My name is Sky Bishop and I was orphaned a week after I was born. My parents were killed by an escaped fugitive and I was left with my godfather. Black Wolf is a full blood Apache and mostly a loner. Besides my parent’s life insurance there was a large estate that he sold. He invested everything and raised me as if I were his own son.

He might not have shown affection but I never doubted he cared. I was walking at six months and talking before I was one and reading shortly after. Father Black Wolf began teaching me to track after that. I graduated high school at twelve and started college. I earned three degrees in six years, one in business, one in psychiatry and one in law.

I could do anything because the stocks my adopted father had kept had only made more money, lots more. Black Wolf had slipped and broken his ankle a week before I finally graduated. I was eighteen and I thought finally free. I took a break and caught up on the investments like he taught me and moved money around.

I visited a few friends and did a little tracking as I thought about what I wanted to do. It was very early when I heard the phone. I looked at the door a few minutes later when Black Wolf opened it, “pack a bag.”

I sat up, “why?”

He frowned before answering, “a friend needs help and I want you to track two men.”

I swung my feet off the bed, “two men?”

He nodded and gestured to my gun case, “take the colt.”

I glanced at the case and stood as he closed the door. I walked around the bed and opened the case to pull out the colt 1991 double action pistol. I pulled the swat holster out of the lower drawer and then the equipment belt with everything else on it. I added a half dozen magazines to a bag before packing a change of clothes and a camel pack.

I set the bag on my dresser and moved back to the bed to pull the sheet back. I rubbed Lane’s cute butt and she shifted, “um?”

I grinned and slipped my hand between her legs and fingered her cummy slit, “Lane?”

She shuddered and spread her legs as she tilted her hips. That was more than I needed and I moved over her and pushed my cock into her slimy pussy. She grunted and turned to look over her shoulder as I began to fuck her, “I have to go.”

She pushed back as her pussy clenched, “go?”

I buried my cock and started humping and pressing, “stay until I get back?”

Lane had gone to college with me, she started when she was fifteen and graduated with a degree in business and finance. She shuddered, “I need to leave to find a job.”

I pulled back to fuck her with deep thrusts, “what if I have something for you?”

She giggled as she pushed back again, “you always have something for me.”

I grinned, Lane loved to fuck if she was not studying or busy. I had not been the only guy to use her but she seemed to come to me a lot more than anyone else. I fucked her hard, planting my cock each time, “besides my cock. I have a job for you.”

She kicked the bed and wailed as her pussy gripped my cock. I knew I would have to finish before she would be able to answer. I kept fucking her until I shoved into her and held her as I spewed another load of cum. She jerked and shook as I flooded her with warm sperm and when I was done I pulled out and sat beside her hip.

She sighed a minute later, “Job?”

I rubbed her butt, “a job. I do not have time to go into it now but it is a real job.”

I moved off the bed and headed into the bathroom to wash quickly. When I came back into the room Black Wolf was standing in the doorway and Lane was sitting cross legged on the bed facing him as they talked. I dressed quickly and stood to grab the bag I had packed, “if Black Wolf gets back before me and you are horny fuck him. I will talk to you when I return.”

My adopted father looked at me as Lane grinned. He looked at her and turned to gesture me in front of him. I walked ahead of him and out of the house and he followed on his crutches. I looked at the helicopter landing in one of the larger horse corrals and a tall well dressed man climbed out and started for us.

I looked at Black Wolf and waited as the man walked closer and started frowning. He stopped and shook Black Wolf’s hand, “I wish I knew you could not track.”

Black Wolf gestured to me, “Sky can track.”

The man looked at me and then back at my adopted father, “he is young...”

Black Wolf held up a hand, “he can track as well as me. You owe me a doubt and you owe his parents.”

I looked at Black Wolf as the man shifted and finally nodded. He pulled out a badge and tossed it to me, “raise your right hand.”

I glanced at the badge to see a marshal’s star and looked at Black Wolf. He only looked at me and I nodded before raising my hand and swearing the oath. The man looked at Black Wolf before turning, “I will brief you on the way.”

