King’s Pass
I took a deep breath of the cold mountain air and glanced at Jason. He was chuckling from the way the three girls were shrieking as they tried to wash in the cold mountain stream. We had been camped here for two weeks. A platoon rode forward and down each day to scout for the enemy army that was supposed to attack through here.

I sat back in my chair and glanced towards the tall waterfall coming down out off the cliff to the right, “so why do they think their neighbor is going to attack through here?”

Jason smiled as he looked away from the girls, “I told you they have a spy.”

I sighed, “I thought you were going to return to Ragorich for the winter?”

He shrugged, “we have time.”

I snorted as I looked at the cliffs and mountains around us, “if it begins to snow we will be stuck here and it has rained every day.”

He glanced around and nodded, “with the daily showers that could happen.”

I stood and looked around again before starting for the cliff and the waterfall. Something about it drew me, I had explored along several of the cliffs in the pass. I stayed to one side as I followed the stream and slowed when I saw the way large rocks and small boulders had been shifted and moved. It was as if to create a way for something or someone to pass.

I began following the way that had been created and it started to twist and turn as it drew closer to the cliff. First it seemed to turn away from the falls before making a sharp turn that followed the cliff back towards it. As I came closer to the falls I saw the gap behind and under the falling water.

I followed the way in and once behind the falls there was a large cave. I drew a rune and sent it in to light the way and stared at the ancient rings that had once been for fires. Many types of bones were tossed to each side and most were burnt and cracked as if for the marrow. A little further in I saw the hub of what had been a wheel.

I saw others as I went further in and the metal piece used on wagons. I looked at a pile of rocks and moved closer before gesturing. They shifted and moved and I saw the ancient chest they had hid. I opened it and blinked at the rotting sacks of tarnished silver coins. I closed the chest and moved back to the bones and looked at them closer.

Most were large and I recognized them as coming from a horse. There were dozens of others and I knew they had come from people. From the look many had been cut up and cooked in the fire. The cave went in and up before turning to the left in a long wide cavern. I brought the chest with me as I returned to our camp.

Dark clouds were moving in so I knew another rain storm was coming. I settled the chest to the ground as I sat in my chair. I could hear Nancy and Sara wailing from inside the tent and smiled. Jason and Samuel were paying their daily visit which the girls enjoyed. I kept looked back at the falls and up at the storm laden sky.

I sighed and began to chant and murmur. Inside the cave the bones began to sink into the floor until they were gone. I looked at the sky once more before standing and going into the tent. I caught Ash on the edge of the bed as she wiggled her butt and grinned back at me. I opened my pants and pushed them down before slowly sinking my cock into her.

She groaned and pushed back as I held her waist, “today’s storm will bring snow.”

Jason had finished and was caressing Nancy, “the platoon will be back soon and we can move if we need to.”

I began to fuck Ash with long strokes, “there is a cave behind the falls. The deeper cavern would hold all our horses.”

Jason sighed and moved off the bed, “I will go take a look.”

Samuel was grunting and Sara was jerking as he pumped warm cum into her. I grinned as Ash shuddered and kept shoving back. Samuel moved off the bed as I held Ash’s waist and began to fuck her long, hard and deep. She started shaking and then jerking as her slippery pussy constantly tightened, “oooohhhh!”

I continued to fuck her as she dropped her head and shoulders to the bed. She kept pushing and shoving back as her slippery pussy massaged my cock. Slowly her knees spread wider until she was almost laying on the bed. I fucked her firmly as she writhed around and her pussy constantly clenched.

It was several minutes before I buried my cock and held her as I gushed cum. She spasmed and jerked while I held her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I was done I rubbed her butt, “get dressed and pack up the tent.”

I pulled out and she sighed and sagged to the bed. I pulled up my pants and glanced out the door to see a few snow flakes, “it is snowing.”

They looked and moved off the bed quickly and began dressing. I walked out and looked at the camp to see men hurriedly pulling tents down. I brought the horses around and saw Jason returning from the falls. An hour and the whole company was in the cave. I set up my tent close to the front and used rocks to make a wall that was chest high across most of the entrance.

I chanted and murmured as I carefully drew glyphs on the rock wall. When I lifted my hand, blue flames burst out of the rocks and most of the company moved closer to feel the heat. Jason was outside watching down the pass and an hour later yelled. I walked out and saw the platoon trotting their horses as they turned to head for us.

