Sometimes girls are strange, I am fifteen and my sister is fourteen. She has pranced around half naked a dozen times and mom was not much better. They knew what they were doing and loved to torment me. I was in my shop when Susan walked in with mom. I was making a king size bed frame with drawers under it and a wide headboard.

I glanced at them and shut the saw off before removing the ear protection, “yes?”

Mom smiled, “come into the house.”

I looked at them before nodding and starting to clean up around my work area. I walked in and they were sitting at the table. Mom cleared her throat, “your sister needs help.”

I looked at Susan and she blushed but mom continued to speak, “her girlfriends want to have a party.”

I nodded and she smiled at Susan, “a sex party.”

I blinked and mom looked at me, “we need a revolving table. One a girl can lay on and when she is in front of a guy they can fuck her.”

Mom looked at Susan, “she needs you to break her in and get her pussy used to feeling a cock.”

She waited but I did not know what to say. She cleared her throat, “you can fuck me after the party any time.”

My cock was so hard it was not funny, “let me get this straight. You want me to build a revolving table for Susan to get fucked on and I get to fuck her before and then you after?”

She nodded and I looked at Susan and she smiled, “you can fuck me after the party too.”

She grinned, “and Jane and Peg.”

Mom laughed and looked at me, “well?”

I nodded, “okay.”

I reached for Susan and pulled her after me as I went back to my room. I closed the door as she shifted on her feet. I started undressing and she slowly did the same thing. I waited until she was naked before taking her hand and ignoring the bed as I went into my bathroom. I started the bath and sat her on the toilet, “pee.”

She blushed as she looked at me and I smiled, “when you have a bunch of guys fucking you, taking time to pee during sex might not work out.”

She grinned, “I did not think of that.”

She peed and I waited as the tub filled before shutting the water off. I pulled her into the tub and sat with her between my legs. She looked over her shoulder at me as I reached around to cup her breasts, “sex is sex.”

I nodded and rubbed her nipples to make her shiver, “yes but it is an addiction. Guys want it everyday and if you give it once they may come looking for more later.”

She leaned back, “so?”

I smiled and caressed her smooth skin, “so are you ready to be a whore everyday?”

She shook her head and I cupped her breasts again, “do the guys know it will be you and your friends they get to fuck?”

She shifted to look at me, “not yet.”

I nodded and turned her and pulled her against me, “so I need to make the table so they do not know who you are.”

She giggled, “yeah.”

I reached down to her hips and then caressed her pelvis, “and we need to have a neutral person greet them and tell them what to do.”

Susan shuddered and nodded, “yeah.”

Her breathing was a little harder as one hand rubbed the top of her slit, “we can use the garage with the old dark curtains and I think my old silk sheets around the table.”

She groaned and humped as I slipped a finger into her slit, “and the top of table needs to be cushioned and padded with leather so cum does not stain it.”

She turned and kissed me, “fuck me.”

I smiled and stood, pulling her up with me, “all you have to do is ask.”

I drained the tub and dried us off before leading her to the bed. I laid her down and moved down to look at her pussy before opening her slit and licking. She humped and shuddered as I cover her clit and wiggled my tongue. I pushed my tongue into her extremely tight hole before going back to her clit.

It did not take her long to jerk and spasm and push my face away. I grinned as I moved up and gave her a kiss before I forced my cock into her. She grunted as my cock stretched her pussy. I waited and kissed her softly as she put her arms around me. She finally shuddered and humped and I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes.

I kept it slow at first but she started writhing around a minute later. She humped and thrust up as she panted and squirmed. I kissed her before fucking her long, hard and deep and she wailed and clutched me as her pussy grasped my cock, “Daniel!”

I kissed her as I continued to fuck her and bury my cock. She twisted and thrashed while her pussy contracted and kept squeezing. It was several minutes before I had to cum. I shoved into her and against the back of her pussy as I started gushing large spurts of cum. I grunted and shuddered as I spewed and pumped spurt after spurt until my cock was only throbbing.

She sighed and I smiled back before pulling back and starting all over again. I fucked her for a long time before stopping and letting her sag and slid forward off my cock. I bent to rub her butt, “you need to sleep with me tonight.”

She looked over her shoulder, “we are not done?”

I grinned as I moved off the bed, “no.”

I had a few ideas, I knew the table needed to be able to lift or lower. It needed to have strong supports and wide enough that three girls could lay across it. I turned and pulled her out of bed, “do you know about using a douche?”

She nodded as I led her out and into the bathroom, “mom taught me.”

I helped her and then pulled her into the shower, “does Jane and Peg have someone stretching their pussies?”

