Sometimes in Majicks you find that casting a spell is not as simple as it should be, just as we find Life turns out to be.
This Story was started as requested by my daughter who was a Harry Potter fan. Characters created by Ms Rawling are her & her publisher's copyright. All others are mine.

I apologize for all grammatical & spelling errors, as I did not proof read it when I started it in 2008. My daughter of course tired of Harry and so his adventure ended on a cliff. It has languished at a HP site for low these many years. I only place it here to prevent losing it .
Sometimes in Majicks you find that casting a spell is not as simple as it should be, just as we find Life turns out to be.
Harry Potter finds this out after receiving a letter for help, from his Cousin Dudley, to cast a simple finding spell on behalf of his 10yr. old son.

1. A Letter Arrives ...

Harry woke up rubbing his hair as he put on his now trademark glasses while looking over half expecting to see Hedwig in her cage but then it all came back again as it had for all these years since that final battle.

“Harry? Are you up? The post is here and I think you might want to see one of these letters right away.”
Ginny was always up these days before him and Harry still marveled at how she now managed with her ‘job’ now that all their children were off to school.

“I am on my way down Ginny.” He got up and dressed in his day clothes then headed down for his breakfast. One thing he had to admit was that Ginny had followed in her mother’s ability to cook fine meals.

Ginny handed Harry the letter she had mentioned, he noticed that it had a Muggle stamp on it and posted 5 days ago, the return address was Dudley Dursley, Londontowne. Why was Dudley contacting him now after all these years? The last time Harry had seen him was amongst the families of Muggle born that had come to help in the battle for Hogsworth. They had spoken a little afterwards but only to acknowledge that the battle was over and their side had won.

Harry opened the letter and read:


As you know Mom & Dad have died leaving me the house. I often think of all the times we picked on you, making your life miserable while with us. As I stated that night years ago after the battle for Hogwarts, I am truly sorry for the way we treated you all those years.

I write this to ask if you could do me a favour that ‘only your kind’ can do. :lol: I don’t know if you use Computers in The Majicks but that was a half hearted joke with no offense intended.

I have married and have a 10yr. old son that I named Greg Harry partially after you. I hope that he has some of your strength to face this world we live in.

Did you marry that sweet girl who was so concerned about you after the battle? Ginny was it not? If you didn’t than you are a dunce after all, which makes you more my Dad’s relative than Mom’s.

Greg was recently involved in a fight where he actually stood up to a bully but during the scuffle he lost a feather I found at the old house under the stairs and made it into a pin for him. Would you please cast a spell, wave your wand or what ever it is that can be done to help find it, as he is heartbroken over its lost and thinks of it as something to do with his cousin Harry. Yes I have told him all about you.

I hope to hear from you and maybe one day we can meet again this time as friends to really sit down and discuss our families. Maybe you can even come for a spell, I know that is a bad pun.

Your cousin;

Harry passed the letter to Ginny to see what she thought of it all.

“Well you have been complaining lately that you want to get out and see how the Muggles are doing now that you know who is gone.” She giggled mischievously. “Here’s your chance and you will get to really speak to Dudley too. After all he did help to save Ron from a hex spell during the battle.”

Harry thought about it and decided to send a reply to Dudley about a quick visit & ask him when was a good time to make an appearance so to speak. He thought he’d send it via Muggle post but decided that an Owl would be faster. A smile crept across his face as he pictured Dud’s face abashed at receiving such a creature in broad daylight. Or maybe it was Uncle Vernon he saw. He decided to direct the owl to place it in the letterbox when no one was around to see as to avoid embarrassing Dudley.

He then went upstairs to packed for his trip taking mainly casual clothes and his ‘suit’ that he wore when he traveled amongst the Muggles. Ginny followed up giving him that peculiar look she always had when she knew he was off adventuring again.

Most people had thought that Harry would become a teacher at Hogsworth or join the Ministry maybe even as second to Kingsley, others thought that he’d become an Auror or something similar maybe even taking control of Azkaban to ensure none escaped. Harry
had decided to just be Harry, he had enough of the meddling in his life by others and so he kept a low profile … or so people thought. Rumours had started that maybe ‘He who lived’, ‘The Great Harry Potter’ had just been lucky. Harry didn’t care, he and those who mattered to him knew the truth, that he had died at Tom’s hands but came back to protect the defenceless; as did those who were there that fateful night.

Harry had in fact been spending his time honing his abilities, being taught by the survivors and those who knew that yes he had been lucky in a way to learn that Love Conquers All just in time. Harry now worked undercover to find out if another Tom was out there or even worse a Dumbledore without a conscience. Harry was now not only the most famous wizard, no he had surpassed that he was a true Sorcerer, maybe even Dumbledore’s equal now and growing. So why was he going to help his cousin with a simple spell to find a feather pin?
Harry shook his head even he was wondering about why he seemed to be drawn to this.

He looked at Ginny and she had that look again, “Just what are you thinking that causes that smirk, Mrs Potter?”
“Smirk?” once again that lovable giggle, “ Why sir, I’ll have you know that I wonder how you will show up at Dudley’s and what kind of reception you will receive from his family.”
“I too have been wondering that so I’ll pack up now and wait for his response in the next few days or so.”

Harry heard an owl at the perch and went to see who had written to him this time, He opened the letter just as another owl came in, and it was Ron’s.

The first letter was surprisingly from Dudley and read:


Thank-you for your prompt reply and for sending it by owl. Greg did not believe me, I think, that his cousin is a famous wizard. Your owl was very discreet but I thought that you might send one so I watched out for it. I asked it to wait for a reply, Greg fed it some field mice he had caught so I do not know if it waited or was just hungry.

You can appear anyway you want as both you, your friends and your magic are always welcome here. After all you did save me, The World and who knows what else and how many times?

I await your arrival & will keep the flue clear.

Harry then read Ron’s letter which was mostly an update of what he had been doing lately, how his family was and that Hermione was expecting again.
Harry laughed and told Ginny, “You will be an aunty again soon it seems.”
She laughed and said something about a couple of rabbits could take lessons from those two.

Harry read on and noticed the cryptic message about ‘watch out for SS in the coming days’.
He could not place anybody with those initials but figured he’d keep a watch out, but now he had to go see Big D, It shouldn’t take but maybe part of a day at most, after all he did not think either he or Dudley could put up with each other much longer than that. Even with the olive branch being put forward.

Harry gave Ginny a loving kiss as he stepped into the flue and disappeared in a puff of green as he had done on many occasions since he defeated Tom Riddle. As they now called him amongst their group especially.

Dudley was sitting in his living room, as he referred to it since his years in Canada, with his son. When he heard the ‘foom’ announcing Harry’s arrival. As Harry stepped from the fireplace he saw Dudley with the warmest and biggest smile that he had seen on anyone’s face.

“Harry! I am so glad that you came” he said as he stepped forward with his hand extended and using it to drag Harry into a warm Bear Hug that would have made Hagrid envious.
“Well I figured it would allow me to meet my new cousin and your wife, plus actually I think Ginny was glad to see me out of the house for a while.” He laughed in slight discomfort.
“Oh, I’m sorry I forgot my manners; this is my son Greg. Greg this is your cousin Harry from whom you received your second name.”

“Are you really a magician cousin Harry? Can you pull rabbits out of hats and all those things that Penn & Teller can do?”
“Greg your cousin is not a stage magician, he is a Real Wizard who can do real Majick. Like in those books you love to read by R.J. Kowlings.”
“Dad that’s only fantasy, there is no such thing as real magic.”
“Then Greg explain how I arrived here.”. Harry smiled.
Greg looked back and forth between his father and his cousin, confused by what he thought he knew as fact and what he had just seen. Just then Dudley’s wife entered the room, looked around and saw the last whisp of green. “Ah you must be cousin Harry.”, she said with a loving smile that reminded Harry of both his mother and Ginny. With that she came over to him and planted an affectionate kiss on his cheek as she hugged him.

With that Dudley let out a laugh that Harry could only described as Great Joy. This was not the Dudley Harry remembered and it was quite apparent that he was Happy, as was his son and wife.

Dudley was still bigger than most men but he was now healthier looking and seemed more in shape for his size. Greg was an average size for a boy his age with dark hair and freckles, while his mother was a slender woman of 5’ with dark blonde hair and Hazel-green eyes. She had an accent which Harry took to be American but soon found out that she was from Ontario, Canada.

“Can I get you something Harry?” asked Patricia, “Tea, Coffee, Ambrosia?” the last said with a smile.
“Oh I don’t want to be a bother, really,” Harry responded like wise with a warm smile.
“Don’t be silly, after all you are here to do us a favour, though I would not have been surprised if you had told me to bugger off. You know.” Dudley stated matter of factly yet still smiling and this time with a twinkle in his eye. “After all I did to you when we were young and the way my parents treated you. I mean heck you saved my life, no I remember … My Soul, from those Dementors. You sure don’t owe me anything that’s for sure.”

“Well Dudley you did come to Hogwarts to help fight Voldemort and from what I have been told; you bravely saved a few Wizards while at it. How did you know how to get there? In fact how did you get there?”

“Well it was not easy as you can imagine with Mom & Dad crying: ‘No Didds, you must not. They are His people not ours.’. That disgusted me and I think I must have shown it. That was when they realised that I was no longer their little boy but had finally decided to start becoming a man like you had.”

Harry was becoming impressed with his cousin, realising that this was not the bully he knew and once feared, but a man with caring convictions.