I followed him and climbed into the helicopter before it lifted. I accepted the folder the man gave me, I realized now that he was the regional US Marshal. I scanned through the folder before handing it back. He frowned, “you should read that.”

I smiled, “I did.”

He blinked and nodded and looked out a window before looking back, “Reed and Butler escaped a month ago. We tracked them into the national forest and then lost them. Three days ago they came out and killed an elderly couple. A deputy sheriff responded to a 911 disconnect and was shot. The two fled and headed back into the forest.”

I nodded, “what types of weapons do they have?”

He shook his head, “at least one rifle.”

I bent and opened my bag to pull out the equipment belt and then the swat holster. The marshal shifted, “you can not carry...”

I looked at him as I attached the holster and put it on, “I am not going after men willing and capable of shooting at me if I am not.”

I pulled out fasteners and adjusted the wider belt and secured the holster to my right thigh and the long bladed knife to the other one. I looked at the marshal again, “you have someone that can keep up?”

He blinked and then smiled, “one or two.”

I pulled the taser wand at the back of the belt to check it and the marshal chuckled, “which do you prefer using?”

I smiled, “the taser.”

When the helicopter landed he opened the door and gestured, “see marshal Peters.”

I climbed out carrying my bag and started walking to the small group of men waiting. I pulled out the camel pack and put it on before looking at the men as I stopped, “marshal Peters?”

A tall grey haired man cleared his throat and I nodded, “I need to see the area they were in last and a radio.”

He blinked and another grey haired man wearing a sheriff’s badge cleared his throat, “you are the tracker?”

I glanced at him and smiled, “for today.”

They looked at each other and I shook my head, “the longer you wait the farther they will get.”

Thirty minutes later the vehicle I was in stopped beside a log home. I accepted the radio from another marshal and a several plastic restraints. After I got out I checked the radio before attaching it over my shoulder and onto the camel pack, “stay close.”

The sheriff and several deputies were talking as I began to walk around the home. I glanced at the deputy marshals but they stayed at the cars. I started following two sets of prints and began to jog. The men I followed made no attempt to hide their tracks and ran at first. After awhile they started walking but continued to move north.

It was after five before the radio came to life, “tracker?”

I stopped and looked around before answering, “tracker.”

“Where the hell are you?”

I squatted and felt the edge of a track, “about twenty miles north north west of the log home.”

“Stay there and we will find you.”

I shook my head as I stood, “I do not need to be found. I am a couple hours behind Reed and Butler. I would say they will cross or come close to the highway about thirty miles north of you.”

“Why didn’t you tell someone you were leaving?”

I started jogging again, “I did.”

I turned the volume down and ignored the radio as I kept moving. It was getting dark when I smelled the smoke. I stopped and listened and looked around before following the wood smoke. Twenty minutes later I was watching the two men sleeping beside a fire that was only smoldering.

I went through the trees silently until I was standing over them with my pistol out. I hesitated and put it away before moving closer and taking the rifle and then carefully pulling two pistols out from under their belts. I moved back and then knelt and tied their shoes together and to each other.

I moved to the man on the left and grabbed his right wrist and yanked him over and to the right. He ended up on the other man and they started struggling. I pulled the wrist back and fastened the plastic restraint before going after the other wrist and securing it. I caught the bottom man’s left wrist and pulled and rolled them both over and twisted his arm.

I fastened the restraint and pulled the arm up to get his other wrist. When I was done I searched them as they cursed and undid the shoe laces. I yanked them up and collected the two packs they had with the rifle and two pistols. I pointed northeast, “walk.”

One sneered, “and if we...”

The taser came around and touched his chest. He jerked and yelled as he spasmed and almost collapsed with the other man holding him up, “walk.”

I pushed and kept them moving in the dark and ten minutes later we came out in a meadow with a highway on the other side. I pushed them and turned the volume on the radio up, “Marshal Peters this is tracker.”

It was a minute before it was answered, “where are you?”

I pulled the top strand of barbed wire down and gestured to the two men, “over.”

I followed as we started climbing the bank of the highway, “I have your fugitives in custody. We are on the highway about thirty miles from the log home.”

