Though respectful to one another, siblings Finley and Jessica rarely see eye to eye.
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“I said GET OUT!” Finley bellowed at the top of his lungs at his sister, his voice echoing through their father’s suburban home. Jessica had evidently arrived home from school sooner than he had without him realizing it. It wasn’t a common occurrence, but it happened occasionally. Jessica mocked him, pretending that fear had overcome her as she stood in his bedroom doorway.

“What are you going to do, Finley, chase me naked around the house?” she taunted. Her smug expression was really beginning to agitate him. Unfortunately, he was all but helpless at the moment.

Finley had spent the day admiring Angela – a girl in his grade – and secretly stealing glances at her whenever he could. He’d been infatuated with her since elementary school. Now in his junior year, he was just barely working up the courage to ask her out. They knew each other – not super well, mind you – but had several common friends. He found her to be someone he could converse easily with whenever he had the chance. They had a number of common interests.

Despite the commonalities, he’d not had the confidence to ask her out – ever! Instead, just today he had been talking to her at lunch that day when, out of nowhere, a grotesquely masculine “macho guy” he’d seen around the school but didn’t even know the name of appeared, introduced himself and inquired whether her Friday night was open. Her acceptance of the invader’s invitation struck a crushing blow to his self-esteem.

In desperation, he had rushed home, contented to lapse into a fantasy with his red-headed desire in his mind. Lying on his bed, he removed his clothes and obtained a blob of lotion from the bottle on his nightstand. Stroking his privy member slowly and methodically, he imagined what it would be like to have Angela’s hands or mouth firmly wrapped around its shaft. Angela... he thought as he breathed deeply, Oh...Angela... I love you so much...!

Just as he had been relaxing and easing into his self-gratification, the door from his bedroom to the adjacent bathroom burst open. His younger sister’s fifteen-year-old face was filled with an expression between awe and wonder – and amusement. Finley quickly covered his privates with one of his pillows, screaming at Jessica to leave.

At the moment she was being extremely irritating, refusing to abandon her post.

“Well?” she jeered her seventeen-year-old brother, her arrogant eyes provoking his anger. “Keep going; this is interesting.” Finley seethed as Jessica prodded, “Who are you thinking about?”

He’d had enough. “Damn it, Jess!” he shouted, standing up abruptly and beginning to charge at her, still holding the cushion to conceal his loins. She closed the door on him quickly. Finley gave up as he heard her dash across their shared bathroom and through its second door that led to her own room. The door closed harshly, followed by the sound of the doorknob locking on her side. An instant later, her other bedroom door that led into the hallway locked as well. He could hear her laughing.

That’s what I should have done if I’d had any sense, Finley grumbled, scolding himself for neglecting his privacy. Their father wouldn’t be home for another couple hours. Knowing that, and figuring his sister wouldn’t have come home from school yet, he hadn’t even considered locking either of his bedroom doors: one that led to the bathroom, one leading to the hallway. Such was the cost of his apathy.

He would never hurt his sister – he knew that innately. He cared for her as an older brother does, but that’s about where it ended. He had honestly not thought through what he would have done if he had nabbed her, especially being at as much a disadvantage as he was. Ah, well, he sighed inwardly, aggressively locking both entrances to his bedroom, she’s gone now.

He returned to his bed, tossing the pillow aside. Smears of white cream – a combination of both the lotion and his personal lubricant – streaked across the pillowcase. Having broken the pillow in just right, he always slept on the same side which, unfortunately, was the side that was now desecrated. He huffed angrily at his sister’s intrusion and its sloppy consequences. Kicking the soiled pad from his bed, he reclined again, willing the images of Angela to return.

Unfortunately, his resentment mixed with his other boiling emotions, spoiling them and leading to a pitifully unfulfilling climax. Although it felt good physically, it did nothing to satisfy his lust over the girl he wanted.

That actually really sucked. Damn it. Yeah, thanks, Jess. Thanks so much for that, he sneered mentally at his sister.

Not bothering to put on any clothing just yet, he crept to the bathroom and, unlocking the door, opened it slowly. No one was inside. Entering, he had every intention to clean himself off immediately and then play a round of Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed or something in the basement. However, as he stepped into the room, a sound pierced the air. It quickly registered in his mind as a feminine groan – somewhere between gasping for breath and enjoying some sort of bodily function – and it came from Jessica’s room.

He tiptoed across the bathroom tile, careful not to make a noise as pressed his ear on his sister’s door. He could just barely hear her inside. There was rapid movement and it sounded like her breathing was heavy and laboured, coming in short, rapid gasps. What the... Is Jess getting herself off in there now? Finley wondered in astonishment. Listening for several more seconds, he concluded it was the only possibility.

