Sammie continues to explore relationships
This is continuing a series I was writing back in April, about a girl whose first sex is with a boy’s parents. You can read the earlier chapters with my profile link at the top of the page. I would ideally recommend that, to get into the characters, but hopefully you should be able to pick up what’s been going on.


Sammie climbed slowly up the steep little wooden staircase in front of Danny, playing for time. She bet he was looking up her skirt, which she’d quickly pulled on without panties to answer the door. It was a short skirt and he’d probably be able to see everything at this angle…everything including her sticky pussy that Osin and Jen had fucked less than half an hour ago. Danny would be able to smell that too, she supposed.

Still, that wasn’t the main issue.

In a moment they’d be up to the storage area where she’d left Jen and Osin screwing on the old sofa, and here was Jen’s boyfriend right behind her, about to see Jen with her legs wide open and a big black guy in between them.

What was going to happen? Sammie had no idea. Like Jen and Osin she was a bit off her face on dope and E, and on top of that at fifteen she’d only just started doing sex herself. Danny was seventeen, totally unserious and seemed to think everything was a laugh, but this was something else. He was friends with Osin and slept around on Jen as everyone knew, including Jen, but shit…

Would he be cool?

She reached the top and stood to one side for Danny to come up and see Osin’s brown ass gently humping to and fro, with Jen’s lovely pale legs sticking out either side. Jen’s head was facing the other way but it was obviously her.

“Shit,” breathed Danny as he came up and stood next to Sammie.

“We’re a bit buzzed.” Sammie tried to offer as an excuse.

Osin and Jen heard her speak and looked round, their spaced-out faces confirming her words. They froze, not too far out of it to realise this was a potential problem.

“Buzzed are you?” Danny smiled suggestively and put his arm round Sammie.

She smiled back and leaned into him; she knew Danny had fancied her for a while, and her pussy was tingling again. Now this was Danny needing to be saved again, wasn’t it? Like Saturday. A swap would be all different from being cheated on.

Danny leaned back into her. It was going to be okay; Danny was up to it - a player and the most sexy guy, a star round school with his gang that Sammie was on the fringes of. Danny was fun, a bit wild, and hot. It was no accident his girlfriend was stunning.

Sammie saw Osin and Jen relax and carry on with their lazy fuck - obviously Jen was too out of it to care if her boyfriend fucked Sammie. Or perhaps, since Jen herself had fucked Sammie, she was just being fair? Sammie had a little smile to herself.

Confident as usual, and now confident with sex after two guys and two girls, Sammie put her hands round Danny’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. A snog. She felt his hands slide down her back, his fingers enjoying her body as they went, ending up cupping her ass. She pressed her mons against his thigh.

Danny had a lot of casual fucks, she knew, and she was ready for one with him too. She liked Danny.

And she’d sort of suspected she was highly sexed, with as much frigging as she’d done. Now since that epic evening with Danny’s parents two days ago she hadn’t been able to think of anything BUT sex.

In a few seconds she was naked again, and so was Danny. He had a great body: very lean with wide shoulders and a trim pelvis that gave him a classic hunky wedge shape. He looked as though he worked out – perhaps there was one thing he cared about! He had pale, slightly freckley skin that was a bit fascinating, shaped beautifully over his muscles. Not too much muscle, but defined.

They lay down on the empty sofa and Danny manoeuvred his body between her legs, all practised and casual; in a moment or two he was sliding his cock effortlessly into her. It felt great - her pussy all ready so it was easy, and no big deal for either of them. She didn’t like it when guys made a huge big thing out of her looks, and she knew a lot of boys would have been all wowed about fucking her. Danny had too much class for that.

Sex coursed through her again as her pussy started up; that gorgeous intensity and being so alive.

