My mother and father were stock brokers. When I was ten they bought an estate with this huge house. It had eight bedroom, each with a walk in closet and a large bathroom. The kitchen was very large, I think they called it a chef’s kitchen. There was a large formal dinning room with a large pantry between it and the kitchen.

It had a large formal front room but no living room. There was an old pool in back and a pool house. The house had a large basement with ten foot ceilings and last was the huge four car garage. Now you might think it was worth a lot but not the way it was, you see it was falling apart and old.

My dad had shown me first and said we would fix it up together. Well, we did not, he died a month after we moved in. Mom used the insurance money to make investments. The mortgage insurance paid off the house so that was one less thing to worry about. She quit her job to be a stay at home mom and be with me.

My grandparents were the ones to get me started on remodeling the house like dad had planned. At least until they moved to Florida a few years later. Six years later I was almost done, I had completely rewired the house. Replaced all the plumbing and sewage lines as well as the central air conditioning.

I had also built a huge cedar and glass building around the pool and connected it to the house and the newly remodeled pool house. I was working on the last bit in the garage when mom decided to change things up. Mom was a stunning red head and knew what she did to me, especially in the summer.

She wore tiny string bikinis and would leave the bottoms on my bed each night. I was working on expanding and rebuilding the garage. It was the week before school started when I saw the Harley drive up the driveway and stop in front of the garage. The rider was a young woman in black leather that was snug and showed off her figure.

She pulled her helmet off and long golden hair fell down her back. She stepped off the bike and smiled at me, “I am here about the room.”

I blinked, “room?”

She nodded, “the one in the paper?”

I looked at the door into the kitchen and thought about mom, “maybe you should talk to mom.”

She set her helmet down and followed as I started for the door, “I am Lacy.”

I looked her over again, “Dan.”

I opened the door and walked in, “mom!”

She peeked around the corner from the living room, “Dan?”

I gestured to the women, “she is here about a room?”

Mom stepped out, “Lacy?”

The woman nodded and walked in and mom turned to lead her through the house. I shook my head before going back to work and ignored Lacy when she left a little later. It was an hour before a hybrid car pulled in and a petite red haired young woman stepped out, “I am here about a room?”

I sighed and stopped what I was doing to lead her into the house and to my mother. Her name was Honey and she seemed nice as mom took her to the see the bedroom. The next to arrive was a tall black haired girl in a jeep. Her name was Dakota and she seemed very friendly. I stopped at noon and went to eat.

That was when the girls returned and started carrying stuff in and back to the bedrooms. Mine and mom’s were across from each other and the first down the hall. She went to help the girls and I went back to work. A few minutes later the kitchen door opened and Lacy stood in string panties and topless, “hey.”

I straightened and froze as I stared at her breasts. She laughed, “earth to Dan.”

I looked into her face and blushed, “sorry.”

She grinned, “what is the user and password to the network?”

I set what I was working on down, “you trying wireless or did you plug into the wall?”

She turned to let me by, “wireless.”

I shook my head, “that is not secure and we do not use it.”

I led her to the huge coat closet and opened the door. I turned the light on and looked at her, “which room did you take?”

She peeked around the corner at the shelves, “the last on the left.”

I touched a jack in the wall, “this is for your room jacks. There is one in each electrical outlet.”

I opened a plastic bag and pulled out a short cable and then turned the large router. I plugged the cable in and then plugged it into the wall. I looked at her, “do you have a cable?”

She nodded and I started to move out and tried not to touch her. I closed the door and took a small piece of paper from the phone stand and wrote the network name and password before handing it to her. She stepped close and pressed her beautiful breasts against me as she gave me a kiss, “thanks stud.”

I watched what looked like her naked butt as she walked away before shaking myself and headed back outside. Dinner was strange with the girls there and mom talking and asking questions. After dinner I cleaned up and went to change before going to sit in the spa. It was like everything else on the estate, large.

I sat back and relaxed as I closed my eyes. Someone walked into the spa and I opened my eyes as someone else walked in. Mom was naked and so were the other women as they followed her into the spa. Mom smiled as she sat, “no suits in the spa honey.”

I looked at the women as I blushed but mom kept looking at me and I sighed and lifted and wiggled out of my suit. I set the suit behind me and tried to ignore the naked women. Lacy grinned as she moved over and looked down through the water, “you have a nice one.”

Mom chuckled, “I normally give him my bottoms to help him masturbate.”

I was ready to leave when she said that and the others laughed but Lacy turned and straddled me, “masturbating is a waste of good sperm.”

