This is chapter nine of the true stories of Sadie, (my wife) and David (me). How we met, discovered, schemed and molded our sexual lives, beginning in the nineteen sixties, the height of the sexual revolution. Characters and events in this chapter depend on references and descriptions from earlier chapters. So if you have not yet read the previous chapters, we hope you will consider going back and reading them first, starting with, Sadie 01 – Prelude and Awakening.
Sadie – Chapter 9 – U. C. Berkley, Freshman Year

Three weeks after I returned home from Mobile, I was on the Daylight Express to San Francisco with a Taxi ride over to U. C. Berkley as a brand new college freshman, majoring in Psychology, headed (hopefully) to law school to follow in my parents footsteps.

It’s not that my parents were forcing me into law, I really wanted to be a lawyer. I had worked as an intern in their law offices on and off, and I was fascinated by the whole process of law. My parents were both partners in a firm that handled corporate cases, representing several large corporations including a hand full of Fortune 500 companies in the Western United States. The whole process of buying and selling companies and exchanging millions, if not billions of dollars was simply amazing to me. I wanted to be right there in the trenches!

They wanted me to go to Harvard, their alma mater, that’s where they had met, in their second year at Harvard law. I wanted to go to a state school, with a great reputation for the more “salt of the earth” kind of people. In the late sixties and early seventies, Berkley seemed just the right place for me. My parents were not too disappointed, and they were very cool about letting me choose my own way, and as long as it was law, they were more than happy. Besides, they held out hope that when I got my undergraduate degree, I might still get accepted to Harvard Law.

Several times in those few weeks before I left, my brother Marty and sister Susan spent late nights, sometimes all night in my room “saying goodbye”. It was a fun couple of weeks, Marty and I shared the affections of our sister who couldn’t get enough of her two brother’s attentions, and we spared no amount of energy satisfying her every need along with our own.

Mom and Dad were overjoyed at how we were getting along so well and often gave us those “parent doe-eyes” and spoke in revered tones of how we would always be the best of friends forever. We thought so too. We were pretty damn good friends right now, for sure!

Before we left Mobile, our group of cousins and friends had spent some long nights in the tree house, always naked, talking about the next couple of years and what it meant to us as friends, partners and lovers of recreational group sex. All of us agreed that there was no jealousy among us, that we all enjoyed sex for the simple pleasure of it and that our emotional bonds were as strong as iron, regardless of our sexual escapades. I thought we might have been fooling ourselves at the time, but as it turns out, since we had formed those bonds in our formative years, they eventually did bind us like steel for the rest of our lives.

Sadie and I agreed that it was fine for us to have sexual adventures while we were away from each other and we made only one rule; we would write each other and describe our exploits in detail. As it turned out, those letters were some of the best parts of our sex lives together. We both agree that we wish we could simply publish them here. To our recollection, they were steamier than anything we could write about today. Unfortunately, as part of our secrecy pact, they were burned as soon as they were read and none survive. So the best we can do is try and recreate some of them from memory.

Sadie went back to high school with Jen and they continued to spend sleepovers at each other’s houses and talk about boys, girls and sex in general. But now Jules and Kat were regulars in their rooms, and occasionally Jess, when she was home from school. Just like my parents, Auntie Abby and Uncle Sean, were thrilled that their daughters were getting along so well together.

As much as they all loved sex, they weren’t of a mind to be thought of as the school sluts, especially in that day and age and in the Deep South, so for a while, they kept to themselves at their sleepovers and mostly contented themselves with talk about boys.

As for me, at Berkley, I stepped out of the taxi and moved into Barrington Hall near the U. C. campus. A couple years earlier it had made the news by becoming one of the first co-ed dorms in the U. C. system. Mom wasn’t too pleased with that, but Dad seemed fine with it.

Before that, dorms were all mono-sex. Boys in one building, girls in another. Then, with the sexual revolution, they slowly became co-ed, but were still divided by floors, girls on one floor, boys on the next and nary a person of the opposite sex should ever be found on the wrong floor for fear of being kicked out of the dorm or worse, kicked out of school.

Barrington Hall, by the time I arrived, was fully integrated with boys and girls still officially assigned to separate rooms, but girls rooms and boys rooms were liberally sprinkled among each other on the same floors and there was little or no policing of who was in what particular room at any given time.

I moved my Southern California surfer style self into a small room with two beds, two desks and two dorm style upright wooden lockers. The halls were painted with graffiti and murals. My room had the names of countless previous residents and dates scrawled on the walls.

My new roommate, Jeff Dunwoody, was a tall, long haired freshman who wore ragged cut-off jeans beneath a faded serape vest over a tie-dyed tee shirt with a worn pair of Huarache Sandals. He used words like “Dude” and “Boss” and pretended to be mellow and “cool”.

At first I was shocked at the condition of the dorm and the diversity of the residents but as I was moving my stuff into my room, a plethora of women passed me in the hall, tall short, fat, thin, ugly and amazingly beautiful women, all moving in and setting up housekeeping side by side with the boys.

I knew I’d made a good choice when a tall blonde with straight hair down to her waist, wearing a tie dyed knee length tee-shirt under a macramé belt, a carved wooden peace symbol on a beaded hemp necklace and a daisy-chain headband stopped me, took my cheeks in each hand and planted a wet tongue filled kiss on my mouth. Still holding my face, she looked me in the eye and said “Hi, I’m Starshine. I’m in the room across the hall.” Then she winked and disappeared down the hall with two other friends dressed variously the same way, giggling and looking back over their shoulders as they went.

