The sim was a full sensory simulator in virtual reality. I was fourteen and horny all the time. My dad was never around and it was just my mother and me. I was used to playing VR games but that changed when I got the Sim. My mother had looked at the case when I brought it home and smiled but did not say anything.

I hooked up the neural head net and even had a spare that I gave to mom. I entered my stats and completed a very long in sim interview. My avatar looked like me and wore a robe as I finally walked into a large room. I looked around at other guys and girls before a stunning woman walked to me and rubbed my chest, “you are new.”

I nodded as she opened her robe more, “would you like to go to a room?”

I nodded again, “yes.”

She smiled and caught my hand before pulling me after her. As soon as the door closed she turned and let her robe drop. She pushed my robe off and wrapped her hand around my cock. I groaned as she walked backwards to the bed and sat before licking my cock. I shuddered at that and grinned before pushing her back and down and kneeling between her legs.

I looked at her pretty pussy and bent my head to lick through it. She moaned and shuddered as she ran her fingers through my hair. I continued to lick her and pushed my tongue into her before covering her clit and sucking. She gasped and humped and shuddered as I started wiggling my tongue and teasing her clit.

It was awhile before she tried to push my face back while moving onto the bed. I followed and moved up before pushing into her warm pussy. She put her arms around me and thrust her hips up. I began to fuck her with long strokes as her pussy kept grasping my cock. She wiggled and squirmed and wailed as her pussy constantly tightened.

She thrashed around as I continued to fuck her. She began to buck as she clutched me, “aaaahhhh!”

A few minutes and she was incoherent as she kept shuddering. I buried my cock and kissed her as it gushed and spewed and spurted. She screamed and jerked while her pussy clenched. When I was done she was panting and I pulled out before I rolling her over and pushing back in. I fucked her a dozen times before I left her sleeping.

I went to the exit area and touched one of the red buttons and blinked as I sat up on my bed. It had been so real I looked around but I was home. I stood and went out to go visit a friend and stopped when I saw the girl next door. She was talking to Savannah who lived on the other side of me. Candy was sixteen and Savannah was fifteen.

I listen to them talking about using the sex sim and grinned as I walked away. My friend was gone so I headed back home and thought about going back on the sim again. When I walked into the house I did not see or hear my mother and went to see where she was before I did anything. I found her on the edge of her bed, she had a robe on but it was open.

She was laid back with the other neural head net on. I glanced at her bedroom comp and she was running the sex sim. She was moaning and wiggling as I walked to the bed and opened her robe further. I felt her full pussy and fingered her before looking at her face. I stripped and moved around and between her legs.

I moved over her and pushed into her and started to fuck her with long thrusts. She was wailing and thrashing around and I glanced to the side at the screen. A man was fucking her in the sim. I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts and started to press and grind as I tried to cum. She thrashed and bucked while her pussy constantly tightened and she yelled, “fuck me!”

I continued to fuck her hard and deep as I tried to cum and watched the screen. I was almost there when the man shuddered and jerked. I was right behind him and buried my cock and pushed against her open cervix before I suddenly gushed cum. I almost screamed as I continued to pump a stream of sperm into her. It seemed to go on for a long time before I stopped.

Mom was shaking and incoherent when I looked into her face and another man was fucking her in the sim. I pulled out of her and gathered my clothes before going to my room to get dressed. The way I had cum reminded me of the safety tip for the sim. It said the sim would cause a guy’s body to make more semen and sperm to replace what it thought it had used.

I went to the kitchen to see what we were having for dinner. Mom walked in a few minutes later. She was still in her robe and blushed when she saw me before grinning, “you fucked me.”

I blushed, “well I needed to... cum for real and you looked so nice and...”

She laughed and came to kiss me, “you had a lot of cum.”

I nodded as she pressed against me, “that sim could be very habit forming.”

I smiled, “yeah.”

She gave me another kiss before turning to see what we had for dinner. After dinner we cleaned up and mom snuggled as we watched a vid together. She gave me a kiss when we went to bed and I lay awake most of the night thinking of the way it had felt in the sim and the way fucking mom had felt.

I finally fell asleep and woke to my alarm. I washed and ate breakfast before sitting in front of my comp and pulled up the school holo. When I was done with my classes I stretched and thought of the sim before reaching for the neural head net. This time I was thinking of Candy and Savannah and was not surprised when I saw them with several guys.

They went into a room and I followed. They stripped as guys pawed at them and kissed them. They laid beside each other as the first two guys moved over them and began to fuck them. When it was my turn with Candy her pussy was very slimy as I pushed into her and gave her a kiss. I began to fuck her slowly with long, deep, grinding thrusts.

She groaned and shuddered as her pussy tightened. I continued to fuck her as she put her arms around me and I kissed her. I began to fuck her firmly and she started to shudder while her messy cunt tightened and grasped my cock. Several minutes later I was fucking her long, hard and deep as she bucked and thrashed around while howling.

