I have practiced and done karate all my life. At fifteen I was a black belt and was even a paid instructor at my dojo. I have two sisters and mom, my dad had died when I was young so it was just us. Jess was a year older than me and Dawn a year younger. It was Friday and mom was out on a date and my sister Jess had one too.

Dawn was spending the night at a friend’s so I was home alone. I was reading when I heard Jess come in crying. I rolled out of my large bed and walked out and across into her room, “Jess?”

She turned, “go away.”

What I saw was her clothes messed up and blood on her thighs, “what happened?”

She pointed towards her door, “OUT!”

I stepped closer, “no. What happened? You are a mess and you are bleeding.”

She looked down at herself before turning as she sniff, “just leave.”

I thought I knew what had happened and reached for her hand. I pulled her after me as she pull and twisted her wrist, “KEN!”

I pulled her into the bathroom and around me before letting her go. I closed the door and faced her as she glared, “strip.”

She blushed, “what?”

I took a step, “you are bleeding. Strip.”

She took a breath, “I can take...”

I stepped closer, “strip or I will strip you.”

She backed up, “please don’t.”

I followed her, “undress now!”

Jess took a breath, “fine!”

She started with her blouse and I snorted, “you are not bleeding there.”

She looked at me and then grinned and stuck her tongue out, “you said strip.”

A minute later she was naked and her clothes were tossed into a corner. She kept her legs together and covered her beautiful breasts as I looked at her. I shook my head as I headed for the counter and the cabinets under the sink, “sit on the toilet.”

I pulled out mom’s douche and opened the medicine cabinet as I filled it with warm water. I turned to Jess sitting on the toilet with her legs together and handed her two pills with a tiny glass of water, “take these.”

I waited and then set the glass on the counter before turning with the douche, “spread your legs.”

She blushed, “no.”

I sighed and leaned over her, “are you on birth control?”

She bit her lip, “no.”

I nodded because I knew that, “did he cum in you?”

She looked into my eyes before looking down, “yes.”

I touched her face, “spread your legs.”

This time she did as I told her and I knelt and looked at her absolutely beautiful if bloody pussy. She giggled and I looked up as I blushed. She reached out to caress my face, “have not seen a real one have you?”

I grinned, “no.”

I looked at her pussy, “lean back.”

She did and I bent and opened her slit to look at her bloody hole. I could see where her cherry had been torn and hesitated before pushing the nuzzle for the douche into her, “well your hymen is torn all the way.”

She nodded and shivered as the warm water spurted up into her. She would not look at me as it flushed her pussy and I saw little clumps of sperm come out. When I pulled the nuzzle out she sighed and I smiled as I went to fill it again, “get used to doing this.”

She blushed and then grinned, “you offering your services?”

I grinned as I looked back, “sure.”

I gave her another douche and then started the water in the shower since we did not have a bath. I undressed and Jess gasped, “your twice as big as Mitch.”

I looked at my hard drooling cock and blushed before pulling her up and into the shower. I washed around her pussy to get the dried blood off and then just held her with the warm water falling on her, “tomorrow morning you are going with me to the pharmacy to get a morning after pill. After that we are going down to the free clinic so you can get an exam and prescription for birth control pills.”

She sighed and nodded, “I really messed up.”

I hugged her, “if I were a girl I would break my cherry as soon as I started having periods.”

She grinned and shook me and I laughed and hugged her before reaching out to shut the water off. I helped her out and dried her, “a girl’s first time should not be marred by pain and a bloody mess, she should enjoy it.”

Jess helped me dry off before I took her hand and pulled her out and into my room. I lifted my covers and she grinned as she slid into bed. I went to shut the light off before walking around and climbing in. She came closer and put a leg over one of mine and her head on my shoulder, “thanks.”

I rubbed her back as I relaxed, “that is what brothers are for.”

I wanted to fuck her so bad but I closed my eyes as my hand rubbed and caressed her bare shoulder. It was awhile before I felt her breathing change and knew she was asleep. I opened my eyes when I felt someone and turned my head to see mom in the doorway. She walked to the bed and lifted the covers to look at Jess.

