Emily and I were twins and until we were twelve we shared a room. When mom and dad divorced six months ago he went to work across the country. I was fourteen and he wanted me to come with him but I would not leave Emily. Dad had always been strict and kind of a prude, mom had to be covered from her ankles and wrist and to her throat.

I think I changed things when I bought mom a new string bikini. She almost never swam in the indoor pool and when she did she wore a one piece swim suit. Emily had grinned while mom blushed and stood to pull her up and after her. It was a long time before they came back and mom was red faced because she was wearing the bikini.

She was stunning and I grinned and stood, “you are gorgeous.”

She was still blushing but smiled, “it looks okay?”

Emily laughed as she rubbed her exposed butt cheek, “you wear that in public and you will have every guy around drooling and following after you.”

Mom looked at her in surprise and I headed for the hall, “let me put my suit on and we can swim.”

I did not know Emily had bought a new string bikini. I returned and went into the small warm pool room with mom. We were in the pool when my sister came out and I stared, “speaking of drooling.”

She grinned as she strutted to the steps and walked into the water, “Taylor is coming over and is spending the night.”

I had to shift my cock and mom looked at me, “Jesse?”

I blushed, “sorry but both of you look hot and my cock has a mind of his own.”

She blushed as Emily grinned and walked to me and rubbed my cock, “your boy has gotten a lot bigger than the last time I saw him.”

Mom giggled and I shuddered, “you have changed too.”

She kissed me before reaching for mom and pulling her away to whisper. When Taylor got here she was wearing a string bikini identical to Emily’s. We played in the water and kept mom involved until it was time for lunch. We made her sit with Taylor while we made lunch and then cleaned up.

We sat in the warm pool room together and Taylor grinned as she looked at me, “want to play a game?”

I do not know why but I blushed and Emily grinned, “sure.”

Taylor stood and went to the large closest where we kept the chair and lounger cushions. She knelt and laid them out before standing, “the game is make out and it is simple. One person is picked to go into the closet with a blindfold and then the other three select someone. They go into the closet and we close the door.”

She grinned, “they have five minutes to kiss and feel the person wearing the blindfold.”

I looked at mom who was blushing and then at Emily who was blushing too. She grinned, “sounds like fun.”

Taylor plucked four pieces of straw from the broom and walked to the table. She checked to make sure one was smaller than the others before covered most of the length under a towel and rolling them, “who wants first pick?”

I took a breath and reached out to pull out one of the straws. I knew as soon as it was out from under the towel that it was the short straw. They picked and Taylor grinned as she pulled a cut off tee shirt from her bag. They tied it around my head and led me to the closet and helped me sit on the cushions.

My heart was beating faster as I waited and a minute later I heard giggling. Someone sat beside me and I heard the door close and then they kissed me. I tried to kiss her back as I felt her hands feeling my chest and then caressing down to my hips. I cupped a breast gently and heard her suck in a breath.

I smiled as I pulled her back for another kiss and continued to feel her breast and slipped my hand under the bikini top. Her breast felt very nice and she started to pant as we continued to kiss. I groaned when her hand slipped into my suit and wrapped around my cock. I humped as she began to slowly stroked my cock.

I pulled my hand out of her top and caressed down her body. I rubbed her pussy through the bikini bottoms. She shuddered as we kept kissing and then there was a knock. I groaned and she sighed before moving away and opening the door. I pulled the blindfold off and glanced at Emily grinning at me and mom walking to the table.

I got out and followed and my sister stopped me and rubbed the drooling head of my cock as it stuck out of my suit. I shuddered and stepped back and she giggled as she pulled me to the table. The next one was Taylor and we blindfolded her and put her in the closet. Mom pulled the short straw again and blushed.

Emily jumped and pulled her to the closet and helped her in. My sister pressed against me, “did you and mom kiss?”

I grinned as I looked at the closet and we heard a moan, “I felt one of her breasts and she stroked my cock.”

Emily rubbed my cock, “that is all?”

I shuddered, “I rubbed her pussy through her bottoms.”

She grinned, “if you and I are together put it in me?”

I looked at her and she looked at the closet as Taylor wailed. It was a couple of minutes before I knocked and when they came out they were both blushing and fixing their tops and bottoms. Emily was almost dancing when we drew straws and picked the short one. After we put her in the closet we drew again and Taylor won.

She grinned as she walked to the closet and closed the door after her. I looked at mom and reached out to slip my arm around her waist, “I had fun when we made out.”

She smiled and her arm went around my waist, “me too.”

