The Next Chapter of my on going adventures
My Life Behind Paul’s Back Chapter Four

I had managed to get home and go upstairs to shower toward my end of the house. My brothers and had separate stairs going up to the second floor. Mom had insisted the only times I would see my brothers was on the first floor and I was to be brought up to properly. Whatever that meant? I ran upstairs and took a good shower and changed into one of my clean dresses making sure I put on my extra-large bra’s to cover my huge 38 D breasts. Then I went downstairs to have a snack. For some reason I was starving. I knew I wouldn’t see mom until the next day. She was down the basement praising over dozens of black, football players. I had never seen so many unruly black, muscular football players in all my life that had come over before I headed out to the dance earlier.

I had fallen to my boyfriend’s needs earlier after the school dance. Paul had talked me into having sex with him before marriage. I hadn’t known what to expect for my first sex. I was sweet and innocent at age eighteen and in three months Paul and I would be married. Everything had happened so fast. We had gone to the park not far from my high school, put a blanket on the ground, and taken our clothes off and soon laying nude on the blanket. He pushed his small penis into me then pulled it out. This wife stuff dripped out on my stomach and his penis softened. I guess he was completely happy with what he did. I wanted more but didn’t know what I had wanted. I had gone home talked to my dad. I hadn’t mention sex with Paul of course. My dad was a priest and he would never approve of sex before marriage.

I sure couldn’t talk mom, about what I had done with Paul. Mom was loyal to helping others, never thinking of herself. For one thing she was raising all my black brothers and myself with the help of all the black, muscular young men to help her. She always made sure they only took after me downstairs and never alone. I was the only white girl among twenty children. All nineteen of my brothers were black and mom was pregnant again. She told me all my brothers were black because of the black in her ancestor. I don’t know very much about mom’s side of the family because she had kept them a secret. She had, had to leave her family but she didn’t tell any of us why. Mom and dad met and married within an hour of meeting each other.

I had felt unfulfilled after I got home and decided to go out to the park and sit down and think. I was hot and itchy. Before I knew it and realized it I was nude pushing my fingers into my hot wet pussy and massaging my large breasts. Four tall teenagers had come across me and surprised me. Anthony and his brother Jason had dark hair, tall muscularly built in their late teens. Ryan was blonde tanned, muscular and Tom had dark red hair just as muscular and tall as Ryan, Anthony and Jason. They said they wanted to gang bang me. I had no idea what gang banging me had meant. I soon found out as they all fucked me with their big cocks. Their big cocks put Paul’s skinny four inch cock to shame. These guys knew how to use their cocks to give me pleasure. Before we all went home they made me promise to meet them after the school dance on Friday in the boys, locker room for more hot sex. I sure wasn’t going to turn them down because sex with the four hot men had been so hot and fulfilling.

I went home and said goodnight to dad and went up to shower and go to bed. I knew mom would still be in the basement praising over the dozens of black, teenagers that had come to our house earlier. I wrote about how they had come over to our house in Part two.

The next night I did get to see mom before she went to the football game. I wanted to catch her before she headed to the football game because I knew I wouldn’t see her for at least a week. She helped clean the football stands and locker rooms after the game in exchange for them letter her in the stadium free to watch football, soccer, baseball and basketball games. When I went to talk to mom she had guessed I had sex with Paul. I asked how she knew and she had answered by saying, “a mother can always tell when a girl has sex for the first time.” She asked me if Paul had cum in me. I said no. I hadn’t let, Paul cum in me. He had pulled out and drooled on my stomach. However, Anthony, Jason, Tom and Ryan had all come in me. They had cum in my mouth, pussy and ass and hopefully they would be fucking me on Friday after the dance in the men’s locker room.

I went to school as usual Monday morning. My pussy had been on fire and itching all weekend and I had tried to put the fire out using my fingers but they never worked. I tried different thing in my room to push inside my hot pussy. I tired brush tooth brush, brush handle, but nothing worked. I was getting desperate for Friday. I even yearned to have a big cock in my mouth, down my throat and in my ass.