Surprise overcame him. Just moments ago, she had caught him in the same act and had mocked him for it. Now, here she was, attempting to elicit an orgasm in her own body. As Finley realized this, a sinister thought began growing in his mind. Now we’ll see how you like it, sis, he thought evilly. Reaching for the door handle, he twisted it gently. It stopped abruptly.

Damn! Still locked, he lamented. That was the unique feature of these bathroom doors. Since both bedrooms had access to the bathroom, both were equipped with a lock on either side. She’s smarter than I am. Well, sis, I’ll have my chance one of these days. Just you wait. He walked back to the sink and washed his own reproductive fluids from his body.

As he wiped, he pondered over the events unfolding in the room beside him. Why did she feel so compelled? What was she thinking about? It couldn’t be because she had seen him pleasing himself only a few, short minutes ago, could it?

He redressed and descended the staircase to the main floor of the house. After grabbing a small snack from the kitchen, he descended even further into the basement. He turned on the TV and began loading Assassin’s Creed, anxious to use his residual anger for something.

After half an hour or so, his cell phone began ringing. He paused the game and brought out his phone. It was the mechanic’s shop where his father worked. Obviously, his dad was going to be late coming home tonight.

“Hey, Dad,” he answered.

His father’s chipper voice appeared on the other end. “Hey, Son. Is your sister home from school yet?”

“Yeah,” Finley confirmed after a brief hesitation. “She actually got home before I did.”

“That’s surprising.”

Finley couldn’t have agreed more with his father’s analysis. “You’re telling me!”

“Alright, well, would you guys be able to make your own dinner tonight? I’ll be working late.”

Typical, Finley snickered sarcastically to himself. “Yeah, we can do that.”

“Thanks, son. We have a vehicle we’re not quite done with here yet. It’s a company-owned van and the customer needs it for in the morning. My boss has asked me to stay. He’s providing dinner for us.”

Finley chuckled. “He always asks you to stay.”

“Yeah, well,” his father muttered on the other end of the line. “I’m pretty much the best mechanic in the shop – or so he says.”

“That’s because you are,” Finley chuckled.

“I suppose,” laughed the other voice. “Anyways, he tells me he needs me here this evening.”

“No problem.”

His father drew in a quick breath. “Ok,” he confirmed. “Just fix yourself whatever’s there. Anything’s open to you; you know that. Have fun – and don’t kill each other until I get home, ok?”

Finley sighed in resentful amusement. Only if she doesn’t interrupt my fantasies anymore, he grumbled inwardly. Building a happy tone, he promised his father, “No worries, Dad. We’ll be fine.”

“Thanks, Son. I gotta go. See you in a bit, alright?”

“Yup, bye.”


Finley hung up the phone and restarted his game. He figured he’d get dinner started once he completed the current quest.

About an hour later, Finley returned to the main level of the house. He didn’t even notice his sister in the living room doing homework. As he looked through the fridge, she asked, “When’s Dad coming home?”

Finley jumped a little, startled by the sudden, unexpected voice. He looked around the fridge at his sister. “Later. Don’t know when, exactly. He has to work late. He said to get dinner started.”

“Oh. Ok,” she shrugged, returning to her studies.

Scouring the shelves, Finley found a frozen pizza and an unfinished platter of vegetables and dip. “How’s this sound?” he asked his sister. “Pizza and veggies? Got pretty much all the food groups covered.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Jessica agreed, “as long as you don’t burn it. I’m starving and I don’t want to wait longer than I have to.”

Reassuring her, Finley set the timer on the stove and placed the pizza in the oven. “Let me know when it’s ready, ok?” he insisted, heading for the basement. His sister remained silent. He passed the time with more video games.

After more than ample time for the pizza to bake, Finley’s curiosity grew. Upstairs, he found Jessica eating the meal.

“Hey!” he protested. “I told you to call me!”

“I didn’t agree to, did I?” Jessica argued back. “Your loss.”

Grumbling, Finley set a plate on the table and helped himself to the food. Conversation was almost forced as the siblings ate, adding to the awkwardness from earlier in the day. Besides that, they really hadn’t discovered what they had in common. The two didn’t talk much at the best of times. The only topic they felt remotely comfortable with seemed to be discussing Jessica’s intrusion earlier.

“Hey, Fin...?” she began.

Finley looked at her, knowing what she was hesitant to speak about. “Yeah?” he responded after swallowing a mouthful of food.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I knew what you were doing,” she apologized, staring mindlessly at her food. “I shouldn’t have just barged in like that. And, I should have left the first time you told me to, too. I’m sorry.”

For her to apologize was rare. Finley was taken aback some, but shook his head. “Forget about it.”