“Hi.” I said under my breath as they moved out of ear shot. “I’m Sunbeam, I might be in the right place… is this the Twilight zone?” I shook my head and carried the last of my things into my room.

“Dude! That was like Starshine, you know?” Jeff said “Like wow! She likes you!”

“Yeah, she told me her name.” I said blandly.

“Yeah, like totally boss, she’s like the hottest chick on the floor Dude, but she’s a mean one, like totally a bummer if you try to come on to her ya know?” He drawled.

“Bummer, Like Totally.” I said rolling my eyes behind his back, as I started unpacking and putting things away in the small dresser and closet on my side of the room.

To move into Barrington Hall, one had to sign a U.S.C.A. or University Student’s Cooperative Association agreement to the house rules. Basically you paid money into the cooperative that bought food and supplies for the house and you had to pitch in with service hours to the house like cooking, or maintenance or cleaning. So I was assigned to a maintenance team and for my freshman year I spent several hours each week fixing broken things, which occurred fairly regularly.

Getting used to Barrington Hall was quite interesting. There was plenty of music, with all kinds of up and coming bands playing at weekend parties and lots of booze and weed. There were nude dinners which generally degenerated into some form of food fight or maybe even minor orgies and there was a certain underground style of people who lived there and their friends who came and went freely.

There were rooms where couples lived openly and it was not uncommon to spend the night in somebody else’s room. It was an altogether very strange and interesting place. I came home from class one day to find Starshine sitting on the floor in front of my room painting a somewhat colorful mural on my door. She looked up at me with a huge smile, pushed open the door to let me in and closed it behind me after I entered. I just shook my head and sat down to start writing a report that was due in a couple of days.

Jeff came in and said, “Dude, did you know that Starshine is like painting this, like, existential, galactic, temporal mural on our door?”

“Yeah, like, psychedelic man.” I said “Do you even know what that means?”

He looked at me curiously but couldn’t come up with a response. I wondered how he got accepted into college. Turns out he was a literature major. Go figure.

Two hours into my report Starshine came in without knocking and said “I marked your door with a peace portal so you’ll always have the proper Zen. It’s important to keep your space centered.” Then she left. I was really having some difficulty with this hippy stuff, but it was extremely entertaining. I opened the door to find a large peace symbol painted to look like carved stone in the center, surrounded by the curving branches of a large tree that were shaped like nude women, crowned with astrological symbols on a deep blue sky. It was extremely erotic and actually very well painted. She had a talent.

I had sent Sadie my address when I first arrived and a brief letter telling her I’d had safe travels, and a little about Jeff and Starshine and all the other strange people and things in my new life. About two weeks later I got my first letter back from Sadie.

Dear David,

I got your letter and it’s so exciting. I wish I could be there with you. It sounds really amazing. I’m back in plain old high school with Jen and everybody.

We’ve been having sleepovers with Jules and Kat and we’re really having a lot of fun. We lock the door and sit on the floor naked and tell stories. Mostly sexy ones about the last few months at Uncle Jakes beach house and the tree house. Sometimes we make up stories about boys, about teasing them and surprising them, and we always end up making out and giving each other amazing climaxes. Kat has gotten really good at finding just the right spot and she drives me crazy. She’s my favorite. She can make me come in just a couple of minutes over and over again. Oh, my. I’m getting wet right now just telling you about it.

Jen and I talked about finding some boys but everyone we could think of is a jerk or too immature. The jocks all want to brag about everything, the Nerdy boys don’t know what to do, and we don’t want people to think we are the school sluts. (Even though we already are kind of)

She drew a little smiling face here with a tongue sticking out.

So we decided to go over to the University and see what we could find. Those boys might brag to their friends but it won’t get back to our school and besides they’re probably a little more experienced than the high school boys.

My Lord David, that was THE best Idea we ever had. Saturday night Jen and Jess and I got dressed in jeans and shirts and told our mamma’s we were going to the movies at the AMC but we took our party dresses and heels and changed in the car. We went over to the university and kind of drove around until we found a big party going on at one of the houses nearby. Lots of college girls and boys there. It was exciting.

We parked the car and just walked right up to the front door like we were invited. Nobody stopped us. My heart was POUNDING I was so excited. We went inside and looked around for a minute. A guy came up to us and handed us all a beer. He was a little bit cute but not what we were looking for. ( I don’t really know what we were looking for actually.) I took a big swallow and nearly gagged but I managed to keep it in. I never knew beer was so nasty! I left the bottle on the table. Besides, I didn’t want to get drunk.

Anyway, after a while we found this guy standing in the corner talking to a girl who looked like she was trying to get away from him. He was a real hunky guy. Maybe a football player or something, big chest, big arms wavy black hair in a tight tee shirt. He looked almost like James Dean. He was leaning over the girl with his hand on the wall above her shoulder so she was kind of trapped there.

Jess said “That’s him.”

I said “Who?”

She said “That’s our guy. Smug, self assured and he won’t know what hit him.”

Jen and I smiled and Jen said “Let’s go!”

We walked right over to him and Jess said to the girl, “Is this guy bothering you honey?” and the girl rolled her eyes like “You have no idea.” And Jess said “Go ahead and find a nice boy, we’ll take care of this guy.” The girl ducked under his arm and left and the guy just stood there staring down at my boobs not saying anything. I had on a really cool low cut dress that makes me stand out really nice.