She was lucky that her first time had been so good, she reflected as Danny started his relaxed fucking... Louisa had set it up, being all gorgeous and caring and getting Sammie SO ready, and Alan had been great too, not nervous or fumbling or trying to prove anything, but sexily animal. He’d seemed completely out of control in a way, like a sex fiend as Louisa had joked, but Sammie was sure he wouldn’t have actually fucked her if she hadn’t been ready; as it was the idea of him being so sex-crazed about her that he couldn’t be stopped was seriously hot. It had been just so RIGHT.

Mmmm Danny was pretty good as well, smiling down in his friendly way, pumping slowly, not rushing or anything. Having fun, with her. Varying it a bit, tuning in to her. No wonder Danny was so confident and had so many girls…

Sammie stroked her hands over him and thrust gently back, savouring all the feelings. Gradually she speeded him up, working at feeling him, sensing it as his need to cum built up.

It built and built, and ten minutes later she and Danny were sharing a delicious orgasm.

Mmmm she did love the intensity. His cock being pressed deep into her while she spasmed beautifully.

They wound down and she grinned up and him, and he grinned back. So cool, and so sexy.

Jen and Osin had finished too. Sammie eased out from under Danny, sat up and looked at Jen and Osin, trying to make sure everyone was cool about it.

“So you fucked her,” Jen smiled at Danny.

“Yeah,” Danny wasn’t fazed, giving Sammie a squeeze as he grinned back at Jen and Osin with a bit of playful attitude: “lucky she was here really…”

Sammie looked at Jen.

“He’s been dying to, like everyone,” Jen told her, “waiting till you started. I knew you would, don’t worry, we’ve all be talking about it. Who you’d do it with and everything. Nobody guessed it’d be his Mum and Dad though!” Jen giggled. “I’ve been waiting as well, to be honest. If I was going to do it with anyone...a girl I mean. Well I didn’t really think you’d be bi, until I saw you with Louisa...”

Sammie was thrilled. She went over and sat next to Jen; kissed her, combed her fingers through her hair...

Jen was gorgeous, feeling really sexy and kissing her back, and stroking with that lovely touch. Sammie touched the little gold ring in Jen’s left nostril; it said something didn’t it? Like she wasn’t just going to do what her parents said, for a start.

Sammie reached over and kissed Osin too, and stroked her hand delicately over his lovely brown skin. God, this was a real orgy!

Danny was just watching with a smile, not looking jealous at all.

“You are cool Danny,” Sammie giggled across at him, “I gotta say.”

“You three look awesome,” he grinned.

“I feel awesome.” Sammie manoeuvred her lightweight body on top of both Jen and Osin, to get half and half on each of them. It felt incredible; they were so different. Yet both so sexy.

Jen started playing with Sammie’s pussy, which gave Sammie a buzz again already. She heard Danny come over, felt him touch her leg, and spread them for him.

With a bit of wriggling she was soon lying on Osin and Jen, being fucked again by Danny; Jen’s sensitive fingers on her clit and tits, and Osin’s big hands stroking over her back.

In only a few minutes she came; it was almost effortless.

Danny didn’t though, and soon she was being fucked some more. She kissed Jen, then felt Osin’s big black cock growing underneath her. She moved sideways and round a bit, Danny moving with her, so she could touch it. It felt great. Warm and alive, with the naughty stickiness. Danny’s fucking was so slow she could think about other things too... so…what about the cocksucking she’d seen and read about?

She moved so she could lick it. Took its big head into her mouth, making sure she didn’t let her teeth touch it. It felt…well she wasn’t sure. Tasted and smelt different…Jen’s juices on it. She took a bit more in, filling her mouth, and moved her tongue around under it.

Osin’s big, powerful body heaved a little as she gave a guy oral for the first time. God, a cock in both ends at once!! She caressed his huge balls, feeling them scrunch up tight against his cock. It was cool that he seemed to really like it.

She took her mouth off so she could cum again; Danny was pistoning her pussy beautifully. Jen was kissing her, fondling her left tit. As her climax subsided Danny stayed hard, though Sammie wasn’t quite sure if he’d cum with her again – like a little – or not. Anyway Osin was gasping loudly now as she put his cock back in her mouth. She felt his hands on the back of her head, wanting to control her; she shook her head slightly to get them off and he took them off again. He was quite sensitive, really.