“Stay there!”

I gestured to the two men, “sit.”

I watched and then answered, “they are not going anywhere.”

I moved to the side and put their packs and weapons down. It was not even five minutes before I saw lights. I frowned because they were coming from the east on a dirt road. I looked south as a sheriff deputy rounded a turn with his lights flashing. He slowed when he reached us and came to a stop before he and his partner stepped out, “you caught them by yourself?”

I looked at the two fugitives, “they were sleeping.”

I pulled one up, “could you search them and put them in your vehicle?”

I kept looking out at the other approaching vehicles as the deputies put my prisoners in the back of their SUV. They turned to follow my look and one cursed, “militia.”

I looked at him, “so?”

He gestured, “one of these is militia.”

The vehicles turned out to be trucks and one of the deputies used their radio to call it in. The trucks hit the highway and turned towards us. A moment later they slid to a stop blocking the highway and I looked at the white faced deputies before turning and moving off the road. I dropped and stayed beside the fence as I started crawling.

I heard a man yelling for the deputies to give the prisoners to them and kept moving. Once I was beside the trucks blocking the highway I rose up and started towards the men. They were firing rifles and I heard more from the other truck. I pulled my taser as I walked with long strides and went past the first man.

I used the taser and hit him between the shoulder blades as I went by. The next man was turning his head when I reached him and used the taser. I caught the third when he turned and the fourth as he was firing another shot. I followed him to the ground and rolled him over and used restraints.

I moved back down the line to each of the other men and put restraints on. I pulled them up and pushed them against a truck. I pulled handguns and knives away from each before I looked at the sheriff deputies. They were in the vehicle or behind the doors and I pushed on the men I had caught, “get moving.”

I shoved and pushed them between the trucks and toward the sheriff deputies as they moved away from their vehicle. They yanked them to the front of the vehicle and began to search them again as I went to check the two fugitives. Two more sheriff vehicles screamed around the corner with lights flashing as I walked back to the deputies, “it has been a long day.”

One grinned at me, “tell me about it.”

I sat and leaned back again the tire that had been shot, “lets see, it started with a girl and sex. Lots of sex and then a helicopter ride and then a thirty mile walk through the woods.”

I waved to the other deputies as they came to help the first set, “then after walking thirty miles I end up wrestling with two morons that I should have just shot. And if that was not enough fun, four more idiots come along and make me crawl around them and stun them before restraining them.”

More sheriff vehicles raced in and I looked up at the amused deputy, “I could use a shower, a hot meal and eight hours of sleep.”

He laughed and his partner joined in. When the marshals arrived Peters stalked towards me, “are you okay?”

I blinked, “of course.”

He shook his head, “of all the...”

I cleared my throat, “could you save the bitching until I have had a shower and something to eat?”

He looked at me, “you think this is funny?”

I shook my head as I went to look in his vehicle, “no. You or one of your deputies were supposed to stay with me. I think you need to work with a tracker more.”

I opened his vehicle and grabbed my bag before closing the door, “if you are not going to help me, stay out of my way.”

I shouldered the bag and started walking and waved to the sheriff and his deputies as I went by, “lock them up and throw the fucking key away.”

A minute later marshal Peters pulled up beside me, “where are you going?”

I kept walking as I looked at him, “home.”

He shook his head, “get in.”

I stopped, “I am tired and dirty and hungry.”

He smiled, “get in marshal.”

I blinked and looked down at the badge still on my belt, “okay.”

I climbed in and put my head back as he turned around, “I will have one of the others take Reed and Butler in.”

I grunted as I closed my eyes and blinked when someone pushed on my shoulder. I sat up and looked at Peters as he got out and opened the door before I realized there were people there. I grabbed my bag as he came around the vehicle and the reporters surged towards us and began asking questions.

I slapped a mic out of my face and growled, “hit me and I will stun you until your mother spits sparks.”

The reporters went silent as marshal Peters cleared his throat, “this is deputy marshal Bishop. The one who captured Reed and Butler as well as the four militia that tried to free him.”

I started pushing through the crowd, “you forgot the two sheriff deputies that had the morons shooting at them.”