The platoon leader swung down as the others were led into the cave where it had began to warm up. The platoon leader rubbed his cold hands, “they are coming.”

Jason shook his head, “they will not make it over the pass in this.”

I glanced at the sky in their direction and the falling snow, “they are not using magic but there is something strange.”

They glanced at me and I looked at the platoon leader, “are they on horses or on foot?”

He frowned, “the ones we saw were on foot but there were supply wagons in the rear.”

I nodded, “they might make it wearing snow shoes and pulling sleds.”

I looked at the snow and then grinned, “of course they will either try to walk through the whole pass in the night or stop to camp.”

Jason looked at me and then grinned, “and we can hit them out of the falling snow and return before they realize we are there.”

I smiled, “have the men bring their cloaks.”

I walked back inside and once all the men had brought their cloaks I chanted a spell and they shifted and slowly changed color until they were all pure white. The men were grinning as they collected their cloaks and began preparing. The girls had gone to see the horses and returned as Jason and Samuel began planning.

Sara hugged my arm, “master?”

I looked at her and she looked towards the other cavern, “there is a set of stairs at the other end of the cavern.”

I frowned and glanced at Jason and Samuel. I murmured a simple finding spell so the men would always know where they were and where this cave was. I turned and pulled Sara after me, “show me.”

The other cavern actually seemed a lot warmer when I walked through it. The horses were content and leaned against each other as they slept. There was a fold in the cavern wall and behind it was the stairs. As soon as I saw them I knew they had been created by a mage. I kissed Sara and turned her and gave her butt a pat, “go snuggle by the fire.”

I watched her leave before slowly climbing the stairs. At the top was a landing that turned back towards the cliff face. I followed a dusty hallway to a door grey with age. I felt it and the ancient spells before murmuring and pushing it open. I walked into a clean and comfortable room and a fire ignited in the fireplace, lamps brightened as I started across the room.

The floor was covered in huge thick bearskin rugs and the chairs had thick down quilts folded over the backs. I looked in one door to see a kitchen and went to the other. It was a sleeping chamber but there was another door. I glanced at the large bed as I crossed the room and opened the door. I blinked when I saw the sheets of water beyond the edge of a balcony.

When I stepped out onto the balcony the water became clear and I could see through it and out into the pass. There was a slight haze that I knew was falling snow, mixed in with it was a very subtle signs of magic. I looked down the other side of the pass at a narrow spot between two cliffs.

I was thinking of using the weather and changed my mind when I saw the magic from a mage. I whispered and focused on Jason, “they have a mage at the head of the column, use a pure wood arrow.”

I felt him nod and turned to move back into the room and then left. I hurried out and down and through the cavern and then the other before I reached the mouth of the cave. I moved out and around until I was in the falling snow. It was awhile before I heard the army of marching men. They were singing as they marched and it was a few minutes before the screams began.

I saw the flare of the mage being hit and began moving. I whispered a spell as the army turned to flee and Jason and the company pulled back. I reached the road and moved down it before seeing the fallen men and the milling horses. I knelt beside the mage and turned him as he groaned and opened his eyes.

He opened his mouth and I shook my head, “not unless you are ready for me to answer it.”

He looked at me and finally nodded. I shifted him and opened the coat and looked at the arrow. I touched his chest and murmured and sighed before looking into his eyes, “not fatal.”

He nodded again and I touched his temple and whispered before standing as he fell asleep. I gestured and he lifted to float after me. I could hear the army down the pass as it gathered and looked back and blew. The falling snow thickened as the wind picked up. Long before I reached the cave a very bad blizzard was filling the pass and covering the army.

Jason and Samuel looked at me when I walked in and I smiled, “do not send the men out. The blizzard will last another couple of days.”

They grinned and I went through the burning wall. In my tent the girls were snuggled in bed and a brazier glowed in front of my chairs. I whispered and a colorful bag made from carpet floated out of a bookcase. It opened and a narrow bed unfolded and slipped under the mage. I set him down and knelt beside him and touched the arrow before murmuring.

I pulled the arrow straight up and out before placing my other hand on the wound. I closed my eyes and whispered before opening them. I gestured and his clothing shifted and crawled off. I use the tip of my index finger and began drawing runes from his chest down his body to his waist. When I was done I turned and began pulling linen bandages from the bag.

I gestured and they wrapped around him and the ends tied themselves over the wound. I stood and glanced at a chest and it opened and a thick blanket floated out and over him before settling. I sighed and glanced at the girls and Nancy smiled and lifted the blanket, “fuck me?”