I looked at her as my mouth fell open and she slowly pushed down and impaled her pussy. I groaned as I held her hips and shuddered at the feel of her pussy around my cock. She rubbed against me and smiled before thrusting back and forth while rolling her hips. I closed my eyes as I felt her pussy grasping and squeezing my cock.

She shuddered with me and a minute later jerked, “OH!”

I opened my eyes as she began to spasm and her pussy rippled and clenched on my cock. She jerked back and forth while clutching me as my cock pushed deeper, “oh... my... god!”

She began to convulse and I did not know what to do. I looked at mom and she was grinning as Lacy twisted and bucked and jerked and kept shoving down to get my cock deeper. I shuddered and tried to hold her as my balls churned. My cock erupted and I began pumping a fountain of cum into her.

She jerked and grunted before pushing down and kissing me hard. When I stopped cumming she smiled and caressed my face, “no man has ever gotten me off while fucking me.”

She slowly lifted and moved over, “thanks.”

I looked at her as mom, Honey and Dakota chuckled. I grinned and relaxed as I tried to remember every second of what happened. I finally got out and grabbed my suit before heading into the pool house to shower. I rinsed the suit and hung it before I left and headed to the house. I was in my room setting out what I would wear the next day when Dakota came in.

She leaned against the door jam, “you did not want more?”

I glanced at her in her robe and smiled, “I would have fucked her to death if I had my way.”

She laughed as she opened her robe, “want to try me?”

I straightened, “all night?”

She grinned as she dropped her robe and walked in, “sure.”

She closed the door as she walked towards the bed and I walked to her and sat her down and laid her back. She grinned as she spread her legs and I knelt between them. I opened her trimmed pussy and leaned in to lick through it. I pushed my tongue into her as she humped and then started to nibble on her labia and moved to her clit.

It was not long before she was shuddering and humping constantly while sighing and moaning. I sucked and nibbled on her clit while teasing it with my tongue. Dakota was writhing around and within a few minutes she was spasming and jerking before finally covering her pussy. She wiggled all the way onto the bed as I stood and stalked after her.

I settled between her legs and kissed her before pushing into her warm pussy. She tilted her hips and spread her legs as my thick cock sank into her. She clutched me as I pulled back and started to fuck her with long thrusts to push into her deeper. She groaned and her pussy tightened as I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts.

I kissed her when she began to jerk and spasm while her pussy squeezed my cock constantly. She wailed and bucked and thrashed around as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I kept fucking her with long thrusts as she clung to me and her pussy became slicker. I started planting my cock a few minutes later.

I began to grind and hump while trying to push deeper. Dakota was howling as she convulsed when I buried my throbbing cock. I kissed her as my cock erupted and she gasped and thrust up while her pussy tightened and squeezed, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped and spewed and gushed and spurted until my cock was only throbbing. I held her as she panted and slowly pulled out to lay beside her. She shuddered and grinned at me before rolling onto her stomach and spreading her knees while tilting her hips. I grinned back and moved over and behind her before pushing into her cummy pussy.

We fucked for hours before going to sleep. Holding a girl while sleeping is different than anything I had ever experienced before. I woke when Dakota turned to kiss me before moving off the bed. It was Saturday but I wanted to be finished with the garage so I climbed out of bed. I went to shower and then got dressed and opened my door.

I peeked into mom’s bedroom since she had left the door open and stared at her on the bed. She was naked and I was looking at her butt before I slowly walked in and to the bed. I sat and reached out to feel her butt and her legs as she shifted and spread her legs, “mmm?”

I looked at her face and smiled as she tilted her hips. I stood and undressed before moving onto her bed and over between her legs as she spread her knees. I positioned my cock and pushed into her very warm and slick pussy. I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly as she opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder at me, “um... baby?”

I buried my cock as it throbbed and kissed her bare shoulder, “yes?”

She pushed back as her pussy squeezed and she shuddered, “mmmm!”

I grinned as I humped and slowly jabbed in and out, “yeah your pussy feels great.”

She laughed and pushed back, “okay honey fuck me.”

I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts that I kept pushing into her nice and deep. It did not take her long to moan louder and spasm while her pussy tightened around my cock, “aaahhhh!”

A few more and she was kicking the bed and wailing as her pussy clenched and grasped my cock. I fucked her with long deep jabbing thrusts and she howled and thrashed as she pushed back. It was several minutes before I shoved into her as she spasmed and began to gush thick spurts of cum.

She gasped and shook even harder, “baby!”

When I was finished I pulled out slowly and laid beside her. I rubbed her butt as she panted, “sorry but I could not resist.”

She giggled and looked at me, “it was a good way to wake up.”