She looked up shyly. “You sure?”

“Yeah,” he insisted.

Several more minutes passed, the siblings hardly saying a word to one another as they ate. Eventually, Jessica glanced at him from the corner of her eye. She asked, “You really were jerking off, though, weren’t you?”

He had thought that conversation was over and he loathed reviving it. “Well...yeah,” he confessed. “Why?” He squinted his eyes at her, scrutinizing her face for any indication for why she was asking these questions.

“I don’t know,” she shrugged. “I suppose it’s kinda weird.”

That comment made Finley smile. He knew very well from what he had heard that masturbation wasn’t a foreign concept for her. He decided to pry. “What’s weird about it?” he quizzed her, leaning forward. “Don’t you?”

Raising her eyes from her plate, Jessica laced her tone with a sardonic response. “Um...yeah...” she stammered. “Fin, a girl can’t jerk off. She doesn’t have a dick, you idiot.”

He chuckled and rolled his eyes at his sister. “I mean your equivalent,” he suggested as he leaned back into his seat. He began trying to ask her directly, but struggled to find the words. “Don’t know...touch yourself, rub yourself off?”

Jessica’s face twisted into an expression halfway between fear and shock. “What? Like rub my own pussy? Hell, no!” she answered indignantly.


“I’m serious, Finley!” she retorted. “That’s disgusting!”

Finley’s eyes locked onto his sister’s. She returned his stare, not backing down. “I honestly don’t believe you,” he challenged.

“Whatever,” she muttered, turning away from his penetrating gaze. Even if he hadn’t heard her earlier from the bathroom today, he would have known she was lying. “It doesn’t matter what you ‘believe’, moron. I don’t do it.” She let the words hang in the air for a moment. “That’s just wrong.”

Finally, Finley gave up. He expected her to be the first to crack, but she wouldn’t budge on the issue. Just as he took another bite of pizza, she opened her mouth again.

“What do you think about?”

He chuckled as he struggled to speak around the mouthful. “If you don’t do it, why are you so curious?”

Jessica’s eyes became furtive again. “I don’t know,” she mumbled, accompanying it with a shrug. “I just am.”

He analyzed her expression, still hoping her true intentions would betray her. “Well, if you must know,” he huffed, striving to be as general as possible, “I think about hot girls.”

“Like, from school?” she asked slowly.

He knew he was on thin ice. Hoping to distract her from any indication of Angela, he answered, “Well...them, too. Yeah.”

Raising an eyebrow, Jessica asked, “Like who?”

“Doesn’t matter,” avoided Finley.

She still wasn’t looking at him. “From what else, then?” she inquired. “Are you talking, like, from porn?”

Finley had to admit to himself that his laptop had accompanied him to bed on numerous occasions. Again, he was very general with his response. “There are lots of sources.”

“Oh.” Her eyes quit avoiding him. Focusing on him, Jessica asked, “Why do you do it?”

He smiled. Finley wondered again if he could trip her up. “It feels good,” he informed her simply. “Besides, it’s a natural thing, Jess. Our bodies have needs. They’re supposed to feel good like that.” He looked at her, his eyes pressing her for a confession. “Wouldn’t you do it, too, if it felt good?”

Her eyes evaded his knowing stare once again. “I don’t know,” she considered deceptively, feigning ignorance on the subject. “Maybe.”

Finley was stumped. He knew she was pleasuring herself earlier, but she wouldn’t say it. His younger sister was beating around the bush almost as much as he was. He attempted to make connections and logical inferences from the little, inconclusive tidbits of information she’d given him. Nothing was standing out yet. Suddenly, she fixed her eyes on him again. Her next question truly caught him off guard.

“Does it feel as good as sex?”

His eyebrows rose up instinctively. This, for her, was a very forward question. He had always known his sister to be far more conservative than he was. Still, in this moment, he felt he could be just as forward with her. He stammered for a moment. “I’ve honestly never had sex,” he confessed.

“Yeah, right; come on,” she prodded.

“I’m serious, Jess,” he insisted. “I’m still a virgin.”

It was now Jessica’s turn to be confused. “’ve had girlfriends,” she indicated as though that should be sufficient to lose one’s virginity. “You haven’t had sex with them? I thought that’s what people do when they date.”

Finley shook his head solemnly. “No, not necessarily,” he admitted. “Besides, I’m waiting for someone special to do that with.”

“Special?” she scoffed. “Like who?”

“I don’t know” he shrugged, though Angela’s face was indisputably on his mind. “Not one of the useless skanks that I’ve dated, that’s for sure.”

Jessica smiled genuinely. “You’re a prude.”

