I had been cleaning and taking care of Mr Durham’s pool since I was ten. I had arrived at the iron gates pulling a large wagon and used the call button to offer my services. At first I think he hired me out of curiosity but I took good care of his large indoor pool and spa. I saw him at least once a week and before long we were talking.

I was the one to mention putting solar shingles on his mansion, pool house, garage and solar panels over the parking area. The first time the subject of his will came up I was cleaning the pool. He sighed at the table and I glanced at him. I was twelve and constantly reminded myself not to speak unless spoken to.

He looked at me, “tell me William, do you want me to leave you anything in my will?”

I smiled as I went back to work, “do you have a twenty inch bike with solid tires?”

He laughed, “no.”

I shrugged, “than I guess I do not want anything.”

Over time it was a standing joke, he would ask and I would decline after mentioning something I knew he did not have. I was a frustrated teenager and one day he was just sitting at a table. I looked at him as I worked, “how come girls never want sex? And why do they always want guys to give them something?”

He looked at me before suddenly laughing. I blushed as he wiped the tears away, “sorry William. You just asked one of the most asked questions of all time.”

He smiled as he looked around the large pool, “when I was growing up I dreamed of having lots of girls around a pool like this. Of having sex whenever I wanted.”

He grinned as he looked at me, “I could leave you a few million and you could try your luck.”

I snorted as I turned back to cleaning the pool, “sorry Mr D but the government would take half and the half that was left would be divided up with the state.”

I shook my head, “and then there is all the people that would appear out of the wood work with their hand out. After that the little bit left would vanish quickly when any girl found out I had it.”

I smiled at him, “do you have a few horny girls you could leave me?”

He laughed and shook his head and I sighed, “oh well.”

Over the next couple of years that was a recurring topic, girls and sex. I did have sisters at home, well adopted sisters, we were all adopted. They were always flirting but they liked to drink, they got that from our adopted mom since dad died. I was sixteen when Mr Durham died. I did not really expect anything but went to the service and then the funeral.

I was surprised when I was called by the lawyer. The way the will was read was a little strange. I stood in the corner and tried not to draw attention. After he told each person what was left for them they were escorted out.

I was the last one left and the lawyer looked at me and smiled, “William, Mr Durham left you his estate in trust. He also left another trust which will pay you a modest monthly salary and a message.”

I straightened, “what message?”

The lawyer looked at me, “he said to tell you to live his dream.”

I smiled and nodded, “thanks.”

When I walked out of the office Mr Durham’s granddaughter was waiting. She turned to walk with me, “I saw my grandfather’s will.”

I looked at her thinking she would fight the will to take away what he had given me, “and?”

She shrugged, “why did he give you the estate and what did the message mean?”

I stopped and glanced around before looking at her and smiling, “you know I have been taking care of his pool since I was ten?”

She nodded and I shrugged, “we talked a lot and he would always ask me what I wanted him to leave me. It was a kind of joke between us, I would tell him something like a new bike or wagon. It was a game, he even offered me money once.”

I shook my head, “I told him the government would take half and the state would take most of the rest so not to bother.”

I looked at her, “It was a couple of years ago and I was just noticing girls. I was frustrated and asked him why girls never wanted to just have sex. He laughed and that embarrassed me but that was when he told me about his dream. When he was younger he had dreamed of having a pool that would have a lot of women around it with tiny bikinis. He dreamed of having sex with different women too.”

She smiled, “granddad never told anyone that.”

I smiled, “telling his family he wanted to be a playboy?”

She laughed and then reached out to squeeze my hand, “so he wanted you to have women around the pool in tiny bikinis and to have sex with them. To be a playboy?”

I blushed, “yeah. Now I have to find the women.”

She smiled, “I will send any women or girls over that meet his requirements.”

I moved mom and my sisters into the estate since it had over a dozen bedroom suites. I caught Trinity the next day as she headed towards the pool. She was in a one piece suit and I shook my head, “string bikinis or less in and around the pool.”

She looked at me and then grinned, “yeah right.”

I caught her hand as she started out the door, “I am not kidding. It was in the will.”

