Sucking the sweet nectar of pleasure with my proboscis of love from the beckoning flower that is my sister
Soon after I got a job and a small apartment, my sister got into college in the same town and started living with me. As there was no place for any other furniture, we had to share my bed. In our part of the world, this was not considered too fucked up and we didn’t have too much people over to notice. Even though I was about 3 years older than her, we reached puberty about the same time. I attribute this to girls maturing faster than boys. But it was only when she was 18 that I was beginning to experience sexual feelings toward her. She had noticeably developed at that point. Even as a young teenager, it didn't take a lot of time for her body to reach its potential.

The women on both our parents' side had big breasts, hips and ass so she took after that. She was more developed than the neighborhood kids of the same age and even than some of the girls in my class. I remember the times this hit me most were when I felt her firm, supple bum when we were playing around one time. The other was when she took off her top to show a friend a spot on her back which I witnessed accidentally as I was passing across the bedroom. She twisted her waist to expose a hot feminine shape with a thin, sexy waist and full, soft looking breasts and perky nipples. I remember her friend uttering a surprised/desirous giggle as one of her breasts popped out first. I figured that she must have seen her body for the first time.

One night soon after her 18th birthday and she started living with me, we went to bed. I felt aroused and erect when I thought about and felt my sleeping sister beside me. Her figure and the sensual way she carried herself were running through my mind and I couldn’t sleep. I had fought through the tingly feeling of masturbation and ejaculated one time as a teenager when I tried jacking off for the first time but I didn’t like it nor did I care for it much. So I didn’t care to relieve myself like that. I also didn’t have a girlfriend and couldn’t bring myself to touch my sister because I was afraid of the consequences if she woke up and also because the idea of touching my sister felt wrong. It was winter time and raining that night and I finally decided to do something.

She was sleeping with her back turned to me. After I lay awake for some hours my impulses got the better of me and I crept up slowly behind her, pretended to hug her as I sometimes do when it was cold and spooned her. I was wearing shorts as I mostly do and she was wearing panties and a t-shirt. After a while, she broke my hug and our locked legs. I wasn’t too startled as I observed she was still asleep and sometimes did that when she was uncomfortable or warm. But it was enough to make me not try again.

The coming nights, I started carefully and softly reaching my arms to feel her body. Before I did this, I would get real excited; my heart would race; my breath shorten and my dick get hard. I made sure she was either on her back or facing away from me and constantly checked that she was asleep. If she was facing the other way, I slid my hands under the sheets and blanket aiming for her butt. Once I got there, I’d slowly rub, grope and squeeze her tender cheeks and hips. As I do, my heart would beat faster; I’d struggle with my breath as it attempted to betray me and utter a sound of pleasure. But I never desired nor attempted to go to her pussy.

If she was lying on her back, I went to her waist; ventured by her belly to make my way to her breasts. The first time I did that, she was wearing a tight top and her breasts looked like they were about to tear out of it. I was caressing her waist and belly when suddenly like a magnet; the curves of her body guided me and brought me to the bottom corner of her breasts. I tried to maintain control and checked her breathing to see if she was asleep. Afterwards, I climbed up that mountain of right breast and grabbed hold of it slowly with my left hand. The sensation blew my mind. Her tits felt real soft, delicate and firm to the touch as I slowly felt and squeezed it. Soon I did the same to the other one, squeezing as she exhaled and letting go as she inhaled so that she wouldn’t feel it. I was filled with anxious pleasure as I realized that I was the first guy to do that to her body because I knew she was a virgin .

After doing that for some nights, came another challenge since I was craving to feel her body with my engorged cock; and one night presented the perfect opportunity. She went to bed early because she was tired from working and helping a friend out at her party. She was also a little tipsy and it was raining, so I figured she would get into deep sleep as she mostly does when it did. She was wearing pajama bottoms and was facing away from me in bed. After making sure she was asleep, I slowly and carefully put away the blanket and sheets to the side to make room between us and crept closer.

As I did, I could feel the heat that radiated from underneath and between her butt. I didn’t touch her with my hands; as they were locked to my chest as if they were trying to keep my heart from jumping out my chest. I kept moving dick first until I finally made contact with her butt. My throat was dry from the tantalizing feeling and soon I was swallowing audibly.

