ribs.

While he was doing that the headmaster came in. The fighting bot had been tampered with and instructed to kill me. When I limped into my room a new female instructor was unpacking and hanged things in one of the clothes lockers. I hesitated, “what is going on?”

She smiled, “you had room so I am your new roommate.”

I looked at my bed and she laughed, “it looks big enough for both of us.”

I looked at her before crossing to the expensive holo table. It had a few extra additions like a star comm interface and a special neural net interface. I sat carefully and input my father’s and now my lawyer’s comm address. It was a minute before the holo appeared and he blinked the sleep out of his eyes, “Boone what happened?”

I had told him about the assassin after it happened and frowned, “a fighting bot was programed to kill me.”

He straightened, “I will have your uncle bring you home.”

I snorted, “somehow I think I am right where he wants me.”

I took a breath, “what happened with the probate court?”

He shook his head, “postponed again.”

I shook my head, “and the new court ordered audit?”

Mr Daniels growled because that had been a requirement when the first turned up discrepancies, “finished with even more discrepancies. I was going to file a motion with the court to remove your uncle as the executor.”

I nodded and then grinned, “I will turn sixteen in two days. File for emancipation.”

He sat up, “that is an idea. If you can decide your own fate we might be able to...”

I cleared my throat, “one step at a time. My uncle will fight anything that would remove me and my parents estate from his grasp.”

I gestured, “file to have my uncle removed for cause.”

I disconnected and glanced at the instructor as she looked at me, “family problems.”

She snorted, “we all have them. I am Star.”

I struggled to stand, “Boone.”

I limped into the fresher and looked at the cast on my arm and then my leg. I struggled out of my clothes and tossed them into the hamper before climbing into the shower. It was barely a minute before the shower door opened and Star stepped in, “need help?”

I looked at her naked body and she grinned as she stepped closer, “kneel so I can start with the hair.”

I grinned as I knelt, “I am still thinking on how to dry my arm and leg.”

She started washing my hair, “use a air drier.”

I was looking straight at her trimmed pussy. The lower part between her legs was bald and smooth. She giggled and pushed her pelvis out, “like it?”

Only I thought she said lick it and reached for her hips to pull her close. I licked through the top half and sucked on her clit. She gasped and spread her legs while shuddering. I started wiggling my tongue and kept sucking while she humped and thrust her pussy forward. It was several minutes before she twisted and cried out.

I looked up to see her panting and carefully stood, “lick it like that?”

She shuddered and then laughed, “I asked if you liked it.”

I blushed, “oh.”

She rubbed my chest before starting to wash me. When she finished she helped me out and started to dry me before leaving and then coming back with an air drier. She grinned as she started blowing air into my leg cast. When she stopped she sat me down and worked on the arm. When she finished she set it on the counter and pulled me up.

She pulled on me and I limped after her as she went to the bed and pushed me on. I laid back and she grinned as she stalked after me and straddled my waist. She lifted my cock and slowly sat with a sigh. Her pussy was warm and slick and grasped my cock like it was made for it. She sat up straight so she would not put any weight on my ribs.

She began to thrust back and forth and roll her hips and twisted and turned while her pussy kept contracting and grasping my cock. She was twisting and turning as she began to breath harder. Her pussy was very slippery but kept squeezing my cock which was pressed against the back of her pussy.

I began to hump and thrust up and a couple of minutes later Star wailed and spasmed, “ffffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I reached up with my good hand to feel and rub a nipple and she jerked before starting to convulse, “yyyeeesssss!”

I groaned and shuddered as my cock throbbed and erupted. I gushed cum up into her as my cock pushed deeper and Star screamed, “FUCK!”

I continued to spew and then spurt before stopping. She sighed and slumped while her pussy rippled around my cock. She twisted and fell off beside me and shuddered, “mmmm!”

I grinned, “yeah.”

She laughed as she looked at me, “it might be awhile before we get any sleep tonight.”

I laughed and she giggled before moving off the bed and turning to help me out. I got dressed and shifted the shock wand so I could pull it with my left hand. I left and headed to my class and after that I picked up an assignment from the class I had missed. I went to the dinning hall at the bell and ate before returning to my room.

I sat beside the holo table and glanced at Star when she walked in. I fumbled my neural headset out and put it on before plugging in the data stick with my school work. I relaxed with my eyes closed as I started working. Ten minutes later I sent everything to the data stick and opened my eyes.

Star was watching me as I removed the headset, “how can you use that?”

I smiled, “it is not hard. Time is different when you use the neural link. For me every minute is like a couple of hours. For some people a minute can be like a year or more.”

She frowned as I struggled to stand, “do you have homework to grade?”

She nodded and I gestured to the chair, “try it.”

Star hesitated before nodding as she crossed to sit. I helped her adjust the headset and talked her through what to do. I pulled my data stick out and put hers in before going to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I came back after undressing and laid back on the bed. She was under for almost twenty minutes before opening her eyes.