I turned and pulled her against me and kissed her. She pressed against me as I kept kissing her and then she moaned and humped before stepping back, “wait and if we go into the closet...”

I grinned and nodded as I turned to look at the table and the straws. I looked at them carefully before seeing the tiny flaw in the short one. We heard Emily wail and scream that she was cumming and mom glanced at me before grinning, “yeah that was fun.”

When Taylor and Emily came out they did not bother straightening their bikinis. Mom picked the short straw and we put her into the closet and I did not hesitate and picked it when we returned to the table. My sister grinned as Taylor chucked and I walked to the door and opened it. I blinked when I realized mom had removed her bikini.

I left the door cracked open and pushed my suit down before I laid beside her. I kissed her and her hands caressed and felt me before wrapping around my cock. She hesitated before laying back as she pulled on my cock to get me between her legs. I moved over her and kissed her as she guided my cock and I pushed into her.

She groaned as I continued to kiss her and pulled back to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. Her pussy felt amazing, hot and slippery and velvety as it kept grasping at my cock. I ignored Emily and Taylor as they watched from the open door and continued to kiss mom as I fucked her with long deep thrusts.

She was humping and jerking as she clutched me while her pussy clenched and kept squeezing. A few minutes and she wailed and began to thrash around. I fucked her firmly and started to hump and grind. It was not long before I shoved all the way into her and kissed her passionately and grunted as I spewed cum.

Mom spasmed and her pussy gripped my cock, “YES!”

She jerked and bucked while her pussy milked the cum out of my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

When I finished cumming she was still shaking and her pussy continued to contract. Taylor quietly closed the door and then knocked. I pulled out and laid beside mom, “I love you.”

She grinned, “I like this game.”

I laughed as I kissed her and then went to find my suit. I opened the door as mom was putting her bikini back on. She blushed when she came out but both Taylor and my sister kissed her and whispered something. Taylor picked the short straw and Emily grinned as she looked at me. I did not have to think about it as I pulled the short straw after she mixed them up.

Mom giggled and put her arm around Emily as I turned to the closet. Like mom, Taylor had the blindfold on but had removed her bikini. I left the door open and pushed my suit down and off. I laid beside her and kissed her while feeling her. She caressed my chest as I felt her breasts and slipped my hand down to her pussy.

I continued to kiss her and she spread her legs while moaning. I slipped a finger into her warm slick pussy and began to rub her clit as she humped. She sighed and rubbed my chest before humping and wiggling and pulling on me. I moved over her and lifted to position my cock. I settled and started kissing her again as I humped and pressed.

My cock barely slipped into her before I pulled it out. She groaned and humped as she hugged me and kissed me back. I kept humping and kissing and suddenly buried my cock. Taylor stiffened as I held her and then she wailed and clutched me as she began to buck and thrash. Her pussy clenched and constantly squeezed as she twisted and thrust up.

I grinned and pulled back to fuck her with deep thrusts. She wiggled and squirmed while her pussy kept grasping my cock. I kept pushing all the way into her and grinding. She howled and twisted while clinging to me and wetting me. Her pussy rippled the length of my cock and squeezed as I continued to fuck her with long strokes.

She writhed around under me while her pussy contracted constantly. It was awhile before I shoved into her and held her with my cock buried. She jerked and spasmed as I grunted and kissed her while pumping thick spurts of cum. She yelled and her pussy clenched when she felt the warm sperm filling her.

I kept kissing her as she shuddered and her pussy grasped and milked the cum out of my cock. When I finished I held her as she panted and slowly calmed. There was a knock and Taylor grinned as I pulled out. I helped her put her bikini on and my suit before I opened the door that was now closed.

The next time I let Emily draw the short straw and then mom and Taylor and I got to watch through the slightly open door as mom licked her pussy until she howled. I drew the short straw next and was blindfolded. I laid back and pulled my suit down and off before Emily slipped in and laid her naked body on me.

She kissed me softly, “thanks Jesse.”

I caressed her hips and bare butt, “anytime.”

She moved half off me and a minute later I felt her tongue on my cock. I groaned as she licked the whole length of my cock and then sucked on the head. She let it go before straddling me and a moment later I felt her tight pussy as she impaled it on my cock. She wiggled all the way down and then sighed before starting to rub her pussy on me in tiny thrusts.

I felt up her body to her breasts and then rubbed the nipples and started kneading them. Emily was breathing hard and shuddering as her pussy constantly tightened and squeezed. She wiggled and began to rock so that my cock almost came out before she sat back and buried it all the way inside her.

