I looked at the inheritance again and shook my head. It was on an agro world out in the middle of the country. I leaned back in my chair and looked around at the tiny box I called my apartment. It was not even large enough to pace in and the shower was so tiny I had to step out to turn around.

I smiled and sent an acceptance before starting the other red tape including buying a ticket. I slowed when I reached the farm and set the rental down in the yard. I stared at the young girls before getting out as they gathered around. I pulled out my two bags and leaned in to hit the return button and closed the door.

The rental lifted and hummed before it turned and began heading back towards the single large city on the planet. I started for the house and the three young girls followed. When I walked in a teenage girl turned, “Mr Golden?”

She was maybe in her early teens but it was hard to say. Like the other three she was completely naked but her body was covered in soft looking fur. Her fur was silver with black spots and her tail swished back and forth behind her to betray her nervousness. I cleared my throat, “you can call me Eric.”

She walked towards me, “I am Snap.”

I looked at the young girls as she stopped beside me and she pointed to each one, “the one with strips is Daisy. The yellow spotted one is Jag and the tri colored is Camo.”

I smiled at the girls and turned back to Snap and she smiled, “they are from the last litter.”

I cleared my throat, “last litter? I do not... I thought my uncle ran a farm?”

She looked at the girls, “he did and we are one of his crops.”

I looked at her, “crops?”

She turned, “I will show you to his room. I cleaned it when you sent the message that you were coming.”

I walked with her and the girls followed, “crop?”

She nodded, “Gino bred us and taught us to fuck so other men could use us.”

I almost stopped walking as what she said sank in, “taught? When?”

We walked into a bedroom with a huge bed and Snap looked at me, “he liked to start early. The girls had just started taking lessons.”

I looked at the three quiet girls, “but they are only...”

She smiled, “I know.”

I took a breath, “when did he sell...”

She moved closer, “around puberty.”

I set the bags down, “you are older than that.”

She caressed my chest, “he kept me to entertain buyers and help around the farm but I was supposed to be sold this summer.”

I reached up to feel and cup her breasts, “you know everything about the farm?”

She purred as I kneaded her breasts, “yes.”

She felt so good it was awhile before I looked up to see her cat slitted eyes half closed. She was purring very loud as I shifted and turned her before backing her to the bed, “can you get pregnant?”

She sat and laid back as she spread her legs, “not without help.”

I looked at her pretty pussy and smiled as I felt it and slipped a finger into her. She shuddered and her hips lifted, “ooohhh!”

I rubbed her clit, “how long since my uncle died?”

She groaned as I pulled my finger out, “six months.”

I glanced at the three little girls as they climbed onto the bed and undid my pants before pushing them down. I rubbed the head of my thick cock through her slit before slowly pushing into her tight pussy. She shuddered hard as her pussy squeezed, “aaahhhh!”

I smiled and began to gently rub her clit as I pulled back and started fucking her. Her pussy was tight and kept grasping my cock until I pushed all the way into her. She jerked and spasmed as I held her with my cock buried, “yyyeeesss!”

I grinned as the girls giggled and two moved around and started sucking on her nipples. She wailed and thrashed as she held the girls and I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. It was a minute before I was ready and she held her legs spread and in the air. I thrust into her and tried to push deeper as I began to pump cum.

Snap jerked as she lifted her hips, “YES!”

I gushed and spewed and spurted until I was finished and cum was leaking out of her. I pulled out and sighed as I rubbed her mound, “I really needed that.”

She grinned, “thank you master.”

I pinched her clit, “my name is Eric not master.”

She jerked and shuddered while the girls giggled. I sighed and took my pants all the way off before catching Camo when she jumped and wrapped her legs around me. I held her and she smiled, “I like you.”

Her tail caressed my legs as I held her bare butt and looked at Snap, “show me around the farm.”

Daisy and Jag jumped off the bed as she sat up and then stood, “okay.”

She led the way as Camo leaned against me and started purring. In the yard Snap began explaining about the automated systems that ran the farm. She led me towards what looked like a huge shed but when we stepped in it was to see lab equipment. She looked around as she held the other two girls, “this is the hatchery.”

