Tamara and I have been together since we were sixteen. I married her after we graduated and she got pregnant. Her father was the one to buy us a house, well, buy me a house as he pointedly put it. I was always horny and Tamara was at least willing to let me fuck her to get off. We both had gone to a trade school and worked from home.

She was a graphic designer and I am an architect. After our second child Tamara worked hard to get back into shape. During the time we had lived here the neighbor to one side had gotten a divorced. She had a teenage daughter that always seemed to watch me. She was always waving and stopping me to talk and flirt.

I came back from my mid day run with my daughters in their stroller and stopped to stretch. It was the beginning of summer and one of my days off and nice out. Ashley was washing her mother’s car in a tiny string bikini and I stared at her naked seeming butt. She turned and smiled as she waved, “hey James.”

I smiled, “Ash.”

She blushed and looked down at her breasts, “like my new bikini?”

I nodded, “makes me want to eat you up.”

She grinned as she shifted and spread her legs a little, “I would let you.”

I grinned and looked at my daughters before looking at her again, “you could sunbathe with Tamara if you want a really good tan.”

She frowned and shrugged, “I do not know...”

I turned to head for the house, “bring your mom, I like seeing naked girls laying out.”

She giggled as I went in and glanced at Tamara looking out the living room window. She grinned, “she still tempting you?”

I snorted as I helped our oldest daughter out of the stroller, “the way she was looking I was really tempted to give her what she wants.”

Tamara laughed and came to help me before pushing me towards the hall, “go shower.”

I grinned, “should I go ask Ash if she wants to help?”

She grinned as I walked away but the thought was there and I was horny. When I got out of the shower I put on loose shorts and went to find Tamara. The girls were down for a nap but I did not see my wife until I glanced out back. She was standing naked with Ash and her mom Ginger as they arranged loungers.

Seeing that I hesitated to watch as they laid down. I shuddered and moved to the door and opened it, “Tamara?”

She was laying on her stomach and turned her head, “Ash made you horny?”

Ash and Ginger turned to look at me as I blushed, “well...”

Tamra spread her legs, “I am not getting up. If you want it do it here.”

I grinned as I stepped out, “want me to do Ash instead?”

She grinned and closed her legs as she turned her head to look at Ash and her mother, “want to let my husband fuck you Ash?”

Her eyes widened and she looked at her mother who grinned. She looked at me and grinned as she spread her legs, “here, I am not getting up either.”

Ginger and Tamara laughed, they spoke all the time and Ginger knew her daughter was obsessed. I stripped my shorts off and walked to her lounger and sat. I caressed and felt her butt before slipping my hand between her legs, “you have your hymen Ash?”

She shuddered and shook her head, “I broke it.”

I fingered her bald slit, “you on birth control?”

I slipped a finger into her and she tilted her hips, “mmmm... yeah.”

Tamara and Ginger were grinning as I continued to finger her and started to rub her clit as I removed my finger and slipped my thumb into her. It was a few minutes before she was grunting and moaning as she pushed back and humped while her tight pussy squeezed my thumb. I turned and moved over her before slowly forcing my thick drooling cock into her tight hole.

She shuddered as her pussy tried to grasp my cock and I pushed deeper before I pulled back and began to fuck her. I did it slowly but with long deep strokes and it was a minute before she shuddered and tried to pushed back, “mmmm!”

I smiled and bent to kiss her shoulder as I continued to fuck her. She began to wiggle as her pussy grabbed and squeezed my cock. A few more minutes and I was trying to hold back as she writhed around and wailed. I looked at Tamara and she grinned, “nice and deep honey.”

Ginger laughed, “in her baby factory.”

I shuddered at that thought and fucked Ash hard and deep before thrusting into her. I held her as she struggled and began to pump sperm through and into her womb. She jerked and tilted her hips, “YES!”

I gushed and spewed and then weakly spurted a few times before slowly pulling out, “thanks Ash.”

She was panting and looked back at me with a huge grin, “anytime.”

Tamara and Ginger laughed again and I rubbed her cute butt, “careful or I might take you up on it.”

I stood and headed for the door, “I am going shopping for dinner.”

I stopped at the door and looked at my wife. She smiled, “get scallops and shrimp, Ash and Ginger are having dinner with us.”

I grabbed my shorts and went to get a shirt and shoes. When I got back I put everything away and checked on the girls before looking out at Tamara, Ash and Ginger. They had turned over and were laying on their back. My wife had the baby monitor beside her so I thought she knew I was back. I slipped my shoes and shirt off in the bedroom before heading out back.

Tamara lifted her head and smiled as she spread her legs, “he is back.”

Ash looked and blushed but spread her legs and then it was Ginger who spread hers. I grinned, “so do I moved to the next one and fuck her?”