She twisted and turned as her pussy became slipperier and contracted. I held her up as she wailed and spasmed while wetting me and jerking back and forth. She rubbed her pussy on me as she twisted and shook and it kept grasping my cock. She howled and fell on me and I shifted and rolled before fucking her with deep thrusts that hit her cervix each time I buried my cock.

Emily screamed as she lifted her legs and her pussy tightened, “fffuuuccccckkkkk!”

I was fucking her firmly as I tried to cum and my sister clutched me and continued to spasm and yell. I finally pushed all the way into her and pressed before I grunted and began spewing cum. She jerked and her pussy grasped my cock, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

She shuddered and hugged me while I pumped sperm into her. When I was done I kissed her and began to relax. Emily sighed and lay back before I pulled out of her and moved to lay back. There was the knock and Emily giggled, “you saw us so help me put his suit on.”

I grinned and gestured, “never mind the suit.”

I pulled the blindfold off and turned to kiss my sister before standing and pulling her up. I pushed the door open and helped her out, “no blindfold. Mom and Taylor get to make out.”

They laughed but mom blushed as I caught her hand and pulled her close and kissed her, “can we make out after you are done?”

She smiled as she pressed against me, “we could all go back to my bed.”

I looked at Emily and Taylor, “sound okay?”

They nodded and I turned and pulled mom after me, “after we finish you and the girls need to lay out naked and get a tan.”

Emily laughed with Taylor and mom squeezed my hand, “yes honey.”

I turned her at the bed and removed her bikini as Emily pulled Taylor’s off. They moved onto the bed together so I laid beside mom and began to kiss her as I felt and caressed her body. She moaned and shivered and then began to hump when I started rubbing her pussy mound and fingering her.

I fucked each of them again but slowly with long deep strokes as the others watched and caressed us or kissed. After we were done they laid out in the pool room and mom seemed changed. She whispered and giggled with Taylor and Emily until it was time to make dinner. We all helped and then cleaned up after and watched a movie together.

When we went to bed it was in mom’s bed and together. She had to go to work the next morning but I loved watching her walk into the bathroom naked. I had chores as Emily and Taylor did the laundry and cleaned the house. It was afternoon before I came in and grinned when I saw them in their bikinis again.

I pulled the string on their bottoms as I went to the kitchen, “tan lines.”

They laughed and came to rub their breasts on me. It was a few minutes before mom came home and blushed when she saw us naked in the kitchen. Emily giggled and went to catch her and undress her before pulling her out into the pool area, “time to play our game again.”

Mom smiled as she finally relaxed and drew a straw. It was her and Taylor who grinned as she led mom to the closet. They did not even bother closing the door as mom put on the blindfold and laid back. Taylor laid between her legs and started kissing her as mom held her and then Taylor kissed down her body.

A few moments later we watched as she started licking through mom’s pussy. She lifted and spread her legs as she shuddered and moaned. It was a few minutes before she jerked and tried to close her legs, “aaaahhhh!”

Taylor grinned when she lifted her wet face and moved up to kiss mom before taking her blindfold off. Emily bumped me and grinned and we went in to help them up and out. My sister pulled the short straw and mom grinned as she pushed me towards her. Taylor put an arm around my mother’s waist as Emily pulled me to the closet.

We left the door open as Emily laid down and put the blindfold on. I chuckled as I laid beside her and began to feel her and bent to suck on each nipple. She shuddered and held my head as I kept going back and forth. I caressed down her body and she spread her legs as she started to pant and shiver.

I finally began kissing down her body until I was between her legs and licked through her slit. She shuddered and lifted her hips as she moaned. I heard mom and Taylor giggle as I continued to lick Emily and pushed my tongue into her. I nibbled on her inner lips before covering her clit and sucking while using my tongue to tease it.

She humped up and shook as I kept licking her and wiggling my tongue on her clit. Soon she was squirming and jerking and I finally moved up and pushed into her tight pussy. She put her arms around me as I began to fuck her slowly with deep strokes. Each time I buried my cock I rubbed and her pussy grasped my cock as I pulled out.

A few minutes and she was thrashing around while clinging to me and wailing. I fucked her harder and kept kissing her while she struggled and began bucking. I slowly buried my cock and began to hump and grind against her. She started convulsing as she wet me, “aaaahhhhh!”

I fucked her hard and deep as I tried to cum and whispered in her ear, “I am going to get you pregnant.”

She jerked as her pussy clenched and she clutched me while screaming, “YES!”

