The Earth Mother
Lyden must deal with Lisa’s passing if he’s going to be able to face the challenges before him. A promise to fulfill, friends to keep safe, and a fated meeting with the Pillar of Earth await Lyden in this chapter.

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Chapter 28
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The Earth Mother
A slight buzzing sound becomes insistent, growing steadily into alternating noises, which in turn become voices speaking insensibly. After a bit, the voices become understandable.

“. . . been asleep for over a day.”

“The Pillar of Earth is expecting us.”

“I tried to see if he’d let me into his mind while sleeping, but instead I just had nightmares about that mountain stronghold.”

“He needs to recover from saving us. It took a lot out of him. I don’t know how he’s going to handle Lisa’s. . . .”

I’m not ready to hear the rest of that yet, and force myself deeper into my own consciousness.

“You need to face it sooner or later,” an unknown, but slightly familiar, voice informs directly in my mind.

“What the—“ I sit up, looking around. It takes me a bit to recognize the inside of the Orange Bubble due to a couple changes. A burbling fountain is new, and there is now a large metal cage in one corner, Emmet huddled up in the bottom, hugging his knees, his foot heavily bandaged.

“You’re awake,” Brooke says carefully, leaning over me in the large bed, and placing the back of her hand against my forehead. “How do you feel?”

A piece of something I’d heard floats through my mind, and I answer, “Like I’ve been asleep for over a day.” Gently I brush the assassin’s hand away, and begin rubbing my temples. My whole body aches, and my head throbs, but I force myself to deal with it. I have more important things to do right now.

“Lyden. . . .” Brooke’s voice trails off hesitantly, and she refuses to look at me as I crawl out of bed. Someone had at least seen fit to put me in a pair of boxers.

“I know,” I tell her. “Lisa’s gone.” Walking over to the wardrobe, I’m glad I decided to restock it with some normal clothes, as I get dressed. “Areth, when does Gaia expect me?”

“She told me to come when you were ready,” the pixie states, poking her head out of the pool at the bottom of the fountain. Even she seems to be walking on eggshells around me. Is she worried that I’ll be angry about her changing my car even further after I’d told her not to? Angela abandoned me again. As long as the only changes are necessary, then I can’t find it in myself right now to object. Part of me wonders what the succubus felt when the fountain was created inside a portion of her soul.

“Look everyone—“ I start, but Brooke cuts me off.

“Lyden, you need to grieve. Acting like this isn’t healthy.” Brooke’s hand grips my shoulder and she tries to pull me into a hug.

Pulling away, I hold her at arm’s length.

She’s right son. You need to take some time—

“I’ll grieve when I have time,” I tell her firmly, and mentally cut off the voice of my father. “Lisa asked me to be strong. I know I’ve been a bit down and hard to live with, but thanks to Lisa, I realize how selfish I was being.”

“Lyden, no—“ Jennifer states, stepping forward.

“Stop, all of you, just stop,” I state, raising my voice, trying to stamp down the emotions that are threatening to overwhelm me. “Inside I’m torn up and empty at losing Lisa. I loved her, just as I love all of you. I’ll deal with that loss when I have the time. Right now, Aldol is trying to destroy both worlds, and I need to meet with Gaia in order to get her help in stopping it. What is it, Areth?” The whole time I’d been speaking, she’d been trying to interrupt.

“Gaia wants all of us to go, not just you,” the golden fairy informs me, taking to the air and dripping water below her.

I glance at those around me, noting that everyone who’d been a part of the ordeal with the Paladonic Knights is here. Jewkes and Jennifer are standing next to the cage with Emmet, guarding him. Brooke is slowly moving her hand through the water in the fountain.

“But the laws against humans going to your world,” Becky states, talking for the first time since I woke up. Her eyes are bloodshot, and it’s obvious she’s been crying a lot. Walking over to the short brunette, I pull her into my arms. Her arms pull me tighter to her, as she presses her face against my chest. Brooke frowns at me, and I realize I’d turned away her hug. I know I’m going to pay for that later. As Becky cries silently, I look to the fairy, waiting for an answer to Becky’s question.

“Gaia said she wants all of us,” she says, surprisingly landing on Becky’s shoulder, getting it wet and patting her head consolingly. What’s gotten into the fairy while I was asleep? When did she begin caring? “The Earth Mother even wants these giant humans for some reason.”