“Anyways,” Dudley went on “I insisted that Hestia and Dedalus would want me there to the young Witch that they had left in charge just before they went off to join the battle. She knew that we had become close and that they had shown me a few spells, to no avail.” He laughed, “They had even told me about your place in The Wizarding World or as those of us Muggles that know of it, call ‘The Majicks’. I heard that she died in Ginny’s hands, asking for her mother and saying that she wanted to go home. She was just a little younger than our age Harry, I know that a lot of us died in that battle but I actually knew her. I’m sorry Harry, I know that you lost a lot of friends that you knew and loved but she was the first girl that I knew that accepted me for who I am and not for who I had been. She took me through the flue to one in a house in Hogsmeade where she then went to Hogwarts leaving me in the village until all of the shopkeepers and the others decided to join the fight and I just tagged along, so to speak.”

Harry was now really impressed with Dudley. Here he had come to help knowing about the Dementors and that there was probably even worse yet he felt loyalty to his protectors, no his friends and to Harry too. Harry realised that he now also had a great smile of happiness radiating on his face.

“Well Dudley, I am glad that you wrote and as I said I am glad to meet your family. So what kind of feather do you think it was, an owl’s? I mean considering all of those that came delivering my first year invite, I would not be surprised if a few got into the house without your mother noticing.”

At that moment Patricia returned with refreshments consisting of tea, crumpets and scones hotly buttered with raspberry jelly and what Harry knew to be peanut butter. Harry had never had peanut butter before so tried a little with the jelly like young Greg had and decided that he quite liked it.

“So Harry,” Patricia spoke “I take it that you married Ginny from your letter. What do you do in The Majicks, if you don’t mind me asking? Did you join The Ministry or maybe even become its head?

“No, I want nothing to do with that.” Harry replied. “I left that to more capable hands. I sometimes help at Hogwarts but they really don’t need me, so I just go about trying to make sure that a Voldemort wannabe is not on the loose. Sort of nip the rose in the bud so to speak. Tell me Dudley what do you do?”

“Believe it or not I am the agent for R.J. Kowlings, he writes a series about the adventures of a young witch at a boarding school and I have no idea where he got the idea from if you must know.” Dudley smiled. “As for the feather I too first thought it was an owl’s but you know how your Aunt Petunia was when it came to that house. Besides it was to big for an owl’s and it was sort of warm to the touch.”

“Warm to the touch? How can that be?” asked Harry. “I know of no such creature that had feathers that were warm to the touch. A Phoenix feather was fiery well attached but became just a large feather if it came loose.” Harry stated matter of factly. “Can you describe it a little better for me?”

“I can!” replied Greg. “It was about as long as my Da’s thumb and as wide as Crow’s and of a reddish hue with white tips. Does that help cousin Harry?”

“No I still cannot place it but now I want to find it even more so that I can see it for myself.” Harry said a little mystified.
With that he pulled out his wand and once again he felt that warm feeling that he had felt every time ever since he used The Wand of Destiny to repair it. Hermione and a few of the others were convinced that the Elder Wand might have transferred some of its power to Harry’s as a safe guard for The Only True Owner of All Three Hallows. They claimed that it must have figured what Harry was about to do and wanted to insure that it did not leave its Destined Master unprotected if he should need it again. Knowing full well that Harry would never call on it in case he was defeated while in its position. Harry had of course scoffed at that after all had not everyone stated that it was the wizard that did the spell not the wand.

Harry looked at Greg and asked, “Where and when do you last remember having it cousin Greg?”
“Right before I told those bullies to leave Sally alone. I remember because one of ‘em called me ‘bird brain’ while pointing at it. Please call me Greg.”
“Okay, but only if you call me Harry. Could one of them have snatched it during your fight and taken off with it or maybe Sally picked it up and just forgot to return it?”
“No, as you see Da taught me how to fight and I took martial arts so neither of them had a chance to lay a hand on me. Sally was about a foot and a half away crying on the ground where they had pushed her. She was the first to notice that it was gone.”
“Well it sounds like we will have to go there for me to use a simple summoning spell to retrieve it, if nobody else has not found it yet.”

“I placed Notices all about,” Patricia stated “with not a single reply to date.”
“Well then shall we attend to the site where our hero Greg saved his young damsel?” asked Dudley.

So the four of them put on their coats and left in Dudley’s estate wagon for the battlefield. Once there they looked all around the area a gain just to make sure to no avail. Harry once again pulled out his wand and marvelled that the warmth was even a little bit more than before.

“You are A Wizard!” cried Greg. “I can see the tip glowing in an ever so soft silver blue aurora. It is so beautiful, Harry”
“What are you talking about boy?” Dudley said sounding like his father only more loving. “There is no glowing on the tip, is there Harry?” he looked to Harry with a question in his eye.
Harry looked at the wand but only saw the tip but then he too saw for the first time its signature and knew that now it would be his too. “Greg you are the first person to ever see my wand glow and that includes me. I just saw it now and realise that it is to be my majickal signature from this time on.
Harry then raised his wand and said “Accio Feather pin” His wand brightened a bit but other than that nothing happened. Greg’s face had brightened with expectation when the wand glowed but it was now saddened with no pin in hand.
Patricia looked to Dudley, then Greg and finally Harry. “That’s it?” she asked.
“I guess it is not here, right Harry or it would have come, would it not?” Dudley looked at Harry then to his son. “Well son I guess we have to find you a new feather. Thank-you Harry for giving it a try, I really appreciate it as does Greg even though it didn’t work.”
“Yes Harry thank-you.” Greg spoke up, “It was worth losing the pin just to meet you and see a real Majick Wand at work.”

“Hey, you folk are not giving up that easily are you? I know that I sure am not.” Harry said looking at the other three.
“But Harry I am sure that some one as Great as you has more important things to do than look for a lost pin.” Patricia stated with a smile of thanks in her eyes.
“I will tell you what, I will spend a few days here hunting for the pin. It has caught my curiosity what type of feather it was, where it has gotten to, why my wand has suddenly started to glow and how could Greg see it while neither of you could.”
“In that case Harry, you will stay in the guest room. No, we will agree to nothing else.” Dudley said to Patricia’s nodding.
Greg said, “And I can help because my school is out for what we called ‘March Break’ in Canada.”
Harry had grown to know from Hermione, Ginny and Mrs Weasley when not to fight and simply said. “Thank-you.”

2 The Adventure Begins …

“Harry, Harry?” he awoke as usual looking for Hedwig as he reached for his glasses, but this time his confusion lasted a little longer as he realized that it was not Ginny’s voice but young Dudley’s. Was it all a dream & he was still at number 4 Privet Drive? Then it all kicked in again for him, it was not Dudley’s voice but that of his son Greg. “Coming, Greg.” he called out and proceeded to get dress.

Dudley and Patricia smiled at him as he entered the kitchen, “Sleep well Harry?” Patricia asked as she set a plate in front of him.
“Yes, thank-you. Although I must admit I was a little confused and thought young Greg here was Dudley when we were his age.”
“Oh I am sorry that caused you a bad memory Harry.” Dudley said with real regret in his voice, “I wish that your memories of being with my family were better for you.”
“If they had ‘Big D’ I might not have been the man I am to-day nor up to the task to fight Tom Riddle. Besides my memories of my time with your family are good so far … touch wood.” Harry knocked the top of his head.
“My Da does that too Harry.” Greg laughed. “So what will we do to-day to find my feather?”
“Greg let your cousin at least have his breakfast before working him to death.” His mother said. With that she placed some bangers & mash on Harry’s plate and a cup of tea in front of him.
“Than-you Patricia. Well how about first we go and see young Sally’s parents to ask if we can talk to her and then maybe whisk up those bullies to see what they remember, okay?” He winked at Greg and put a bite of food into his mouth, realizing that he had been lucky so far with the women who cooked for him.
“Well I can drive you around for the next two days as ‘Reggie’ is still putting the finishing touches on his latest book and there is not much for me to do right now, if that is alright with you Harry.” Dudley mentioned.
“Well it sure beats explaining how I am flying around on a broom with my young cousin in toll.” Harry laughed. “If I am still around after that I’ll rent a coupe or something to get about with.”

They were finishing their meal when an owl flew over the table and dropped a letter in front of Harry and headed back out the window.
“I guess a reply is not warranted Harry,” Dudley said “or else the bird would have waited right?”
“You are right Dudley, heck if this keeps up you could almost live in ‘The Majicks’ as it were with what you know.” Harry smiled.
Harry opened the letter, it was from Ron, and read:


Ginny told me that you were visiting Dudley, say Hi to him and yes I know I owe him a letter.”

Harry looked up from the letter surprised and said “Ron says Hi and that he will right soon.”
“Oh that is good to hear I was beginning to worry about him.” Patricia stated.
Harry almost choked upon hearing that. “What have you been up to Dudley? Writing to Ron and who knows who else, next you will tell me that you have your own owl for letter delivery.”
“Well a little after the battle Ron came by with Hermione to thank me for saving him and I guess we hit it off and they realized that I had changed towards you and ‘The Wizarding World. Our two families stay in touch and they help me keep track of you and how you are doing.”
“We weren’t spying or being sneaky Harry. Dudley has told Ron that if it was ever brought up to let you know all about it and all.” Patricia rushed to add.

Harry was a little perturbed that he did not know of his cousin’s concern for him. He realized that all was done with love and after all he had not really thanked Dudley or checked in on him so it was easily seen how they might have thought that he still resented him from the days of their youth.
“It is okay after all I was remiss in keeping in touch and for that I humbly ask your forgiveness. I regret that Our families have not gotten to know each other before this and that will be remedied starting now. I can see Ginny giving me the kind of scolding her mom use to give when she finds out. Yeah, I’ll get scolded and Ron will be her darling sweet brother, that is if she does not already know considering her and Hermione’s relationship.”

A sigh of relief came from all four of them as Harry returned to Ron’s letter.