That brought out a deep-bellied chuckle from her brother. “Well, thanks for that,” he snorted. Jessica finally laughed for the first time in the conversation. When she settled down, he clarified, “I have fooled around with them, if it’s any consolation to you.”

“Fooled around?”

Finley nodded. “I’ve had a fair number of blowjobs. Usually at the end of the date a girl gives a guy head if she feels comfortable and has had a good time. That’s just a nice thank you. It’s pretty typical.”

Jessica bit her bottom lip, thinking about what to ask next. “Are they as good as hand jobs?”

He leaned back in his seat and breathed deeply, reminiscing. “Better,” he confessed. “Way better! Although, a hand job still feels great if done right, that’s for sure.”

His sister giggled at his confession. “That does kind of make me feel better, yeah.” At long last, she returned to eating her meal. After a few more bites, her face grew grave again. Finley braced himself. What could she possibly have to ask now? “Fin?” she started.

“Hm?” he responded, looking back at her.

“When you’ve...jerked off...” she began nervously, “have you ever...thought of me?”

He nearly choked on the broccoli he was chewing. Dislodging it with a forceful cough, he exclaimed, “Jess...what!?”

“Have you ever thought of me?” she repeated.

Waving his hands wildly, as though deterring the idea with disgust, he repelled, “Yeah, I heard you the first time!” He expelled anything more he could from his windpipe. “What I meant was why would you ask a question like that?” His sister didn’t answer.

“Well?” She sat there, expectantly.

“No, Jess!” he refuted emphatically. “You’re my sister! That’s just sick and wrong!”

A fire kindled in his sister’s eyes as Finley watched her. Her sudden, vengeful attitude took him by surprise. “What? Am I not pretty enough?” she shouted at him. “Am I not hot enough for you to jerk off to?”

Finley was beside himself. He sat there with his mouth agape. What could he say? His sister had just posed the worst double-edged sword question to him. As though the current predicament wasn’t enough, his sister stood up abruptly, her chair falling over from her forceful shove. He watched in horror as Jessica began removing her shirt. Besides wearing a bikini while she went swimming, it was the first time Finley had seen so much of his fifteen-year-old sister’s skin.

She wasn’t done. She reached around behind her back. “Don’t you think these are nice enough!?” she demanded, unclipping her bra. She tossed it away and exposed her breasts. He was now in uncharted territory. As he watched, she lifted them with her hands, pointing her nipples at her brother.

Finley was completely transfixed. A pair of exquisite 30C breasts stared him straight in the face, their smooth, pink areolas frowning at him almost as angrily as the girl who owned them.

He wouldn’t deny he wanted to touch her. The feminine globes were undeniably beautiful. Still, she was his sister – and therefore he knew he shouldn’t. With great difficulty, he shoved aside any lustful thoughts about his younger sibling, finding the presence of mind to show her some respect and avert his eyes. “Jess! Geez...!” he exclaimed, shutting his eyes and turning his head. “What...? What the hell has gotten into you?”

She sighed heavily and Finley returned his eyes to her face. Her expression softened almost immediately. Sorrowfully, Jessica folded her arms around her chest, removing her breasts from his view as her hands covered them. Tears welled up in her eyes. “I don’t know,” she sobbed lightly.

“Well, obviously there must be something,” Finley deduced. Suddenly they both turned and looked towards the front entrance as the noise of a motor echoed from the direction of the garage as the overhead door opened. The sound of a vehicle entering wasn’t far behind it. “Oh, crap!” he panicked as they looked at one another with terrified expressions. “There’s Dad! Get your shirt back on! Now!”

Jessica scrambled for her clothes, attempting to replace her bra first. In the frantic movement, the straps became twisted, complicating the procedure. “I can’t get this on quickly enough!” she cried, getting flustered. She flailed her arms and began spinning in aimless circles as her desperation grew.

“Here!” Finley offered, reaching up to her back as she rotated it past him. “Give this to me!” He unfastened the one misplaced hook that she had already attached. The clip holding the askew underwear in place released and he reached around her to remove the bra completely.

As he moved, though, his hands happened to cup Jessica’s breasts for an instant. Even though his hands were on top of the article of clothing, he knew he’d never forget the feeling of his sister’s firm tissue that was briefly in his palms. Had they not been in such dire straits, he knew he would have been aroused. At the moment, however...

“Now, just get your shirt on! Hurry!” he ordered, stuffing the bra deeply into his pocket.

Finely set the chair upright as Jessica pulled her shirt over herself. Just as they sat back down, they heard the inside door open.

“Hi, Daddy!” Jessica called out, keeping her voice as normal as possible.

