At sixteen most guys are ready to stick their cock in any hole. I was no different but I had a mother and fourteen year old sister at home so other than glimpses of them two years ago I had never seen a girl. I had drawn most of my trust from my father out and invested in an idea that was paying off.

I glanced at mom as she carried her suitcase towards the door and stood. I went after her and carried the suitcase for her. She did something I did not expect and pressed her pelvis against me as she kissed me passionately.

I held her and groaned as my cock grew hard and she caressed my face, “I will only be gone overnight. Your sister is next door so keep an eye on her until I get back.”

I swallowed and nodded, “sure.”

She looked down and smiled at the bulge in my pants before turning to get into her car. She closed the door and looked out the window as she started the car, “when I get back we will talk about things.”

The way she said that had my cock throbbing as I watched her back out and drive off. I went back into the house and checked my air charter schedule. I had started with one used Lear jet and had six now and they were paid off finally. I went to make dinner and heard music from the backyard next door.

I hesitated before going out back and peeking over the fence. I blinked when I saw Nova laid back in a yard swing with her legs spread and in two slings. Mr Jones was fucking her and there were at least a dozen guys in a line. A sheet was over the metal beam and blocking everyone from seeing her.

Jin was sitting by her head talking as my sister shuddered and humped. When Mr Jones pulled out she sighed before another guy stepped up and pushed into her. I cleared my throat and Jin looked at me before gasping. I shook my head when Nova finally turned her head and saw me, “what are you doing?”

She looked at Jin as she stood and walked to the fence, “shush.”

I looked at her when she stopped, “why?”

She looked back, “Nova is the cum hole today.”

I looked at my sister, “and what happens when I tell my mother or the police?”

Her face went white and she could not speak. I glanced at her mother when she walked around the sheet, “what is wrong...”

She froze when she saw me and I looked at Jin, “each guy that fucked her will go to prison for ten years.”

Her mother walked to the fence, “she wanted...”

I gestured, “she is fourteen.”

She stopped and looked around and I saw several guys looking at me. I looked at her, “you better stop before I decide to let the police know. Nova comes home now and like she is or you will have the police visiting you.”

She turned as my sister struggled out of the swing and away from the sheet. Mr Jones walked towards me, “James, what do you need?”

I smiled, “the police.”

He stopped walking as he paled and I looked at his wife and Jin, “I think you better come over too.”

I watched my sister dress and run around the sheet and towards the gate. I turned and headed for the backdoor. Nova slammed the door when she came in, “I hate you!”

I nodded, “okay, I will call the police and have them put in jail.”

She opened her mouth before blushing, “what do you want?”

I gestured to the door when there was a knock, “bring them into the kitchen.”

I went back to dinner and glanced back when Mr and Mrs Jones walked in with Jin and sat down. I gestured to Nova, “sit.”

I looked at them, I knew Mr Jones’s type and had business with them many times, “how much?”

His face went red as my sister looked at him, “how much what?”

I looked at her, “money.”

She gasp, “they paid you money!”

Jin was looking at her father with wide eyes, “dad?”

He looked at his wife, “five hundred each.”

I nodded, “want to stay out of prison?”

He swallowed and nodded and I looked at his wife. She was hot, “Jin belongs to me.”

She looked at her daughter as she gasped. I looked at Jin, “you have been the cum hole before?”

She blushed and nodded and I looked at her father and he nodded. I looked at his wife, “I also need an... inflight attendant for weekend flights.”

She looked at her husband, “attendant?”

I smiled, “a cum hole for rich men.”

She hesitated before nodding and I looked at Mr Jones, “you have two hours to bring me guardianship papers for Jin. After that I will give my sister a douche personally and you will delete any pictures that were taken.”

He nodded and I gestured and they stood to leave. I looked at Jin and Nova sitting together after the door closed, “now you have a sister.”

Nova looked at me and then at Jin, “sister?”

I smiled, “and I am going to fuck both of you often.”

Jin grinned, “can we invite girlfriends over and stay naked?”

I laughed, “sure.”

I turned to the dinner I had started, “do not wash Nova.”

She came to hug me, “want to fuck me while I am slimy?”

I laughed, “yeah and then Jin and then her mother and then mom...”