She looked at me and grinned, “how long was I gone?”

I was sitting on the bed as I moved my stun pistol so I could reach it with my left hand, “about twenty minutes.”

She laughed as she removed the headset, “it felt like a day. I graded everything and actually had time to set up tomorrow’s lessons.”

She walked into the bathroom as I laid back and slowly relaxed. I opened my eyes a few minutes later as Star straddled me and slowly impaled her pussy. The room lights were dim but I saw her smile and then she wiggled, “I have been thinking about this.”

I reached up with my good hand to feel her breasts as she began to rub her pussy back and forth. It was awhile before I went to sleep with her head on my shoulder and her leg over one of mine. That set a pattern for the next month. My uncle was fighting the court action for my emancipation.

He was also fighting the action to remove him as executor, it was just a matter of time before his world came apart. My eyes snapped open and I looked towards the door at the beeping. I had placed a motion sensor outside the door with a remote vid. Five men in dark clothing were approaching the door carrying what looked like silenced assault rifles.

I reached up to grab the stun pistol and rolled out of bed. I grabbed a new weapon off the night stand and lifted both to point at the door as it began opening. I fired both weapons before the door was even all the way open. The new weapon was a low velocity stun bag projector. It fired a jelly bag that expanded and had several prongs.

When they hit a person the bag emitted stun shocks constantly to stun and immobilize the person. It looked like an old over and under shotgun but shorter and the bottom was the ammo magazine. I shifted aim but continued to fire as the first man went back and down while jerking and spasming.

The second twisted before he was hit and went back into those behind him. Star was suddenly firing a stun pistol from the bed as I fired into the three other men. Even as they fell one spasmed and fired into another. They all kept jerking and convulsing long after they were stunned as the stun bags continued to shock them.

I moved towards them and kicked weapons away from their hands. Star was calling security and the peace officers. I looked at the other kids coming out of their rooms, “someone call the doctor.”

I knelt beside the man that had been shot and touched the tiny red dot on the outside of the stun bags. They died and I quickly searched him before checking the wound in his side. It was a couple of minutes before security arrived and took over. They restrained the men and moved them as teachers sent everyone back to bed.

Star took the stun weapon as I walked across the room, “I did not think this would work.”

I sat beside the holo table as I tried to relax, “it will even stun someone wearing body armor.”

She smiled as she crossed to me and pulled me up, “stretch and take deep breaths.”

I looked at her and opened the robe she had slipped on. She grinned as I caressed her hips and slowly backed her towards the bed, “want something?”

I slipped her robe off and pushed her back on the bed and laid her back. I felt her mound as she lifted and spread her legs and pushed into her. We had fucked for over an hour before going to sleep and she was still cummy. I buried my cock as she wiggled and sighed and began fingering her clit while I pulled back to fuck her with deep thrusts.

She humped up while her pussy kept grasping my cock. She moaned and shuddered as I continued to fuck her firmly. I kept using long deep thrusts and she began to shudder and then jerk while her pussy grasped my cock. I continued fucking her as I tried to cum and she began to twist and spasm.

When she started thrashing around her slimy pussy clenched, “yyyeeesss!”

I fucked her harder and she began to buck and shake. It was a couple of minutes before I shoved into her and grunted as I pumped thick spurts of cum. Star jerked and shuddered when she felt my spewing sperm gushing into her, “mmmm!”

When I was done I sighed and slowly relaxed, “sorry Star but I was just so....”

She laughed as she sat up and pushed me back and out of her. She stood and caressed my face, “it was the sudden action and I was horny too.”

I grinned and then looked at the door as someone knocked. Security was still out in the hall but this was a peace officer. Of course it was more questions about who would want to harm me. I made a call to let my lawyer know what had happened. Because my uncle was still my guardian he would know very soon as well.

I got dressed after showering with Star. As the school had morning assembly I went to the armory and got my Smith plasma pistol and my assault rifle for my normal morning practice. I drew out a combat load of ammo and headed towards the other side of the school to use the range. I doubt anyone expected anything else so soon.

I was by one of the two sets of main doors when the combat assault shuttle screamed down out of the sky. It blew the security gate building apart as it dumped fog. It fired into the main building as it spun and made another pass. It landed and the troop ramp dropped and I loaded a magazine as I stepped out.

I looked at the two, four man teams heading for both doors. One man lifted his rifle and I dove inside as rounds ripped the doorframe apart. That told me their intent and I swung around while staying on the floor. I wiggled to the door and aimed out and four men came into sight. I went down the line and put a round in each man’s head before they could react.

I swung around and came to my feet as I began running. I made it a half dozen steps before one of the two assault cannons on the shuttle blew the doorway apart. I was thrown forward and down the hall to the intersection. I rolled and came to my feet before ignoring the pain and running down the other hall to the left.

I dove and slid to the corner and wiggled as I brought my rifle around. The other four men had come through the doors and I fired into them. I used aimed shots as they sprayed rounds down the hall. The first went down with his throat torn apart and the second dropped as the back of his head exploded.

