From the time I could walk my (uncles) have trained me. They were former Special Forces and Seals so I learned everything from being a sniper to hand to hand combat. My father was swat and I knew he was military before that but he wouldn’t speak about it. As much as I respected my uncles I was going to go to college before thinking of the military.

I slowed and started walking after finishing my ten mile run. I grinned as uncle Roger walked towards me from the driveway, “you missed a good run.”

He didn’t smiled and I slowed, “dad?”

I knew he had been working on a mob drug production ring and warrant arrests. Roger shook his head, “they knew swat was coming and set traps. Your dad was killed.”

I stopped walking as my world spun. Roger took my shoulder, “it is worse.”

I looked at him and he took a breath, “your father killed Nick Spinogatti before he died. His father Santine has already issued a contract for you and your mother.”

I looked around, “mom is overseas.”

He pulled on my shoulder, “we need to get inside. Your father’s precinct is sending a couple of officers.”

I shook my head as I started walking, “tell them to stay away.”

He cleared his throat, “Alex...”

I growled as I opened the door and walked into the house, “they could have walked away if they knew my dad and the police were coming. Who is coming to do the official notification?”

Roger followed me in, “captain Denver.”

I nodded as I headed towards my room and a shower, “I need a favor.”

I turned to look at him, “I need all the files for the Spinogatti family or mob or whatever they want to call it.”

He sighed, “Alex...”

I cut him off, “if you can’t I will find a way to do it another way.”

He followed me into the house, “I’ll call Max and David.”

My other uncles had a lot of sources and could get the file quietly. My shower was only a couple of minutes long and then I was dressing. I grabbed an old nine shot security pump shotgun and loaded it with three inch hollow point sabot rounds. I walked back into the other room, “what is taking the captain?”

Roger turned, “they are on the way.”

He looked at the shotgun, “you think that will...”

We heard tires squealing as two car stopped in the drive. I walked towards the front door as I took the safety off. Roger spun and trotted towards the stairs down to the back door. I stood to the left of the door and peeked out before shifting back as automatic fire ripped into it. I waited as the door was shredded and swung open.

When the weapons stopped firing I spun around the door and fired into a man’s chest. I continued to walk as I pumped and shot a second man trying to change a magazine. I pumped another round into the chamber as I kept walking and shot a third man through the face. The last one on the porch was trying to untangle himself from the first man that had fallen back into him.

I chambered another round and shot him between the eyes. I pumped the shotgun and shouldered it as I walked off the porch and aimed at one of the two men by the vehicles. I shot the one on the left since he was holding a pistol, as he went back I shifted to the other man. He was pulling a pistol as I aimed and fired.

I kept walking as two more men walked around the corner. One was carrying a shotgun and I fired into his chest. He went back and into the last man as he fired a machine pistol that sprayed one of the vehicles. I chambered another round and aimed before shooting him through the mouth.

I looked at the police car pulling into the drive and stopping. I calmly reloaded the shotgun as captain Denver and his driver got out of the vehicle with their weapons drawn. When I was finished the captain was walking towards me, “what the hell...”

I looked at him coldly, “they would be from Spinogatti. What took you so long?”

He opened his mouth before closing it, “you know?”

I snorted, “uncle Roger is here and told me thirty minutes ago.”

I started for the door and he followed, “I need your weapon.”

I stopped and turned to look at him, “do you know which cop warned them my father was coming?”

He shifted and shook his head and I nodded, “so as far as I know it could be you.”

His mouth tightened, “you don’t want to go there.”

I looked into his eyes, “it is going rain and the one that is dirty is going to be caught in it.”

I shifted as Roger came out and unloaded the shotgun and tossed it to the captain, “let me know when the detectives get here.”

For several hours crime scene techs and detectives were everywhere. Uncles Sam, Max and David arrived and walked in as I was telling another detective what happened for the sixth time. I looked at them, “mom needs someone with her.”

Roger grinned, “well I wouldn’t mind spending time with her.”

I snorted, mom and my father were separated. They still spoke and she still spent nights in his bed. Right now she was working with a travel agency, “the last time she threatened to cut something off.”

They laughed and I glanced around as the detectives walked away, “hell is going to rain down. Seriously one of you needs to go.”