I wanted to go to go home and ask mom about my itching pussy, hungry ass and hungry throat, but I was too afraid what her reaction would be. To me mom never put her needs first. She was busy helping the deprived, muscular, black teenage hoodlums to think about her own needs. This past weekend dozens of black, muscular, teenage hoodlums had come in and gone down stairs. Poor mom didn’t even have time to wash the white mud from her body. She didn’t even bother getting dress before heading downstairs. She was so dedicated to preach to the muscular, black, hoodlums she didn’t even relax even though she was at least eight or nine months with child. I wondered if the baby she was carrying would take after her great, great, great, great grandfather side of the family or dad’s side of the family. Would the baby be a boy or girl, black or white? Only time would tell, so far I was the only girl and the only white girl although I did look Italian. Both my parents had blond hair and blue eyes. I had dark hair, brown eyes and olive skin.

I went off to school Monday morning with my lunch that one of the black, muscular, teenage, volunteer babysitters made for me. I went to my locker the same as usual. Nothing special happened all morning. At noon I decided since it was such a nice day in early September I’d go to the side of the school to eat lunch. I no sooner got to the side of the school when I saw Anthony, Ryan, Tom and Jason walking up to the school yard.

“How are you doing?” Anthony asked, walking up to me. “Darn you look hot with those big tits, even if they are covered up.”

“I’m doing okay, thank you.” I answered feeling my pussy twitching looking down at the big bulge in each Anthony’s tight jeans pant.

“Shit look at the say the slut’s looking at your crotch Anthony.” Jason said grabbing a hold of his own bulge.

“Wow, is all I can say.” Ryan said.

“You have that right. I sure could use a blow job.” Tom said and smiled.

Anthony walked over to me pulling his T-shirt off at the same time and undid the top button of his tight jeans. He placed his big hands on each of my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees and pulled his zipper down. He didn’t have any undershorts on and his hard cock burst out from the confines of his jeans and slapped my cheek spraying a bunch of goo all over my nose and cheek. “There’s no one around so open your mouth so I can ram my cock in your mouth and down your throat bitch.” Anthony said taking a hold of my thick dark blond hair in his fist and pulling my head forward forcing my swallow more and more of his huge cock head down my throat.

“I bet you like swallowing Anthony’s huge cock behind the high school. This is so fucking hot and kinky. I can’t wait until it’s my turn. I hope you shoot your load fast Anthony because I’m next. I called it.” Tom almost yelled as he pulled his T-shirt off and threw it on the ground. He pushed his jeans to the ground and stood up with his stiff erection sticking to his muscular, washboard stomach.

All I could do was try to moan my approval around Anthony’s thick cock. This was exciting, even more exciting than the night before in the park. It was now full day light and any student or teacher could walk around the corner and see on my hands and knees with Anthony’s huge cock down my throat.

“Shit your right Tom this is hot getting blow jobs behind the high school.” Anthony said pulling his huge cock out of my throat until only his huge cock head remained in my mouth. Then he rammed his entire cock down my throat again. My throat was still a big sore from the hot teenagers fucking my throat the night before but I also enjoyed Anthony’s huge cock being rammed down my throat. I reached up and felt his hard stomach, chest and bisepts looking around at Tom, Jason, already pushing his jeans down, his big cock popping out the same time and slapping my cheek. I felt his pre-cum drip down my cheek.

Before I could reach up and wipe my cheek I felt a hard slap on my other cheek and looked to my side. This time it was Tom’s hug cock that slapped my other cheek. I felt Tom’s pre-cum, dripped down cheek.

“Shit her throat is taking on the shape of your cock, Anthony.” Jason said.

“No kidding and she’s not even gagging like the she did the other night.” Tom said, sounding surprised.

“That’s because she’s a fucking bitch dog in heat Tom.” Ryan said. “Hurry up Anthony. Fuck her throat so we all have time to feed the slut her lunch.”

“Don’t worry Ryan.” Anthony groaned holding my head between his big hands and pulled his cock out until only his cock head was in my mouth. Then he rammed it down my throat again.

“Shit the bitch sure can handle your cock like a real pro.” Jason moaned slapping my cheek hard with his thick cock. “Fuck I’m horny watching you fuck the slut Anthony.”

“You think your horny, look at the slut. She’s pulled his fucking skirt up to her waist, pulled her panties to one side and pushed her finger’s in her hot pussy.

“Look at those huge, hard nipples pushing against her blouse. I’m going to undo the buttons and have a feel of those huge tits.” Tom said leaning over me and started undoing the top button of my blouse.

