After every mission I was down for a week to relax. I was the only system scout that flew alone. I was a pilot but was trained in scan and engineering. The systems I went into were fringe or border systems. I walked around the ship slowly as I checked it and looked at the ship maintenance chief.

She gestured, “the commander wants to see you before you leave.”

I nodded and finished my walk around before leaving the scout ship bay. When I walked into the commander’s office Admiral Hicks was leaning against a wall and two starsailors in their late teens were sitting in front of the desk.

The commander gestured to the girls, “Nighthawk this is petty officer second Melissa Garvis and petty officer third Jean Shardou. They are your new scan witch and engineer.”

I glanced at them, “you know others do not work out.”

He sighed as the admiral straightened, “give them a chance.”

I shrugged and gestured, “I am scheduled for a system run.”

The commander gestured and the two girls stood and followed me out. I glanced at them, “you have twenty minutes to get anything you are taking. The ship is in scout ship bay ten.”

I turned and started walking and they fell in beside me. I glanced at them and Melissa cleared her throat, “we dropped our ready bag off before going to see the commander.”

Once we reached the bay they headed for the access platform while I crossed to the ship maintenance chief, “how does she look chief?”

She grinned as she looked at the ship, “good sir. We purged and rebuilt your life support systems and went over the engines.”

I nodded, “you stocked the meal packs for three?”

I smiled as she looked at me, “give them a chance sir.”

I frowned but nodded as I headed for the ladder up to the access platform, “we are scheduled to come out of jump soon.”

The bay evac horn began to blare as I entering the small airlock and closed the hatch. I closed the inner hatch and made a check before going through and onto the small bridge. The two girls were in their seats running tests as I sat and turned mine before sliding it forward.

I locked it, “put the engine systems on standby and minimal power to life support. I need power to the nav comp and the comm systems.”

The next few minutes we were running our checks as the bay door force screen became active. The carrier flight control started counting down as the bay doors opened. Space outside the ship was twisted and then suddenly we came out of jump beyond a system heliopause. I shifted, “full power to all systems.”

A moment and I lifted and accelerated through the bay door screen and once we were clear I began a check of our maneuvering systems. The carrier kept going as I finally turned and headed towards the system. The carrier jumped and we were alone as we ghosted into the darkness.

I kept the engines just below the detection level as I checked the proximity scan. Melissa cleared her throat, “so why do they not work out sir?”

I glanced at her as I relaxed in my seat, “because they have a problem with the isolation and silence.”

They glanced at each other and Jean grinned, “you just need something to occupy the time.”

I looked at her, “oh?”

She nodded, “I prefer sex.”

I blinked as my cock got hard and Melissa giggled, “me too. That was why I specified a male crew.”

Jean grinned, “me too.”

I glanced at my displays, “I am the ship...”

Melissa leaned over and rubbed my crotch, “the rules against that in a system scout do not apply. I went on record as willing and eager to have sex with my male crew.”

Jean laughed, “me too.”

I looked at Melissa’s scan and we did not have anyone coming out. I put the auto pilot on and slid my seat back. By the time I was standing the two girls were on their feet and walking into the back while stripping. I started after them while undressing and went through the small living area.

Melissa turned at the dining area table. Jean helped her up onto the table and knelt between her legs. I grinned when she began to lick through Melissa’s pussy. I sat beside the table and bent over to suck on one of her nipples. She shuddered and held my head as she moaned and kept humping.

I moved to her other nipple and gave it a suck while Jean attacked her clit. Melissa jerked and tried to close her legs a couple of minutes after that. I stood and moved around as Jean stood and went to kiss her. I felt her warm pussy before pushing into her and burying my cock. Melissa groaned and tilted her hips as she lifted her legs.

I started fucking her with long strokes and she began to hump and thrust up. Her tight pussy constantly grasped my cock and she began to pant and shake. Jean grinned and started sucking on her nipples as I continued to plant my cock and rub. Melissa writhed around and wailed as her pussy clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

I held her hips and fucked her long, hard and deep. She howled and began thrashing and bucking as she squirted, “ffffuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!”