One cleared her throat, “is it even legal for you to carry a weapon?”

I stopped and turned to look at them, “I assume you are professionals? That you plan what to ask? So you should have done a moments research and know what the legal answer is.”

She smiled sweetly, “do you?”

I looked at her as the others held microphones and marshal Peters gestured. I smiled, “lady I graduated high school when I was twelve. I have a degree in business, psychiatry and law. Now if you like I could explain in legal terms why not only is it legal for me to carry a weapon but required.”

She looked around as she tried to move back and I glanced at the others before turning to walk towards the door. I walked in and looked around when I realized it was the marshals office. It was several minutes before Peters walked in. He shook his head, “I think they are still scratching their heads.”

I gestured, “I do not think I am going to get fed or clean here.”

He grinned, “the helicopter is on its way.”

I nodded and looked around as he headed for the hall, “if it matters the militia have said they were defending themselves and were attacked.”

I started after him, “was that before they threatened the sheriff deputies or after they began shooting?”

He looked back and grinned, “the helicopter pad is on the roof.”

I stepped into the elevator and several minutes later we were standing beside the pad as the helicopter approached. Marshal Peters looked at me, “next time I know to hold the leash and follow like a good boy.”

I grinned, “next time I am bringing lunch and dinner.”

He laughed and then held out his hand. I shook it and turned to go to the helicopter. When we landed at home the copilot gestured and I waved before opening the door and climbing out. It was early morning when I slipped into the house. I stopped to grab a sandwich before heading to my room. I looked at Lane in the bed as I set the bag down and stripped before going to shower.

I slipped into bed and caressed her pelvis before moving over her and pushing her legs open. I pushed into her cummy pussy and grinned as I pushed deeper. She put her arms around me, “mmmm?”

I pressed into her and gave her a kiss, “I see you got dad to fuck you.”

She opened her eyes as I pulled back and began to fuck her, “he really needs to cum more often.”

I kissed her as I fucked her nice and slow, “thanks Lane.”

She hugged me, “my pleasure.”

I buried my cock and began humping and grinding as she started to shudder and her pussy gripped my cock. She bucked and jerked and kissed me hard as I fucked her hard for a minute and then held her as I gushed cum into her already slimy pussy. When I stopped I sighed and pulled out before rolling with her until she was on me.

She put her head on my shoulder as I relaxed and fell asleep. I woke briefly when she moved off me and then went back to sleep. I finally woke to Lane kissing me and put my arms around her as I opened my eyes. I smiled and hugged her, “hey.”

She grinned, “Black Wolf sent me to wake you.”

I rubbed her shoulders and she laughed and pulled away, “he said no fucking and to tell you to get up.”

I shook my head as I rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom, “give me a few minutes.”

I walked into the kitchen to the smell of coffee and bacon which was cooling on the counter. I poured a cup of coffee and grabbed a thick slice of bacon before going out back. Black Wolf turned as I came out, “you are on the news.”

I blinked and then remembered the reporters, “there were reporters at the marshals office.”

I sat beside Lane at the table and glanced at her sketch of the mountains. Black Wolf growled, “it caused problems.”

I looked at him and sipped my coffee, “what problems?”

He snorted, “your age, the marshal badge, the colt, your threat to a reporter, your answer to another reporter.”

I smiled as I ate the bacon and leaned back, “I am eighteen and legally responsible for my actions. I was legally sworn in by a marshal, which reminds me, I need to return the badge. It is legal for me to carry the colt as long as it isn’t concealed. My threat was a warning since he almost hit me. The answer I gave the lazy female was both legal and proper.”

He shook his head, “sometimes I think you will never learn.”

I glanced at Lane when she chuckled before looking at my father, “I learn extremely well and mostly by example.”

He shook his head and finally sat, “the US Marshal and the Attorney General wish you to stay with the marshals.”

I looked at him and then at Lane before standing. I walked out into the yard to stare blindly at the mountains I knew by heart. I finally turned back, “my terms.”

He shrugged, “that is something you will need to tell them.”

I looked at Lane and nodded, “I have other business now. Lane?”

