My dad had been a doctor and my mom was the head nurse at a hospital. My parents divorced and I stayed with mom since dad ended up marrying an older woman with grown children. I have been around my mother and her friends since I was ten so I heard a lot of stuff. Now that I am sixteen I can say nurses are very naughty and horny most of the time.

With summer came bikinis and her friends and other nurses spending the day at our pool. I wore loose swim suits because my cock was large and so was my balls. I had spent the day and most of the night before working on a drafting project to try and get an internship with a architect company. I had slept in late and walked out to take a swim.

Mom was working but that did not stop her friends or the other nurses from coming over. The new suit I had was very loose and I was still a little sleepy as I walked to the pool. I felt a tug and looked as my suit was pulled down. Like most mornings my cock was hard and I quicky bent to grab my suit.

The woman that had pulled my suit down grinned, “damn that is a nice cock.”

There were four women laid out in tiny bikinis and the others grinned and agreed. I hesitated and then just stepped out of the suit. I tossed it on the table beside her, “it is not nice to tease a guy.”

They laughed as I went to the pool and dove in. I swam the first lap underwater before surfacing and swimming a few more. Normally my cock goes soft but not today, it was still hard when I walked out. I walked around the pool as I headed towards the house. The woman reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock and I froze.

She gave it a stroke and I groaned and shuddered as the others laughed. She pulled and I moved over her as she pulled me between her legs, “I am Angie.”

I laid between her legs as she did something to her bikini before wrapping her feet around me and pulling on my butt with her feet. I pushed and almost froze as I felt her warm pussy and then I was thrusting and pushing into her deeper. She grunted as I buried my cock against the back of her pussy.

I shivered as I felt a woman’s pussy around my cock for the first time. She humped and I pulled back before starting to fuck her. As much as I wanted to pound her, I used strokes that almost pulled my cock out before I buried it again. Each stroke was long and slow as I felt and enjoyed her pussy squeezing and grasping my cock.

She started breathing hard and shuddering as she humped and then thrust and finally started bucking. I continued to fuck her and felt something give inside her. She thrashed and howled while clutching me and squirting. I fucked her hard for a minute before shoving all the way in and starting to hump and grind.

She wailed and writhed around while her pussy constantly squeezed my cock. I felt my balls churning and my cock swell as it throbbed. I thrust into her and held her tight as I spewed cum. She tightened her hold while screaming and thrusting her hips up, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

I gushed and pumped and finally spurted a couple of times before I stopped cumming. She was panting as she sagged with cum leaking around my cock. I pulled out and she shuddered as I moved off her and stood, “thank you.”

She laid back with her legs spread and cum leaking out of her pussy, “anytime.”

I smiled as I walked towards the house with the others laughing and talking behind me. I checked my project before sending it in. I went to the kitchen and ate before going back out to sit by the pool. I laid back and a minute later one of the younger ladies stood and walked towards me as she removed her bottoms and top.

She barely slowed as she straddled me and lifted my cock to slowly sit on it. She sighed and bent to give me a kiss, “you have a big beautiful cock.”

She bounced before starting to rock and twist. I shuddered and reached up to feel her firm breasts and tug on her nipples, “Dawn right?”

She rubbed her pussy back and forth as it grasped and squeezed my cock, “yeah.”

I smiled and felt her hips before reaching between her legs to feel and rub her clit. She jerked and gasped as her hips thrust back and forth rubbing her pussy on me, “Fuck!”

I kept fingering her clit as she rocked and twisted and within a few minutes she was howling and jerking erratically. She wet me a couple of times as her pussy gripped and kept squeezing. I was feeling her breasts with my other hand and tugging on her nipple. She wailed and thrashed while bouncing and I started thrusting up.

I was hitting the back of her pussy each time and she began to yell. She was rubbing her pussy on me as it became wetter and kept squeezing my cock. She twisted and jerked while spasming and I pulled her down quickly. She looked at me as my cock throbbed and then a fountain of warm sperm erupted inside of her.

She jerked and screamed as I kept pumping spurts of cum, “yyyeeeeessssss!”

I held her as she shook and her pussy kept squeezing my cock. When I stopped cumming she sighed and shuddering before bending to kiss me, “thanks Chris.”

I humped, “anytime.”

She grinned as she moved off me, “I bet.”

She walked back to her lounge chair without putting her bikini back on. I went for a swim and by the time I got out all the women were naked and sunbathing. I went to bring out cold bottles of water for the pool side cooler mom had bought and sat in my chair again. I frowned at the teenage girl sitting with Angie.

Angie grinned at me, “Chris this is my horny daughter Honey.”

Her daughter hit her, “mom!”

The women laughed and Angie grinned at her, “Chris is a guy and a teenager. He is always horny and I already fucked him so if you are horny use him.”

I looked at her as the other women snickered and Dawn laughed, “his cock feels incredible.”

Honey looked at her and then the other women before standing and stripping out of her suit, “fine.”

I stared at her as she walked towards me while blushing. I stood and pulled her close before turning and pulling her to another lounger that was empty, “this time I am going to lick a pussy before I fuck it.”

The women laughed as Honey grinned and laid down and spread her legs, “go ahead.”

