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Chapter 4 of the Adventures of Tina Marie who had a surprise for her neighbor.

Tina Marie: Chapter 4
Sweet Lemonade after the Wedding

It is Sunday morning after my backyard wedding ceremony to Tina Marie which was attended by her parents. “They don’t believe in shacking up,” she had told me the first evening when she invited herself into my apartment and asked me to let her live in my new house.

They probably would also disapprove of Tina’s older sister, Gina, spending our wedding night in our bed. Weeks earlier, Gina had decided to sample Tina’s new boyfriend and I did not argue as we spent an afternoon in bed in my basement. Last night Tina enjoyed the pleasures of lesbian love with her sister for the first time and both girls got fucked nearly all night long. Gina especially was making up for several years without a boyfriend.

Then the two vixens told me their latest plan which was to move Gina and her daughter Claire into my house permanently. Gina had my cock in her mouth and I was moments away from filling her with Jizz when my wife said, “And you can have her every night.” Even just thinking with my little head it was a great deal for me. Two sisters living in my house, helping with the house payments, cooking and cleaning and free sex every night. Holy cow, what a deal.

I could hear Tina and Gina laughing as they were packing Gina’s suitcase. Meanwhile, I carried daughter Claire’s bag up to the car. Claire followed me out and watched me put it into the trunk; then she jumped up into my arms. Her coltish legs squeezed around my middle and she wrapped her arms around my head. My hands slid under her butt globes and squeezed and held her to me. Her eyes flashed a wanton look and she said, “It’s only about four weeks until Christmas and we will spend a whole week with you.”

“I can’t wait,” I answered and Claire asked, “Are you really going to build an office room for my mom?” One of her hands was curling in my hair, teasing and slightly pulling. I told her I would build Gina an office so that they could live here permanently. The full size basement had plenty of room. “What would you want me to build for you?” I asked and Claire did not hesitate, “Can I have my own bedroom with lavender walls?” Obviously she had been thinking about it. I chuckled and told her, “One bedroom with lavender walls coming up.” Claire pulled tight against me and French kissed me hard.

With her arms wrapped around my head and her face glued to me it was obvious this was no ordinary “Uncle” kiss. She is a preteen who discovered her sexual powers the day before as we spent all morning in bed doing nearly everything except outright penetration with my cock. She took to cum swallowing like an experienced college girl.

The gasp I heard behind us was from her mother, Gina.

“Shit Kevin,” Gina said in a low voice, “her too?” I tried not to sputter and said, “She was just thanking me for building her a bedroom when I build your office.” Claire grinned at her mother and asked, “Is he not the best?” Well, that question could have lots of answers. Claire grinned, dropped from my arms and got into the car. Tina came out of the house, stood by her sister and had a puzzled look. Gina said, “I just saw them French kissing at least for five minutes.”

Tina’s mouth gaped open and then she laughed. “Gina, you wanted her to have a male in her life; I guess you got one now.” Tina turned to me and asked, “Have you two done anything more than kissing?” Time to go for broke so I said quietly, “She caught me naked in the bathroom and she had a close and personal look at Mr. Cock. She wanted to compare me to what she saw on the internet.” Tina giggled and hugged her sister, “We did not own computers when we were nine years old.” She laughed and said, “Too bad.” It made Gina laugh and I hugged her, “Baby, be nice to her and have a girl talk on the drive home. I can’t wait till you come back at Christmas.” We kissed good-bye and as soon as the car left the driveway Tina pulled me back into our bedroom.

“You already have Gina and me,” she giggled, “do you want to fuck Claire also?” So I confessed that I would have never thought about it, but Claire played with my cock and I shot a big load.” Tina was stripping out of her clothes, so I did too. On the bed Tina said, “Tell me all about it, every little detail.” Her hand went to my cock and stroked it before her mouth went down on it. Like a guy who could not hold a secret, I blabbed. And when I told her of Claire putting my hard cock in her mouth without a question, I did the same thing to Tina – filled her with ropes and ropes of cum. I did not even want to think about Tina repeating every word to her sister, so I pushed Tina’s head down on my cock until her nose hit my belly flesh and I throbbed into her hard.

She knew there had to be more and I confessed spending the rest of the morning in my bed eating baby pussy and teaching Claire about her clit and making her cum. Again and again, until I could get hard and feed her a fresh load of cum. Claire loved the taste and swallowed every bit. Tina pulled me above her and as my cock entered her pussy she said quietly, “Next time I’m going to watch.” I fucked her deep and hard for a minute and said, “You really want to join in, don’t you?” Tina shook her head ‘Yes’ and told me she never knew she had tendencies toward girls. When I shot a load of Jizz into her pussy she moaned, “My next telephone conversation with Gina is going to be interesting.” I knew I would be listening.