She could tell he was close to cumming. She carried on, and shortly she was feeling and tasting a man’s cum in her mouth. It was hot, in a way, though she wasn’t sure about the taste.

Danny carried on fucking her, for ages, until eventually he built up to a cum and she came yet again with him.

She had a rest, cuddling with Jen, having her B -cups with their huge nipples played with; she fondled Jen while Danny fucked his own girlfriend, finally; and got fucked by Osin again.

By five it was time to go. She had to get home for dinner or there’d be hassle, anyway she was seriously hungry and worn out, after missing lunch and having sex for about four whole hours, pretty much.

It was a bit of a blur. Now the E had worn off and she was exhausted and on a bit of a downer, as she generally was after it.

She went back to Jen’s to have a shower - Jen’s parents weren’t as uptight as her own - and had a lovely shower with Jen; not getting each other off but just being intimate and together. It was very cool. She went home, had supper, made it up to her room and slept for eleven hours.

Next day Sammie went to school as usual, feeling a bit out of it. She hadn't felt tired after her amazing first time but she was tired now; tired and a bit sore. Somehow she didn’t feel quite SO certain it had been the right thing this time, either.

She got through the morning in a daze, her mind all awhirl with sex - orgies, big black cocks and lezzing. She checked her phone at lunch and there was a text from Louisa: “Come round this afternoon? I’ll pick you up?”

Sammie called straight away, to say yes obviously; her body was in a bit of a thrill after all.

In a few minutes there was Louisa outside the school, in a sexy glinting purpleish-blue sports car with the roof down, grinning at her; her hair in a rough plait. Huge shades that were so stylish.

Sammie got in, grinning back at her first lover. Danny’s stepmother. God, Louisa was even more gorgeous than she’d remembered. This was amazing. Though did Louisa know about her with Danny? And Jen and Osin even?

Louisa gave her a quick kiss, then set off. Sammie wondered if anyone at school had seen. What would they do? Well…what could they do?

The wind swirled round and she tried to control her hair but some of it kept escaping. She gave up and just giggled. Louisa taking her out of school, for sex, in a sports car. Shit!

They drove into Danny’s house, into the garage after the door had opened. Louisa took Sammie’s hand and led her straight upstairs, Sammie moist already with the feel of Louisa; the electricity mounting.

“I couldn’t resist, I hope it’s OK,” said Louisa, pulling Sammie to her as soon as they were in the big main bedroom.

“Yes, it’s great,” Sammie gasped as her neck was kissed. She could feel her belt being unbuckled already.

Sammie stood there amazed and tingling while Louisa pulled her clothes off in a rush. In a few seconds she was naked, now watching spellbound while Louisa tore off her own clothes.

There was the body she remembered: so feminine, slender, lean. Quite like her own apart from the C-cup tits and shaved pussy, which were both so sensitive. Half an inch taller than her own five-six. Sammie reached for a pert, perfect breast as Louisa dragged her onto the bed on top of her.

“Mmmm, Sammie,” Louisa murmured into her ear as she wriggled to interlock their legs, “I’ve been looking forward to this so much.” She stroked her fingers over Sammie’s back and ass, making Sammie even more intensely aware of their nudity. The bare pussy thrust up erotically against the top of her thigh.

“Me too,” Sammie whispered, knowing it was expected but meaning it too. It was amazing how fervent Louisa was being. Amazing how close Sammie was to a cum already, her soreness half gone and half actually sexy, like her pussy loved being maxed out with this incredible new life.

She felt Louisa relax suddenly - Louisa’s pelvis sagged back and her hands slowed down. Now the long, sensual fingers were combing through Sammie's hair. Her hair that was as long as Louisa’s but a darker brown and straight. She could feel Louisa savouring it.