“Anyways mate, I just wanted you to know that Ginny is staying with us for a visit while you are away and that when you are finished drop by to pick her up.
They both say no hurry as they are cackling like a couple of hens over Hermione’s Condition and all of that woman stuff they go through.
We know it will be a girl Again, so ask Patricia if she likes the name ‘Patricia Luna Weasley’. Ginny does and yes she says to tell you she knew about our relationship with Dudley. She figured the time would come eventually to let you know, like this Christmas when she was going to have us all together. So I guess this visit worked out just right.
Once again mate be careful of SS as ****** **** fore saw some problems for you regarding your visit with ‘Big D’.
Be careful amongst the muggles and try not to seen in any fling autos.

Harry looked up at Dudley and Patricia and told them what Ron had written. Patricia was beside herself and Dudley’s face showed how pleased and honoured he was for his wife. Yes Life had sure changed for Harry since Tom Riddle’s demise and he was happier than he would have ever have guessed having Dudley in his family.

“Harry?” Greg inquired, “want to go to Sally’s now and see what she remembers?”
“Yes, Greg I think I do.” And with that Harry pulled out his wand and had all of their coats come to them.
“Oh I cannot go right now I have dishes and house work to do.” Patricia said as she looked about and saw all the dishes clean in the drying rack and the house sparkling and dirt free. “Well I guess I can go then. Where were you Harry Potter when we moved in here or all The Spring Cleanings I have had to do?” she laughed.
Harry just smiled and led the way to Dudley’s car.

They arrived at Sally’s house just down the street and around the block. It was a nice unpretentious little cottage common to the area and quietly stating that the family, while not poor was not in the money either. Harry had pointed out that the reason he wanted Patricia with them was to allay Sally’s mother’s concern over all the testosterone showing up to talk to her young daughter.
Patricia laughed and said, “It shows that you do not know Samantha Snapped.”
Harry’s head snapped up “Did you say Snape?” he asked.
“No, Snapped Harry with a ‘d’. Anyways as I was saying Samantha grew up amongst boys, ten brothers and she was dabsmacked in the middle of them all. Then she had male cousins too, poor girl. We’ve become good friends and she was over to our place the night Greg helped Sally. Thanking him profusely.”

Mrs. Snapped, Samantha, came out when she saw their car approaching, as Patricia had insisted on calling ahead just before they went out the door.

“Hi Sam; thanks for allowing us to come over on such short notice.” Patricia greeted her. “This is our cousin Harry up for a visit and has agreed to help look for Greg’s feather.”
“Hello. No problem Pat, I am glad for the company. Sally knows that you are coming and” she lowered her voice as Greg ran to see Sally, “I think she has a crush on Greg.”
“Well you have to admit then that she has good taste.” Dudley piped up, to which they all laughed.
Harry just realized that both of these ladies had the double ‘S’ that Ron had warned him about in two letters and wondered if they were going to cause problems in this feather hunt

“Hello, you must be cousin Harry.” Young Sally said. “Are you really a magician and can do all sorts of tricks, like Greg has said?” She was a girl of about Greg’s age with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. She was about two inches shorter than Greg.
“Why yes I am.” Harry spoke before Dudley or Patricia could speak. “My stage name is ‘Harry O’Green’ because of my eyes.” Harry had decided quickly that as a magician it would explain why he was able to stay and visit. It would also cover any slips that Sally might make from seeing him do real Majick.
“So I hear that your mom has told you why we are here and not only do you think you can remember the feather but you also want to help in our search. Shall we get started then?” Harry asked looking both at the girl and her mother.

“Well come on in, I have put the kettle on and we can talk while Harry plays inquisitor with my daughter. I must warn you first Harry that she will probably have more questions than answers.” Sam led the way into her home as the others followed.
“Sally, can you tell me about the day Greg helped you? I mean what led up to it, what did the bullies do and when did you last see his feather?”
“Of course I can. Larry and Jim started to tease me about wearing a dress as most girls wear slacks. I told them that my mum let me wear dresses because she did not wear them to often when she was my age. They called me a mommy’s girl and Jim pushed me. As I fell I saw Greg come running, yelling “Hey! Leave her alone, why don’t you pick on some one your own size?” Larry went to hit Greg but Greg ducked and tripped him while pushing him with his left hand. Jim went to help Larry but Greg grabbed his arm and bent it behind Jim making him cry ‘Uncle’ and Greg did not even tell him too.” It was obvious that Sally was enamored with her rescuer and his fighting abilities.

“Greg had his feather when he fought Jim, I saw it, but when Larry tried to hit him from behind there was some sunlight in my eyes and then the feather was gone. Larry was laid on the ground with dirt in his mouth and Jim was running off crying that he was going to tell his Dad on Greg. I do not think that he did though, as he would have to tell his Dad that he was picking on a girl and he’d be punished for that.”

“How could the sun be in your eyes Sally?” Greg asked “When it was in mine and you were facing me with your back to the sun looking at me?”
“Well it did. Just like when you used a mirror to reflect it into Johnny’s eyes. I blinked because it hurt my eyes so.” Sally was indignant that her young friend doubted her. “I would not lie to you Greg, especially since you helped me.”
“I do not think that you are lying Sally, I would never think that of you. You and Johnny are my best friends.” Greg hurriedly tried to calm Sally’s hurt feelings, causing Harry to think that he wish he had been that astute with girls at Hogwarts.

“Sally, you say the light was like some one was using a mirror?”
“Did you see anyone with a stick nearby?” Harry asked.
“A Stick? You mean like a magic wand, Harry? No there was only me and Greg. Jim and Larry were running like frightened rabbits home to their mommies and they were too scared to pick up a stick. Do you have a wand Harry?” the young witness inquired.
“Yes I do.” Harry answered matter of factly and I will show it to you later, okay?
“I know that you said the light was bright sunlight like. Can you describe it better to me do you think. Was it white, or …”
“Wait no it had a purple like colour to it and it did seem like it came from Greg.”
“Hey I remember that colour too. I thought it was coming from some jewelry Sally was wearing.” Greg said.
“You know I don’t wear jewelry, Mum will not let me. I think that it came from the feather now that I remember.”
“Yeah Sally, you are right it did seem like it was were my feather should be.” Both of the children were nodding their heads in unison.
“Then the feather was gone like Greg never had it on, no rips or tears and no feather.”
Again Greg nodded his head in agreement.
“Curiousor and curiousor …” Harry mused to himself.
“I know that,” Sally said, “it is from Alice in Wonderland.”
Harry smiled at her and thanked her for all her help and for giving him some ideas and clues.

“Now I will show you my wand as promised.” And with that Harry pulled out his wand that glowed the brightest yet.
“That’s how the feather glowed Harry, only it was purplish instead of blue.” Sally whispered in awe.
“What was that Flash?” Samantha came running into the room.
“Harry’s wand Mum, it glowed when he showed it to us.” Sally responded.
“I thought it was a lightening strike or like that night all those years ago, when it seemed as if the world was going to end.” Sam caught her breath, almost in a mid sob it seemed. “I lost some dear relatives that nigh … I am sorry I was told not to talk of it.”

Harry looked over to Dudley and saw that he had the same look that Harry knew was radiating from his own face.
“Sam, I may call you Sam may I not?”
”Why yes of course, as long as I may call you Harry.”
“But of course you may. Lets go into the kitchen as I can use a good cuppa right now and we can talk. I have a few questions and I am sure a few answers too.” Harry got up from where he had been sitting and followed the others into the kitchen. He turned and looked at Sally and Greg and said, “Why don’t you two go out and play and later we can see about talking to Larry and Jim if their parents will let us, okay?”
The two ten year olds ran outside to the play set in the backyard Harry was sure he heard Greg say: “I told you he was Majickal.” Harry smiled to himself as he sat down to tea.

“Samantha, if I said the following words in relation to that night all those years ago, would you trust in me enough to maybe realize that I know of what you have been told not to speak?”
“Uh, sure, I think. What is this all about Harry? No wait, what are the words you wish to say?”
“Ministry of, you-know-who, the boy that lived? Any of those seem familiar to you?” Harry asked.
“Well some do, but I am sorry it is still vague enough for me to not be able to say anything to you at this time.”
“Okay how about Harry Potter?” Dudley chimed in excitedly but promptly calmed down upon seeing both Harry’s and Pat’s faces of disapproval. “Sorry.” He said sheepishly.

Samantha looked at all three as if they had just intoned the name of Ol’ Jack himself in the Inner Sanctum of The CofE.
“Well it looks like that hit the mark.” Harry said quietly.
“Yes it does Harry and I guess that you are he, right? My cousin was a wizard that died that night because of you and when my family tried to find out about him we were told not to say anything to anyone.”
“I am sorry Sam, maybe I can find something out for you. That is if you want me too. What was your cousin’s name and for whom did he fight?”
He was Severus Snape and I was told he fought for a Lord Voldemort against Harry Potter and then I was told he was actually against this Voldemort fellow. So I guess I really don’t know anything.” She looked up and saw Dudley and Harry staring at her.

Harry had tears in his eyes as he spoke. “ I am so sorry Samantha that no one thought to get back to you or your family about Severus’ death.” Harry then went into the details of that night and how Severus had fit into it. He spoke of Severus’ love for his Mother and how that had turned him to the side of Light as Harry had seen it through Severus’ eyes. He mentioned how his second son was named for him. When he had finished there was a quiet hanging over the room that was thicker than a London Fog.
“I am so sorry Harry, I never knew, that was one thing that Ron never spoke about in all these years, To think of all that you went through to save the likes of me.
“Thank-you Harry.” Was all that Patricia could quietly say.
Samantha looked Harry squarely in the eyes and asked, “You mean that this Tom Riddle wanted to kill all people who were not born with Majickal powers from what He”
“And others.” Harry added.
“What HE! Called Pure Bloods? That what you call Muggles, meaning those of us that are just normal human beings, were to be slaughtered like cattle?”
“Yes, that is correct and that is why I now try to find any like him before they get too powerful. It is hard because I do not want to judge some one unfairly or even prematurely. That would not be fair to Severus, Dumbledore or any of those who truly had seen the error in that way.”
“Harry, Thank-you for telling me all of this and truthfully too. You did not sugar coat it nor made yourself out to be some redeeming savior. If not for you and those with you, my husband, daughter and I would be dead long before now. Along with All the other simple humans.”