She looked up and I held out a hand, “walk with me.”

She stood and came around the table before slipping her hand into mine. We started walking and I glanced at her, “I have a proposition for you.”

She grinned, “does it involve me spreading my legs?”

I smiled and squeezed her hand, “you know I have money.”

She nodded and I took a breath, “it is a lot. I need someone to manage the interest. Research companies to invest in. Pay the few bills and keep me on a budget.”

She looked at me, “how...”

I shook my head, “a lot. I also want you with me and... maybe...”

She laughed and turned me, “maybe fuck you?”

I nodded, “I wish you would accept my first offer but I will not beg and will wait.”

My first offer had been in college and it was to be my girlfriend. Lane laughed and kissed my cheek, “I will accept both your offers.”

She turned us and we started back, “you should know I... slept with a lot of the girls in school.”

I looked at her as she actually blushed, “you are telling me this because?”

She smiled, “because I enjoyed it and would not mind one or two girls around to sleep with too.”

I grinned, “we will have to start looking for prospects.”

Lane was a little shocked when she started looking over my books. I made calls and then more calls before packing trunks. Lane sat beside me in first class when we flew to Washington and pulled me into a bathroom to join the mile high club. We stayed in the penthouse of a hotel and she went to work while I went to see the US Marshal.

Of course he did not want the press to think it had been a one time thing but wanted me behind a desk which I would not do. I finally got my way and was assigned to fugitive recovery. The marshal in charge tried the desk job thing too and it did not fly either. I pulled the files on the most wanted fugitive and went through it while he called the US Marshal.

I closed the file when I was done and sat to think as the information sank in. I looked up when marshal Daniels walked out of his office, “I think I know where this one will be.”

He looked at the file and blinked, “where?”

I stood, “first he does not respect or have any attachment for women. Not his grandmother or mother or the pregnant girlfriend you listed. He does not care about them and will not go near them.”

He nodded as I walked to a window, “that does not surprise us.”

I smiled but did not turn, “the one thing he will keep doing is staying in contact with the others in his gang. He and they will use burn phones so you... we can not trace him. He will also show off to the others in the gang with lesser status.”

I turned to look at him, “he is in New York. I would be willing to bet he brings a woman to the gang club, the Triple Aces on Friday. Probably around eight or nine.”

He looked at me and then at the file I held, “you got all that from the file?”

I grinned, “I took a few extra courses in profiling.”

He shook his head, “I will contact...”

I cleared my throat, “I want to be there.”

He looked at me for a long time, “I read the report on your actions. A city is different than sneaking around in the woods.”

I waited and he finally sighed, “pack your bag.”

I headed for the door and he cleared his throat. I stopped and looked at him and he smiled, “after you qualify with your weapon.”

I nodded and he picked up the phone. An hour later I was walking out with the range master and the two deputy marshals that scored my qualification shaking their heads. When I walked into the penthouse Lane was with a teenage girl. She stood and gestured, “Sky.”

I crossed to her and looked at the pretty Asian, “hi.”

Lane put her arm around my waist, “this is Kyra.”

I smiled, “nice to meet you.”

Kyra had curves in the right places and long black hair as well as green eyes. She smiled, “so Lane said we would share you and each other.”

I blinked and looked at Lane, “working fast.”

She hugged me, “working makes me horny.”

I laughed, “well I have a few hours before I have to catch a flight.”

She turned me and rubbed my chest, “just us?”

I held her hips, “to get acquainted?”

Lane nodded and I kissed her before looking at Kyra watching me, “in that case I will be back Saturday.”

I headed towards the bedroom door and turned at the last minute, “make sure you finish the budget by the time I get back. I was thinking of buying a penthouse and adding a travel budget.”

She grinned, “I will see what you can afford.”

I went into the bedroom to pack a bag before coming back out to see them kissing and holding each other. I leaned over the couch and kissed Lane’s cheek, “I hope she works out for you.”

She grinned up at me, “I think she will.”

I smiled at Kyra and headed for the door. When I walked into the fugitive recover squad room in New York it went silent. I set my bag on a chair as an older marshal stood and looked me over, “they said you were coming to observe us...”

