My mother and father had separated, mom was an account manager for a large company. My father was... a gangster, a liar and a thief. He was supposed to have reformed but I had my doubts. From a young age I was interested in comp games which led to my study of cyber neural interface. Most interfaces would limit the interaction so the brain could cope.

I was sixteen when I had a breakthrough. I had taken all my equipment to one of the colleges and slipped into the mainframe room to plug in. Normally you could experience an hour for every second you were connected. I had found a way to increase that to a quarter of a millisecond or years for each second without the lag.

I sat on the floor after inputting the college’s neural interactive library into the interface AI. I put the neural head net on and leaned against the wall as I slipped the eye patches on. Everything went dark before I was suddenly in a classroom learning the basics of comp sciences. It was only a couple of minutes before I pulled the eye patches off with the neural head net.

My head was throbbing but in just the two minutes I had received every class the college taught. I packed up and headed home, a couple blocks from the apartment I walked off a public transport. I stopped when I saw the gangsters around one of the street vendors. One pulled a plasma pistol and I lifted my comm to call a peace officer.

He fired and shot the man several times. As two of the other men walked towards me a passing peace officer stopped. I had to testify of course and there were a lot of threats. It was not long before the gang boss was sentenced and I returned to mom. I downloaded a few programs of things I wanted to learn or do.

I had found that normal comp transmissions were to slow to use my interface unless it was streaming from a direct source. A few weeks later I was watching a news broadcast while looking for dinner since mom was late. I straightened as it talked about Vincent Dale being escorted back to prison after losing his last appeal.

The man they showed as the gang boss was not him! He had the same build and hair color but it was not him. I turned at the door chime thinking the vid crews had recorded the wrong man. I looked at the door vid and saw two men outside. I open the door comm, “yes?”

One smiled as the other kept looking around, “we have your mother.”

I did not hesitate and opened the door, “what do you want?”

They pushed their way in and the one that had spoken faced me while the other went to the apartment comp system, “you should have minded your own business. We have your mom and dad and you will do as we tell you or they die.”

I did not say anything and he smirked, “we will bring two girls, the daughters of the judge and prosecutor. You will rape them and knock them up.”

I frowned as I thought, “and you will let my parents go?”

He nodded and the other man snorted. I glanced at him, “you let my mother go and I will do what you want.”

The other man walked back to me, “you do not set the...”

I reached to the side of the door and started to touch the red button on the apartment comm. The other man growled, “you touch that and they are dead.”

I held my finger over the button, “you release my mother or I let the peace officers know what you are doing.”

They looked at each other and the one that had been talking reached into his jacket to answer his comm. He listened and looked at me before grinning evilly, “if we release your mother, you rape her and breed her with the girls.”

I nodded and they grinned and turned towards the door. The other one gestured, “do not change the setting on the apartment security vids. We will be watching.”

I turned as soon as the door was closed and went to my room and to my work area. It did not take me long to set everything up and then I waited. It was another hour before I went to answer the door chime. Mom was in the grip of one man and two others held girls. I pulled mom away from the man and caught the two girls as they were shoved in.

I closed the door and turned to strip mom and the girls as they yelled and struggled. This part had to be done and I did not hesitate. I used a cutter to finish removing their clothes and then pushed and pulled them into my room and onto my bed. I put head nets on them and they quieted as I walked to my desk. I put my headset on and started the interface.

I removed the head net and moved to the bed. They were shifting around as I pulled my mother to the edge. I took the head net off her and she looked at me with wide eye as I began to undress, “do not do this Kyle.”

I rolled her onto her stomach and she began to struggle. I forced her legs open as she screamed and moved over her and shoved into her. I started fucking her as she kicked and struggled and her tight pussy grasped my cock. I fucked her with long hard thrusts and she continued to twist and struggle while trying to buck.

I held her in place as I kept planting my cock as deep as I could. She was still yelling and screaming for me to stop when I buried my cock as deep as I could and gushed cum. She cried as she fought while I pumped sperm into her until I was finished. I held her on my throbbing cock and reached to the side for the head net and put it on her.

When I pulled out she was quiet as I turned her and laid her back. I looked between her legs to see my cum slowly leaking out. I reached for Shelby and moved her before taking the head net off. She looked at me with wide eyes as I moved over her and then she began pleading and begging.