I looked at her and she nodded to six pods against the far wall, “the next litter will hatch in a month.”

I frowned as I realized the pods were artificial wombs and she meant six babies would be born. Camo wiggled and I looked at her, “want something?”

Snap laughed as Camo nodded happily. I looked at Snap and she reached out to rub the girl’s butt before she moved into the room to a bench, “this is Gino’s lab interface.”

She picked up a comp pad and turned to hold it out. I looked at Camo sighing in my arms, “bring it and show me the rest of the farm.”

She smiled as Camo hugged me and I looked at her and hugged her as I turned to leave, “what is next?”

The feel of the little girl wiggling and rubbing on me was a little distracting but strangely nice. Snap grinned and continued to show me around before we went back to the house where the other two girls had already gone. She lifted Camo off me and around before laying her on a couch.

She looked at me, “Dino used to say men like little girls.”

I bent over the couch and rubbed Camo’s tummy, “thanks I enjoyed holding you.”

She giggled and I smiled before standing and taking the lab interface from Snap, “is there something for dinner?”

She nodded and turned to head into the kitchen, “you girls can play.”

I glanced back as I followed her to see Daisy and Jag crawling onto the couch. Dinner was good but I saw that I would need to do some shopping. I was going through my great uncle’s lab notes and realized the girls might be altered but they were his children. Snap left me to read and look and then I found the private notes.

I stopped as I looked at her playing with Jag’s tail. I stood and looked at the darkness outside, “bedtime.”

They looked at me and the girls jumped up and ran for the hall. I smiled at their shrieks and shut the interface down before heading toward the bathroom. When I walked into the bedroom Snap had led me to before they were all in bed. I hesitated before shutting the light off and undressed the rest of the way.

I slipped into bed and Snap caressed my chest before straddling me, “did you find anything in the lab thing?”

I caressed her hips as she lifted and positioned my cock. I held her hips as she pushed back and down to get my cock in her. I pulled her down onto me, “as a matter of fact I found out I can get you pregnant.”

She stilled and looked at me, “but Gino said...”

I hugged her before glancing at the yawning girls beside us. I shifted until she was under me and began to fuck her with slow thrusts, “you were altered when you were a month in the womb. The changes are mostly cosmetic, like your fur and tail and eyes.”

I buried my cock in her tight pussy and looked into her eyes, “when you started... training, he took you into the lab and put a bio implant in you. It will not show on a normal scan but it will keep you from releasing eggs and getting pregnant.”

She hugged me and shuddered as her pussy rippled around my cock. I smiled and started fucking her again, “can I keep you?”

Her eyes widened and seemed to light up before she wrapped her legs around me, “I can stay?”

I nodded and buried my cock to hump and press, “yes.”

She shuddered as her pussy spasmed and tightened more, “can I get pregnant?”

I grinned and began fucking her with deep thrusts, “in a couple of years when we are not up to our ears in babies.”

She groaned and started jerking as I finally pushed all the way into her and began spewing cum. She tilted her hips as her pussy seemed to milk the cum out of my cock. When I was done she sighed and smiled, “promise?”

I pulled out and rolled her before lifting her butt. I pushed back into her slimy pussy, “Snap... I will breed you as many times as you want.”

She pushed back and shuddered, “good.”

I fucked her six times before falling asleep as I held her. I woke to a warm body on me as it rubbed and then my eyes snapped open as I felt a tight pussy pushing onto my cock. I caught Snap and she grinned as she wiggled further onto my cock. She began thrusting back and forth as I turned my head to see the girls sleeping.

I caressed her sides and cupped her breasts as she shuddered and her pussy grasped my cock. She moaned and spasmed as she fell on me and I hugged her before rolling over and fucking her. I used slow thrusts and pushed deeper as she wrapped her legs around me, “I can really get pregnant?”

I smiled because she had kept asking last night. I bent to kiss her and fucked her with deep thrusts, “okay my lover I will remove the implant today and we can work on getting you pregnant.”

I buried my cock and started humping and jabbing as I tried to cum as deep as I could. Snap grunted and kept humping back as her pussy grasped and squeezed, grasped and squeezed to milk my cock. I finally fucked her hard for a moment and shoved into her before spewing and gushing a huge morning load of warm sperm.