I shook my head, “sorry but I came to catch a fugitive. I know the marshal wants to keep me behind a desk but like I told him, my way or I walk and he can explain to the press why he used me only once.”

They looked at each other as I looked around, “so where is the club?”

“The Triple Aces?”

I nodded to the short Asian female that had spoken, “our man should go there tomorrow night and I would like to look it over.”

Another marshal cleared his throat, “you really think he will show?”

I nodded, “the profile says he will. I was thinking of finding a position and take him when he arrives.”

They looked at each other and then we started planning. I was wearing a light jacket with wide sleeves that hid the taser wand. They were a little wary about my carrying a pistol but I did it anyway. I was standing with deputy marshal Lee waiting in line to get into the club. The other marshals were in vehicles waiting and watching.

It was just after eight and the club was rocking with music blaring out the door. A Lincoln sedan pulled up in the reserved spot in front and three men moved towards the car. I shifted as the back door opened, “that is our suspect.”

I started walking as the other marshals began to respond, “Damon Edwards? US Marshals.”

I was approaching the men at the car when they started to react. One reached into his coat and my taser touched his neck as I went by and he spasmed and fell. My pistol came up to point between another’s eyes as he started bringing a weapon out. The taser touched Damon and he spasmed into the car door.

The other man froze as he looked at me and then the other marshals were there. Six hours later I was walking into my penthouse. I had gotten a quick shower before I left New York but needed rest. I walked into the bedroom and set my bag aside as I looked at Lane and Kyra in the bed. I undressed and moved around and slipped in beside Lane.

I caressed her hip, “my turn?”

She turned onto her back with a smiled, “mmm?”

I moved over her and between her legs as I kissed her. I pushed into her almost hot pussy and began to fuck her while she hugged me, “I missed you.”

I smiled and kissed her as I buried my cock and started humping and grinding. She thrust up and her pussy squeezed and gripped my cock. She shuddered and clutched me, “ooohhh!”

Kyra giggled as she pressed against me, “she really loves getting off.”

Lane smiled as she humped onto my cock, “mmmm!”

I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts as she humped up and her pussy grasped my cock. It was not long before I was using firm thrusts and she was wailing. A dozen minutes later I thrust into her and pressed before I gushed a huge spurt of cum. Lane jerked and thrust up when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “yyyeeessss!”

I sighed and shuddered as I pumped and spewed until I was done. I kissed her and pulled out and Kyra pulled on me as she rolled onto her back, “now me.”

I smiled and lifted before pushing and forcing my thick cock into her. She groaned and shivered as I sank into her deeper before stopping. I gave her a kiss as I started to fuck her slowly, “I am Sky.”

She grinned as her pussy squeezed and she wrapped her legs around me, “I am Kyra.”

I continued to fuck her with long deep strokes as she began to shudder. It was not long before she was shaking and her pussy was clenching on my cock constantly, “oooohhhh!”

Lane laughed, “yeah my guy can fuck.”

I kept fucking her and started doing it a little firmer as I tried to cum. Kyra was jerking and grunting each time I sank my cock into her. When I was ready and buried my cock she froze and tilted her hips as she hissed. When I started pumping gushing spurts she lifted her pelvis and screamed, “HOLY FUCK!”

I held her as she squirmed and wiggled and kept putting load after load into her until she was full and leaking. She dropped to the bed when I finished and pulled out, “mmmm!”

I laid between them, “I really needed that.”

Lane giggled and rubbed my chest as Kyra laughed and turned onto her side. I fucked them for a long time before falling asleep. Lane woke me hours later and I smiled as I pulled her against me, “hey.”

She grinned, “we want to go shopping and you have a penthouse to look at.”

I let her go and stretched, “you finished the budget?”

She moved off the bed, “do you know how much money you are making?”

I moved off the bed, “that is why I needed you to help me.”

She snorted as she pushed me towards the bathroom, “Kyra is waiting to wash you.”

It was a fun weekend and I did start the paperwork to buy the penthouse. I walked into the fugitive recovery outer office and smiled at one of the female marshals who snorted, “dumb luck.”

