It was almost Halloween and mom and dad were going to have a party. We had a huge four car garage that was easily ten meters long and twice that wide. Attached to the back was my father’s workshop which he did not use anymore. It was as wide as the garage and as long and completely empty. All the empty room is what gave mom and dad the idea.

We hung lots of long dark curtains around the inside of the garage and put down a few large carpets. Dad brought a lot of chairs and we had long tables for food and drinks. He even brought out the large TV and hooked it up with the stereo. The workshop was mom’s area and she began making sheets into curtained off booths with beds in them.

The beds were so no one would have to drive drunk. Of course mom was not thinking, because of all the sheets it made the shop dark. Dad ended up going out and buying cheat flashlights. The party started early and before I knew it the garage was full of people. The music was playing and everyone was drinking from the spiked punch.

Of course it was labeled so everyone knew it was spiked. I saw couples slipping into the workshop a little later and it would be a little while before they returned. When I saw mom and someone else in a costume go in I had to follow. I heard them in one of the back curtained areas and went to peek in.

The small flashlight barely lit the space but I saw mom on her hands and knees as a stranger lifted the skirt up and over her butt. He opened his costume and then pushed into her as she shoved back. She wiggled as he held her and then he was fucking her with long strokes and she was moaning.

The guy did not take long before he was just fucking her hard and she was wailing. He shoved into her and grunted and I knew he was cumming in my mother. She jerked and shook, “YES!”

I watched until he pulled out and turned to leave. I quickly moved into the next area until he was gone and went to look at mom. She was still on the bed with her legs spread and I hesitated before slipping in. I opened my costume and moved onto the bed as she tilted her hips. I pushed into her slimy cunt and buried my cock.

She groaned and shuddered as I pulled back and started to fuck her. I used deep firm thrusts and she grunted and moaned with each one. I kept fucking her and her pussy felt so good I did not want to stop. After several minutes she was grasping the bed and wailing as I pounded her. I shoved into her hard and held her tight as I spewed and gushed sperm.

She jerked as her pussy tightened, “yyyeeessss!”

I finished and relaxed before humping, “that was great mom.”

She twisted her head, “Daniel?”

I pulled out and moved off the bed, “since you were letting a stranger fuck you I wanted a turn.”

She turned and sat up, “well...”

She laughed and stood to rub my chest, “we thought you would understood once you saw what was happening.”

I helped her straighten her costume and held her hand and we walked out together. No one said anything as she headed toward a group of neighbors. A girl in a full length costume I thought I recognized caught my hand a few minutes later and started pulling me towards the other room. I was not sure she was the one I thought but she was not very tall.

She turned to the side and pulled me back to a curtained bed before climbing on and lifting her skirt to show her bare pussy. I felt it and opened and pushed my pants down. I moved forward as I held her hips and slowly pushed into her extremely tight pussy. She moaned but pushed back as I sank into her.

I waited as she shivered and then pulled back and started to fuck her slowly. I used long thrusts and buried my cock each time and paused to enjoy the way her pussy tightened. She kept pushing back and her pussy became slippery. She shivered and then after a couple of minutes she started shuddering and moaning.

I began to fuck her a little harder and she wailed and shoved back. From the sound of her voice I knew I was right and it was a neighbor girl my age named Jane. She twisted and shook while her tight pussy constantly clenched, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I kept fucking her as she sagged and held her hips while planting my cock. I continued to use long deep thrusts as I fucked her and after a few minutes she was jerking and shoving back. Her tight pussy kept clenching and grasping my cock and she was grabbing the bed. It was not much longer before I buried my cock and held her while spewing and pumping cum.

She pushed back and spasmed while her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

Her tight pussy rippled as it milked my cock. When I was done I helped her forward and off my cock. She was panting and shivering as I bent to give her a kiss, “I could do that everyday Jane.”

She laughed and caressed my face, “not tonight, I get to fuck a few guys. Go find Kit, she is wearing a green mask with the costume of a witch. Fuck her nice and deep and tomorrow we will see if we want to be fuck partners.”