Tamara and Ash giggled and Ginger humped, “nice and deep stud.”

I looked at Tamara and she smiled, “once each and then Ash gets you for the rest of the night.”

I laughed as I pushed my shorts down, “she is in for a long night.”

Tamara giggled, “and I get to relax and sleep.”

I moved to Ginger and between her legs before laying down and licking her pussy. She wiggled and humped and a moan escaped. I pushed my tongue into her before nibbling on her labia and then her clit. She jerked and thrust up, “ooohhh!”

Ash giggled as her mother shuddered and I started sucking on her clit and wiggling my tongue. She was humping up hard and spread her legs more. It was a couple of minutes before she held my head to her pussy as she wailed and spasmed. When she let me go I moved up and kissed her before slowly pushing into her pussy.

She shuddered again and lifted her hips as I pushed deeper. I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Her tight pussy started clenching and squeezing as I fucked her. It did not take her long to get slipperier or begin to squirm. She kept humping and then it was thrusts followed by bucking.

She moaned and then yelled, followed by constant wails and howls. I was fucking her long, hard and deep and she was clutching and clinging to me. It was awhile before I buried my cock to cum. Ginger was jerking erratically and her pussy tightened as she tilted her hips. I held her and kissed her as I started gushing and pumped large spurts.

I groaned as she shuddered hard and her pussy tried to milk my cock. I relaxed as she kept breathing hard and slowly pulled out. I glanced at the baby monitor when I heard the children waking up. I kissed Ginger before moving off her and standing. I walked to the door and bent to grab my shorts before going inside.

I got the kids up and brought them out to Tamara. I started doing laundry and Tamara, Ginger and Ash came in with the kids. Dinner was nice and then Ginger and Ash cleaned up. We all sat to watch a Disney movie and as soon as it was over I started to give baths. Tamara walked in the bathroom as the water started in the bath tub.

She pressed against me, “I will do it. Take Ash to bed.”

I looked at her, “are you sure about this?”

She kissed me, “fuck the girl James, god knows she wants it.”

I pulled her against me, “and I want to fuck you.”

She grinned, “tomorrow.”

I nodded and looked at Ginger bringing our daughters in, “okay.”

I went to find Ash and she was already in our bed and laid back with her legs spread. I shut the light off and closed the door before stripping out of my shorts. I moved to the bed and crawled on and between her legs before giving her a kiss and pushing my cock into her tight pussy. I started to fuck her as she lifted her hips and humped up.

I fucked her for hours before going to sleep with her in my arms. She had a soft smile on her face as she slept. Tamara must have slept in the guest bedroom since she did not come to bed. When I got up in the morning I stayed naked and left Ash sleeping as I went to check my daughters.

I found my wife in the guest bedroom but she was not alone, Ginger was against her. I hesitated before going to make coffee and then get the girls up. I was feeding them when Tamara walked in and stopped to kiss each of our daughters. I smiled, “have a nice night?”

She smiled as she headed for the coffee, “yes.”

I watched her until she turned, “with Ginger?”

She sighed, “yes.”

She looked into my eyes, “you can fuck me whenever you want.”

I waited and she blushed, “being with Ginger was exciting and new.”

She looked at the hall, “did you enjoy Ash?”

I laughed, “it was like getting mauled but yes I enjoyed her.”

She grinned and then laughed as she came and sat on my lap, “you can fuck me today and...”

I touched her lips, “once each and then I get you for the rest of the night.”

Tamara grinned and then kissed me softly before turning to help feed the girls, “Ginger gets you tonight.”

Ginger was the next out and Tamara sat her down before going to get her coffee. She was blushing a little and I smiled as I started cleaning the girls, “I hope you had fun because I did and I think Tamara wants to maul you some more.”

She looked at my wife as she set the cup down and grinned, “or I can maul her.”

Ash walked in and hesitated before walking to me and sitting on my lap. Tamara caressed her face before turning to the girls, “remember our deal Ash.”

I looked at her and then at Ginger and Ash, “deal?”

Ash wiggled on my lap, “I have to share you.”

My wife put our oldest daughter down and carried the baby towards the hall, “tonight he sleeps with Ginger.”

Ash kissed me and leaned against me, “you can fuck me again.”

Ginger laughed, “us honey.”

I gave her a hug and stood her up before standing, “and I have work.”

I went to our home office and my corner where my work desk was. I checked what I was working on before starting. I glanced at Tamara when she came in without the girls, “where are the girls?”

She grinned, “Ginger and Ash are watching them.”

I smiled, “Ginger is off today?”

She nodded, “and tomorrow.”

I nodded as I turned to go back to what I was doing. It was almost two before an office courier came to take the plans I had just finished. I kissed the back of Tamara’s neck before going to find the girls. I smiled when I saw them napping and went out back. Ginger and Ash were laid back on loungers and I grinned as my wife rubbed my back when she came out.