I said, “Hey, you want to look at my face?” and pointed to it. Jess muffled a giggle but Jen laughed out loud.

When he looked up Jess grabbed him by the crotch and said “You gotta show a little more respect for the girls fella.” And she squeezed him until he winced and doubled up. “Come with me” she said, real stern like, and dragged him into the little bathroom right around the corner. Jen and I went in too and Jen locked the door behind us. You like these? Jess said pointing to my boobs. And the guy just stared and nodded his head.

“So do I.” She said as she reached behind me and pulled my zipper down. She peeled the top of my dress back and caressed my breast. I was so excited I almost came right there. My nipples were so hard I could feel them. My panties were getting soaked. The guy’s eyes opened real wide and Jess bent over and sucked on one of my nipples. The guy was just staring and Jess was still holding him by the crotch. He still hadn’t said a word! It was TOO much fun!

She pulled my dress down and I stepped out of it with nothing on but my underpants and heels. I could tell he was really getting worked up. He reached up to touch me but Jess slapped his hand and said “Uh, uh pal, not ‘til I say so.” And he put his hand back down. Then she peeled his shirt off over his head and laid it on the counter by the door and knelt down in front of him and started to unbuckle his belt.

At that, Jen stripped naked right there and I took my panties off too. When Jess had his jeans and boxers off, she folded them real neat and lay them on the counter with his shirt and Jen knelt down and took the guy in her mouth. He leaned back against the counter with his head back. And Jess took off her clothes and started licking on his balls. Jen worked on him a little while but stopped to let him calm down a bit, but I was so wet by this time I simply couldn’t wait. I climbed up his legs and put my knees on the counter and kind of guided him to me with one hand. He looked at Jess as if to say “Is it ok now?” She shrugged her shoulders and I lowered myself down on him. O my goodness, it felt so good to have a guy in me again. I really miss you. It only took me about thirty seconds to come really hard and I guess they must have heard me outside because somebody knocked on the door and asked if I was alright.

Anyway, Jen pulled him away from the counter then bent over it and he put it in her from behind. All the time Jess was rubbing herself and she came once while Jen was getting it. While Jen was having her fun I put my clothes back on and when Jen had a good orgasm she stopped and Jess pushed the guy down on the toilet seat, then sat down on him backwards and started rotating her hips in little circles.

Jen got dressed and when Jess came again, she got up and I bent down and started licking him just to keep him busy. Jess got dressed and the guy never even realized he was the only one naked now. Just when the guy was about to explode, I stood up and said “Thanks buddy, we had fun!” Jess picked up all his clothes, except his shoes on the floor and his socks which he was still wearing, opened the door and we left the guy sitting on the John naked and unfinished with his little guy standing at attention and the door wide open with the whole party crowd standing around looking in and gawking!

We ran out the front door hooting and hollering and laughing like crazy people, with Jess waving the guys boxers in the air like a captured Yankee battle flag! We jumped in the car and sped away and tossed his clothes out the window about ten blocks away. We laughed all the way home and when we got home we had to do each other again just because the memory was so hot! Oh yeah, we had to stop behind the A&W and get our jeans back on in the car! Almost couldn’t do it we were laughing so hard!

Well, that’s about it from Mobile. Other than that, school is ok. I like my classes and my teachers. I think I’ll get pretty good grades this year.

Remember, you have to burn this letter after you read it. Tell me about your stories soon! Have you done it with that Starlight girl? Is there anyone else there you can tell me about?

Love you always,


There were also some hearts and XO’s under her name. I burned the letter, but not for a few days. I had taken care of myself as I read it and I read it a few more times for the same purpose but after three or four days I put a match to it in the bathroom and flushed the ashes down the toilet.

Dear Sadie,

Berkley is pretty cool. I told you about some of the strange stuff going on, especially around Barrington Hall, but I also have some cool classes, well, I do now anyway. I had to transfer out of one into another psychology class. I have a couple of classes with over a hundred students. The professors just lecture and you don’t get much chance to ask questions or discuss things. Just have to study and write papers. Sure different than high school.

Yesterday I was in my room studying and Starshine came in (She never knocks) and said she needed me to look at her plumbing. I went over to her room with her and then stood there kind of stupid like and said “Um, there isn’t any plumbing in here.”

She said, “Oh, yes there is and I need you to work on it right away!” so she sat on the bed and lifted up her tee-shirt, no panties. She spread her legs and looked down at herself like there was a problem there. She wiped one finger up her slit and showed it to me, shiny wet and said “See, I think it’s leaking!”

I could only laugh, but I knelt down to wipe her dry with the hem of her tee shirt and she slammed her knees together, like she was embarrassed. I pushed them apart, spread her lips apart with my fingers and dabbed inside a little bit. She sucked in her breath and pushed her knees together and pulled her tee shirt down and covered up. I stood up and said, “Well, I think that should take care of it Miss, but let me know if you have any further problems.” And I walked back to my room. Sadie, it was all I could do to walk out, I was trying really hard not to laugh, but she’d been teasing me since I got here and I wanted her to know I could give as well as I could get.