She moved off the bed and gave me a kiss, “a girl needs to experience a few men and you need to experience other women.”

She took my hand and we walked out and back to the party. She walked away and began to mix with the people and I looked around. When I saw the witch wearing the green mask I walked towards her. She was laughing and giggled with another girl and I put my arm around her waist, “ladies.”

They turned and Kit rubbed my chest, “hey I need something for a lust potion.”

I grinned and turned with her, “want to tell me where to put it?”

She laughed as she pulled on me, “right in my cummy snatch.”

I grinned as I followed her through the party and into the other room. She picked the first bed and turned to face me as she lifted her dress to above her waist. She sat and laid back as I looked at her bald cummy pussy and opened my pants. I bent to lift and hold her legs spread before I sank my cock into her slimy hole.

She groaned and her cunt tightened as I buried my cock. I waited a few moments before I began to fuck her with long strokes. She shuddered as her pussy kept grasping my cock. A few minutes and she was wiggling and shaking as she thrust up, “ooohhhh!”

I began to plant my cock as I fucked her hard and deep. She jerked and spasmed as I let her legs go and laid on her. She clutched me while her pussy clenched, “YES!”

I humped and jabbed and then pulled back and started fucking her with deep thrusts again. I kept it up as she struggled and squirmed while her cummy pussy constantly massaged and milked my cock. She jerked and spasmed a few minutes later as I shoved into her, “sperm my hole!”

I kept pushing and pressing as my cock spewed and pumped cum and Kit clung to me. She shook and shuddered and moaned and when I was done she sighed and slowly relaxed. I hesitated and gave her a kiss before I pulled out and moved aside. She turned to look at me and grinned before sitting up and then standing and letting her dress drop to cover her.

I watched her walk out and finally got up and went back to the party. I saw her and Jane pulling guys into the other room several times as it got later. They were not alone, I saw mom and all the ladies doing the same thing. Things were winding down and people going to bed when I went into the house.

I took a shower and climbed into bed and laid back. A few minutes later Kit and Jane peeked in before crossing to the bed. They stripped and climbed in on each side and snuggled against me before letting out a sigh. It was not even a minute before I glanced at them and they were asleep.

It took me longer since my cock was still hard. I woke to someone stroking my cock and shivered as I opened my eyes. Jane and Kit were both down by my hips looking at my cock. Jane glanced up, “he is awake.”

Kit moved up as Jane straddled me and sat on my cock. She wiggled and spread her knees as Kit rubbed my chest, “you did not fuck anyone else last night.”

I groaned as I lifted my hips, “you two and... and my mom were the only ones I wanted to fuck.”

Jane began to rub her pussy and thrust back and forth, “and you did not like us fucking other guys.”

Kit was looking at me and I shrugged, “not really but it is your body.”

Jane kept fucking my cock and rolling her hips. Her warm pussy was grasping and squeezing and she shuddered before pushing down and sitting, “sometime sex partners need to experience someone else. Not everyday or necessarily a lot but something different. That is why your mom and dad threw the swinger party.”

She began moving again and Kit took over, “our parents have talked and we have discussed it with each other. Jane and I would not mind being your fuck partners but we want to be able to do someone else like our parents.”

Jane grunted and groaned as she tried to grind while her pussy massaged my cock. She wiggled and rocked and bounced as I humped and thrust up. I tried to hold her as I started pumping a geyser of cum. She jerked and shook when she felt the warm sperm, “YES!”

She twisted and shook while her pussy massaged and squeezed the cum out of my cock. She laid on me and lifted her hips before shifting away from Kit and off me. Kit sat up as she straddled me and slowly pushed her pussy down and onto my cock. I took a breath as her pussy squeezed and she began to rub and grind.

Jane rubbed my chest as I tried to decide what to do about them. Kit start rocking and Jane shifted to look into my face, “you still do not want to share.”

I shrugged and then shook my head and Kit sat and looked at me. Jane bit her lip, “and you do not want us if we fuck someone else.”