Becky actually laughs slightly at the fairy’s remark, and pulls away from my arms. For a moment the emptiness had been a little less empty while she’d held me, but as she steps away, my emotions threaten to overwhelm me again. I stamp them down, locking them away for later.


“What are we going to do about him?” I ask, looking to Emmet and ignoring Shemhazau.

“You might as well kill me and get it over with,” the man states, lifting his balding head and glaring at me.

“I’m not going to kill you,” I tell him firmly. “You helped me escape and we’re not sadistic monsters, no matter what your order might think.”

“But you’re a monster from the other world. You killed the Grand Meister, and were going to kill my brethren,” he protests weakly.

“They were trying to kill me,” I remind him. “When given another option, I spared them. I might be able to turn into a monster, but that doesn’t make one.”

Emmet turns away from me, ignoring my statement.

“He’s been like that ever since you released him,” Jewkes says. “We can’t leave him behind while we’re gone, and we can’t let him go. He’s too dangerous.”

“Have you been able to go home?” I ask him, and then turn to look at everyone. “Have any of you?”

“No,” Richard answers my question. “They know who we are. We figured it wasn’t safe, and since there’s enough room here, even if it’s a bit cramped, we’ve kept on the move.”

“What about your wife?” I ask him, worried for the older woman that Angela had once mimicked.

The man grimaces, and I notice his eyes dart towards Jennifer before looking back at me. “I told her I was on an extended stakeout. Hopefully that’ll hold off on anyone looking to get to me through her.”

“We’re not evil enough to attack the innocent!” Emmet protests indignantly from his cage.

“Lisa was innocent!” I yell, suddenly enraged, and then have to calm myself as I see the man’s eyes open wide in terror. “She was completely human, but that didn’t stop your Grand Meister from using her as a hostage or slitting her throat.”

The captive man works his jaw for a few moments, trying to come up with something to say, before spinning around, and sitting back down. Apparently he has no argument. The healer can’t even claim it was in self-defense, because he’d been inside me, and knows that my promise to leave without harming anyone had been sincere.

Turning back to Jewkes, I ask, “Ready to go on another adventure, then? Sounds like you’re all invited.” I likely sound happier than I really feel, and hope it doesn’t sound as forced as it is. I hate having anyone else going into danger with me, but I’m beyond trying to fight it anymore.

“Not going to ask me?” Jennifer asks with an edge to her tone. “How sexist of you, Lyden.”

A laugh bubbles up from my chest before I can stop it. “Like you’d pass up the opportunity to grab my monster cock again!”

She stares at me for a moment before laughing, and soon everyone with the exception of our prisoner is smiling.

“It was quite the monster in your other form, too!” Jennifer chortles.

“I assume we need to use the elevator?” I ask Areth, glad to have had an actual reason to smile. It’s not often I can get one past the large-chested woman.

“The elevator?” she repeats, lifting up from Becky’s shoulder and heading back to the fountain. “Do you really think I was able to get a dragon through that thing?” She laughs, splashing herself merrily. “You are a dolt! No, Gaia made me a gateway closer to her home when I first went to go see her.”

Well, at least she’s no longer tip-toeing around me.

“Hey, how did you find me back there, anyway?” I ask, wondering about the fairy’s fortuitous arrival at the Paladonic Knight’s base.

“Well, after I helped make arrangements for your dragon girlfriend, I came back and sensed you up in the mountains.” I wonder if she could sense me, or the portions of her soul that reside within me. “When I realized you were partying with those wicked knights, I knew you’d need a dashing heroine to come save your giant arse!” I can’t help but smile at her attitude, and even have to stifle a laugh when she sticks her tongue out at Emmet.

I notice even Becky breaks a tremulous smile.

“If you’re done saving my massive hind-quarters, then let’s get going,” I tell her with a not-quite-forced smile.

“Sure, we just have one stop to make first,” she tells me, but I turn to face Brooke.

She tries to walk away from me, but I catch her and turn her to face me.

“It’s okay,” she tells me, her green eyes blazing in contradiction with her words. “She needs you more right now. I understand.” She pulls away from me, and I try to turn her back, but Becky grabs me, hugging me tightly.

I know my childhood friend is hurt, but she’s right. Becky does need me more at the moment.

We hold each other for a bit, imparting what comfort we can to each other, until my car comes to a stop.

“So what’s this other stop we need to make?” I ask, finally getting curious.

