There I was, sixteen and horny as a goat. All my life my parents or grandparents had given me stocks. I left them to roll over but was thinking of using some now. I made my own clothes, not because I could not afford them but because I enjoyed making them. Mostly I wore silk shirts and suits with silk ties.

I picked up a newspaper while waiting for a hair cut and glanced at the personals. That gave me an idea and when I got home I started checking around. My add went into a private site, it described me and gave my age and said I was a sex surrogate. I also gave my sex history and preferences or things I was willing to try.

I was not sure I would get a response but the next morning I had mail from the site. I looked at the meeting place and smiled before accepting. The hotel was very expensive and I sat in the café drinking ice coffee while I waited for the lady that had sent the invitation. I was more than a little nervous as I waited.

I mean people don’t always send real pictures of themselves but the lady I was to meet had. I glanced up when she appeared beside the table and stood. She was in her early twenties and smiled, “you look like your picture.”

I smiled back, “so do you.”

I gestured and she shook her head, “I have a room.”

I blushed and set money on the table before walking around and offering my arm. She slipped hers into mine as we turned and started walking towards the elevators. She looked at me, “you said you are a virgin?”

I blushed but nodded and she grinned, “not even felt a girl?”

I looked at her and shook my head, “no.”

She squeezed my arm, “we are going to have so much fun.”

She laughed, “I am Melody.”

I smiled at her beautiful face, “I am William.”

She had a whole suite and closed the door before looking at me again. She bit her lip and I blushed, “can I feel you and maybe try oral? I wanted to try that.”

She smiled, “you mean lick my pussy.”

I nodded and she reached for my hand and pulled me across the room towards another door. The bedroom was large with a big bed and she led me straight to it. She turned to face me, “undress me.”

I hesitated, not sure where to start and she smiled, “start at the top.”

I grinned, “thanks.”

I began undoing the buttons and turned to carefully put it on a chair. I looked at the bra and then into her face and she turned, “push it together and twist.”

I looked at the clasp and undid it before removing it as she turned. I was holding her bra and staring at her firm breasts with perfect nipples. She giggled and caressed my face and took the bra before tossing it on the chair. I shook myself and started to reach for her skirt before stopping as I blushed and knelt.

I reached for a foot and took off her shoes before reaching out with shaking hands to unzip her skirt and pull it down. I stared at the string panties for several moments before turning to carefully put her skirt on the chair. I reached out and pulled her panties down and off and she laughed before bending to pull me up, “my turn.”

I dropped the panties on the chair as she slowly unbuttoned my shirt and smiled at the silver cuff links. She caressed my bare chest before hanging my shirt on the back of the chair. She knelt and removed my shoes and socks before undoing and pulling my slacks down. I almost held my breath as she folded my pants over the chair and reached out to pull my boxers down.

She licked her lips when she saw my hard cock and stood. She grinned and moved around before backing onto the bed and laying back. I hesitated and then followed and laid beside her to caress her wonderful body. She shivered and smiled as I cupped and felt a breast before bending to suck on the nipple.

She laughed and held my head as I continued to feel her and moved up to kiss her softly. I looked into her eyes before kissing down her body as she spread her legs. I looked at her perfectly trimmed pussy and reached out to feel and then hold it open as I leaned closer and licked.

I was hooked and nibbled on her labia and pushed my tongue into her before wiggling it on her clit. I sucked and hummed and licked until she was humping and squirmed as she moaned and shuddered. She finally covered her pussy and I frowned as I looked up her body. She grinned and held out her arms and I moved up as she reached between us to guide my drooling cock.

She held my hips as I kissed her softly and pulled. I groaned as my cock pushed into her warm velvety pussy and sank deeper until it was buried completely. I kept kissing her as I humped and jabbed and pressed and finally pulled back. I think I was a little wide eyed as I looked at her and she laughed happily as I buried my cock again.

