Hi this is my second story with a lot of potential. I have some reservation about it. I am trying to deal with multiple personalities at the same time. This story will involves incest, mind control (procession), bi-sexuality, possible gay, rape, first times, and who knows what. Will the Pierces be able to deal with the Wilsons and their strange way or will the sexually stunted family crack up? This could be a running series or go away real quick. That will be left to you the readers. Please comment if you like it or not. Let me know if I should continue this with constructive criticism.

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce and kids were making finale rounds, remembering the great time they all had. The marks on the kitchen door frame marking the heights of the kids every six months with the dates. The barely visible colorings on the walls that Billy and Tommy did with markers in the hallway. The fireplace that has loose bricks, which the twins’ have been hiding secret messages in. The house held many memories almost all great but no real bad ones.

A tear formed in Anne’s’ eye as William closed and locked the door behind them. “Well, let us take the kids and sign the papers.” William Pierce said, “Then westward ho, as they say in those old westerns.” Mr. Pierce had got a promotion but the condition was he takes over the Utah office. Selling the house in Virginia was the tip of the Iceberg.

Anne just found out her younger sister was pregnant and was going to be her coach. Her sister will now have to find someone else to it. She hope that she be able to return for Karen when it gets closer to the delivery date.

Bridget really hated that she had to leave in the middle of her senior year of high School. She was in the top 10 percent of her class and the captain of the Volley ball team. She had hoped to graduate with her friends.

The twins were looking forward to the move to Provo, Utah. They believe that it will be a great western adventure. Well at least they will still be near a large beach area as Provo, Utah being on the Great Salt Lake shoreline. The Lake will not be the same as the Atlantic Ocean, but you could not get the two thirteen years old that. They think that horses were the only means of transportation in the west other than the west coast.

The family loaded their final bags in the Minivan, “hey dad when do we have to trade to a covered wagon?” asked Billy.

“Sure we can’t leave the two brats behind,” Bridget asked

“Only if we leave them with you,” William said while suppressing a grin.

“Dad, you know we just hog tie her and go on without her.” The twins said in unison.

Mom and dad started to laugh at this. Bridgett just “he he” this while giving the twins a light slap on the head.

Mr. and Mrs. Peirce finished up at the tittle office carrying the check for the house. “Well that’s it. Now, we go to Utah and to a new home for us.” Anne said with a slight smile.

The trip to Provo, Utah was like usual kids being kinds being cooped in a Minivan for a week long trip out west. Mr. Peirce had it all arrange. They made some stops along the way which of course was not exactly the quickest route. They visited Dollywood in Tennessee then went through metropolis, IL to see the home of superman for the twins. The Peirce family visited Saint Louis for the Arch, The Grand Canyon in Arizona, then to Vegas for Anne and himself. Then they went north and east to Provo. They all had some fun the Twins was excited about moving, Bridget had still been upset about the move at least she only had about 6 months before she would get to go to college back east with her friend.

The Pierces already found a house, a two story four bedroom, and two and a half bath on a two acre lot. Even with all of the planning and extra time they beat the moving company by a week. They stilled stayed at the house in sleeping bags and cushions. The five of them took to the week differently, the girls hated it and twins thought of it as an extended camping trip, and dad was happy to go to work during the day. Anne got the kids enrolled in school and had all the records transferred to them. When the furnishing finally arrived Anne was the only one home. The moving men unloaded the boxes and all to the appropriate rooms but left the stuff for the family to sort out and to assemble.

The only thing they did was hook up the washer and dryer for Mrs. Pierce. She started a load right there and then. Mostly whites followed by the clothes from the week they were there. From all outside appearances they are a normal healthy family of five. They were until they got to their new home.

On the first night in their new home Anne set up the master bedroom as William help the kids to settle down. Anne took a quick shower by the time he came to their room. Anne was dressed in a full body night gown and a long robe her hair covered in a towel. William looked at her and figured she was pissed because the bed was not here yet. He went to take himself a shower.

