My Daughter fantasy became my wildest reality-3

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After our crazy weekend together things toned down for a while. I got very busy with work, Dana was getting ready for upcoming high school exams and Wifey was both working at avoiding me and having a busy social life with her fat, ugly sister (not my favorite person).

One afternoon, a few weeks later, I was home alone when the doorbell rang. Now, we live in a small town and don't have many unexpected callers so I was a bit surprised but on answering the door I found Jess, Dana's friend, standing on the doorstep looking all upset.

" Hi Jess, come on in, Dana's not home yet for maybe an hour or so, but you're welcome to wait" I invited, but seeing the big blue eyes rapidly filling up I asked "Are you OK sweetie ?"

" No Brian, things have gone to shit at home, I'm always fighting with my folks and now they've told me that unless I do as I'm told they want me to leave. My Dad even said that it's his way or the highway" she sobbed before rushing forward into my arms with tears running down her pretty face.

Now, I've always been a sucker for a pretty girl in tears and this situation was no exception. I held her to me, stroking her long hair and whispering soothing words of sympathy to her for as long as it took for her to calm down.

I then became aware of the fact that my cock had other ideas. I have to remind you at this point that I had taken this young lady’s virginity and innocence a few weeks back and the visions of her, naked and fucking like an animal kept flashing through my mind. I shifted slightly to one side so as to avoid her noticing my throbbing member or feeling as though I was trying to take advantage of her vulnerability.

She snuggled into my neck and slowly stopped crying, but began pressing her tits and lower body even more firmly against me and I knew she was aware of my arousal. “Look who's awake “she giggled, sniffing into my chest and she looked up at me in anything but innocence and started to drag her nails across my back through my thin shirt.

I thought about withdrawing from her embrace for all of 2 seconds, but she lifted her face, and closing her eyes, kissed me lightly on the lips. The kiss became more urgent and within seconds her lips parted and her tongue snaked it's slippery way into my mouth chasing my tongue in a very sexy tango. Her legs parted either side of mine and her mound pressed against me, forcing my cock upwards against her belly. “Make love to me Brian, I need it" she gasped when she finally came up for air. From crying wreck to sexy siren bitch in 30 seconds, what a comeback !

Ok, I love my Dana very much and wanted to be faithful to her, but she had introduced this sexy teenager to me and even assisted in plotting with her to seduce me, and I could hardly ask her permission at this point anyway. So I reasoned that I'd fix it with her later.

We moved into the kitchen and I lifted her up onto the marble counter-top and pushed into the gap between her parted legs. I kissed her face, lips and neck , working up a little heat between us and slowly slid my hands up her slim body cupping her firm tits and gently squeezing her erect nipples as my hand moved on upwards. My hands felt huge on her tiny firm teenage body, and I was very aroused by the fresh scent of her.

"Oh you sexy bastard, that’s gorgeous" she groaned, pulling my hands back to her nipples " pinch them hard" she demanded. I obliged by pulling her top up over her tits and opening her bra to allow better access. This girl had beautiful tits, about 34c, but firm and upturned and very, very sensitive. I moved down and took her nipple in my mouth, sucking and pulling on it with my teeth. " Oh fuck, harder" she moaned, her hands pressing my head into her and I bit gently, sucking her aureole deeper into my mouth. The nipple hardened and as I continued to tease it with gentle nips, her breathing changed and she started to hump her mound against my hip.

Suddenly, she stiffened, pulled my head onto her tit with amazing strength "Oh fuck, fuck, FUCK..." she screamed and surprised me by cumming her brains out. She had had an orgasm from me just biting her nipples ? WOW, what a cummer. I hadn't even touched her pussy at this point, but now was that time, nothing tastes like fresh teenage orgasm juice and wanted mine.

I quickly pushed up her short skirt and pulled her tiny panties off, opening her legs wide. Her pussy was dripping, and the counter top was wet under her as I drove my tongue into the centre of her beautiful slit licking up and down, sucking up her juices and teasing her clit. "OH MY GOD" she howled and as my tongue did it's magic up and down her juicy pussy, that growl that I so love started deep in her belly and continued up her throat and she erupted in a gorgeous, wet shuddering orgasm all over my face.