Susan went to her toes to kiss me, “no.”

I turned her and began to wash her, “bring them over here.”

She looked back at me and I rubbed her butt, “I will have a couple of friends come over.”

She grinned and turned to stroke my cock, “and take turns with all three of us?”

I caressed her hips, “you want me to share you?”

She rubbed my cock, “no but we agreed to fuck lots of guys before trying to find just one.”

I moved her hand, “okay but until the party it will work like this. I will see if John and Allen can sleep here until the party. They will sleep in your room and the guest bedroom. You will have Jane and Peg sleep over.”

She nodded as I shut the water off and pulled her out to dry her, “you will switch each night to sleep with us. There will four sessions, morning, noon, afternoon and at night when we go to bed.”

She grinned, “how long is it going to take you to build the table?”

I walked towards the door, “maybe a week.”

I moved the frame of the bed I had been working on and looked at the wood I had available. I choose Oak and sat to make a rough drawing of what I wanted. Basically it would have three cushioned areas for each girl to lay back. It would have a cut out section for the guy to stand in. I thought about how to keep the girls legs up and apart and grinned.

I used a thick eight inch pillar in the center of the table. It only went up a couple of meters and six one inch wooden dowels went up and out at angles from the mid point. Strong cord went from the end of the dowel to a canvas sling lined with sheep skin. From the top of the pillar were two beams that went out to connect to a curved one inch dowel.

That was for the curtain that went around the edge of the table. I discarded the idea of the table lifting and started working on the base of the table. Mom came to get me for dinner and then I went back to work. When I stopped for the night I went to take a shower and call my friends.

Mom kissed me as I headed towards my room and I found Susan already in my bed. Her warm tight pussy felt very good as I pushed back into her and began to fuck her. I was up early and fingered Susan before moving between her legs to push into her cummy hole. She groaned as I gave her a kiss and then began to fuck her while she put her arms around me, “um?”

I smiled but did not stopped as she opened her eyes while humping. She shuddered and her pussy tightened and squeezed. I fucked her with deep thrusts and she began to jerk and spasm. A few minutes and I buried my cock as I kissed her and started spurting and pumping cum into her. She groaned as she clutched me and her tight pussy clenched around my cock.

When I pulled out it was to move off the bed, “John and Allen will be here at nine.”

I headed into the bathroom and she followed and grinned as she stood beside me to hold my cock while I peed. We showered and she douched and used an enema before I had mom take me to a store. When we got home I went back to work and only stopped when John and Allen arrived. I told them which rooms they would sleep in and the schedule.

They left to put their stuff in the rooms and came back to start helping. I stopped at the beep of my watch alarm and we went in to eat lunch. Mom gave me a passionate kiss before pushing me to the table to kiss Allen and then John. Susan, Peg and Jane were naked and blushing as they stood waiting and sat in our lap.

I had Jane and John had my sister while Peg was with Allen. After we ate I stood and pulled Jane after me to my room. I left the door open since she needed to learn that she would be exposed. I sat her on the bed and began to undress before following her as she moved back to the center of the bed.

I laid beside her and felt her as she lay stiffly, “close your eyes.”

She did and I bent my head to suck on a nipple. She gasped and shuddered as she grabbed my head. I moved to her other nipple to suck and nibble before I moved down between her legs. I licked through her pussy and started using my tongue on her clit. She humped and moaned and wiggled until finally she twisted and cried out, “fuck!”

I grinned as I moved up her body and kissed her as she rolled back. I lifted and pushed to force my cock deeper. She clutched me as my cock stretched her pussy and pushed all the way into her. I waited and kept kissing her as I slowly and gently humped. Her tight pussy gripped my cock and a few minutes later she shuddered and thrust up, “ooohhh!”

I smiled as I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long strokes, “like that?”

She grinned as she kept humping up while her pussy grasped at my cock, “yeah.”

I gave her another kiss as I continued to fuck her and she hugged me. It was not long before she was writhing around and wailing. Her pussy was a lot slipperier and she began to thrust up and buck. I fucked her hard and deep while she held her hips up and shook. Her pussy tightened and she howled before clutching me as she wet me and began to convulse.

I thrust into her and began spewing and spurting cum and she gasped and jerked while yelling, “fuck!”

I continued to hump and press while pumping sperm against the back of her pussy. When I stopped she sighed and I pulled out before turning her over and pushing back into her. She tilted her hips and her pussy clenched around my cock, “aaahhh!”

I fucked her for over an hour before stopping and laying beside her. I rubbed her butt as she lay panting, “John gets you before dinner and you are sleeping with Allen.”

She grinned as she looked me, “okay.”