“Hello!” he answered. A second later, he walked around the corner. As he removed his work boots, he looked over their spread he smiled. “Good; you guys are eating.”

“There’s enough here for you, too, if you’re hungry, Dad,” offered Finley.

Their father shook his head. “No, I’m alright. I’ve had dinner. I’m going to go clean up before anything else,” he announced, unfastening the straps on his overalls and marching up the stairs. “Just keep doing what you were doing.”

The siblings looked at one another. “What we were doing?” considered Finley in a low voice once their father was beyond earshot. “I think what we were doing is you trying to seduce me.”

“I was not!” objected Jessica emphatically, her voice a whisper. Her face grew angry again. She tried speaking again, but no words came out.

Finley seized the moment. “Then what were you doing?”

Jessica struggled to speak. “I... I was...”

“Mm-hm,” Finley summed up concisely, still looking at his sister expectantly.

Her face shifted from angry to defiant. “I was only wondering what you thought of them, jerk!” she seethed and stormed off, leaving the remainder of her food behind.

Finley shook his head and rolled his eyes, not believing her explanation for an instant.

The rest of the evening passed without incident between the siblings. Indeed, they hardly spoke to one another at all. It wasn’t until Finley was preparing himself for bed that the two exchanged more than a single sentence again. Standing at their shared bathroom sink, brushing his teeth, there was a knock on the door that led to Jessica’s room.

“C’mon in,” he invited around the toothbrush in his mouth. “It’s open.” Jessica opened the door timidly and entered, dressed in light sleepwear. “Hey,” he greeted.

“Hey,” she responded, brushing back a strand of her long, strawberry-blonde hair from her face.

Reaching into his pocket, Finley brought her bra back into view. “This is yours, I believe,” he smirked.

“Right...” she mumbled. “Yeah...thanks.” She picked up a brush and drew it through her hair. “Sorry about flashing you,” she said after a moment.

Finley chuckled, again amazed to hear those words from her. “You’re really apologizing a lot today, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” she agreed. “I haven’t really been behaving like myself lately.”

“That’s for sure,” confirmed Finley after spitting out the toothpaste. His sister was usually the shy one. She was a cheerleader at her middle school, but was usually one of the wallflowers at any given party. Both exciting events today had really shaken Finley’s ideas about his sister being shy. He didn’t know what had come over her, but it was undoubtedly something major.

She finished with the hairbrush before standing beside him, beginning to brush her teeth as well. As she worked the paste in her mouth into a foam, she asked her brother, “Fin, do you think we do enough stuff together?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, with Mom and Dad being divorced and all,” she explained. “Do we see each other enough?”

Their parents had been divorced since the two siblings were only children. Remarkably, the ex-spouses were still friends with one another, but their dad explained to Finley once that, although each could be peaceable to the other, they fought like cats and dogs if they lived in the same household. The divorce arrangement was more conducive to family peace than staying together.

Shrugging, Finley offered, “I think we see each other about as much as we can.” He finished brushing his teeth and leaned on the glass-walled shower in the corner of the room as their conversation continued to unfold.

The visitation arrangement was somewhat unique. Their father, Roy, had primary custody of Finley. Michelle, their mother, had primary custody of Jessica. Every other weekend, one sibling would visit the other parent for a few days. One weekend, each teen would be with their primary guardian. The next, Finley would visit his mother and sister. The weekend following, each would be with their assigned parent again. The fourth weekend, Jessica would visit him and their dad. Then, the rotation would start all over.

“We could go hang out sometime,” Jessica suggested after a moment.

Finley shrugged again. “Maybe; but I don’t really get along with you and your friends. You know that. I don’t even really know any of your friends. You don’t really get along with me and mine, either. Do you know any of them?”

“No, not really,” confessed Jessica glumly. “I might recognize a couple of them to see them; but probably not even that, to be honest.”

“Well, there you go.”

The statements were painfully accurate. Neither sibling had made a concerted effort to stay around the other’s friends once they had met them. Finley hardly knew the names of anyone Jessica spent time with. It was the same between her and his peers. Honestly, each of them actually made it a point to avoid the other when friends were about. When one of them tried to mingle into the other’s social circle, it was terribly awkward and feelings were usually hurt because of what one sibling or the other said or did.

Jessica finished brushing her teeth and rinsed her mouth out. “We could just do something together,” his sister offered after drying her face. “It’d be just the two of us.”

Considering this for a moment, he thought it might work, but there were always complications. “Jess,” he countered, “I mean...we could, right? But, except for watching movies maybe, the things I like to do you don’t and the things you like to do I don’t.”

She gave him a sideways stare. “Why don’t you take a break from all your business crap and do something fun once in a while?”