That was my cue, I quickly opened the front of my jeans and freed my cock, poor bastard thought I'd forgotten him, but now was his moment. I picked up the young, still trembling teen and parking my ass in the nearest stool, I placed her on top of me. We fumbled for a moment or two but then she opened up her lips to me with her fingers and all 8 inches of me slipped into her wet heat.

She had cum twice already leaving her pussy wet and open and then I was finally deep inside her, and heaven is a good description of how she felt. I stopped for a moment to allow her to adjust to the intrusion but she was having none of that.

"Thank you babe," she breathed into my ear and she kissed and nibbled at me. " I really needed this, I feel much better now" she whispered. Then she started to rock back and forward, sinking as much cock as deep as possible into her tight depths. We built up a nice steady rhythm me sliding forward, her pushing down until suddenly, the moan started again, and I thought " not possible, she only just came a minute ago" but this girl had her own rules and she started humping me with all her might slamming her hips against mine. Grinding her clit up tight against me, "Cummmmming..." she managed as again she spasmed, gripping me tightly to her.

Her thrusting down and the vice-like squeezes ensured I couldn't last much longer, I tried but the ripples of tightness along the length of my cock set me off and I felt the unstoppable rush. In a second she was up off me and had my cock in her mouth and her hand around my shaft pumping furiously. As I erupted in her mouth, she gulped and swallowed running her tongue around my cock head setting off fireworks before my eyes.

She waited until I had stopped pumping, straddled me again and returned my cock into her pussy, wriggling in tight and holding me and kissing me as my orgasm subsided. "That was so good babe, glad to have you all to myself, I really love the taste of you and will always drink you all up" she said.

"Daddy heaven" I thought, she swallows as well..........

Dana arrived home within an hour and with typical female intuition knew what had happened. The two girls disappeared to Dana's room and giggles and squeals were all I heard for about two hours.

Finally, they emerged and Dana came up to me wrapped her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips. " I know what happened today" she said smiling, " and I'm really OK with it, Jess was very cut up and you made her feel better so it's all good with me, now take your babes out to dinner, we want spoiling" and off they went to look sexy. When they emerged, they looked stunning, young, short skirts, low neck lines and beautiful smiles, Oh lucky, lucky me............

We went to dinner at their favorite restaurant, and after dessert Dana suddenly got serious, " Dad, Jess may have to move out and I was wondering if maybe she could have our spare room until she gets sorted with her own place ?" she began, " and I'm sure you can see the obvious benefits" she finished with a sly grin.

Talk about an ambush ? Man, I have seen many war movies but I've never seen a more beautifully executed bushwhack in my life, not even from Hollywood.........

There a saying,' nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide' and that’s where I was at right then, so I just sucked up the inevitable " OK, but there has to be some rules" I started but was instantly cut off by Dana with, " Dad we'll work all that out later" and hugged Jess to her giggling at her obvious victory against her feeble prey.

We dropped Jess off to organize herself arranging to collect her and her stuff the next day and returned home.

As soon as I shut the door, Dana was in my arms kissing me and hugging me to her. " Oh Dad I'm so excited, it'll be great having Jess here with us, she's so unhappy at home and we'll have a fabulous time together" I just nodded but Dana wanted to play and she grabbed my hand and practically dragged me to her room.

" Come here Daddy-bear, my pussy is all lonely and wants to be kissed" she invited as she started stripping off her scanty clothes. I may be a bit old-fashioned but the sight of a beautiful young girl-woman stripping off is my idea of sexy. She threw her discarded skirt and top on the floor and smiled at me while she unclipped her bra. Her breasts bounced free and she pinched her nipples causing them to harden before driving her hands down her tight belly and slid her tiny g-string panties over her curvy hips to the floor, I watched, fasinated, as her hands slid over her smooth, shaven mons and one finger parted her pussy lips revealing the pink wetness inside.