I sighed and shook my head again, “last night was different but I do not want a girl that fucks around.”

Jane looked at me and Kit shifted before lifting her hips and moving off me, “it is your loss.”

I nodded, “maybe so.”

I watched them climb out of bed and leave and closed my eyes and tried not to yell or hit anything. When I got up things almost seemed normal but by afternoon my mom was looking at me different. I guess that was when we grew apart and my dad did not do anything to keep me there. The start of the next summer was when I left and moved out.

I went to work in a fabrication shop my grandfather owned and lived in a small mobile home behind it. Mostly we made parts for old cars, parts you could not order from the manufacture or buy from a store. I saw Kit and Jane a lot over the next couple of years. They went from loser boyfriend to loser boyfriend.

I was working full time and taking night classes when Halloween came around once more. I received an invitation to my parents annual Halloween party. I was not going to go but it had been six months since I had seen them. I decided to go over a couple of hours before the party and just visit and leave when the party started.

I ended up talked it over with my grandfather. He had helping me fabricate the body for a nineteen thirty ford pickup and make the new leather seats. The hard part was making a frame and putting in a three hundred pound electric motor and someplace to hide the batteries. It had a range of over a hundred miles and drove nice.

I parked in front of the house and got out and looked around. The neighborhood almost looked the same but there were few changes. I knocked and heard my mother call before she came to open the door. She grinned and hugged me and I gave her a kiss as I came in. She had to look up as she put an arm around me and walked towards the kitchen, “you look older.”

I smiled as she let me go at the table, “I am older.”

She looked at the trays of party snacks and food, “I was just setting up if you want to help before changing.”

I shook my head, “I am not staying.”

She frowned, “why?”

I glanced back before I sat, “I have thought about that question a lot. I guess I just do not want to share my lovers with another man.”

Mom sat across from me, “it is just sex Daniel. We are not going to date or sneak off.”

I shrugged, “maybe but I do not like how it made me feel. One day I will meet and have a lover that has finished her roving and is willing to only love me.”

She sighed, “sex is not...”

I reached for her hand, “sex is sex and making love is sex. Giving and letting a man enjoy your body is not something I want to think about. Let me ask you this, how often do you and dad have sex every month? Or every week? Or every day? If you had sex a half dozen times every day would you want more?”

She blinked, “we have sex several times a week.”

She looked thoughtful and I stood, “I will help you set up before I leave.”

She was quiet while we worked and I went to check out the other room to see they had done more work to it. It was an hour before guests began arriving and I pulled mom aside, “I need to go. Tell dad I was here and maybe next week we can go out for dinner.”

I was leaving when Kit and Jane walked up in their costumes. They stopped and looked at me as I crossed to the truck. I smiled at their body paint costumes before I got in the truck and left. I knew I still liked the girls, well had a crush on them but I was not going to stay. I went back to the shop and started cleaning up.

I left the side door open while sweeping to let the cool air in. I turned a little later at a knock and Kit and Jane were standing there. I set the broom aside, “what happened to the party?”

Kit smiled as she walked towards me, “we had a talk with your mother and with each other and decided we needed to have another talk with you.”

I glanced at Jane still looking at me, “I have not changed my mind and would not enjoy being hurt again.”

Kit stopped and caressed my chest, “why Daniel? Why can we not have fun with someone else?”

I pushed her hand away, “we already went over this. If you want to be with me I do not want you with someone else. If you can not do that or do not want to then find another guy to torment. It took me a long time to get over knowing you were letting scum or any stranger with a hard cock touch you.”

Jane walked in and crossed to me as Kit bit her lip. She stopped to look up into my face, “so you want to settle for sex a couple of times a week and watching but not touching?”

I snorted, “try several times a day everyday.”

Kit grinned at Jane who blinked, “want to put that in writing?”

I caressed her face, “it is not me that needs it.”

I gestured to the door, “I need to lock up before some kid comes looking for candy.”