She stroked my cock, “want some pussy?”

Ash lifted her head and Ginger giggled as she spread her legs. I caught Tamara and turned her before stripping her. I led her to the lounger and put her on her knees with her butt in the air. I straddled her legs before rubbing her pussy. I pushed into her and she pushed back as I sank deeper. I moved slowly and fucked her with long strokes.

She moaned as her pussy tightened and she pushed back. I held her hips as I kept fucking her with long thrusts and enjoyed her warm pussy. She shivered and shuddered and shook while I continued to fuck her slowly and began to do it harder. It was a few minutes before she wailed and jerked while her pussy clenched and tightened, “JAMES!”

I buried my cock to hump and jab and she wiggled and squirmed before I pulled back to just fuck her long, hard and deep. She was a lot slicker and shoving back hard to meet each thrust while covering her mouth and screaming. I finally thrust into her and held her back as I gushed cum through and into her womb.

She shook as her pussy tightened and milked the sperm out. When I was done I pulled out and helped her lay down before kissing her, “I love you.”

She smiled and caressed my cheek, “I know.”

She looked at Ash, “and I love you too and so does your new lover.”

Ash blushed as I looked her and her mother, “friends and lovers.”

Ginger grinned as I stood and went to put my shorts on, “time for my run.”

I thought about Tamara with Ginger and then there was Ashley. I ran a long time before returning and walking into the house. I checked and found the girls out back with my wife and Ginger. I went to shower before returning and checking the time. Tamara had already started the slow cooker for a stew so I made bread dough and let it rise.

I walked out back in just my shorts and smiled as I watched my girls playing. I looked at Tamara and Ginger tanning and my wife grinned, “Ash?”

I glanced at Ash as she sat up, “my turn?”

I gestured, “come inside.”

I turned and walked back to my bedroom as she followed. I pulled my shorts off as she sat on the bed and I pushed her back and stood between her legs. I bent over her and gave her a kiss, “my wife is willing to give you what you want and so am I. However Tamara is my wife and best friend and has been for years. If you want me you need to be my friend as well as my lover.”

She nodded, “I will.”

I sighed, “sex is sex Ash. Love is not sex, it is trying to please the one you love. Why do you think Tamara is doing this? She loves me very much.”

Ash frowned, “I would...”

She shifted and then smiled, “she is letting...”

She shook her head, “I am not sure.”

I smiled and stood before lifting and spreading her legs. I slowly forced my cock into her pussy and buried it. I rubbed her mound as she wiggled while her pussy tightened, “she is friends with your mother.”

Ash sighed as she humped and then she looked at me, “she did this for mom?”

I began to fuck her slowly, “and for you.”

She shivered as her pussy became wetter and then she relaxed and smiled as she closed her eyes, “she is sharing you with her friends and...”

She opened her eyes, “love is not sex.”

I bent to kiss her, “no. She is giving you the chance to learn about love.”

I pulled back before I began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. She sighed as she began to lift her hips, “friends and lovers.”

I smiled as I continued to fuck her while she shuddered and her tight pussy grasped my cock. It was not long before she was breathing hard and wiggling. She shook and started to wail as she began bucking. Her pussy became slick as it constantly tightened and she twisted and shook, “aaaahhhh!”

I fucked her firmly and kept pressing against her cervix each time I buried my cock. Several minutes later she was thrashing around and spasming, “yyyeeeeessssss!”

I bent to lay on her as I continued to fuck her with long firm jabs, burying my cock each time I pushed into her. She clutched me and kept jerking as her pussy grasped my cock. It was awhile before I shoved into her and pushed that tiny bit more. Ash tilted her hips while her pussy clenched and I kissed her before I gushed strong spurts of cum.

She jerked with each warm spurt of sperm as it was pumped through her cervix, “mmmm!”

When I was done I kissed her again, “friends and lovers.”

She grinned and squeezed me before letting go. I pulled out of her and helped her off the bed. I put my shorts on before we went out back. The rest of the afternoon went smoothly and then we had dinner. We sat to watch a movie, me with Ginger and Ash with Tamara and the girls.

After the movie I went to give my daughters their bath and then all four of us put them to bed. Ash caught Tamara’s hand and pulled her into the guest bedroom while her mother walked to mine with me. She laid back as I stripped and followed after turning the light out. I laid beside her and softly caressed her body and she sighed and reached for me.

I looked at her as I let her pull me over her and between her legs. I slowly pushed into her and kissed her. I fucked her with long strokes while we continued to kiss. She shuddered a minute later and humped up while her pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

I smiled as I buried my cock and started to rub and grind. I used short jabbing thrusts and rubbed against her each time I buried my cock. It was not long before Ginger was shuddering hard and clutching me as she cried out. I pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes as she lifted and spread her legs. I kissed her as she hugged me and kept fucking into her.

