The day of sexual fulfillment winds down while a game of chance determines Sierra's fate.
Waiver Note: The following story is a completely fictitious narrative and is pure fantasy. The novella consists of adult men having sex with multiple women, including underage teenage girls. If the topic is not of interest or is offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

I should also mention that in my writing I strive to incorporate a strong (sometimes longwinded) storyline, complete with several developed characters and a detailed background. In addition, I sometimes make use of an extensive and broad vocabulary. If all you’re looking for is a quick, simple sex story, my ideas probably won’t interest you.

To those who proceed, I love getting feedback. So, enjoy and feel free to vote and comment!

- seltra

- - -

A few hours later, Rick awoke slowly. In the hazy, fading day’s light, he was only vaguely aware of where he was at first. A glance at the clock confirmed that the afternoon was indeed gone. It could not be considered late evening.

He looked beside him. Seeing the naked, sleeping form of Nicole next to him in the bed, he smiled in remembrance. Her brown hair streamed across her face, accentuating her beautiful facial features. Behind him, he could feel Lindsey just as close, her own nude teenage body also in the depths of slumber.

Hot damn! Rick applauded himself. Couldn’t have scored better this week had I been trying. Things just have a way of falling into your lap sometimes. He chucked silently at his silent statement. And this time, it’s quite literal.

Quietly, he sat up on the king-sized bed. Both girls stirred in their sleep, but neither woke up. Seeing their sexy, teenage bodies again immediately built in Rick a want to wake them in the most pleasurable way. The desire to touch their young, athletic bodies was nearly overwhelming, but he decided against it.

Better go see what else is happening, he finalized in his mind. Don’t want to give them too much satisfaction all at once, now. They can entertain themselves when they wake up, I’m sure.

Creeping off the foot of the bed, Rick stood up and replaced his boxers before leaving the room. As he exited, he took one last look at the girls he had shared the afternoon with. Both were gorgeous, sexy girls. He had enjoyed every moment of sexual gratification with them. He looked forward to more excitement with them and the other young women in the cabin later on, but for now he was content. His lust had been satisfied for the moment.

Rick reflected on the little excursion he and Jiz had been enjoying with these young, teenage temptresses – this “Nymph Sisterhood” as they called it. Never in his life had he considered the possibility that he would be given such an opportunity. Before he had fallen in the deepest love with Adelle, he would have considered such an event in his life not only impossible, but positively impermissible, not to mention unforgiveable.

Me? Having sex with teenagers? Rick considered in awe. He looked over the two sleeping maidens. He honestly couldn’t believe it.

Not that his head didn’t spin on occasion when an attractive young girl walked by, but he had never really considered such wanton sexual abandon. To him, it wasn’t that the idea of being with a teenager was revolting or repulsive, just distasteful; a grown man and a teenage girl enjoying a night of unbridled passion together? That was Jiz’s territory as far as he had been concerned.

Not anymore, he gloated in his head, admiring Lindsey and Nicole’s appealing physical features. Things have sure changed. Now, it’s my pleasure, too – and hopefully will be for a long time.

After he silently closed the bedroom door and stepped out onto the balcony overlooking the lower level of the cabin, just one single look was enough to restart his sex drive and energize it into a frenzy. Below him, Sierra was laying sprawled out on one couches, as naked as how Rick had last seen the young adolescent. Her thirteen-year-old body was undergoing a sexual torture that she obviously both enjoyed and encouraged.

There, between her legs again, Lexi – also completely devoid of clothing – had planted her face on the younger girl’s tender womanhood.

“Mmmm... Mm...ohhh... Oh, Lexi...!” Sierra moaned slowly, feeling the redhead’s lips and tongue work their magic on her budding reproductive system. “Oh, that...feels so...good...!”

In a whisper that Rick could just barely hear, Lexi asked her, “You like that?”

“Mm-hm!” Sierra gripped Lexi’s head playfully and forced her face back down onto her body, almost in a desperate motion. The girls both giggled and Lexi again went to work with her mouth on Sierra’s tender labia. It was obvious to Rick that the young, blonde teenager was quickly opening herself up to the wonders of sexual experience.

That’ll work in my favour this evening, he revelled. Well, I mean, should I be the one who get the honour of introducing her to intercourse. He watched for another moment, enjoying the view of one teenager pleasuring the other. In his boxers, his sexual organ began stirring to life. Sierra thrashed on the couch as her body processed all the new sensations it was going through. I honestly hope it is. I'd enjoy that so much.