It was awhile before I buried my cock and pushed against her cervix as I pumped cum. When I was done she sighed and smiled and I kissed her before I pulled out to let another guy take my place. I looked at Savannah but left since there were so many guys. I fucked eight women before I left and removed the neural head net.

I stretched and felt how full and almost painful my balls felt. When I walked into the kitchen mom glanced at me, “done?”

I blushed, “yeah but the more I do it the more I want the real thing.”

She grinned, “go next door. Candy’s mom is expecting you. She wants you to fuck Candy.”

I blinked, “really?”

She reached out to caress my face, “yes.”

I gave her a kiss before turning and walking out. I hoped Candy would be done by now. I knocked and her mom opened the door and smiled, “Patrick. Candy is in her room.”

I walked in and followed her to the hall where she pointed to a door. It was open slightly and when I looked in I saw Candy on her bed, she was fingering her pussy and shuddering. I opened the door and stepped in before I started to undress. She looked at me and groaned as she spread her legs.

I walked to the bed and moved on and over her before pushing into her very wet and slick pussy. She lifted her hips while her pussy grasped my cock, “YES!”

I kissed her as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts, “the sim get you going?”

She hugged me and kept thrusting up, “yeah and now I keep wanting more.”

I fucked her firmly, “mom said it is addictive.”

She spasmed and jerked while wetting me as her pussy clenched around my cock, “aaaahhhhh!”

I was fucking her firmly with deep grinding strokes. She was thrusting up and bucking slightly while shuddering and shaking. I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes and she lifted and spread her legs, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I continued to fuck her as she began to thrash around and clutch me. It was awhile before I shoved all the way into her and pressed against her open cervix. I was almost shaking as I began to gush and spew a stream of cum. She screamed as warm sperm was suddenly pouring into her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I shook as I kept spurting and pumping cum into her. When I did stop she sighed and hugged me as her pussy continued to tightened and squeeze. I humped and pulled back as I began to fuck her again and she grinned and shuddered, “mmmm!”

We fucked three times before I pulled out and stopped. I lay beside her and caressed her pelvis, “thanks Candy.”

She grinned, “no problem.”

I moved off her bed and got dressed, “call me if you need me.”

She nodded and I walked out and went home. Mom was setting the table when I walked in, “give her a lot of sperm?”

I grinned, “yes.”

She grinned as I sat with her to eat dinner. After dinner I cleaned up as she went to her room. I knew I should not but I went to play the sim. I was not surprised to see mom with two guys as I picked a woman. After six I stopped and checked on mom. She had just left and I followed and as soon as I was aware I removed the neural head net and stripped.

I walked out and went to my mother’s bedroom and saw her on the bed. She was fingering her pussy and looking at the door when I pushed it open. She held out her arms as I walked to the bed and climbed on and moved over her. I pushed into her almost hot pussy as I kissed her and started to fuck her with deep thrusts.

She humped and lifted her hips while her slick pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

I kept kissing her as I continued to fuck her with deep grinding strokes. She shuddered and moaned as she hugged me tight, “ooohhh!”

I fucked her long hard and deep for a couple of minutes and she jerked and thrashed around while her pussy grasped and squeezed, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

I used firm strokes and started rubbing against her each time I buried my cock. It was swollen and kept throbbing as I continued fucking her. Mom lifted and spread her legs wide as her pussy constantly squeezed, “BABY!”

I fucked her hard and finally shoved into her as my balls churned painfully. I grunted as I kissed my mother and spewed cum into her. She screamed into my mouth as I kept pumping sperm into her and she began spasming and shaking. I began humping and pulled back when I stopped cumming and mom groaned and shuddered before grinning.

I kissed her and sighed before I began to fuck her slimy pussy again. I woke to my mother rubbing my shoulder and lifted my head. She bent over me to give me a kiss, “thanks baby.”

She turned and moved off the bed and I stretched before getting up. I showered and dressed before going to my room. The side programs for school were filled with talk about the sim. I sent a note to Candy to thank her for yesterday and was surprised when she answered, “come over at one.”

I agreed and went back to my school work before finally sitting back and logging off. I had a couple of hours before I was to go next door and hesitated before logging onto the sim. I grinned when I saw Candy, Savannah and mom but I was pulled away by another girl. She was hot and as she closed the door she was pushing my robe off and dropping hers on the floor.

I turned her at the large bed and pushed her down before following as she moved back. I caught her and she grinned and spread her legs. I kissed her before I moved down to her pussy and licked through it. I covered her clit and sucked and wiggled my tongue. I pushed into her and licked her before nibbling on her inner lips as she humped and shuddered.

I moved back to her clit and sucked really hard as I gently squeezed it. She shrieked and shuddered as she jerked and spasmed while trying to push my face away. I let go and moved up as she continued to shiver and pushed into her very tight pussy. I started kissing her and fucking her with long deep thrusts while her warm pussy constantly tightened.