She tucking them around her and looking at me, “we will talk in the morning.”

I gestured, “you need to snuggle and hold her.”

She looked at me and I glanced at Jess to see her still asleep, “she... her boyfriend... she broke her cherry.”

Mom blinked and then nodded, “I will be right back.”

When she came back it was in a night gown and she slipped in behind Jess and snuggled against her and held her. I woke to whispers and looked at Jess as she talked to mom. I glanced the other way at my clock before turning to rub Jess’s shoulder, “want breakfast?”

She smiled and shook her head and I shifted away and climbed out of bed. I grabbed my sleeping pants and put them on before leaving. First was my morning stretches and then the exercises. When I came into the kitchen mom and Jess were at the table together. I grinned as I made a bowl of cereal, “I should have trimmed your pussy while I was helping you last night.”

Jess grinned and mom laughed as I sat with them. She looked at Jess, “I will take her to get the pill and the clinic.”

Mom looked at me a moment later, “how would you like to break Dawn’s cherry?”

I stopped eating, “what?”

She grinned as Jess giggled, “break her cherry. I can bring a dildo home for you to use.”

I looked at Jess and she smiled, “you did say a girl should have her cherry broken before she has sex.”

I took a breath and then nodded and Jess grinned, “you can trim both of our pussies and give her a douche after.”

I smiled and mom laughed, “for that service you can do mine too.”

I grinned and finished breakfast before going to get my bag and leaving. Sometimes I think women or girls are aliens in disguise. Dinner was ready when I got home and I found the house crowded with girls and women. Mom grinned as I looked into the kitchen, “you have a line.”

I looked at all the girls and the women in the kitchen with mom and she laughed. I smiled as I went to put sweaty clothes in a hamper and came back to eat. After dinner my sister Dawn pulled me up and after her. She was blushing and I glanced back to see everyone following. I slowed and turned her, “first things first.”

She bit her lip and I smiled before pulling her into the bathroom where I saw several different douches waiting on the counter. I ignored them as I got a couple of ibuprofen and had Dawn take them. While the girls crowded in the door I stripped her and hesitated before undressing.

Her eyes stared at my hard cock as I pulled her to the shower and then in. I turned the water on hot and turned her so she was under it. I saw all the other girls move to stand just outside the shower, “we should have a bath to do this first.”

She grinned as she leaned against me and I turned her away and held her, “okay listen. A guy wants sex, period. He wants to fuck and he wants it everyday. You can put him off but kept in mind what I said. He might except anal or a blowjob but he wants to put his cock in you and pump sperm in.”

Dawn glanced back as I rubbed and caressed her tummy and pelvis. I kissed her shoulder, “make sure you get pleasure out of whatever you do. It does not matter if he fingers you and you get off or he licks your pussy. Make sure you get pleasure, if he cums to quick there are things you can do. Make him keep fucking even though you are cummy, suck him first or jack him off.”

I turned Dawn and kissed her, “younger guys can usually cum a few times so get the first one out of the way before he fucks you so the next will last longer.”

She grinned and nodded before I reached out to shut the shower off. I opened the door and the neighbor Ash handed me a towel. She was a cute thirteen year old and I winked before turning to dry Dawn and then myself. I pulled her through the girls and across to my room where I saw the women sitting on the other side of the bed.

Mom smiled and held out a thick dildo and I nodded, “lube?”

She blinked and then grinned, “I will be right back.”

She walked out after setting the dildo on the bed and I sat my sister on the edge as the other girls crowded around. I knelt and pushed her back, “my way will help.”

I waited until mom squeezed back in and handed me the lube. I set it aside and looked at my naked sister before Jess knelt behind me, “do it.”

I looked back and shook my head before turning to push Dawn’s legs open. She was tense and I smiled as I leaned in and opened her pussy before licking through it. She shuddered and gasped but she was not the only one. I kept licking her and pushing my tongue into her before capturing her clit and sucking.

She jerked and humped as a moan escaped. The room was silent as I kept licking and teasing my sister and reached to the side for the dildo as she began to shake. I glanced out of the corner of my eye as Jess poured lube on it and moved it down to Dawn’s hole. I began rubbing it and pressing her pussy open.