He parried her proposal easily. “Why don’t you take a break from having fun and do something meaningful for once?”

She scoffed, marching out of the bathroom and into her bedroom, slamming it mildly and locking the door behind her. The sound of her slamming the other door that led from her bedroom to the hallway wasn’t far behind. He cringed as it, too, was shut harshly. Obviously, that wasn’t the answer she was looking for. We’re just so different, Jess, he justified.

Walking back into his own room, Finley followed his sister’s lead and closed his doors – locking them this time – although he refrained from sealing the doorways with excessive force as she had. He stripped down to his boxers and lay down on his bed, admiring the electronics that were to be had. Virtually everything in his room he had paid for himself.

It wasn’t the first time his sister or anyone else had accused him of being a workaholic. It was a trait he had admittedly inherited from his father. Finley considered the possibility that this aspect of his father’s personality was one thing that led to his parents’ divorce. Although his father never said it outright, Finley could tell that the two of them shared the same idea about his mother: she just didn’t understand how much they loved working on a project and seeing it through to completion. She also didn’t seem willing to accept the time that they did share with her.

Working – particularly working ‘smart’ – had only become more exciting for Finley as he grew older. Several years ago, one of his father’s uncles had passed away. The two had been very close and, as a result, the man – who had considerable assets – had bequeathed a sizable amount of money to Finley’s father in his will. When the money came in, Finley’s father gave each of his children $10,000 to do with as he pleased. Being twelve at the time, Finley was ecstatic.

He had purchased several items before realizing just how quickly he was depleting his hoard. When Finley confided his problem to his father that after only a couple weeks half of his money was gone, Roy suggested his son begin reading books on finance, investing and business.

Finely took the advice and hadn’t looked back since. To him, it was the most exciting form of entertainment. From that $5000, he had produced an income of well over $3000 per month in royalties and investments in only a few years. He barely had to actually work for it now. For being only seventeen, Finley considered it a matter of pride. He knew it was ‘odd’ in the adolescent world to be so obsessed with finances. While the majority of his peers were concerned about the next football game, he was concerned with the next shift in the stock market.

He had learned also by his father’s example, not just his words. Roy had kept his job as a mechanic as it was his passion, but had also invested his stash of money, giving rise to a considerable income. How much, Finley didn’t outright know, but he and his father lived very comfortably in their suburban bungalow.

While Finley was concerned with building assets, his sister had put her money away for college in a savings account. While both Finley and Roy considered this better than nothing, Jessica – particularly encouraged by the teenagers’ mother, Michelle – wasn’t anxious to see it used for anything else. The father and son finally relented.

One thing he was not, however, was lazy, especially in keeping himself physically fit. He didn’t play sports, preferring not to associate with all the jocks at his school, but he kept his physique well-maintained. Financial well-being had provided ways in which he could keep himself looking impressive. In their basement, his father owned a full home gym – weights, cardio equipment and a host of other things – which he helped himself to regularly.

His arms and legs were bulky and strong. Finley’s abs were rigid. His stamina was enough to give even some of the most athletic guys at school a run for their money. Although he wasn’t among the ‘popular’ crowd per se, Finley also wasn’t oblivious to the intrigued stares of the girls at his high school from time to time. He enjoyed the furtive attention. Perhaps, he considered, it even fueled the motivation to keep himself in as good a shape as he did.

As Finley lay on his bed that night, waiting to fall asleep, he considered how different he and his sister were. She was right; he was greatly occupied in his business ventures. On the other hand, Jessica was a social butterfly. Although shy, she loved to attend events, if only to observe.

She’d often invite him, but he refused. His studies of economics were far too engrossing for him. While Jessica had several close friends, Finley only had a few – and those friends were usually the ones with whom he could bounce business ideas off of for later in life. These facts were what prevented Finley and Jessica from being more involved in one another’s lives.

Jessica... he considered in his mind.

Despite being so different in their primary interests, Finley certainly wasn’t ignorant to his sister’s morphing body, either. Over the past few years he had watched her closely. Her figure was developing smoothly from a girl to a woman. Despite the fact that she was his sister, he found himself studying her body far more than society would say a brother should.

She was certainly beautiful, a fact that Finley grew more aware of each day. Although they were uninvolved in one another’s lives, he still had the ‘big-brother’ instincts. He knew he should and would defend from any bigots who would look to take advantage of her.

This train of thought was what had caused him to be so defensive at the dinner table earlier that evening. Had he thought of her sexually, particularly while masturbating? He had lied to her. Yes, indeed he had – but he wasn’t about to let her know that. If she ever found out about his innermost fantasies, it would open a can of worms far larger than he was willing to deal with. Instead, he had found himself automatically denying every lustful thought of her he’d ever had.