Her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock as I began to fuck her slowly but with deep thrusts. It was a minute before she shuddered and got a surprised look. She was suddenly bucking and thrashing around as her pussy clenched, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

I buried my cock to hump and grind as her wonderfully warm pussy squeezed and spasmed. She writhed around and shook and I finally pulled back and just fucked her hard and deep. She clutched me and thrust up hard while howling, “ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

I continued to fuck her but with long strokes as she lifted and spread her legs. She squirted and squirmed while constantly yelling and jerking erratically. I fucked her for another minute and buried my cock as I began to spew and gush cum against and through her cervix. She screamed as she lifted and tilted her hips, “YES!”

I was shaking as I flooded her with warm sperm and then tried to catch my breath as she shuddered and twitched. She grinned and pulled me down for a kiss before pushing me back, “do me from behind at the window.”

By the time I left I was exhausted and she was asleep on the bed. When I got home I showered and dressed before dinner. My parents barely noticed anything, well my mother did. She ran her fingers through my hair a lot. After dinner I checked my e-mail and stared at another contact asking for a meeting tomorrow at the same hotel as today.

Her information and picture looked good so I accepted and went to exercise before going to bed. I was up early and washed and ate breakfast before sitting down to make several new silk shirts. I cut the patterns out for the pants, vest and jacket before checking the time. I left and went across town to the hotel and sat drinking tea with scones.

The blonde that stopped at my table was elegant and very beautiful. She sat and smiled, “Melody said she got you first.”

I sipped my tea and sat back, “you know Melody?”

She nodded and waved the waiter away, “we are in the same circle of friends.”

I nodded and she smiled, “we can go up to my room.”

It almost sounded hopeful and I stood and put money on the table. I waited for her and she slipped an arm into mine, “I have several hours so you don’t need to hurry.”

I smiled as she walked beside me, “I was planning to go slow actually.”

It was a few minutes before she was unlocking the suite door. She closed it and turned me and kissed me passionately as she groaned. I kept kissed her and backed her towards the couch as I undressed her. When I was done I sat her down and undressed before kneeling. She leaned back as I bent and opened her pussy before licking through it.

She shuddered and sighed as I kept licking her and started nibbling. From there I moved to wiggling my tongue on her clit and sucking. I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her before returning to her clit. It was a couple of minutes before she was humping and shuddering hard.

Another few minutes and she jerked and spasmed, “oooohhhhh!”

I looked up and stood before bending and lifting her in my arms. I carried her into the other room and the bed. I laid her on the bed and moved on after her. I caressed her body and she smiled and pulled on me, “it is okay.”

I moved over her and kissed her softly before lifting and pushing into her. She was warm and her pussy was tight as my cock sank into her. I kept kissing her as I pulled back and began fucking her slowly with deep thrusts. Her pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock as I finally pushed into her and started humping and jabbing.

She lifted her legs and wailed as she began convulsing, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

I smiled as I kissed her and continued to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She bucked and thrashed around as her wails turned to a howl and she wet me. I pushed all the way into her a few minutes later and kissed her as I spewed a huge gushing spurt of cum through her cervix. She jerked and spasmed as she lifted her hips and clutched me, “YES!”

It was a minute before I was done and she was still panting. She grinned and kissed me, “let me be on top.”

I shifted to move her legs before rolling and then helping her sit up as her slimy pussy tightened and she shuddered. I fucked her six times before leaving her after giving her a shower. When I got home I put my clothes out to be cleaned and went to exercise. I was remembering the sex with Melody and Amanda and looked at my phone when it rang.

I barely got any calls and answered, “hello?”

I grinned when I heard Melody, “hey William.”

I sat down, “hi.”

“Amanda said she enjoyed your time together.”

I smiled, “I did too.”

“take your name off that site.”

I blinked, “why?”

She laughed, “because Amanda and I and a girlfriend named Sarah will keep you busy enough.”

I looked out the window, “Sarah? I have not met her.”

