I was sixteen and looking for work, any work. Of course it would have to be part time since I was still in school. I glanced at the address I had gotten after answering an add in the paper and drove my old jeep down the dirt road. There was only a house and a couple of barns when I came over the rise.

I saw an old tractor beside one of the barns and a single cow in a corral. I stopped in front of the house and got out before walking to the door. The woman that answered the door was stunning and maybe in her early twenties. She was wearing a sun dress and by the way it moved I did not think she had a bra on, “Hi, I am Jason.”

She smiled and stepped out as she took my hand, “you said you can only work part time until school gets out for the summer?”

I nodded and she gestured, “my husband... I need someone to plow and plant the fields and do chores around the farm.”

I nodded but was not sure what I would have to do, “could you show me what...”

I blushed and she smiled, “sure.”

She led me around and showed me what chores I would be doing besides the fields. Having her with me and seeing her bend over to do something had my cock painfully hard. She watched as I hooked the plow to the tractor and climbed up to stand beside me. Once we reached the field I slowed and the fun began as we tried to figure out how to lower the plow.

After it was down I started moving, the field was not like the road and was bumpy and she lost her balance. I grabbed her before she could fall and pulled and the next thing I knew she was sitting on my lap. I knew she had to feel my hard cock and blushed as she turned to look into my face.

I shrugged, “sorry.”

She grinned, “my husband does not use it much.”

She lifted and looked around as I drove in a straight line following the fence. She turned and bent to open my pants and I lifted to let her pull them down a little. She straddled me facing the front and took the wheel. She reached back to lift her dress, “position it and pull me down.”

I stared at her bare butt before lifting my drooling cock and pulling her down onto it. Her pussy was hot, tight and felt so good. She wiggled and began to rock and thrust as the tractor bounced along. I leaned to the side to look around her as the tractor plowed the field while she bounced on my cock. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock.

I enjoyed her warm pussy each time my cock was buried and it was not long before she began to wail and then howl. She twisted and rolled her hips as her pussy milked my cock. The tractor was still moving slowly as the plow turned the ground behind us. It was also bumpy and with the springs under the seat it made her bounce even more.

She was a lot wetter as I reached around her to turn the tractor at the edge of the field. She was constantly jerking and spasming long before we reached the next corner and I needed to cum. I held her on my cock as it pushed against and opened her cervix. She grunted and screamed as I began to pump a geyser of warm sperm up into her.

I gushed and spewed and spurted until I was done and I thought she would pull off but she sighed and wiggled as if to get comfortable. I turned the next corner as her breathing changed again and she began to shudder and bounce once more. I plowed the whole field with her on my cock and came eight times before I was done.

When I finished she stood and climbed down as I lifted the plow and drove to the barn. I parked and climbed off to unhook the plow and then clean it. She had told me to hook a disker on the tractor for the next day and once I was done I went to let Tammy know and left. All I could think about was the feel of her warm pussy around my cock.

I was at her door bright and early the next morning and was surprised when another women answered the door. She smiled, “you must be Jason, I am Emily.”

I smiled, “hi.”

She looked back as I heard Tammy, “have him start disking the same field.”

Emily grinned and came out and closed the door, “I already did the other chores so I get to drive today.”

I blushed and did not know if she knew what we had done. I headed for the tractor with her following and checked it first, oil, water and gas before I started it. Emily climbed up and stood beside me all the way to the field. I lowered the disks and she straddled me with her back to me before lifting her dress.

She was not wearing panties and like Tammy slowly sat on my cock. She wiggled and thrust back and forth before grinning back at me. I started the tractor moving as she held the wheel and began to bounce. She kept rolling her hips and squeezing her pussy each time my cock bottomed out inside her.

It was not long before she was breathing hard and spasming as I leaned around her to see and drive. Her warm grasping pussy continued to milk my cock as she wailed and howled. I groaned and held her down and on my cock as it erupted and a fountain of cum gushed into her. She jerked while her pussy clenched around my cock.

When I stopped cumming she shuddered before starting to rub and thrust back and forth. Like the day before she rode my cock the whole time and did not get off until we came out the gate. She kissed my cheek, “you coming back after school?”

I nodded and she smiled, “unhook the disks. Hook up the seeder and make sure the tractor is ready to go.”

I went home and took a warm shower with the memory of Emily’s pussy squeezing my cock. The next morning I went to school and then straight to the farm when it got out. This time it was Tammy that was waiting and showed me where the large sacks of seed were. I filled the seeder before climbing onto the tractor.

She joined me and as I began moving towards the field she started explaining what to do. As soon as we went through the gate she opened and pushed my pants down before sitting on my cock. She sighed and wigged and we began to move again. Like the last time the tractor bounced and she wiggled as her pussy worked on squeezing my cock.

I stopped the tractor and stood, bending her over the steering wheel. I held her hips as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She groaned and squirmed as her pussy tightened and squeezed. I kept fucking her with firm thrusts and enjoyed her warm grasping pussy each time I sank my cock into her.