I moved off the bed and got dressed before going back to my shop. By the time we stopped before dinner we had everything cut and just needed to sand it, stain it and put a coat of polyurethane on. After that we could put it together and add the padding and leather. We came into the house and went to wash.

John and Allen were grinning as the three girls stood in the doorway watching as they almost danced. When I was done I walked to Peg and caught her hand as she turned and pulled me after her and back to my bed. She climbed on and laid in the center as I undressed and then laid beside her.

I caressed her body, “still cummy?”

She grinned as she nodded and I started to finger her and rub her pussy. By the time I slipped a finger through her slit and into her she was breathing hard and shuddering as she humped. I kept finger fucking her as she wiggled and squirmed before she finally cried out, “aaahhh!”

I moved over her and pushed into her tight pussy. She put her arms around me as I began to slowly fuck her with long thrusts. She humped and kept thrusting up as her pussy constantly grasped my cock and became wetter. I buried my cock and gave her a kiss as I slowly jabbed and pressed and started to grind.

She wailed and began to buck and thrash around, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

I pulled back to fuck her long, hard and deep. She continued to writhe around and howled as her pussy tried to squeeze and milk my cock. When I finally pushed into her and began to pump spurts of cum she clutched me and screamed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I humped into her with each spurt of cum and when I stopped I pulled out before rolling her over and lifted her to her knees. I fucked her for awhile before I stopped and just felt and caressed her. She finally caught her breath and grinned at me, “I get to sleep with John?”

I fingered her cummy slit, “yes.”

I moved off the bed and found my pants before leading her out and to the kitchen. After dinner we watched a movie with mom and the girls. We laid out the schedule for the girls before heading to bed. Susan climbed into bed as I turned out the light. I laid beside her and bent to suck a nipple, “so how did you like John and Allen?”

She shivered as I moved over between her legs, “I love fucking and they seemed to like fucking me.”

I pushed into her and gave her a kiss, “we do.”

I fucked her a couple of times before we went to sleep. When my alarm went off I shut it off and turned to shake and then kiss my sister, “go wake the other girls. You are to fuck John and Jane comes to me while Peg does Allen.”

She smiled as she moved off the bed, “I remember.”

A couple of minutes later Jane was walking in and climbing into bed, “morning Daniel.”

I pulled her onto me and helped her straddle me and slowly sit on my cock, “morning sexy.”

She grinned as she sat up and wiggled while her tight cummy pussy grasped my cock. She started rubbing her pussy on me and twisting before she rolled her hips. She shuddered while her pussy rippled and tightened. I rubbed her nipples and tugged them and she gasped and jerked while her pussy clamped down on my cock, “ooohhh!”

I smiled as she turned and twisted while rocking. She was jerking constantly and spasming when her pussy kept squeezing. I pulled her down and rolled, “my turn.”

I fucked her with long thrusts and she lifted her legs and wailed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I continued to fuck her as she began to thrash around and buck. It was awhile before I buried my cock and kissed her while pumping spurts of cum. She howled and clutched me when she felt the warm sperm gushing into her, “mmmm!”

When I stopped I pulled out and caressed her until she had caught her breath. I moved off the bed and helped her out. We showered together and I watched her douche and take her birth control. I dressed and went to eat breakfast before going into my shop. John and Allen joined me with grins and we began to sand everything.

It was noon before we took a break and went to wash. We ate lunch with the girls on our laps and then I pulled Peg after me as I went to my room. She was grinning as I stripped beside the bed, “I douched.”

I grinned as I pushed her back and knelt while spreading her legs. I leaned close and licked through her pussy and she sighed and wiggled, “mmm.”

I nibbled on her inner lips before pushing my tongue into her. I covered her clit and started to wiggle my tongue and tease her clit. A few minutes later I began to suck hard and she wailed and began to hump and then buck, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

I grinned as I stood and she lifted and spread her legs. I pushed into her tight pussy and bent to give her a kiss before I began to fuck her with long strokes. She lifted to meet each one and sighed and then moaned and wiggled. I continued to fuck her with nice deep thrusts and her pussy grasped and tightened.

She wiggled and squirmed as she panted and then jerked, “aaahhhh!”

I caressed her pelvis and fucked her firmly as I tried to plant my cock and cum. She was thrashing around a minute later and yelling as she bucked and spasmed. I finally shoved into her and held her while pumping and spewing cum. She jerked and shuddered while her pussy milked the warm sperm out of my cock and into her.

When I was done I pulled out and she sighed before grinning and rolling over. I fucked her a couple of times before stopping and just holding her as she caught her breath. She turned and gave me a kiss before moving off the bed, “thanks Daniel.”