She giggled, “a limo will pick you up tomorrow at the hotel at nine and drop you off at a townhouse. Sarah will meet you and show you the townhouse we are going to use. Amanda and I will be there around noon so you will have plenty of time to take care of her before we get there.”

I hesitated but I had only done this to have sex, “okay.”

“See you tomorrow.”

I hung up and thought about what she had asked me to do. I finally decided to do what she said and removed my profile from the site. I was a little surprised at the number of hits from people looking at me. I shook my head and shut the computer off. I was up early the next morning and showered and dressed before leaving the house.

The limo was more of a nice sedan but it took me to a nice neighborhood with a brick townhouse. I watched it drive away and turned as the door opened. A beautiful woman in her early twenties stood there and smiled nervously, “William?”

I nodded and she took a breath, “I am Sarah.”

I started towards her, “Melody said you would show me around.”

She stepped back and held the door, “it has three bedrooms.”

I smiled at her, “which is yours?”

She blushed and closed the door before heading for the stairs. The bedroom was not fancy but it was nice. I looked around as she blushed and turned to her, “when we finish looking around may I feel and maybe taste you?”

She nodded and smiled, “we could do that first.”

I smiled as I moved closer and kissed her softly. I kept kissing her and began to undress her as she backed me to the bed. I felt it against the back of my legs and stopped to help her out of her skirt. I turned her and laid her back before pulling her french panties down and off. I stood between her legs and undressed before reaching out to caress her tummy, “can I lick you?”

She nodded and I knelt before leaning close as I opened her pussy. I licked her and pushed my tongue into her tight pussy before nibbling on her inner lips and then her clit. I sucked on it and used my tongue to tease it and rubbed my teeth against it. It wasn’t long before she was humping and shuddering as she moaned and jerked.

She finally turned and rolled away and I stood and moved onto the bed behind her. I rubbed her bare hip as she panted and shuddered and she looked back before turning. I cupped a breast and bent my head to lick and then suck on a nipple. I caressed her flat tummy and pelvis, “how would you like it?”

She grinned and rolled onto her stomach and lifted her butt, “deep.”

I smiled and moved between her knees as she spread them wide. I pushed into her and held her hips before I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Her pussy was warm and tight and began to grasp at my cock on the first stroke. She shoved back and wailed into the bed as I continued to fuck her.

I was constantly planting my cock and pushing and she began to shake and then spasm. Her wails turned to howls as she twisted and jerked and I fucked her harder. She squirted and screamed as her pussy rippled and tried to milk my cock each time I thrust into her. I slowed and started burying my cock and pressing harder and she convulsed as her pussy clenched, “YES!”

The third time I couldn’t hold it and fucked her hard and deep before shoving into her as she spasmed. She screamed when I pumped cum against and through her cervix but pushed back to keep my cock buried. When I was done I pulled out slowly and rubbed her slit as she sagged to the bed.

I rolled her over and moved up between her legs and kissed her as I sank my cock in her slimy pussy. It was awhile before we stopped and I held her and lightly caressed her hip and pelvis, “thank you.”

She looked at me and grinned, “and you are still hard.”

I smiled, “ready to show me the rest of the house?”

She nodded and I moved off the bed and helped her. I let her lead me into the bathroom where she had a douche waiting. I pushed her hands away as I sat her down and washed her pussy myself before using a hair cover and pulling her into the shower to wash off. I dried her and myself and then pulled her out and dressed her carefully before I got dressed.

She was grinning the whole time and then she held my hand to show me the townhouse. Everything was tasteful and neat and we were sitting in the kitchen sipping tea when Melody and Amanda came in together. All three of them blushed as I sipped tea and set the cup down, “I did as you asked and removed my name and profile. I have only been with the three of you.”

Melody sat at the table as Amanda slipped into another chair, “this is only for sex. No money.”

I smiled, “I am sorry ladies but I have enough money to live on and do not need yours. I became a surrogate because I wanted to learn about sex with a woman.”

They looked at each other and Amanda took my hand, “we will give you more than enough pussy.”