A few minutes and she was wailing and spasming while she wet me. Her pussy was clenching and squeezing my cock as I fucked her and she yelled and howled constantly. I took my time as I fucked her. I planted my cock firmly against the back of her pussy with each thrust. Tammy jerked and twisted and screamed each time she came.

Finally I buried my cock and held her writhing body as I pumped thick gushing spurts into her. She jerked and shoved back when she felt the first strong geyser of warm sperm, “YES!”

When I was done I pulled out and pulled her onto my lap sideways as I sat. She looked at me and I smiled, “we can take fuck breaks.”

She grinned and gave me a kiss, “okay.”

We did take breaks, eight times. We finished a couple of hours after it was dark. I put the tractor away and Tammy gave me a kiss, “come back tomorrow after school.”

I watched her walk to the house and went to my jeep and drove home. The next day I went through classes on auto pilot as I thought about the two women. When I pulled my jeep in I saw the truck in front of the house. I started for the door but Emily walked out with a smile, “hey Jason. Ready to learn about what we need done today?”

I smiled, “sure.”

She took my hand and pulled me around the barn and nodded to a few grain silos, “we need those cleaned first.”

I nodded and turned before she pulled me back, “you can fuck me first and we can take fuck breaks.”

I glanced around and moved to an old wooden bench. I sat her down and then laid her back before lifting her dress to see she was not wearing panties. I grinned as I knelt and spread her legs and leaned in and licked through her pussy. I glanced up when I heard a door slam and saw a man walk to the truck and climb in.

Emily sighed, “that is Edgar, Chance’s brother.”

I rubbed her clit, “Chance?”

She humped and shuddered, “Tammy’s husband. The bastard just left her and Edgar thinks he can just come in and tell her what to do and demand sex.”

I looked at her, “does she...”

Emily grinned, “no you are the only one to fuck her or us in months.”

I looked at her pussy before opening my pants and moved over her. I pushed into her hot slippery pussy, “but Tammy needs this crop to earn a living.”

She groaned as I fucked her slow and deep, “yeah.”

I buried my cock and kissed her, “there are a few other things she can do.”

She looked at me, “like selling her pussy?”

I pulled back and began to fuck her again, “well that too but I was thinking of something else.”

She smiled as she thrust up and her pussy squeezed, “fuck me and then talk.”

I kissed her before beginning to fuck her with long deep strokes. She lifted her hips to meet each thrust and her pussy began to grasp and clench around my cock. It was a few minutes before she wailed and spasmed as her pussy contracted. I kept fucking her with deep thrusts as I tried to cum.

She had her legs in the air as she howled and I finally shoved into her and pushed before I started gushing cum. I kept pushing as I spewed and pumped and spurted until I was done and she wrapped her legs around me while her pussy continued to grasp and squeeze. She shuddered a minute later and then grinned, “okay now you can tell me your idea.”

I smiled and gave her a kiss before I pulled out and helped her up, “do you know how many people would love to have room for a vegetable garden? It would be easy to mark off oh say five acre plots in the other fields and rent them to people for a couple of hundred a month. I saw the three old tillers in the barn. I could get them running and you could rent them out.”

She looked at me and bit her lip, “but how do we...”

I headed towards the silo, “the local college, that supermarket paper and I could even put up a few adds on the internet.”

She was following me and grinned, “I will be back after I talk to Tammy.”

Ten minutes later they were listening as I cleaned the silo. We ended up in the kitchen where we made advertisements. I went to check and repair the three tillers which was really no more than taking them apart and cleaning them. While they went to put up the advertisements I ran home for my laptop and quickly created an add.

When I returned the two women were not back but I found twine in the barn and old wooden stakes. I was marking off the plots in one field when they returned with three vehicles following. An hour later they joined me and helped finish marking off the plots in the field. When we were done Tammy pulled me after her and back to the house while Emily followed.

They giggled about fucking the cum out of their stud. Tammy pulled me into the house and the bathroom where they both stripped me. I was pulled into the shower before they began to wash me while I tried to feel them. They pulled me out and dried me off before I was led back to a bedroom. With all the female clothing it was probable where they both slept.

Tammy moved onto the bed and laid back as Emily kissed me, “lick her like you did me?”

I grinned and let her go before stalking onto the bed and between Tammy’s legs. I licked through her pussy and squeezed her clit with my lips. She humped and wiggled as she moaned and I pushed my tongue into her. I went after her clit again and sucked while using my tongue. She went from moaning and shuddering to spasming and wailing.

I slipped two fingers into her and up behind her pelvic bone. I fucked them against the soft spongy spot as I continued to suck and wiggle my tongue on her clit. Tammy bucked and thrashed as she howled and squirted suddenly. I kept it up as she spasmed hard and squirted several more times and then pulled my fingers out and kissed her swollen clit.