She jerked as her pussy clenched and held my cock, “YES!”

I shuddered with her as I continued to spurt my cum into her. When I stopped she sighed and relaxed as she caressed my sides and her pussy rippled around my cock. I kissed her and pulled out and looked at the still sleeping girls. I shook my head and moved off the bed and headed into the bathroom.

When I walked into the kitchen I was surprised to see two more teenage girls like Snap. They turned and smiled, “good morning master.”

I hesitated, “it is Eric. Good morning. Is there more of you girls?”

The one with solid grey fur shook her head, “Gino only kept three to help on the farm.”

I looked at them and then at Snap when she walked down the hallway, “you did not say there were more of you.”

She looked at the two as she walked to the cabinets, “Hunter and Princess were playing explorer in the fields.”

I looked at the two girls as they looked at the floor, “sounds like fun.”

They looked up as Snap carried a bowl of cereal to the table, “Eric said I can get pregnant.”

They looked at her and then at me and then the solid black one took a step, “I want to get pregnant.”

The other was nodding as I finally shook myself and headed for the cabinet and I hoped cereal, “you are all not getting pregnant at once. One at the time is the rule.”

When the three younger girls walked in Hunter, the black furred one went to make them cereal. Daisy climbed into my lap and leaned against me sleepily as she waited. I looked at her and then the other girls and realized how much my life had changed. I smiled and hugged her before looking at Snap, “do you girls have clothes?”

She looked at me as the other girls stopped moving to look too. She shook her head, “we are not allowed to wear clothes.”

I turned Daisy to the table and her breakfast, “you are now. I have to go in and do some shopping. What type of clothes do you want?”

Princess grinned as her tail came around for her to hold, “maybe dresses or skirts and blouses. I saw them once on a lady that came to see Gino.”

I nodded as I thought and looked at the girls, “schooling? Do you girls go to school?”

Snap shook her head, “it is not allowed.”

I shook my head again, “it is now. I will see if I can get some primary learning comps.”

I stood and set Daisy in the chair before heading back to get dressed. The large farm car was more than large enough to take all the girls but since they did not have clothes I went alone. I had to change over the farm registry and accounts and got a huge surprise, my great uncle had been rich.

The girls came running when I returned and helped carry bags of supplies into the house. I grinned as we put the food away and the girls kept peeking in the bags with school supplies or the ones with clothing. I pulled Snap away and she frowned, I laughed and caressed her face, “I need to remove your implant so you can get pregnant.”

She blinked and then she was the one pulling me. The two older girls were suddenly following as she pulled me back to the lab. I looked at the six artificial wombs on the back wall and hesitated before going to check them. I had to smile at the simplistic controls and found the babies in perfect condition and unaltered.

Snap had climbed onto the center bed while Princess and Hunter stood by the door. I touched a med scan array after moving it over Snap and frowned when I did not see the implant inside her. I adjusted it and shook my head when I still did not get a reading. Then I remembered that it would be bio matter and changed a setting to scan closer at her womb.

I found it attached to a wall and finally started setting the parameters. Five minutes and I was looking at the tiny mass of bio matter that looked like flesh. I rubbed one of Snap’s nipples, “it will take a few days before your cycle begins.”

She smiled and I helped her off the table before looking at the other two girl who had such a look of longing that I sighed and gestured, “Princess.”

They were clinging to me all the way back to the house where we walked in to find the three younger girls wearing the larger dresses. I grinned and caught Jag and swung her around before setting her down. I help put them in dresses that fit and Snap caught my hand and squeezed, “take Princess and Hunter to bed?”

I looked at her and she rubbed her tummy, “it would be fair.”

I grinned as I looked at the two girls, “would you like to join me?”

Hunter did not even miss a beat, she grabbed my hand and started pulling me. Princess followed and pushed and I laughed at the two eager girls. I turned once we reached my bedroom and pulled Princess around and towards the bed. I stripped and followed the girls onto the bed and started to feel them.