When she had removed her upper clothing, the sight of her perfectly-formed breasts was one of his dreams come true! Still, he knew it was something he should avoid and had tried tonight to suppress his lust. Beyond that, the already-present awkwardness between them because of their opposing points of view didn’t need to be added to. Perhaps it was the shock of the whole occasion, but somehow he had kept a level head against the terrible odds.

As the evening lingered on, Finley found himself concentrating more and more on his beautiful sister. Before he registered what was happening, his hand invaded his boxers instinctively, finding the manly digit concealed beneath them. It had already been growing to its firm six-and-a-half inches – a very respectable size, he thought, for being as young as he was.

While thoughts of his sister – and her succulent, bare breasts staring him in the face – took residence in his mind, his fingers began gently traversing the length of the solid shaft in his underwear. He remembered the feel of his sister’s soft, womanly chest as he cupped it in his hands. The moment had been brief, but it had been enough. It was an experience that, given the chance again, he would certainly accept.

In one fell swoop, he removed his boxers and piled another wad of lotion into his hand. He settled back, his fingers now wrapping around and gliding smoothly along the shaft of his sturdy sex. The taboo images of his sister returned easily. He imagined what it would be like to slide his hands over his younger sister’s body. Her slim physique would feel so wonderful under his touch.

He was honest in saying that he’d never had sex, but the truth was that Jessica – if he was given the chance – was someone whom he was more than willing to give his virginity to. Even though they were terribly different, he did care for her and knew her reasonably well – and he again faced the fact that his sister was painfully beautiful. He could just imagine what it would feel like as he pressed himself deeply inside her gorgeous, young teenage body. Oh, the pleasure it would give them both! Oh, Jess...! Finley groaned in his head. Oh...Jess... Oh, sis...! Yeah...!

All at once, he felt his muscles tighten. He stroked harder, brining his orgasm to fruition in his adolescent body. Thinking of his young sister, the climax was startlingly gratifying. Glob after glob of his seed landed on his abdomen and chest. He sighed as his frame relaxed and the high settled, enjoying the thoughts of being with his sister, sexually fulfilling one another. Although they had their differences, it was an experience that he wouldn’t pass up.

Ah, whatever, Finley decided as he started cleaning the adhering white fluids up with a tissue. It’ll never happen. Jess doesn’t think of me like that. He threw the light paper, soiled with his ejaculate, in his trash. There’s no way.

- - -

Barely more than a room away, Jessica sat on her bed with a melancholy heaviness, tears threatening to overflow from her eyes. She breathed deeply, trying to control her emotions. He brother, she confirmed once again, was one of the most infuriating young men she knew. All she wanted was to be closer to him. They were terribly different – worlds apart – and she knew that. They argued more than they saw eye to eye. All the same, she wished they spent more time together. Perhaps doing so would prove that they actually had common ground and heal the rift growing between them over the last couple years.

It was more than needed now. She wanted a special man in her life so badly, a desperate fact that had burned her recently. The more she thought about it, the more she knew that her debonair older brother, Finley, could fill the role. He could be someone she could confide in and support her. She could lean on him through the difficult times of her life, lending advice and encouragement where necessary – even carry her if needed. They didn’t need to be boyfriend-girlfriend close, obviously; being good sibling friends would work. She just felt so empty. It was an emotional void that only a man with an unwavering commitment to her could satisfy.

How could Finley not see that? Couldn’t he choose to be that man? How could her brainiac older brother be so blind? Could he really be so intelligent in some ways and so dense in others? It was what she needed more than anything and he apparently didn’t understand her intentions, rejecting her offer to be closer. Finley was the most prominent man in her life, even more than their father was. Now, he had declined to get to know her better and be there for her. Without that support, she felt so lost. The pain in her chest from it all felt very real.

Her close friends were fantastic, but they could only do so much. Sure, they shared their secrets and helped each other out. Jessica loved having so many close girlfriends. Innately, though, she felt there was something about having a strong, directed man in her life that would act as an anchor for her times of trial. Finley was a man of action; he knew where he was heading in life. His deep and quiet emotional strength could do more for her than what even her female companionship could. Now, she felt the chance was slipping away, being irredeemably taken from her.

At last she collapsed onto her bed, burying her face in her pillow. The mental barricade preventing her tears from flowing finally burst. She didn’t even try to stop the sadness from pouring out anymore. She cried softly into the cushy headrest, not wanting anyone to hear her sobs. Warm trickles rolled across her face, disappearing into the pillowcase below. Was it a terrible thing for her to want the company of a man? She was fifteen, after all. She had been interested in boys for a few years, but now she wanted one she could call her own – one that could meet the emotional demands she had. There had to be someone for her. She wasn’t honestly that needy, was she?