Anyway, a few seconds later she came storming across the hall to my room, mad as hell and now butt naked. She slammed the door and said “What the fuck is wrong with you ass hole? Don’t you have any idea when somebody’s coming on to you? Have you ever even done it before? I’ll bet you’re some little momma’s boy virgin aren’t you?” Wow, she was really nasty! But she had no idea!

I almost laughed but I said “Are you done?”

“No, I’m not done!” and she held her arms out and turned around and said “What’s the matter, is this not good enough for you? Or maybe you don’t like girls!”

So I said “Are you done now?”

And she said “Yeah, fine I’m done.” And she crossed her arms and stood there with a real nasty attitude. But it was all I could do not to crack a smile because attitude just wasn’t working well with naked.

To tell you the truth, she was pretty hot. She always wore that big tee-shirt and I never could really tell what was underneath. She was about the same height as me, like I told you before, long blonde hair. Nice boobs, maybe between C and D, flat tummy, long legs. Her body was kind of like Jess just to make a comparison.

Anyway, I stood up, grabbed her by the arm and pushed her pretty hard down on the bed. She started to get up with a mean look on her face and I pushed her back down and said “Sit still!” pretty mean. She sat back down but crossed her legs and folded her arms over her chest. I said, “You’ve been playing the coy vixen since I got here and now you come over here playing silly games like you’re some impossible to resist sex goddess and you expect boys will just fall all over themselves for your sexy body, and a lot of the stupid ones will, and you think that’s attractive and satisfying?”

Her eyes got pretty big and she bowed her head down a little so her hair fell over her face and hid it from me. I guess I just really called her out on the truth and she kind of shrunk down and didn’t say anything but I saw a tear splash on her leg.

“How many guys have fallen for that act?” I asked her.

“Enough.” She said, quiet now.

“How many is enough?” I said.

And she said “Three.” Real shy now. “One in High School and two here.”

“So you’ve only been with three boys. How’d those work out for you?”

“OK. They were happy enough.”

“What about you? Were you happy?”

After a pretty long pause she shook her head and said, “No, not really.” So soft I could barely hear her and another tear landed in the same spot.

Sadie, it was pretty sad really. I could tell something was really wrong so I sat down next to her and pulled my quilt up over her shoulders just so she wouldn’t be the only naked person in the room and told her to just talk to me.

She burst out crying and started telling me everything. Like a flood of words. She said she was kind of a nerdy girl from a small town in Utah. A bookworm, studied all the time, got perfect grades and was valedictorian of her class. But she hadn’t even got a date to the Senior Prom. Her real name is Penelope Horne, and I guess she wore glasses and her hair up in a bun and wore granny dresses and flat shoes all the time. Nobody even called her Penny, always Penelope. So when she came to Berkley, she decided to make herself over with a cool new hippy name. She got contacts, wore her hair down and started wearing hippy clothes to be part of the culture. She decided she was going to have sex with everyone she could so she would be popular since she never was in high school and nobody knew her here so she could act like she had experience and everything but then she was too afraid to actually do it and this was only the third time she had tried it. She was just trying too hard.

Sadie, Imagine! The hottest looking, most confident girl on the floor is all an act. She’s totally insecure, putting on a huge fake front and scared to death underneath.

She told me there was one boy in High School that paid a little attention to her but he was as nerdy as she was. Chess club and Science League and all that, and she went on a date with him but after the movie he parked in the hills and convinced her to give him a hand job. She finally gave in because she thought that’s what all the popular girls do but when he came, he just zipped up his pants and drove her home and never asked her out again.

Then here, she tried the same stunt she tried with me and the first guy came before he could get his thing out and left real fast, all embarrassed. The second guy was rough and wanted her to suck him first but she thought it was nasty and she wouldn’t do it so he just climbed on top of her, put it in, broke her cherry, came inside her, got dressed and left her in bed hurt and crying.

Anyway, I felt pretty sorry for her and I told her I was sorry I was flippant with her, but asked her if she really wanted to be with jerks that couldn’t even be nice to her? So I went over to her room, got her clothes and brought them back over and told her to get dressed, and since it was nearly dinner time I called a taxi and took her over to Fisherman’s Warf and bought us dinner.

You know Sadie, while we were riding over there I realized that I’ve never even bought you dinner. You’re my girlfriend and we’ve never actually been on a date. How did that happen? I promise I’ll make it up to you as soon as I see you again!

So anyway, I took her out and we got Clam Chowder in a bread bowl, (that stuff was really good!) and some crab legs and we just walked along the wharf and talked. She’s a physics major here! Like some kind of genius scientist girl. Who would have known by the way she was acting?

Well, I told her about you and Jen and the cousins except without names, except yours. But I didn’t tell her about Marty and Susan. I thought that might freak her out. She said “Well, I guess that kills my stupid momma’s boy virgin tirade.” We laughed about that but she said it sounded kind of sexy and that you were really lucky to have a boyfriend like me. (Actually I’m the lucky one) and she wondered if she’d ever have the nerve to try anything like that. I told her she needed to take it a little slower and not just jump the first guy that walks into the room.

On the way back to the hall she leaned over and kissed me in the taxi. When we got back, her room mates were out and I gave her a kiss, but she looked inside her room, then pulled me inside and put her arms around me and gave me another huge, long kiss. I kissed her back, real gentle like and just put my arms around her waist and held her for a while. She pulled away after a few seconds and pulled her shirt off over her head, then undid my jeans and pulled them off.