When she wailed and started thrashing around I shoved the dildo into her and moved up and over her. She screamed and jerked but continued to spasm as I held her and kissed her while telling her it was over. It was couple of minutes before I moved back and knelt. I pulled the bloody dildo out of her and stood to pull her up as she kept panting and shuddering.

She grinned and leaned against me as I turned to lead her into the bathroom. The girls were whispering as we left and I sat Dawn on the toilet. Jess came in and grinned as she started filling a douche while I leaned Dawn back to check her bloody pussy. Mom and the others filled the bathroom a minute later and she rubbed my shoulders, “that was amazing honey.”

I slipped the nuzzle into Dawn and rubbed her pelvis, “want a trim too?”

She grinned, “Jess said you were going to and I want a heart.”

I smiled and glanced at Jess, “I need a wash cloth soaked in hot water.”

She nodded and I turned back to watch my sister’s pussy. After the douche finished I set it in the sink and opened the drawer with my shaving kit, not that I really used it. I squeezed most of the hot water out of the wash cloth before covering her pussy. A few minutes and I tossed it into the sink and used the trimmers to cut the heart and then added the shaving gel.

I cut all the hair around her ass and the bottom of her pussy before rubbing in baby oil. I grinned as I pulled her up and gave her a kiss, “we will talk about sex later if you want.”

She grinned, “thanks Ken.”

I turned and Jess was sitting on the toilet with her pussy bare, “I want a diamond shape.”

I sighed, “all this pussy. Someone is going to get filled before we finished.”

They laughed and mom reached out to rub my shoulders, “me after you finish Jess.”

I grinned back at her, “now that is worth waiting for.”

They laughed as I warmed a wash cloth and waited before trimming Jess. The girls watched and whispered and giggled until I was done. I rubbed her clit and grinned when she shuddered, “how is that?”

She grinned, “perfect.”

Mom pulled me up, “Jess, Dawn clean this up for Ash.”

Ash’s mom laughed, “I can not wait for him to fuck me.”

I looked at mom as she pulled me after her to her bedroom while stripping, “what?”

She pulled me to her bed ignoring the open door as she crawled on and laid back. I followed and lay on her before giving her a kiss, “what did she mean?”

Mom hugged and caressed me, “the moms decided to let you fuck them as payment for helping the girls.”

I blinked before moving down her body, “but they are married.”

Mom groaned when I stopped to suck on a nipple and moved lower. I looked at her overgrown pussy before opening it and licked her. She humped and spread her legs more as I kept doing it and pushed my tongue into her. I nibbled on her inner lips before capturing her clit and nibbling on that to.

She arched her back and spasmed as she squirted a little, “KEN!”

I grinned as I sucked on her clit and started wiggling my tongue while she jerked and shook. I kept going back to licking her and tongue fucking her before attacking her clit and it was not long before she was thrusting up and thrashing around. She finally twisted and pushed my face away and I moved up.

I kissed her as she panted and lifted and pushed into her before she changed her mind. Mom arched her back as her pussy squeezed and I shoved the rest of the way in while she wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

I started fucking her with long thrusts as she bucked and writhed around. She continued to howl as her pussy spasmed and tried to milk my cock. It kept hitting and pushing against her cervix and she kept jerking, “ooooohhhhh!”

She lifted and spread her legs as I kept fucking her with long strokes and I felt my cock go deeper. Mom clutched me and began to convulse as her eyes rolled up, “KEN!”

I buried my throbbing cock and humped and pressed to get it deeper and mom screamed as the huge stream of warm sperm was pump straight into her womb, “bbbaaaabbbbbyyyyyy!”

I held her as I gushed and spewed and spurted and pumped fifteen years worth of cum into her. When I was done she was still jerking and twitching as she panted and her pussy milked my cock. I held her and enjoyed the feeling of my cock totally buried with her warm pussy around it.

I kissed her softly, “thanks mom.”

She shook me and dropped her legs to the bed, “damn baby you really wanted it.”

