I had just turned thirteen the day before going a few houses down to mow Ms Jones’s yard. I did the back first so she could lay out and get a tan while I worked on the front. She was a young pretty lady with long golden hair and a body I drooled over and had jacked off to several times. I finished as she walked out in a string bikini and I headed to the front.

She smiled at me before I left, “when you finish come see me and I will pay you.”

I stammered and nodded before leaving. I cut the grass and trimmed it and the bushes before washing my hands under a facet and going into the backyard. I walked around the corner to see her laid back with her feet towards me and spread. She was moaning as she fingered her wet looking pussy and humping.

She shook her head and looked at me but did not stop, “want to fuck me?”

I nodded and started walking towards her as I stripped. She held out her arms when I was naked and I moved over her and between her legs. I pushed into her in one long thrust and she grunted as she humped up. Her pussy was hot and slick and grasped my cock as I began to fuck her. I used long deep thrusts and she humped up to meet me each time.

A few minutes and she was wiggling and squirming under me while kissing me and yelling in my mouth. It did not take me much longer before I buried my cock and gushed cum. She bucked and her pussy gripped and kept squeezing as I spurted over and over. When I was done I looked at her and hesitantly started fucking her again.

She grinned and pulled my face down and kissed me passionately. I fucked her for almost three hours until she fell asleep. I left after covering her with my shirt and putting my pants on. I did not see her again for a few months because I went to a summer camp and she was not around when I returned.

When I did see her she was with a guy and pregnant. She smiled at me and rubbed her tummy when she saw me and I waved. We moved across town before school started so I did not see her again. I met and fell in love before graduating. Tina got pregnant not long after and I went to a trade school and got a job.

Our marriage only lasted a few years before we got a divorce. I got custody of our daughter Abby but Tina did not seem to care. I moved into a large house in the suburbs years later. I was working mostly at home but needed a sitter almost everyday so I could check with the office. A neighbor suggested a girl that lived a couple of houses down.

When I met her mother I almost did not recognize her and she did not recognize me. Taz was a stunning young teenage girl and smiled and flirted with me. When I walked into our house and she followed it was to see my daughter naked. I sighed, it had taken me a long time to get her to wear clothes.

Since her mother left she had stopped wearing clothes at home. I looked at Taz behind me, “sorry Abby does not like to wear clothes at home.”

She grinned as she pulled the old tee shirt she was wearing off, “me either.”

I stared at her pink nipples before shaking my head, “I will only be gone a couple of hours.”

I looked at my daughter, “be good.”

She smiled sweetly, “I will.”

I smiled back before looking at Taz as she started taking her skirt off, “my cell number is by the phone.”

I left before I was tempted and headed into the office. It was hours before I got away and drove home. I stopped for Chinese on the way and walked into the house to see Abby on her tummy watching tv with Taz beside her. They both had their legs spread and I could see their slits.

I shook my head as I headed for the dinning room, “I brought Chinese back.”

I stopped when I saw the tee shirt on the back of the couch. I picked it up to look at the design and Taz walked by to take it, “it was my father’s.”

I shook myself and carried the food into the other room. I pulled out plates as Abby went to get drinks and silverware. I tried to ignore Taz and her lovely nipples as I dished out the food. I smiled and gave Abby a pat on her butt, “shower after we eat.”

She grinned, “bath.”

Taz grinned, “yeah baths are better.”

She took my hand and put it on her butt and rubbed it, “with me.”

I hesitated before pulling my hand away, “I think you know about sex and what you are doing.”

She grinned, “I let three boys fuck me so far. They were virgins and put a lot of stuff in my greedy pussy.”

I glanced at my daughter as she giggled and looked back at Taz, “and now you are trying to seduce me?”

She grinned, “well your name is Strong.”

I ate slowly and she whispered and giggled with Abby before glancing at me, “mom knows I want to fuck and said to have fun.”

After dinner I cleaned up as my daughter pulled Taz through the house and into the bathroom. I hesitated when I heard the water running but I had helped Abby since my wife left. The thought of fucking Taz had my cock hard and drooling. I undressed before walking into the bathroom.

Abby was already in the bathtub and Taz was kneeling beside it. She glanced at me and then her eyes stayed on my cock as she licked her lips. I knelt to feel the almost hot water in the tub and Abby grinned, “nice and warm.”

I shook my head, “you are going to be a wrinkled prune when you get out.”

She giggled because I always said that about her baths. I looked at Taz when I felt her hand wrap around my cock. She grinned as she pulled and laid back on the bath matt. I looked at her spread legs and her pussy before groaning as I turned and moved over her. I knew once I pushed into her I would not stop until I had given her all the cum I had.