Again and again, she took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself. Unfortunately, it would work for only mere seconds. An instant later, another rush of sorrow poured from her eyes. Jessica brought her arms around her body, hugging herself tightly as she tried to trick herself into thinking she wasn’t alone. This tactic, too, only worked temporarily. She sighed in agony into the pillow, not knowing what to try anymore.

Before she realized what she was doing, she felt her fingers slip underneath both her sleep pants and the panties she wore. When awareness of where her hand was going set in, she didn’t stop it. She didn’t care to. This personal act – masturbation – had become her medication recently. Although this comfort didn’t last indefinitely either, it helped to soothe her heartbreaking emotions. It felt like a balm that pacified her crushing anguish in her most desperate and lonely moments and it lasted longer than anything else she had tried.

She had knowingly lied to Finley, though she suspected he possibly already somehow knew, or at least supposed, that she wasn’t unacquainted with self-gratification. Whatever he thought about it, she didn’t care. It felt good. It felt comfortable. It was something she knew. Jessica knew her mother would be appalled should it ever be discovered, but the young woman was through worrying about others’ opinions of how she resolved her needs on her own – particularly her mother’s idea of what a “prim and proper” young woman should be.

Her breathing slowed as her fingers slowly rubbed along the shaved pubic entrance to her body, each breath feeling richer and more rejuvenating than the last. She reveled in the feeling as her slender fingers grazed the tender skin between her legs, leaving a tingling sensation in their wake. It brought so much needed comfort and satisfaction. She rolled onto her back, relaxing and letting the feeling of self-instigated sexual pleasure wash over her.

Unexpectedly, her thoughts drifted to Finley again. She knew what girls her age saw in him, though Finley seemed oblivious to their interest. She had overheard their talk from time to time and, in her innermost thoughts, she agreed with them. Besides being so emotionally stable, he was undeniably handsome.

Her seventeen-year-old brother had a physique that rivalled any of the football-playing athletes that she and her peers swooned over. His black hair – shaggy but somehow orderly – fell over his head in an attractive way that melted any girl’s resistance. The brown eyes he had were piercing and calculating, as though he could always see the truth, even when it was cleverly hidden. Taken altogether, her brother’s magic presence mesmerized any girl she knew, and not even Jessica herself was immune to the spell.

Over and over, she thought of how much she admired her older brother. Surprisingly, it enhanced the enjoyment of her personal intimate session far more than subtracting anything from it. She loved him. Her love, perhaps, was even something that was bordering on forbidden, but she still felt willing to offer herself.

If only he could join me in here, she yearned in her mind. If only he’d just let go of his damn pride sometimes! If it would keep him close, I’d give him all the pleasure in the world!

It was true that his business-minded attitude annoyed her. Why couldn’t he just enjoy life? There wasn’t really a place for her when he involved himself in business matters, just as there wasn’t really a place for him in the parties she attended. Despite it all, though, and how much he seemed to resent her intrusion into his dealings, despite the way in which she despised him meddling in hers, she adored Finley and wanted to be closer with him. She couldn’t explain it. She just knew that want was there.

Jessica’s fingers were working harder now, labouring to bring her body to fulfillment. She agreed with herself that Finley wouldn’t have to offer her something this intimate and personal. She could pleasure her own body just as well as he could, she was sure. Would he even have any desire to be this loving with her? Either way, Jessica just wanted a male counterpart she could rely on – one she could confide in. If their love one day grew this deep, then so be it. She would accept and embrace it with all her heart.

Shifting her hand slightly, Jessica’s thumb pressed and spiralled around the little bulb ornamenting the slit between her thighs. As it spun circles around her clitoris, she felt her body tensing uncontrollably. All at once, the feeling of an orgasm ripped through her body. She wanted to shout in ecstasy, but caught her voice just in time as it began to squeak. After several seconds of pleasurable bliss, her muscles relaxed and her breath returned.

She lay there breathing for a time, not moving except for her heaving chest. She basked in the pacifying emotion as it slowly left her body, reinvigorating her intellect. Feeling immensely better, Jessica brought her hand out of her clothes and she crawled under her bedspread. The pain and bitterness of rejection had been softened enough that she could clear her mind and sleep. Self-fulfillment helped; it always did.

She realized the feelings of wanting someone to share herself with would return, but for now she was content. Sometime down the road, she knew, there would come a man into her life to keep her by his side. Whether or not it would be Finley, she didn’t know. She just looked forward to the day and was alright with just that hope for right now.

With that beautiful thought in mind, Jessica closed her eyes and opened her mind to whatever dreams came her way.

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