Again, it amazed Rick that his point of view over having sex with teenage girls could change so quickly. It had shifted in only a matter of days. He was so resistant to the idea at first. Rick had tried everything in his power to avoid Adelle’s advances and suggestive acts. In the end, it was futile. He had succumbed – willfully and happily succumbed.

Part of him reasoned he ought to feel shame for what he had done with Adelle – and what he was doing with her and all her friends this week. She was fourteen years old; he was twenty-seven. However, he knew that it was only societal pressure that was spurring on that idea. It was the cultural sense of decency, and yet, he didn’t care. He knew where his love was. To him, that love was far more powerful than any collective agreement on “correct” behaviour.

The rest of the world can just go to hell for all I care, reasoned Rick against society. We both know what we’re doing and both agreeing to it with one another. That, to me, is what true love is all about.

A rise in Sierra’s voice pitch brought him out of his thoughts. “Oh, Lexi... Oh, Lexi...” she began shrieking in wonder as her body reached all it could take. “YES...! Oh, keep...going...! AH! OH! MMMM...!” As he continued to watch, Rick felt his manhood hardening. He reached down and adjusted his sole piece of clothing, allowing the growth to proceed.

Sierra grabbed the fifteen-year-old’s red hair with one hand and clawed anxiously at her back with the other, trying to pull Lexi closer and deeper into her young, lithe body. Her body scrunched up, almost into the fetal position, though her legs were being kept spread widely by Lexi’s hands. For several seconds, Sierra held her breath and allowed the sexual climax to do its pleasurable work.

Just as her face began to flush red, Sierra released her breath and panted wildly. She collapsed back onto the couch seats, barely able to register the world around her. As he enjoyed watching her orgasm, Rick’s erection reached full force and all nine inches begged to be released.

“That looked like it was intense,” Lexi observed, still touching the younger girl’s youthful trove lightly with her fingers.

Between heaves of unregulated breath, Sierra just wheezed, “Yeah... Oh, yeah... Intense...”

Lexi trailed her tongue along the thirteen-year-old’s feminine slit. Sierra jumped at the soft touch. “Damn, you taste good, girl.” The younger of the two teens grinned appreciatively, still mostly unable to talk. Crawling up and over her body, Lexi rubbed their young, pubescent bodies together. The redhead placed a deep, penetrating kiss on the younger girl’s mouth. “How do you like your own juice?”

Sierra giggled.

“I think it’s about time you find just how good it tastes right from a girl’s pussy, though,” suggested the redhead, kissing her sexual partner again, their lips lingering in a gentle, passionate rub for a few seconds. “What do you think?”

Lexi sat up, drawing her hands across Sierra’s youthful bosom. Her fingers took in the feel of the young blonde’s nipples before wandering further down the thirteen-year-old’s body. They soon rested between Sierra’s legs, touching her womanhood tenderly and

Hoisting herself up on her arms, Sierra finally complied, “Ok.” Lexi leaned back on the couch, opening her legs to allow her novice partner full access. “Teach me how to do this.”

Breathing deeper and deeper in anticipation, the fifteen-year-old redhead quickly explained the finer points of treating a woman to oral sex. She then cradled the younger teenager’s head in her hand and led Sierra’s face towards her waiting, burning labia. “C’mon, Sierra,” she encouraged tenderly. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Lexi breathed in sharply as Sierra began to work. Carefully, she glided her inexperienced lips and tongue over the erogenous zone between the older girl’s finely-toned legs. Lexi moaned impulsively, letting her body relax as the sexual pleasure overcame her. The redhead suddenly tensed up her face as a burst of delight

Abruptly, Sierra paused. “Is that...still ok...?” she asked timidly.

“” basked Lexi in enjoyment, urging her face back towards her loins. “Keep doing that’ll make a girl cum in no time.” The fifteen-year-old began grunting louder and louder as the younger girl treated her body to its sexual yearning. “Oooh...yeah...’re a...a natural...!”

Aw, hell! This is hot! Rick admired from above. The only thing that would make this hotter is if I could be watching these two while holding Adelle in my arms.

As if on cue, the door to the other bedroom opened and closed as a solitary, blonde young woman exited the room dressed only in a pair of light blue panties.

It was Adelle.