She blinked and smiled, “it was in the will that we have to wear bikinis.”

I nodded, “bikinis or less.”

She looked out at the pool, “I really wanted to lay out.”

I took the drink she had in her hand and pulled her out and then to a lounger. I set the drink down beside it and turned her before quickly pulling the shoulder straps down and off. Her firm breasts were pale when I saw them as she gasped and tried to cover up. I kept pulling down until the suit was on the ground before standing.

Trinity was crouching as she tried to cover both her breasts and her pussy. I turned her and pushed her down on the lounger, “on your stomach.”

She glared at me but was willing to do what I told her since it would hide her body. I waited and sat beside her, “bikinis or less. The only paople here are us. Next time bring lotion and do not worry about anyone seeing you, you have a great body.”

I stood and headed back towards the door. It was an hour before I finished the room inspections. I was checking the wiring and computer access for each room. Each suite had new fixtures with a CATV plug which surprised me. I stopped to look out into the pool room and saw mom, Vicky and Jada beside Trinity and they were nude like her.

I stripped in my suite and went out and sat down beside mom. I could tell she was already tipsy, she was reclining and smiled, “hey stud.”

I looked up from her breasts and she smiled as she cupped them, “I do not have a bikini.”

I grinned, “they are going to get burned unless you put lotion on.”

She laughed as Jada, Vicky and Trinity snickered. They were all laying on their stomachs with their legs closed. I stood and took the bottle of lotion from mom when she held it out. I sat beside her hip as she lay back and relaxed. She was still sitting but the lounge was reclined back. I poured lotion in my hand before beginning to rub it on her.

I started on her chest and shoulders before cupping her firm breasts. By the time I moved down her tummy she was breathing harder. I did her hips and pelvis before her legs and thighs. The girls were quiet as mom spread her legs, “get the inside of my thighs.”

I looked up before adding lotion and reaching between her legs. When I brushed against her pussy she shuddered and humped as she moaned. Her legs spread more and I could see her pussy beginning to open. I stood and moved around to lower her lounger until she was laying down. I sat beside her again and slowly reached for her pussy.

She shuddered and humped again as I slipped a finger into her slit. Her pussy felt very warm and slippery. Her breathing changed and she kept thrusting up as I fingered her and finally pushed my finger into her. She arched her back and spasmed as her pussy tightened around my finger, “aaahhh!”

I looked at her amazing body and she smiled and held out her arms. I turned and moved over her before slowly pushing my cock into her. Mom groaned as my drooling cock sank all the way into her and pushed against the back of her pussy. She hugged me as I kissed her and started to fuck her slowly with deep strokes.

Her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock as she humped up. Each time I buried my cock I would press and grind and it was not long before mom began to wail and shudder. I started to fuck her a little harder as she began to pant and thrust up. Her pussy kept grasping and contracting as I fucked her.

She howled and began to thrash and clutch me as I fucked her with long firm strokes. She was bucking and shaking while her warm pussy squeezed my cock. A few more minutes and I shoved into her when I felt my balls churning. I kissed her as she hugged me and started to gush huge thick spurts of cum.

She spasmed as her pussy clenched and held my cock, “YES!”

I shuddered with her as I pumped and spewed and spurted until my cock was only throbbing. I slowly relaxed as mom rubbed my back while her pussy continued to squeeze. She sighed and kissed me, “that was nice honey.”

I pulled out and moved before rolling her onto her stomach and going to get the lotion. I put it on her and then went to each of my sisters. I rubbed the lotion on each of them and gave each a pat on their butts as they grinned at me after I was done. I looked at Mr Durham’s granddaughter when she walked around the side of the house and into the pool area.

She walked through the wide open pool area doors with a young teenager. She smiled as she walked up, “I see you found a few women.”

I looked at mom and my sisters, “mom and my sisters.”

She grinned, “it is a start.”

She gestured to the blushing girl, “this is Emily. She is thirteen and would not mind laying around and hanging out.”

I smiled at her, “mom and my sisters did not have string bikinis.”