I grinned and turned to look at the door as the girls and women laughed. I pulled out and moved off the bed, “I better do Ash.”

She grinned as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bathroom. I undressed her before pulling her into the shower like I had with Dawn. I did everything the same, the talk, licking her until she came and shoving the dildo into her. After she had her warm douche and trim her mom pulled me to my mother’s bed.

I licked her and fucked her through four orgasms before I came. After Ash it was Jaz, a fourteen year old friend of Dawn and then I fucked her mom who was a screamer. After Jaz was Mel who barely noticed her cherry being torn as she came with a wail and violent shudders. I licked and fucked her mother who had a cute grunt and tight pussy.

All the girls went into Dawn’s room and the waiting sleeping bags as I gave their mom’s a douche before they left. After the moms left I sat mom down on the toilet and trimmed her pussy while she smiled. I went to my bedroom and found Jess already in bed and grinned as I shut the light off.

I climbed into bed and laid beside her and she turned to straddle me. I was surprised as I caressed her hips, “Jess?”

She kissed me, “hush.”

She moved up and then pressed down as she pushed back. My thick cock pressed against her pussy before suddenly sliding in. She groaned as she wiggled back to get my cock deeper. I held her hips lightly and humped up to push a couple more inches into her. She shuddered and grunted before grinning and rubbing her pussy on me.

Her tight pussy was constantly grasping my cock and she became erratic before falling onto me, “mmmm!”

I rubbed her back and hips before shifting and rolling until she was under me. I started fucking her as I gave her a kiss, “you did not let me feel you or lick your pussy.”

She grinned up at me, “I have been fingering myself all night.”

I continued to fuck her slowly but with deep thrusts and it was a few minutes before Jess grunted and humped. She got a surprised look and opened her mouth as I buried my cock to grind. She jerked as her pussy spasmed around my cock and then she was wailing and thrashing around and bucking, “fffuuuccckkk!”

Every other minute she would howl or wail as she writhed and jerked. Her pussy was very slick as I kept fucking her and finally pushed all the way into her and began to spurt and pump cum. She tilted her hips and thrust her pelvis up, “sperm me!”

I kissed her as I continued to fill her pussy and spray her cervix with sperm. When I stopped I lay there holding her and Jess sagged to the bed and sighed, “that was so much better than the first time.”

Mom laughed from the door as all the girls giggled. I pulled out and moved to the side before pulling my sister over against me. Mom sent the girls to bed and crawled into bed beside Jess and snuggled against her. I loved holding Jess as she fell asleep with her head on my shoulder. I held my mother’s hand on my sister’s hip and we fell asleep.

I was up early and finished my exercises before returning to see the kitchen full of girls. They caressed and kissed me as I went to make breakfast. I had a few chores around the house to do after that and then I took a shower. Jess was waiting to dry me when I got out and she grinned and gave me a kiss, “Dawn is in your bed. Mom knows and said to ask you to make love to her.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “you did such a good job yesterday on them and their moms that they want you to do each of them.”

She stroked my cock, “save a little sperm for me.”

I smiled, “maybe even a little for mom.”

She turned me and pushed me towards the door, “have fun.”

When I walked into my room I saw Dawn on the bed and she was nervous. I left the door open as I walked to the bed, “hey girly.”

She smiled as I sat beside her, “hey.”

I reached out to rub her hip, “you know you do not have too.”

She bit her lip and then grinned, “I know.”

I nodded and moved onto the bed and over her. I gave her a kiss, “remember what I told you?”

She had put her arms around me and hesitated, “what?”

I started kissing down her body, “make sure the boy gives you pleasure before you let him stick his cock into you.”

She grinned as I stopped to suck on each of her nipples before kissing my way to her pussy. I nibbled on her clit as she shivered and lifted her hips, “okay.”

I licked her pussy and nibbled on her inner lips before teasing her clit. I licked her hole and pushed my tongue into her and she groaned. I continued to tease her clit and suck and nibble on it until she shuddered harder and tried to push me away while closing her legs. I moved up and gave her a kiss before lifting and slowly forcing my cock into her.