“Four weeks until Christmas,” I thought and that very afternoon I measured the basement again and drafted an office and girl’s bedroom with my home drafting software package. For Claire I added a nice bathroom and Tina gave me some hints of what her sister Gina may like. I also added some improvements to the large room which I called ‘the apartment’. I e-mailed the plan to my contractor and we talked on Monday. By Thursday he had a crew doing preliminary work.

If you move from an apartment to a house and have relatives visiting for Christmas it’s amazing what else needs to be done. Tina wanted the outside and inside of the house decorated in a festive style and I had no clue where to start. Lucky for me the painting company from the apartment complex advertised house decorating, so I had them come and do the outside. Tina and I bought a nice 7 foot tree and had the cleaning service help us decorate the inside. The weekend before Christmas everything was ready and Tina was overjoyed. Claire’s new bedroom furniture was delivered just two days ago and her lavender room is ready for a princess.

Tina smiled and said, “Baby, you have worked so hard, you deserve a special treat before Gina gets here tomorrow.” She added, “I don’t want to go out tonight,” and with that she pulled a shopping bag from behind her back and I could see she had been to the pharmacy. She pulled out a big box of medicated and scented enema mix and held it up with a big smile. “Last one in the bathroom is a rotten egg,” she squealed and raced me to the bathroom leaving a trail of shirt, pants, bra and panties.

When I got to the bathroom I saw the enema kit already laid out and Tina in the bathtub on her elbows and knees. She had bought a new foam mat for the bottom of the tub and I could tell it helped her knees. I filled the enema bag with half solution and half warm water; hung it from the shower curtain rod and then gently inserted the nozzle in Tina’s ass. She took nearly the whole bottle in about five minutes and it made her belly look huge. When she stood up I had to chuckle, “Look in the mirror, that’s what you will look like in a few month.” She mouthed, “Oh no,” and sat on the toilet.

We repeated the process two more times and Tina was totally clean and ready for another anal adventure. She laughed at me because my cock was standing up hard while I watched her on her knees.

While Tina was on her knees and elbows she had to giggle as Kevin stood by the tub with his cock at nearly full mast. She thought back to the first night when she asked him to let her live with him and he blurted that he wanted to fuck her ‘Alabama mouth’. In a split second she decided to do what she had seen on the internet, lay on her back and let him throat fuck her. She remembered being horrified that she would gag and barf since it was the first time a guy had his cock down her throat. Lucky for her she was able to swallow it all.

And now, she thought, Kevin has fucked her sister and ate her niece’s pussy. When all three females will live here, this house could turn into a porn fantasy. It made her pussy twitch and she took pity on Kevin and leaned out of the tub a little and let him push his cock into her mouth while the solution flowed into her ass. She sucked his cock gently not wanting it to explode into her mouth before filling her ass.

Kneeling on the edge of the bed she put her head down and told Kevin to fuck her hard and have as much fun as he wanted. “Don’t worry about a little pain, baby,” she told him.

Kevin was a bit surprised by Tina horniness, “Careful what you wish for.” And with a hard push I opened her anal canal and sunk my cock into her to the root. Tina groaned hard as she pushed back against the intrusion, but then added, “Yes, like that.” Deep strokes rocked her ass and I held on to her hips to keep us joined as I fucked her hard. I did not mean to cause her any pain but I could tell from her grunts she was experiencing both pain and ecstasy. When she came the second time her body seemed to go limp and she moaned, “Enough.” It was too late, I had to finish; so I held her ass up in the air until I finished hard with my cock deep in her ass.

“Well, that was interesting,” was my last thought as we fell asleep totally spent.

Right after lunch on Saturday, Tina got a text from her sister Gina that they would arrive in about 15 minutes; but only wanted to unload her car because she had to go to a job interview. A little later I heard her car pull around the side of the house to the basement door. When Gina stepped out of her car I nearly had a heart attack. Instead of a bright red head, she was a subdued and glamorous brunette with gold highlights. She has a high tech glam haircut and a stunning professional wardrobe consisting of a pale gray pantsuit. A pale pink blouse with a bit of cleavage let you know she was all woman under the macho pantsuit. Tina stood next to me and looked at her sister, saying, “Holy shit, you look hot.” Then both giggled like crazy.

The next surprise was Claire coming around the car. She had turned into mom’s mini-me with her hair fixed professionally and wearing a pale lavender pantsuit similar to her mom. When I looked at Gina she replied, “We both have job interviews at the TV station; thanks for getting me the intro.”

A minute later we heard loud squeals from the basement as Claire discovered her new bedroom. Tina had done an excellent job decorating the room with lavender curtains, nice pictures and a matching bedspread. When Claire turned to thank me, I pointed her to Tina and told her to thank her auntie for all the hard work.