He smiled adoringly at her as she finished closing the door quietly. She walked over to him, an expression of curiosity on her face. Rick pointed down at the pair of lust-filled teenagers on the couch below them. Seeing them, Adelle grinned and suppressed a giggle.

Taking his teen lover into his arms, he hugged her tightly from behind, leaning his head over her shoulder. The feeling of the soft skin of her exposed back pressed up against his chest. He let his hands wander, but only got a moment to enjoy total freedom. Adelle caught them, and brought them to rest squarely on her supple, round breasts. Relishing the curves on her chest, Rick coddled them lovingly in his hands.

They both watched the spectacle below them, Sierra learning first-hand how to draw out the desires of a woman’s body. Lexi moaned every so often, abandoning herself to Sierra’s education. From time to time, she would twitch wildly, her body shuddering as the younger girl found a particularly sensitive area with her mouth.

Setting his lips beside Adelle’s ear, he whispered to her, “Doesn’t it turn you on, just watching them?”

His girlfriend giggled softly, her eyes fixed on her friend and cousin enjoying such an intimate episode together. “Mm-mm,” she hummed in soft agreement to her adult lover.

Down on the couch, Lexi was evidently approaching an orgasm. “Right there, Sierra...! Right there...!” she grunted to the blonde teenager between her legs. Lexi held Sierra’s face firmly against her feminine treasure. “Yes...! Oh, yes...!”

Adelle admired them for a long moment before she whispered in his ear, “You could have any woman you want, Rick, for however long you want.” He smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “And that means any girl here or anywhere else.”

Rick held her a little more tightly. “I have the woman I want, Adelle,” he whispered affectionately back. “And I want her forever.” He placed a deep kiss on her neck. “I love you, Adelle.”

Adelle sighed, love for her adult boyfriend filling her entirely. She wrapped her arms around Rick’s. “I love you, too, Rick,” she returned. “I’m the luckiest girl ever!”

Slowly, making sure to warm every inch of skin as it moved, Rick led one hand down her body. “I’ll make sure your luck never runs out,” he promised as his fingers reached the hem of her panties. In an instant, his fingers were inside, followed by his hand. Meeting her smooth pubic mound, the twenty-seven-year-old touched and rubbed his young girlfriend’s flower with careful affection.

A second later, he parted the soft folds of skin with a finger, feeling the wetness that was there. Whether it was fresh, or remained from a previous episode, he didn’t know. Honestly, Rick didn’t care. He simply used it to lubricate his fingers and glide them more easily along the tight opening. Soon, he slipped a finger inside her.

“Ohhh...Rick...” Adelle cooed in a long breath. “Rick...I love it so much when...when you touch me...”

They both continued watching the pair of teens below them. Lexi was encouraging Sierra on with a voice of urgency. Because of Sierra’s inexperience, Lexi’s sexual episode was being drawn out and delayed. Rick could see her frustration, but along with it Lexi was also unwilling to have the treatment to her body end.

With the combination of Rick’s gentle treatment of her sexual crevice and the spectacular display on the couch, it didn’t take long for Adelle to reach a fruition of pleasure.

“Oh, Rick...!” gasped Adelle in surprise as pure lust and passion took hold of her. “I’m cumming already...! I’m cumming...! Rick...! I’m...I’M...!” Once again, her voice trailed off. Adelle’s mouth dropped open wordlessly. Every muscle in her body tensed.

Rick doubled his efforts, increasing her desperate pleasure. Adelle grabbed the balcony railing for support as ecstasy flooded her senses. A moment later, she heaved mightily for life-sustaining air.

Kissing her tenderly on the cheek, Rick wrapped his arms firmly around her nearly-nude pubescent body. “How was that? Told you I love you, Sweetie,” he affirmed.

With a quick motion, Adelle spun around in his arms, her blonde hair flailing wildly. “And I couldn’t love you more,” insisted the young woman, dropping to her knees. “Your turn.”

Quicker than he could react, Adelle had his boxers on the floor. Rick’s nine-inch phallic pole leapt happily from its confines, waving itself in front of the fourteen-year-old’s face. Her fingers wrapped around it with careful precision and Adelle stroked the hard flesh with all the love she had for him.

With a slight moan, Rick leaned forward, bracing himself on the railing as Adelle had done moments ago. An instant later, Adelle led the rigid organ into her mouth. With precise timing, she began sucking on the precipice slowly and gently, taking more of his anxious flesh each time. Her soft, teenage lips wrapped around him firmly as she flicked her tongue all around his penis’ head.