David handed me a packet, “don’t ask how I got it.”

He looked at the others before walking towards the door. Max cleared his throat, “they are going to watch you.”

I smiled at him, “they are going to watch all of us.”

I looked out over the lake, “I have a way in and out.”

I turned and went to look out the front door as one of the police lieutenants I had known most of my life walked towards me, “we will leave a couple of men but...”

I gestured, “I neither want nor need the police to guard me sir.”

He stopped in front of me, “if you think...”

I growled, “they made their bed. I would stay away from their operations if I were you.”

He glanced past me at uncle Sam, “don’t do anything crazy Alex.”

I smiled thinly, “now what could a boy like me do?”

He snorted before looking around, “just watch your back and don’t get caught.”

I nodded, “you will have men stationed at the entrance to our property?”

He nodded, “if we can’t guard you and keep an eye on things we do it the hard way.”

I turned, “tell them to bring coffee.”

I walked into the house and went into dad’s study to read the packet uncle David had given me. I separated it into target priorities and a couple of hours later I stood and went to burn everything. I went down into the rec room and moved the switch to look into my father’s armory. I shook my head, “I can’t have a weapon traced back to me.”

I closed it before going to dress in dark clothing and pack a small pack. I looked out front before nodding to my uncles and leaving through the side door. I followed the lake for a couple of hundred meters before turning and moving up and into the brush. I followed a narrow trail as I started jogging and fifteen minutes later I was looking into a small community.

I could have stolen a car but this close to home they would know it was me. I found a mountain bike left at the small corner park and rode away. Thirty minutes later I hid the bike and stole a car from a busy parking lot. My first target was a warehouse on the other side of the city. I parked several blocks away and headed around to an adjacent warehouse.

I looked down from the roof to see a couple of men watching. I checked everything before moving back and climbing down. I walked around and straight towards the two men. When they saw me they straightened and started towards me. I smiled, “I’m lost.”

They hesitated and before they could decide what to do I struck. I jabbed a stiff hand strike into one’s throat and kicked the other between the legs. The first went down choking with his windpipe crushed and the second folded. I moved to the side and brought a fist down on the back of his neck before kneeling and striking again to make sure.

I searched them and took the two pistols before starting for the door into the warehouse. There were boxes and crates stacked everywhere and even from the door I could smell the packing grease from weapons. I moved through the warehouse until I reached the back office. One of the Spinogatti lieutenants worked out of this office and I wanted information.

I walked into the office and shot the two men lounging on a couch before pointing one of the pistols at the man behind the desk. He stood, “you don’t...”

I growled as I crossed the room, “you are going to answer my questions or I will kill you.”

I grabbed his shoulder and yanked him around and started pushing until he was in the center of the room. I checked and removed the pistol he was carrying before making him kneel. Twenty minutes later I shot him between the eyes. I went out and checked the weapons and crates. I took some of the explosives and one of the silenced MP5's with a dozen magazines.

I loaded them from a case of ammo I broke open before moving back to the plastic explosives. I walked out and headed back to the car and by the time I opened the door a huge explosion ripped the warehouse apart. I drove to a set of apartments before leaving the car. I walked away and into another large apartment complex.

I kept the shoulder bag with all the magazines and the MP5 on a shoulder strap. I didn’t even slow when I reached the apartment and kicked the front door open. I lifted the MP5 and fired into the two men that spun and reached for weapons. The silenced rifle ripped into both men as I continued to move and shot another man as he rushed around a corner.

They were the only ones here and I took keys from one before starting to move bales of money out to a truck. From the number and size it was at least twenty five million and that would hurt Spinogatti where it mattered. Since I was wearing tight gloves I wasn’t worried about prints. My boots had slip soles with pull overs to avoid prints.

I left in the truck and headed to my next stop. The large house I stopped at had a man out front. I shot him five times with the MP5 as I walked to the door. I walked through the large door and killed another man as he turned and continued into the parlor. The girls in the room were all in their early teens and Asian sex slaves.

They crowded together as I continued through the room and into the kitchen. I put a bullet between the book keeper’s eyes and ripped out the gas line from the stove. I collected the books before walking back through the other room. Most of the girls had ran out as I headed up the stairs. I killed four men in four rooms and told the girls they had to leave.