She clutched me as my thick cock stretched her pussy and sank all the way into her. I buried it and stopped to hold her and kiss her as I waited for her to adjust. She groaned and squirmed and I grinned before rolling suddenly. I hugged her and helped her sit up, “better?”

She wiggled and rubbed her pussy on me, “yeah.”

She began rocking and rolling her hips with a sweet smile. She glanced at the doorway before stopping as she blushed. I looked and patted the bed, “come closer and sit on the bed.”

I reached up to knead my sister’s breasts, “you watched me breaking their cherry.”

She shuddered and her pussy tightened as she grinned, “okay.”

She went back to rubbing her pussy on me as it kept squeezing and grasping at my cock. I rubbed her nipples and tugged on them as she began to breath harder. She became erratic and shook while twisting and jerking. I caressed her hips as she fell on me and rolled until she was under me. I kissed her and pulled back to fuck her with long thrusts.

She lifted and spread her legs wide as she hugged me tight, “yyyeeessss!”

She shuddered and spasmed while her pussy rippled and she wet me. I kept fucking her as she humped and bucked and started planting my cock and grinding. A couple of minutes and she was wailing and clinging to me while shaking. I continued to kiss her as I fucked her firmly with long strokes. She thrashed around and bucked while her eyes rolled up.

It was awhile before I pushed all the way into her and grunted as I began pumping cum. She jerked while her pussy clenched around my cock and lifted her hips, “YES!”

I spewed and gushed and spurted as her body shuddered. I kissed her and held her while she panted and her pussy constantly squeezed. She finally grinned and hugged me tight and I gave her another kiss before I pulled out, “nice.”

She giggled with the other girls as I moved off the bed and bent to rub her pussy, “now if you are with a guy he may want to fuck you several times.”

She shuddered and closed her legs before grinning, “okay.”

I looked at the other girls, “who is next?”

Ash held up her hand and I smiled, “okay. How about we spread it out. Anyone want to go to a movie?”

They perked up and nodded and I started looking for clothes, “someone tell Jess.”

That was an experience, five girls and just me? After the movie Jess drove us home and headed for the kitchen while Ash took my hand. I led her towards my room and the bed and undressed her and laid her back. I stripped and moved onto the bed beside her to kiss her. She sighed and relaxed and I started kissing down her body.

I licked and sucked on her nipples before moving down to her pussy as she spread her legs wide. The other girls came to sit on the edge of the bed as I licked through her slit. I pushed my tongue into her as she moaned and wiggled. She humped and shuddered as I nibbled on her inner lips and licked her again before going after her clit.

I sucked on it hard and squeezed it between my lips and then started teasing it with my tongue. She humped and jerked and moaned and yelled. Finally she tried to close her legs and cover her pussy. I moved up and over her before giving her a kiss. I lifted and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy.

She groaned and tilted her hips as her pussy was stretched. I started to fuck her slowly until my cock was buried and pushed against her cervix. I kissed her and rolled before helping her sit up. She grinned and looked at the other girls while her pussy kept squeezing my cock. She started rolling her hips and rubbing her pussy on me.

It was not long before she was breathing hard and shuddering. She wiggled and squirmed while her pussy became slick and she started to bounce and rock hard. My cock was almost coming out of her before she would sit back and drive it into her. She wailed and howled and screamed as she writhed around on me.

Several minutes later she was convulsing as I held her up. I finally pulled her down and rolled before fucking her long hard and deep. She clutched me while her pussy constantly squeezed my cock and I buried it and kissed her. My cock erupted and I gushed cum into her open cervix.

She jerked and screamed into my mouth when she felt the warm sperm spurting and pumping into her. When I stopped cumming she sagged to the bed but her tight pussy continued to grasp and squeeze while she panted. I pulled out and laid beside her, “who wants to listen to music and dance?”

The girls grinned and Jaz bent to pull on my hand. Jess smiled from the door as I helped Ash off the bed and grabbed a robe. I watched the girls as they danced and even danced with each of them. It was an hour before Jaz caught my hand and started pulling me after her. I caught her and lifted her in my arms before carrying her to my bed.