They laughed and Nova pulled Jin back to her room. One hour later there was a knock and I held a large can of pepper spray as I looked out the peep hole. I opened the door to a couple of guys that moved towards me and I lifted the can and sprayed into their face. I closed the door as they fell while choking.

I went to the phone and called next door. When it was answered I started, “the men you sent are outside puking and the police are on their way. Tell all the guys that fucked my sister they can thank you for the next ten years in prison.”

I hung up and went straight to my room and got my father’s over and under shotgun. I loaded it and walked back to the front door and yanked it open. They two guys were coughing and holding clubs and looked at me with the shotgun. I aimed, “ready to die?”

They dropped the clubs and shook their heads. I gestured, “run and never come back or I will kill you.”

I watched them run to a car and went back inside. A minute later there was another knock and it was Mr Jones. He pleaded and begged me to call the cops off, the two men had been sent by one of the other men. He gave me the guardianship papers and I looked at him, “send your wife over in an hour.”

He nodded before turning away and walking home. I put the shotgun in the closet by the front door before going to look for my sister. She and Jin were in her room naked and giggling and moving everything around. She turned when the door opened and I smiled, “I will get the two of you a bigger bed.”

I walked to Nova and laid her back on the edge of the bed. I lifted and spread her legs while pushing my pants down. I pushed into her slimy cunt and buried my cock before rubbing her clit. I looked at Jin, “your mom will be over in an hour.”

She grinned as she sat beside us and reached between Nova’s legs. She moved my hand to finger and rub her clit so I pulled back and started to fuck her with long thrusts. Her pussy was so slimy my cock slipped in and out easily with little friction. A couple of minutes and she humped and shuddered and grinned at Jin, “mmmm!”

Jin laughed as she squeezed her clit and Nova wailed and thrashed around, “oooohhhh!”

I continued to fuck her long and deep and she wiggled and then writhed and finally thrashed as she wailed. I buried my cock to feel her warm pussy grasp and squeeze my cock. She shuddered and spasmed as she humped and bucked. I pulled back after a minute and began to fuck her again with deep thrusts.

I kept it up as I tried to cum and my sister was constantly wailing. It was awhile before I thrust all the way into her and bent to kiss her as my cock throbbed and then erupted. She jerked when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her. She clutched me as I continued to kiss her while filling her with cum.

When I stopped she sighed and I smiled, “a little different when the guy is kissing you and you are holding them.”

She looked into my eyes before smiling, “yeah.”

Her pussy pulsed and squeezed and I shivered before I stood and pulled out, “let me give you a douche.”

She grinned as she slid off the bed with Jin and pulled me after her and into the bathroom. It took three before clumps of cum stopped coming out. I rubbed her pussy when I was done and she shivered before grinning. I pulled them out and sent them to put a robe on as I went to put my pants on. I answered the door to see a nervous Mrs Jones.

I let her in and closed the door as I headed into the kitchen. She followed and a minute later Nova and Jin walked in. I started putting dinner on the table and glanced at Mrs Jones, “you do not have to do anything if you do not want to.”

She blinked and looked at Nova and Jin, “but...”

I waved as I sat, “I wanted your husband to think about what he had done.”

Jin laughed, “but you got me.”

I smiled as I blushed, “yes well you and Nova are hot and I would not mind fucking you.”

She grinned as Nova giggled, “a lot.”

Mrs Jones smiled as she began eating, “I would not mind doing what you asked.”

I looked at her as she blushed and the two girls giggled, “I do have an attendant position open.”

She grinned, “call me Paris and you can fill it with me.”

The girls snickered and I grinned, “after I fuck Jin we can see if I can fit in you.”

She laughed as Nova pushed on me, dinner was fun as we teased each other. Paris told me her husband had not touched her in over a year and Jin blushed, “he fucks me.”

I glanced at her as I began to clean up, “not anymore.”

They helped me with the dishes and cleaned the kitchen before Jin caught my hand, “now you need to fuck me.”

I grinned as she started pulling me towards the hall. My sister and her mother followed as I turned her in at my room. I let her hand go as she climbed onto the bed and pulled my robe off. I moved after her as Nova and Paris sat on the bed naked. I laid between her legs and gave her a kiss before moving down.