It was a couple of minutes before I shoved into her and grunted as I spewing cum into her cervix. My sister twisted and jerked as she lifted and tilted her hips. I kept gushing and then spurting while her tight pussy massaged and squeezed the cum out and into her. When I was done I held her until she sighed and sagged to the cushion.

I kissed her and pulled out and mom and Taylor helped us up. Emily was grinning when she removed the blindfold, “stinker.”

I grinned as I put my arm around mom’s waist, “well it made it more exciting.”

Mom leaned against me, “well I am not on birth control.”

I looked at her as Emily and Taylor giggled and then laughed. Mom was smiling as I caressed her hips and Taylor finally turned and held up the straws, “who is the next victim?”

We laughed and I let mom and Emily draw first. They went into the closet while Taylor and I stood in the door to watch. When they finished I was next to be blindfolded and Taylor was the one to lay me down in the closet. She kissed and wiggled her naked body against me before finally straddling me.

She slowly sat on my cock and wiggled before rubbing her pussy back and forth. I reached up blindly and she moved my hands to her breasts. She began to rock and twist and her pussy started to tighten and clench. She shuddered and changed to thrusting back and forth as she wailed, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

She rolled her hips as her pussy grasp my cock and pulled on it. She shook and jerked as she became very wet and slippery. I was kneading her breasts and thrust up after I heard Emily, “I am stealing her birth control so she gets pregnant.”

Taylor spasmed and her pussy tightened as I shoved my cock up and against her cervix, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Mom giggled and I pulled Taylor down and shifted until she was under me and began to fuck her firmly. She lifted her legs up beside our bodies while clutching me. I kept fucking her with deep strokes and kissed her, “I am getting you pregnant.”

She shook harder as she began to thrash and buck, “YES!”

It was only a couple of minutes before I buried my cock and kissed her as I began to pump spurts of cum. Her pussy squeezed when she felt the warm sperm and she screamed, “YYYEEESSS!”

I held her as she shuddered and jerked until I was finished and relaxed as she sagged and panted. I pulled the blindfold off and kissed her as she grinned. I stood and mom and Emily helped me pull her up. Taylor caught my sister and shook her, “hide my pills.”

She giggled as she and mom pulled us out of the closet. I grinned as I caught mom’s hand and pulled her after me and into the shallow end of the pool. I pulled her against me as she grinned and press her pelvis against mine. I kissed her and caressed her hips, “when we get out I am taking you to your bed where I am going to make a baby.”

She smiled and kissed me, “okay.”

I caressed her as Emily and Taylor joined us, “you are not allowed to wear clothing in the house anymore.”

Emily and Taylor laughed and mom grinned, “okay.”

I kept feeling her and she held me as the two girls began to rub their breasts on me. I finally shook my head and turned to pull mom out as the girls laughed. I dried her and then myself before catching her hand and pulling her into the house and then back to her bed. She laid back and I moved on and down to look at the pussy before I opened it and licked.

Mom moaned and spread her legs more as I kept licking her and pushed my tongue into her. I nibbled on her inner lips and licked her and finally after several minutes covered her clit. I sucked and wiggled my tongue back and forth and up and down. She was lifting her hips and humping as she moaned and shuddered.

I glanced up when Taylor and Emily both started pulling on me. Emily grinned, “slip your wonderful cock into her and get her pregnant.”

Mom smiled as she humped and held out her arms. I grinned and moved up and slowly pushed into her. I kissed her as I settled and began to fuck her. I used long strokes and began to rub and grind each time I pushed into her. She had her arms around me and kept hugging me as she thrust up and moaned.

A few minutes and she began to writhe around and then she went wild. She thrashed and bucked and wet me as her pussy constantly clenched, “BABY!”

Emily and Taylor were rubbing my back as I kept fucking my mother. She continued to buck and struggle for several more minutes as I fucked her firmly. I finally buried my cock and tried to push deeper as I began spewing and pumping sperm. Mom clutched me as her pussy gripped my cock, “YES!”

I put a half dozen large spurts of cum into her before I was done and relaxed. She was panting as she shivered and her pussy continued to massage my cock. She smiled and pulled my face down for a kiss before looking at Emily, “knock Emily up now.”

She grinned and fell back as she lifted and spread her legs and Taylor laughed. All three did get pregnant and did it again a few years later. Our family is a lot happier and sometimes we still use the make out closet just for fun. Mom, Emily and Taylor seem like they are perfect together and mom has come out of her shell.
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