“Samantha, I as you said was not alone. In fact it was not just Majickal beings that fought that night. A lot of Muggles risked their lives in battle that night for their loved ones, Dudley amongst them. They bravely fought with no Majicks using only their wits to survive. My hope would be that one-day we would have us all living together in peace and acknowledgement of who we are.”
“Severus was a hero, I like that. Knowing you and Dudley is great but having one in the family is better. Oh I know that I can only tell my family and talk to you about it but to be a normal human with a Majickal hero in the family is just …”
“About that, I would like to discuss something with you, your husband, Dudley and Pat.”
“Samantha is a single parent Harry, her husband died just last year.” Patricia stated.
“Yes and I am trying to figure out what to do about school next year for Sally. How about you guys with Greg?” she asked.
Harry spoke up again. “I believe that both Sally and Greg might be like Hermione born of Muggle families, except that we know in both of your families there are Majickal relatives. Dudley, you have my Mother & me, while Samantha you know of Severus and I would suggest that you have residual Majicks because you saw the flair from my wand earlier.”
“Gee Harry you would have to have been blind to miss that flair.” Dudley said matter of factly.

“What??” Harry looked at the three of them.
“Yes,” said Patricia” we all saw it. Dudley and I figured it was your wand as Greg had described it, remember?”
“This is really becoming more than a simple feather hunt.” Harry said looking perplexed. “It seems that there is almost as much Majicks here as there are at home. I wonder if …”

Just then a familiar owl came in that caught Harry completely off guard; it was Draco Malfoy’s. It sat down beside Harry and patiently waited for him.
“Well are you not going to take the note boy?” Dudley imitated his father’s voice that was used when he expected Harry to move faster.

Harry looked up at ‘Big D’ and burst out laughing. “Dudley, I am sure that this proves we are truly different men from the boys that we were. I gladly call you cousin and even more Friend.” He saw the tear in Dudley’s eye and smiled with both warmth and love at his cousin.
“Who is it from Harry?” Patricia asked, also with tears in her eyes. She knew how much her husband had wanted to become family to Harry all these years and now it had finally happen and she sensed something else, almost like a spell of protection now covered her family.
“Well this bird belongs to Draco Malfoy, you remember him and his family don’t you ‘Big D’?” Harry looked across again to his cousin.
“Yes, yes I do. They were on the other side and were against muggles and those like our Greg, What did they call them … ‘Mudbloods’ … that’s it right. ‘Filthy Mudbloods’, if I remember correctly. What does he want?!”
“Slow down Big Guy,” Harry laughed again. “He sort of saw the error of his ways after the battle and is now on Hogwarts Board of Governors. I mean he is still a bit of a Snob coming from ‘One of the Oldest Families’ as he now says but as to why he would send me a letter I have no idea.”
With that Harry opened the letter noting the owl’s looks of ‘do you mind?’


I found just out that you have gone to visit family with regards to a missing feather, if you have not found it by the time this reaches you then I fear that to quote a Muggles author ‘The game is afoot.’

This is too important to put in writing as you can surmise from Wesley’s notes to you about avoiding SSs. I will meet you at your convenience at a safe place for me to appear of your choosing.

My owl has been instructed to await your reply no matter how long, but please do not hesitate too much.

Draco Malfoy; esq.
Magistrate Governor of Hogwarts’ School Board”

Harry looked at the others and said, “It seems Draco has gotten himself a promotion on ‘The Board’ this makes him almost the equal of McGomagall The School’s Headmistress. What ever this is it must be Important for him to be willing to first leave his office and to come to me.”
“What do you think he means about avoiding Sally and me, Harry?” Samantha said with concern in her voice.
“I don’t know Sam and to tell the truth I can only guess that The Ministry was worried that you might be an untrained witch and did not want me to let you know, but that cat is out of the bag so …” Harry was looking thoughtful for he had to reply and he could not figure out where to meet Draco. He voiced this concern to his small band as he was now thinking of them, in case any of them had an idea.
“What’s wrong with our place cousin?” asked Dudley pointedly.
“Or here for that matter.” injected Sam.
“Well for one I don’t want every one wondering what all these folk are that seem to be popping up out of no where. Secondly, I want to know what this is all about on a neutral ground if you will.”
“Then why not my parent’s house?” Dudley asked. “I kept it all these years and rent it out to families that are having a hard time, until they can get back on their feet. It is currently empty and most of the old neighbours have died, moved on or passed theirs to relatives. Draco can use the flue and nobody would be the wiser.”
“That is simply brilliant Duds.” Harry was getting to like his cousin the more he found out on how he now lived his life. “In fact maybe I can use a spell or two to find out where that feather came from. Though I am sure we’ll hear from your parents ghosts with all the Majickal that we will have happening there.”
“Boy! Just what do you think you are up to by having your kind in My House?” Dudley laughed with the glee of a young boy.
“Uhh, sorry sir. I will see that it does not happen again, I am sure.” Harry too laughed.
“Oh, I’m sure that it was not that bad.” Patricia intoned, bringing the two men to their senses.
“No, My love, it was worse. I could never really explain how cruel we were to him. I can never make it up to him nor to his family. That is why I figured he never contacted me for all these years.”
Harry looked at Dudley and spoke in a way that forever closed the subject of their past, showing that it was their feelings for each other now that mattered and that was all that there was to it. They were Friends and Cousins, who were never to be parted by the Past again.

Harry wrote back to Draco.


Firstly. Congratulations on your Promotion. I am sure that Hogwarts’ Board will be in fine hands.
Secondly. We can meet at number 4 Privet Drive, my Uncle’s house. You can use the flue, it is use to Majickals, on two nights hence.”


Harry, figure that would be enough time to look for the feather around here. If he could not find it then he could to do a sweeping spell at Privet Drive to see if he could find out what type of feather it was and were it came from.

Just then the two children came in and asked about finding Larry and Jim.
“Well just let me send this letter and maybe Sally’s mother can call their parents to see if we can talk to them.”
Harry attached the letter and the owl took flight, much to Sally and Samantha’s delight.
“Well let me call and see, we might have to put it off until tomorrow seeing it is getting near tea time.” Sally went to the phone and called.
“Well it seems that the boys have actually told their parents about picking on Sally, only a few minuets before I called in fact. We are invited to a High Tea to work it all out.” Sam reported. “I have been assured that they will co-operate as their punishment will be based upon what they say. Jims mother assures me that they are both properly frightened.”

With that they all squeezed into Dudley’s car for the trip to Jim’s home. Harry used a small spell to make it roomier than even an estate wagon should be.
“Larry’s parents will be there too,” Sam added, “and they are really upset that he bullied a girl”
Harry spent the time thinking of what he would ask or even if he should not let one of the others question these two young lads. He broached the topic with them when Greg suggested that maybe he and Sally could get better answers if after apologies were accepted, they were allowed to excuse themselves from the adults.
Harry thought about it and agreed providing they knew what needed to be asked and not to upset nor make the boys think that they were being called liars.
“Oh Harry, Greg and I are not babies. We know what you want to know from what you asked us and how you did it. We talked about it outside on the swings and I think we can do it.” Sally looked at him the way children do to adults they think are thickheaded.
“Yes, it will be easy because those two cannot keep a secret for all the tea in China. They like to brag if they think they put one over on adults or even their victims. Lunk heads are what they are for sure.” Greg smirked.

Upon arrival at Jim’s house they were greeted by both sets of parents who were genuinely concerned for Sally and gave Greg praise for stepping into defend her. Harry was impressed as this showed that all he had heard about current Muggle parenting skills led him to believe that they were going to hell in a hand basket.
“This is Harry, who is visiting with us for a while.” Was the entire introduction that was given and with that they all went in for tea, watercress sandwiches, teatime deserts and the appropriate apologies from the two boys.

“Did either of you see Greg’s feather during the fight?” Patricia asked to get the boys thinking.
“I did ma’am.” Larry volunteered. “He had it on his shirt as always and we made fun of it, calling him ‘bird brain’. That’s when he really got mad.”
“Yes it is a nice feather but he is almost eleven and should not wear it as much as he does now.” Jim added.
“What Greg wears is his concern,” Larry’s father spoke up. “If he wants to wear a clown’s nose that is his business and not yours son. Not that I am saying he would mind you.”
All four children laughed at that and looked at each other knowingly about grownups and their silly ideas.
Jim, who was almost twelve, reminded Harry of Ron when they first met only a little more forward. With his red hair, freckles and all. Larry, also twelve, was more like Percy only with brown hair and eyes. His attitude made Harry think that he was probably the ringleader of the two.
“We are really sorry that we made fun of you Sally and Greg I sure would not want you to be mad at me again. Where did you learn to fight like that?” Jim inquired and his sincerity seemed real.
“Why don’t we go and play and maybe I can show you some moves if you want. But you have to promise not to bully with it as you should only use it to defend people.” Greg replied moving towards the other room while smiling at Harry.
“Okay, but you two behave and here take some cup cakes and juice with you. Make sure that there are no messes or to much noise. Be careful of Sally also, or else!” Jim’s mother said.
They all grabbed something and went into the other room as if they had never fought.
“Kids!” laughed Larry’s Dad. “Let me assure you that they have both been punished for this, I do not like bullies. I was one when I was younger and I realize how I hurt people and almost ruined my life. Right Duds?”
“You have that right and to think we use to pick on Jim Sr. back then, right Jimmy?
“Yes in fact the only thing that saved me on occasions was the cousin that lived with you, what ever became of him he just sort of up and disappeared the year of the strangeness.”
“Well you see I came to High Tea.” Harry smiled.
The two men looked at Harry then at Dudley and said that Life sure had a way with how it turned out for folks.
They thought that Sam & Pat mentioned something about not knowing the half of it under their breath.