I found Peter Spinogatti with two girls. He was Nick’s brother and I put a bullet between his eyes. When I returned downstairs two girls were by the door and gas was filling the house. They wouldn’t look up and were trembling. One shifted, “can we go with you?”

There was something about her. They both looked to be in their teens and wore thin dresses. I shouldn’t have even thought of taking them but nodded, “stay behind me.”

I walked out and headed back to the truck and had the two girls squeeze in together. I drove away and went to an automated storage complex. I input a false name and address before inserting bills to pay for a few months. I unloaded the bales of cash before buying and using a lock they provided. I drove away and headed across the city.

I parked in an empty store parking lot before taking the rifle apart and putting it in my pack with the pistols. I had the girls get out and wiped everything we might have touched even though I wore gloves. As we walked I hesitated before talking to the girls. Zoe was the one to speak to me and her friend was Mya. They were from China and sold by their parents.

They were tired before we reached the narrow trail through the woods. It was very dark but they followed me down the trail. Halfway to the lake I stopped to hid the pack. I led the girls to the lake and then over the rocks on the edge and back to the house. When I came in downstairs I smiled as I saw the small forge burning and hot.

I turned to strip the girls and myself. I burned everything they and I had worn and waited until it was just ash. I led the girls upstairs and nodded to uncle Sam. He lifted an eyebrow at the girls but didn’t say anything. I led them to my room and then into my bathroom. I washed them both before myself, I dried them and pulled them to my bed.

I pushed them into bed before following and holding Zoe, “sleep.”

It was a few hours before I woke to voices and glanced at the girls and slipped out of bed. I grabbed my robe on the way out and found my uncles facing captain Denver and another officer, “what hell is going on?”

The captain looked at me, “someone blew up a warehouse owned by Spinogatti and killed several men. They also raided what looks like a counting house and stole the money after killing three men. There is also a house fire in a brothel where at least two men were killed and several others are believed to be dead.”

I shrugged, “what does this have to do with us?”

He took a step towards me, “you have motive.”

I smiled, “so do a lot of people. On top of my list would be my father’s team and you.”

He stopped as the other officer cleared his throat, “what do you mean?”

I shook my head as I turned to go back to bed, “think about it. My father may have been the only one killed but his whole team was set up and the captain here has made very public statements about the people responsible getting the death penalty.”

I closed the door to my room and looked at the two sleeping girls. I took my robe off as I climbed back into bed and snuggled up behind Zoe. I caressed her bare hip and closed my eyes. I woke as I was pushed onto my back and looked at Zoe when she straddled me, “what are you doing?”

She rubbed her pussy on me, “you want us?”

I reached up to rub her breasts and then gave a nipple a tug, “that depends of if you want me.”

She grinned as she lifted and Mya held my cock. I groaned as I pushed up into a girl for the first time. Zoe sighed as she wiggled as if to get comfortable and then she began to rock and twist. She rolled her hips while her tight pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered. Mya snuggled against me as Zoe began to breath harder and her pussy became slick.

She jerked and spasmed a minute later and I grinned as I reached up to feel her breasts and then rub the nipples, “having fun?”

She nodded and rubbed her pussy on me almost desperately. I loved her slippery pussy as she kept fucking my cock and started to twist and shove down. She bounced and rocked and rolled her hips as her pussy constantly grasped. She wiggled and suddenly wailed as she thrashed around and wet me while her pussy tightened, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I groaned and thrust up before grunting as I began gushing a fountain of cum. She jerked and spasmed while pushing down and shuddering, “mmmmm!”

I held her hips as she rubbed her pussy on me and I continued to spurt until I was done. I relaxed and shivered and she fell on me. I hugged her and caressed her hips and back, “thank you Zoe.”

She looked into my eyes before smiling and giving me a kiss. She lifted her hips and moved to my other side as Mya took her place and straddled me. I caressed her sides and reached between us to lift my cock. She rubbed her slit on the head before slowly impaling herself. She sat and then looked at me as if waiting.

I reached for her breasts and began kneading them. She sighed and wiggled and a minute later began to rub her pussy on me. She slowly began to thrust back and forth while rubbing her pussy. She smiled and shivered as her pussy tightened and squeezed, “mmmm!”