When he came out the room was only lit with about a dozen candles there was rose petal on the floor leading up to the large sleeping pallet they were to share for the night. Anne was lying across the sleeping area in a purple lace teddy that was sheer enough to see all of her. She had a glass of wine for him in her extended hand. Anne may not be a playboy model material but she does have a great look and a hot body for a 36 year old mother of three. She has red hair, light green eyes, and shapely body.

William was 41 and considers himself in good shape, he work out three days a week and was running three miles every Saturday morning. He was just wearing a towel around his waist, as he forgot to grab a pair of boxer briefs before heading to the shower, he walk slowly to his wife and accepted the glass of wine. She reached over to get her glass and to touch the play on her phone. She touched their glasses together as soft music started to fill the room.

Neither William nor Anne notice or could have notice that they had company. Anne reached over to William and tugged the towel to fully expose her husband. “Honey, remember the night we first bought or first house?” Anne asked as she leaned over and kissed his soft dick. She continued to kiss and lick the entire shaft and head as it slowly came to life.

Two of the four people watching this, the older two smiled and went to the couple on the floor. The male walked up to William and bent down and merged with him as the same time the female laid down into Anne. Anne smiled and took William into her mouth. In the twenty years she knew William including the eighteen years of marriage, Anne has given William head jobs many times. This consisted of her taking only the head and maybe an inch of the shaft and sucking on it, then only to the point that he gets hard. Anne for the first time ever in her life took a cock all the in her mouth. William gasped as Anne took his cock fully in. Anne slowly working her tongue on him as she started to bob her head up and down. William instinctively placed his hand on her head. “Ho, yes, yes take all. Sweet, sweet darling, do it make it come alive.” Said William, though he knew Anne hated him to grab her head.

Anne moans and started to mum as she felt his cock becoming fully hard in her hot mouth. Neither of the Pierce’s had performed a 69 in their live until now as William pulled Anne over on top of his body. He started to kiss the inside of her leg as he pulled down her panties. Anne started to take the full eight inches of Williams cock up into her throat as she gagged. “Mmm, She not use to his big dick, he even larger than you my dear husband.”

Uh, Anne thought ‘why am I comparing to my husband when he is my husband? Shit why am I trying to deep throat him. I barely even attempt to give some head let alone a full blowjob.’ Anne more feels like an observer than really doing it. She definitely feels her husband’s fat cock trying to actually entering her throat.
William is licking his wife hot juicy pussy, ‘Ah, shit she going to town on my cock, and she really getting in to me eating her out. I never remember her giving me more than a minute or two in oral let alone taking my whole cock.’ “Honey I’m going to cum,” he tried to say but his tongue just continued to lick her clit or slide into her love canal. He bucks his hip as he approached his climax while drinking the love juice coming from her pussy.

Anne holding William cock in one hand and sliding her hand up and down his cock while still sucking could feel her pussy contract. ‘I going to cum in his face, I have never came during oral, oh shit, yes.’ She could feel her hip pressing down on to William face. Anne could not believe how turn on she was. Feeling William balls tremble and expand getting ready to shoot his load, ‘he going to cum in my mouth, he would not dare.’ She went to pull her face away but instead actually forced his hard cock in farther in to her mouth in to her throat, there no gagging, just a feeling of fulfillment as she felt William cum in her throat. She slowly pulled back as her mouth start to fill with cum, swishing it about her mouth she savor the flavor before swallowing his load.

Bewilder both William and Anne rolled over and begins to kiss, sucking each other’s tongue. Each tasting their own cum. Not believing that they just brought each other off orally. William has always wanted to but Anne would baulk at the idea. From somewhere they more felted than heard, “our turn now.”
The Pierces felt a chill as if the AC just kick in then it was gone. Looking into each other eyes Anne grabbed William’s cock and began jerking it. He was only semi-erect she looked down at his manhood in her hand. He was soft and warm and slightly sticky as from spit and cum mixture was still on it. “Look like it still needs a cleaning.” She pushes William down on his back and proceeds to lick and suck him clean.
William was very surprised by this, not only did she just give him his first deep-throat blowjob in his life and allow him to cum in her mouth. Anne was now licking his sperm off of his cock giving a second boner in the same night. He knew he able to do it again but Anne was hot and seductive but she was also a once per night type of woman. There were times he would afterward work a load as she went to take a shower. Anne is definitely different tonight.

