Silent Sex

Author notes:
This is a one and done story. I have no intentions of making a sequal. No talking is involved in this story. The back and forth between characters is deliberate not to confuse readers, but to get a sense of movement allowing it to be free flowing. I do tend in this story change names of body parts for example penis to cock or piece of meat due to the fact I took months creating this story, and to switch things up so not everything sounds like the same exact sentence.

Characters are:
Black Girlfriend


; )

Tonight is a special site not for him, but for both his girlfriend and him. They would be visiting a free concert at the park followed by a night on the lake. After all that a night of love making.

He is average in every way physically at least. Relaxed in his own shoes, comical at times, and even playful to be around. Everything in a typical boyfriend you could want.

Opening her door with a key he received to her apartment he unlocked it to see the lights on. Walking in the living room seeing colored glass bottles on the windows. Old semi-rusty advertisement hanging on the walls with modern furniture dispersed across the room. Red couch with wood legs silver pillows at each end, white comfort chair with a silver pillow also, a glass coffee table with wood legs, and finally a semi-rusty antique clock with an open pendulum swinging opposite of the couch and a record player that also connects to portable devices. Cheap wood floors that are laminated with soft purple rug under the coffee table.

Walking further in he hears water flowing figuring she must be taking a shower. Bathroom lies beyond the bedroom. The door to her bedroom is closed tightly. Not bothering to open it instead walks over to the record player turning it on with her favorite record with Frank Sinatra in place. Not his favorite, but it was livable.

Music begins to fill the room. He walks over to the couch and lays back waiting for her to walk out. His eyes linger to the dark open kitchen. Seeing the clear glass vase with the mixture of flowers he gave her the other day for no reason in particular. Beside it laid a pint fruit jar with some sort of herbs and a bottle of vodka.

Laying there motionless for awhile allowing the music to flow through him. Unaware the water stops flowing during his period of relaxation. Music ends sending him up on his feet with her bedroom door opening. Eyes turn to see the beauty that steps out of the room.

She walks out into the living room knowing full well he is there. Her bare leg reveals itself first alluring his attention.

His heart races at what is to happen.

An arm comes out grasping the doorway showing more skin for him to view. Other arm comes out ready to turn to him.

Begging for the sight he is grounded as his heart and mind race for her. For as long as they have been dating the electric current inside him always made him excited for her.

At last she reveals herself naked with red sexy silk panties only. A brunette with strands of blonde mixed flowing down to her shoulders. Healthy body with perfect sized breasts, a nice round ass, and to top it off a face that anyone who met her would love to have.

Turning to him she lifts her eyelids and a hand. She lures him in to her bedroom before walking back in.

Plans have changed for them. She wants a night in for the two of them. He obeys her walking to her bedroom with each footstep one closer to his lover. At the doorway he sees her laid on the bed with her bedsheets at the edge of the bed ready to cover.

Bedroom was simple themed with a handful of indoor plants spread across the room. A picture both of them made a few months ago with paint. Bed itself is a metal frame with white pillows and sheets, and a light red blanket that is comfortable enough for the time of the year.

Taking his clothes off leaving only his grey briefs on. His cock pleading to escape and reveal the stiffness it had grown by the sight and thrill of her. In one hand he clutches the condom only needing to open it up. Walks over to her grinning with the same seductive face of excitement as hers. Once on the bed he kisses her on the lips as he adjusts his body to be pressed next to hers. The touch of her lips sent a wave of orgasmic emotions between them.

She kisses him back on the lips. After she looks beyond him wickedly smiling.

Turns his head slightly seeing another figure in the room. Adjusting to see who it was interrupting the moment.

At the bathroom door stood his girlfriends best friend. Her bare smooth ebony skin radiates from the moon's light shining from the other side of the room. Hair is wet and smooth with a red streak in her hair stretching down to her shoulders. Only piece of clothing she wore is a red sexy silk panties exactly like her friends. Her body similarly built as her friends with a larger ass and thicker lips.

She walks seductively over to them joining the private party. On the bed she kisses her friend on the lips above him only by a few inches. Followed by kissing him on the lips with a hand slipping into his briefs feeling his bare white cock in her hand.

His girlfriend hugs him tightly behind kissing his neck gently. Having two women in the same bed is indeed surprising, though who would complain. Black girlfriend of theirs kisses him pushing her tongue into his mouth. His hand cups one of her bare breast squeezing it gently. She drives her tongue deeper as well as tightly grasp his cock even more.

Unable to hold it any longer he sits up with his cock sticking out with her hand still grasping it. She moves to feel his finely toned chest. Flicking his nipples with her tongue. As she takes care of him he moves his hands over her.smooth ebony back.

His girlfriend pulls his briefs down to his knees. She smacks his ass cheeks each playfully. He turns to smile at her. She looks up to him knowing it was time to move. Moving around his body she kisses him on the lips. Slowly moving down she sucks on an erect nipple of her friends.