Zoe put her head on my shoulder as I continued to feel Mya’s breasts and she began to breath harder. She shuddered and became erratic while her pussy got slick and continued to grasp my cock. I smiled as I pulled her down and shifted until she was under me. I kissed her and started to fuck her slowly with long strokes.

She humped and began writhing around, “ooohhhh!”

I continued to fuck her and buried my cock to use short grinding thrusts. She clutched me and thrashed around as she wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

I used firm jabbing thrusts and began to rub against her as she wiggled and squirmed and then started to buck and struggle. I pulled back and fucked her hard and deep as I tried to cum and she lifted her legs and spread them wide. I kissed her when I pushed into her and began to gush and spew.

Her pussy tightened and she jerked and spasmed as warm sperm began pumping into her. When I was done she shuddered and slowly relaxed on the bed. I gave her another kiss before I pulled out and moved off the bed. I helped them out and pulled them after me and into the bathroom.

After a shower I gave them a shirt to wear before getting dressed. I walked them out and to the kitchen where my uncles were pretending to look anywhere but at me. I shook my head as I made us cereal, “did David get to mom?”

Roger nodded, “she wasn’t happy and is coming home.”

I nodded and started eating, “when are they going to release dad?”

Max shrugged, “later today.”

I looked at them, “can you make the arrangements?”

Sam nodded, “already done.”

I looked at the kitchen counter, “I have a couple more targets.”

Max cleared his throat, “are you sure you want to do this kid?”

I looked at him, “when they set the trap they were only thinking about what the police could do. I am not the police.”

They were quiet and Max sighed, “open your father’s armory.”

I looked at him and he shrugged, “they are going to come heavy.”

I nodded and went to the rec room as they followed and opened the armory, “if you use it make sure we get it back.”

They grinned and Sam hit my shoulder, “you have something?”

I snorted as I headed back to the kitchen. I finished eating before going to get dressed. I left the two girls with my uncles when I slipped out. This time I ended up walking a long way before acquiring a scooter. I had picked up my pack but left the weapons inside. The large estate was on the edge of the city with police surveillance watching it.

What they weren’t watching was the one next to it. I left the scooter behind some trash cans and climbed the wall. I looked around as I slipped a mask on and dropped into the estate. I ignored the house as I crossed the lawn and removed the pack. I pulled out the pistols and put the MP5 together before climbing the wall between estates.

They didn’t even have security as I walked to the back of the manor. I walked through a patio door and into the house before I started going from room to room. I found Angel Spinogatti with a dozen men in what looked like a bar. I fired into the chest of one man as I started across the room. I took each as they became a threat and reached for a weapon.

I wasn’t surprised when I reached Angel and he was cowering. I shot him twice in the head and turned to walk out. I left the way I had come in as I took the weapon apart and put everything back into the pack. I went over the wall and walked across to the far wall before climbing over.

I removed the mask before I jumped down and moved to the scooter. I left the scooter where I had found it and began walking home. I hid the pack beside the path again and burned my clothes before going upstairs. Max grinned, “your timing is perfect.”

I headed for the hall, “why?”

Sam chuckled, “the police scanner just started screaming about someone killing Angel Spinogatti.”

I went to put clothes on before coming out. I pulled Mya up and sat before pulling her onto my lap, “who is Angel Spinogatti?”

They laughed as I turned to Zoe, “we need to find clothes for you.”

She smiled as she moved closer, “sexy clothes?”

I smiled, “I would have to beat my uncles off.”

She leaned against me as my uncles laughed and I looked at Mya, “maybe nice skirts with thin white blouses? We can get bikinis so you can swim or tan.”

She smiled and nodded and wiggled again and Sam laughed, “I think she wants something.”

I smiled as I stood with Mya and headed towards the hall. I stopped when I heard gunshots in the distance and looked at my uncles who weren’t smiling. I let Mya go and ran to my room for one of my hunting rifles. It was a semi auto Remington that I had gotten for my birthday. I returned to the front room and sent the girls to my room.