It was not long before she was convulsing and spasming and I buried my cock. It had been a long time for me. I grunted as I suddenly pumped sperm into her cervix. Melissa lifted her legs and spread them as I kept gushing and spewing cum into her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I shuddered as I put a dozen huge spurts into her and finally stopped. I sighed and slowly pulled out before rubbing her mound, “nice.”

I walked back to the front and checked the scan before returning. Jean was sitting in one of the three chairs in the living area and Melissa was kneeling between her legs while licking her pussy. She grinned and moved when I reached them. I knelt between Jean’s legs to caress her inner thighs and fingered her pussy while she shivered.

I shifted closer and slowly pushed into her. While her pussy grasped my cock I held her waist and buried my cock. She shuddered and her pussy clenched, “ooohhh!”

Melissa laughed as I pulled back and began to fuck Jean with long strokes while rubbing her clit. She shuddered and humped while her pussy tightened. I continued to fuck her as she began to breath heavy. She began to lift her hips off the chair and thrust onto my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I held her waist and started to fuck her harder and she jerked and howled while wetting me and screaming, “fffuuuuccccckkkkk!”

I continued to fuck her firmly while she twisted and bucked and shuddered. It was awhile before I shoved into her and tried to push all the way into her womb. She stiffened and looked at me with wide eyes as I suddenly gushed and spewed a torrent of cum. Her pussy clenched and tightened while she began to shake, “aaahhhh!”

I held her as I pumped spurts into her cervix and when I was done I sighed and relaxed while she panted. I pulled out and moved to sit in another chair, “nice.”

She grinned as she sagged and Melissa laughed from her scan station. I checked the time as I went to look and then slipped into my seat. I began plotting a skip and the barely large enough wormhole opened. The ship slipped through and left the other end to continue to ghost as I turned and then let Melissa finish her scan record.

Jean had checked everything after the skip and pulled me up, “dinner and another fuck.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “I checked your scan records. You skip and coast for hours.”

I grinned and turned her and followed as she wiggled towards the dinning area. I fucked the two women ten times a day for the two weeks it took to go in and out. When the carrier jumped in we were well beyond the system heliopause. I brought the scout to life and headed towards the starboard side of the carrier as an encrypted beacon guided us in.

I spun the ship and let the carrier grav tractor grab and pull us into the bay. Jean was shutting systems down while Melissa began sending the scan data. The outer doors closed as the ship warning sounded for another jump. I slid my seat back and stood, “time for some downtime.”

They grinned and stood to follow me towards the airlock. The girls had grown on me while we were out and I was already missing them as I headed to my debriefing and then my quarters. I emptied my bag and began cleaning what I had used before going to answer the hatch chime.

Melissa and Jean grinned when it opened and pushed me back as they came in and closed it. I smiled, “visiting?”

Jean was stripping as Melissa started undressing me, “we thought we would come here since officer quarters have more room.”

I grinned as Jean crawled onto my bed and laid back, “and have larger beds.”

Melissa turned me and gave me a push before she began to undress. I moved onto the bed and between Jean’s legs and licked through her pussy. I captured her clit and sucked on it as I wiggled my tongue. She moaned and humped as I kept it up and Melissa joined me to take turns. When Jean twisted away and onto her stomach I grinned.

I moved over her and pushed into her and she groaned and tilted her hips as I began to fuck her with long thrusts. She wiggled and kept pushing back as she began to jerk while her pussy constantly tightened. I continued to fuck her with long strokes that she liked. She shook and shuddered and pushed back while her pussy tightened.

She began kicking the bed and jerking as she wailed. I grinned as Melissa giggled and kept fucking Jean. She bucked and her pussy clenched while she tried to twist. It was a few minutes before I shoved into her and began to pump cum. She yelled as I spewed and spurted until she was slimy and I was finished.

I relaxed and pulled out before grinning and laying beside her and looking at Melissa, “your turn.”

She moved over me and gave me a kiss before moving down to lick the cum leaking out of Jean. It was a couple of minutes before I pulled her up and onto her back. She laughed as she lifted her legs and I held them while I buried my cock. I started to fuck her with deep thrusts and her pussy began to tighten and squeeze as she moaned.

She began to hump and wiggle as I kept pushing into her. She was breathing hard a few minutes later and began to shake and then spasm, “aaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her with long firm strokes while her slippery pussy began to clench. She held me tight as she struggled and humped and began to wail. She spasmed and clutched me a couple of minutes later. I was fucking her firmly and grinding each time I buried my cock. Several minutes later I kissed her while gushing cum.