I used my knees to force her legs open and settled before forcing my cock into her. She screamed and fought, she was bucking and pushing as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Her tight pussy clenched and tried to hold my cock as I continued to fuck her hard. A few minutes and she was crying and pounding on my back as I kept fucking her.

It was several minutes before I shoved into her and grunted while pumping cum. She screamed and struggled when she felt warm sperm spurting into her. When I was done I reached for the head net and put it back on her before pulling out. I checked her leaking pussy before moving to Gesha.

I moved over her and between her legs before removing the head net. She started to struggle and I shoved into her and she just laid back. I fucked her while she played dead but her slippery pussy tightened. I used long deep strokes as I continued to fuck her and bury my cock. She did not struggle or fight and did not yell or scream.

It was awhile before I shoved into her and spewed and spurted while her pussy clenched and she shivered. I pulled out and put the head net back on as I moved off the bed. I sat and looked at the three on the bed and waited. I picked up my comm when it rang, “did you get them?”

The marshal chuckled, “yeah. The judge, prosecutor and your father were in on it. Vincent Dale was with them and paid them according to his financials.”

The image vanished from the apartment vids and mom, Shelby and Gesha were sitting together on my bed while I sat at my desk. I had the comm on speaker so mom and the girls had heard. I cleared my throat, “any chance he faked that?”

The marshal sighed, “no. they were sitting together drinking while watching you... you did not really rape them did you?”

I grinned, “no.”

I heard him shift, “I see. You can tell me how you faked that when we get there. I will have to contact special services for the two girls. Their father was their only guardian.”

The comm disconnected and I sighed and rubbed my temples, “is everyone okay?”

They nodded and mom stood, “that was very realistic.”

I nodded, “I had to make them think it was real and...”

Mom touched my lips, “hush before I rape you.”

Shelby and Gesha laughed as they stood and crossed to pull me up. Mom gave my cock a stroke before letting it go, “we better get dressed.”

I groaned as she led the girls out and I turned to find pants and a shirt. It was a little while before I walked out and found them whispering together in the kitchen and only wearing robes. I sat at the table and mom nudged Gesha who brought me a cup of tea. She bent to kiss my cheek, “it will help your headache.”

I smiled and looked up from her open robe and she grinned and winked. A couple of minutes later the door chime went off and I went to see who it was. I checked before opening the door for the two marshals and led them to the kitchen. Marshal James smiled at mom and accepted the cup of coffee before sitting.

I did not know the other marshal but he took a cup from Shelby and sat. Marshal James sipped the coffee and sighed before setting it down, “okay, how did you manage to get the comp message out and how did you fake the rape vids?”

I smiled and sipped my tea, “remember I told you I had a breakthrough in cyber neural interface?”

He nodded and I glanced at mom and the girls, “I used it to make a small recording that I sent to the apartment vids. While they watched my recording I used my comp which is secure to send you the message. The part of the vid where I removed and cut their clothing off was real. So was the part where I put them on the bed and put the head nets on.”

I looked at mom and the girls, “everything that happened after I put my headset on was straight from what we created inside a virtual world my AI made. It took a minute to finish and then I removed their head net.”

He looked at me, “but you could have run out of time and...”

I blushed as mom laughed, “we were held and fucked for a month. What they saw was just the first time.”

He looked at her and then at the girls, “you consented?”

Gesha smiled shyly at me, “Kyle explained everything before we started and we agreed to pretend.”

Shelby giggled as she leaned against mom, “he was very nervous and we had to tell him several times that it was okay.”

I reddened, “I knew how real it would feel.”

He sighed, “your father, the judge and the prosecutor were all in his pocket. He wanted it to look like he went to prison but he also wanted to teach everyone a lesson by using you. He would have killed you and your mother and the girls after he was done.”

Mom cleared her throat, “do the girls have to go to special services? They could stay here and I would accept responsibility for them.”

He looked at her and then at the other marshal. He shrugged and marshal James smiled at mom, “sure. We will inform them the girls have a guardian looking after them.”

He stood and the other marshal followed as I walked them out. I stopped at the apartment comp system and began to remove the system piggy back that had been put in. I shut down all the vids monitoring the apartment before heading towards my room. For me it had been a long day and I needed rest.