I knelt and leaned down to open her pussy before licking through it. I pushed my tongue into her tight hole before nibbling on her inner lips as she shuddered and humped, “ooohhh!”

I captured her clit before wiggling my tongue and sucking. She thrust up and shuddered hard as I kept licking and teasing her clit. I licked her and tongue fucked her as I kept going back to suck on her clit and teasing it with my tongue. It was awhile before she shuddered and humped up hard and then twisted and covered her pussy.

I moved up as she panted and forced my cock into her tight pussy. She clutched me as I pulled back and began to fuck her. I started slow with long deep thrusts and she began to hump and shudder while her pussy grasped and squeezed. I continued to fuck her but slowly did it harder. It did not take long before she had spread and lifted her legs while wailing.

She spasmed and jerked as her pussy rippled and constantly grasped my cock. A few minutes and she was bucking and thrashing as I fucked her with long deep strokes. She was thrusting her pussy up and onto my cock each time I pushed into her. Her pussy was a lot slicker as it kept squeezing and milking my cock.

It was a long time before I buried my cock suddenly as it throbbed and my balls churned. I kissed her as I pushed and pressed before spurting cum. She gasped when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her and clutched me, “YES!”

I groaned as I kept spurting until I was finished and lay holding her. She groaned and shuddered before letting a sigh escape, “mmmm!”

The women laughed and she grinned before I gave her a kiss and pulled out and stood. I hesitated before pulling her up and after me to the steps into the pool. I pulled her in and held her as I moved to deeper water. She grinned and kissed me before wrapping her legs around my waist, “I do not swim very well.”

I stopped when the water was to my shoulders and moved her off me and held her on the surface, “practice.”

She did and we had fun as she wiggled and I held her and kept feeling her. When we walked out one of the other nurses I knew well stood and walked towards me, “mind if he fucks me Honey?”

I looked at her and she grinned, “no, he needs it.”

I laughed and reached for Toni”s hand, “how do you want it?”

She grinned as she moved to a table and bent over it and wiggled her butt, “like this.”

Honey walked towards her mom as I felt Toni’s slit and fingered her. I pushed into her in one long slow thrust that made her moan and shiver. I waited and enjoyed her grasping pussy as it tightened and kept squeezing. I pulled back after a minute and began to fuck her with long strokes. She shuddered and pushed back as I kept fucking her.

It was a couple of minutes before she spasmed while her pussy clenched around my cock. She wailed and writhed around and I began to fuck her hard and deep. She jerked and her pussy kept clenching around my cock. I slowed but continued to use long deep thrust. She spasmed and howled as she began to thrash and shove back.

The others laughed as I kept fucking her and reached down to rub her clit. She convulsed harder while her pussy contracted and she squirted, “fffuuucccckkk... mmmeeee!”

I fucked her hard and deep again and she wiggled and jerked as my cock slipped in and out of her slippery pussy. A few minutes and she was yelling again as I buried my cock to pump more spurts of cum. Her pussy tightened and she jerked before pushing back, “YES!”

I spewed and spurted until I was done and held her as she lay on the table panting. She looked back and grinned before I pulled out and rubbed her slit. She stood and kissed me passionately as she pressed her pelvis against me. She caressed my face before turning to go lay down again.

I ended up fucking Dawn and Honey again before mom came home. She grinned when she saw her friends naked and ran her fingers through my hair, “getting serviced stud?”

I grinned up at her, “and doing the servicing.”

The ladies laughed and she bent to kiss me, “come help with dinner.”

She kept smiling at me and touching me as we made dinner. Half the women ate with us and the rest went home or to work. After dinner I cleaned up before mom gave me money, “take Honey to see a movie.”

She even gave me the key to her car. Honey held my hand during the ride and then pulled my hand to her cummy pussy when the lights went out. After the movie I drove home and Honey pulled me in and waved at mom and her mother on the way to my bedroom and my bed. I woke with the warm body of Honey against me and caressed her bare hip.

I was tempted but needed the bathroom and moved away and out of bed. I was peeing when she walked in and put an arm around my waist. After I was done she sat and started peeing while I turned to start the shower. She slipped in and let me feel her and wash her wonderful pussy. After I got out and dried her we found mom and her mother had already left for work.

I had chores and she helped me until it was warmer out and then she went back to the pool as some of the off duty nurses arrived. I cleaned the house and started laundry and checked my e-mail before going outside. Toni grinned as she stretched, “hey stud.”

I smiled as I walked by and bent to rub her pretty nipples, “hey lovely.”

Honey laughed from the spa with Dawn, “he really loves feeling.”

I grinned as I set the towels I had brought down. I turned as Toni stood and caught my hand, “lets try a late morning fuck in your bed.”

I looked at Honey and she waved, “have fun.”

I started back into the house and pulled Toni after me, “I want to lick your pussy first.”

She laughed and squeezed my hand, “you have a deal.”

When I got to my room I turned her at my bed and sat her down before kneeling and pushing her legs open. I leaned in to lick through her pussy and tease her clit and she shuddered and humped while moaning. I kept licking and using my tongue as I started to suck and nibble. Toni jerked and gasped while thrusting up, “fuck!”