“Sammie I could cum just like that, but I want to wait, is that OK for you?” Louisa asked, smiling up at her, “spend some time like this, hovering…”

“Yes okay. It’s all been a bit frantic, I suppose, so far. One cum after another!” Sammie giggled. She pushed up with her arms and swayed her shoulders from side to side so her nipples brushed to and fro over Louisa’s. All four nipples sticking out beautifully and hers feeling amazing. Louisa gazing up at her, looking like hers were feeling amazing too.

“I suppose that means you’ve fucked Danny?” Louisa smiled as she slid her sensual hands round under Sammie’s ears, gazing into her eyes.

“Yes,” Sammie didn’t know what else to say. How did Louisa know? And was it a problem?

“I knew you would, don’t worry,” Louisa was sniffing Sammie’s ear now, pulling her down into a cuddle, so much skin on skin, “once he saw us, his dad and me with you, he’d be bound to try. He’s a boy. And he is hot, so I thought you might go for it. How about Jen?”

“Jen was first,” Sammie said, putting her hands round Louisa’s neck and immersing herself in the affection and acceptance once again.

“Lucky Jen,” whispered Louisa. “She is beautiful, isn’t she? I didn’t know she’s bi.”

“She wasn’t,” Sammie told her, “she said it was seeing you with me.”

“Aha,” Louisa almost giggled.

“And I did it with a another guy, called Osin,” Sammie felt she ought to tell. “Jen and I had a bit of an orgy with him and then Danny turned up and saw him with Jen and he fucked me, so it was all cool.”


Sammie knew what the question was about. She had a moment’s anxiety then her usual instinct kicked in: “He’s a black guy, with a big cock,” she smirked, “gorgeous, and such a cool guy. He’s in a band, on keyboards. Jen knew him, and Danny.”

“That sounds very sexy,” Louisa had recognised the challenge: accept Osin or there’d be trouble. “He’s in a band?”

“Yes. It was sexy, he was writing a song,” said Sammie, “but it was quite, you know, one cum after another, so something slower would be nice to do.”

“Alan might not be too keen on sharing you with Danny,” Louisa mused as she carried on stroking her young lover, “we’ll have to see. Alan is the boss. Danny isn’t like Alan of course, he doesn’t have any drive to succeed like his dad, he’s always had it easy, and so there’s some tensions there. And it’s an ego thing. Men, you know. Alan can control everyone except Danny.” She gave Sammie a conspiratorial grin.

“OK,” said Sammie, smiling but not really getting it. She wouldn’t want there to be any hassle, but neither of them was getting an exclusive on her were they? She was only just starting with sex, she wasn’t going to have anyone thinking they owned her. Alan wasn’t going to control her, that WAS for sure. Well, it was all new. She thought Alan didn’t control Louisa either.

A minute or two passed in silence, apart from the intimate, affectionate body language.

“I just met Osin and I fucked him…” Sammie said.

“That can be OK,” Louisa understood there was a question, “if you liked him and it felt right, and Jen and Danny knew him. He didn’t push you into it did he?”

“Oh no, he was going to go for a walk, while Jen and I used his place, but I asked him.”

“And he said ‘Yes’,” Sammie could hear Louisa was grinning as she gave Sammie a squeeze.

Sammie carried on telling Louisa all about it, even the drugs, while she lay on her being stroked. It was incredible to be able to tell an adult - and pretty much a parent even - about all that stuff. It started to seem like Louisa would always be for her, whatever she did. There was a glow about the whole thing

After a while she slid off to the side so she could stroke Louisa back and look at her better.

“So how do you feel about it?” asked Louisa.

“I don’t know...well...a bit skanky? I don’t know,” Sammie knew she was sounding doubtful, which wasn’t really like her.

“Do you feel a bit skanky now?”

“Oh no, this feels right,” the fifteen-year-old gave her twenty-something lover an extra stroke, over her tit and down along her ribcage.

“What’s different, do you think?” Louisa was caressing Sammie, sounding mature and caring.