She spread her legs and lifted them as she humped and began to moan. A couple of minutes and she was wailing and thrashing around as she wet me. Her pussy constantly tightened and squeezed while she clung to me and I kissed her. I continued to fuck her with deep strokes and enjoyed the way her pussy felt around my cock.

Every couple of minutes she would spasm and scream while cumming. I finally buried my cock and held her as I pumped spurts of cum. When I was done she was still shuddering and jerking. I pulled out and rolled her over before moving back between her legs and pushing into her.

I fucked her a half dozen times before I stopped and gave her a kiss, “thanks.”

She sighed as I moved off the bed and grabbed my robe. I walked out and checked the real world time before going to push a red button and leaving the sim. I took the net off and looked around my room before leaving. Mom was not in her bedroom or the house so I left and went next door to see Candy.

She was in a robe when she let me in and grinned, “we saw Brandy pull you into a room.”

I smiled, “I was going to see if you wanted to play but she was very persistent.”

She took my hand and pulled me through the house and into her room. Mom and Savannah were sitting on the bed together naked and Candy grinned as she dropped her robe, “fuck Savannah first.”

I moved towards Savannah and knelt and pushed her legs open as I leaned in and licked through her pussy. I heard mom a moment later and glanced over to see Candy licking her pussy. I grinned and went back to licking and sucking on Savannah’s clit. She shuddered and humped as I sucked harder and continued to wiggle my tongue.

I pushed my tongue into her and nibbled and sucked and teased until she jerked as she closed her legs and twisted away. I stood and stripped as she moved back onto the bed. I moved onto the bed and over her and kissed her as I slowly pushed my cock into her. She groaned as she lifted her hips and put her arms around me, “this feels better than the sim.”

I grinned and kissed her as I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly. She sighed and humped and wiggled and shuddered. Her warm slick pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock each time I pushed into her. After a couple of minutes I held her and began to fuck her firmly with deep strokes.

She jerked and her pussy clenched as she wailed, “ffffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I kept fucking her hard and deep for another couple of minutes before I buried my cock. I began to hump and grind and jab and press and rub... A few minutes and Savannah was clinging to me and spasming. I began to fuck her firmly with long deep thrusts and she lifted her legs and began thrashing around and bucking, “yyyeeessss!”

She wiggled and struggled while her pussy constantly tightened. It was not long before I buried my cock and held her as I gushed cum into her. Savannah jerked and screamed when she felt the sperm pouring into her as I jerked and grunted. When I was done Candy and mom giggled and Savannah sagged to the bed.

I pulled out and laid beside her while she panted. She laughed a moment later, “and I thought the sim got me going.”

Candy straddled me as mom rubbed my chest, “it makes Patrick cum a lot.”

Candy wiggled down my cummy cock, “and harder.”

I reached up to feel her breasts, “I think my cock swells up more too.”

They laughed and Candy started to rock back and forth while rolling her hips. It was a couple of minutes before she was panting as she twisted and thrust forward desperately. Her pussy clenched and she howled as she squirted, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

She began to spasm and convulse while mom and Savannah laughed. I held her up as she jerked and bounced while her pussy kept squeezing and squirting. She twisted and writhed around as her howl turned into a long wail. I pulled her down and rolled before I fucked her firmly and tried to cum.

She lifted and spread her legs as she clung to me, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It was a couple of minutes before I buried my cock. She stiffened and gasped as I grunted and began spewing sperm. She jerked and screamed when she felt the stream of cum, “aaaahhhh!”

She wiggled as her pussy tried to milk the cum out of my cock and into her. It was several moments before I was done and slowly relaxed. Candy was panting and shuddering while her pussy continued to grasp and squeeze. I gave her a kiss and pulled out before moving towards my mother as she laid back and spread her legs.

I pushed into her and kissed her as I settled. She groaned and shifted before wrapping her legs around me. I began humping and slowly jabbing and grinding as her warm slick pussy massaged my cock. She shuddered a minute later and I pulled back to fuck her with long strokes. I kept kissing her as she lifted her hips and began moaning.

Each time I buried my cock I would rub and press to push deeper. It was not long before she was thrusting up and shaking as her slippery pussy constantly squeezed. I began to fuck her firmly and plant my cock as she struggled. I kept fucking her as she wailed and thrashed while bucking.

Her pussy continued to grasp my cock each time I pushed into her and started pulling out. It was several minutes before I fucked her hard. I shoved into her and kissed her as I pumped and gushed strong spurts of cum. Mom jerked and spasmed as I held her and kept putting more sperm in, “yyyeeessss!”

When I was done I relaxed as she sighed and tried to catch her breath. Savannah grinned as I pulled out and moved towards her. I would fuck one until they came and move to the next and then the next until I finally came and then we started over. It became our daily after sim play, most of the time I would fuck them in the sim but they liked giving me to other women there too.

We live together now and I have gotten my mother pregnant several times. It makes Candy extremely horny when I tell her I removed her implant and am breeding her. Savannah just laughs and shakes me and says okay.
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