I kept licking her and slipped a couple of fingers into her. I fucked them up into the soft sponging spot I found while sucking and gently nibbling on her clit. Toni thrashed around and a minute later screamed and bucked as she squirted, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I hung on and continued to tease her clit while using my fingers to fuck into her. She twisted and struggled as she tried to close her legs and screamed and squirted, “aaaahhhhh!”

She tried to push my face away as I squeezed her clit again and shoved my fingers into her. She arched her back and squirted while she screamed once more, “nnnnooooo!”

I let go and moved up and over her as she continued to spasm and jerk. I heard laughing from the door and ignored it as Toni clutched me while panting. I reached down to open my shorts and pushed them off before shifting and pushing into her. Her pussy was almost slimy as my cock sank into her and she groaned, “ooohhh!”

I gave her as kiss as she spread her legs and lifted them. I began to fuck her firmly with long deep strokes. She humped and her pussy squeezed while she clung to me and shivered. I kept fucking her firmly and began to press and grind each time I buried my cock. It was not long before she was howling again and thrashing around.

Several minutes and she was spasming around and bucking. She squirted a couple of times while clinging to me and her pussy was constantly grasping and squeezing. I continued to fuck her steadily with long deep thrusts and her eyes rolled up as she began to convulse. It was awhile before I shoved into her and held her with my cock buried.

It erupted and I gushed cum into her cervix and she spasmed and jerked with each spurt. When I was done I slowly pulled out and laid beside her. Dawn walked to the bed and sat to turn Toni’s head, “she passed out.”

She grinned and then laughed as she gave one of Toni’s nipples a tug. She jerked and spasmed and moaned and Dawn looked at me, “she will be okay just give her a minute.”

She stood and walked out while shaking her head and I began feeling and caressing Toni. She finally took a deep breath and turned her head to look at me, “wow.”

I rubbed her pussy mound, “that was a nice fuck.”

She grinned, “yeah.”

She turned and kissed me before rolling the other way and off the bed. I followed and as she went back out to the pool I went to wash. I sat to work on another drafting project before going back to the pool and sitting down. The ladies grinned and Honey stood and walked to me with a sway to her hips that was not there before.

She pushed me back on the lounger as she straddled me and bent to give me a kiss. She sat up and lifted to position her pussy before slowly sitting on my cock. She sighed and wiggled before she began to rock and then rub her pussy on me. She fucked me slowly and began to shudder and wiggle while her tight pussy constantly squeezed.

I reached up and began feeling her breasts and rubbing the nipples. She shuddered harder as her pussy gripped my cock, “ooohhhh!”

The other women chuckled as Honey twisted and kept rubbing her pussy on me. Soon she was bouncing and rolling her hips while her pussy constantly tightened. She twisted and jerked as she wet me and thrust back and forth desperately, “aaaahhhh!”

I loved her tight pussy and the way it kept massaging my cock. Honey wailed and howled and jerked and spasmed before I finally pulled her hips down as my balls churned. She shook and spread her knees before screaming as I began pumping a geyser up and into her. She shook while her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I sagged to the lounger when I was finished and she fell on me panting. I held her as her slimy pussy continued to grasp and squeeze. She finally kissed me and lifted her hips before moving back to her lounger. She laid back with a sigh that made the other women grin. I took a deep breath and finally stood and went to see what we could have for lunch.

After lunch I cleaned up and did my exercises in the pool area. Dawn grinned as she walked to me and pulled me up, “I have a better way to exercise.”

They laughed as I grinned and let her pull me after her and into the house. When she reached the bed she turned and laid back, “do me like Toni.”

I grinned as I knelt between her legs and felt her inner thighs. I felt her pussy before I slipped a couple of fingers up into her. I bent and began to lick and suck and nibble on her clit as I fucked my fingers up and in. She moaned and humped and spread her legs as I kept it up. It was a few minutes before she stiffened and then screamed.

She thrashed around and squirted, “FUCK!”

I grinned and squeezed her clit between my lips. She began to convulse and twist and buck as she squirted again and kept screaming, “YES!”

She struggled and shook violently as she continued to squirt and yell. I finally pulled my fingers out and stood before holding her legs up and spread. I shoved into her slimy pussy and she arched her back and squirted, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts and she kept spasming as her pussy constantly grasped and tightened. I kept fucking her hard and tried to shove deeper. With each long plunging strokes she would cry out and jerk. It was several minutes before my balls were churning and I shoved into her and tried to push deeper.

She was shaking and tossing her head as her eyes rolled up. I held her as I gushed and spewed and pumped sperm into her cervix. She jerked with each spurt and her pussy kept clenching as it squeezed the cum out of my cock. When I was done I relaxed and pulled out. She was still panting and shaking but her body was limp.

I turned her on the bed and sat beside her until she finally opened her eyes and turned her head. She grinned, “awesome.”

I grinned and bent to give her a kiss, “worth twins or even triplets.”

She laughed as I grinned and stood to leave. I ended up marrying Honey but mom and all her nurse friends still come over and I get used. I have even gotten a couple pregnant like Dawn.
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