Later as they returned Sally and her mother home, Greg wanted to know if Harry wanted their report.
“Your report? I mean you sound like this was an intelligence gathering for MI6.” Dudley piped up. “Too much James Bond movies if you ask me.” He was quiet for a moment and then chuckled as it dawn on him that his son was right. It was a report after all and Harry was ‘M’.
“Okay son tell us what you found out.”
“Well Sally came up with seekers, you know where one goes and hides and the others look for ‘em? When you find him you hide with him until the last one finds all of you together?” he looked at them expectantly and continued when they all finally agreed that they understood.
“Well Sally went and hid but I knew where she would be so that I could be last looking. Before we started playing Sally mentioned that I had lost my feather that day and we were trying to find it again. Larry said last he saw it was when they made fun of me, on my shirt. Jim agreed and then we started to play.”
“Jim found me first and while we were hiding I mentioned the feather again and he said that he was willing to help us search for it tomorrow if we wanted him to. All he could think is that the pin might have come loose and it was lost in the street. I said that we had looked with Harry’s help but had no luck.”
“Just then Larry found us as I knew he would hear us talking and Jim asked him if he remembered when he last saw the feather? Larry also said that he remembered it on Greg’s shirt and that it might have fallen off during the scuffle and likewise said he’d help look for it as it was their fault that Greg had lost it and it was a nice feather. Then he said that when they were running away he looked back and saw a purple light between Greg and me. He wondered if Greg had a small purple torch that he showed me to sooth me about being pushed. I told him no but maybe some purple plastic piece on the road caught the sunlight. We then sat quietly for a few moments and then Greg ‘found’ us.” Sally sounded please with herself and rightly so. Both children had done a fine job of it and Harry thought that they could have been members in The DA.
Greg agreed with all that Sally had said as he had been hiding close by since shortly after Jim had found her and could hear everything that was said.

They arrived at Samantha’s and Harry said “I know it is getting late and all but would it be okay if we came in for a few moments so I can talk to you about a concern you had earlier?”
“Sure if you think it is that important,” and so once again they all went into Sally’s home.

“Why don’t you two go into the study while we grownups talk.” Sam suggested
“No, this is something that they should hear as it has to do with them.” Harry stated.
So they all sat down while another pot was put on to boil.

“Sally this is going to sound strange but it is all true, do you believe me when I say that?”
“Yes.” The girl replied looking to her mother for reassurances.

“Okay then here goes. As you know you will be going to middle school next year as will Greg. I believe that you both will be invited to my school based on what I have seen. Tell me do weird things seem to happen around you, like objects suddenly appearing when you need them or maybe people seem to do things for you without you asking first?”
“Yeah they do, especially when we are together.” Both youngsters shouted at once.
“Sally, Greg already knows this, you see I am a wizard.”
“I know that you told me, ‘Harry O’Green’.”
“No Sally. I mean a real Wizard, with real Majickal powers and the school that I attended is called Hogwarts where young wizards and witches are taught how to use their powers for good.”
“You are trying to fool me Harry, isn’t he Mum?” she looked to her mother for reassurance again.
“No he is not sweetie, but I do not think that you will be able to go as we cannot afford a Bording School like that. It must be expensive and all.”
“Do not worry about that Sam we can help a little if it is not too expensive. Right Dudley?” Patricia inquired of her husband.
For the first time since Harry had arrived, Dudley seemed at a lost for words. He looked at Harry and said; “Are you serious about all of this Harry? I mean our Greg and Sally at Hogwarts? Might you not be wrong? After all Pat and I saw the flash and we both know I am no wizard.” He looked to his cousin with something in his eyes that Harry could not quite place at the moment. Fear?
“No I do not think that I am wrong Duds. I am sure the letters will arrive in the next week or so with their invitations. They both are Hogwarts material and think; Greg will get to finally meet his cousins. I will make sure that they watch out for both of them.”
“Can we go Mum, please?” Sally begged.
“Yes please can we? Is it true that we will learn how to fly on brooms and have owls or cats or whatever too?” Greg was so enthusiastic about it all that they all smiled.

“I do not mean to be the fly in the ointment but there still is the cost. I know you say you will help but you have Greg to think of, soo.”
“Wait before you say anything else let me explain a bit more to you. Albus Dumbledore had already set up a trust for Muggle born Majickals so that they might attend Hogwarts. That is how Tom Riddle ended up attending there. So that would ease your worries there but I will pay for both of their tuitions and all sundries that they might need if you are willing. This is not Charity, but like my good cousin here I too like to help where and when I can. Also Samantha I will arrange for you to visit with my friends Ron and Hermione, who along with my wife Ginny will evaluate your abilities if you so wish. Please think about this as I believe we have two exceptional students here.” Harry looked at both his cousins and Samantha; he saw both light and sadness in their eyes.

“Tell me what are you thinking that is causing the sadness in your eyes?” Harry asked.
Dudley spoke first, “Harry I remember you going away and not returning until the year was over in the summer and although I have encouraged Greg to be independent and to think for himself. Patricia and I would miss him for that long. a time Besides I am sure that we could afford to pay for Greg, I am not being ungrateful but you do not have to do this for us.”
“As would I of Sally being gone for so long and besides are you sure that you could afford to pay for both of them? After all Sally is not your family Harry. If you got into a pinch I of course would expect you to pay for Greg first.”

Harry laughed and only stopped when he noticed the others did not see the humour that he did.
“I was left a great fortune by my parents and then when my Godfather was killed, he left me his entire family’s fortune, house and all. I kept most but gave the house to a group called The Order of The Phoenix to use as their headquarters and only because my Godfather did not have any particular found memories of it. Listen to me and believe. In The Majicks, as you call it, I make Bill Gates look like a pauper; in fact I do that in the muggles world too. So I do not see any financial problems ever arising that would jeopardize their stay at Hogwarts.
Now as for the long term, Dudley do you really think that either your parents or I really wanted me home for the holidays? I mean think what it was like when you had to pick me up at the train station. So you will see them at Christmas, Spring Break and then for the summer months. Unless of course they go off with friends at some of those times but that will be up to you to decide then. I promise that I will go with you when it comes time to pick out their supplies, it will be a treat to see it through your eyes. And as for your money. You can use that to pay for holidays together and other such treats, but I insist that all school related costs will be paid for out of a trust that I will set up for both of them. And that is final. Besides you two know my Ginny what do you think she’d do if I did not do this?”
Both Dudley and Samantha got up and hugged Harry with some of the strongest love that he had felt in a long time. So this is what family is all about, he thought to himself.

“Uh, Harry I know Greg is your cousin but how should I explain myself to people who ask about you at school?” Sally wanted to know.
“Well let’s see, Severus did not like me much as I reminded him of my father, whom he blamed for a trick gone bad, but he loved my mother since they were children much like you and Greg. So if he had married my mother you would have been my cousin so from now on that is what you and your mother are my cousins. With all the entitlements that brings like family gatherings, holidays and all the other good stuff that goes along with it. Is that okay with both of you?”
“Does that make Greg my cousin too?” Sally seemed a bit down with that idea.
“Lets say that you two are as he said before: Friends.” Samantha answered to her daughter with pride in what lay before them.

At Dudley’s house Harry was in his room getting ready for bed
“Now,” Harry thought to himself, “all we have to do is go to Privet Drive, cast a spell or two and hopefully find out more about this feather. Then meet with Draco and see if we can figure out what all this is about.” And with that he turned out his light.

3. Privet Drive …

Just as Harry was about to sit down to breakfast the phone rang. Patricia reached over from the cooker and listened for awhile then looked at the table and said, "Harry it is Samantha, she wants to know if she and Sally can come along with us to-day?"
"Well I don't know love, what about this Draco chap and even with Harry's spell it is a long motor trip." Dudley stated.
Harry thought for a bit and then said "Sure, why not. We'll explain that they are a part of our family too, if Draco wants to know. Tell her she'll get her first taste of majick too."
"She says she'll walk over as soon as they eat and she rinses the dishes. Sally is screaming with glee in the background," Pat laughed as she rung off.

A while later a knock came at the door. It was Sam and Sally, dressed in tops and jeans ready to travel it seemed. "Hi!" Sam said cheerfully as she entered, "I thought that this would be good for the day as we will be feather hunting and traveling to Privet Drive. Figured we might as well be comfortable for the day, right."
Sally ran over to Greg and they went off to the other room so that the adults could speak in private.

Patricia looked at Sam, "I think you are right I am going up to put on some old jeans too. Duds dear I think that you should also, Harry has jeans on."
"Yes but on them they look good." Dudley said as he joined his wife. "Hey you two" he called jokingly to the children "no kissing while we are gone either"
"Oh, Dad!" was all that came from Greg.

When the Dursleys returned from upstairs all ready Harry said, "Before we go off to Privet Drive, I would like to just do two simple spells to find the elusive feather. The first one here. The second, which will be a little more complex, at the scene of the fight. That is if that is all right with all of you."