I grinned, “want to wager?”

She grinned and held up a wanted poster, “five says you can not find him.”

I walked across as the other marshals snickered. I check the name and looked at her, “the file?”

She picked it up from her desk and handed it to me. I sat in the chair beside her desk and put my feet out as I read. I closed the file a minute later, “Mexico.”

She laughed, “and?”

I thought about it and grinned, “well I would wager he is back where he spent spring break.”

She looked at me and then at the other marshals, “why... how...”

I stood and handed her the file, “why? Because he needs to be out of the country with little chance of us catching him. Why the place he spent spring break? The moron does not speak Spanish and only knows that place where a lot of US citizens go so they speak English.”

She picked up her phone and before I knew it we were scheduled to fly out. I went home and found Lane working and Kyra using a laptop, “I need to leave again.”

Lane glanced at me, “leave?”

I grinned, “Mexico.”

By the time I was walking out with my bag she was dragging Kyra out to get her passport. She had also called to reserve a suite in one of the resorts for me. After we got off the plane we had to check in with the Mexican police. After that I went to check into the suite while they played games with the state department.

I went to the hotel our fugitive had stayed at while in college. I grinned at the female marshal when the desk clerk recognized his photo. He was receiving money and mail here from his parents but was not staying. I went to speak with the hotel concierge about local clubs and got a list. From the first people were recognizing the man we were after.

We were at the fourth bar when the local police caught up. They wanted us to stop looking until their government approved our being there. Two days later we were still waiting and Lane walked into the suite as I was doing sit ups with my feet elevated. She had Kyra with her and another Hispanic girl that was Kyra’s age.

I grinned as I kept exercising, “hey Mara, what are you doing here?”

The Hispanic girl grinned, “mom sent me. She said you would need someone to make sure you eat and take care of yourself.”

Her mother was the one that came over to make meals for Black Wolf, well more for me since I was little. I laughed and looked at Lane, “see someone does care.”

She laughed as she set her suitcase down with Kyra’s, “yeah your surrogate mother.”

Kyra smiled as she looked around, “have you been out?”

I stopped and stood, “yeah. The beach is not to crowded and the resort has a couple of nice restaurants.”

I glanced at the bedroom door, “we only have one bed...”

Mara grinned, “Lane said I am sleeping with her and you.”

I looked at Lane and she grinned, “she was yummy and Kyra agrees.”

I smiled and shook my head, “go change and we...”

The phone rang and I went to answer. I looked at Lane and sighed, “I will be right there.”

I hung up, “they are finally going to let us hunt for our fugitive soo...”

She smiled, “so we will change and explore on our own. You coming back tonight?”

I nodded as I headed for the bedroom and a shower, “it might be late but yeah.”

When I walked into the lobby of the hotel the other marshals were staying at they grinned. I headed out with Marshal Noble, the female. Each team had the list of bars and a Mexican policeman with them. I headed back to the resort the fugitive had stayed at and walked through the door and grinned as I bumped Noble.

She frowned at me before following my look. She crossed to the man standing at the front desk, “Thomas Kincad you are under arrest.”

He spun with wide eyes as the Mexican police officer reached him and turned him. He was pushed against the counter and handcuffed and searched as he protested he was not Thomas Kincad. Of course the fact that he had Thomas Kincad’s passport and drivers license did not help his story.

We followed as he was taken to the local jail and contacted the state department to start the extradition paperwork. I returned to my suite and found the girls gone so headed down to eat. I found them having dinner and joined them. I sat beside Lane, “well my work is done.”

She grinned, “not tonight it isn’t.”

They laughed and I smiled as I ordered dinner. After dinner we walked on the beach before returning to the suite. Lane pulled Mara and Kyra after her as she headed for the bathroom and I went into the bedroom. I stripped and stretched before turning as they came in naked with Kyra pulling Lane around the bed.

I grinned as I accepted Mara into my arms and gave her a kiss. I turned to sit her on the bed and ignored Kyra and Lane on the other side. I knelt as Mara laid back and licked through her pussy before covering her clit. I wiggled my tongue and teased it before sucking and squeezing it and gently nibbling.