I kept fucking her while spewing and pumping and her pussy became very slimy before I was done and pulled out. I laid beside her as she panted and grinned at Melissa, “I left cream for you.”

They laughed and Jean turned to straddle Melissa’s head and started licking her pussy. The week went quickly and we only left my quarters to eat, take walks or shop. When we erupted from the ship Melissa was already working, “we have a few ships closing.”

I glanced at her as the huge carrier jumped and killed the engines. We were on a ballistic course as I glanced at Jean, “shut everything down except life support and the passive scan systems.”

She nodded and began shutting down as I looked at Melissa. She was bitting her lip as she watched her scans. She looked at me and smiled several minutes later, “I am going to fuck you so hard if we get out of this.”

I grinned as Jean giggled and moved to look over Melissa’s shoulder. I growled as I watched the ships using a search pattern. I went to check our course and then looked at the scan again, “it will be close.”

Our ship was made so it would be very hard to find. Suddenly one of the ships turned and headed straight for us. I moved to my seat, “give me power Jean. We are going to need everything.”

It was only moments before the ship was alive and I opened a hole and skipped away and then kept going. We were heading straight away and into deep space instead of insystem so the warships should have ignored us. Jean hissed after the third skip, “they are following.”

I glanced at her as I shifted course and suddenly we were coming out close to a huge station with hundreds of warships. I spun the ship and cursed as I opened a hole and we skipped. I started to do a long jump plot and glanced back at a white faced Jean, “divert all power to the skip engine.”

She nodded and I turned the ship and accelerated. I double checked the jump plot and hit the button. The worm hole seemed to spiral and turn and squeeze before we suddenly came out. Jean hissed, “we are down to ten percent.”

I ignored her and turned to pull up the star comm, “this is Nighthawk. Drake is crimson, I say again Drake is crimson. Sending all data now.”

I turned and leaned over to reach passed Melissa to flip a couple of switches. I sat up and watched before the comm light became solid. I relaxed and sighed as I turned to Jean, “check the reserve fuel tank and then shut the systems down and do a complete restart of the reactor.”

She nodded and a moment later the ship went dark as everything died. It was long minutes in complete darkness before power returned and the life support systems began to work and the lights came on. I moved my seat back and grinned as I reached for Melissa, “turn the star beacon on.”

She did and then grinned as she let me pull her up, “leave the cream in deep so Jean has to dig for it.”

Jean laughed as she continued working, “just for that I am using the bio tractor in the med cabinet to remove your implant.”

Melissa was stripping as we headed for the common area and laughed. She went to her knees on the edge of a chair and grinned when she looked back. I had opened my suit and pulled the top off and pushing the pants down. I rubbed the head of my cock in her slit before I pushed into her.

She sighed and her pussy squeezed before I held her and began to fuck her with long strokes. She was pushing back as I kept planting my cock. It was a couple of minutes before she yelled and began to spasm, “yyyeeessss!”

I grinned and fucked her hard and deep and she continued to jerk and convulse while wailing. Several minutes later I buried my cock and held her as I gushed spurts of cum. Her pussy tightened and clenched as she wiggled and screamed, “YES!”

When I was done I sighed and slowly pulled out before rubbing her slit, “I will send Jean for her cream desert.”

She giggled as I started dressing and moving back to the bridge and sitting at the scan seat, “your turn.”

Jean grinned as she turned and stood, “yummy.”

I watched the scan and relaxed and a few moments later heard Melissa wailing again. It was a dozen minutes before she was rubbing my shoulders, “go sperm Jean.”

By the time the carrier jumped in both the girls were cummy and wiggling in their seats. I moved to the ship and turned to let the grav tractor grab and pull us into the bay. Even as the outer doors began to close the ship was moving and the jump warning was going off. The planned attack on Drake’s neighboring systems did not happen.

The federation fleet with one from a neighboring empire and another from the republic jumped in beside the station in deep space. Melissa and Jean stayed with me for another five years before we decided to retire and have lots of babies as they said.


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I loved this story, especially the main characters name bcz that is my nickname that i go by.

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