“Oh, Addy...” moaned Rick, enjoying the sensation of his girlfriend fellating him again. “Oh, you know how good that feels...? Mmmm...!”

“Only too well,” she responded with a brief pause in her efforts. Adelle returned Rick’s hard phallus between her lips, taking it deep into her mouth. He watched her looking back up at him as she sucked hard, anxious to see him reach a fulfilling climax.

Suddenly, Rick’s attention was drawn to a voice of desperate sexual yearning on the couch below. “Sierra...! Yes, yes...!” Lexi called out to her young partner. “I’m gonna...CUM!!! OHHH! SIERRA...!” She gasped several more times, holding Sierra’s head in place as her primal wants were appeased. Lexi writhed for a moment, savouring the delicious wave of euphoria as it was released throughout her body.

Seeing the young waitress from his restaurant enjoying so much pleasure sent Rick over the edge. He looked down again at his pubescent girlfriend, working her magic and her love on his rigid male organ. Rick grasped her head amorously, feeling an orgasm build inside of him.

“Sweetie... Mnnn...oh, Sweetie...!” Rick praised her. “I love you...Adelle... Oh...oh, yeah...! MMMM!!!” A shock of sexual bliss surged through his senses and he threw his head back as he revelled in it. “Ohhh...Addy...!” he sighed, returning from his high.

He looked down and his eyes again met the most beautiful young woman he had ever known or loved. The golden hair on her head glistened in the late afternoon light illuminating the cabin. A smile of perfect teeth on her face radiated with love and happiness. Adelle’s crystal-blue eyes sparkled with a perfect expression of tranquility.

Returning to her such a pacified expression, he shook his head in wonder at the womanly beauty he adored so much. “I love you, Adelle.” She bit her bottom lip and turned away bashfully. With gentle fingers, he turned her face back to look at his. “I love you so much, Sweetie.”

Her fingers were still wrapped around his shrinking manhood, coaxing out whatever fluid they could. It turned out to be very little. Rick wasn’t surprised. With how much sex and its attendant activities he’d had over the past two days, he was starting to wonder whether he’d ever have fluids in there again.

Adelle stood up, her soft, feminine hands wandering over his bare, chiseled body. They were followed closely behind by her lips, leaving a trail of gentle, adoring kisses as she ascended his chest. When she reached his mouth, their lips closed tightly together, sharing a kiss of pure love.

“I love you, too,” she returned when their lips finally parted. “C’mon, it’s getting late. We need to get dinner started.” The two replaced any clothing they had and climbed down the stairs.

“About time someone suggested it,” Lexi agreed as they reached the main floor. “I’m starving.” She and Sierra replaced their scanty clothing as the duo walked into the dining area. As she finished getting her panties up, Lexi quickly added, “And can’t you guys seriously get a room for that?”

The four of them – Rick, Adelle, Lexi and Sierra – all laughed. With a gesture to the bedrooms upstairs, Rick stated flatly, “Can’t. They’re all full. We had to take what we could get.”

Laughing again, the fifteen-year-old replied, “Well, I guess if you had to.”

The three teenage young women, together with Rick, pulled out the evening dishes of vegetables and dip, sandwich meats and, as far as Rick was concerned, almost enough crackers to leave the neighbouring lake dry. Adelle and Lexi quickly ran upstairs to inform those still sleeping off the afternoon that food was ready.

As they left, Rick seized the moment to try and strike up a conversation with Sierra.

“So,” he opened causally, trying to catch the eyes of the beautiful, shy thirteen-year-old, “are you looking forward to tonight?”

Sierra shrugged, avoiding his gaze.

“Well, are you having second thoughts, then?”

She hesitated a moment, as though organizing her rampantly-racing mind, then briefly made eye contact and shook her head no.

“Well,” inquired Rick, not knowing how else to approach the subject, “what are you hesitant about then?”

There was another pause. Sierra took a breath, still looking at the table full of food. Without looking up, she told him, “I don’t know. I want it, but I’m just not sure what to expect.”

The words hung in the air for a few seconds. “You’re anxious,” Rick summarized. The young woman nodded slowly. “You’re excited to have sex, but you’re nervous about it maybe being uncomfortable or something you don’t really enjoy – and you’re not sure if you want to risk losing your virginity this way if it’s not going to be worth it.”

“Yeah.” Sierra finally looked up at him. “That’s it pretty much exactly.”