Harry pulled out his wand and the warmth of it in his hand was once again both familiar and strange. He had not quite gotten use to the weird and wonderful feeling that the light silver blue glow had added to it. He pointed it into the air and said, "Revealus Complexus Featherum!" A slight glow swirled around the house and went upstairs, after a few moments the glow settled at Harry's feet and there was nothing but a small image of a red flame. The others looked at Harry expectantly and all he said was lets go to the scene again.
They all prepared to go outside when Harry stopped them "No, only Dudley and I need to go and that will explain why the car is gone to the neighbours." With that Harry and Duds drove off to the site where Harry asked Dudley to keep an eye out for people. Harry once again produced his wand and chanted, ""Accios Complexus Featherum!" Once again a light glow went about as if searching for something and returned to Harry, this time showing an image of a soft purple light enshrouded bird, in flight. Harry looked on in disbelief and Dudley said, "I have never seen that particular breed around here before."
"Neither have I." was all that Harry could do to reply.
Harry and Dudley got back into the car, as Dudley reached for the starter Harry stopped him and waved his wand. The next thing poor confused Dudley knew was that they and the car were in the attached garage at his place.
"Oh I get it anyone who saw us leave will think that we are away and will not come to call."
"Figured you'd like that Dudley." Harry smiled.

Inside the house they prepared to leave for Privet Drive, Harry told them that he would send them via a spell similar to the flue spell.
"Don't you need some sort of green powder for that Harry? I mean the time Mr. Weasley showed up at our place he threw it down just as he disappeared. Mum was madder than a hare, when it all swirled about, muttering on who was going to clean this mess."
"Well," Harry replied "I can do it with my wand now and in fact you do not need to think exactly of where you are going in order to get there."
With that each of the group stood in front of Harry, glowed an eerie green and disappeared just like that. Harry appeared right after Patricia who had insisted that Dudley go first and she last. He looked at the assorted faces of wonderment and mischievously asked, "Everyone have all their fingers and toes attached?"
Laughing when their faces showed alarm and concern.
"That was amazing, if I could do that I would never drive again. Ever!" Samantha said.
"Well you might be able to Sam, but me I'll always be stuck in traffic driving to and fro." Dudley smiled.

Harry pulled out his wand and said, "Extranius Complexus Featherum Accios." Suddenly there was a bright flash of Harry's new signature bluish silver aurora with a fire red glow mixed with the now common purple coming from Harry's old room under the stairs. Dudley opened the door and saw a few left behinds from the last tenant and quickly called to Harry. "You better take a look at this mate, I think it was left for you."
Harry hurried over followed by the others and saw a floating message in golden letters.


I know that you have moved upstairs but I thought that this was a place that your Aunt would not look into very well, considering her fears of what she might find.

If you see this message than what I have planned has come about and either all is well or you are here in hiding. If the latter do not give up hope and forge on. If the first then Tom is no more and hopefully you are happy.

The feather is from Fawkes and it will let you safeguard it because of your Majickal abilities. Should you ever have it when doing something to save some one else, it will give off a purple glow embedding in you the power of the phoenix and then disappear to go and become a phoenix egg. That phoenix will be to you as Fawkes was to me.

Take care my boy and remember the school motto.


"Well I guess that answers the where about of the feather eh Harry?" Greg pointed out.
"Yes it does my young cousin, yes it does. It also now leads me unto a quest, as to where the egg is and why Draco is involved." Harry responded scratching his head.
"So Harry you now have a pet Phoenix, once that egg hatches. Is it true that they grow up, die, crash and burn then become Phoenix again?"
"Yes they do Dudley, but I do not have a Phoenix, it seems that Greg and maybe Sally also does." Harry looked over at the two children who had been listening intently.
"Us? How come us?" the both spoke up at once.
"Well according to Dumbledore's message the act of heroism that you did released some majicks that attached the phoenix, when it is born, to you, the person of Majickal that did it. Yes, I know it was meant for me but quite often things do not work out in Life as we plan them too."
"So I think that 'Fawkes II', as we'll call it for now unless you have a name for it, will be attached to Greg. The reason I say maybe Sally, is that she was very close to Greg as he helped her up and that might have allowed some seepage into her so to speak, since she is also Majickal. We will have to find the egg and wait for it to hatch and see how the bird reacts to both of them. I have some ideas of where to look but lets wait until Draco shows up."
"Lets call it 'Benu'." Greg suggested. "I read about phoenix and that was what the ancient Egyptians called them."
"Then 'Benu' it is." Harry agreed

"It is getting to be lunch time, is anyone hungry?" Dudley asked as his stomach growled, as the others laughed. "Besides me that is. The phone still works and we can order some take away and have it delivered. Chinese okay?" A little while later the food was being laid out on Aunt Petunia's kitchen table.
"I see that you left most of the furniture Duds, I guess that helps when you rent to some one that is really down and out. You know I am glad that we are here it will enable me to think better of this house."
"Well when people have their own stuff we store this lot but the last family had lost all in a fire. I offered it to them for free but he had a good position and bought new with the insurance money. I cannot see Mum appreciating others using her things, can you?"
"I think that she would be glad that her Diddy was so kind." Harry answered, pushing some noodles to the side of his mouth.

The rest of the day was spent explaining Hogwarts, what type of clothing they would need, and how they would go to Diagon Alley to purchase their school supplies in the late summer.
"I just cannot believe it Harry, my son a wizard and Sally a witch. At least they will have happy memories to take with them and loving families to return to on holidays. Unlike you. When I looked into that cubby hole under those stairs, I could not believe that you had spent all them years sleeping there."
"What? Is that where your parents made him stay? No wonder he never wanted to come home. I am surprised that he even bothered to let Hestia and Dedalus save any of you." Pat looked at her husband, then at Harry "But I am glad that he did or I would not have you nor our son."
"I am too, because if he had not I would not be me." Greg said and they all laughed.

It was about six o'clock that the flue let out a green spark and Draco Malfoy stepped out in the same sort of dark suit his father would have worn. It was just a little more modern, with some Muggles' influences in its cut. He looked about at those present and gave Harry that same curt nod of his head that he had that day at Kings Cross.
"Potter." He spoke matter of factly. Harry never expected them to become friends nor even like each other but this time with Dudley had made him forget that not all fences can easily be mended. Even if you do save a life, or two.
"Draco. Welcome to my Uncle's house." Harry acknowledges him. It was funny he did not think of this as Dudley's house though in fact it now was. It was just that Dudley's seemed so full of Life while this still was his Uncle's house.

Draco looked around and took in the standard Muggles home. He did not show any feelings or what he actually thought of it outwardly.
"Please have a seat." Patricia said remembering her hostess duties. "May I get you something to eat or drink?"
"Thank-you, no. I just had dinner with my wife before I left to come here." He sat down on an armchair as he spoke. "I hope that I am neither too late nor too early in my arrival and thank-you again for your hospitality. I am sure that Po … Harry has told you that we are not friends, even though I owe him my and my family's lives."
"That is okay, Harry and I were not friends when we were young either." Dudley spoke up, hoping that this information might thaw their guest out a bit.
"I see. Well Harry," was Harry wrong or did this second use of his name sound a little softer? "I came to talk to you about the coming school term and your young cousin. I have personally brought two invitations to Hogwarts, one for Master Greg Dursley and another for Mistress Sally Snapped. I assume that these are the two potential students and that they have been told by you upon recognizing their abilities during your visit."

"Yes, I have told them about Hogwarts once I realized that they were Majickals, so that their parents might consider the options available to them. That does not explain why you yourself brought the notices Draco, I mean owls could have delivered them and lower members of the Board could have explained it to them. So why the personal touch and please do not say because they are related to me."
"Harry, believe this or not but I am here for concern of you." Harry almost dropped dead right there and then on that spot and the shock of it showed on his face for all to see. "I see by your face that you do find it hard to believe, but none the less it is true. I do not expect that we will ever be true friends and I know that you think I have a Snobbish attitude. That I cannot help, as it was the way my parents and many of The Old Families thought and some still do. Let us be honest, and I do apologise to your family here as well as Severus', that some still refer to them as Mudbloods. I do not, since Voldemort was willing to kill my parents and I and any others of what we called True Bloods as he saw fit as well. I saw many people give their lives to save us from that misguided way of life. In fact your cousin looks like someone who in saving Ron Weasley from a hex spell actually saved my parents when he grabbed Ron and rolled, knocking them out of its way too"
"Potter, it has come to our attention at the school that there is something going on that will affect you in some way. I volunteered since Ron is worried about this new child and The Society is involved in something, as you already know. I hope you accept my offer of help and I am at your disposal for as long as you need me. I might grumble and revert to my old form at times but I Will do what ever needs to be done no matter how menial. Please trust me."
"Also that feather you are looking for seems to fit into this more than you can imagine. I hope that you have also took Weasley's warnings to heart and avoided SS at all costs."

"Now you just wait a second there Mr. Malfoy. This is my house and I do not think that you should refer to people by their initials when they are right there beside you. That is rude! I am sure in any world. Sorry, Harry."
Draco looked at Dudley like he had escaped from Azkaban's looniest level. "To whom are you referring Sir? I mean initial wise?"
"Why to young Sally and her mother of course. Who else here has SS as initials?" Dudley was apparently still angry, Patricia and Samantha also looked upset. Draco looked at the children and the young boy looked like he was ready to bite Draco's leg and the little girl was about to kick him. Only Harry seemed ready to give him a moment's doubt.
"I am sorry, I meant no disrespect. I did not even think of the ladies' initials. As Harry knows in Majicks it is sometimes better not to mention something by its name for fear of attracting its attention. Calling Tom Riddle 'You know who' or 'He who must not be named' instead of Lord Voldemort is a good example. SS stands for something entirely different." Draco hesitantly added.
"Oh. Sorry than mate for my rudeness. I hope that you do not hold it against the children or Harry." Dudley apologized.
"Now you know how he managed to save both Ron and your parents, Draco. Here he is standing before a wizard that could hex him this way to Sunday and he stands up for the defenseless." Harry said with pride.