William’s cock was hard as a rock now; Anne crawled up on top and guided his cock into her hot wet cunt. “Oh my lord, he’s big, or it has been just so long.”

William looked confused, as it was just the other night in Vegas that they made love as the kids slept in the other room of the suite in the hotel. ‘Oh god I don’t know what got into Anne but this is better than just doing the missionary position. She riding me like a cowgirl would ride in a saddle. He thought as he reaches up and starts to massage both of her breasts in his hands. She starts to moan. He continues to massage her breast before he attempts to lightly pinch and twist her nipples. She moans some more and her hips is going wild humping his cock.

Across the room, James and Abigail Wilson watches as their two children fuck each other in through their host. “We need to be more careful. I could feel him question what going on.” James said to his wife.
“Yes my husband I could feel her wondering why she was being a slut for her husband instead of a proper Christian do-gooder wife.” Abigail responded. “Looks like Caroline is getting her oats sewn quite well. Hope Thomas likes the treatment he getting.”

“He a thirteen year old being fucked by his sixteen old beautiful sister, of course he is enjoying it.” James says as he laughs. “Actually the woman she in is very attractive too even if she soft and not appear to work hard in her life.”

“She a big city girl, other than cleaning and cooking she has not done any hard work in her life.”
Abigail said. “She uses a machine to wash the clothes instead of a washboard and bucket.” She does not even wash the dishes she throws them in a box and let it do the work.”

Thomas in William’s body pulls his sister down and gives her a deep passionate kiss on her lips that she returns before leaning up and kissing her right nipple. Slowly begin to suck on her nipple as he grabs her ass and meeting her buck with his thrust.

Anne thinking, ‘what’s wrong with me tonight I acting like a fucking whore, a slut. The worst thing about it is I am enjoying it.’ He sucking on my breast and making me even wetter I can feel jolts of electricity from it to my pussy.’

William sucking on his wife’s nipple and nibbling lightly could sense Anne getting even more worked up. Massaging her ass he slips a finger down in to her cunts lips and can feel her juices flowing down his cock and getting his finger wet. He then he rubs his slick finger on her rosebud of her asshole. Anne either does not notice or she just didn’t care about anything but on riding his cock. William pushes his finger into her ass.

Anne opens her eyes wide as she felt William’s finger penetrate her asshole. She has never had anything in her rectum in her life. She flatly told William a long time ago that was an out only door so don’t you ever think otherwise. Instead of yelling and walking out of there in an angry huff as she would for something like that, She moan and pulled his head in close to her chest and wiggled her ass. “Yes, I going to cuuummmm,” she exclaimed.

Bridget got up in the middle of the night and went to use the bathroom when she heard something like screaming coming from her parents’ room. She crept quietly to the door and slowly open the door a crack to listen if the arguing over the move. She saw that the room was dimly lit by a couple flickering candles and a slight cold chill was coming from the room. What drew her attention above all else was that her mother was doing her father in a cowboy fashion that she seen in a porn movie a year back at her friend’s sleepover. That her father was not only shoving his penis in her mother vagina but his finger was in her ass. Her mother was a prude and she knew it. Hell our old house had thin wall and I never heard mom even once other than to tell dad to quiet down.

“Oh Fuck, we Cumming, fuck me hard Thomas,” Her mother cried out.

Bridget covered her mouth, ‘god mom is calling her son’s name as she riding dad.” Bridget was very confused, mom was thinking of her son, what the hell.

William upon hearing this came hard, “yes, you take your brothers hot cum, bitch.”

‘Oh I heard of this they must be roleplaying because mom did not have a brother.’ Bridget guessed. They are really getting into this. As her mom grabs dads head and gives him a hot deep kiss. ‘Wow, that a kiss, I never saw mom give that type of kiss. Dad calling her a bitch like that, wow I would not of thought they would be so, HOT.’