I followed her out of bed and got dressed before going back to work. We were finished with the sanding by dinner time and had put stain on everything. I caught mom when we walked in and she pressed against me with a grin, “how is it coming?”

I kissed her, “ahead of schedule. Tomorrow we will put the polyurethane on it and then the cushions. So it will be ready for the day after.”

She kissed me and pushed me back, “now we just need to let the guys know.”

I cleared my throat as I walked to the table, “without letting them know who they will fuck.”

Susan waited for me to sit and sat on my lap, “we have that figured out.”

I caressed her tummy and cupped a breast, “are you girls getting sore?”

I looked from Susan to Jane to Peg and they all shook their head. I nodded, “then tomorrow night will be our last time. We will greet the guys when they arrive and show them where to go.”

Allen and John nodded and I smiled, “and we added a timer for the table. When it rings we turn the table so you girls move to the next guy.”

They grinned and I bent my head to suck on my sister’s nipple. She shuddered and wiggled and I grinned as I turned to mom when she set dinner on the table. I lifted an eyebrow and she grinned, “seafood. After dinner you three can do the girls and then we can watch a movie together.”

I caressed Susan’s hip, “after their party the girls will be sore.”

Mom looked at me and I grinned, “think you can do us together?”

She looked at John and Allen and grinned, “it will be a long night.”

I fed my sister and myself before she pulled me up and back to my room. She had learned and left the door open as she began undressing me, “my pussy is cummy.”

I laid her back on the bed and she lifted and spread her legs wide. I pushed into her and she sighed and humped as I buried my cock. I used one hand and started fingering her clit as I fucked her with long strokes. She shuddered each time her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. She began to breath hard and pant and then she was wailing as she thrashed around.

I could hear both Jane and Peg from the other rooms and grinned as I continued to fuck Susan. It was awhile before I buried my cock and pressed and she was incoherent by then. I spurted and spewed as my sister jerked and her pussy squeezed. When I was done I pushed her all the way onto the bed and rolled her onto her stomach.

She tilted her hips and spread her legs and I grinned as I pushed her legs together and straddled them. I leaned forward and sank my cock into her slimy pussy. She groaned and shuddered as she looked back and I kissed her bare shoulder before I pulled back. An hour later I rubbed her butt as I climbed off the bed, “so who do you like better, John or Allen?”

She grinned as she followed me, “they both fuck good but I like Allen.”

She slipped her hand in mine, “Peg likes John and Jane likes you.”

I squeezed her hand, “after your fuck party maybe we could spend more time together.”

Susan grinned, “okay.”

I held Jane on my lap during the movie and pulled mom against my side. After the movie ended we cleaned up and went to bed. Jane was slimy and warm as I fucked her for an hour before we slept. We finished the table just before noon and added the curtains and sheets. We fucked the girls during the day but stopped at dinner time.

The day of the party we added track lighting over the table after centering it in the garage. Mom and the girls contacted the guys and at seven the girls stripped and we helped them onto the table. We were dressed in black pants and shirts and met the nine guys that had been invited. It was a long two hours with the three girls wailing and moaning most of it.

After the last boy left we went to help the girls down. Jane shuddered and looked at the cum running down her legs before grinning. She hugged my arm as I helped her walk into the house and then the bathroom, Susan and Peg were behind us. We helped them douche and wash before putting them in my bed.

We stripped as the girls grinned and walked out and went to my mother’s bedroom. She had candles lit and was laying in bed naked reading and fingering her pussy. John pushed me towards the bed, “you get her first.”

I grinned as I moved onto the bed and stalked onto mom while she tossed her book aside. She grinned, “the girls have fun?”

I lifted and pushed into her wet pussy and gave her a kiss as she shuddered and humped, “yes.”

I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her with deep strokes while John and Allen laid on each side of us. Mom humped and kept thrusting up as I fucked her with long deep grinding strokes. It was a couple of minutes before she began to spasm and jerk. Her pussy pulsed and kept squeezing my cock each time I buried it.

After several minutes she began to wail and thrash around, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I kissed her and began to fuck her firmly as I tried to cum. She twisted and started bucking as she clutched me and yelled, “DANIEL!”

I shoved all the way into her and held on as I gushed and spewed and spurted. She shivered and shuddered when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her. When I was done I kissed her and pulled out. John moved over her and pushed into her leaking pussy as I moved over Allen. We took turns fucking her for a couple of hours before we went to sleep.

It has been years, I married Jane and my sister married Allen and Peg married John. We live in one very large house now and still take turns fucking the girls and mom each day. We have used the revolving table many times since we made it and the girls still love it.
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