I pushed into her warm tight pussy and held her as I buried my cock. She grunted and wiggled while tilting her hips. I kissed her softly before pulling back to fuck her with long deep thrusts. Her pussy grasped and tightened as she humped up to meet my thrusts and she clutched me and started moaning.

I did not care if Abby saw, I did not care about anything except Taz and her pussy. I humped and jabbed and pressed as she began to thrash and buck. She lifted her legs and kicked in the air while her pussy worked magic around my cock. She jerked and spasmed as I kept fucking her long, hard and deep.

She lifted her hips when my cock throbbed and her pussy tightened and clenched. She screamed as I spewed cum against and through her cervix, “daddy!”

I grunted as I kept pumping sperm into her and my eyes fell on her tee shirt on the floor and I saw the design clearly. I groaned when I stopped cumming and took a breath before beginning to fuck her with short grinding thrusts. I looked at her and kissed her softly, “the tee shirt is your father’s?”

She was panting as her slimy pussy kept grasping my cock, “yeah, he left it on momma after fucking her.”

I buried my cock in her, “his first name was James?”

She nodded as she looked into my eyes, “yeah.”

I was tempted to pull out as everything spun. I started fucking her with firm thrusts, “do you know my first name?”

She shook her head, “just your last.”

She wrapped her legs around my waist, “what is your first name?”

I continued to fuck her and enjoy her pussy before kissing her and burying my cock, “fourteen years ago I mowed a lawn for a stunning woman I used to masturbate too. When I went to get paid she was naked in the backyard on a lounger. She wanted me to fuck her and I did, for a long time. She was asleep when I left and I covered her with my tee shirt.”

I looked into her eyes as she hugged me and shuddered while her pussy was constantly grasping my cock, “my first name is James. My parents sent me to a summer camp so the next time I saw her she was with a guy and pregnant. She never told me and I thought...”

I kissed her as she groaned and spasmed, “I did not know I had gotten her pregnant.”

She clutched me as I gave her a soft kiss and buried my cock, “want me to stop?”

She shook her head and grinned, “not ever.”

I humped and fucked her with long thrusts and she thrust up and started shaking. It was a half hour before I pulled out of her slimy pussy. Abby was kneeling in the tub and grinned, “Taz is my sister?”

I nodded and she grinned, “cool.”

Taz moved to the tub and climbed in before hugging her. She turned to start the hot water and opening the drain. I stood and used a washcloth before looking at my daughters, “after your bath wait in your room and brush your hair.”

I went to get dressed before leaving and walking down to Taz’s house. When the door opened it was to a cute teenager a little younger the Taz, “yes?”

I smiled, “I would like to see your mother.”

She frowned and turned, “it’s a man mom.”

She walked away and I watched her mother walk to the door, “is something wrong?”

I smiled and she grinned, “Taz fucked you.”

I blushed, “yes. Virginia do you remember me?”

She hesitated and then her eyes widened, “James?”

I nodded and she grinned, “I did not even...”

She stepped close and caressed my face, “Taz found out?”

I nodded, “I saw the tee shirt and told her.”

She smiled and pulled me into the house, “I was going to tell you but Ben came along and I thought he was the one. He did not mind that I was pregnant.”

She laughed as she looked at her other daughter, “of course as soon as I had Taz he knocked me up again.”

She gestured, “this is Misty.”

I smiled and looked at Virginia, “what now?”

She smiled, “now I believe your daughter is going to want to spend a lot of time with you. If you had sex it will be in and out of bed now.”

I looked at Misty, “um... do you work tomorrow?”

Virginia shook her head and I looked at her, “how about coming over so we can both talk to her?”

She nodded, “give us a few minutes.”

I cleared my throat, “your husband?”

She shook her head, “Ben died not long after Misty was born and I was always to busy with work and them.”

She pulled her daughter after her and into the hall. A few minutes later they were back with overnight bags. When we walked into the house I heard Abby and Taz laughing from Abby’s room. I smiled and walked back with Virginia and Misty following. Taz and Abby were playing a tickle game and Misty walked past me, “you are naked.”

Taz turned to look at her sister, “Abby does not like wearing clothes at home.”

Misty looked at my daughter before looking at her mother, “can I go naked too?”

Virginia smiled as she looked at Taz and Abby, “yes.”

She looked at me before starting to undress, “we all can.”