Ash smiled as Sara giggled, “horny girl.”

She grinned and held out her arms and I undressed after looking at the mage one last time. I moved to the bed and slipped under the blanket beside her. I caressed her and turned to kiss her softly as she sighed. I moved over her and settled between her legs as I continued to kiss her and slowly buried my cock.

She groaned as her warm pussy grasped and squeezed. I stayed nice and deep and began to hump and press as I kept kissing her. She was lifting her hips and hugging me as her pussy kept squeezing. It was a few minutes before she lifted her legs and wrapped them around me as she shuddered hard, “ooohhhh!”

I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock, “YES!”

I grinned as I began to fuck her firmly and kept kissing her. She clutched me and wiggled as she thrust up to meet me. It was several minutes before she began to spasm and jerk as she wailed. Her pussy was wet and slippery as it constantly clenched. She struggled and bucked as she hugged me, “aaaahhhh!”

A few more minutes and she was thrashing around and convulsing. Her eyes rolled up as she shook and her pussy gripped my cock when I buried it. My balls churned and her pussy pulsed and massaged my cock and I pressed to get deeper before I began to gush cum. Nancy jerked and yelled when she felt warm sperm spurting and pumping into her, “mmmm!”

When I was done I relaxed and gave her a kiss while she panted and her pussy continued to squeeze. The other mage chuckled and I turned my head to look at him. I pulled out and gave her another kiss before moving out of bed. I dressed and knelt beside him, “how do you feel?”

He sighed, “alive.”

I smiled, “the wound is knitting. It will take awhile before you can move.”

He nodded, “I feel it.”

I sat beside the low bed, “I am sorry you had to be taken out.”

He snorted, “my own fault.”

He looked around the tent, “I do not hear snow.”

I smiled, “we are in a cave.”

He stiffened, “have you felt another mage?”

I shook my head, “it has been long unused. Through another cavern where we have the horses is a set of stairs up to an ancient set of rooms a mage once lived in.”

He started to move and I reached out to put my hand on his body, “do not ruin what I have done.”

He growled but lay back, “there is no sign of the mage?”

I shook my head, “not for many ages.”

He looked at me carefully, “where did you come from?”

I smiled and glanced at the door when Samuel came in, “we came from Ragorich. We were hired to guard this pass.”

He looked at Samuel who hesitated and I gestured, “you can use the bed and warm up.”

Ash giggled as she lifted the covers on the other side of the bed, “Samuel?”

Sara and Nancy laughed and he grinned, “horny girl.”

He moved around the bed as he undressed and I looked at the mage who was grinning. He looked at me, “you are working for the mercenaries?”

I nodded, “they are good men and extremely loyal to each other and the ones they contract with.”

He relaxed, “better than those I was with.”

I smiled, “most countries take a mage for granted.”

He nodded again and shifted, “I want to see the place you found.”

Ash was moaning and Sara and Nancy were giggling. I stood, “if you promise not to move I will take you up there.”

He grinned, “promise.”

I gestured and the bed he was in lifted and I started for the door with him following. The men were mostly along the burning wall relaxing and I heard the mage chuckling. Once we reached the set of rooms he started to sit up before laying back. I took him into the kitchen and then the bedroom and opened the balcony door.

He looked at everything and shook his head, “no one has been here in a very long time.”

I took him into the other room and set the bed down beside the fire. I sat in a chair and leaned back, “my guess would be a couple of hundred years.”

He nodded and turned to look at the fire, “his spells still have their power.”

I nodded, “but there are no books or hidden rooms or treasure.”

He smiled, “there are rumors of the mage coming down out of the pass to curse the people in my kingdom. They say he kills and eats all who come into the pass.”

I snorted, “nonsense and superstition. This is a high pass and dangerous to try except in mid summer. The mage that was here left no sign he was dark or light.”

He grinned as he looked around the room, “I think this room tells me what he was.”

I looked around, “comfortable.”

He sighed and relaxed, “yes.”

He closed his eyes, “I think I will stay here for awhile after I recover.”

I looked at him, “I have your parole?”

He nodded once more, “I give you my bond and my word.”

I stood, “would you like to stay here or return with me?”

He opened his eyes, “here.”

I headed for the door, “remember to let your wound finish healing before you get up.”

I went down and through the caves and went to look outside. The blizzard seemed to have gotten worse and I closed my eyes as I used my magic and reached out into it. There were strands of magic weaving through the storm but not from the army or the mage. They were the subtle ones I had seen before.