After taking some time to get used to the feeling, I cautiously got closer until my groin area had a full hold of her ass. I felt her soft ass compress as my dick pressed into it. The feeling was ecstatic and I had to take a pause to control my urges a little before they got the better of me. After a while, my hips started to move almost involuntarily to make my hard dick thrust hump her ass through our night garments. I could see our bodies were moving as one from my heaving and grinding of her ass from below and the side. This turned me on more and more until after a few intense hits, I felt the rhythmic vibrations of my dick as it erupted to the relief of the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had to this day. I had messed up my boxers so I got out of bed to clean the mess and change my underwear. I struggled to do this as the orgasm drained me and then I finally went to bed and into deep sleep.

This continued in the nights to come. If she lay on her back, I would get close to hug her waist softly and carefully wrap my groin around the side of her left or right hip depending on which side of the bed I was sleeping on. My most memorable nights of touch groping my sister like that are as follows: As I positioned myself and started to hump her one time I felt the sudden urge to touch her breasts. I slowly did and came after a while I was squeezing them and humping her body at the same time. It was fire, and I was burning with pleasure.

This intensified as one night I got bare breast when she slept with a nightgown on. It had laces around the chest and she didn’t wear anything beneath it. So I undid them carefully and felt her tits and nipples. She moved in her sleep that day and turned her back because she was uncomfortable (obviously with me humping her; breathing down her neck and feeling her tits). I had to wait for a while to get my fix from the back when she went back to sleep again, without tits this time. The other was when I felt an urge to climb on top of her as I was humping her one day. As I climbed up the front of her leg to her thighs I tried to support myself with my hands so she wouldn’t feel it, (much!) I ended up getting on top of her and heard and felt air escape her lungs in response to me suddenly dropping on top of her.

Her legs were slightly parted so I found my business end between her bare thighs as she was wearing panties that day. I seriously thought she was going to wake up and am still surprised that she didn’t. I contained myself and slid back off a little. I would have left it altogether if the sensations were not so damn demanding. Now with my dick pressed between the side of her abdomen and her hips, I rocked and grinded until I came hard. I always had the strongest orgasms this way. The spasms in the shaft of my cock were even and steady and seemed to go right into her body. I'd hump her body over any pussy, any given day !!

As I got used to it, I was beginning to get confident and rub her body freely as I humped her. There were certain occasions though that she did actually wake up. She would either find me stuck to her ass, leg or my hands around her breasts and ass. She would slide over or shift to a new position; or move my hands away. Some nights she would call my name as if to ask me what I was doing while she did so. I would pretend to be asleep and she didn’t confront me much. She would just get irritated.

Sometimes I pursued even after I got caught and managed to do it and others I surrendered. But she would be getting a double dose the next night. But generally, I got more experienced and knew how to do it without waking her up or getting too cocky. I had the best fantasies to date while doing so as actually having to hunt for it gave me an additional thrill.

I had tried and given up one night and in the morning, I woke up before her and realized I had a chance to do it as she was sleeping. As I began to mess around her butt to get into position, I saw her eyes twitch, open then close from the corner. I knew she was awake but stayed there to see what would happen. Seeing no resistance, I advanced some more to mount her ass fully. This gave me a hint that she might be aware of what I was doing. As I was about to do it, I heard noises around the corridors of the house and got off. In the mornings though, we would go on as if nothing ever happened.

I was contemplating if we should sleep in the same room at all because I feared things might escalate further. One night, we were talking in the bedroom at night. She was wearing her nightgown and looking for something she lost in her drawer as she did. As we talked, I told her I had prepared somewhere separate for me to sleep, which I did, and she surprised me by saying it was OK if we slept on the same bed. Her tone even sounded like she wanted me to. That kind of scared me so I insisted. She agreed. Suddenly after a while, she bent over to look in the bottom drawer, in a manner that could have been done with some discretion; and positioned her bent behind to me.

I was able to see under her short silky nightgown which got even shorter when she bent over. She gave me a delightful glimpse of her sexy legs from her feet and ankles through her calf and thighs to her hips and panty covered butt/pussy area and wiggled her butt while she continued looking. I felt time slowing down to her motions as I sneaked a peek. After some time, she went to sleep earlier while I stayed up watching a movie in another room. After I went to my new bed which was an inflatable mattress, I couldn’t stop thinking about how she dressed and looked. So I took off my shorts, got off bed and went to her bed in my boxers.

I slowly got into the sheets …

Suddenly, not too long afterwards, she moved and I realized I wasn’t too far from her. I was lying on my back and I felt her moving towards me. I was startled and turned my back to her. Then I felt her get closer and closer behind me until she was spooning my butt! We both had our skin exposed underneath and I could feel each other’s heat. I didn’t know what to do and just waited. After a while she stepped away and turned to sleep on her back. Then, I turned around to her and hugged her across her belly and pressed up my cock to the side of her left hip. I observed that her left leg was bent at the knee and her naked legs were slightly parted. This together with the glimpse I had earlier was enough to take me over. So, I lifted my left leg and placed it over and between her legs.