Her bright, sapphire eyes – so much like her cousin’s, Rick had to confess to himself – looked at him with a mixture of fear and desire, trepidation and want. Even if he wasn’t here, in the thick of things and knowing what was about to happen, he could have still seen the internal struggle she was having. The barely-out-of-childhood young woman looked as though she was having difficulty coming to grips with entering womanhood.

Now, with the moment virtually upon her, she was evidently realizing that there was so much she was voluntarily leaving behind. Though she knew she would have to make the journey sometime, at this point in her life she clearly wasn’t sure which the better deal was: remain a child for now or become a woman tonight.

The posture she held, though, showed she had evidently made a decision. Still, it looked like a choice she continually struggled to accept in her mind.

“Adelle said her first time really hurt, and the guy was a jerk,” she considered aloud, turning her gaze away from the adult man in his boxers again. “Some of the others have told me my first time will be awesome. All the girls have said that sex gets really exciting once you really start to have fun with it, it just takes some time to get used to it – and that the first time can be painful, sometimes really painful.”

Not knowing how to respond to the thirteen-year-old, Rick just stood there and nodded empathetically.

“I’m not having second thoughts, really,” emphasized Sierra decidedly. “I’m going to do this. It’s like you said; I just hope it’ll be worth it.”

Nodding again, Rick promised her, “Well, if it’s me, you’ll enjoy it.” She looked at him again. This time an expression of hope filled her baby-blues. “I’ll make sure you enjoy it – and that it’s worth it.”

Sierra stepped towards him and hugged the grown man around his brawny chest. He put his arms around the tender, youthful maiden in response. Rick couldn’t deny that a degree of anxiety and trepidation filled him, too, as she did so. She was so pure and innocent, a wandering stranger in a world of pleasure and gratification. Her body was so petite and slender as though it innately wanted to hold onto her youth. It seemed it was rebelling against nature taking its course, maturing her into a woman, and yet it had no choice.

Though he promised himself he would never abuse the privilege, Rick admitted that, deep down, all these factors made a part of him undeniably want her and her thirteen-year-old charms. He barred his thoughts, knowing that Jiz had just as an equal chance to be her first as he did.

“Even if it’s not me, though,” he reassured her, “even if it’s Jiz – I know you’ll have a good time. He knows how to treat a woman and make her feel special and her body feel exhilarated.” The young adolescent in his arms took a deep breath, relaxing against Rick’s manly frame as if she took strength and comfort just by being so close to him. “You’ll feel like you’ve never lived before now, no matter which one of us it is,” he told her. “You’ll feel like a woman.”

“I hope it’s you,” she admitted freely, relaxing her embrace on him and looking at him again with those piercing blue eyes. “I’ve hoped it’s you right from when Adelle told me about you. You sound so caring and gentle.”

Rick smiled at her genuinely. “I’d be honoured, Sierra.” He stroked her golden-blonde hair affectionately.

The noise of Adelle and Lexi running down the stairs caught their attention. Sierra was holding her hands on Rick’s side, with Rick’s hands gently caressing her arms, when the two young women reached the bottom step.

“Woah, woah, woah,” Adelle cautioned jovially. “Save that for tonight.” She crossed the room and replaced Sierra’s hands on Rick’s sides with her own.

“Yeah,” input Lexi. “No need to be too comfortable with one another before it’s time. You’ll get plenty of chance for that.”

Rick gave a quick snicker, wrapping his arms around his teenage love again. “As long as it ends up being me, that is.”

Adelle spun in his arms, embracing him affectionately. “I hope it is,” she admitted. Rick leaned down and kissed her in agreement.

Me, too, actually,” Lexi chimed in. She lowered her voice to a whisper as the other vacationers on the floor above began making their way along the balcony and down the stairs. “Jiz’s cock is great and all,” she said under her breath, “but I seriously think you’re more suited for the job of actually, shall we say, breaking her in.”

Sierra and Adelle gave a quick, amused grin. Rick nodded at Lexi’s statement and agreed, “Yeah, we were just talking about that, too.” He stole a quick glance at Jiz to assess how far away his friend was before he said anything else. Content with the distance, he asked, “Any way to rig the game tonight?”

The three girls gave him a wry, disappointed smile. “No, not really, I’m afraid,” confessed Lexi. “We roll dice for it. Sorry, Rick. Fair’s fair.”

“Well, we’ll have to hope, then.”