Tom undid the next button of my blouse followed by the next and finally the last button. My large breasts were held in only by my small bra that barely covered my large breasts.

“Pull your arms out of your blouse.” I heard Jason said from my left side. I my lifted my left arm behind me and let Jason pull my arm out and placed it back on the ground.

“Let me help you with the other arm.” I heard Ryan say on my right side. I lifted my right arms and felt my blouse being pulled from my arm. I put my right arm back on the ground. I hadn’t realized someone had undone my skirt and somehow took it off me. Then I felt my bra pulled off my large breast and my large breasts swung freely my large nipples brushing against the ground. Someone must have cut my bra straps and pulled it off me. I was totally nude except my sandals in the back of the high school I went to.

“Fuck look at those huge breasts the way they are swaying back and forth while you ram your cock down the bitch’s throat. The bitch should never be allowed to wear a bra again.” Ryan said.

“She won’t be wearing a bra ever again. Do you understand me Barbie?” Anthony asked holding my head tightly as he rammed his big cock down my throat.

I couldn’t answer Anthony. I really don’t think he was expecting an answer. He owned my throat and body. I was to do whatever he and his hot muscular studs told me to do from now on. I knew and so did Anthony, his brother Jason and their friends Tom and Ryan. “Fuck yes, take this cock slut. Take it all.” Anthony moaned.