The third spun when he was hit and shot the forth point blank in the side of his helmet. I came to my feet and ejected the magazine as I turned to run back the way I had come. I slapped a fresh magazine in as I reached the corner and went around it. Smoke and debris covered the doorway as I reached it and kept going.

The fog from the shuttle had thickened and concealed me as I ran towards where I had seen it. I let the rifle drop on the sling and pulled my pistol. When I reached the shuttle I continued up the ramp and a man turned and lifted a rifle. I shot him twice with the Smith and he went back and down.

I moved to the side and knelt as I aimed up and right where one of the shuttle cannon gunners were. He was turning as he tried to pull a pistol and I aimed and fired several times before shifting. I shot the other gunner as he dropped out of the turret and stood to move forward towards the ladder up to the bridge.

Two men peeked out and I put a round through one’s head before the other began yelling that he surrendered. I climbed the ladder and made him come out before I checked him and pushed him in front of me and onto the bridge. I made sure there was no one else and yanked him out and to the ladder before climbing down and making him follow.

I pushed him out in front of me and kept going towards the school and the doors. Several teachers met us at the door carrying pistols. Star was one and grinned as she let one of the others take the prisoner. I holstered my pistol and whispered, “I need the doctor.”

Her eyes widened and she turned and started pulling me and pushing the others out of the way. The doctor pushed me onto a table and ignored the weapons as he rolled me onto my stomach. He poked and prodded as I hissed in pain, “shrapnel.”

I felt a something sting me between the shoulder blades and then I was waking up. I was naked and on the table on my stomach, “what happened?”

Star snickered, “the doc put you out before he cut your clothes off and started pulling out wood splinters.”

I glanced at her beside the table, “where did he go?”

She glanced at the doorway where a peace officer stood in full combat armor, “to check all the bodies.”

I shifted and winced, “what did the pilot say?”

The peace officer cleared his throat, “they were paid to find and kill you. Your uncle paid them.”

I looked at him, “he told you that?”

He nodded, “and we followed the money trail.”

I snorted and glanced at Star, “I bet he used my own money.”

It took a few days for things to settle and I was right, my uncle had used my money. My petitions were granted, I was free to do what I wanted. I decided to stay and even paid for the school repairs and gave enough to have the classrooms remodeled. I walked into my room and glanced at Star sitting naked with the neural net interface on.

I grinned as I stripped and put everything away. I laid on the bed to wait and several minutes later she shivered and pulled the net off. She stood and walked to the bed, “have you decided to stay?”

I reached out to caress her hip, “yes. I wanted to ask you something.”

She looked at my hand and grinned, “your back still hurting?”

I shook my head and she rolled me onto my back and climbed onto the bed and straddled me. She slowly impaled her pussy and sighed as she settled, “what did you want to ask?”

I reached up to feel her breasts, “why did you move in with me?”

She grinned as she began to rub her pussy on me, “a guy that can protect himself in the middle of the night? Who fights rogue sparing bots and has enough brains to use a weapon while keeping it from killing him?”

I grinned and pulled her down before rolling and starting to fuck her, “so you wanted to move in and fuck my brains out?”

She wiggled and humped as her pussy constantly clenched, “yeah.”

I kissed her and went back to fucking her firmly with long deep strokes, “that is all?”

She moaned and squirmed as she bucked, “mmm?”

She was clinging to me and I smiled and continued to fuck her, “what if I want more?”

She spasmed and jerked as she bucked, “MORE!”

I grinned and began to fuck her hard and deep, “I was thinking the birth of a child for graduation.”

She clutched me and screamed as she arched her back, “YES!”

I fucked her hard before shoving into her and holding her as I gushed huge spurts of cum. I grunted and shook as I pumped more than a half dozen. I slowly relaxed when I was done and she was still panting, “perhaps fucking you in the morning and during the day and at night for a few dozen decades?”

She shuddered as her cummy pussy continued to squeeze, “what?”

I shook my head, “will you marry me?”

She grinned and rolled us and sat up, “no.”

I blinked, “no?”

She bent and looked into my eyes, “at least not yet.”

I caressed her hips, “I do not understand.”

She wiggled and began rocking, “If I married you now I would not be able to stay. There are conditions you must meet.”

I smiled, “money?”

She shook her head, “work does not come before family.”

I nodded and caressed her as she began to roll her hips, “okay you can have veto power over my work.”

She sighed and twisted, “second we have a lot of children. No gene selection, only a med check to screen for health.”

I grinned, “one a year.”

She bounced, “accepted.”

She laid on me and rolled while pulling, “the stun pistols in bed stay.”

I kissed her and started to fuck her slimy pussy, “with my stun bag gun.”

She did marry me after I hammered every detail into her with a lot of cum over the next two years. We have a dozen children now and I am thinking of sending the oldest to a coed school Star has been looking at.


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