She pulled me over to her bed and lay down and pulled me on top of her and just spread her legs and tried to get me in her right away. I told her to wait a little and I started kissing down her neck and breasts and down to her stomach. I pinched her nipples a little and she sighed like she liked it so I kept playing with her boobs while I moved down and started kissing the crease between her legs and her mound. Then I worked over to her clit and sucked it while I rubbed it with my tongue.

She said “Oh, God David, I’ve never felt that before!”

I just kept licking and sucking and I pushed a finger in. She bucked up in my face and it was kind of hard to maintain contact so I held her hips down and kept going. It only took about a couple of minutes but she had an orgasm that was as good as any you guys had last summer. When she calmed down, I kissed my way back up to her mouth and we just lay there and made out for a while.

Finally she started grinding her hips against me so I rolled her over so I was underneath and told her to do whatever she wanted. She tried getting me inside her but she didn’t have any experience so I shushed her and helped guide myself in. She pushed down a little and felt it for a while then slowly started rocking up and down until I was all the way inside her. Then she stopped again and kissed me for a long time like that, all the way in, but not moving much. You know I love that! Reminded me of you! Actually I remember thinking, “I wish Sadie were here.” It would have made you really horny.

She started pushing up and down and I let her do all the work until she had a little chilling orgasm. “Ohhh, that was nice. Thank you David.” She said.

She started moving her hips again and after a little bit lost all control and started bouncing up and down so hard it was almost painful. But I let her keep going until she had another orgasm only really, really hard this time and she collapsed down on my chest and lay there for a while until she fell asleep. I rolled her off me and pulled the covers up over us and spooned her from behind and put it back in. She kind of pulsed around me while she slept and I moved in and out just a tiny bit until I finally came and then just held her until it got soft and squeezed out.

After a while she woke up and turned her head towards me. “You didn’t do it did you?”

I said “Yea, actually I did. You were asleep. Are you alright?”

She said “Oh, God yes! I never knew it could be that unbelievable. Thank you for being sweet to me and talking to me and stuff.” And she pulled my face over and kissed me, then she pulled on my arm and I rolled over on top of her. I was getting hard again and this time I just slipped inside her and began to rock gently until she started breathing heavy again. She said “I want to feel you do it inside me.”

We just did it that way in the missionary style, kissing and doing it until I couldn’t last any longer. I came really hard, several times. And she closed her eyes and made a kind of humming sound while she felt me squirt inside her. Then, just when things were getting perfect in that soft relaxed after time, one of her roommates comes home and we can hear the key in the door. Penny pulled the covers up over us just in time as the door opened. Her roommates are Shirley and Kathleen. This was Kathleen. She tiptoed in so she wouldn’t wake up Penny and was half way to her bed when she realized I was there.

“Starshine? David?” We both smiled back above the top of the covers. “Cool!” She said and went about getting ready for bed. She wasn’t shy, she took off her clothes down to her panties right in front of the both of us, slipped on a nightgown and crawled into her own bed. I kissed Penny good night, slipped on my boxers and caught a glimpse of Kathleen watching me do it, then went across the hall to my own room.

At the same time I came out of the girls door, Jeff came out of our room and stopped when he saw me. “What… You and Starshine? Really? She’s like, mean, but hot and like a tease but she doesn’t… wow!” he said sounding incredulous.

“Maybe you need to start treating her nice” I told him, immediately positive that he was one of the Jerks she had told me about before. Probably Premature Ejaculation guy.

Anyway, it was great to feel like I helped someone kind of. And the sex was good too!! Now I have to see if I can get her to share.

Wish you could be here to help out!

Love you


P.S. Don’t forget to burn this!

The next time Jeff was at class and I was in studying, Penny quietly opened the door, locked it behind her, stripped off her clothes and lay down on my bed. I had taken to calling her Penny in private out of respect for the person she really was, not the act she put on for everyone else. I called her Starshine in public though just to keep up appearances for her. I looked up from my books, “I do need to get good grades you know.”

“And you need to relax some too.” She smiled back at me.

I sighed and got up from my desk, stripping as I went to the bed and lay down with her.

For the next few weeks, she came over to my room often and I sometimes went to her room when her two roommates were out. Jeff was jealous and probably a little more than embarrassed in front of Starshine, and he made sophomoric comments at every opportunity, but I simply ignored him as much as possible.

When she and I were together I told her stories of our time on the island and in the tree house in graphic detail. It turned her on and helped her come quickly. She got so she would come over, strip naked, lie down and say, “David, tell me another story.” And of course I wrote it all down for Sadie and sent her every detail.

When I had left for college with the memories of Sadie and our amazing summer behind me, I worried that being apart and having sex with other partners might eventually drive a wedge between us. But while we were indeed, by agreement, in the arms of others, the graphic letters that flowed between us with complete honesty, I am certain were the glue that bound us together, ever tighter. We didn’t compare our lovers with each other, any more than we had compared each other with our cousins and friends. They were each different in their individuality and sex with each of them was thrilling in so many different ways. Because our relationship had actually started in a multiple partner environment, there was absolutely no jealousy, but rather pure joy that the other was finding such satisfaction. And besides, receiving detailed descriptions of our erotic exploits was a huge turn on. Remember, that there was no internet to go find erotic stories on. Such writing was found in low-life book stores in the back room, visited by guys with bowed heads wearing trench coats, not respectable young people. So reading these letters from someone you knew personally and could visualize perfectly, was an incredible turn on.