I headed for the front door, Max was in the doorway and Roger and Sam were outside. I stepped out and moved to the left where a large stone planter held a thick flower bush. I knelt and waited as I watched the road. It was only moments before the two large suvs sped up the road and into the driveway.

The doors opened and eight men jumped out with automatic rifles. I shot one man and that opened the ball. My uncles and I were basically in a vee and had them in a cross fire. Four fell with our first shots and the other four lifted weapons to return fire but we fired again and only one managed to shoot.

Bullets hit the area in front of and beside uncle Roger. He was at the corner of the house and only him and Max had a shot at the one man left. They both fired and the man went down and after a minute we moved forward to check the men. They were dead or dying as we moved any weapons away from them.

Max went into the house to call the police and it was barely a couple of minutes before we had cruisers flying up the road and into the driveway. The police officer that had been at the end of the road had been shot and wounded. Again it was hours before the police left us to clean up the mess.

This time the captain was looking very grim as he watched and listened to the detective questioning us. They asked what we were doing earlier and my uncle Max was very blunt when he told them we were planning my father’s funeral. The detective watched me when he told us about Angel Spinogatti being killed.

I didn’t react and he smiled slightly before moving on to other questions. The girls either stayed in the kitchen or my bedroom while the police were there. Once they left I went to find the them and caught Mya as she clutched me. I held out my arm and pulled Zoe against us and she sighed.

I led them out and pushed Sam out of the kitchen, “you burn everything.”

I started to make dinner with the girls helping and put everything on the table. While everyone ate I went to change and slip out. This time when I came to the edge of the woods I saw the unmarked police car. I was behind a tall thick bush and smiled before moving back. I headed to the left and came out on another street.

I found a bike laying on a lawn and rode away. This time I knew there would be a lot of cops watching. I stopped at a busy mall that wasn’t to far away. It was already dark as I hid the bike and went looking for something else. What I found was several scooters and an old motorcycle.

I picked the lock on the motorcycle and took it and drove across the city. I parked in the dark dirt alley a block from Santine Spinogatti. I moved to the wall and slipped the mask on before going over. I moved slowly as I started for the side wall into the next estate. There were several estates before I reached Spinogatti’s.

This time there were guards walking around with the yard lights on. I put the MP5 together as I watched and waited from the top of the wall where the shadows hid me. I finally aimed and squeezed the trigger. The silenced MP5 coughed and the guard dropped behind the bush he was walking by.

I shifted and aimed and waited before squeezing the trigger again. One by one I killed the six men walking around the estate where they wouldn’t be seen. I dropped to the ground before walking towards the rear patio. When I walked into the room four men looked up. I put a burst into each as they scrambled and tried to pull weapons.

After that I began to move through the house. The first room I entered was a large study and two men turned. One grabbed for a weapon in his jacket and I shot him three times in the chest. I aimed at Santine Spinogatti as he lifted his hands, “I am unarmed.”

I put a burst into his chest, “to bad.”

I dropped the ledgers from the brothel and turned as I heard men yelling and sirens and went back out the way I had come. When I reached the wall I could see flashing lights at the main gate. I went over the wall and started making my way back to the alley. Lights were coming on in houses as I went passed but no one came out.

When I slipped over the wall into the alley I saw a police car at the other end blocking it. I took the weapons apart and put them in the pack. I pushed the motorcycle to the street and looked out before getting on and starting it. I returned it to the mall I had stolen it from and left a couple of hundreds tucked between the seat and the gas tank.

I took the bike and rode back to where I had found it before slipping into the woods. I moved through them and hid the pack before coming out by the lake. I stripped before walking on the rocks back to the house. When I came in I stopped to burn everything before climbing the stairs.

Roger grinned, “we have two police cars in the drive. They haven’t got out yet.”

Zoe and Mya stood and walked to me and I headed for the hall, “I imagine they will have a search warrant this time.”

I went to shower and grinned as I put the girls in dress shirts and slipped pants on. I pulled them after me and down to the rec room. I started a movie and sat with them until uncle Sam walked down with captain Denver and several police officers. He gestured, “they have a warrant.”

I looked at the captain before nodding, “I’ll contact my father’s lawyer and have him look into it.”

I turned back to the movie and Denver cleared his throat, “you killed Santine Spinogatti.”