“Ah, good!” cheered Jiz as he approached the others already at the dinner table. “You two found each other again.” He nodded at Rick and Adelle.

“Of course!” Rick answered him succinctly. “You had your doubts?”

Jiz laughed. “Hm,” he shrugged. “I was just worried I might steal her tight little pussy away from you. That’d be the end of our friendship!”

Those paying attention to the conversation chuckled as everyone dug into the meal. There was plenty to go around with much to spare.

When the meal was over, the six teenage young women, together with Rick and Jiz, gradually gathered on the couches surrounding the fireplace again. While Nancy and Lindsey rekindled a fire from the dying coals, Lexi and Nicole shut off the lights around the cabin.

Adelle sat beside him. Her cousin sat on her other side, clearly getting support from Adelle as the younger teen outwardly struggled to maintain her confidence. She had reached the point of no return long ago. There was no going back. As they sat there, Rick could sense Sierra’s nervousness setting in.

His lust aside, Rick truly hoped he would be chosen to complete Sierra’s initiation.

The ambiance was enough to make Rick burn with lust over what was about to happen. He sat there, still in his boxers, the fireplace glowing off to his right. Jiz dropped himself onto the middle couch, facing the fire directly. One by one, the other teen women, all wearing only the simplest of clothing, filed in. Rick noticed that not one of them sat beside Jiz himself. He wondered if that was part of the plan.

Nancy and Nicole – the most ‘senior’ of the Sisterhood members – stood in front of the fire and faced the group.

Nicole raised her arms warmly. “Welcome, all, to the Initiation of Sierra into the Nymph Sisterhood,” she announced.

The girls began clapping, to which Rick and Jiz joined in after an awkward moment.

“Sierra,” invited Nicole, “if you’ll please stand up here with us.”

Looking more timid and shy than Rick had ever seen her, Sierra stood up off the couch and crossed the room and stood beside Nicole.

“So, Addy,” Nancy addressed, “this is the girl you’ve found for us to initiate?”

“That’s right.”

“You think she’s ready?”

“She has told me she is.”

“Good to hear. What do you think, Nikki?” probed Nancy, searching for a second opinion. “You were with her yesterday. How did she perform?”

“Absolutely perfect,” Nicole complimented. Sierra bowed her head, blushing slightly. “I think she’s going to make one hell of a little Nymph.”

“Good,” repeated Nancy. “And you, Lexi?” Lexi looked up, studying Nancy’s face. “You two ate each other’s pussies. How did it go?”

“Awesome. She’s totally ready to get a guy horny and make sure he gets off.”

Nancy breathed in deeply and sharply. “Well, there you have it. We have three girls who say she’s going to be one of the best Nymphs ever!” She looked at Sierra. The thirteen-year-old glanced up nervously. “Well, are you ready?” Nancy asked her.

“Yeah,” agreed Sierra. “I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Yes, I am!” Sierra insisted. “I mean...I’m ready to handle a guy’s...a guy’s cock – inside or outside of me.”

The whole party laughed politely and good-naturedly, seeing Sierra display such confidence in contrast to how it was obvious she really felt. It didn’t sound very convincing, but the youngest attendee’s declaration was more than adequate for what the Sisterhood was looking for.

“Alright!” Nancy cheered. “Well, let’s get going. Rick, if you could sit over there, we’ll get started.” She gestured to the couch Jiz was on before walking towards the back door.

Rick relocated, and Nicole walked towards the duo of men. She placed a die in each of their hands. “Whoever rolls higher,” she explained, “gets the better treatment from our newest little Nymph – not that the other will suffer by any means, though, either.”

“Sounds good,” grinned Jiz, rolling his die on the hardwood floor. When it rested, it showed a four.

Nicole announced the result to the crowd. “Looks like you’ll have to have some luck on your side, there, Rick.”

“Who needs luck?” Rick laughed, rolling his own die. He held his breath as it hit the floor and came to a halt.

“Five!” called out Nicole. “Well, there you go, Sierra! It’s Rick who gets to have you first!”

Rick and Sierra caught one another’s eyes. Staring back at him in those sapphire blues was an ecstatic and excited expression of relief. A smile beamed brightly from her pretty, young face, letting Rick know just how overjoyed she was about the outcome. Rick returned the silent conversation with a smile of his own.

The left-to-chance decision meant only one thing: Rick would be the first man she ever made love with. He knew they were instantly thinking the same thing.

They were both imagining the imminent moment with great anticipation!

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