Jason, Ryan and Tom seemed to be fading into the back ground and all my thoughts and lust was concentrated on Anthony’s huge cock pushing into my mouth and down my throat. “Fuck you slut my cock owns that throat now. Take my cock you fucking bitch. Take it all. Fuck yes.” I heard Anthony moan as his cock withdrew and push directly down my throat over and over again. His big balls smacked my bottom lip as he continued holding my head in his big hands.
“Every time you plunge your cock down the slut’s throat, her throat takes on the outline of your big cock Anthony.” Ryan said.
“When are you going to drop your fucking load Anthony?” Tom asked. “You’re taking forever. I don’t want to waste my load on the ground. Hurry the fuck up.”
“I am but her throat is so great I just want to fuck it forever.” Anthony moaned and looked as his big balls drew up until they were pressed against the bottom of his thick dark cock. “I’m ready, shit I’m ready to blow my load. Fuck I’m Cumming. I’m Cumming big time.”
All my attention was concentrated on Anthony’s cock buried in my throat as I felt it expand even larger and knew he was shooting his big load directly from his huge piss hole into my stomach. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I felt his load splash across my nose and drip down. I stuck my tongue out to catch cum dripping from the end of my nose and tasted his salty musky cum. It was delicious. He let go of my head and stepped back. No sooner than Anthony let go of my face and stepped back Tom grabbed each side of my head. I took a deep breath in and out and opened my mouth wide. Tom pushed his cock into my mouth and rammed his entire cock down my throat with one thrust. “Oh yes, that is so tight. Take my cock bitch. I’ve waited a long time to push my cock down that hot throat of yours slut. Your right Anthony her throat is made for cock. I felt his huge balls slap against my bottom lip. Tom pulled his cock out of my throat and rammed it down my throat again. “Shit yes that throat is hot and tight. Take my cock bitch, take it all.” Tom moaned and groaned loader and loader.
“Hurry the fuck up before lunch hour is finished.” Jason yelled. “I want that dam throat too. Hurry the fuck up Tom.”
“I am Tom. Shit her throat is great. I see what you mean Anthony about wanting to keep your cock in her mouth and throat. “Shit but I’m ready to shoot my load already.” Tom moaned as I looked up and saw Tom throw his head back his hands still holding my head. His cock grew thicker in my throat. I loved the control Tom had over me. I loved his domination and I loved his big throbbing cock in my throat. “I’m Cumming bitch. Shit yes Cumming big time.” Tom moaned pulling his big cock out of my mouth and spraying another load all over my face joining Anthony’s load on my face. “It’s your turn Jason.”
Tom stepped back and Jason took his place. I took another couple of deep breaths and swallowed hard. I opened my mouth as wide as possible again and waited for Jason to shove his cock head in my mouth. I didn’t have to wait long because Jason pushed his big mushroom size cock head in my mouth and then drove it down my throat. “Oh yes that throat is hugging my cock. Take it bitch. I own you now slut. Take my entire cock slut. You know you love cock. You’re a fuck cock sucker. You were made to suck cock. Shit yes.” Jason moaned and groaned.
“Hurry up Jason. I need the bitch’s throat too. I need to get off and not on the fucking ground. Look at the bitch push her fingers in that hot pussy. It’s a good thing you ripped her panties off Tom.” Ryan said.
I had been enjoying swallowing cock and cum so much I hadn’t even noticed I wasn’t wearing panties any more. I was completely nude in the back of the school yard. I don’t know what would happen if one of the other students or teacher saw me. I’d probably be given detention or even thrown out of school. At that moment I couldn’t have cared less about being caught. All I wanted was that cock down my throat.
“Fuck she’s a bitch dog in heat to be nude lustfully swallowing our big white cocks.” Jason moaned. “This is perfection at its best getting this slut to deep throat us in the open. Take my cock slut. Take it.” I felt Jason’s big balls slapping my bottom lip harder and harder as he gripped my head harder. I was afraid he was going to hold my head so hard it would crush in his big hands. His cock was pushed down my throat and pulled out to my mouth over and over again. He was pushing and pulling his cock in and out of my throat faster and harder owning my throat. “I’m ready to shoot my load slut. Oh, shit, yes get ready for my load bitch. “I can’t hold out any longer. I’m going to cum. Get ready slut. Get ready for my baby makers down that dam throat of yours bitch.”
Once more a cock was expanding in my throat as his balls pulled up against his cock and I knew he was unloading his big load directly into my stomach. “I’m Cumming slut.” Jason moaned pulling his big throbbing cock out of throat and mouth. His cum joined his brother Anthony and also Tom’s cum across my face. He let go of my head and I managed to take a couple of deep breaths. I hadn’t leg out my second breath when Ryan grabbed each side of my head. “Open your mouth wide bitch.” Ryan yelled.
I opened my mouth wide and allowed Ryan’s big cock head in my mouth. Once more my mouth was stuffed full of a huge cock head while my head was held between two large hands. Then Ryan rammed his entire cock down my throat. “Take my cock, cock slave. You’re nothing but a slave to cock. You live for cock. I knew you were a fucking slut when I saw you in the park the other day. I knew you’d be a slave to cock. From now on your going to live and dream of cock down that throat of yours bitch. Swallow my cock. I own you. You love the way muscular, big cocked men own your body and mouth. Take my entire cock slut. Take it all, bitch. I had to wait so fucking long I have to shoot my load already.” Ryan yelled. “I’m Cumming. Damn I’m shooting my load. Fuck yes.” I felt his cock expanding in my throat and knew my stomach would soon be enjoying another big load of cum. He pulled his big cock out of my throat and then my mouth. He shot another load all over my face joining his friends cum all over my face. I could feel cum dripping all over my face.
I licked my lips to enjoy every drop of the studs cum. Their loads tasted salty, musky and most of all manly. Tom, Ryan, Anthony and Jason were pulling their jeans up and doing them up. I watched as one by one their cocks pushed into their jeans. I sat back enjoying the moment.
“That was great bitch.” Anthony said and smiled.
“Yea you did a great job.” Ryan said.
“I plan on using that throat a more often.” Tom said.
“Don’t forget to meet us in the boys’ locker room after the dance Friday.” Jason said. “That is if we don’t bump into you before Friday.”
“So long bitch. You better get dressed and back to class. OH yes, one last thing, don’t wash your face. I’ll be around when you don’t know it so do as you’re told. Don’t you dare wash, our, cum, off your face until you go home tonight.” Anthony said.
“You’re never to wear any panties or bra from now on either.” Jason said. “Like Anthony told you I’ll be checking when you least expect me to check so behave and no panties or bra from now on.”
The four studs threw their T-shirts over their shoulders and without turning around walked around the corner and out of site. I put my panties and bra in my purse and put my blouse and skirt on and walked to the school. I didn’t get to eat my lunch because when I got up to the school, the school bell went off. I went to first class and sat in my regular after lunch class room. I sat down facing the front of the room at my teacher Miss Gleason. She looked directly at me. “What’s that stuff all over your face Barbie?” She asked.
“I had a big sneezing attack on the way to class. I guess that’s what it must be Miss. Gleason.” I answered but made no move to whip my face remembering Anthony’s order not to whip the studs’ cum off my face. End of Part Four.

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