“I don’t know, it’s just right between us, isn’t it? I mean, we’re just here for the right reasons.” Sammie snuggled into Louisa a bit more. It felt fantastic, being naked with her.

“I think so,” Louisa was trying to put herself in Sammie’s position. The young girl had had a lot of sex, suddenly, and all with people she hadn’t known especially well; or known at all even. Perhaps in the background was the fact that girls can make themselves unpopular if they put it about too widely. “So do you have a bit of a worry about your reasons for fucking Danny and Osin and Jen? Or Alan?”

“Oh no...well...not really. Not about Alan, anyway, or Jen. And Osin is really cool and such a nice guy, and Danny is hot isn’t he? I dunno…”

“Do you think any of them were using you?” Louisa probed gently, feeling a surge of protectiveness.

“Oh no, it wasn’t like that, everything only happened because I wanted it.” Sammie replayed it in her mind.

“How about Danny seeing his girlfriend being with Osin?”

“Well...I did want to help him, you know, so it was a swap for him instead of him being cheated on, if you see what I mean. But I felt like it too, or I wouldn’t have done it.”

Louisa left that to one side for the moment, while she thought about it. “How about Osin? Was he getting a buzz out of screwing a white girl?”

“Oh no, it wasn’t like that, not because we’re white, Jen and me. He was just turned on, you know, watching Jen and me get it on, and we were all wasted, and I asked him. And the rest of his band is white, it’s not like he’s in a gang of black guys who think about ‘white pussy’ or something.” Sammie had read about that, though she wasn’t sure if it was really true.

She lay luxuriating in the feeling that she could just say whatever to Louisa and it would all be good. She’d never had quite this feeling before - Louisa only wanted to know for Sammie’s sake, and wouldn’t judge her or even try to tell her what to do; just be with her, naked and so close.

Louisa thought for a moment. “Do you think you’d have fucked Osin if he’d been white?”

Sammie jumped slightly in surprise. She hadn’t really thought about it; Osin was black, it was part of him. “I don’t know,” she replied honestly, “he’s a really nice guy…” she tailed off.

“Well are you planning to see him again?”

“Not really planning, I suppose. He’s quite a bit older than me, and doing other stuff, with older people. But I will see him again I expect, and...I might fuck him again. He was pretty gentle, and sexy, and he let go of my head when I shook it.”

“What? I should think he did.” Louisa’s tone sharpened for a second, but she didn’t pursue it. She mulled over what she’d been told.

Sammie lay quietly. Somehow she had a feeling Louisa was going to say something to make everything alright. Not that it wasn’t alright really. But three guys and two girls was quite a lot so suddenly - somebody’s parents, a black guy, lezzing, an orgy…

“Perhaps it’s just that I did it quite a lot,” she pondered.

“How much is that?”

“Well…” Sammie counted through..., “it was once with Osin and Jen, together, which was a long time with being on E, then with Danny...then with Danny again, and again while I sucked Osin and Jen did me too, and then with Danny again and then Osin. And, well, it went on for a long time, I suppose. We were all doing it with each other, for about three or four hours. So it was quite a lot, for my second time. And my first time we did it four times didn’t we…?”

“What do you think ‘skanky’ amounts to?” Louisa asked gently, still slowly stroking the inexperienced teenage girl.

Sammie thought about it. “Slutty, I suppose. Like...not having any class cos you’ll fuck anybody even if you know they’re just using you.”

“And is that Sammie Broad?”

“No.” Sammie had to smile back. She certainly wouldn’t fuck just anybody. They had to be classy and hot and she had to like them, at the very least. And anyone who thought they could use her could fuck right off.

“So….” Louisa didn’t need to finish the thought. “And was it exciting? A challenge? And fun?”

“It was.” Sammie was whispering now, a warm feeling filling her.

“And you liked them and cared about them, and your body liked having lots of sex didn’t it? And you’re so confident you think you can do what you want and control it all. Or it’s an adventure seeing if you can. Like it was an adventure seeing if you could strip and be kissed by me and Alan, Danny’s parents - Alan the hard case tough guy even - and not be controlled like a girl your age normally would be?”

