This is just a fantasy
Western Tourist

I have saved and saved to be able to take this trip and now I am on my way. I’m so excited that I have to

tell myself to calm down. I have just landed in Bangkok and I know that Fabian is awaiting my arrival.

Fabian is a sweet young thing that I met a few years ago when he was 15 years old. Fabian is a great tour

guide and knows all of the hotspots for the younger crowd in Bangkok. I look around and spot Fabian he is

all smiles and is waving his arms rapidly to ensure that I can see him. I returned the wave, and smile and

head straight towards him. He hugs me and gives me a long passionate kiss, I feel a stir in my pants as my

mind goes back to the very first time we met when he was a several years younger. He was small and fragile

with the smoothest skin that I have ever felt, all I wanted to do was explore every inch of his virgin body. His

wide eyes gave a look of fear and curiosity, I couldn’t wait to have him. I knew that Fabian would release the

tension in my pants back at the hotel before we would head out for the evening.

I wonder what young treat Fabian has scheduled for me during the remainder of my stay. He knows that I

don’t like girls I am only interested in young boys, the young the better. After a quick release we departed to

a seclude hotel in Pattaya. The hotel was away from the normal traffic with a large gate surrounding it. The

gate was opened by the guards on duty and we were directed to the entrance of the hotel. The room was

dimly lit and had young waiters serving drinks wearing nothing but a bowtie. We were lead to a large room

that held the stable of young boys that were available for the picking. I decided that I wanted the youngest

preteen there and was willing to pay the price to have him. I walked over to look at a tanned thin wide eyed

boy holding his eyed down. His innocent look gave me an instant arousal and I knew he was the one I

wanted. I grabbed his hand and headed to the back room to watch the show. I picked up the boy and sat him

on my lap in the corner by the stage. I kissed him gentle on the lips as I looked around the room. There were

a few couples kissing and rubbing on each other and one boy giving head to an older guy that looked like he

was about cum. I decided to have a taste of my new boy toy and grab his cock and began licking and

sucking on him. He squirmed and tried to pull away, the more he squirmed the harder I sucked I was really

getting hard now by his fear. The lights on the stage turned on and I released his tiny cock and watched the


The show was pretty good but I was ready for some real fun so I headed to one of the private rooms. I

saw all of the needed essentials to have a great time with my little boy toy. I grabbed the handcuffs first and

place them on his small wrist behind his back he struggled to get away but I’m too strong for him. I removed

my clothes and he watched me with intense fear as I came towards him. I grabbed his head and told him to

open his mouth I squeezed his jaws hard as he hesitated. I raised my voice a little louder and said open your

mouth wide now and suck my cock. I forced my cock in his mouth and down his throat the feeling was

amazing I really loved when he gagged on my cock. I watched him as he struggled to breathe and tears flow

down his face while choking on my pre-cum. I slammed his head deeper and deeper on my cock which

almost sent me over the edge. I made myself calm down because I wanted to cum in his tight little virgin ass.

I flipped him over and pulled his tiny ass up to my mouth and began licking his sweet little hole. He smelled

so good and tasted even sweeter I stuck my tongue in his ass and I heard a little moan escape his mouth. I

continued my tongue assault and went deeper and deeper in while giving his balls some stimulation. I could

tell he was starting to enjoy it so I put my pinky in his tight ass to open him up so more and he tried to pull

away I held him still so he could relax and except what was going to happen. I moved my finger in and out

for a while and decided it was time for me to give him a try.

I placed my boy toy on his stomach with a pillow under him and licked his ass to get him ready for me to

enter him. I placed my swollen cock at the entrance to his tight little hole and pushed in. His ass is so tight I

have to force my cock in ripping his tiny ass apart as he yells out in pain for me to stop. I’m so turned on that

I lose all control and dive in not caring about his pain. He is yelling at the top of his lungs which is turning me

on and causing me to dive deeper and deeper in to him. I know I won’t last much longer so I lift him up onto

my lap and pound him back down so that I can get all of my cock in his ass. I pound and pound his tight ass

while he is crying uncontrollably when I feel a stir in my balls and know I’m about to cum. I pull my cock out of

his ass and slam it down his throat and shoot my load while holding his head down on my cock as he passes

out from lack of oxygen. I know that this is going to be a great weekend.

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