She jerked and shuddered as she humped and moaned. I kept licking her and playing with her clit before I pushed my tongue into her. She spread her legs and shivered as I attacked her clit again. She wiggled and twisted as she held my head and yelled while bucking and shaking. Lane was moaning when I stood and Kyra was still licking her pussy.

I turned Mara on the bed as she panted and moved over her. I gave her a kiss as I used my knees to open her legs. I pushed into her tight warm pussy and buried my cock. She groaned and lifted her hips and I waited for a moment before I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly with long strokes.

Her hips lifted as I sank my cock back into her and her pussy tightened and squeezed. I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts but began doing it a little faster and harder. Mara clutched me a couple of minutes later and wailed as she bucked and jerked, “oooohhhhh!”

I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts as I kissed her. Her pussy was slippery and constantly squeezing as my cock kept sinking into her. She thrashed around and started spasming as I finally pushing into her and gushed and spewed. She kissed me hard while her pussy clamped down as I pumped more spurts of cum.

When I was finished she was still shuddering and twitching as she slowly relaxed. Lane laughed as she pulled me out and off and rolled me onto my back, “Kyra wants your cock and I want to lick up the cream.”

I smiled and reached up for Kyra’s breasts as she straddled me. She rubbed her pussy on my cock and shivered before lifting. I rubbed her nipples and reached between her legs to hold my cock. She sat slowly and sighed as my cock pushed up into her. Mara moaned and I glanced at her to see Lane between her legs licking her pussy.

Kyra giggled and bounced, “Mara gets to lick up the cream in me and I get to lick Lane.”

I held her hips and pulled her back and forth while her pussy squeezed, “back to work.”

She twisted and rolled her hips as she started thrusting back and forth. She began moaning as her slick pussy kept grasping and squeezing. She wiggled and jerked a few minutes later and wailed, “fffuuuccckkk!”

Lane laughed as Mara panted and shuddered, “roll over and plant the cum in deep.”

I grinned as I pulled Kyra down and shifted until she was under me. I kissed her as she clung to me and began to fuck her with long strokes. She humped up and hugged me while her pussy constantly tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

I grinned as I continued to kiss her while sinking my cock into her and grinding. She stiffened a couple of minutes later and then howled as she began to spasm and thrash, “yyyeeessss!”

I pulled back and started fucking her hard and deep. She yelled and began convulsing as her pussy massaged my cock, “mmmm!”

It was not long before I shoved into her and kissed her while pumping and gushing cum. She shook and held me tight while I kept spurting and spewing sperm into her. When I was done she sighed and slowly relaxed and let me go. I pulled out and moved and Lane pulled me over her, “do me Sky.”

She smiled softly as I kissed her and lifted to slowly sink into her. She wiggled and humped as Mara moved over us and kissed my shoulder. She laid down between Kyra’s legs and began to lick her leaking pussy as she panted. Lane smiled as she looked into my eyes and squeezed her pussy.

I humped and rubbed and pressed as I tried to stay in her as deep as I could. She grinned and thrust up harder and I laughed and kissed her before I pulled back. I started to fuck her with long deep strokes as she thrust up each time I buried my cock. She shuddered and began to writhe around a couple of minutes later, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept fucking her firmly as she spasmed and began bucking and thrashing around, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I grinned as I fucked her hard and deep with grinding thrusts. She clutched me and continued to thrust up as her slippery pussy pulsed and massaged my cock, “yyyeeessss!”

It was several minutes before I buried my cock and kissed her and held her as I began to spurt and spew. She shuddered and jerked as she hugged me tight while I pumped sperm into her. When I was done I relaxed as she panted and Kyra laughed and pulled me off and out. Mara straddled me and wiggled her slimy pussy down my cummy cock.

I was a marshal for twenty years before I retired. Lane took care of the money and was the mom and mentor for the children and the girls. Kyra was very good as an assistant for Lane and made sure things ran smoothly. Mara was the home maker and cook but they all tended to make time for each other or the children.

When we went home to the large house that had been built, Black Wolf was waiting.
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