She watched as her mother pulled off of her dad and takes his cock into her mouth. “Shit I wanted to taste that. You better not be done yet Thomas.” She heard her mother say. Oh my she sucking dad’s dick, his big fat dick. She sees her mother stop and look over into the corner, “Sorry mom and dad it been so long I forgot,” she said. Bridgett looked over to where her mother was talking but there was no one there. “Dad, let me finish him. He been so good I wasn’t.” her mother said. “Must I, ok I am so sorry.” While holding her husband cock in her hand, mother’s head seemed to droop for a second. “Yes he has been good so I finish him off for you, Caroline.” Bridget’s, mom then went and swallow his cock. ‘Oh my, she took that thing whole, my mom can deep throat.’

Bridget without even realizing it had her hand between her legs rubbing her crotch through her shorts. She was rubbing pretty hard as she watch her mother bobbing on her dads’ dick. Bridget could feel the heat from within her on her hand when she realizes that she moaning in her other hand.

She closes the door and hurries back to her room. There she drops her shorts and panties spread her legs. Bridget has on a rare occasion fingered herself, mostly on a Saturday night since she never has a date. Even if her mother would allow one no boy in the area would ask her. She was one of the most popular girls in school on the volley ball team hell the captain of the team. I am a member of the cheerleaders and a drum majorette in the school band. She was working hard on her clit with one hand and shoving two fingers in pussy remembering her mother riding her dad and then sucking his cock.

Abigail was using Anne’s mouth to deliver a long drawn out blowjob on Thomas cock in Williams’s body. William was fully enjoying every second of it. Reaching down William/Thomas grabbed Anne/Abigail head; while Anne was thinking he is doing it again maybe it will teach him right if I just get and take a shower, Abigail was thinking he going to give a shot some wonderful baby juice down my throat.

James barely caught sight of Caroline leave the room when she switched with Abigail. Thinking that Caroline was mad because she was close to exposing them. The family had been excise once from a house on the lot about forty years ago. She cool off and return soon.

Caroline saw Bridget looking into the room and followed her back to her room. She got there as Bridget started to rub and finger her pussy. Caroline quickly merged with her. Bridget was really getting a good one going, before she thought, ‘I need a hard one to fuck me like dear dads giving mom.’ While still rubbing one out she reached over to her purse and grabbed her hair brush. The brush had a big handle that could twist to withdraw the bristle for cleaning. Taking the smooth handle she ran it along her wet pussy lips. Sure that the handle was wet enough she inserted it. Slowly at first with a very shallowly getting use to the large handle. The two of them was pushing deeper until she felt resistance within her virgin pussy. Caroline stopped oh god she a virgin still, dad and Thomas will want to do this. She allowed Bridget to continue with her shallow thrust but held her from breaking her own hymen.

Bridget was moaning to as her orgasm was building. Caroline was helping her to achieve a very big one. Caroline was able to direct Bridget to give herself a massive release of pent up sexual frustration. Mom has always told to wait for the right man, that if he is the right man then he will wait for you. Never let convince you that a quick fix like a having you touch him is not the same. “Bridget only whore gives a man oral or let a man sodomize her, you’re not a whore you a lady.” She said. Damn I just saw her give dad a fucking deep throat blowjob which he probably came with and that he was fingering her ass.

Anne just received her second mouth full of William cum for the night and for some reason this really excited her. William rolled over and stood up. Kneeling behind Anne he took his still hard cock and entered Anne from behind doggy style. Anne fell forward as William shoved his full 8 inches into her still sore but wet cunt. She was moaning, “Yes, fuck me, and fuck me hard. I am your whore tonight,” she said with a tear in her eye. In the eighteen years of their marriage this is has been the night that a lot of first. She lost count of her orgasms heck she even had one as he fuck my throat just moment ago. What is happening to me? Anne was so hot and ready that she came as he entered just now. “James, I need you your cock in my ass, oh god, yes please take me, like a dirty whore that I am.” Anne so excited didn’t even register that he called her husband by a different name.