This time I wanted to look at and maybe lick her pussy. I opened her pussy before licking and then pushing my tongue into her. She shivered and lifted her hips and I covered her clit. I started using my tongue and wiggled it as I sucked. Jin gasped and jerked as she humped and shuddered, “oooohhhh!”

I heard Nova and Paris whispering and giggling as I continued to lick Jin and tease her clit. She continued to shake and humped as she moaned and finally she tried to push my face a way and cover her pussy. I moved up and over her before giving her a kiss, “that is my cum hole.”

She grinned as my sister and Paris laughed. I lifted and pushed into her tight pussy and slowly buried my cock. I sighed and she hugged me before humping, “now fuck your cum hole.”

I smiled as I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed and she lifted her hips. I continued to fuck her and it was not long before her moans changed. She spasmed and clutched me as she wet me and wailed. She twisted and jerked as she bucked while her pussy rippled and constantly grasped my cock.

I kept fucking her and she howled and thrashed around under me as she lifted and spread her legs. I finally buried my cock before it erupted and I began spewing thick spurts of cum. Jin screamed as she clung to me while her pussy clenched and milked my cock for cum. When I stopped cumming she continued to jerk and shudder for a couple of minutes until I pulled out.

Nova giggled as I laid back but Paris straddled me, “my cum hole needs a sperm injection.”

I grinned and reached up to feel her breasts as she slowly sank down on my cock. She sighed and wiggled before grinning as she rocked and started twisting. It was not long before she was shuddering and panting as her pussy rippled and tightened, “mmmm!”

I began kneading her breasts as her pussy squeezed my cock. She began to twist and roll her hips while her pussy tightened and gripped my cock each time she lifted up. When she became erratic I pulled her down and rolled before fucking her long, hard and deep. She lifted her legs into the air and howled as she wet me and she spasmed, “oooohhhhh!”

I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts and she kept bucking and thrashing around until I finally buried my cock. I kissed her and started to spew and spurt as her pussy clenched and contracted. She hugged me tight as she shuddered while warm sperm pumped into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and wrapped her legs around me, “yummy.”

I grinned as Nova and Jin giggled and pulled out. I fucked the three of them for almost an hour before we went to sleep. I was up early and saw Paris leave, she was back in less than an hour. I glanced at her when she stopped in the office doorway, “John packed up and left.”

I sat back and gestured and she walked to me and sat in my lap. I held her and sighed, “I should not have...”

She turned and touched my lips, “you were right. What he... we were doing was wrong.”

I nodded and glanced at the computer screen, “if you want the job for attendant I have a long flight from here to Japan with a one night lay over before you return. It will take about four days all together.”

She wiggled, “they going to use my cum hole?”

I grinned, “buy a box of condoms and I will reimburse you.”

Paris grinned, “okay.”

I turned with her on my lap and quickly filled out an employee form. Luckily she had a passport or things would have been different. I caressed her hips when we were done, “go douche and wash. Pack for a few of days and I will have a car take you to the plane.”

She kissed me and stood before leaving and I finished the scheduling and bills before calling a car for Paris. I heard my sister and Jin singing from the open door of the bathroom and grinned as I stood. I walked into the bathroom and stopped as I found mom sitting on the toilet talking to my sister and Jin.

She looked at me and grinned as she stood, “so you caught them.”

I hesitated as she started undressing and walked to me, “yes.”

She caught my hand and pulled me out and down to her room, “and Jin is staying with us now.”

I turned her at the bed and finished undressing her, “and I think Paris. John packed up and left. I hired Paris as a flight attendant.”

Mom turned me and pushed me into bed, “as a cum hole.”

I blushed as I laid back and mom crawled on and straddled me, “well that was what she wanted.”

She slowly impaled my hard cock before laying on me and giving me a kiss, “and now your mother needs her cum hole filled.”

I hugged her before rolling and starting to fuck her with long deep thrusts, “I did not get to lick you first.”

She humped and her pussy tightened, “I have been thinking about this since before I left.”

I kissed her again as I kept fucking her firmly with deep strokes. Each time I buried my cock I paused to grind and rub against her. Mom shuddered while her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock, “ooohhh!”