I unloaded their car and the girls jabbered for a few minutes before disappearing back out the door in a whirl wind to the job interview. Gina yelled, “I’m running late and I got to run this car through a car wash quick.”

That evening the sun was setting and a cool breeze was blowing through the back porch as I served up dessert after a nice dinner. Gina was telling the story of her successful job interview. “It was totally accidental that the station manager was there on a Saturday. The Operations Chief had pretty well hired me and then the SM stuck his head in the door. All three of us talked for a while and besides getting the job he also offered to put me in the On-Air training program. In three month I may be doing fill-in news reports,” she gushed. She told us about the kid’s show which wants Claire to audition also.

I laughed and wished her success on being a TV star and inside me hoped fame would not go to her head. Claire chimed in that she could play a little kid with no problem. Tina and Gina laughed and Gina told Claire to get ready for bed. “You have to come tuck me in,” she yelled at me as she headed for the basement. Thirty minutes later, Gina said to me, “Go tuck her in, she wants to say thanks for her ‘Lavender Suite’; but don’t be all night.”

When I got to Claire’s Lavender Suite the light from a lamp was dim and soft background music played on her CD player. Claire was in her bed looking toward the door. “For a minute I thought you would not come,” she said quietly with a smile as I knelt by the bed. A lavender sheet covered her and two small bumps pushed the sheet up. Her hands and arms came out from under the sheet and it slid to her waist exposing her soft small mounds with two lovely perky pink nipples. Claire pushed up and pulled her shoulders back to give her little boobies some definition. As I moved my head to her, her arms guided my lips to her pink nipples.

I had planned to kiss her lips knowing how much she loved French kissing. But it seemed Claire wanted to skip right to second base. Kissing and sucking her little nipples gently made her breathe hard and Claire moaned into my ears, “Do it harder like on the internet.” She had told me that all the junior high kids had their own computers and watched porn and were very willing to let the grammar school kids watch in the back of the library. She even mentioned that kids got hands-on lessons in the private music rooms. Geez, grammar school sure had come a long way from the days before porn on the net.

After a few minutes of playing with her sweet boobs, Claire’s fingers went to my shirt and pulled at the buttons. My shirt and pants came off in a hurry and I slid into her bed naked. Claire giggled as we melded together and French kissed. “Do me like last time,” she whispered into my ear as she spread her legs wide and pulled her knees up and apart. I positioned myself between her legs and inhaled her light lavender scent. She must have used scented body lotion and it made me grin.

Gently kissing her preteen thighs and pussy reminded me of the first time I got a close look at it a few weeks ago.

Then, as I laid Claire on my bed and spread her naked legs wide apart and cocked her knees up her virgin pussy was a fantastic sight. She has a very small almost baby pussy of just a line between slight side mounds. No flaps or skin protruded from the clean line of her slit. Her flesh was a bit pink from her rubbing herself on the commode while my cock was in her mouth. It only took a few minutes of slow ministration with my tongue to have her screaming her first release. Just thinking about it tonight got me hard.

Claire chuckled as my face and hard cock showed her I remembered our sex play. She reached under her butt and pulled her pussy open with her fingers. Her tiny tunnel, just right for my pinkie, was visible. Wordless, I kissed her inner thighs and her mound a bit harder and she let a little sigh, “Oh my, oh my I want you so much.” Running my tongue down to her butt hole and back up to her hidden clit made it a sweet agonizing torture. Her breaths came harder and her hands moved to my hair pulling my face into her harder.
Tonight I wanted her to not cum quickly; but to enjoy the exquisite rise to her eventual release.

As Claire grabbed Kevin’s hair she moaned harder and her youthful passion rose and her blood heated from his tongue diving deep into her. She wondered when she could pull his hard cock into her pussy and become a “real” woman as she had heard some of the junior high girls talk about it. She knew her pussy was too small right now and her mouth was so much better suited for his hard cock. It made her squirm and piston her hips as she looked forward to swallowing a big load of cum. She rocked her pelvic and hoped she could do this every night once she moved here permanently.

Claire was rocking her hips harder and harder and I could feel her first climax approaching fast as my tongue worked her hard. My pinkie penetrated her hole just to the second knuckle and rubbed her with a steady rhythm. After at least ten minutes she was panting hard. Claire reached down between her legs and her fingers pulled her skin back exposing a tiny hard pink cherry pit nub. When my tongue rubbed it for just a few seconds, Claire had her first explosion. A small trickle of glorious girl juice flowed from her and onto my tongue as her legs locked around my head. I stayed between her legs for a few minutes until Claire pulled me up.

Claire shivered as her first climax subsided and a second climax lifted her hips against my mouth. She dropped back to the bed and when I glanced up a pillow covered her face and stifled her loud moans.