One night when Jeff was going to be safely out of the room until late, Penny came over and stripped. We had adopted the Beach House Rules and whenever we were alone together, we were naked. She came over to my desk and pulled my shirt off over my head and said “What are you reading?”

“A letter from Sadie.” I told her, surprised that I felt a little embarrassed by that.

“Is it a good one?” She asked as she undid my belt and zipper.

“Yea, pretty much.” I told her while I lifted my hips so she could slide them off.

“Mmmm, must be!” she said noting the difficulty she had navigating my boxers over the stiffened obstacle underneath. “Would you read it to me?” She asked, sitting down on my lap, soft and warm, skin to skin.

I hesitated for just a moment, thought “What the heck?” and began:

My Dearest David,

We went crazy last night! You should have been here. You would have loved it! Jess drove Jen and me back up to the university and we cruised around and there were at least six parties going on all around the place!

We went in to one, but there was nothing exciting going on so we left and went to another one. This one was really crowded and there was a live band really rockin’ on the patio and everyone was dancing and having a great time. Plus there were a few couples here and there making out. One was right on the front lawn and the girl had her hands down the front of the guy’s pants RIGHT THERE IN THE OPEN!

We went inside and there were other couples making out and one of the girls had her shirt up and the guy was fondling her while they kissed and they didn’t even care that everyone could see them! Jen said “Yep! This is the place!” and Jess said “Yep!”

So we walked around for a while checking out all the guys and guess who we found in the kitchen talking up some girl like he was king of the world? Yep, that James Dean looking guy from the other week. When he saw us his eyes got real big and then he got this mad look on his face and came over right in front of us and said “Hey, you guys owe me a pair of jeans and a tee shirt!”

Jen looked up at him all cute and shy like and said. “Well, why don’t you find a friend or two and meet us upstairs and maybe we can work something out.” And she turned around and headed right over to the stairs looking over her shoulder at him. I thought the guy’s eyeballs would fall out right there, they got all wide again. And true story, David, the look she was giving the guy was so hot it was turning ME on!

So he grabbed some other guy who was standing next to the sink and said “Come with me.” And they followed Jen up the stairs like a couple of puppies with their mouths all hanging open and stuff.

Jess and I went up behind them and saw Jen peek into the first door in the hall, but she closed it and looked back and said “Bathroom.” Then she tried the next one and said “Oh, excuse me!” and closed it. The third one was locked but the fourth door was unlocked and there was nobody inside. It was like a dorm room with two beds and two desks all decorated different on each side of the room.

We followed the two guys inside just in time to see Jen slink out of her dress while she stared at James Dean right in the eyes. The other guy was practically slobbering on the floor. They just watched Jen as she undid her bra, felt herself up a few times then slid her panties down to the floor, never leaving the guy’s eyes. Nothing on but her high heels. It was SO hot. Oh, I got a shiver just writing that!

She put her hands on his chest and felt the muscles on his arms and said something under her breath I couldn’t really hear, then she knelt down in front of him, undid his belt and his jeans and pulled his thing out, it was already hard as it could get and she put it right in her mouth and started sucking. The guy tensed up all over and leaned his head back and Other Guy just stood there and stared and said “Holy shit!”

He took a step towards Jen but Jess pulled him back and said “Careful pal! That’s my little sis!” and the guy’s eyes bugged out like she was going to hit him or something. But instead she said, “I think I’ll take care of you myself.” And she grabbed his collar and pulled him down and kissed him right on the mouth!

I went and sat on one of the beds just to watch. Jess got Other Guy’s pants down and was on her knees doing him while Jen pulled James Dean over to the other bed and pushed him down on his back, then went back to work on him but she put her leg over top of him and sat on his face and they worked on each other for a long time.

Jess had Other Guy naked and was letting him pull off her dress so I leaned back and pulled my skirt up and started doing myself while I watched. It was SO HOT David, these two total strangers, we didn’t even know their names and they had no idea we were just high school girls. Well at least two of us anyway. And we never told them.

Anyway, Jess sat on the end of the bed I was on and lay back against the wall and Other Guy had the good sense to put his head down between her legs and start kissing her instead of just diving in. She moaned really loud when he did. It made Jen look up and she smiled at Jess, then turned around and sat down on James Dean all the way down and started bouncing up and down like a trampoline. I thought she was going to hurt him, or herself but of course he didn’t care, he was loving it and after a while, just to make sure I think, he grabbed her hips so she couldn’t get away and he came really hard inside her like five or six times.

Other Guy looked over and said “Holy Shit!” again. (The only two words he said the whole night! Ha Ha!) then he got up on his knees against the bed and pushed himself all the way inside Jess in one push. I know she liked it because she threw her head back and groaned real long and started pumping her hips back at him. I had two little orgasms just watching!

Oh, David, I have to admit, I’m having another one right now from writing this. It’s so hot just writing this to you and imagining you reading it I have to take a little break so I can calm down and keep writing!

As soon as I read that last part, Starshine clenched up and moaned in my ear and I realized that she had her hands between her legs and had just produced a nice orgasm of her own.
The added realization that I was now fully hard under her rear end caused a little twitch that she clearly felt so she rearranged herself on my lap until I slid nicely up inside her. “Go on.” She said and continued to rub herself while squirming and squeezing ever so slightly around me as she listened.