Her friend releases his cock feeling his hands force her up. A quick kiss is shard between them. She moves down kissing her white girlfriend allowing their tongues to intertwine. They move down with his hands on their backs, until both feel his manhood touching their faces. His cock goes between their lips with a swaying movement of the hips. Euphoria is on his mind as to how this night has begun and what is to come.

His girlfriend pulls away allowing her girlfriend to have her fun with his cock. Sucking on the white cock she adjust until a few times she has it completely in her mouth from tip to base. She sucks on it a few more times swirling her tongue around it. She pulls out hearing him moan above him.

His head falls back enjoying the feeling of a blowjob. The pop sound of her mouth taking his cock out sent him back to look down only to see his girlfriend take his cock in her own mouth. He holds her head with his hands. This sensation is new in their relationship. Never have they given oral sex to the other. Mostly vaginal intercourse is what they do. Having a friend join has allowed both of them to try things they never tried in bed.

Inaudible scream comes out of his mouth feeling his balls being sucked and tugged on below his girlfriend by her girlfriend. Tightness shot through him as a feeling coming to soon. He pulled his girlfriend off his cock wanting to hold it in longer. Both girls take the hint and sit up with their knees on the bed like him. All three kiss each other before all have their tongues touching at the same time.

Splitting up he puts his hands inside both their panties simultaneously peaking their interest. Making a move to suck on his girlfriends right breasts. It sent an electrical current of pleasure through her body. Her girlfriend follows in his movement taking her left breast and sucking on it. With her partners taking care of her above she slides her panties down forcing his masculine hand to go deeper in her pussy.

First one finger in then another and another, until his whole fist is in her. She collapses rolling her eyes and thrusting her hips to the multitude of orgasms she is having. Her girlfriend tries to hold her down as the continual fisting drove on for a few moments. He pulls out allowing her to breathe.

Ebony girlfriend smiles seductively at him desiring the same experience. Laying down taking her panties off She spreads her legs out revealing her dark pussy to him.

He slides his fingers down her legs with light brushes. Arriving at her pussy lips he slides a finger in and out teasing her. In short time his fist that moments before was in his girlfriends own body is in hers now. Getting comfortable the drive increases. Her body convulses similar to her girlfriend had just gone through. By the time all was said and done she was in the same euphoria bliss.

The night was still young and he has a bulging hardon begging to fuck both of their horny bodies.

Lifting his girlfriends legs up moving her body closer to him he inserts his cock into her pussy. As the two get into a rhythm her girlfriend laying next to her masturbates slowly enjoying the scene of two lovers.

In and out the cock sent her hormones into overdrive with each thrust. Her hands squeezing her own breasts with inaudible screams rocking her world. Pussy burned for him to fuck all night long.

Sweet sweat drips from his body as the moment continues on between them. Loins tighten up as he feels his load build up within him. Head goes back thrusting harder into her, until his cock pops out of her pussy feeling something familiar and different.

Licking her tongue around the head of his cock as her hand slowly and gently as possible tugs at it, so as too not make him come. Bent over sucking on her girlfriends boyfriend deliciously taking her sweet time. Twirl of her tongue sent shivers over his body soothing all the stress out of his body. Kisses it then moves back to laying on the bed. Her legs go up begging for a nice good arse fuck.

He moves over a step ready to plunge his cock in her chocolate pussy. Her hand blocks the entrance however showing him to fuck the other hole. Looks over to his girlfriend who is watching blissfully at him. Turning his attention to the black piece of ass. Inserting the head of his cock first easing himself into it. Pushing it in a little further her face screaming in agony she faces pleasure and pain all at once. Fully in he slides it out until all but the head of his cock is free. Plunging back in again and again and again...

Sitting up on the bed as the bum fucking goes on she decides to get into the action as well. Kissing him on the lips once then once more with her tongue. Pulling away softly allowing him to bite her lower lip. Moving away she stands on her knees inches above her friends face. Leans forward with her hands on the bed as her face meets very moist lips begging for a lashing. Licking the clit of her friends pussy she feels reciprocal pleasure below.

Clutching her white girlfriends ass in her hands with the double pleasure below she does the best thing. Sucking her girlfriends clit as well. Her body filled with lust as her sexual appetite hits its main course of the night.

Slamming it in over and over loosened her ass, and once again he felt ready to blow. He pulls out as his cock pops up in front of his girlfriends face. Grasping it with one hand he hits her forehead with it a couple times until she looks up.

Mechanically moving from pussy to cock she deep throated him as his hand grasps the back of her head. She breathed through her nostrils as the large piece of meat in her mouth drove her into a whirlwind of turbulence and euphoria.

His balls explode all the white semen with one large gust of pressure into her mouth. With a little dripping out he holds her still to take it all in for a moment before letting go to give her air.

Freedom and a taste of salty cum rush through her. Sitting up she moans with the intense pleasure her girlfriend below is giving her. Body goes wild accepting the pleasing feeling of real hard sex.