I smiled as I started undressing before taking their clothes. I went to fold them and set them on the dresser in the guest bedroom before coming back. Misty had joined Taz and Abby and they were whispering together. Virginia was leaning against the door and smiled at me, “she is beautiful.”

I smiled as I looked at Abby, “now that I am looking she looks like Taz.”

She grinned, “how about coco and a movie?”

The girls looked at her before Taz was pulling Abby and Misty off the bed. I headed to the kitchen to heat milk for coco and Taz pushed me away from the stove. I smiled as Abby giggled and sat in Virginia’s lap which surprised me. I sat and Misty straddled me and rubbed her slit on my hard cock, “you and Taz fucked.”

I looked at Taz as she turned to look, “yes.”

She grinned, “want him in your cum catcher sis?”

Misty grinned as she lifted and tried to position my cock. I was shocked and looked at Virginia who smiled, “go ahead.”

I moved before helping Misty as she wiggled and slowly impaled her extremely tight pussy. She grunted and groaned as her pussy was stretched until my cock was buried. She leaned against me and waited before looking at me. I grinned, “you are on me sweetness.”

I held her hips before rolling them and pulling her back and forth, “move like this.”

She shuddered as her tight pussy grasped my cock, “ooohhh!”

Abby giggled, “daddy is going to put his sperm in you and make you pregnant.”

I hesitated and looked at Virginia and she grinned and shook her head, “they are on birth control.”

I nodded as Misty began to jerk while her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock. She was panting and wiggled as she rubbed her pussy back and forth, “mmmm!”

Taz giggled as she moved the pot off the burner and came to lean against me, “like my dad’s cock sis?”

I groaned at the feel of my cock rubbing against the back of her pussy as it slipped in and out. Misty spasmed and wailed as she clutched me and her pussy tightened painfully, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Virginia laughed, “I think my daughters are hooked.”

Misty twisted and rolled her hips as she shook and cried out, “aaaahhhhh!”

She came several times before I pulled her hips down and my throbbing cock erupted. She jerked and kissed me as a large spurt of cum was pumped into her. She continued to jerk with each one that followed the first and her pussy became slimy. When I stopped she sighed and leaned against me, “it was better than you said Taz.”

My daughter grinned, “that is because it was not a boy, it was dad.”

I helped Misty lift up so my cock would come out. Virginia was pouring coco into cups, “go see what movies are on Taz.”

Abby started to climb into my lap as Misty got off, “we need to go into the other room.”

She pulled on my hand as Misty looked between her legs at the cum leaking out of her. I stood and went to help Virginia and followed as Abby took Misty’s hand and pulled her into the other room. The next thing I knew the girls were on the floor watching the TV. Virginia looked at me as I looked back and forth at the three slits.

She turned and straddled me before moving my cummy cock and sitting on it. She sighed and wiggled before looking at me, “so...”

I held her hips and smiled, “so?”

She began to rock, “so you know what happened to my husband.”

I looked at Abby and Taz whispering with Misty, “I thought I was in love. Abby’s mother Tina did not hesitate or care when I asked for custody. If she did not send child support I doubt if she would even know where we live.”

Virginia shuddered as her pussy tightened and she became wetter. She rubbed her pussy harder and began to roll her hips and bounce. She twisted and thrust back and forth as she began to pant and spasm. I looked at the girls and they had turned to watch us. She kept fucking me almost desperately while her slippery pussy constantly grasped and tightened.

She wailed and then howled a few minutes longer as she became erratic. She jerked back and forth while grinding her pussy, “ffffuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk!”

She twisted and shuddered hard before I turned to dump her onto the couch and move over her. I fucked her hard and deep as she lifted her legs and screamed, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

It took awhile before I shoved into her. She was incoherent as I pumped strong spurts of cum into her. She jerked with each one while clutching me. When I finished I waited and she slowly relaxed, “just like I remember.”

Taz laughed, “and you got pregnant then too.”

She grinned and I kissed her before pulling out. I moved and sat back down and Abby climbed into my lap. She wiggled her bare butt but I only hugged her, “you like your big sister?”

She nodded, “Taz is nice.”

I hugged her, “I think so too.”

I held her against me as Virginia sat up and leaned against me and we watched the movie. Before it was over Abby was nodding. I stood and lifted her in my arms before taking her to her large bed. I slipped her under the covers and gave her a kiss good night. The lights were out when I returned to the front room and the coco cups were rinsed and in the sink.

I found Virginia, Taz and Misty in my bed and shut the light off. I climbed into bed and Taz straddled me and slowly wiggled down onto my cock. She sighed and began rocking and thrusting back and forth. I cupped her breasts as her cummy pussy tightened and squeezed, “needed another injection?”