William so wrap up in the fucking his wanton wife he just heard her say take my ass. He pulled out of her cunt and spread her ass cheeks. As James reach down and pulled Thomas out of William and replaced him. Now James was in Williams body spat on her ass pulled up and licked her rosebud shaped asshole.

Anne scream, “YES, YES OH GOD YES.”

Taking a finger and first slipping it in to her pussy then into her ass, “oh, yes she is tight, this going to be a good fucking you going to get, Abigail.”

Anne/Abigail moan loudly, “Yes fuck me good, fuck me as the fucking whore, slut that I am.”

William/James spreading Anne’s ass cheeks and guiding his prick into her anus he slowly penetrated with the head. He moved his hips round, up and down to loosen her tight virginal ass.

Anne moaned as William slowly rotated his prick around in her ass.

William/James started to go deeper. With all of the cum on his dick he was well lubricated as he slowly and gently going deeper in his wife rectum. Holding her hips he slide all the in, only to hold it there for a minute.

Anne felt fullness to her bottom as never before, reaching down between her legs she rubbed her clit. “Yes, fuck my ass, rip it apart with your dick,” She said with no hesitation.

William then slowly began a rhythm of a long slow fuck. The tightness of his wife’s ass was giving him such a great sensation. Both he and his wife were moaning and were not holding down the sound this still confused and excited the two.

“Yes fuck my ass, make me your whoring bitch wife!”

“Oh, yes take my cock you slut, take it like a whore that you are you bitch!”

In the twenty plus years that they knew each other they had never been so brazen with each other or others. Their love making has been fully satisfying before neither was longing for anything more in it. William may have liked to have more endurance in his wife but she never complained or came up with a headache. Anne may have wanted a little less foreplay but she would never refuse her husband their bed. This night awoken something in both of them yet they both felt like this was not them but was still enjoying the animal lust.

William and Anne were in their room having some hard and passionate sex. Bridget was recovering from her own intense masturbation orgasm. She even had licked the brush handle clean of her own juice.

James and Abigail were having the time of their non-corporeal lives in William and Anne. While they could possess them and encourage them to do things the host must be have some desire. In William and Anne case they have the desire and love for each other. The awaking of some deep dark sexual lust was not that hard. Bringing it out and pushing to the surface was being easier by shared feeling of each other. James loves Abigail as William loves Anne the same goes for both Abigail and Anne.

Caroline and Thomas their children has the unbridle lust of teenagers and thus is able to awake that in even adults. Caroline was in Bridget getting worked up so that she will be easy to control maybe even allow herself to enjoy the oncoming events that the Wilson family will do to her and her family.

Thomas now watching and enjoying his parents’ passion affair was resting. “Caroline, sorry you were pushed out of the mom there but,” Thomas was say until he realized that she was not in the room. Wondering where she went off to he started to search for her. He found her in the girl’s room watching over the sleeping teenager. “Caroline are you having some fun?”

“Yes, I was,” Caroline said. “She got tired out, but I some good news. She not been touched yet.”
“Oh my, that is good news. I hope dad lets me be her first.”

“If we get a chance,” replied Caroline. “Let us get back to mom and dad.”

The teenager got back in time to see Anne/Abigail scream as she came and boy did she cum. The pallet on the floor was soaking wet from the entire stream of love juice that came out of her. “Fuck, OH MY LORD,” she exhaled before collapsing. William/Thomas was still holding her hips as he rolled back his head, “YES, OH GOD YES.” Their body was jerking as each rope of sperm coated the inside of Anne’s rectum. When he was finishing with the last of it he too collapsed on the soaked sleeping pallet. To worn out to care he wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her cheek and the both drifted off to sleep.

“How long has it been, Sweetie?” James asked his wife.

“Little over seventy years I think.” Abigail replied.

They too fell into a deep slumber.

“Oh well the fun is over for the night but now we have a source to play with. This house is the only one that falls completely in our prison.” Thomas said.

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