“Master?” a familiar voice asks, as my car door opens. “Master!” Sheila is suddenly next to Becky and I, prostrating herself on her knees and hugging my legs.

“We needed to get her?” I ask, uncomfortable with my ex-boss’s behavior in front of everyone. I catch Emmet sneering from his cage.

“Have I displeased you, Master?” Sheila suddenly wails. She lets go of my legs, and prostrates herself on the floor. “Punish me, Master! I need to be punished.”

“No,” I quickly tell her, blood rushing to my face in embarrassment. “I would rather you stay safe here, than going back to the Shadow World,” I reassure her, placing my hand under her chin and guiding her to her feet. “No punishment is necessary.” I see her eyes drop in disappointment. “Yet,” I add, with a light tap on her rear to appease her. I try my best to ignore the knowing looks I’m getting.

“Personally, I could use an excuse to get out,” Thomas says as he steps in, Ondine directly on his heels. For some reason, the mermaid doesn’t look too pleased as she stays in the older man’s shadow. “Sheila, your replacement at work is ugly, and I swear he only bathes once a week.”

“Is AnnaBelle coming too?” I ask, wondering if everyone who’s had any part in this adventure will be along for this trip.

“I called her,” Thomas states, giving Emmet an odd stare in his cage, “but apparently her Reverend has disappeared, and she’s had to step up to cover for him in his absence.” The older man turns to me, and gives me a significant look. We both know who Reverend Michael Chilton really is, and I suspect I know why he’s really vanished. AnnaBelle refused to accept that the man is truly the demon Marchosias. I still don’t understand why a demon would pretend to be a man of God.

“Well, if this is everybody, then we’d better get moving,” I state, heading for the driver’s seat. Even though I can’t really drive the Orange Bubble anymore, sometimes I just feel more in command when sitting here. “Where to, Areth?”

The four-inch woman lands lightly on my shoulder, soaking it, and I follow her directions out of town towards the portal. We pull over by a large farmer’s field as the sun begins setting, and the pixie grabs something, zooming out the door.

Through the distortion of my windshield, I can make her out placing a shiny object in front of my headlights, and a moment later, the air in front of my car begins to shimmer and brighten. The Orange Bubble moves forward and the late evening light becomes full daytime as we pass through the portal. Areth re-enters the car, and I see she was carrying a prism. That must have been what caused the shimmering.

“I’m glad we had your lights,” she tells me, landing on my opposite shoulder. Thankfully she’s dry this time. “We would have had to wait for morning, otherwise.”

“Where have you taken me, beast?” Emmet demands from his cage, fear staining his voice.

“Over the rainbow,” I tell him, smiling at my own little joke. He apparently doesn’t like my sense of humor.

“You have a promise to keep,” the pixie states, and I groan as I realize what she’s referring to. Despite the distortion of my windshield, I know what creature is in front of us.

“Aren’t there more important things we need to be about?” I ask, not liking this one bit.

“Do you really want to go face Gaia with a broken promise in your heart?” the golden woman asks me a bit too merrily. She’s receiving too much enjoyment from this. “Besides, your dragon girlfriend is right there waiting for you.”

Looking out, I stare at the massive blue object, and know that it’s the female dragon Areth brought into. . . . Wait a minute. . . .

“Areth, this is all your fault!” I proclaim, glaring at her indignantly.

“Perhaps,” she concedes, not seeming in the least bit apologetic, “but that doesn’t change the fact that you need to go out there and do perverted things with your newest girlfriend.”

While I admit that she’s right, I don’t let up on my glare until I get out of the Orange Bubble.

Blue looks down at me, and somehow I can tell she’s not happy. Considering she stands about twelve feet tall, and has a mouth full of very sharp teeth, I feel a little unsettled. It takes a great deal of effort to change forms—still worn out from yesterday and nothing to fully recharge my system—and I leave a small crater behind me, using the mass of the ground for my current shape. Odd, how I hadn’t noticed that the first time I’d changed. Luckily every time I make the change, it gets easier.

The less said about the next few hours the better. Suffice to say that it was violent, slightly bloody on both ends, but I did my duty and have plenty of energy. As Areth had said, I did a lot of perverted things to Blue. For her part, Blue was surprised to find herself fully healed after the culmination of our mating.

For my part. . . . Naw, nevermind. I’m going to just block out those hours from my memory.

