I was sixteen and I guess a little popular at school. I also worked as a certified air conditioning contractor and made very good money. The contract started with five guys and five girls. We rented a large house and the guys would pay the bills. The girls were supposed to let us have sex. It started out okay but then the fighting started.

Guys or girls not picking up after themselves. Someone not getting to watch tv or go to a show. One year and the other guys had began to slack on paying their part of the rent. Girls were sticking to one guy or not putting out. That was when I had enough and told everyone off before leaving. Within six months the girls had moved out and the guys were evicted.

My older brother was a stock broker, well an intern. The summer I graduated I went to visit him and he talked me into using my savings. Of course the brokers did the work but he helped me watch, understand and select commodities. I left a week later with more money than I knew what to do with.

My brother told me how to buy stocks in a company and that was what I did. I went back to work but full time and a year later bought a hundred acres just outside of town. It was overgrown with thousands of flowering bushes and bamboo and pine and magnolias. It was like a mini jungle but had a pond that was spring fed.

What drew me was the large one story home beside the pond. It had a wide porch that spanned the whole back of the house and looked out at the pond. The road in was narrow but paved with rubber bricks. It had a triple wide carport to one side of the house. I settled in and took my time furnishing the house.

Another year went past and my brother died of a drug overdose, he had only been twenty five. He left everything to me which was a surprise. I brought him home and we buried him. His death made me think and a month later I ran into Sydney and Nikki in the market. They had lived with me in the house.

Sydney hugged me and gave me a kiss, “sorry about Richard.”

I nodded as Nikki took her turn and hugged me. We talked and they were living together and worked as secretaries. I had to admit I missed all the girls and the sex. I put everything away when I got home and made dinner. I sat on the back porch later as it started to get dark. I heard a car and went through the house and opened the front door.

Sydney and Nikki were looking around and grinned as they walked towards me. I let them in and smiled as I gave them a tour before going into the kitchen and making three glasses of cold chocolate milk. Sydney grinned as Nikki laughed, “I forgot you liked that.”

I gestured to the table and sat with them, “soo...”

Nikki covered my hand, “what would you say to redoing our contract?”

I sighed and leaned back, “that didn’t work out so well.”

Sidney leaned forward, “we know. The only guy that kept to the contract even when things began falling apart was you.”

She shook her head, “I was stuck on Joe and the asshole just wanted to use me for sex.”

She looked at me, “I didn’t mind the sex with you guys but he didn’t want me to fuck anyone else.”

Nikki sighed, “I got tired of all the guys coming to me all the time. I love sex but they never wanted to do anything else.”

I smiled as I thought about it and Nikki squeezed my hand, “it would just be us and you.”

I looked at them before drinking the milk. I finally set the glass down, “my rules. This is my house and I will pay the bills. You two let me have sex. If you stop, you leave, no arguments.”

They nodded and I stood to go get a pen and paper. I came back as they giggled and whispered. I sat and wrote out the contract and signed it before turning it to Sydney. She signed it and turned it to Nikki who signed. Sydney stood and grabbed my hand before pulling me up and after her. She led me back to my bedroom with Nikki following.

She stopped beside my bed and began to strip as I undressed and watched her and Nikki move onto the bed. I moved after her as she laid back and Nikki bent to suck on a nipple. I opened her pussy before I licked through it and started to tease her clit. I remembered her taste, the slight hint of strawberries and musk.

I began to nibble and suck and wiggle my tongue. Sydney shuddered and humped and moaned as I continued to lick her and Nikki kissed her and kept sucking on her nipples. I finally moved up and over her as she panted, “are you sure?”

She smiled and reached between us to position my cock, “yeah.”

I pushed and slowly forced my cock into her. She grunted and tried to tilt her hips and spread her leg, “did you get bigger?”

Nikki laughed as I buried my cock and humped, “no you are just out of practice.”

She grinned and shook me, “not for long.”

I felt her pussy pulsing and squeezing before I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She humped and wiggled as I continued to fucked her. Her pussy began contracting and grasping as she panted and moaned. It was several minutes before she wailed and started thrashing around.

She became a lot wetter as her pussy clenched and grasped my cock. It had been awhile for me and I fucked her firmly for a couple more minutes before I buried my cock. I kissed her as she clutched me and began gushing and spewing cum. She jerked when she felt the warm sperm and shuddered while her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I continued to pump cum into her as I pressed and humped and slowly jabbed until I was finished. She was still shuddering and grinned when I kissed her and pulled out, “man it has been a long time since I had a guy fuck me.”

Nikki snickered, “get used to it because I remember Cole likes to fuck at least a half dozen times a day.”