He sits down on the side of the bed holding his cock rubbing it slowly to keep it hard from such an explosion seconds before. His girlfriend collapses once more eating chocolate pussy. A interracial lesbian 69 in front of his eyes unfolds as the next chapter of the night begins.

Her body squirms below holding in the intense licking from her white girlfriend she is receiving. Only thing she could do is return the favor. Smacks her ass cheeks a few times as she plunges her tongue deep in her friends pussy.

Pain and pleasure...pain and pleasure is there nothing better. Ass being smacked with her pussy being devoured to top it off with her boyfriend being part of the love making tonight. Shaking off the past scenes of tonight she goes back to eating this exotic tasting pussy her friend has.

Grasping her girlfriend's ass tight she screams below her orgasm flood gates break free. Secreting her cum as fast as her friend licks it up. Stress is released from her body as euphoria and lust drive her emotions.

Licking it all up she gets off and whispers something in her friends ear. Giggles are shared between them. Her black girlfriend sits up at the head of the bed spreading her legs apart playing with her pussy. Turning to him she whispers the idea as a wicked grin crosses his face. She adjust getting on her hands and knees begins licking her girlfriends asshole.

He sees her ass staring at him applying the same. Hungry to get a taste of his girlfriends arse he gets behind and starts licking and smacking it. Idea alone is wickedly dirty the act even greater. To taste her arse gave new heights in their own sexual relationship. As he does so he keeps his cock strong stroking enough to keep it hard and ready for another round.

Her body is dripping sweat from this profoundly long night of sex. Sitting at the head of the bed getting her asshole licked she grabs hold of her girlfriends wildly brown and blonde hair with both hands. Head rolls back enjoying the touch from her tongue on such a sensitive area.

Pulling her head up no longer being able to handle it. Slides down and kisses her on the lips sharing a moment. Bites her girlfriends lower lip before licking her lips down to her chin. Pushing her to rise she gives her small kisses and licks down the body. Reaching the inner thighs kissing quick gently. Sounds of pleasure above pleasing to her ears. Eating her pussy came naturally peaking her girlfriend to scream.

Double stimulation from her girlfriend eating her pussy and her boyfriend licking her rectal hole drove her to new sensations of sexual limbo. A hand holds both of their heads pressing for more and more and...

Head rolls back as yet another orgasm is set free from her body. They move away from her awaiting the next act.

She turns smiling lustily at her boyfriend. Gets off the bed walking behind him confusing both of her partners. Smacks his ass before bending down to kiss his ass cheeks. Once more she smacks it then she spreads his ass apart to lick his hole.

Realizing what her girlfriend is doing she moves to get on her knees and hands with her ass directly at him. His hands grip her flesh and plays with her ebony bum. She cries out in pleasure with his tongue going into her body. A few minutes passed before it ended between the three.

Both girls got onto the bed with heads on the pillows and legs stretched ready to be fucked by him. Looking at his girlfriend biting her lower lip he slapped her leg before turning to her friend. Squeezing her breasts with her breasts she licks her lips seductively toward him. He prepares his cock for her black pussy.

Inserting his prick in her loosely moist pussy that accepted him openly. He moves his body closer until their foreheads pressed against each other. Fuck...Fuck...Fuck...all that went unsaid between their minds and bodies as they continued on.

Watching her friends fuck turned her on as much as actually doing it. She continuesly fingered herself as she watches. That warm feeling rushes through her as a fire burns within. Images flash of the night she has enjoyed and continues to. A touch jolts her opening her eyes to a familiar face.

He faced her grasping his cock in his hand. Looking at him the one she has trusted for so long anything he does she would say yes. Yes! Yes!! YES!!!

Pain gains her attention. He wasn't fucking her pussy, but her ass. Breathing deeply holding in her agony of breaking her anal virginity. Everything else she has done, but allow a massive prick into her ass is new. Feeling his well lubricate prick gave some smoothness, but it is still rough. A dark dirty hole never been filled filled with warmth. A few times rhythm came filling her with bliss.

A strong pull out of her rectal completed his goal of fucking all three of their holes. His loins burn with a strong need to release the pressure within. Gets off the bed jerking off a few times before both girls move in front of his cock desiring his hot steamy sexual juices.

Watching his naked girlfriend and her black girlfriend sit in front of him hungry only made him masturbate faster. His balls tighten up as it builds up to it's climax. He moves it between both of their faces until he finally gives. The first few loads hit his girlfriend face then he turns firing a few loads toward her girlfriend.

His cum on the face drips down her lips and chin tasting sweet and salty. Looking at her white girlfriend she lifts a finger to her cheek collecting some cum before allowing her to swirl her tongue around the delicious taste. His cock touches her lips and with no need to oppose she licks the remaining cum from the tip of his cock. Turning from him she kisses her girlfriend sharing his cum. They clean each others face enjoying the night they had shared.

Bending down he kisses both of them separately before sharing a threeway kiss. Kissing them they pull him back onto the bed. Once on the three laugh and rest a little bit before the sun rises shining in the window of the bedroom. Knowing the new day has begun, so begins a new chapter for the three of them.


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