She pushed me to roll on my back and she straddled me with my hard cock between her legs. Mr. Cock wanted to penetrate her sweet pussy and I nearly gave in to the temptation. Claire giggled and let my cock slide between her pussy folds as she gently started rocking back and forth. “Ah, the little vixen had seen something else on the net,” I thought. Her rocking up and down on my cock while she looked down on me with a big grin was masturbating me slowly while also giving her the feel of a man’s hard cock almost in her pussy. Works for me. I grabbed her hips and helped her slide forwards and backwards while her pussy juices lubricated my cock.

Claire laid fully on top of me and let her hips continue rocking her pussy on my cock. We kissed hard and she whispered, “Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me hard.” Holy shit, I about came when the little preteen called me Daddy.

Claire grinned and added, “I’m still going to swallow your cum so let me know before you shoot.” I laughed and said, “Fucking like this, it won’t be long.” A few minutes later, when I gave her the signal, she slid down and pulled my cock into her mouth. Instead of the gentle mouth fuck I had given her before, she tried to deep throat me. I could feel her throat nearly open as she forced herself over my red cock head.

It was not to be, but she gave it a good try moving her mouth up and down the full length of my cock. I grabbed her hair and held her still while shooting ropes of cum into her mouth. She sucked me dry and let be pop out of her mouth to show me her white covered tongue. Claire smiled and slowly swallowed hard. I pulled her to me and she cuddled into me.

Is this heaven or what?

Mom Gina gave me a hard look when I returned to the living room and looked at her watch, “One and a half hours?” Tina grinned and chuckled, “Did you have fun?”

I gave them my best innocent grin and told them, “She called me Daddy!”

Tina Marie: Chapter 5

The Christmas season with Tina Marie, Gina and Claire was wonderful. We visited numerous tourist attractions in the city and took Claire to the zoo. She got her face licked by a giraffe and has ten new ways of saying, “Euww, Gross.”

Tina’s and Gina’s parents came for surprise visit the day before Christmas and we opened presents on Christmas Eve. Claire got a fancy new laptop from the grandparents. Claire sang three Christmas songs and made granny cry with in happiness.

When Tina and Gina went to the mall one morning Claire ambushed me in the bathroom again. She had a hungry look on her face as she watched me shave. She did not even try to be modest as she sat naked on the commode and rubbed her baby pussy. I carried her to my bed and told her we had to have a serious conversation. “Are you going to fuck me, Daddy?” was her question as she smiled and batted her lashes.

Oh yes, she was practicing for her upcoming job as a TV actress. “No Baby, you have to wait until you are a teenager before we can do it,” I said and it put a frown on her face. Then I gave her more bad news, “And we can’t play sex games every day.” I wanted to tell her of a once-a-month limit; but seeing a tear run down her cheek made me keep my mouth shut.

I reached into my night stand and pulled out a gift wrapped small package. Claire’s eyes lit up and I said, “It’s a special gift; but keep it locked in your bedroom.” Her eyes got big as she unwrapped it and pulled out a small pink vibrator. Her mouth made a big ‘O’, then she scrambled back up on the bed, spread her legs and asked me, “Show me, Daddy.” So we spent an hour with Daddy showing her a few amazing ways to use her new pink vibrator.

When I touched her rose ass pucker she about had a stroke. Ah, a new lesson for another day.

Gina and daughter Claire went back to their home the day before New Year’s so that Gina could work out her two weeks resignation notice and get ready for her final move to my house. We enrolled Claire in a private school so she would be protected once she became known as a TV figure.

Tina had a beautiful baby girl the following spring and it made me feel like a real father, especially since the baby looked just like her beautiful mother. So only Tina and Gina know that I am not the bio-dad.

Gina graduated from the on-air course and started filling in on-air during weekends. A few months later she went on-air full time because of viewer ratings. We celebrated with a nice family cook-out at a near lake. It hit me as funny that she could no longer visit a mall because everyone wanted to stop her and talk.

One night, Gina and Tina were cuddling against me after a great sex session and I knew the vixens had a new plan for me. “What do you think about another baby?” Gina asked. I looked at her and assumed she wanted to get pregnant. No shit? My mouth hung open and I asked, “You want to get pregnant?” They both laughed and Gina said, “Relax, since I now make more money, I decided not to do it. I need to save up the extra money for Claire’s college.”

Tina squeezed my cock and added, “Me neither. One baby is enough.” I exhaled and told them, “Thanks, I hope the poopy diaper days will come to an end soon.”

In the summer Claire turned ten years old and whispered to me during her birthday party, “Three more years until I’m a teenager, Daddy.” I gave her a hard French kiss and told her, “I remember it clearly.”

Nine month after her thirteenth birthday, she also had a baby girl.

No Question: Yes, this heaven!!

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