I grinned as I turned to her and kissed her while pressing against her. She wiggled and rubbed her breasts on me and I laughed before pushed her onto her back and sliding down. I licked through her pussy and squeezed her clit between my lips. She shuddered and humped and I began to suck and wiggle my tongue.

She continued to squirm as I licked her and pushed my tongue into her. It was several minutes before she jerked and tried to close her legs, “oooohhhh!”

I moved back and turned her onto her stomach before lifting her hips as she panted, “and you love fucking this way.”

Sydney laughed as I pushed into Nikki and held her waist while I fucked her. She tilted her hips as she shook and her pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

I kept fucking her with long jabbing thrusts and she began to jerk and struggle. She pushed back and leaned forward as I continued to fuck her. I started to use long, slow, deep and firm strokes, planting my cock each time. She stiffened before spasming as her pussy gripped my cock and then she went wild.

I struggled to hold her as she howled and thrashed and shoved and jerked. I shoved her down and fucked her hard as she kicked the bed and screamed. I buried my cock and pressed into her hard as I pumped thick gushing spurts. She tilted her hips as warm sperm flooded her and she kept shaking.

When I finished I kept my cock buried as her slimy pussy grasped and squeezed. Sydney pressed against me, “she never did that before.”

I humped and Nikki shuddered as her pussy clenched. She looked back with a grin, “damn I missed you.”

I kissed her and pulled out as I turned to push Sydney back and laid beside her before I began to kiss her and feel her body. She grinned and then laughed as she shook me, “I forgot you liked to feel.”

Nikki giggled and crawled over me and onto Sydney to kiss her and slid down between her legs, “me to... with my tongue.”

They laughed as I grinned and bent to suck on a nipple. I fucked them for a couple of hours before we went to sleep. I woke to my alarm, I had set it for the girls and shook Sydney and fingered Nikki until they got out of bed. I followed and waited for my turn before peeing and then climbing into the shower with them.

I started washing them, “I’ll leave the front door open and have a couple of keys made.”

After they left I cleaned up and went to work. I stopped on the way home and had a couple of keys made. When I pulled in there were two cars in the carport. I went in and smiled as I heard Sydney singing in one of the rooms. I went back to my bedroom and stripped before going to take a shower.

When I came out I found Nikki laying in my bed naked. I smiled as I walked towards her, “want something?”

She grinned and turned until she was on the edge and lifted her legs, “yeah.”

I laughed as I felt her wet and slippery pussy. I bent over her and gave her a kiss before standing and positioning my cock. I pushed into her and buried my cock before I started to rub her clit. I kept my cock buried as she shivered and humped and her pussy tightened and squeezed. She wiggled and shuddered a minute later and then moaned as she started to thrust up.

I kept my cock buried as I continued to finger and rub her clit. Her pussy was a lot slicker as it gripped and tightened like it was milking my cock. She shook and twisted while rolling her hips and bucking. I held her hips and pulled back before fucking her with long deep thrusts. Nikki wailed and kicked in the air as I fucked her.

I kept it up as she began to thrash and spasm while wetting me. Her slippery pussy was constantly contracting and squeezing my cock as she howled. It was a few minutes before I shoved into her and pushed before I came. She screamed when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her in large spurts and gushing jets.

Her pussy clenched as she shuddered and jerked until I was finished and bent over her for a kiss. I pulled out and turned her on the bed before going to put my robe on. I checked on Sydney who was still singing and found her putting clothes away with ear phones on. I went to make a glass of cold chocolate milk and sat on the back porch to look at the pond.

It was peaceful like I was in some forest and I even saw a fox come to drink. Sydney sat beside me and leaned against me with a sigh. I put an arm around her but continued to watch as the sun moved below the treetops. I sighed and stood and pulled her up, “time to find dinner.”

She grinned as we held hands and I pulled her into the kitchen. Nikki was bent over looking into the refrigerator and Sydney giggled, “she is already leaking cum.”

I grinned as Nikki turned and stood as I moved to pulled her away. I looked and brought out everything before moving to the stove. I made a pot of spaghetti as they made the salad and warmed the bread. We cleaned up together and shut everything off before I was pulled back to my bed. I laid back as Nikki snuggled against my shoulder and Sydney straddled me.

She pushed down my cock with a sigh before slowly rubbing her pussy on me. I cupped her breasts as she began to twist and roll her hips. She shuddered and moaned while her pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

Nikki giggled, “you are going to be leaking soon.”

Sidney grinned and bounced, “I like it when I leak.”