Hunter was having none of that and pulled on me until I was over her and between her legs. I kissed her before lifting and slowly forcing my cock into her tight pussy. She tilted her hips and put her feet over my thighs as I began to fuck her. She humped as her pussy began grasping my cock and she shuddered, “mmmm!”

Princess pressed against me as I continued to fuck Hunter, planting my cock with each thrust and rubbing. She shuddered as her pussy rippled and then began to writhe around, “ooohhh!”

I continued to fuck her with long slow thrusts and enjoyed the way her tight pussy kept grasping my cock. It was not long before her pussy was wetter and she began to shudder harder. A few minutes and she was wailing and bucking while clinging to me. I fucked her a little firmer and started grinding with each thrust.

She howled and started jerking and spasming until I finally thrust into her and began pumping cum. She jerked her hips up and tilted them while clutching me, “YES!”

Princess giggled, “she likes getting spermy.”

I spurted and filled her before stopping and holding her as she panted and shuddered with her pussy constantly squeezing my cock. I kissed her when she sighed and slowly pulled out. Princess turned and went to her knees as she put her head and shoulders on the bed, “this way?”

I smiled as Hunter giggled, “horny bitch.”

I moved behind Princess and rubbed her slit before pushing my cock into her. She groaned and shuddered as my cock sank into her. She pushed back as I held her and enjoyed her tight pussy around my cock. I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts. She sighed and continued to rock and shove back onto my cock.

Her pussy constantly grasped my cock and it was not long before she was shuddering and moaning. Several minutes and she wailed and jerked as she slammed back onto my cock. I pushed her down as I moved over her and fucked down into her. She howled as she tilted her hips while continuing to spasm.

Her pussy rippled as it became slipperier and squeezed and tried to milk my cock. A few more minutes and she was struggling and thrashing as I fucked her long, hard and deep. It took awhile before I buried my cock and shoved as I pumped and spewed cum. Princess jerked as her pussy clenched and tightened while I spurted warm sperm deep inside her.

When I was done I relaxed and gave her shoulder a kiss before I pulled out. I slipped off the bed and grinned at Hunter, “thanks girls.”

I headed back to the kitchen and began setting up the school comps for each of them. After lunch I went to put pants on and waited as all the girl put dresses on. I took a long walk with them and found Hunter and Princess’s play area to one side of a field. When we returned I had all the girls sit at the table to start the school basic instructions.

I had always enjoyed helping people learn and the girls were smart and quick. I glanced at the time and blinked when I realized hours had past and it was time to start dinner. I had the girls put the comps away before I started it. Of course Snap, Hunter and Princess came to push me away before they took over.

I did get to help them clean up and then I got to help the three youngest girls take a bath. After that I brushed their hair and fur while we watched a vid in the living room. Hunter put the girls to bed after it was over while Snap and Princess pulled me to bed. It was a couple of hours before I fell asleep and the three girls each had cum leaking out of their tight pussy.

I woke to Hunter stroking my cock as Snap moved off me and out of bed. I watched her leave and turned to pull Hunter onto me. She spread her legs and tilted her hips as she pushed back and down to slide my cock into her warm pussy. She wiggled and sat up before starting to thrust and rub her pussy on me.

I reached up to knead her breasts as she sighed and shivered while her tight pussy squeezed. Princess shifted to kiss me before moving off the bed and leaving. I watched her and then looked at Hunter as she began to rock and fuck my cock. She was breathing harder and starting to shudder and twist.

It was a couple of minutes before I was thrusting up while she wailed and spasmed. Her pussy rippled and kept clenching as she became erratic. I shook my head and pulled her down before I rolled over to fuck her with deep thrusts. I was trying to cum and Hunter began to thrash and buck as she howled.

It was not long before I thrust all the way into her and kissed her as my cock erupted and I gushed thick spurts of cum. She clutched me and jerked as her pussy worked to milk my cock, “yyyeeeessssss!”

When I was done I relaxed and held her until she stopped shaking. I kissed her and pulled out and she quickly rolled off the bed and walked out. I followed and found her in the bathroom where Snap and Princess were taking a shower. I waited for my turn before joining the three of them in the shower.