I laughed as I pulled her out of bed, “and now I need another shower.”

She smiled as she pulled me after her and into her bathroom and shower. After I dried her I dressed before going to get breakfast and started working. It was noon before I finished, mom and the girls had left in mom’s car so I went to wash. I made lunch and cleaned up before stripping and going to lay out by the pool.

I woke to Honey straddling me and rubbing her slit on my growing cock. She smiled, “hey sexy.”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples, “want something?”

She shuddered and humped before lifting to position my cock and slowly impaling her pussy, “the code to park my car in the garage.”

I smiled, “can it wait until I cum?”

She bounced and grinned, “yeah.”

I groaned as my cock slid into her until it hit her cervix. She started rolling her hips as her pussy constantly squeezed my cock. She twisted and began to wail and spasm and I tugged on her nipples. She jerked back and forth and rubbed her pussy on me, “ooohhh!”

I held her breasts and started to knead them as she rolled her hips and rubbed her pussy back and forth. She twisted and shook while her pussy was constantly squeezing. I began to hump and thrust up as she rocked and wiggled while shaking. She howled and screamed as she bounced and pressed down to grind her pussy on me.

I continued to thrust up as her pussy became slipperier. It was awhile before I held her hips and pulled her down tight as my cock gushed thick spurts of cum. She jerked and her pussy clenched around my cock as it kept flooding her. When I was done she laid on me with a sigh, “I could get used to that.”

I rubbed her back as she caught her breath before she turned her head to look into my eyes. I kissed her, “stay there and you will have to.”

She grinned and then laughed before lifting her hips and then sitting up and slowly standing. She moved to the side as I sat up and then stood. I led her out to the garage and showed her the code and gave her a kiss, “thanks.”

She grinned and watched me walk into the house. I went to wash and then put everything I had used away before going to my room. I laid back with my hands behind my head as I tried to think of something to do. I glanced at mom when she walked in naked and she smiled as she crossed to the bed, “being lazy?”

She crawled onto the bed and laid beside me to caress my stomach and then rub and stroke my cock. I shuddered and grinned, “trying to think of something to do.”

Mom grinned and pulled on me as she laid back and I turned and moved over her. I settled between her legs and lifted to push into her warm pussy. She sighed and wiggled as I began to fuck her slowly, “you could build me a sauna.”

She was humping up as I thrust into her and her pussy began to grasp my cock. I kissed her and continued to fuck her with long deep strokes. She shuddered and her pussy tightened before she wrapped her legs around my waist and moaned, “mmmmm!”

I buried my cock against her cervix and started rubbing and grinding. She spasmed a minute later as she wet me and wailed, “honey!”

I fucked her hard and deep and she spread her leg in the air while howling. She thrashed and bucked while her pussy constantly squeezed. I kept fucking her firmly with deep strokes while kissing her and she clutched me tight, “yyyyeeeeessssssss!”

It was a few minutes before I shoved into her and pressed into her as I pumped spurts of cum. Mom wiggled and hugged me while her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done I gave her another kiss before pulling out and laying beside her, “so you want a sauna. For a dozen people or smaller?”

Mom turned and kissed me before moving off my bed, “a dozen will be large enough.”

I followed her out of bed, “off the pool?”

She grinned as she walked out, “that sounds good.”

I went to my desk and began drawing up plans before ordering what I needed. I went out into the pool area and looked around before grinning as I went into the pool house and opened the side door into the yard. I closed it and walked out and dove into the pool for a swim and then laid back on the lounger.

I heard mom and the other women laughing as they walked out. Lacy walked towards me as the others headed for the spa. She sat beside me and rubbed my chest, “want to share my bed tonight?”

I grinned, “sure.”

She bent to kiss me and stood to go join the others in the spa. I finally went into the pool house to shower and wash the chemicals off. I dried and went to the house and started dinner and a minute later mom walked in. She grinned as she began to help me and then it was Lacy, Honey and Dakota.

After dinner I cleaned up and went to start a movie in the study I had changed into a theater room. Lacy followed me a minute later and grinned as she straddled me on the wide theater seat and slowly sat on my cock. I caressed her hips, “could not wait for bed time?”

She wiggled and gave me a kiss, “movie theaters make me horny.”

I grinned as she began to rub her pussy back and forth. It kept grasping my cock and she started to sigh and then moan. It was not long before she was rocking hard and almost bouncing. Her pussy became very slick and she was shuddering hard. She jerked a few minutes later and wailed as she wet me, “aaaahhhh!”