I am however, surprised when Blue follows me back to my car, and sticks with me after changing back into my usual human body with clothing. Thankfully I have plenty of energy for that!

“I did what I needed to,” I state, wondering if there was something I had missed. “Why is she following me now?”

“We know you did,” Jennifer laughs lewdly. “We could hear it from here. I didn’t realize she was a growler . . . or was that you?”

Despite myself, I can feel my cheeks blushing at the bawdy woman’s remarks.

“Dragon’s don’t lay their eggs for at least a couple months after mating,” Ondine states, talking for the first time, her voice subdued for some reason. What’s happened to her over the last few days? She’d been so happy when Thomas agreed to take her in, but she seems withdrawn now. “It looks like you’ve gotten yourself another loyal follower.” Her melancholy tone makes that sound like a bad thing.

Looking back up at Blue, part of me is happy to have her on my side. The more rational part of me wonders what on Earth, or the Shadow World, I’m going to do with a dragon.

Knowing that there is little I can do about it at the moment, I get back into my car. Continuing to follow Areth’s directions, my car jounces as it travels over rough ground. By the time we come upon a large city, a lone mountain peak rising out of its center to tower into the clouds, everyone with the exception of the wounded Paladonic Healer is ready to get out and walk.

“Gaia has promised us safe passage,” Areth states, as we step out, and look at the buildings that make up the city. Every building looks as if it was carved straight from the ground. Solid rock walls with veins of marble, gold, silver, and every other rock and mineral, surround windows and doorways. Grass grows on almost every building.

“What do we do about him?” Jewkes asks, tilting his head towards our prisoner.

“The Earth Mother requests that he come along as well,” a new gravelly voice states, and I spin around, hand on Murasame’s hilt ready to do battle as Blue growls menacingly behind me. I become a little hesitant when I see the speaker. “Relax generator, I am sent to guide you to the Earth Mother.” The thing is made entirely of rocks, with what appears to be mud or clay for joints, and stands an easy ten feet tall.

“Golems are Gaia’s elite force,” Brooke says, placing her hand atop mine, and I have to force myself to let go of my sword’s hilt.

“Awe, I wanted to see who would win,” Areth pouts, but gets over it quickly as she flies up to the thing’s head and sits down. “George here, is Gaia’s head general.”

“George?” I ask. The thing doesn’t look like a George.

“He doesn’t have his own name, no golem does, so I named him George,” the fairy informs me haughtily.

“You couldn’t have come up with something like Rocky?” Jennifer asks, sizing up the golem.

“Hmph,” Areth grumps, before turning and pointing the way into the city. “Onward, George.” She commands, and the golem obeys her. Despite his large size, the being walks silently.

Jewkes quickly unlocks Emmet’s cage—where had he gotten a key?—and pulls out a pair of handcuffs, cuffing the man’s wrists. “No funny business and I can guarantee you won’t have any problems from us,” the officer informs him. Richard has to help the wounded man walk, until Areth notices and commands George to carry Emmet.

The man squeaks in panic as he’s hoisted into the air, and I can see him trying desperately to scramble out of the Golem’s arms, but George implacably keeps a hold of him—holding the man much as an adult carries a small rambunctious baby—until Emmet calms down. The whole scene is rather comical to watch, and I even catch Becky smiling smugly at the wounded man.

Until now, I’d never considered how she must feel, having one of the order that’s responsible for her friend’s death with us, but from the almost malicious glee she’s receiving while watching Emmet struggle, I wonder if I’m going to have to protect him from her, or if I’m even willing to. We all know Emmet wasn’t responsible for Lisa’s death, and we likely wouldn’t have made it away if not for his help, but that doesn’t make him a friend, either. Who knows what dark acts he’d performed in the past against creatures from this world?

“Come on, Blue,” I state, turning to face the dragon. “I’ll feel a lot safer with you at my back.” She lowers her large head, nuzzling my shoulder as we begin walking. When she keeps doing it after a few steps, I realize she wants me to ride her. It takes me a couple minutes to figure out the best way to climb safely onto her back, but once up here, I get a good view of the city. George isn’t the only golem in sight, as they can be seen patrolling many of the streets. As I’ve noticed in other populated places here in the Shadow World, there are more creatures than I know how to describe or recognize, all around us. I spot two large orcs at one point, but they shy away from our group, giving sullen glares to George and Blue.

“Where were you the last time I crossed paths with orcs?” I ask the dragon beneath me sarcastically. Whether she understands me or not, she just continues crawling after the golem.