It was awhile before I buried my cock and pressed while kissing her. My cock erupted and I spewed and pumped and spurted while her pussy seemed to spasm and milk the cum into her. When I was done she sighed and shivered before humping. I grinned as I pulled back and began to fuck her again.

I woke to my alarm and kissed Ginger before moving out of bed. I went to shower before heading into the kitchen with a stop to check the girls. I peeked into the guest bedroom and Ash was naked and half on top of my wife. I smiled as I went to make coffee and then get the girls up. Tamara walked out as I was putting them in their chairs.

She kissed my cheek and pushed me towards the coffee maker. I grinned as I made a cup for both of us, “how was Ash?”

She smirked at me, “yummy.”

I smiled and brought our coffee to the table as she finished with the cereal. Ginger walked out and stopped to kiss Tamara before crossing to make a cup of coffee. Ash came out next and blushed when she looked at me but I ignored it. I finished my coffee and stood, “I have a new project.”

I headed for the home office and started working. Tamara came in after she had showered and like me she had stayed naked. She smiled when Ash led the girls in and to their play area. She came to kiss me and then went to Tamara and kissed her, “mom is taking me shopping.”

She left and I went back to work, I stopped at noon to help Tamara feed the girls before I put them in the stroller. I changed into running shorts and a tee shirt before coming back and taking the girls out. The girls always seem to like it when I run and today was no exception. When I came back I saw Ginger’s car in the drive and slowed to walk and then stretch.

When I brought the girls in Ash was there to take them and grinned as I went to take a cool shower. I turned when Ginger slipped into the shower. She grinned and rubbed my chest before turning up the heat and starting to wash me. After she was done she pulled me out and began drying me and I did her.

She pulled me to my bed and grinned as she pressed against me and kissed passionately. She sat and then laid back and lifted and spread her legs. I moved closer and felt her pussy and then slowly buried my cock, “you needed it?”

She wiggled and humped, “yes.”

I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She sighed and kept lifting her hips while her pussy squeezed. A couple of minutes and she was shuddering and wiggling as she moaned and humped, “mmmm!”

I grinned as I used one hand to finger and rub her clit while I began to fuck her firmly with deep thrusts. It was not long before she spasmed and wailed as her pussy clenched and she wet me, “yyyeeessss!”

I kept fucking her as she thrashed and started bucking. I was planting my cock and thinking about cumming and she was yelling and howling. She wiggled and twisted and jerked as I continued to fuck her and finally shoved into her and held her waist. She shuddered and screamed when she felt the warm sperm gushing into her, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted until I was done and bent to kiss her and pull out. I helped her up before holding her hand as we went to the kitchen. Tamara and Ash had the girls out back and Ginger gave me a kiss before joining them. I got a drink and went to the office and went back to work. It was a few hours before I sat back and stretched.

I stood and went to check on the girls and found them playing with their toys in the living room. Ginger was watching them and smiled, “Tamara and Ash are out back.”

I went to look and grinned when I saw Ash between my wife’s legs licking her pussy with her knees on each side of her head. I slipped out and moved up behind Ash and looked down at Tamara as she licked and sucked on her clit. I spread my legs and bent my cock and she grinned as she reached up and pulled my cock to Ash’s pussy.

I held her waist and slowly forced my cock into her. She moaned and wiggled before lifting her head and looking back. I smiled and humped before I pulled back and started to fuck her. Tamara went back to licking her and sucking on her clit and Ash shuddered and began pushing back. She moaned and wiggled as her pussy started squeezing.

I kept fucking her using long, deep, firm strokes. Each time I pushed into her she would shudder as her pussy clenched. A few minutes and she was shoving back as she muffled a wail in my wife’s pussy. Her pussy was very wet and slick as my cock fucked in and out. It was not much longer before I buried my cock and held her as I tried to push into her cervix.

I grunted and shuddered as I spewed sperm into her and she jerked and spasmed, “YES!”

Tamara giggled as she licked my balls while I kept pumping and spurting. When I was done I slowly pulled out and knelt to kiss my wife. I moved around to see Ash panting and kissed her softly. She smiled and then giggled as she shivered and bent to suck on Tamara’s clit. I grinned as I reached down to slip a finger into my wife.

Her pussy squeezed and I laughed, “tonight I am pumping a lot of sperm in here.”

They both laughed as I stood to go back inside. Ginger and Ash moved in and have never left. I sleep with one of them each night and then all of them together once or twice each week. Ginger got pregnant that first month and a year later my little temptress got pregnant and then Tamara once more.

It is like a conspiracy now and the three are as much each others lovers as mine.
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