I think my sister takes after mom a lot, she is really bossy. While my father had been pathetically submissive I was not. I was quiet and easy going and willing to do things to avoid mom or my sister causing a scene. I took over my sister’s martial arts classes when she quit after her first lesson.

I also liked to draw and found spots to sit that were mostly hidden or at least not easily noticed. That was how things started, my sister Jenny walked into the solarium as she talked on her phone. She turned to look back into the house, “I told you David was a grabby bastard.”

She sat as I turned from the window seat and looked around the avocado tree. She sighed, “if guys are not pushy they are wimps.”

She turned and saw me and straightened, “are you spying on me?”

I blinked, “I was here first.”

She stood and walked to me, “go somewhere else.”

I blinked again as I looked at her in her micro mini skirt and white see through blouse, “no.”

Her mouth dropped open, “no?”

I do not know why I did it but I lifted her skirt to see her bare pussy, “um...”

She shifted and spread her legs, “I will call you back Pam.”

I continued to stared at her pussy and she reached out to pat my cheek, “leave.”

I shook my head and she took a half step closer, “kiss my pussy.”

I set everything aside and knelt as I put my head under her skirt to kiss her pussy. She spread her legs apart more, “lick it.”

I did and nibbled on her tiny inner lips before sucking on her clit. She shuddered and humped and wiggled as I kept licking her. She tasted like musky strawberries and I loved it. She finally stepped back and pushed my face away, “now leave.”

I blinked and looked at her skirt, “no.”

She wiggled her hips, “please?”

I looked up and smiled, “okay.”

I took everything with me as I left but spent the next hour thinking about my sister’s pussy. It was another hour and I was downstairs listening to soft music in the rec room. I was drawing freehand images of my sister’s pussy. I glanced at the stairs when she and her friend Pamela walked down.

She saw me and stopped, “we want to watch something so you need to leave.”

I had never been this stubborn but remembered what she had done before to get me to leave, “no.”

She looked at Pamela before walking towards the couch I was sitting on, “leave Samuel.”

I shook my head, “I am listening to music.”

She stopped in front of me and looked at her friend, “please?”

I smiled, “no.”

She lifted her skirt to show her pussy, “lick my pussy.”

It was like magic and I reached for her hips and turned her and sat her down as I moved off the couch and turned to kneel. I pushed her skirt up and spread her legs as I leaned in and licked through her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her and nibbled as she sighed and humped. I attacked her clit and wiggled my tongue as I sucked and used my lips to squeeze and bite.

Jenny jerked and twisted as she wailed, “yes!”

Pamela sat beside her and she pushed my face back as she panted. She looked at her friend and grinned before looking at me as I looked up, “lick Pamela’s pussy.”

I looked at Pamela who looked surprised but moved over and pushed her legs open. I lifted her skirt as I pushed my head between her legs. I moved the crotch of her panties aside as I licked through her slit and nibbled on her inner lips. She humped and scooted out as she spread her legs, “aaahhh!”

I kept licking her and pushed my tongue into her before capturing her clit and sucking. She jerked and thrust up as she squirted a tiny bit, “shit!”

I continued to lick her and tease her clit and slipped two fingers into her and up against the soft spongy area I found. I licked and sucked on her clit while rubbing and fucking my fingers into her. She spasmed and thrashed around as she howled, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I heard my sister laugh, “fuck her.”

I lifted my head to look at her and then at Pamela as she panted and quickly opened my pants and shoved them down. I moved her skirt up and her panties aside again before slowly pushing my cock into her. She groaned as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. Her pussy was very warm and soft and wet and slippery and... the best feeling in the world.

I fucked her slowly with deep thrusts and Pamela shuddered and writhed around as she wailed. Her pussy began to grasp and tighten each time I tried to pull out and it was not long before she screamed. She started to thrash around and buck as I held her hips and fucked her firmly.

It was still several minutes before I buried my cock and looked at my sister almost in panic. She grinned and leaned against her friend, “sperm her.”

I jerked as the words went through me and jabbed and humped before holding Pamela as she spasmed and jerked. I grunted and shook while I gushed cum into her. She gasped while her pussy gripped my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I spewed and pumped and spurted until I was done and sighed as I began to relax. My sister grinned, “leave Samuel.”

I looked at Pamela as she panted and down at her pussy around my cock. I pulled out and stood before pulling up my pants, “okay.”

I grabbed my stuff and walked out as they whispered and giggled. It was an hour before they walked into my bedroom. I was just wearing loose shorts as I sat at my architects desk while drawing. I looked at Jenny when she closed the door, “lay on your bed Samuel.”

I frowned, “I am doing something.”

She looked at Pamela who grinned before looking at me, “take your pants off and lay on the bed so I can fuck your cock.”

I stood and pushed my shorts down as I moved to the bed. I laid on my back and Jenny grinned as she climbed onto the bed and straddled me. She lifted her skirt and I saw her bare puffy pussy as she lifted my cock and slowly sat. She wiggled and pushed to get it all the way into her before sighing.

Pamela sat on the edge of the bed, “so you have him trained to obey for sex.”