Ok! I’m back. (Guess you could tell!) I feel a lot better!

Anyway, I’m on the bed having my own little solo party watching Jess and Jen get done by these two hunky guys and my dress is hiked up around my waist and my hands are between my legs and my boobs are hanging out and all of a sudden the door opens and this guy and a girl look in and the guy makes a surprised noise and starts to close the door but the girl pushes it open and says, “Wait, let me see!”

I’m covering myself up but I don’t know why because everyone else in the room is stark naked and just DOING IT right there and they never even slowed down so I said, “Well don’t just stand there, come in or go out, but close the door!”

They looked at each other kind of startled and he started to back out but she pushed her way in and came over and stood against the wall next to my bed and stared back and forth between the two beds! The guy looked around a little bit, kind of confused and then he came in and closed the door behind him. He leaned against the door and stared at the whole scene. He kept glancing up at his girlfriend all nervous like, between her and what was going on, But I don’t think she ever looked back at him, just the other four going at it.

So at that point I figured it was all the same and I pulled my dress and panties off and went back to pleasing myself, but now I was looking at this new guy leaning against the door and thinking about what he must be thinking and he was standing there kind of nervous, with his hands over his crotch but I could tell he was rubbing himself through his pants but trying to look like he wasn’t. Oh my gosh David, Suddenly I just had this gush of wet leak out of me I was so turned on.

Pretty soon Wall Girl put her hands down in front of herself and started rubbing through her dress, then slowly hiked it up until she could put a hand under the front of her panties. She spread her legs a little and started moaning real soft and her hips started moving back and forth. When Door Guy saw that, he started rubbing himself harder like he didn’t care anymore who saw, and in just a couple of minutes he bent over and came RIGHT IN HIS PANTS!

As soon as that happened, Wall Girl shimmied off her underwear, spread her legs apart wide and leaned back against the wall, all-out rubbing herself like there was no tomorrow. I figured I had nothing to lose so I reached over and slid my hand up the inside of her thigh. She jerked a little when I touched her and looked down at me like she was going to say something but when I reached all the way up and rubbed around her slit she gasped and closed her eyes and put her head back.

I put two fingers inside her and rubbed on her clit with my thumb and her knees wobbled so she had to put her hands down on her thighs to hold herself up. I got off the bed and lifted her dress off then got down in front of her and put my fingers back in while I sucked on her lips and clit. She started breathing fast and making little sounds and rocking her hips and it only took me a minute to give her a really strong orgasm.

She collapsed on the bed and by now Door Guy had his pants down and was fully stroking himself so I went over to the door, grabbed him by his hard-on and pulled him over to the bed where Wall Girl was laying. He got the message and got between her legs and put it in. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in and they went at it right there with everyone else.

Since Other Guy was still working on Jess, and Jen had got off James Dean, I went over and lay down with them and James Dean rolled over on top of me. I let him put it in and started grinding my hips back and forth and Jen really blew his mind when she leaned in and started kissing me on the mouth while she fondled my breasts. I pushed under her with one hand and slid my fingers inside her and felt all the wet goo there and all matted in her hair and oozing out while I pushed in and out and rubbed her clit. James Dean couldn’t take that too much and he came hard with several hard jerks and grunts and rolled off, finding a seat on one of the desk chairs, leaning back panting and holding himself, still hard, in one hand.

I got up and went over to Wall Girl and started sucking on her nipples while Door Guy pumped in and out, fast as a jackrabbit, you know, like Marty does? So Jen went over to Jess and started kissing her and rubbing Other Guy’s balls. It didn’t take long for Other Guy to come really hard inside Jess and right after that, Door Guy and Wall Girl both came really hard together, or at least one right after the other.

After they calmed down a little, I think they kind of came-to, and realized what they had just done and Door Guy started whispering to Wall Girl and she whispered back and I could tell it was like an argument only they weren’t loud enough for me to hear exactly what they were saying, but I got the idea that He wanted to leave and she didn’t want to. He started pulling up his pants with one hand and picked up her dress with the other and put it over her but she stood up and tossed it back down and while he stumbled after her, kind of tripping over his pants around his knees, she went right over to James Dean, straddled him in the desk chair and sat down right in his lap all the way in. Door Guy looked around like “Now what?” and I could tell he was shocked that not only had his girlfriend had sex with him in public, but now she was doing it with some other guy in public!

He was standing there obviously in some state of shock and I could tell he was starting to get mad so before he could do anything stupid, I pulled him back down on the bed on top of me and said, “Don’t worry about her. She’ll still love you in the morning. But I haven’t had a decent orgasm yet so pay attention. Ok?”

He stuttered a little bit, but as soon as he got inside me he forgot all about what Door Girl was doing and in a couple minutes I had an amazing orgasm. It was so hard I think it scared him but it was a really good one and that set him off and after a little while he came really hard inside me and I had another tiny little chill orgasm.

James Dean came inside Wall Girl and pretty soon she had another one too, while Other Guy and Jess finished each other up, so us girls left the guys dazed and used up in the room, gathered up our clothes, (We let the boys keep theirs this time) and we scampered naked down the hall to the bathroom to clean up where we realized there were four of us in the room. Wall Girl was holding her clothes up to her chest and looking shy. “Um… Hi. I’m Sarah Mae.” And she stuck out her hand. We all shook it and told her our names. “That was amazing!” she said “I’ve never done anything like that before! It was SO COOL!”