I shook my head and pulled her down before rolling over and starting to fuck her with deep strokes. I buried my cock each time and pressed as she grunted and began to breath hard. A few minutes and she wailed and thrashed around, “fffuuuccckkk!”

She jerked while her pussy kept squeezing and I started to kiss her. Nikki beat me and kissed her passionately as I continued to fuck her long, hard and deep. She began bucking and thrashing around as her wails turned to howls. She spasmed and jerked as her pussy clenched, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I continued to fuck her and started to press and rub each time I buried my cock. Finally I shoved all the way into her and pushed as I kissed her and started gushing and pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and spasmed while her pussy constantly squeezed and milked my cock. When I stopped cumming she was panting while Nikki rubbed my back.

I pulled out and laid back and let Nikki straddle me and slowly wiggle down my cock. After she came Sydney laughed and pulled her off before having me fuck her from behind. It was awhile before we slept and I woke to my alarm. The girls were in the shower and I grinned as I climbed out of bed and went to join them.

That led to giggles and splashing and playing until they left. It was my day off and I was working on a path around the pond using bricks. I had already made the field stone bridge over the small creek. I used a large cart to move my tools and a stack of bricks. I worked through most of the day until storm clouds came in.

I returned to the house and put everything away as I went to wash and start a loaf of fresh bread and a thick stew. I made a large pot of hot coco and stood on the back porch to watch it rain. I turned when Nikki came out with her own cup and leaned against me. She sighed a few minutes later, “I like it here. It is peaceful, even beautiful when it rains.”

She caught my hand and turned to pull me into the house and back to my bed. She took my cup and set both on the night stand before starting to undress, “rainy days are for loving in bed.”

I smiled as I undressed and followed her onto the bed. I laid beside her and caressed her body before bending to suck on a nipple. I kissed her softly and moved downed as she spread her legs. I moved over and between them before I licked through her pussy. She shivered and lifted her hips as I nibbled on her inner lips and then pushed my tongue into her.

She moaned and humped while shuddering and I covered her clit. I wiggled my tongue and sucked before gently squeezing it and nibbling. Nikki jerked and shook as I went back to teasing her clit. She was breathing harder as she humped and moaned while running her fingers through my hair.

It was a few minutes before she stiffened and then spasmed while pushing me away and closing her legs. I grinned as I moved up and turned her onto her side. I spooned behind her and she lifted her leg and positioned my cock. I pushed into her and put my arm over her to cup a breast as she sighed.

She pushed back slowly as her pussy squeezed and I humped and thrust into her. I kissed her shoulder as we continued to fuck and she kept shivering and shuddering. Sydney walked in naked and slipped into bed and moved to lay next to Nikki and kiss her, “are we having a slow rainy day fuck?”

I grinned as Nikki’s pussy squeezed, “yeah.”

I continued to hump and fuck into Nikki with slow thrusts. She kept pushing back while her warm pussy grasped and squeezed. She shuddered a few minutes later as her pussy clenched and gripped my cock. I started to hump and thrust into her harder and she pushed and began shoving back.

She was panting and constantly shaking while her pussy massaged my cock. I finally grunted as I buried my cock and held her while gushing warm sperm. She pushed back and shuddered, “mmmm!”

Sydney giggled, “get some cum to warm you up?”

I sighed when I was done and Nikki pushed back before pulling away and pushing Sydney onto her back. She laid between her legs and kissed her, “it is nice and warm.”

They grinned at each other and then Sydney rolled so that she was on top and straddling Nikki. She looked at me and smiled, “can you put some warm sperm in me now?”

I laughed as I straddled Nikki’s legs and held Sydney while sinking my cummy cock into her. She shivered as her pussy tightened and pushed back. While they kissed I began to fuck her with long strokes that almost pulled my cock out. She wiggled and began to push and then shove back harder.

It wasn’t long before I was fucking her firmly with deep thrusts. She moaned as she kissed Nikki and then she was spasming and wailing. Her pussy clenched and she wet me while she twisted and struggled, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

Nikki laughed and held her as I continued to fuck her with long strokes. It was several minutes before she began to convulse and howl. I shook my head and began to fuck her hard and deep, planting my cock against her cervix with each thrust. She began thrashing and bucking while her pussy constantly grasped.

It wasn’t much longer before I shoved into her and buried my cock. She stiffened and looked back as my cock swelled before erupting. She screamed and jerked with each strong gushing spurt I pumped into her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I was done I had to take a deep breath before pulling out and laying beside them. Time has only made things better. Even when we aren’t fucking and only snuggle or go to the movies it is nice to hold one or both of them. Each year we look at and renew our contract.
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