I ignored her as I reached up my sister’s blouse to cup her breasts. She rolled her hips and began to rub her pussy on me, “yeah.”

I shuddered as her pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock. I was not going to argue with my cock buried in her. She started twisting and rocking as she breathed harder before laying on me, “roll over and fuck me Samuel.”

I hugged her before doing as she asked and rolled. I pushed all the way into her and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She lifted and spread her legs as she wailed and began to spasm. Her pussy tightened and gripped my cock as she stiffened. She screamed and bucked and thrashed as I kept fucking her.

She squirted a little and clutched me while spasming, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I fucked her hard and deep for another minute before I buried my throbbing cock, “Jenny?”

She was jerking while her slippery pussy milked my cock, “CUM IN ME!”

I humped and jabbed and then grunted as I started gushing spurts of cum into her while she howled. She shuddered and bucked while her pussy clenched around my cock while I pumped her full of sperm. When I finished I sighed and relaxed before giving her a kiss and pulling out.

She grinned and looked at her friend, “get on your hands and knees.”

Pamela giggled as she did what my sister asked and Jenny looked at me, “fuck her like a bitch Samuel.”

She might have been playing but I fucked them both for another couple of hours before they both fell asleep. I saw mom look in later and stare but she did not say anything. I softly caressed my sister and Pam as they slept like angels. I slipped out of bed and sat to draw them the way I saw them.

When I finished and slipped back into bed and held Jenny as I fell asleep. I was up early and went to shower and slip shorts on. I had breakfast and when I heard Jenny and Pam I cleaned up and went to sit in the solarium in my spot. I did not see my sister or Pam all day and they slept over at Pam’s that night.

My mother came into my room that night as I was looking at the picture of Jenny and Pamela. She put her arm around my waist, “somehow I do not think you are as submissive as your sister thinks.”

I smiled, “but I got to lick her pussy and fuck her.”

She laughed and shook me, “and her other sister.”

I nodded and glanced at her, “dad did not choose to be that way.”

Mom shook her head, “no. I loved him a great deal but he was totally submissive.”

She gestured to the picture of the girls sleeping, “that is a good one.”

I smiled, “I like it.”

I was up the next morning and did chores before I went for a run. When I came back I went to shower and Jenny walked in while I was there. She frowned, “I need the bathroom.”

I glanced at her as I stepped out and started drying. I could smell the musky scent of sex. She nodded towards the door, “go.”

I shook my head and caught her hand and pulled her as I dropped the towel. She pulled back, “LET GO!”

I pulled her into my room and to the bed. I pushed her down, “strip.”

She glared, “no.”

I rolled her and started spanking her until she was crying. I rolled her over as I stood, “strip.”

She was sniffing as she stood and undressed. I waited and caught her hand before pulling her out of my room and into the bathroom and then the shower. She was stiff as I caressed and washed her. When I slipped a finger into her she blushed and looked away. I touched her foot, “spread them.”

I got out and found her douche before getting back in. I rubbed her nipple before I started to fill the douche, “you are a woman Jenny. Do not hide it when you fuck another guy.”

I started giving her the douche and she blushed, “I did not want you to know.”

I shook my head, “I could smell it.”

She murmured, “he was clumsy and bossy.”

I nodded as I filled the douche again and gave her another one. When it was done I hung it up and cupped her face, “I am not dad. I will obey when I want to obey. You have a great body and I am lucky you let me feel it and love you.”

She smiled, “you did a good job.”

I kissed her before shutting the water off and getting out. I held the towel and dried her before watching as she left. I dried off and went to change before going downstairs. After dinner I cleaned up when Pamela came over and mom went out. I went downstairs to the rec room and turned the music on as I sat back.

I was drawing when Jenny and Pamela came down. Jenny shifted on her feet, “we wanted to watch a movie.”

I glanced up, “go ahead.”

She blinked, “really?”

I nodded, “shut the light off and put your movie on.”

A minute later they were sitting on the other end of the couch. I watched them as they whispered and Pamela kept looking at me. She cleared her throat, “you know we let another guy have sex with us?”

I nodded and she looked at Jenny before looking at me, “you were a lot better.”

I smiled, “want a rematch?”

She laughed and my sister looked at me with a smile, “without direction?”

I turned to watch the movie, “well I did want to lick your pussy again.”

They giggled and Pamela scooted over before Jenny got up and came to sit in my lap. I held her and gave her a hug before just holding her so she could watch the movie. Pamela leaned against me and held my hand until the movie was over. They both jumped up and ran for the stairs as I straightened up and shut everything off.

I went to get ready for bed and walked into my room to find them waiting. They were naked and sitting on my bed as I switched the overhead light to the dim yellow cat light on my desk. I stripped and walked towards them and knelt in front of my sister before reaching out to open and spread her legs.

I pushed her back and bent to kiss her inner thighs before I licked through her pussy. She shivered and seemed to relax as I kept licking and started nibbling. I covered her clit a minute later and began to wiggle my tongue and then squeezing it between my lips. I sucked and hummed before licking her again and teasing her clit.