Draco let out a slow whistle and said with both admiration and gratitude that all there could feel. "Sir, I thank you for my parents lives and admire the fact that you stood up for the ladies. We need more of your kind in both worlds. On that I know Harry and I will always agree."
Dudley turned red with embarrassment. "It was nothing, I just saw that they were all in the line of fire and taking out Ron that way just happened to help remove your parents also."
Draco looked at Harry and said, "Your family tree should include this branch with Mr. Dursley's name in Bold."
"About that I think you are right Draco. Ginny has been meaning to start a Family Tree for me, having Dudley's side would be an honour."
"Come on mates, you are embarrassing me here and Mr. Malfoy my father was Mr. Dursley, I am Dudley, if you would please."
Draco looked Dudley straight in the eyes and said in a friendly voice, "I am honoured that you would even consider allowing me to call you by your given name. If I had known it, I would have considered it as part of my son's. Even knowing that it was related to Potter here." Malfoy gave Harry a sly smile and nod.

"Well we have found out what type of feather it was and if Dudley had described it differently I would have known without casting all those spells."
"You did what?" Draco yelled.
It was Harry's turned to look at Draco as an Azkaban escapee. "I stated that. If Dudley had told me that the feather was red and yellow I would have realized that it was red and gold and thus a phoenix feather. Not knowing that because he said red and white I used a few simple spells. And a couple of major ones were thrown in too. It was the last of those that showed me a message from Dumbledore saying it was a phoenix feather. Why?"
"Well now that you admitted to using them I can say the SS meant Simple Spells. We were trying to tell you to avoid using them for the next few days or so. I guess the hounds are loose and I wonder, are we the hunters or the hunted?" Draco stared out of the window and suddenly felt a little cold.

4. The Darkness Cometh …

“You cast a Simple Spell? After being told not to?” Draco cried. “Potter, I thought that you were smarter than that.”

Harry looked at him and said in a low miffed voice, “Malfoy, I would be very careful on how you speak to me. How was I to know SS meant that? I took it to mean a person with the initials SS and in fact I approached Sam and Sally here with trepidation. Thinking of it, SS could just as easily been a place or any thing else for that matter.”
Draco was taken aback at Harry’s response. He thought of it and then spoke again to him. “Potter, I am sorry that you thought that this was an attack on you. I took it from Ron that you understood what he meant, Ginny and the rest thought so too. They would have my hide tanned and boiled if anything happened to you while I was here. Maybe we should suggest that a list be created of initials and their meanings.” He tried to lighten his voice with some humour. Harry looked at Malfoy and the rest and realized that the infamous Potter temper had gotten loose again. “Sorry Draco, I guess the message from Dumbledore has rattled me more than I thought. I think that knowing that there might be a phoenix out there waiting to be imprinted a new also worries me. That is no excuse for my rudeness and I offer you my apology. To the rest of you I also apologize for now and in advance for any outbursts that might ensue in our search for Benu.”

Draco accepted Harry’s apology, as did the others and with that they went about trying to figure where Benu might be and what the affects of Harry’s use of SS might bring about.

Malfoy looked at this motley band of Potter’s and smirked to himself. It should be easy Draco thought here was Harry again going about something with help from a group that most wizards would laugh at as losers. If it was anyone but the boy who lived he’d laugh too, except he was living proof of what this man can do with the help of friends.

“Penny for them Mr. Malfoy” Sally inquired.
”Yes, what is it that you are thinking about?” Dudley asked.

“Legends say that the pursuit of a New Phoenix leads to Darkness and Hell, Dudley.” Malfoy pointed out. “I mean I think that all here have had enough of that in the past don’t you agree?”

“Yes I do Draco, but as You know we can not allow Benu to be alone out there either. Unless you have any suggestions on how to find him easily, I think our course is set.” Harry replied.

“Just what do you mean by Hell?” both Samantha and Dudley asked with concern.

“Hell, you know Den of Evil, Bottomless Pit and all that Shiite. That is all really.” Came Draco’s response. “Don’t worry though we have Harry and me for the majickals if needed.”

All those gathered looked at Harry with concern, as this was the first time most of them had paused to think that this adventure might be more than just a fun field trip. Patricia And Samantha looked at each other and then their children, what had they agreed to, they wondered.

“Listen all of you.” Harry went on, “this is not going to be easy and nothing worth while ever is. Malfoy is correct ‘Legends’ hint that hunting for a New Phoenix can be dangerous but I think that Benu is not really new as he has been joined to Greg and possibly Sally too. I would go on this quest with Draco but seeing that Benu and Greg are joined I will require him to get the bird to willingly come with us.”

“I am not afraid Harry.” Greg put forth

“Neither am I.” Added Sally.

“Well if I could face Tom Riddle than count me in too. The ladies can stay here and keep the home fires going.” Dudley smiled.

“Like Hell, we will!” Patricia stated. “There is no way that we are going to let you traverse about with our children, while we sit at home worrying.”

“So when and where do we begin, Harry?” Samantha asked looking just as defiant as Pat.

With that Harry looked at Draco and said “Let’s all transport to Hogwarts and I’ll make a quick check with Dumbledore and we’ll take it from there, okay?” With that Malfoy and Harry pulled out their wands and Draco looked in awe at the glow coming from Harry’s. The others all held hands and were surprised that after a blink they were now in Hogwarts central courtyard. Students stopped when they saw who had appeared and started pointing to Harry and Draco.

“Wait here for a moment I’ll nip up to The Headmistress’ Office and talk to Dumbledore.” And with that Harry was gone.

“I thought that Dumbledore had died before the Great Battle, Mr. Malfoy.” Dudley inquired.

“He did in fact I was under orders by Lord Voldemort to kill him, but Serves Snape did it in a pre-arrangement that they had made as Dumbledore was already dying and please call me Draco.”

“Thanks mate and you call me Dudley. You were to kill Dumbledore but didn’t, yet he died anyways and Harry is now going to talk to him. Your Majicks are even stranger than I thought, imagine talking to a dead man years after he’s died.” Dudley marveled at this.

“Well actually, it is probably stranger than you think Dudley.” Draco added in. “He has gone to speak to Dumbledore’s picture that is behind the Head Mistress’ desk. Pictures in our world are majickal. Photos or portraits that are taken actually are more like your home videos. Portraits of Headmasters actually contain some of that person’s essence or spirit in life and they can convey knowledge that they had up to the time the portrait was made or to their death if it was painted after that event. They can also move from frame to frame of pictures that contain their images if they so want.” Draco laughed at the bewilderment that was on their faces.

“Boy I would like to see that.” Greg piped up.

“So would I.” Piped up the others in unison and they all laughed together.

“Hello Mr. Malfoy, I did not know that you were bringing prospective students to-day.” They all turned to see an older lady coming towards him.

“Uh, Headmistress let me introduce you to Harry Potter’s cousin Dudley, his wife Patricia and son Greg as well as to Severus Snape’s cousin Samantha and her daughter Sally. This is Hogwart’s Headmistress Professor McGonagall.” McGonagall acknowledge them with a nod.

“None the less Draco,” she went on as if he was still a student, “you should have made an appointment before bringing them here, but as they are here I will gladly conduct them about the campus.”

“Thank-you ma’am but we are here with Harry and just awaiting his return from talking something over with Mr. Dumbledore.” Dudley spoke up. He knew that you do not volunteer information freely about things unless it was previously agreed by all concerned to do so.

“Harry’s here? Well why did you not say so in the first place Mr. Draco? I hope you told him about all of our concerns with his casting SS. Oh there he is, coming now.” McGonagall beamed with affection. “Hello Harry, how are you and did Dumbledore give you the information you were seeking?”

“Hello Professor. Yes he did and I am sorry that we cannot stay but you should get to spend a bit more time when you and Draco interview them for admissions.” Harry returned the affection to her in kind. “Now we must say good-bye and be off on our adventure. I asked Dumbledore to say hello and advise you, to a point, of our mission. I also apologise for the small commotion Draco’s and my being here caused for the school.” With that Harry pulled out his wand twirled it slightly and they all disappeared in the now familiar, to them, silver blue glow. McGonagall just stood there for a moment, staring at where they had been before going about what she had been going to do. It was then that she realized that Draco never answered about the SS and that she had never seen a wand glow like that before. Unfortunately she did not notice that other eyes had seen all of this from the shadows, dark reddish black eyes that seemed to glow with an evil not seen since Lord Voldemort strode the earth. A cold wind blew through the courtyard and some even thought that they heard a maniacal laugh carried on it.

They appeared at The Blacks House in Grimmauld Place, The Order had cleaned it up and it now looked warm and inviting Mrs. Black’s picture was permanently covered now, so there was no worry about her screams of Mudbloods, Traitors, or Muggles being in her home. Harry took off his traveling coat and motioned to the others too likewise make themselves comfortable. Draco smiled and said he had not been here since the last meeting of The Order and wondered why they were here now.

“Okay everyone let’s get some tea and food and I will go over what I have found out so far and why we are here.” With that Harry called on Kreacher to please prepare some food and drink for them.

“Harry, could you not have used your wand to create food and such?” Sally asked. Harry explained to her the fundamentals of Majickal food. Just then Kreacher returned with a large platter of meats and breads as well as a piping hot pot of tea for the adults and milk for the two children.

Master Harry, Sir.” Kreacher spoke, “Mistress Ginny told me that if I saw you to remind you that you are to be careful around your cousin and to ask if you had anything for her”

“Thank-you Kreacher.” Harry looked with amusement at the wonder all but Draco stared at his faithful elf. “Tell my wife that I am involved more than I thought but I have Draco to help me. The platter is excellent as usual and might I add that The Dobby Sock looks very smart on you. You may return home and once again thank-you my friend.” With that Kreacher bowed and disappeared.