“Yes.” Sammie smiled and kissed Louisa on the lips, looking into her incredible eyes. “I suppose so. It was exciting. Though I really liked you too obviously and I thought you were sexy.” She thought about it. “I suppose it’s just a lot of sex, and some people might call it slutty, but it’s not really is it? Like you say it is an adventure. And I love it.”

Sammie snuggled a bit longer, thinking about it. It had been exciting standing up to adults, people like Louisa and Alan, but Louisa still knew a lot more than Sammie did. Knew that Sammie had been worried about what people would think, and not really about what she’d done. And had just gently helped Sammie to see that it was all OK, and Sammie was a strong person doing what she wanted. What SHE wanted, not anybody else. It wasn’t like she’d done it so she’d have friends or anything.

“And you’re a very affectionate person Sammie,” Louisa murmured in her ear. “I’m so into you already.”

“Me too,” Sammie gave Louisa another squeeze. ‘Already’ sounded like Louisa was expecting to get even more fond of her in the future.

The sexy feeling grew even stronger. She didn’t do anything, she didn’t think, just carried on touching and stroking Louisa a bit, but Louisa seemed to know. Also Sammie realised that she herself knew Louisa was feeling the same thing, without Louisa really doing anything either. She looked into Louisa’s face and saw the green eyes looking steadily into her own. Green eyes with such a smile in them.

Sammie slid her hand down along Louisa’s body, to her pussy. She knew what to do with it. She rolled away a little, to give her arm room..

Louisa's legs opened and Sammie stroked her fingertips up the swollen, bare labia that were so perfectly smooth...perhaps Louisa waxed; one fingertip lightly and slowly either side. She felt Louisa’s pleasure, in several different ways at once: little movements, sounds, breathing…it was hard to say exactly how she knew, the feeling just sort of flowed in.

She felt Louisa’s fingertips on her right tit, but mainly Louisa was just letting Sammie play with her. Sammie felt carefully for Louisa’s clit, sticking out of the hood; eased a little finger under it. Louisa was gasping quietly, loving what Sammie was doing.

The clit was a little bit different from her own; only a little though.

Sammie slid a finger down through the labia, and into her lover. Louisa sighed and flexed her pussy up to meet it. The inside was wet and alive, while Louisa was gazing at Sammie with an enraptured expression.

It was thrilling to Sammie, to be having this effect on her; Louisa just carrying on lying quietly, inviting Sammie to work her over.

Sammie started kissing her arm, remembering how Louisa had done it to her: slowly, with little, lingering kisses. At the same time she started gently moving her finger inside Louisa’s pussy, and felt the older woman start to writhe slightly.

Sammie shifted so she could move her kissing onto Louisa’s gorgeous jutting C-cup tits, still working her pussy gently, feeling Louisa’s arousal increase, the breathing change, her beautiful, perfect woman’s body going tense now, sort of surging between tensing up and jerking a little.

She was close. Already.

The two lovers smiled at each other, looking for signals. Sammie thought Louisa was just waiting for Sammie to do things to her - wanting her to play with her, wind her up and eventually get her off.

Sammie was enjoying herself, anyway. It was amazing to be having this effect on another person. And on SUCH a person. As she worked away she wondered absently why it felt so great.

It had to be because Sammie mattered to Louisa, didn’t it? Otherwise Louisa wouldn't care would she? If it was someone mean and ugly then the same touches wouldn’t work would they? Just like when Louisa touched Sammie the point was that it was Louisa doing it, who was so sexy and gorgeous.

Sammie smiled this new understanding at Louisa, and got more of the same feeling back: Louisa thought Sammie was special, just like Sammie thought Louisa was special.

It made Sammie feel special. Not that she didn’t feel a bit special already, to be absolutely honest. Sammie knew she had plenty of self-esteem; if not, sometimes, a teeny bit more than a girl her age ought to have. But so far she’d always been able to back it up and make it pay off.