I laid her down on the edge and undressed her before spreading her legs as I knelt. I licked through her wet pussy and she moaned and humped. I pushed my tongue into her and nibbled before covering her clit to suck and use my tongue. She wiggled and continued to thrust her hips up while I kept licking her.

She began to pant and shake and several minutes later she yelled and twisted away. I stood as she moved back into the center of the bed. The other girls were sitting on the edge of the bed as I followed her and moved between her legs. I kissed her and forced my cock into her tight pussy. She groaned and tried to spread her legs more while lifting and tilting her hips.

I slowly buried my cock and gave her a kiss as she held me stiffly. I shifted around until she was on top and helped her sit up. She shuddered and wiggled before grinning as she started to rock. She rolled her hips and rubbed her pussy on me and began to shiver and shudder. I reached up to cup her breasts and rub her nipples.

Jaz shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed, “ooohhh!”

I smiled as I reached between her legs to finger her clit while she bounced and rocked erratically. She wiggled and twisted before suddenly wailing as she began to convulse, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

She almost fell a couple of times and I pulled her down and shifted before I started to fuck her with deep strokes. She wrapped her legs around me while her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I smiled and kissed her as I continued to fuck her with long deep strokes. Her tight pussy constantly clenched and squeezed as she began to spasm. She was clinging to me while her eyes rolled up and I finally buried my cock. I kissed her again as I began to pump spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered, “mmmm!”

When I stopped cumming I relaxed while she panted and wiggled. Her slimy pussy continued to massage my cock and she finally took a deep breath. I smiled and pulled out as the other girls giggled and she grinned. I moved and helped her out of bed, “time to start dinner.”

I grinned at the moms in the kitchen and the girls went straight to theirs to whisper and giggle. Mel was the only one that did not and I grinned and caught her and lifted her to the table. She grinned as I sat between her legs and started to feel her pussy. I held it open and leaned in and licked through it before capturing her clit.

I sucked on it and wiggled my tongue and she sighed and laid back. I grinned as her mother sat and started kneading her breasts and then leaned forward to suck on a nipple. She jerked and gasped as she humped, “ooohhh!”

I nibbled on her inner lips and squeezed her clit and nibbled. She thrust up and shuddered hard, “mmmm!”

I kept licking her and teasing her clit and she finally tried to push my face away and the other girls laughed. I grinned as I pulled her up and carried her back to my room and bed. I laid her down and moved on and over her before giving her a kiss as I pushed into her. I buried my cock as she grunted and groaned and hugged her before starting to roll.

She grinned as she twisted and stopped me, “this way.”

I smiled and gave her another kiss before I began to fuck her with long thrusts. She wiggled and lifted her hips to hump up each time I pushed into her. Her tight hole constantly grasped my cock as she began to breath hard. She started shaking and I began to fuck her firmly and press deeper. She was clinging to me and began to jerk and her pussy to clench.

She wailed and spasmed a minute later as she wet me suddenly and then she went wild. She bucked and thrashed and twisted and struggled and I started to fuck her harder. I used long, hard, deep thrusts and planted my cock each time as I tried to push deeper. She howled and screamed as I kept fucking her and tried to cum.

It was several minutes before I shoved into her as she held her legs up and spread. I kissed her while spurting and spewing and she shuddered as her pussy pulsed and milked my cock. She was panting when I finished and turned her head to see all the other girls beside the bed. She blushed and then grinned, “I love fucking.”

They laughed and I grinned as I gave her a kiss and pulled out. I moved off the bed and turned to help her and gave her another kiss. Dinner was ready when we came out and the girls whispered and talked about what we had done. Over the years all the girls have been my lovers. Sure they have had boyfriends, so have Jess and Dawn.

Mom has even had a few guys that hung around but never stayed. I have my own studio now and even have a very large house. Jess was the first to hang her clothes in my closet and tell me I was going to get her pregnant. Mom sleeps in bed with us most nights and we have the girls over a lot.

A few have married but Mel and Ash live with us and are pregnant. Mom and Jess have told me that when my daughters are old enough I have to break their cherries too.
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