She was shuddering and humping as I continue to lick her and play with her clit. She moaned and shook as I kept it up for several minutes before she gasped and jerked while trying to close her legs, “aaaahhhh!”

I grinned and rubbed her pussy before helping her back and into the bed. I moved to Pamela and she grinned as she laid back, “pushy asshole would not lick my pussy either.”

I smiled as I licked through her pussy and sucked on her clit. She shuddered and lifted her hips as I continued to lick her and pushed my tongue into her. I nibbled on her inner lips as she shook and humped while moaning and then I captured her clit. I sucked and nibbled and teased it for several minutes until she jerked and tried to close her legs, “ooohhhh!”

I grinned and stood and pulled her up and around to the other side of the bed. I helped her in before going back around and slipping in next to Jenny. I kissed her gently before moving over her and between her legs. I lifted and pushed into her and kept going until my cock was buried. I settled and went back to kissing her and waiting.

It was a minute before she shuddered as her pussy tightened. I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She hugged me while her pussy tightened and she lifted her hips, “mmmm!”

I continued to fuck her with long strokes as I kept kissing her. It did not take her long to shudder and then spasm as her pussy constantly grasped my cock, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I fucked her hard and deep for a minute before slowing and then burying my cock. I kissed her as I humped and rubbed against her and she lifted and spread her legs, “ooohhhh!”

I finally pulled back and began to fuck her firmly with long thrusts. It took a few minutes before I pushed into her as far as I could. Jenny clutched me and wailed when she felt the sudden eruption of warm sperm, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I kept pushing into her and pumping cum as she thrashed around while her pussy clenched and milked the cum out. When I stopped cumming I stayed in her and waited as she kept shuddering while her pussy constantly squeezed. She finally sagged to the bed and I kissed her before I pulled out.

Pamela pulled me towards her and onto my back, “I want to be on top.”

I grinned as I reached for her and pulled her onto me, “I get the play with your girls.”

My sister laughed as Pamela grinned and sat up, “deal.”

She wiggled down my cock as I began to feel her breasts. She started rocking and rubbing or grinding as her slippery pussy tightened and kept squeezing. It was not long before she was erratic and kept jerking back and forth. She wailed and shuddered hard while she wet me and her pussy clenched.

Jenny giggled and put her head on my shoulder, “tug on her nipples.”

I grinned and gave both nipples a tug and Pamela howled and spasmed while wetting me again. She started thrashing and jerking while bouncing and Jenny laughed and moved, “rolled her over and do her with deep strokes.”

Pamela fell on me and I rolled until she was under me before I began to fuck her firmly with long deep thrusts. She lifted and spread her legs as I kept it up and started rubbing and grinding each time I buried my cock. She wailed and clutched me a few minutes later as she bucked and thrashed around, “fffuuuccckkk!”

It was several minutes of more hard strokes before I shoved into her and held on as I gushed more spurts of cum. She spasmed and clung to me while her pussy massaged my cock. I pumped and spewed a half dozen times before I stopped and she was panting and shuddering. I kissed her and pulled out before moving over Jenny as she laid back.

They were both smiling and leaking when we went to sleep. I was up early and went to wash before exercising and going for a run. When I came back they were still asleep and I brought my pad back to my room. I was just finishing another drawing when Pamela lifted her head and looked around.

I smiled as she kissed Jenny before moving out of the bed. She looked over my shoulder and giggled before kissing my cheek and walking out. I sat the pad aside and leaned over the bed to roll Jenny onto her back. I started sucking on a nipple and she shifted and moaned before holding my head, “hey!”

I grinned and gave the nipple a tug with my lips as I stood, “it was just to tempting.”

She grinned as she got out of bed, “there is not any milk in there.”

I laughed as she walked out and I headed to the shower. I was drying off when the girls walked in and Jenny grinned, “Samuel you need to give us a douche.”

I looked at Pamela and hung the towel up before opening the cabinet and pulling the douche out. They grinned and my sister sat and peed before I slipped the nozzle into her. I gave her two before she stood and climbed into the shower. Pamela kissed me before she sat and I gave her a couple before I rubbed her erect clit.

She shuddered and grinned and stood to kiss me again before joining Jenny in the shower. I put the douche away and waited until they were done to dry them. They grinned and walked out with a tempting sway to their hips. Mom laughed as I leaned out the door to watch them walk down the hall.

I grinned at her and cleaned the bathroom before returning to my room. It is strange how things happen, both Jenny and Pamela have seen and dated other guys but they have never let them have sex. I mostly draw them when they are relaxed and not expecting it. I have actually made money on my drawings too.

They live with me now in a large house and are still bossy when it comes to sex, at least half the time. Mom visits a lot and likes to pick new drawings for me to put on the walls. She and the girls have been giving me looks and smiling a lot lately. I was returning from a gallery where I had sold a lot of drawings.

Jenny met me at the door naked, “I need you naked to fuck Pam and get her pregnant.”

I smiled, “no.”

She blinked, “no?”

I reached out to rub one of her nipples, “you are the first that will get pregnant.”

She grinned and caught my hand and pulled me after her, “okay.”
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