She smiled, “I am wearing mine.”

She looked at her mother, “momma said you might want to fuck me.”

I looked at her mother who smiled, “really?”

She turned but looked back, “she will call when she wants to come home so keep her until then.”

She walked away and I looked at Emily, “there are loungers and chairs and...”

I blushed and she smiled, “thanks.”

I looked at my sisters before heading towards the house. I made a large pitcher of ice tea and brought it and several glasses out. I put everything on one of the tables before going to take a swim. Mom and my sisters talked to Emily while she laid out with them. When I walked out of the water Emily smiled, “William? Would you put lotion in me?”

She blushed and stammered, “I meant on me.”

Mom and my sisters laughed but I ignored them, “or maybe both.”

She rolled onto her stomach as I walked to the table and the bottle of lotion. I sat beside her and untied the strings before moving them. She glanced back as I put lotion on my hands and then started to rub it in. She sighed and relaxed, “thanks.”

I looked at her body as I added lotion and moved down to her legs, “you really would not mind if I fucked you?”

She looked back and grinned, “momma said us girls do not really get to do that. You know just let a guy do us when they want. I like fingering myself so I thought I would try it.”

I nodded as I rubbed the lotion into her legs and looked between them at her bare and bald slit. I looked at mom and my sisters and Trinity gestured. I straddled Emily’s legs and laid down before thrusting and pushing into her tight pussy. She looked back with wide eyes as I sank my cock deeper. I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly but with long thrusts.

She tilted her hips and spread her legs while moaning and shuddering. Her pussy tightened and clenched each time I buried my cock and tried to pull out. It was not long before she spasmed and wailed as her pussy got slipperier. She thrashed and jerked as her pussy kept squeezing, “fffuuccckkk!”

I continued to fuck her with long strokes and began to do it harder. She struggled and tried to twist as I fucked her nice and deep and began to press harder when I shoved into her. She clutched the sides of the lounger and howled as she wet me and her pussy gripped my cock, “YES!”

I buried my cock in her and humped and pressed while she jerked and twisted, “aaaahhhh!”

I pulled back and went back to fucking her a minute later and used deep thrusts. She grunted and shook as I kept it up and tried to cum. It took a couple of minutes and then I pushed all the way into her and pressed before I gushed and spewed and pumped and spurted. Emily jerked as her pussy clenched, “yyyeeessss!”

I flooded her with cum before I was finished and sighed. I pulled out and moved off her, “thanks Emily your pussy felt wonderful.”

My sisters laughed as she looked back while panting, “your cock felt good too.”

I finished putting lotion on her before going into the pool. I came out and sat with them and looked from one to another. Trinity laid on her back finally and smiled at me, “come fuck me William.”

I smiled as I stood and walked towards her and she spread her legs. I laid on her and gave her a kiss before sliding down and looking at her pussy. I glanced up to see her blushing but ignored it, “you have a beautiful pussy.”

I licked through it and captured her clit before sucking and squeezing it with my lips. She shuddered and lifted her hips and I began to wiggle my tongue. She moaned and kept humping as I licked her and nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her. I covered her clit again and went back to teasing it and she shuddered harder, “mmmm!”

I sucked hard while squeezing it with my lips. My sister jerked and spasmed and she twisted and pushed me away while screaming, “aaaahhhhh!”

I moved up and over her and kissed her as she shuddered and pushed into her. I slowly began to fuck her as she put her arms around me and lifted her hips. She sighed and kissed me as I kept fucking her with long strokes that buried my thick cock each time. A few minutes and she began to jerk and spasm while her pussy tightened, “ooohhhh!”

She looked at me with wide eyes as I continued to fuck her. She slowly began to stiffen while her pussy tightened. Finally she screamed as she went wild, she was bucking and thrashing around and wet me and her pussy spasmed. I fucked her long, hard and deep and began to press and rub against her.

She lifted and spread her legs a minute later, “fffuuucccckkkkk... mmmeeeeee!”

I continued to fuck her with deep grinding strokes and she kept clutching me while her pussy constantly squeezed my cock. It was not much longer before I shoved all the way into her and kissed her as I pumped spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered while I kept spewing against and into her cervix.