Like I said, I was wearing only boxers and her legs were exposed. So as the tender parts of our bodies made contact and rubbed against each other softly, it sparked a fire. My dick was pressing up under her abdomen. After a while, my intensity must have scared her so she shifted. I admit it was starting to scare me as well. But I slid off her and held the bare left thigh of her leg to position my erect cock under her ass and between her parted cheeks while trying to push her into a sideways position. She then turned all the way with her face to the bed. This was when I usually stopped or waited a while until I tried again. But that time, my craving led me to try to mount her ass and hump it from the top. I was hypnotized like a moth to a light by the friction our bodies created.

Then suddenly, she shook me off hard and I stepped away to catch my breath. It wasn’t long until she turned with her back to me and I sneaked up my hands to her butt. I slowly lifted up her dress, felt her bare hips and ass with my hands and got closer to greet it with my erect cock which was only covered by the thin cotton cloth of my boxers. My dick was now pressed to the top of her butt. So I moved down while sliding it down the crack of her ass until I found a soft spot below. Then, I spread her thighs holding her left leg from the back and moved forward to place my clothed, erect cock in between her thighs.

Since my left hand was busy and I was leaning for support on my right, I pulled myself up and used her pussy area to adjust my cock into position against her panty covered pussy before putting her leg back down. This felt really good and sent chills and shivers throughout my body. I was now feeling the gentle push of her firm hips and ass on my belly and I lifted up my T-shirt to feel it on my naked body. My hands kept lifting her skirt up to hold her bare, sexy, thin waist and hips. Its reach extended to her hot, tight belly and bare, firm breasts under her nightgown.

After enjoying this for a while, my body got tense; my dick got rock hard and I needed to climax. I gently rocked my body; heaved, slammed, collided and grinded it against hers while I intensely rubbed and felt her smooth body and tits. I grabbed her waist and pushed her hips and ass down against my cock. After a while, I noticed that both of us were sweating and felt the hot steam coming from our intertwined bodies. It went through the sheets and blanket. Then, it combined with the smell of her hair and whipped my face which intoxicated me each time I inhaled. It was sweet torture. The breaths I took kept getting heavier; my motions got more violent and my grips and squeeze tightened until I couldn’t take it anymore and reached my peak. Finally, my body let off small convulsions as my throbbing member exploded and I almost passed out.

I remember thinking that the last experience was close to having sex. Sure enough, the feelings from it lasted a long enough time for me to adapt to sleeping on my own. I felt relieved and wasn’t much horny for it after that. Soon, we moved to a new two bedroom apartment. But one time when some of her friends came to visit and sleep over. When it was late, I suggestively convinced my sister that since all four of them cannot fit in her bed, she could sleep in mine. She said she would think about it.

Then, I went to bed in my underwear and waited while they stayed up in her room talking. After a while, I thought that she wouldn’t come and tried to go to sleep. Sometime later, I heard her coming into my room. I was lying on my side and pulled the sheets up to my face before she turned the lamp on my desk. When she looked my way, I pretended to be asleep. I could feel her staring at me for a while. When I sneaked a peek later, she was facing away and taking off the pajama bottoms and tight t shirt that she wore when she got in.

After a while she got into bed only in her panties. After a while, I felt her shifting and moving and she stopped after a while. Then sometime later, I pretended to shift in my sleep and turned around to her and saw that she was facing away. Suddenly, she pushed her ass in the direction of my cock. To this I responded by going the rest of the way to touch it with my cock. The familiar sensation brought back memories and my dick got hard while pressed to her bum. She must have felt horney since her breathing got heavy and fluttered. Then I moved closer and slid my hand to her waist and tried to hug her and touch her breasts. She moved my hand away and stepped away from me. I sensed that she didn’t want me to touch her tits. So after a while, I slowly got close, pressed my dick on her ass again and grabbed her hips cautiously. Seeing no resistance I held her hip; pushed and squeezed down on it tight but gently; and humped her gorgeous, sensual, firm ass to yet another orgasm; never realizing that it was the last time I got to do it.

She got up sometime during the middle of the night, put on her cloths and went to her room. When I woke up early in the morning the next day and as I passed the corridor going to the living room I knew she and her friends were still sleeping. When I saw that her door was slightly open, I carefully opened it a bit and looked in. I saw her sleeping on an air mattress with one of them on the floor. She must have sneaked out the previous night while they were sleeping.

She moved out on her own a couple of months later.

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