Right now was a direct result of her confident attitude, after all. She’d defied Danny’s powerful, aggressive father, told his strong, elegant, stunning stepmother she could kiss her ass, and now here she was…

Sammie grinned even more widely and nudged Louisa to roll over. “I want to kiss your ass.”

“Mmm, yes please,” Louisa rolled over and waved her lovely firm ass at Sammie, “nibble it too if you like.”

It hadn’t occurred to Sammie to nibble someone’s ass, but suddenly it seemed irresistible. Louisa’s ass was such a shape; not a big shape, just very beautiful. Sammie opened her mouth wide, pressed her teeth onto the immaculate, lean, fragrant flesh, and drew her teeth together. They slid over the smooth skin, leaving her with nothing. She tried again, pressing a bit harder, and ended up with a small skinfold.

She chattered her teeth on it, feeling for the reaction. Louisa giggled. Sammie tried again, this time using her fingers to pull a bigger fold of skin together before nibbling it with her teeth. She felt as much as heard “Mmmm” from Louisa.

Sammie found herself imagining herself in Louisa’s position.

She slid a hand under Louisa’s hip and tried to lift her. Louisa obligingly raised her ass a few inches, and Sammie moved her mouth down to where the lean glute on her side, now slightly stretched, slimmed down before joining the thigh. She opened her mouth wide and took a big mouthful of the muscle. Gripped it in her teeth and shook it a little. She felt the ass press up encouragingly towards her, and repeated the treatment on the other glute.

Now Louisa had gone very still…

Her pussy was right there, damp and a bit swollen. The stillness felt like it was Louisa waiting for Sammie to carry on... or to get on with it, perhaps. There was Louisa’s rosebud...looking perfectly clean and smelling fragrant and recently-showered like the rest of her.

Sammie had read about rimming, and watched videos too. She’d never got the attraction before, but now...the point was that normally it would be a bit disgusting, to play around with somebody’s asshole, so... if you did, it would mean you totally accepted the person, wouldn’t it? Really totally...

Sammie cautiously slid her index finger towards the pink pucker. Louisa was keeping still. Sammie sniffed it again - it still just smelled of Louisa and her body wash, all expensive and gorgeous. Sammie slid her finger over it, very lightly, taking in the texture, then made up her mind and leaned in and licked it. It was fine.

Louisa arched her back and groaned, loving it.

Sammie grinned. She was going to play with it a bit and when she was ready get Louisa off to a lovely big cum with her pussy and ass together; then they’d be even closer.

Over the next ten minutes she built Louisa up and up, with fingers of her right hand in her pussy, pumping three in and out, and one of her left hand on the rosebud, alternating with her tongue. Sammie was grateful her fingers were nice and long, and generally pretty skilful. This was the best way to use them there could possibly be.

All the time she was feeling Louisa gasping and going ‘mmmmm’ and starting to tremble. Sammie did more of what produced the biggest reactions, and less of what didn’t seem to make so much difference. It was the greatest feeling ever. Her own pussy was wet and tingling like mad, not sore at all any more - she was going to need more than one orgasm herself, when Louisa was ready.

Over the next twenty minutes Sammie worked gleefully away, learning as she went. Eventually it was time: Louisa was starting to feel dissatisfied somehow. Sammie increased the finger-fucking and rimming, added a finger to slide over Louisa’s clit, and finally moistened a finger with Louisa’s juice and pushed it into Louisa’s ass. Just a bit. Up to the first joint.

It made the difference. Louisa bucked and groaned, starting the huge, pent-up orgasm, pulsating with intense joy.

Sammie kept going for quite a few seconds, thrilling while Louisa came and came for her, then sensed her passing the peak and started to slow.

Sammie was about to take her hands away, when Louisa pressed back into them.