After that we got dressed and they woke the little girls before we had breakfast. I spent the day working on the farm with the three older girls until almost dinner time. Daisy, Jag and Camo spent the morning playing. When we came in Hunter and Snap took them to the bathroom to clean up while Princess pulled me to the bedroom.

She pressed against me and kissed me as she rubbed my cock through my pants, “fuck me?”

I shivered before pulling her dress up and off. I sat her on the bed and began to undress before stalking onto the bed after her. She grinned as she laid back and spread her legs. I stopped to lick through her pussy and tease her clit. She shuddered and humped as I continued to wiggle my tongue and suck on her clit.

A few minutes and she jerked and tried to close her legs. I moved up and kissed her as I slowly pushed into her tight pussy. I began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts and she kept humping up and lifting her hips to meet each one. It was not long before she was shaking and her tight pussy was constantly grasping my cock.

A few minutes and she wailed and began thrashing around as she clung to me, “aaaahhhh!”

I kissed her while she continued to jerk and spasm and fucked her hard and deep suddenly. She howled and lifted her legs and spread them as she wet me, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Her pussy was constantly squeezing and she kept thrashing around. I went back to fucking her slowly with long strokes but she continued to buck and spasm. Every other minute she would wail and clutch at me and I would fuck her hard as she came. I finally pushed into her and kissed her as I spewed cum.

She jerked and her tight pussy clenched and milked the sperm into her, “mmmm!”

When I was done I waited as she panted and her pussy continued to squeeze my cock. She smiled and I kissed her softly before I pulled out and moved off the bed, “thanks.”

She sighed and relaxed, “my pleasure.”

I put a pair of pants on and stopped to rub her pelvis as I bent to kiss her again. I walked into the kitchen and found Hunter and Snap making dinner naked. I rubbed both butts before I sat, “after dinner is school work.”

They grinned as Camo, Jag and Daisy perked up. I reached for Daisy and pulled her onto my lap, “my girls need to learn so they can go to school with other boys and girls.”

She wiggled and bounced, “will they fuck us?”

I smiled and hugged her, “when you are older and tempt them they probably will.”

She giggled with Camo and Jag and I looked at Snap, “tomorrow is going to be our family shopping day. You, Hunter and Princess make a list of clothes for yourselves and the girls.”

She nodded and I let Daisy climb down. I set the table and Princess walked in and began helping. After dinner I cleared the table as all the girls brought their school comps. I watched them and had to smile at the joy they showed. I went to look outside and stared at the clear night sky and smelled the fresh air, when I came in I sat in a chair and relaxed.

I woke to Snap shaking me and opened my eyes. She smiled as she pulled me up and after her, “Hunter and Princess are putting Daisy, Jag and Camo to bed.”

I removed my pants as she climbed onto the bed and laid back. I moved onto the bed and laid beside her and caressed her body before giving her a kiss. She sighed and pulled on me so I moved over her and pushed into her and settled. I kissed her and began to fuck her as she put her arms around me.

I used slow thrusts and kept kissing her as she wiggled and sighed. Hunter and Princess slipped into bed as she shuddered and wrapped her legs around me. I wanted it to last and continued to fuck her with slow strokes. She moaned and humped as her tight pussy kept grasping at my cock.

After several minutes she shook and jerked while her slick pussy clenched, “aaahhh!”

I grinned as I kept fucking her and began to rub each time I buried my cock. Her pussy was slick and constantly pulsing around my cock. She wiggled and humped as she panted and I began to fuck her a little harder. She lifted her legs as I kept sinking my cock into her and pressing to push it deeper.

Several minutes later she was spasming and clinging to me as she wailed. I buried my cock and groaned as I began gushing and spewing. She wiggled and jerked when she felt it, “YES!”

I kept pressing and pushing as I pumped and spurted into her cervix. When I finished I sighed and relaxed before kissing her and starting over. She grinned and kissed me before looking at the other girls, “do Hunter again.”

I did and Princess and her until we went to sleep. The farm changed my life in a lot of ways. Snap is my mate and constant companion and Hunter and Princess are my lovers. Daisy, Jag and Came grew to be very beautiful girls and married boys they met and fell in love with at school. All the other children have grown up normal and happy.
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