When I stopped I relaxed and kissed her as she sagged to the lounger, “thanks Trinity.”

She hugged me with her arms and pussy, “we are doing that again honey.”

The others laughed and mom sat up, “it was very nice.”

Emily giggled, “I am still leaking.”

They laughed again as I pulled out of my sister and stood and smiled, “let me know when you need more lotion.”

They laughed as I blushed and went to wash in the pool side shower. I did a couple of chores before returning and finding them in the pool. I washed the sweat off and walking into the cool water and mom caught me and gave me a passionate kiss. She grinned and turned me and pushed me towards my sister Jada, “someone is horny and needs a cock.”

I blushed as they snickered but Jada moved closer and backed me to the side of the pool. She turned until her back was against the wall and held my shoulders as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I reached between us and positioned my cock and she pushed down while I caught her hips and pulled.

My cock sank into her almost hot pussy and she groaned. I pulled her close as I buried my cock and she wiggled as her pussy tightened. She kept wiggling and I started humping while holding the side of the pool. I used deep thrusts and she shuddered after a couple of minutes. I kissed her as her pussy kept contracting and she began to hump and thrust onto my cock.

She was grinding against and on me as my cock pressed against her cervix. She stiffened and then began jerking and spasming while her pussy grasped and squeezed, “ooohhhh!”

Everyone laughed but I ignored them as I kept fucking Jada and grinding against her. Something gave and she howled and clutched me as my cock went deeper, “WILLIAM!”

I needed to cum and kept fucking her hard with deep jabs. She twisted and shuddered hard while her pussy contracted. I finally shoved into her and held her as I began spewing cum. She screamed when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

We kissed as I kept spurting while she shook and when I was finally done my sister sighed while clinging to me. She kissed my cheek a few moments later and I let her go. She lifted up and off my cock as Vicky pulled me away, “I want it on my back on a lounger.”

They snickered as she blushed and I smiled and kissed her, “nice and deep.”

She grinned and kissed me back, “yeah.”

She turned to pull me after her and out of the pool and I followed. She went straight to the closest lounger and sat and laid it back and down as she spread her legs wide. I grinned as I knelt at the foot and leaned forward to open her pussy before I licked through it. I used my tongue and wiggled it on her clit and she moaned and lifted her hips.

I pushed my tongue into her and nibbled on her small inner lips before attacking her clit once more. I sucked and squeezed it between my lips and began to tease it with my tongue. I kept licking her and playing with her clit while she shuddered and began breathing hard. She was humping and shaking as she moaned and wiggled.

Finally after several minutes she tried to cover her pussy. I grinned as I moved over her while she panted. I kissed her and pushed into her tight pussy and settled before I began to slowly thrust and jab in and out. I worked my cock deeper as she humped and her pussy began squeezing.

A couple of minutes and she was shivering as I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep strokes. She moaned and thrust up as her pussy became wet, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

She shuddered and clutched me as I continued to fuck her nice and deep with each stroke. She wiggled and her pussy was constantly rippling and pulsing. She was bucking as I pushed into her and kept kissing her while she moaned louder and wailed. She jerked as her very wet and slipping pussy clenched, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She came almost constantly as I kept fucking her and finally I shoved into her and shivered. She had wrapped her legs around me and was clinging to me as I grunted and began spurting. She jerked and her pussy tightened and grasped my cock, “ooohhh!”

She wiggled and squirmed as I pumped and spewed until I was done. I relaxed and held her as she panted and sighed and slowly calmed. She grinned and pulled my face down to kiss me, “thanks little brother.”

I pulled out and moved off her before helping her up. Everyone else was still in the pool and I pulled Vicky after me and into the water. It was a long and wonderful summer and I fucked all of them many times each day. I sleep with mom or one of my sister’s each night and pull Emily along with me.

Even now that there is a lot of children I still fuck them. Mom and my sisters were the first to get pregnant but Emily only called her mother before dragging me out in front of mom and my sisters for me to breed her.
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