I asked her if her boyfriend was going to be ok with it. She told me he better be. They only did it for the first time two weeks ago and only by themselves in private, and so far she’d never had an orgasm with him, until now anyway, he always finished too fast but since he already did it in his pants (we all giggled) she had her first orgasm with him inside her and she told us “thanks.” But she also said she’s never been so turned on as she was, doing it in front of other people and WITH other people. And also she said that the orgasm I gave her was the best one she ever had and I was the first girl she ever did anything with, but she said for sure I wouldn’t be the last.

She wanted to get our address and phone numbers but Jess put a stop to that and told her she’d do fine by herself now that she knew what she liked. When we all got dressed and cleaned up, she gave us all a hug but she gave me a really passionate tongue kiss that started my pants wetting up again. Oh wait, I didn’t have pants! Or maybe I did. Oh, I can’t remember now!

When we opened the door there was a crowd in the hall staring at us and we smiled at them all and walked down the stairs like it was the most natural thing in the world. When we got to the front door we ran to the car laughing and giggling like school girls. Which I guess we are, but it was so much fun. As soon as I got home I wanted to write you but I only got a couple of sentences done before I was too tired to see.

So, it’s the next day now and I’m pretending to do homework while I write this. I miss you David. This is the most exciting thing, writing these letters. Can’t wait to see you again. I want you inside me so badly.

All my love,


PS, Don’t for get to burn this!

As I finished reading, Penny lifted one leg up over and in front of me, turned to face me without ever letting me slip out of her, pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard while she ground her hips back and forth on my now VERY hard member and shuddered four or five times, letting little squeaks escape around our lips as she spasmed in multiple waves of orgasm. It took me only seconds to respond in kind and I jerked several pulses deep inside her and she leaned against me with her head on my shoulder.

“Will you write her about us?” she whispered.

“I already have.” I told her.

“Will you let me read the next one before you send it.” She said.

I smiled and considered the thought, “Sure.” I said and kissed her deeply.

“Then lets’ give you something to write about.” She said and stood up, leading me to the door. She peeked out, saw that there were only a couple of people far down the hall and dashed across to her room with me in tow, both still wearing the outfits we were born in. She closed the door behind us and put her finger to her lips and nodded her head over to the other side of the room. Kathleen was in her bed, snoring softly.

I started to protest but she put her finger up again and led me over to her bed. I went to pull the covers down and she shushed me again and lay down on top of her tie-dyed quilt, pulling me down with her.

In their little ‘L’ shaped room, the foot of her bed faced the side of Kathleen’s so my feet were pointing in the direction of Kathleen’s bed. Penny rolled on top of me with her head facing my feet and threw a leg over my shoulders. “Kiss me there like you did the first night.” She said and I reached up with my tongue and began to lick her and find her clit. She groaned a little and I felt her hands slide over my balls and up my hardness, for I was indeed very hard by now.

Then, suddenly I felt the unmistakable wet warmth of a soft mouth envelope me which aside from the suddenness of it, surprised me because of her relative inexperience and her previously stated idea that she found it gross.

I clutched her cheeks and pressed my tongue as deep inside her as I could reach, then licked down to her clit and back up, inside, then up to her rear. She flinched at that but moaned on my hardness and pressed herself down onto my face and I licked all around it and tickled it in the center, then moved back down to her lips and sucked them gently into my mouth and gave them a little nip with her teeth. Bad idea. She responded in kind and I immediately went back to licking gently.

I was suddenly aware of a strange quiet in the room and I craned my head around her leg to see Kathleen lying quietly on her side, eyes wide open and watching us intently. I could also see a slight movement under the covers about mid-way down her bed. And I could tell that Penny, while carefully bobbing her head up and down was staring back at Kathleen and their eyes were locked on one another. I lay back, resumed my task and proceeded to give Penny several nice little orgasms before she turned around and still looking over her shoulder at Kathleen, guided me (quite expertly now) into her very wet entrance and sat fully down on me pubic to pubic. She resting there only a moment before slowly rising, almost to the very tip, then sliding sensually back down. It was a slow, deliberate, repeated motion, designed not only for our pleasure, but for that of our voyeur.

After several minutes of this, she pulled off completely, turned around facing Kathleen and guided me back in, leaning back to present the fullest extent of the show to her roommate. Within seconds I heard a soft muffled scream, as if into a pillow and the bedsprings across the room squeaked repeatedly several times, then all was silent except for the soft squishing sound coming from between us. That did it for me and I jerked up and squirted several times, hard, then strained to keep it up until Penny could finish.

It took her a few moments more, but with help from my hand wrapped around in front of her, just before I became too limp to stay inside, she came handsomely and collapsed backwards onto my chest panting and sweating, my limpness sliding out and our combined fluids dripping down onto my thighs which elicited a small groan from the other side of the room.

We lay like that for ten or fifteen minutes and I finally rolled Penny off of me, tucked her, still naked, under her quilt and stole across the hall back to my room where I found my notebook and a pen.

Dear Sadie, I began,

I think Starshine might be getting the idea that a little group sex might be stimulating…

I had been excited about college before and was pretty sure I was going to like it. Now there was no doubt!

I finished my letter, sealed it and addressed it, then climbed into bed, fully relaxed and fell instantly into a fine, deep sleep.

Chapter 10 – Christmas Break & the People’s Park
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