Sammie understood - it was instinct - rubbed three fingers over Louisa’s soaking, swollen labia and clit and felt her lover launch straight into another cum, groaning and gasping. God! Sammie kept rubbing, feeling how hard Louisa was pressing back, until after ages Louisa took the pressure off and Sammie soothed her through the end of the mega multiple climax.

Finally Louisa sagged down and pulled Sammie down next to her.

“That was amazing,” Louisa breathed.

“It was gorgeous,” agreed Sammie, easing in to touch against her lover with as much of her body as she could.

She was pretty sure that in not many minutes Louisa would start on her, and it would be incredible...

After two hours, several orgasms each and a lot of gentle intimacy they went down to the kitchen for tea, then moved through to the living room and sat on the sofa.

Sammie was borrowing one of Louisa’s robes. It was soft, thin, beautiful and short, and it fitted perfectly. Sammie stroked it, and through it stroked her waist and hips and thighs. Louisa was watching, sitting right next to her, knees touching.

“It’s gorgeous,” Sammie thought it must be very expensive..

“Alan’s going to think it’s for him,” Louisa smiled, stroking it too.

The mention of Alan made Sammie think about Louisa being at home on a weekday: “Have you taken the day off?”

“Alan’s sacked me,” Louisa smiled.

Sammie frowned, struggling to understand. Were they splitting up?

“Just because it wasn’t good for our relationship,” Louisa carried on, seeing her young lover wasn’t getting the joke, “me being his Personal Assistant, him being my boss and it being unequal at work, and then here at home it’s different of course.”

Sammie thought back to the previous Saturday, and how Louisa had casually been fobbing off Alan about phoning him. It hadn’t been a boss and his assistant, had it? Louisa had been deciding what happened just as much as Alan. A bit more even. In fact, why was Louisa a personal assistant at all?

“You’re a personal assistant?” she asked. It came out sounding a bit more disappointed than she’d meant it to.

“Well I have a degree in business management,” Louisa was almost a touch defensive, “two in fact, but it’s not easy to find the right job. Alan was offering a pretty good salary and the chance to do some actual management, so I applied. As a bit of a stopgap really. And then I really fancied him. But I hear what you’re thinking, that I’m not really an assistant type person, and you’re right. It’s been good for me though. But now I have to find something else.”

“What will you do?” Sammie was interested. She was just starting to have a few thoughts about what she wanted to be herself when she grew up - and now suddenly being grown-up seemed quite a lot nearer than it had last week.

At that moment however the back door opened, and Danny and Jen came into the kitchen. Talk about jobs would have to wait.

“Hi,” called Sammie through the open door from the living room.

“Hi,” replied Danny and Jen, looking at Sammie and Louisa sitting close together on the big sofa in their short, thin robes, with plenty of leg showing. The newcomers came through into the living room.

Louisa was smiling at them too.

Sammie grinned. She wasn’t going to let it be awkward or something. Basically they all fancied each other, didn’t they? She was pretty sure they had to.

She felt Louisa’s arm go round her, making them a couple like Danny and Jen, who were standing looking like they weren’t quite sure what to do - go upstairs or what.

“You’re excited aren’t you?” Louisa murmured in her ear, “and waiting for Alan to get back to see if you can manage that too…?”

“Yes,” Sammie said as she realised that was right. It was an adventure. She was tingling, with that so-alive feeling as she eased herself out of the embrace and stood up so she could kiss Jen and Danny. In that order, she thought.

She sensed Lousa rising next to her and felt for her hand. Jen and Louisa would kiss, but what kind of kiss? How about Danny? It was a bit tense and thrilling.

Would an orgy start? Alan might go a bit ape, she half reckoned, if he came home and found his lazy, wild-child son having sex with his wife and his brand new fifteen-year-old girlfriend and Jen. Alan would fancy Jen, for sure. He’d think Danny was doing okay already.

Louisa, herself and Jen was a lot of girl, after all. Not being vain or anything but. The Boss wouldn’t like Danny having all of them, she didn’t think. Or perhaps he’d be proud? It was hard to know.

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