Emily giggled as I moved over Tammy while she panted and continued to shake. I pushed into her wet slippery pussy and buried my cock in one long thrust. She screamed and bucked and struggled while she squirted and her pussy squeezed my cock. I started to fuck her as she jerked and thrust up each time I buried my cock.

I kept fucking her and began to grind each time I pushed into her. She wiggled and squirmed while her pussy contracted and grasped my cock. She was bucking and thrashing around as I continued to sink my cock into her. I used deep strokes as I tried to cum. She twisted and thrashed as her pussy constantly squeezed and she clung to me and howled, “oooohhhh!”

It took several minutes and by then she was jerking and spasming with her eyes rolled up. I buried my cock and held her twitching body as I spewed and pumped thick spurts of cum. Tammy jerked as her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I spurted a half dozen times before I was done and gave her a kiss. I pulled out and Emily laughed and rolled onto her stomach, “do me.”

It was a couple of hours before I kissed each of them and climbed out of bed and got dressed. I could not wait for school to end the next day and drove straight to the farm. Tammy and Emily were both outside talking to an old man as I parked by the barn. There were a dozen cars parked beside the house and I saw the tillers running in three of the plots.

I walked towards Tammy and she grinned, “would you start marking more plots in the next field Jason?”

I nodded, “we will need more stakes and twine.”

She nodded and I went to get what I had left before using an ancient wheel barrow. I was just starting when she joined me and began helping, “we already rented out all the plots in the other field and have another dozen requests.”

I smiled as I pounded a stake into the ground and she tied the twine and pulled it to the stake. We worked together easily until Emily joined us with a couple of spools of twine, “I left the stakes by the barn.”

I gave her a kiss before I left with the wheel barrow. A couple of hours and we were finished and I looked at the last field before Tammy caught my hand, “save that for later.”

I grinned and turned to push the wheel barrow towards the barn, “we can fill that five hundred gallon water pod and use the tractor to pull it down the lanes so they can water.”

Tammy grinned and waited until I set the wheel barrow down before catching my hand and pulling me towards the house, “first you plant a few more seeds.”

Emily laughed as she followed us, “they go in the full length of your cock.”

Tammy glanced back and grinned, “after plowing my pussy.”

They both giggled as I laughed and followed Tammy into the house. They led me back to her bedroom and she began to undress while Emily started stripping me. I was trying to undress Emily but she kept wiggling. When I was naked she pushed me towards the bed and I climbed on and moved towards Tammy.

I was going to lick her pussy but she laughed and pulled me up and over her. I pushed into her almost hot pussy and kissed her as I settled. I started to fuck her with short jabbing strokes and began rubbing against her each time I buried my cock completely. Several minutes and she was hugging me tight and shuddering while her pussy kept squeezing.

I kissed her and pulled back to fuck her with long strokes and she lifted her legs and wailed. She began to thrash and buck while her slippery pussy constantly tightened and squeezed. I kept fucking her with deep grinding strokes and she started spasming and shaking. It was several minutes before I needed to cum.

She was incoherent and jerking while her pussy massaged my cock. I pushed into her and kissed her as I tried to push open her cervix. She clutched me as her eyes focused and then she screamed as I gushed and spewed cum into her. She wiggled and squirmed while her pussy tried to squeeze the sperm out of my cock. Emily laughed and rubbed my back when I finished cumming, “the crop should come in around nine months from now.”

Tammy was panting but grinned and giggled. I pulled out and pushed Emily onto her back as I moved over her and gave her a kiss. I pushed into her while I was still kissing her and she moaned and wiggled as I buried my cock. I started to fuck her slowly with long strokes and she kept lifting her hips while her pussy squeezed.

I buried my cock to rub and grind before I began to slowly jab and press. She lifted her legs and clutched me as her pussy contracted and grasped my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

Tammy giggled as I finally pulled back and began to fuck Emily with long strokes. Each thrust into her was deliberate and I planted my cock firmly. She humped and wiggled and thrust up as she began to wail and cry out. A few minutes and I was fucking her hard and deep and she was thrashing around and bucking.

It took awhile after that and her eyes had rolled up while she spasmed. I shoved into her and held her while my cock gushed strong spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered while her pussy clenched, “YES.”

Tammy laughed, “another crop planted successfully.”

I pumped sperm through Emily’s cervix while she clung to me and when I was done she was panting. I kissed her and pulled out to lay between them. I turned to suck on one of Tammy’s nipples and she groaned and laughed as she pulled on me. My job turned into a lot more and Tammy and Emily both got pregnant.

Leasing plots for gardens turned out extremely well and more than paid for everything. It worked out so well we slowly built wood rail fences around each plot and laid pipe for water. We use one field for our own garden. I built onto the house to make a large nursery and playroom for the next crop which is on their way now.

Of course they still want me to practice planting seeds everyday which I love doing.
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