I glanced at him, “are you making an accusation? I hope you have evidence.”

The officers were looking around the room and I pulled the girls up and gestured to the seats we had been in, “you can search here too.”

They blushed and one murmured as he went past, “fuck him, the bastard should have been killed long ago.”

I smiled as I looked at Denver, “and is internal affairs checking Santine’s home for evidence to show which cop is dirty?”

I saw the way the uniforms grinned as Denver’s face paled. He spun and left the room and I looked at Sam, “want to bet he is going to Santine’s?”

The uniforms straightened and looked at each other before walking for the stairs. I saw one using his cell and hesitated before following with the girls. The police were still looking around an hour later when dispatch came on for all available officers. Someone had hit two of Spinogatti’s operations and there was a gun fight.

They left quickly but everyone stopped to apologize. We locked up and my uncles grinned as they sat around drinking coffee while I pulled the girls after me. I closed the door to my room and turned to remove the shirts they wore before stripping. They climbed into bed and I followed and laid beside Mya and softly caressed her hip as I relaxed.

She looked at me a couple of minutes later and smiled as she turned to face me. She kissed me softly before throwing her leg over my hips and straddling me. She sat up and lifted to position my cock before slowly sitting. She wiggled and put her hands on my chest as Zoe moved over next to us.

She started rocking and her warm pussy began to grasp my cock, “will you keep us?”

I reached for her breasts and cupped them, “here the women decide if they stay with a man. If you wish to stay with me I would like it.”

She grinned as Zoe put her head on my shoulder and began to rub her pussy and wiggle. It was a couple of minutes before she was breathing hard and shuddering. Her pussy was slick and kept tightened as she became erratic. She moaned louder and jerked back and forth as her pussy clenched, “ooohhh!”

I was kneading her breasts and rubbing the nipples and she started twisting and rolling her hips. She was panting and spasming and a few minutes after that she fell forward onto me. I rubbed her back before shifting until she was under me. I kissed her and began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She sighed and lifted her hips each time I pushed into her.

It took several minutes before I needed to cum and Mya was shaking and spasming. I kissed her as I buried my cock and began to pump thick spurts of cum. She jerked and her pussy gripping my cock as she clung to me, “YES!”

When I was done I held her as my cock continued to throb and she slowly relaxed. I pulled out and Zoe pulled on me, “me?”

I kissed her before moving over her and slowly sinking my cock into her tight pussy. She sighed and wiggled as I settled and kissed her. She grinned and humped as her pussy tightened. Mya giggled as I laughed and kissed Zoe before I pulled back and began to fuck her. I used deep strokes and kept kissing her as she hugged me and thrust up.

A few minutes and she was shuddering hard and jerking as her slippery pussy constantly squeezed. She began to wail and thrash and I began to fuck her firmly and grind. It was awhile before she was twisting and writhing around as I fucked her with deep strokes while I tried to cum.

I planted my cock each time and pushed and rubbed and she started to convulse, “aaaahhhh!”

I finally buried my cock and kissed her while gushing spurts of cum. She tightened her hold as her pussy grasped my cock, “mmmm!”

I heard giggling from the door and shivered as I finished cumming and looked. My mother was still dressed for travel and smiled, “she looks like she enjoyed that.”

I kissed Zoe and pulled out before moving off the bed and grabbing my robe, “they claimed me.”

She grinned as I walked to her and gave her a kiss. She sighed and hugged me, “I’m sorry about your father.”

I nodded and turned to look at the girls, “the girls need clothes and papers.”

She smiled, “I can help with both.”

My father’s viewing was later the next day and almost every available police officer came. Other gangs were still hitting Spinogatti operations across the city and the state. The funeral was the following morning and thousands of people came.

I noticed captain Denver missing and Roger snorted, “he is under arrest. He was bribed and the DA is considering charging him in your father’s death and the attempted murder of this team.”

I growled but Sam bumped me, “let it go. They have him and he will face the death penalty.”

He was found guilty and sentenced after a year long trail. I melted the weapons I had used and moved the money I had stolen. I wasn’t surprised when mom moved in with David and later married him. She did arrange papers for the girls and loves to take them shopping. Even after going to college they are still with me and love to tease my uncles before pulling me to bed.
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