I continued to fuck her and started kissed her as I drove my cock in and out. She shook and humped and moaned and finally arched her back and wailed, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I fucked her long, hard and deep as she held her legs up and spread wide. Her slippery pussy constantly tightened with each stroke. She clutched me and yelled as she spasmed and began to convulse, “aaaahhhh!”

It was awhile before I buried my cock and pushed as it erupted. I gushed and spewed cum against and into her cervix. Mom continued to jerk as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. She hugged me tight and shuddered as my cock throbbed and her pussy kept squeezing. She sighed and slowly relaxed, “I have waited a long time for that.”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out and laying beside her. I caressed her pelvis, “you wanted me to catch Nova.”

She wiggled and humped, “yeah.”

I bent to suck on a nipple before giving her a kiss. I moved off the bed, “did you stop taking your birth control?”

She smiled and rubbed her pelvis, “yes.”

I smiled and turned to leave, “I want a daughter.”

Mom laughed as I left and went to check on the girls before going to see what we had for lunch. Nova and Jin walked in and my sister stopped to rub my bare butt, “we have a couple of friends coming over to lay out and listen to music.”

I grinned, “come find me in an hour so I can fill your cum hole.”

Jin laughed as Nova grinned, “okay.”

I made a sandwich before returning to my office. I heard the other girls arrive and went to look out and saw them all naked and laying on blankets in the backyard. I went back to work and it was not long before Nova was pushing my chair back and straddling me. She slowly sat and wiggled down my cock as I held her hips.

She sighed and leaned against me as she rubbed her pussy on me. I held her and rubbed her back as she began to twist and roll her hips. Her tight pussy started clenching and she began shuddering and moaning. It was not long before she was panting and shuddering constantly. Her tight pussy kept clenching and she began to moan and then yell.

She started rocking and bouncing while wiggling and I groaned before holding her butt and standing. I walked out as she wrapped her legs around me and went into my bedroom and to the bed. I sat and then turned and rolled before I began to fuck her firmly as she wailed. A few minutes and I kissed her as I gushed and spewed cum into her cervix.

She was clinging to me while her pussy massaged the sperm into her, “yyyeeesss!”

When I was done I kissed her and pulled out to lay beside her and rub her hip and pelvis, “tell Nova to see me in another hour to fill her cum hole.”

She grinned and then giggled and rolled onto me to kiss me before she rolled the other way and climbed out of bed. I watched her walk out and got out of bed and went to finish what I was doing. I went to the kitchen and grinned when I saw mom laid out naked with all the girls. I checked my shopping list and called in an order for groceries.

I put a pair of pants on before getting my wallet. I did a little cleaning before the groceries arrived and I put them away. I made a plate of finger sandwiches and finished just as Jin opened the back door. She grinned and turned to call my sister before pulling me back to my bedroom and stripping me.

I turned her and reached around to cup her breasts and she wiggled her butt. She bent forward on the bed and spread her legs before looking back, “nice and slow.”

I reached between her legs to rub her wet slit before I spread my legs and slowly buried my cock. I held her as I began to fuck her with long strokes. I took my time as she shuddered and kept trying to push back. It was several minutes before I was holding her up and pushed her onto the bed and pulled out.

I turned her but kept her on her stomach. I straddled her legs and leaned forward to push into her before I laid on her and began to fuck down into her. She wiggled and shook as she tilted her hips while I kept fucking her with deep strokes. Her tight pussy continued to clench and pulse around my cock.

She spasmed suddenly and I grinned as I began to fuck her firmly. She howled and struggled as my cock kept plunging into her. It was a little while before I shoved as far into her as I could and grunted. She jerked and spasmed when she felt the warm sperm spurting and spewing in her, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done I relaxed and reluctantly pulled out, “tell mom I need to fill her cum hole in an hour.”

She giggled and turned to kiss me, “okay.”

She slipped off the bed and walked out with a tempting sway to her hips. By the time Paris returned I was sure mom was pregnant. A few days later we tested her and she was. She took the next flight on one of my charters as an attendant position slash cum hole. She and Paris had done a lot of talking before she left.

When Paris became fertile she stayed home so I could fill her cum hole and get her pregnant too. I still use Nova and Jin who have grown into very beautiful women. They have been tempted several times to ask to be an attendant like our mothers but decided their cum holes were only for me. I have kept my charters to a manageable state and the girls help me.
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