She grinned as Misty giggled and her mother chuckled, “yeah a good night fuck.”

I ended up fucking the three of them again before we went to sleep. I was up early and quietly slipped out of bed. I was working when they got up a little later. Taz peeked in with Abby and came closer to peek over my shoulder and kiss me. I saved my work as Abby sat in my lap and I turned, “sleep okay?”

Abby leaned against me as Taz grinned, “like a baby in her daddy’s arms.”

I grinned and looked at Abby, “and what are we doing today?”

She moved off my lap, “I am going to Taz’s house.”

I looked at Taz as she took Abby’s hands, “mom and Misty are waiting. We are going shopping and bringing everything back here.”

I reached for my wallet and gave Taz money, “so you have money to buy something nice.”

After they left I worried but returned to what I was doing. I finished after two and left to go to the office for a couple of hours before stopping on the way home for groceries. When I walked into the house it was to music and dancing naked girls. I grinned as I carried the bags into the kitchen.

Virginia turned from the sink and smiled, “I was just looking to see what we could make for dinner.”

I set the two large bags on the counter, “large sea scallops and tiger shrimp.”

She helped me put everything away and helped as I started making dinner. The girls cleaned up after dinner and I put on a movie for Abby. All three girls laid on the floor to watch it together and Virginia leaned against me. She sighed, “somehow you make me feel like we belong here.”

I smiled and looked away from the three girls, “it feels that way to me too.”

She grinned, “you should have seen the girls together in the mall. It was like three conspirators plotting a campaign against the stores.”

I laughed and they looked back before Misty stood and walked to me with a sway to her hips. She bent to open my pants and pull them off and then straddling my lap. She rubbed her pussy on my hard cock and I grinned, “want something?”

She lifted and positioned her pussy as her mother held my cock. She pushed down and slowly sat and started moving back and forth as she leaned against me. Her tight pussy began to squeeze and tighten as she wiggled and moaned. She became more slippery and began to rock and almost pull my cock out before sitting and driving it into her.

It was not long before she jerked and her pussy clenched. I kissed her as she spasmed and moaned while wetting me. I shifted forward and stood as she wrapped her legs around me and turned to walk back to my bedroom. I sat and turned to roll until she was under me before I began to fuck her slowly with firm strokes.

She spread her legs wide as she kept clutching me and started to wail. Each long slow stroke I pushed against her cervix. She began to thrash and buck as her tight pussy constantly grasped my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I fucked her steadily until she was spasming and shaking while her eyes rolled up. I buried my cock and kissed her softly as I gushed cum into her and she shuddered while her pussy tried to milk the sperm into her. When I was done I pulled out and laid beside her and caressed her as she panting and slowly opened her eyes.

She grinned and turned to kiss me before giggling and rolling out of bed and leaving. I watched her before moving off the bed and returned to the couch. Misty was back on the floor with Taz and Abby and all three had their legs open. Virginia grinned as I sat beside her and bent to lick my cock.

She looked up and then turned and straddled me and slowly wiggled onto my cock. She sighed and started to rock slowly. A few minutes later she shuddered and her pussy tightened and squeezed as she kiss me. She wiggled and twisted and jerked back and forth. She started to rub her pussy on me hard as she panted and it constantly squeezed.

Several minutes later she kissed me passionately as she spasmed and her pussy pulsed. She kept shuddering and I turned to lay her down on the couch as I shifted. I began to fuck her with deep thrusts as she wrapped her legs around my waist. She kept thrusting up each time I pushed into her and a few minutes later I buried my cock.

Virginia had stiffened and looked at me as I grunted before I began gushing spurts of cum. She screamed and thrashed around while clutching me, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped and spewed while she kept jerking and spasming and when I was done I slowly relaxed. Taz, Misty and Abby giggled and clapped as Virginia panted and shuddered. Her pussy was still massaging and milking my cock and she grinned, “nice.”

I kissed her and pulled out before helping her sit up. It was a few minutes before Taz pulled me up and after her to the bathroom. She started a bath and sat between my legs before leaning back. She sighed as she relaxed and I held her and smiled, “I am glad you are here.”

She turned her head and smiled, “me too.”

Virginia moved in and Taz has never left, she and Abby are like twins and do everything together. They both went to a trade school and work at home with me. Virginia has had two more children, a boy and a girl. When Abby became a teenager Taz brought her to bed with us. Misty is going to college now and has a boyfriend she is teaching to have sex.
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