Sarah grinned, “and let you explore.”

They laughed as I blushed and Amanda stood and pulled me up, “did Sarah get all your stuff?”

Sarah blushed as I reddened, “no but I was tempted.”

Amanda pulled me after her, “I want an injection.”

Melody laughed as Sarah giggled and I shook my head before catching Amanda and lifting her in my arms. I carried her up and to the room Sarah had said was hers. I pushed the door closed with my foot and set her down before kissing her as I began to undress her carefully. She backed across the room as I undressed and stalked after her.

She crawled onto the bed as I sat and felt her body before turning to move down between her legs. I opened her pussy and licked through it and then wiggled my tongue on her clit. She shuddered and humped as I kept licking her and sucked on her clit. It was awhile before she shuddered and tried to cover her pussy.

I smiled as I moved up and pushed into her. She groaned and put her arms around me as I waited and then she humped. I gave her a kiss and began to fuck her with long strokes. She sighed as she lifted her hips to meet my thrusts and her pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

I buried my cock when I heard the knock and Amanda hugged me, “come in!”

Melody and Sarah walked in and grinned as they crossed to the bed. Melody sat, “do not let us interrupt.”

I shook my head and gave Amanda a kiss before I pulled back and began to fuck her again. They started talking and Amanda began to answer haltingly as she shuddered and her pussy kept grasping my cock. I buried it and began to hump, jab and grind and she stiffened before suddenly spasming while her pussy grasped and tightened, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

She twisted and thrashed around as I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts. She was clutching me and her pussy was constantly clenching, “aaaahhhhh!”

Melody laughed, “I remember that ride.”

Sarah giggled, “yeah I had it earlier.”

I continued to fuck Amanda firmly with long strokes and she kept cumming. I kissed her and fucked her while her pussy became slick and kept squeezing. She bucked and writhed around as I kept fucking her. I finally buried my cock and shook as her pussy clenched. She tightened her hold as she tilted her hips and I began to spew and spurt cum.

Amanda jerked and shuddered while sperm was pumped into her cervix, “YES!”

I kissed her when I finished and Melody and Sarah chuckled. I pulled out and moved over beside her and she sighed and relaxed on the bed, “that hit the spot.”

I caressed her hip and pelvis and she shivered and grinned, “more?”

I looked at Melody and Sarah, “well...”

She laughed as Melody stood, “since I am here.”

They laughed and I smiled as I moved off the bed to help her undress. Amanda moved over and laughed as Sarah walked around and laid on the edge of the bed and held her. I sat and then laid Melody back on the other edge as I knelt between her legs. She laughed as the other two giggled and I leaned in and began to lick through her pussy.

I started nibbling on her inner lips before moving to her clit. She humped and shuddered as she began to moan. I sucked on her clit while wiggling my tongue and she shook harder and thrust up as she cried out, “ooohhh!”

It was several minutes before she twisted to one side and covered her pussy. I stood as she laid back and lifted her legs. I held her legs up and spread as I slowly sank into her and buried my cock. She groaned as I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. Her pussy was warm and started to grasp and squeeze each time I pushed into her.

I used one hand and began to finger her clit. Melody humped and thrust up as her pussy gripped my cock, “aaahhh!”

I continued to fuck her with long strokes as she wiggled and lifted her hips. Her pussy began to constantly grasp my cock as she started shaking. She wailed and began thrashing around and I fucked her firmly. Every couple of minutes she would convulse and yell as her slippery pussy massaged my cock.

I finally buried my cock as she shuddered hard and held her as I pumped weak spurts of cum. She jerked as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

When I was done she sighed and slowly relaxed as I pulled out and helped her turn on the bed. Amanda and Sarah chuckled as Melody grinned. I bent to kiss her, “thanks.”

I was their surrogate for over two years before everything changed. The three of them decided to get serious and make things permanent. The first thing they did was to take me to an island getaway so they could get pregnant.
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