"Don't just stand there staring" she giggled and I woke up from the trance, took her in my arms and lifted her slight body onto the bed. She parted her thighs and her aroused wetness glistened invitingly at me. " I love you Daddy" she whispered as I placed a pillow under her and traced her gorgeous parted lips with my tongue. Her clit was erect and when I sucked it between my lips she gripped my head and moaned " oh yes Daddy, just like that...ohhhhhhhhhh" she was very wet and obviously very horny, because it took her less than 2 minutes of licking, sucking and tongue dancing around her engorged clit for her to reach orgasm, humping her mound into my face and screaming " Oh Daddy, daddy uuuhhhhh ....." as she convulsed in ecstasy.

Her juices squirted out in pulses drowning me in her scent. "Wow, babe girl that was big one" I stated the obvious, licking her cum from my lips and chin. She hugged me to her stating, " What Jess told me about you two having sex in the kitchen left me dripping all day, and I could wait to get you to bed to take care of me"

" Well babe, we're here now so lets not waste time" I answered and she quickly flipped herself around and gripped my cock. Smiling, she said " come to mamma little soldier" and slid her small beautiful mouth over the head of my cock. Her cock-sucking skills had come on amazingly quickly and she had a knack of bringing me just to the brink, squeezing hard and removing her mouth just long enough for the urge to cum to pass,
then start over. The result was that when she did finish me off the orgasms were mind bending.

This time was no different. After about 3 false finishes she brought me up again and this time she kept going and I went off like a fire hydrant, spurting into her throat as she swallowed and ran her tongue under the head of my pulsing cock. It was so intense it was almost painful and lasted about 20 seconds. " Oh my god" was all I could think as the waves of pleasure washed up and down my spine. I was so wasted that we curled up in each others arms and went into the most blissful sleep ever.

Jess moved in the next day, wifey wasn't best pleased about the 'intrusion' as she termed it, but as she wasn't there much anyway, the addition to our family passed for a while.

Then things got a little messy.

As you've probably noticed I haven't mentioned wifey much except in passing as the marriage was dead quite a while ago we just hadn't buried the corpse. I would have looked for a divorce or just moved the hell out if it wasn't for my babe girl. I have loved Dana with a passion since she was just a baby, and she loves me with equal strength and I will never do anything to hurt her. And that includes leaving her. Specifically, leaving her with wifey.

Well, shortly after Jess moved in wifey started to take notice that the girls and me were very happy together and she got jealous or petty or any combination of the two. She started making snide remarks or bitchy comments on a regular basis. This led to stress and bad atmosphere until one night I'd had enough.
" Why are you being such a nasty, aggressive bitch" I began. "If you're not happy go somewhere that makes you happy" I finished, having finally lost it.

She glared at me for a moment, " OK" she said "I Will, and this marriage is over" and she stormed from the room. She quickly packed some belongings, jumped into her car and roared off to god knows where, " I'll be back for the rest tomorrow" flew from the open window.

She returned the next day with a smirk all over her face, cleared out her stuff and was gone without a backward glance or a word to anyone.

Although I knew it was coming, it still came as a shock. She had casually ended our marriage but more shocking was the way she completely disregarded Dana and her feelings. They had never been close but the total disregard for Dana rocked me. It was to rock Dana more severely.

Dana is by nature a sunny girl and always smiling. But the events shook her up badly and typically she started blaming herself for the breakup. It's a crying shame that kids so often shoulder the blame for the mistakes of their parents.

She withdrew and crashed inside herself, excluding me and Jess from consoling her. It took 2 weeks of patience and cajoling but eventually she came around and it passed. Jess was a big help backing me up and we both showered her with love and attention.

The event that heralded our new found freedom came when Jess came in and calmly announced that she had booked us all on a holiday to cheer us all up. It worked a charm and Dana and Jess were soon very excited, discussing the arrangements and clothes to wear and all that girlie stuff. I slipped away and down to the local supermarket and bought a big bottle of expensive Champagne to celebrate.

I got home opened the bottle and produced 3 glasses and we toasted to our coming adventures.
The girls got very giggly and after s while went into a huddle, then they cuddled up to me on the sofa, one on either side, and started caressing me in a very sexual and arousing way.