We receive a number of stares as we pass through the busy streets, and I hear a number of mumblings about humans, and curiosity about what’s going on, but every creature we pass gives George and Blue a wide berth, and we pass through the streets unmolested on our way to the mountain peak. I receive the most stares, and comments; apparently someone riding on the back of a dragon is unheard of or very rare.

“Is that how you mounted her earlier?” Jennifer asks me, arching one eyebrow. “No wonder she was making so much noise. I figured that after your skill at mounting me, you’d know how to mount such a large and magnificent creature.”

Jewkes gives the woman an odd look, a cross between confusion and shock. He probably has no idea how large she used to be.

“You were no easy conquest,” I shoot back at the large breasted woman, “and you bucked a lot more. But I seem to recall your only complaint being how sore you were afterwards.”

She laughs loudly, enjoying our little back and forth. I see Richard approach Thomas and ask him something, and from my coworker’s hand gestures, he’s describing what Jennifer used to look like. The officer gives me an odd look afterwards, and I can only chuckle inside, wondering what he must think of me. I don’t miss that Ondine is directly behind Thomas, head down and sullenly walking. I’m going to have to ask Brooke to find out what’s going on with her.

After about half an hour of walking, the ground noticeably slopes upwards, and the golem leads us towards a doorway in the side of a brown rock building.

George turns to Blue, addressing the dragon directly for the first time. A series of growls comes from the rock creature that Blue seems to understand, and she turns to indicate I should climb down. As soon as my feet touch solid ground, Blue picks up Emmet up with her teeth as George proffers the balding man, and begins to climb the outside of the mountain. The poor healer becomes apoplectic, and hyperventilates before passing out. I’d feel bad for the man, if Lisa’s death weren’t still so fresh in my heart.

“Your girlfriend is taking him up,” Areth announces, “to where we’ll meet Gaia. I know the way from here, George. Thank you!”

We follow the fairy inside, and I can immediately see why Blue had to take a different route. The hallways are just too small for the female dragon. For that matter, even the golem would have a hard time walking down this hallway.

Glowing moss adorns the rock walls, providing an eerie green light—at least, I think it’s green—and we walk in silence. I can’t speak for the others, but I actually start to feel a bit claustrophobic, as though I can feel the weight of the Earth all around us. The floor gently slopes upwards, and at least it’s smooth.

I note that I’m not the only one to breathe a sigh of relief when we enter a large round chamber, numerous doors around the outside, and a balcony with Blue sitting contentedly sunning herself. At her front paws, Emmet lies unconscious.

“Gaia will be with you shortly,” a voice rings out. It takes me a moment to identify the source of the speaker, and I have to shake my head once I finally do. What I had at first taken to be an ugly statue in the center of the room, is in reality a gargoyle. The thing stands so still, that even though I know it was the one that talked, I have a hard time believing it. “Please rest in your rooms, someone will be along shortly to see to any needs you may have. Your rooms are marked with your names, and no one but the owner may enter.” The stone creature stretches its wings and waddles off.

“What now?” Becky asks, coming to my side, and holding my hand.

“We do as the gargoyle suggested,” I state, already seeing a door with my name on it. ‘Lyden’ is written in quartz atop one door, and looking around, I see the names of my other companions on other doors. Everyone except Annabelle’s name that is. I find that peculiar, though. How did she know Annabelle wouldn’t be with us? For that matter, how did she know Emmet would?

“I’ll come with you,” Becky says, following me, but when I step through, she lets go of my arm. I turn to see what’s going on, and notice that her hands and arms are pressed flat against an invisible force, keeping her out.

“What’s going on?” I ask, stepping out and noting that nothing tries to stop me.

“The gargoyle said we can only enter our own rooms,” Brooke states as she comes out of her room, and tries to enter Jennifer’s room next to hers. She is stopped before she can pass the threshold.

“I don’t want to be alone,” Becky wines, and I can feel my heart break for her.

“Gaia wants us split up for a bit,” I say, wondering what the Pillar of Earth’s motives are, but knowing I’m right. “She promised us safe passage. Stay out here if you like, but I could use a shower. I can’t remember the last time I felt clean.” I hug the short brunette to me briefly, enjoying the feeling of her arms tightening around me.