“Okay now here is what I have found out from Dumbledore.” Harry leaned forward so that they all might hear and Draco moved from his place by the fireplace to sit on a chair nearer to them. “It seems that Benu was attached to Greg and Sally. He will be Greg’s phoenix foremost, but Sally will be able to call on him when she needs to. The reason we are here is that this is the headquarters for The Order of The Phoenix and Benu would feel it from Fawkes and Dumbledore’s imprint on the feather as well as the fact that Majick had been used involving me. Draco will use a finding spell to summon the egg if it is here or Benu if he has hatched already.” He looked around for acknowledgement that they understood and agreed. “Now this will cause a problem as you really do not have a place that you can easily keep a phoenix. So I have arranged for construction to be done adding a basement that will house Benu and allow for him to leave your home when needed without nosey neighbours reporting UFO’s all the time.”

Draco stood up and looked at Harry and said, “I don’t mean to be an alarmist Harry, but … I have had an inner cold feeling since you told me about casting those Simple Spells and when we left Hogwarts I felt ‘a cold wind a blowing’. So I think that I will search the house on foot and see if I can find Benu in what ever form it is in. I will also re-activate the protection charms on this house so that it cannot be seen by any that do not know that it exists.” With that Malfoy left the room and they could hear his enchantments being recited.

Outside the house similar eyes as those that had watched them at Hogwarts peered from the unnatural darkness swirling around the lamppost. They seemed to smile when the house shimmered for a moment but remained within their sight. All was as it should be. Revenge did not need to be cold to be best served it just needed to be. Once again the cold wind blew and an unearthly laughed could be heard by those in the surrounding Muggle homes. Darkness was again descending onto the earth and into the lives of those Harry Potter cared for. It reached out touching those homes and others there about. All inside trembled, a few could feel hope dying inside them and evil walked the night.

Inside The Order’s HQ Harry and Draco felt their wands grow warm, while Dudley pointed out that it suddenly felt unusually cold for this time of year. Sally looked at Greg and they knew that something more than just cold was happening. They did not know how but they knew. Draco returned to the room and asked Harry to step into the next room to discuss something. Harry looked around as did Draco and both realized that the others would not allow that, not even the children.

“Well I guess we might as well talk about it. It seems everyone here felt the disturbance in some way and we can all agree that it does not bode to well.” Draco spoke up. “So, here is what I have done. I placed a spell on the house that only members of The Order or Those Harry has previously allowed access to can enter. I have made the house to seem, as it is not here to any Majickals who do not know about this place first hand. Finally I found Benu in the hidden room behind the main fireplace, so we can go and introduce Greg and Sally to him.”

“Thank-you Draco.” Harry said. “I now believe that you were right to search on foot rather than using majicks. It seems that what ever is afoot has been attracted to us maybe because of my using Simple Spells or because of Benu or maybe for a reason we have no inclination of right now but evil has come to this place and awaits us outside at this very moment.”

“I am not afraid Harry.” Greg stood up with defiance in his voice.

“Neither am I.” Sally piped in.

“Well I am.” Harry looked at the two youngsters.

“So am I.” Draco added. “Not to be afraid of something that you know nothing about except that it is confident enough to challenge two wizards, one of which is Harry Potter, is foolish. Do you have any suggestions Harry, on what we should do?”

“I fought the Dark Lord too and I learnt that things are sometimes worse than you imagine. So if Harry and Mr. Malfoy are afraid then I suggest that you two should be too.” Dudley added in.

“Yes but were you afraid back then, when you were just a bit older than us?” Sally looked defiantly at them, “Or is it just your advanced years that cause you to be frighten you now?”

The three men looked at each other and laughed. “It is good to see that children the world over are the same, makes you realize how those that wanted us to hate one another were wrong, right Harry?” Draco laughed. Harry looked at Sally and Draco amazed. Sally sounded so much more mature than he did at that age. As for Draco was this the same name calling bully he knew at school? He still felt that he should watch his back around him.” Just then a cold shadow seemed to permeate the room again Draco had his wand out immediately and Harry was surprised to see that a silver-blue filling the house from his wand which was in his hand unbidden.

Outside the house the eyes first laughed then screamed as it felt the power of Harry’s wand touch its soul, if it had one. It could no longer see the house but knew it was there, somewhere. It wanted to rush the spot but knew that it was too soon and that it needed more strength and some followers. It would bide its time for now, it knew who it was up against and it would not lose this time. The streetlight’s brilliance seemed to be eaten by the surrounding darkness and not a creature could be heard in the nearby alleys. The houses around number twelve Grimmauld Place had batten down the hatches against what ever was outside. The eyes took satisfaction from that and waited for those that they knew were inside to react again. They could wait for they were growing stronger with every passing moment.

Harry looked at Draco who nodded and they put their wands away. “Lets go to Benu and get this out of the way and then we can move on to a safer place as The Blacks has been compromised. Come.” Harry started to leave the room. The others followed murmuring about what had just happened with the fact that Harry’s wand just appeared in his hand. They found Harry at the fireplace in the central room. Harry touched a spot and the fireplace moved inwards revealing a completely new room twice as large as the room that they had just left and the central room combined. Inside in a corner was a flaming bird of red and silver.

“Oh he is just beautiful.” Samantha exclaimed looking as the flames glowed from red to silver.

“Thank-you.” Came the reply from Benu, as he looked at the latest group to enter his presence. Draco stopped and just looked at Harry and was glad to see his expression returned.

“You did not tell us that phoenix could speak.” Greg said

“Usually they cannot. In fact this is the first time that I have heard of one”. Harry said. “May I ask how it is that you can speak and why are you not red and gold like other phoenix?”

“Sure you may, actually did you not just do that? I apologise for being flippant Harry, I may call you by your given name may I not?” The bird looked at him quizzically with what seemed to be a smile. “Let me answer all of your questions for you. I am red and silver because my flame is hotter than any other phoenix ever born. I am an evolved phoenix from Fawkes’ line if that helps any. I am attached to the following people Greg Dursley, who caused my creation by his act, Sally Snapped who was in close proximity to my birth feather when he did it and was the recipient of the selfsame act and finally Harry Potter for whom I was meant, I will be loyal to all of you as long as you are in the light but firstly to Greg with whom I shall reside if it is safe or possible to do so. Thank-you for knowing my name Greg.”

Greg and Sally looked at each other with pride and Sally asked, “Benu if you are Greg’s first how do Harry and I fit in?” She looked to Harry to see if that was a good question and he nodded his head.

“Well it is like this young mistress,” Again Harry could swear that the bird smiled. “Although I am now bound to Greg for all of his life, I will serve you in as much in the same way as long as Greg’s need is not more important. I will also serve Harry in much the same way except I expect that I will be doing much more serious things for him for a while. Harry I am at your service in your fight against all things Dark and will not desert your fight ever. I will always serve you three and if I cannot do as you ask I will tell you why if possible. I will always come to the need of the one that is in greater danger first.” The group of humans all nodded their head in understanding.

Outside the eyes still looked at where number twelve Grimmauld Place should be but was confused as it could no longer feel the one it was hunting in there nor anyone else for that matter. They knew that their prey had not left yet as they had not felt the disconnection of the trace that they had placed upon it. So they laid back and waited for there was no hurry, yet.

Inside Phoenix HQ Benu was still talking to the group and answering questions in a more affable manner as their imprinting of him continued. “Harry I know that your wand has started to glow with a silver-blue aurora. Yes?” Harry nodded. “Good, that is from you coming into contact with me through Greg as well as it having been repaired by ‘The Wand of Destiny’ also your return to Privet Drive picked up the lingering bit of your mother’s protection spell that Riddle’s attack on you prior to actually leaving the vicinity trapped there. It is now the most powerful wand ever and unlike ‘The Wand of Destiny’ though, it cannot be taken from you. You can only pass it willingly to who ever you want to have it. It is much like a sponge and absorbs any power sent against it, except it gets stronger.”

Harry felt his wand glow a bit and touched it. “I have just sent a bit of my majick to it and now it is truly ‘The Phoenix Wand’. It can never be destroyed as it will just rebirth and it will be able to call any phoenix to do your bidding when you need one.”

Harry looked around the room with amazement on his face and noticed all but Malfoy looking back at him with pride. “What is wrong Draco, not happy for me?”

“It is not that Harry, I just cannot get rid of the feeling that we are being watched and that we should move from here now! And I do mean from this very spot.”

Harry nodded his agreement and Benu said, “I too feel something dark out there and think that we should move.”

“I agree.” Harry stated, “Benu as you know you could not stay with Greg right now as he will be going to school shortly. You can decide to live here as the phoenix in residence or stay at my house until Greg is 2nd year at which time you can stay with his mother if she is willing.”

Benu looked as if it was considering these options and replied with thoughtful deliberation. “Thank-you Harry, I would like to stay here as it is the place of my birth. If I stay with you at your place I will have your company and then being with Greg’s I would be near my soul attachment. I think that I will stay here while you continue your adventure, remember though that all you have to do is say my name and I will come. Harry, ‘The Phoenix Wand’ will call any phoenix to your aid that is closest to you or you can call one by name and it will be compelled to come to you and do as you ask. Now I too think that you should leave from here as the darkness that awaits outside cannot feel you due to the room, Harry’s wand and me, none of which it knows about.”

“Then we will say good bye Benu.” And with that Harry’s wand whisked them off to an unknown destination. Benu smiled at Greg and Sally and all three heard his voice in their minds, “I will see you soon.”

Outside the winds blew swirling dust and an unnatural coldness settled the land. The eyes were watching still, waiting for its prey laughing grimly with the knowledge that the Darkness cometh … again.


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