When I walked into my room mom and the girls were naked and laying on my bed. I hesitated as mom slipped off and walked to me. She kissed me and began to undress me before pulling me to the bed. She pushed me towards Shelby as she turned and spread her legs. I looked at her puffy and wet looking pussy before bending over her and giving her a kiss, “are you sure?”

She smiled, “you have been doing me for a month. Yeah I am sure.”

I stood and positioned my cock and pushed to force it into her. She groaned and tilted her hips as my cock stretched her pussy. Mom had walked around and was on the bed holding Gesha as I pulled back and started to fuck Shelby. I used long strokes and shivered at the feel of her almost hot pussy around my cock.

I fucked her slowly and used one hand to rub her clit. She shuddered as her tight pussy grasped my cock and then she humped. I grinned as mom and Gesha laughed and pulled back to fuck her firmly with deep thrusts. She wiggled and kept lifting her hips as her pussy became slick.

It was not long before she began to shake and buck while her pussy constantly tightened. I smiled and held her hips before I fucked her long, hard and deep. Shelby jerked and struggled as she began to yell while her pussy clenched. I kept fucking her for several minutes before I buried my cock.

I shook and jerked as my cock began gushing a huge stream of cum into her cervix. She spasmed and screamed when she felt the warm sperm, “oooohhhh!”

She shuddered and humped while I held her and pumped and spurted until I was done. Mom and Gesha giggled while Shelby had a silly grin. She turned her head when I stopped cumming, “just like I remembered.”

They laughed and I pulled out before turning her on the bed. I went to shut the light off before returning and walking around the bed. Mom had moved over to hold Shelby as Gesha laid back. I bent to kiss her pussy and she wiggled and caught my head and pulled me up. She rolled and threw her leg over me before positioning my cock and shoving down.

She bent to kiss me and grinned as she sat up and thrust back and forth. She rocked and rubbed her pussy hard and twisted and rolled her hips while sighing and bouncing. She started breathing hard as she fucked me and moaned. Mom reached out to rub my chest as I held Gesha’s hips lightly, “she is forcing you.”

Gesha grinned as her tight pussy clenched and she shoved down to drive my cock against her cervix, “making him breed me.”

I grinned and humped and she groaned and shuddered while her pussy tightened once more. She laughed and went back to rubbing her pussy on me while twisting and rolling her hips. Each time she came I held her up as she yelled and shook. It was awhile before I felt my balls churning and pulled her down and rolled.

I shoved all the way into her and held her while she struggled. She screamed when I suddenly began gushing and pumping sperm into her open cervix, “yyyeeessss!”

I kept trying to push deeper as I spewed and spurted and finally stopped. I smiled while she panted and pulled out. I pushed her towards mom who moved over her and let Shelby pull her close. Mom grinned as she went to her knees with her head and shoulders on the bed, “hard and deep honey, like the first time.”

I grinned as I went to my knees and moved behind her and between her legs. I held her hips and slowly buried my cock in her slick pussy. She pushed back and her pussy tightened as she moaned. I wanted to stay right there with my cock buried but mom pushed back and pulled away. I caught her hips and buried my cock as the girls laughed.

She giggled and pulled away and I pulled her back and shoved all the way into her. I groaned and finally held her as I began to fuck her with long, hard and deep thrusts. She wiggled and her slippery pussy constantly clenched as she began to wail and howl. She kept shoving back as I continued to plunge into her and bury my cock with each deep stroke.

She jerked and spasmed as she wet me and screamed. I kept fucking her and tried to sink my cock deeper and she began to spread her knees more and sink towards the bed. She tilted her hips as she yelled and shook while I leaned over her and continued to fuck her firmly. It was several minutes before I was ready.

She was kicking the bed and clutching the sheets in her fists. I shoved into her and grunted as I gushed and pumped cum into her cervix. She jerked and screamed when she felt the warm sperm spurting into her, “yyyeeesssss!”

When I was done I pulled out as she sagged to the bed. Shelby pushed me onto my back as she stalked onto me and impaled her cummy pussy. We forgot the girls and mom had been prepared to get pregnant, more to frighten them. They all had the babies less than a day apart. A couple of years later they did it again but this time I knew what they were doing.

I own and run a cyber neural interface college now. I also have a neural interface game parlor that is very popular.
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