I notice Thomas glaring angrily at his doorframe, as Ondine’s unable to follow him into his room. He’d better be treating her right, I think to myself, pulling Becky tighter to me. I know I could treat the short brunette better right now, but I really want to wash away the day’s events.

“I love you,” I murmur as I pull away, and smile reassuringly as I pull away and enter my room.

Closing the heavy door behind me, I head straight for what I had seen upon entering: a very modern looking standup shower. The walls look to be made of smooth gems, and I wonder how much wealth resides in just this one shower.

Stripping off my clothes, I turn on the water, and then groan in delight as steam begins to fill the open space. A porous rock sits on a shelf, and I guess correctly that it’s there for cleaning. I begin to scrape off what feels like years of dirt and debris from my skin and soul.

“I can see why so many women follow you,” a rich feminine voice states confidently, startling me, and making me drop the cleaning rock. “Hmm, it’s a good thing this isn’t one of your prisons, or you’d be in trouble for dropping that soap.”

“Who are you?” I gasp, trying to cover myself, until I see she’s only gaining more mirth at my attempts, and I finally just stand there, letting her get an eyeful. Looking at her, I can’t deny she’s attractive, with her dark rich skin the color of newly turned earth, and eyes equally as brown. She’s not exactly skinny, but well-proportioned nonetheless, with broad shoulders and wide hips.

“Didn’t the gargoyle inform you that someone would be along to see to any needs you might have?” She has on a slight smile, and I realize that the statue had mentioned this.

“Well, I’m fine,” I state, not missing the fact that she keeps looking at my package. “You can see to the others, if you want.”

“Oh, I can, can I?” she chortles. “They are being seen to already, young generator. I was the one lucky enough to be able to service you.” The way she says that, makes me think the wrong kind of thoughts, and I can’t help but grow a little hard down below. Naturally she doesn’t miss this, either. “I could scrub your . . . back, if you like.” Her hesitation makes me think she was going to offer to scrub something else.

Part of me wants to accept her offer, if only to wash away what transpired between Blue and me earlier, but I feel guilty after having turned Becky away, even if I really didn’t have much choice.

“Thank you,” I try to let her down gently, “but I can manage on my own.”

“Interesting,” the woman states, tapping her lips with one finger. “The fairy said you were quite the pervert, and grew stronger through sexual interactions, yet you turn me down. Am I not pleasing to you?” She emphasizes her question by removing her earth-toned clothing, revealing ample breasts topped by dark nipples that are already hard. Her crotch is clean, except for a small patch of. . . . No way. . . . Looking closer, I have to admit that there is a slight patch of very short grass just above her pussy lips. Is this some kind of Earth nymph?

Realizing I’m staring, I look back up to meet her laughing eyes. There is no hiding the reaction my cock is having to the sight of her luscious body.

“Apparently I am pleasing to you. Could it be, then, that you aren’t just a sex crazed creature of incubus origins?” As she continues to talk, she walks over to the shower, and steps in. “Well, just because you don’t want me to wash your back, doesn’t mean I don’t want you to wash mine.”

There really isn’t enough room for the both of us in here, and as she turns her back towards me. Her soft rear presses against my cock, and I can’t stop from moaning at the touch.

Despite the lack of blood flow to my mind at the moment, I can’t help but wonder at the way she’s acting and her choices in words.

“You’re Gaia,” I state, knowing I’m right. She is too knowledgeable for some simple servant.

“Oh, you guessed it,” she states, turning and winking at me. “Now then, I’m serious about you washing my back.” She wiggles her rump against me, my schlong nestles between her cheeks feeling great, but I don’t yet move to do as she demands.

“But why?” I ask. “Why the act, the subterfuge?”

Sighing heavily, she rests her forehead against one rock wall before answering. “I needed to know that you aren’t someone controlled simply by his cock. Some incubuses are nothing more than sex-crazed creatures, and while you’re not truly an incubus, you share a lot of traits with them, your father having been the king of the succubae. If I’m to help you battle against the creature from outside our dimension, then I needed to know more about you. Thus far, you have satisfied me that you, as a person, are worth helping.” She begins to grind against me in earnest now, and I have to plant my feet and grip the walls to stop myself from tipping over, or ripping into her. “Now I need you to prove to me that you’re strong enough to fight the outsider, as a generator.”

Her knees are bending and straightening, causes the two globes of her glutious maximus to slide up and down the length of my manhood. I understand what she’s after now. Having sex with her will mean she’ll get a portion of my soul, and know my worth, but it also means I’ll get a portion of hers, and her power.