She turned and Kit pulled her after us as I walked to the door. I locked up and started for my mobile home and they followed. When I closed the door and turned on the light they looked around at the second hand furniture. I went into the kitchen and started a pot of warm milk for coco and they began helping me make dinner.

Kit kept looking at me, “several times a day?”

I smiled, “everyday, I would even let you pick one of the positions.”

Jane bumped her shoulder, “she likes doggy best.”

Kit grinned and stuck out her tongue, “and you like it on your back with your legs up and spread.”

Jane grinned, “do not forget hard and deep.”

I smiled but kept working until we put dinner on the table. It was not a lot but enough to keep us from starving. They helped me clean up and Kit caught my hand, “we are going to the party.”

I opened my mouth as she pulled but she glanced back, “you will have to take both of us into the back together and fuck us when we ask.”

Jane laughed, “and when the party is over we are coming home with you.”

Kit nodded, “if you can fuck us several times each day we have a deal and will not do other guys.”

I pulled her back and headed for the hall, “first I am fucking both of you and then we can find me a costume and then we can go to the party.”

They laughed as they followed and turned to undress me. Kit grinned as she turned to the bed and kept her legs straight as she spread them and bent over, “watch the paint.”

I grinned as I felt her slit and Jane sat. I positioned my cock and held her waist and pushed and forced my cock into her. Kit groaned, “damn your cock is bigger.”

I started to fuck her with long thrusts and buried my cock against the back each time. I continued to fuck her when she shuddered and moaned while her pussy tightened. A few minutes and I was holding her hips as I fucked her hard and deep. She shook and jerked and her slippery pussy kept squeezing, “aaaahhhh!”

Her pussy was clenching and gripping my cock hard each time I buried it. I finally groaned as I shoved into her and pushed while pumping strong gushing spurts of cum. She gasped and jerked and began to spasm, “YES!”

Jane laughed as I spewed sperm into her friend until I was done and slowly pulled out. She turned and sat and then fell back, “damn that was good.”

Jane stood and turned while spreading her legs and looking back, “my turn.”

I shook my head as I moved behind her, “I am just going to smear the paint at the party.”

I pushed into Jane and she sighed and pushed back. I started to fuck her slowly but with long strokes. She shivered as her pussy tightened, “mmm!”

Each time I buried my cock it was pressed against the back of her pussy. A few minutes and she was shaking and jerking back while her pussy clenched. She shook and wiggled and I had to hold her as I began to fuck her firmly. Her pussy was slippery and kept squeezing and grasping. It was not much longer before she started to jerk, “aaaahhh... fuck!”

Kit laughed and sat up as Jane continued to push back. I was fucking her hard and deep and she tried to spread her legs more and tilt her hips. I finally shoved into her and pushed as I gushed and spewed and spurted. She spasmed while her pussy clenched and kept grasping my cock, “YES!”

When I was done I pulled out and helped her stand as I looked around, “now we need to find me a costume.”

They helped me look and make one before riding back to my parent’s house with me. The party was not that fun with people only here to fuck. That was what I told the girls and they looked around before reluctantly agreeing. I remembered that first party and the people had seemed to have fun and still have sex.

Mom had been happy to see us but did not press when I would not go into the other room. Dad ignored us and only seemed interested in his next fuck. I started to pull the girls towards the back and a bed and they pulled me back. When I looked at them they grinned, “home and then we can fuck all night.”

When I led them into the mobile home Jane turned and pulled Kit close to kiss her and then they went looking for music. They pulled me out several times to dance and tease me. Finally they pulled my clothes off and sat me on my couch. Kit straddled me and pushed down on my cock.

She began to roll her hips, “this is a better party.”

Jane laughed, “party first and then a fuck. No enjoying the party, no fuck.”

Kit started to rub her pussy on me and I caressed her hips, “we should hand out candy. One of you could play tricks on the kids and the other could sit on my lap and bounce.”

They laughed and Kit kissed me before she began to rock. I fuck the two girls a dozen times a day, including first thing in the morning and several times before we sleep. My parents Halloween parties changed and so did the way they live. They still swing but now it is not all about the sex.
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