"Daddy bear, we want to make love to you and let you know how much we both love you" Dana announced. " Yes, we do, and I want to call you Daddy too from now on, we've both agreed on it" said Jess. I have to say I was touched and more than a little pleased. I kissed them both in turn, assuring them both that the love was mutual and then without further discussion we headed for the bedroom.

Dana was naked even before we got there, Jess 10 seconds later. I was slower but eventually got my kit off and jumped into the huge bed between the two beautiful teens. "OK ladies, what can I do to you" I began but Dana cut me off with a tongue attack and said " Thank you Daddy, you've been very loving and supportive, in fact you both have and I want to make it up to you, don't we Jess ?" "MMMMMMM" was all Jess managed as she sucked the head of my rapidly hardening cock into her hot young mouth.

Little sparks of pleasure tingled along my back and I turned to my lovely daughter " I love you too babe girl and will never leave you" I said, "now lets have fun and forget the bad stuff". " Yes, lets" she responded and kissed me fiercely pushing my hand to her breasts. I gently squeezed her nipples and she moaned in response and then I noticed that Jess had somehow managed to get 2 fingers inside Dana's wet and willing pussy without me noticing and was pushing them deeper rubbing her thumb against Dana's clit as she did so.

Dana responded by opening her legs wider and allowing Jess in further and soon she was thrusting with what looked like punishing force. Within 5 minutes the sight of this along with Jess's skilled ministrations to my cock started to have the effect of bringing me to the boil, a situation I wished to avoid for now. So, I reluctantly pulled out of Jess's mouth and went down on her sweet pussy instead.

She was dripping and tasted so good I was in heaven licking her juices from her young tight hole and feeling the effects that the attention was having on her. She was giving Dana's cunt a thrashing too and it quickly had the desired effect and both girls went off together with a frenzy of sweaty limbs and hard thrusting hips. " OHHHHHH MY GOD" from Dana and "JEEEEZZ................." from Jess as they spasmed and clung to each other and me.

I held them to me for a few moments as they came down off their combined orgasms, and Dana was first to recover, " I want to fuck him first" she declared and she presented her shapely ass to me doggy style. I positioned my cock at her engorged lips and pushed forward, I never got tired of that sight. My babe girl's pussy opened up like a flower to me and I slipped easily into her lubed depths. The sensation of sliding into her tight heat was beautiful and Jess quickly got in on the act by gently stroking by overfull balls and sliding her fingers around my ass.

"Fuck me Daddy, harder" from Dana "Yes Daddy, fuck the sexy bitch, pump her full of cum" from Jess. That was it. I felt the boiling sensation and tried to hold back but only succeeded in delaying for a vital few seconds as Dana pushed back hard and gripped my shaft tightly as she came off and took a bucket of spurts from my pulsing cock. I filled her to the point where cum and pussy juice combined were leaking around my still throbbing cock and running down her thighs.

Jess was lying back, wide-eyed rubbing her clit. " Me, Daddy, Me" she squealed and jumped up spreading her long and lovely legs wide apart. I pulled out of Dana and I was still hard enough to enter her hungry young cunt. She straddled me and gripping me hard at the base, placed the tip inside and slid smoothly down taking me to the balls inside her. " Oh my god that’s fucking awesome" she gasped.

I didn't have to do much work or wait for long as she was very close anyway, she rode me like a bronco. Wildly fucking me, plunging her pussy down as hard as she could until within 2 minutes she gripped me tight, growled like a tiger and shook like a live wire, " OOOHHHHH FUUUUCK" she squealed as her orgasm hit her hard. I waited until her trembling had stopped and pulled out of her in a flood of wetness.

Jess kissed me and said " I think we're going to be very happy together". Dana snuggled into my neck holding my now my limp cock and said " Daddy, lets start from here, go for happiness and see where it takes us"

I lay back holding these two gorgeous women close to me, happier than I'd been in a very long time, and staring up at the ceiling thought, " why the fuck not" ?

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