Becky and the others will just have to understand.

Despite how good she feels right now, and how much I undeniably want to just shove my phallus directly into her, I decide to play along with her original ruse. I begin to wash her back. Using the rock soap, I dig my fingers into her supple skin, massaging while I clean.

“Mmm, that feels wonderful,” she tells me, her already deep feminine voice growing deeper with desire, “but wouldn’t you rather clean me in other places?” She wiggles her rump again, making sure I understand her meaning clearly. “Inside me, maybe?”

“I’ll get there,” I try to tell her smoothly, but ruin it with a slight moan at the end. She really does feel good. My hands go to work on her shoulders, and I note with some small surprise that she doesn’t have any knots in her muscles. Regardless, I work my way down her arms until I reach her hands. There is an unmistakable heat growing between us, but I try to ignore it as my hands go to her hips.

“Yes, just shove it in me,” she moans, but it turns to a groan when I push her slightly away from me in order to turn her around. Her eyes meet mine, and there is no mistaking the lust and desire behind the brown orbs, but I do my best to ignore it, while my hands go to work on the tops of her ample breasts. Our eyes remain locked, as her hands go to my groin, and once again I can’t stop the groan that escapes me as her hands grip my hard length, and begin working up and down. One hand rubs the sensitive underside of my cock making my legs twitch in pleasure, while the other works the shaft, and without realizing it, my thumbs are working on her stiff nipples, each of us moaning, each of us wanting more, but somehow I still hold back. I have no idea where I gain the willpower, but I continue on with the massage.

With great effort, I move my hands down to her stomach, and even use my finger to sensuously clean her deep belly-button. She’s not fat by any means, but she does have some nice curves, and I allow my hands to explore them. She ups her game, by removing the hand that’d been working my knob, and moving it to my scrotum, gently massaging the two orbs inside.

I’m the one to finally break eye contact, as I squat down in the small space, and begin washing her legs. My eyes are now level with her crotch, and there is no mistaking the fine grass growing at the top of her swollen lips. More than just water streams down her firm legs, and there is no mistaking how aroused the Pillar of Earth is.

My fingers dig into the strong flesh of her thighs as I continue to wash her. Even though my own thighs are growing stiff while squatting down like this, I take my time, drawing out the tension that is still building within her.

When I can no longer pretend to be washing her, I move my hands to her hot pussy. I start by lightly tickling her grass, and enjoying the throaty moan she lets out. I then move to massage her outer labia, making the Earth Mother moan louder. Using my thumbs to press them together, I quickly pull them apart and press my lips against them, making her gasp, and this time it’s her that has to grip the walls to hold herself up as I suck hard on her inner lips, and run my tongue between them. She tastes like a fresh mountain stream, crisp and clean, though definitely warmer and thicker.

Shoving my tongue deep into her hole brings forth more moans and gasps, before I press firmly against her sex, and lick my way up to her clit. As soon as my tongue touches that magical button, power and strength crash into me as she has her first orgasm. The cramping in my legs vanishes, as I have to fight hard to remember who and what I am. I’d forgotten just how powerful the orgasms of the pillars can be, and I have to wrestle with the new energy in order to keep from being overwhelmed.

Standing back up, I place two fingers of my right hand against her pussy, and vigorously rub her clit, while latching onto her left nipple with my mouth, and my left hand reaches around to grab her delightful rear.

“Oh, you are good, young man,” Gaia croons, her fingers digging into my hair and pulling me tighter to her breast a moment before a second orgasm overtakes her, and once again I’m struggling to stay in control of my sanity. Thankfully it’s a little easier this time, as I have the strength from her first orgasm to buttress myself. “Oh, you aregood!”

As soon as she comes down from this one, she pushes me out of the shower, grabs my wrist, and hauls me out into a sitting room. She leads me over to a low bench, climbs on top on all fours with her ample hind end facing me, giving it a wiggle. “Enough foreplay, I want the whole thing!” she demands with a look at my raging cock, and I’m no longer in any mood to delay.

Stepping forward, I slide my entire length into her in one motion, moaning loudly as my balls slap against her cunt and my pelvis against her cheeks. Her insides writhe around my conforming length, and for just a few seconds I stay motionless, enjoying how good she feels around my shifting member.