The army was almost buried under a thick blanket of snow but they were in tents. The storm seemed to cover the entire pass and the magic continued to pull more dark clouds in. I heard Sara and Nancy wailing from my tent and the men by the wall were laughing. I turned and moved back through the cave and up into the old living quarters.

The mage turned his head and I shook my head, “there is magic in the storm.”

He looked at me, “you did not...”

I shook my head and knelt and put my hand on his chest, “do not interfere and do not try to help.”

He shook his head as I began to chant and murmur. Magic wove into him and a few moments later I stood. He shuddered and slowly sat up before I held my hand down. He looked at it before accepting and I pulled him up. He glanced at his body and I grinned as I turned to walk into the bedroom, “look in the closet.”

He laughed as he followed and stopped at the large wooden closet. I went out onto the balcony and looked into the storm. He came out a minute later and stood beside me. He shifted and glanced at me, “can you feel where it is coming from?”

I reached out to follow the feel and finally relaxed, “on the other side of the pass.”

He turned, “want to join me?”

I snorted as I followed, “you ruin my work and I will thump you.”

He chuckled as we walked out and then down through the cave. We walked out into the curtain of falling snow and I murmured. I could not see him but I felt his magic as he walked beside me. We headed towards where the trail had been and then I turned to angle up towards the other cliffs. It was several minutes before I reached out to touch the cliff and draw a rune.

I glanced at the other mage as he appeared and kept my hand on the wall before turning to move to the right. Fifty paces later I frowned and faced the cliff once more. I drew a rune and a door in the cliff appeared and glowed. The other mage chanted and drew a glyph and the door opened into a room.

We stepped out of the storm and the room brightened. The room was bare with a set of steps going up in one corner. I started for them and we climbed almost to the top of the cliff before stepping out into another room. This one had a fireplace that was burning in front of two chairs. One held the remains of a mage and they looked extremely old.

One wall was mainly bookcases and on the other wall was tiny crack like slits. In one was a huge crystal lattice with magic spinning off it and out the crack. I crossed to it and used a finger to touch the central crystal. I whispered and the strands of magic stopped. I turned to look at the other mage.

He sighed, “all these centuries and his protection spells were working on their own.”

I nodded and he sighed as he turned, “after the storm I will bury him.”

I looked at the books and gestured, “strange to have rooms on each side like this.”

The bookcases lifted and followed as we went down and then out. I could feel the difference in the storm and even though the magic was gone it would continue for several days. The mage looked at me, “I will return to my people and take them home.”

I nodded, “as long as it is back I have no problem with that.”

He smiled, “go get warm with your ladies.”

He walked into the snow and I followed him by his magic. I turned and started towards the trail and then back towards the cliff beside the waterfall. When I walked in the men were roasting meat over the flames on the wall. I shook my head as I went to my tent and sent the bookcases to one side.

I undressed and sat in one of the chairs and Sara grinned as she climbed out of the bed, “you will get cold.”

She turned as she pushed my legs open before slowly sitting on my cock. Her warm cummy pussy slipped down my cock and she leaned back. I hugged her warm body and reached around to cupped her breasts. She wiggled before she started to slowly thrust back and forth. Her pussy squeezed and she shuddered and turned her head.

I gave her a kiss and she smiled as she bounced and twisted. I chuckled and stood and she bent forward as I walked her to the bed. I held her hips as she laid on the bed and spread her legs. I held her waist and pulled back before I began to fuck her with deep strokes, “I think I will breed one of you.”

She shoved back and her pussy clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock and caressed her hips, “you like that idea?”

Sara shivered and pushed back, “yes master.”

I smiled as I thought of the mage being all alone and pulled back and out. I rolled her over and lifted her legs and pushed back into her. I fucked her firmly with deep strokes and she kept lifting her hips. A few minutes and she began to shake and yell. Several more and I was fucking her hard and she was howling and thrashing around.

I finally pushed all the way into her and held her as my cock gushed and pumped spurts of cum. She spasmed and shuddered as her pussy continued to grasp and try to squeeze the sperm into her. When I was done I bent over her and gave her a kiss before I pulled out and turned her. I pushed her into bed and got dressed before going to see Jason.

I could feel the other mage’s magic like a pocket as the army moved back down the pass. Jason and Samuel were more than ready to leave and return to Ragorich for the winter.
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