She twisted and spasmed while her warm slippery pussy constantly grasped my cock. I shuddered and shifted forward before standing. Lacy wrapped her legs around my waist as I walked out and I heard mom, Honey and Dakota laughing. I walked into my bedroom and to the bed before sitting and rolling.

I kissed Lacy and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She lifted her legs into the air as her pussy kept clenching, “ooohhhh!”

I kissed her and continued to fuck her with deep thrusts that constantly pushed against the back of her pussy. She wiggled and began bucking as she wet me and howled, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

She was jerking and kicking in the air as I began to fuck her harder with long deep strokes. She started to thrash and spasm while her pussy continued to grasp my cock. She wiggled and struggled and I finally buried my cock as it throbbed. I kissed her as I began to gush and spew spurts of cum.

She twisted and clutched me as her pussy massaged my cock, “YES!”

When I was done pumping sperm into her I grinned and pulled out before moving and rolling her over. I straddled her legs and sank my cock into her slimy pussy and she groaned and shuddered. I fucked her once more before just holding her as she fell asleep. I woke to someone caressing me and opened my eyes to see Honey.

She stroked my cock and whispered, “I am horny.”

I looked at Lacy before rolling away and out of bed. I caught Honey’s hand and pulled her out and after me to her room. I pulled her to the bed and pulled her night gown off and laid her back on the edge. I felt her pussy and rubbed her clit as she shuddered and humped. Her pussy was warm and very wet and slippery.

I moved closer and slowly buried my cock. I bent over her and gave her a kiss before standing. I held her waist and pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She humped and thrust up as her pussy began to tighten and grasp my cock. She moaned and wiggled and grinned as I started to finger and rub her clit.

It was a couple of minutes before she began to wail as she thrashed around, “aaaahhhh!”

I fucked her hard for a couple more minutes and she screamed and bucked while spasming. She wet me and her pussy constantly clenched as she kept jerking, “fffuuccckkkk!”

I went back to slower strokes and began to rub and try to push deeper each time I buried my cock. It was several minutes before she began to convulse as she screamed. I fucked her hard as I tried to cum and she bucked and struggled until I shoved into her at the last moment. She shuddered and her pussy gripped my cock as I began to pump strong spurts of cum.

She sighed and wiggled as her pussy began to massage and milk the sperm out of my cock. I shuddered and held her until I was done and pulled out. I turned her as she panted and climbed into her bed and laid behind her before pushing my cock back into her now slimy pussy. She kept pushing back as I humped and fucked her slowly.

After I came the next time she slowly relaxed and fell asleep. I woke and glanced at Honey before looking at the hint of light in the window. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom before slipping into the shower. A minute later I turned as Dakota stepped into the shower with me.

She grinned and reached out to stroke my cock before pressing against me, “want to help me exercise this morning?”

I caressed her hips, “sure.”

She pulled me out and we dried off before she pulled me to her room. She grinned as she laid me on the floor before standing with one foot on each side of my hips. She squatted and grinned as she held my cock up and slowly pushed down until I was buried. She sighed and began lifting up and dropping to bury my cock.

It was a few minutes before she groaned and went to her knees. I grinned and reached for her breasts to knead them, “next exercise?”

Her pussy tightened and she shivered before she grinned. She slowly lifted off and pulled me up. She had me kneel and sit back on my legs. She laid down and moved closer until she was in my lap and I had to bend my cock as she wiggled it into her. She shuddered as her pussy squeezed, “hold me against you.”

I held her hips and she began to lift her hips up before lowering them and pushing. It was several minutes before she groaned and shuddered. I grinned and pushed her back and pulled out. I turned her over and spread her legs before pulling her hips back and pushing into her pussy. I rubbed her ass, “push ups.”

After that we did a few more before I pulled her up and laid her back on the edge of the bed. I held her legs up and spread before I pushed into her, “my turn.”

She grinned as I held her legs and began to fuck her long, hard and deep. It was not long before she bucked and spasmed and then wailed. A few more minutes and I shoved into her and held her as I spewed cum. She jerked as her pussy clenched and massaged my cock. She wiggled and shuddered as I filled her before letting her legs go and bending to give her a kiss.

I stood and pulled out, “well that was fun but I need to go see mom about a baby.”

She laughed as I headed for the door and went to mom’s room. She was not asleep and smiled when she saw me, “morning honey.”

I climbed in and lifted her sheet to move over her. I pushed into her slowly as I gave her a kiss and she put her arms around me. I settled before pressing and fucking her slowly, “want another baby mom?”

She has had two so far and loves being pregnant. Lacy, Honey and Dakota stayed all the way through college and then began talking about starting a family. I went to a trade school and got my contractors license.
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