“What are you waiting for?” She asks me, pulling forward, and then slamming herself back against me. I take the hint, gripping her hips, and guiding her next movement, slamming even harder into her tight channel. With each powerful thrust, I can feel the tip of my cock hitting her womb and making her grunt.

Lifting my right hand, I can’t help but smile as I realize how tightly I was gripping her, leaving behind light marks in her dark skin where my fingers were. Placing my thumb against her anus, I slowly apply pressure, until I’m in to the knuckle. I can feel my cock separated from my digit by a thin piece of flesh as we continue to screw.

“Oh, that feels good,” she moans, throwing her head back, and slamming against me even harder. A slight sheen of sweat replaces the moisture from the shower on her dark skin, and I can tell she’s getting close to another orgasm.

When it comes, I’m prepared, and don’t even slow down as I drive into her quivering quim. What I don’t expect are the images that begin to flood my mind with this orgasm. I see creatures from all over both worlds, some frightened as earthquakes rock the ground and volcanoes go off, and some rejoicing as previously fallow fields suddenly sprout food, trees blossom, and a farmer walks out to find his corn stalks standing almost twenty feet tall with corncobs to match.

Wondering if what I’m seeing is happening because I’m in the middle of making the Earth Mother scream in ecstasy, or if these are past events, I pull out.

Gaia flips onto her back, and begins to vigorously rub her coochy with abandon. “Oh, you know how to please a woman, but I think it’s time you finish before we affect the world anymore. Shove it in my ass, young generator, and let’s see how long you can last.”

Knowing she’s right, and also knowing that I really want to get off, I place my legs on either side of the bench, and aim my rod for her puckered back hole. It takes me a couple of tries before I get the angle just right, but when my head slips past her sphincter, we both stop, delighting in the sensation. She is incredibly tight, and if she hadn’t been so wet from her orgasms, as well as her fluids dripping down from her pussy, I don’t know if I would have been able to make it inside this orifice.

I know she’s ready for me to continue when she slips two fingers into her cunny, and I slip the rest of my length into her. Perceiving that I need to finish quickly, but wanting to make sure that she gains the most pleasure possible, I use my ability to amplify her enjoyment, placing my hands on her breasts and rubbing her stiff nipples.

Her eyes roll back in her head as I slide my entire length up her colon. Her insides writhe against me, and I moan in delight. Her hand picks up its pace, heatedly frigging herself, and I can feel her insides quiver as she starts to come close once again. Knowing that I’m not far behind, I pick up my own tempo, pulling out, and then slamming back into her rear, twisting her nipples and mauling her breasts. Sweat drips from my brows as I lose myself in the pleasure of her grasping anal cavity and soon find myself shooting deep into her bowels, while she cries out in her own heaven. Our mutual orgasms crash against each other, building and climbing until I can no longer tell where mine ends and hers tries to overwhelm me.

Reality begins to surround me once more, and I find my head resting on something firm but soft. Looking up, I see Gaia’s dark eyes smiling down at me.

“Well, I must say that went better than I expected. If you fuck all your women that well, no wonder they stick with you. No, I know they each love you dearly as well. It’s part of you being a generator,” she tells me as I sit up. She grimaces slightly as I pull out of her, some of my cum following my cock’s exodus and staining the bench. “I don’t know if you’re strong enough to face the outsider, but I think you’re our only hope.”

We get dressed in silence, as I ponder her words. She’d called Aldol an outsider, and I guess that makes sense, seeing as how it’s not from our dimension. Her words about not knowing if I’m strong enough bothers me, but I know I’ll do my best no matter what happens.

“Meet me back in the lobby,” she states as she walks directly for one wall. “We have a lot to discuss.” Without stopping, Gaia walks through the rock wall and vanishes.

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction, that takes a fair amount of time out of my daily life to write. If you’re enjoying this, then please leave a comment telling me what you like or don’t like about the story. If you’re not enjoying my story, then why are you still reading it up to this chapter?

Of course, I have to take this moment to also thank Garbonzo. The man works hard to find the mistakes I make, as well as enrich this story.

I know there are a lot of complaints about the amount of time it takes me to put chapters out, or even how short they are. All I can say is that I’m trying. Like I said, this takes a lot of time out of my busy life, and I’m not getting paid to do this. I do it because I enjoy it, and I hope you do as well.

If you’re sick of waiting for chapter 29 to come out, you can always read it on my PleasureTrove blog at blogspot. Chapters always show up there first.

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