Not true, but a lot of reality
During the days and weeks following hurricane Katrina my wife and I, as well as her co-workers, did as much as we could to help the throngs of people who had temporarily relocated to our east Texas town. During the Labor Day weekend right after the storm, a group of us had gone to one of the hotels with a truck load of grills, a couple of coolers full of drinks and set up shop in the hotel parking lot. Every hotel in town was full of evacuees with little in the way of belongings who had been cooped up for a week eating Salvation Army concession stand food. We had hoped to help lighten things up a little by roasting some brisket and goat (it’s a Texas thing), and passing out a few beers, after all they were from Louisiana.

Once we got set up and had the fires cooking, some of the locals took all the kids to the soccer fields in a borrowed church bus and the adults enjoyed the cookout around the hotel pool. I was on grill duty and Jill (my wife) was at the chip and dip table. We were pretty busy for the first hour but we enjoyed the chance to help out.

Being the guy I am, I casually checked out all the girls and women at the cookout. I enjoy women of all flavors and my eyes have gotten good at discreetly checking out pretty much anything from 13 to 63 that passes in front of me. There were several young moms there that were worth a second look, but all in all, most folks had a haggard tired look and I felt guilty checking out the ass of someone who may have lost her home. Still, my eyes are too well trained not to look and that’s why I saw Tina.

I have always had a serious thing for redheads, probably because I had never had very good luck with them and you always want what you haven’t got. She was short, barely over five feet tall, with that crazy red hair you would expect on a leprechaun. She had her back to my when I first saw her. She was wearing a fitted gray tee shirt and light blue yoga pants. She had a round little bubble butt just starting to plump. They swelled into nice round hips and quickly tapered to a small waist. I am an ass man, especially nice big round ones. I have never been much for big chests; I can’t seem to get over the fact that they are going to droop like hell in a few years if they are too big. Besides, small tits usually come with small girls; and while I like big butts, I like them on small girls.

I dig soccer moms. There is just something about them when I see them at the grocery store or gas station that turns me on. I know most guys want to fantasize about hot Russian tennis players or teenage cheerleaders (OK, I do too), but show me a thirty year old mommy doing yard work in a pony tail and sweaty jogging shorts and I’m in heaven.

As I got back to work, I kept my eyes in her direction as she mingled towards us. Finally she got closer and turned to face me. Wow. She looked tired but she was one of the few people who were smiling. Freckles, no make up, great teeth, nice eyes though I couldn’t tell the color. I noticed two other things immediately that struck me, she had good taste in beer (Bass), and she was wearing a college tee shirt from my wife’s alumni.

“Jill” I said out loud. She was busy passing out plates but she glanced at me briefly. I motioned to the girl in the Tech shirt. Jill cast a glance back at me and smiled. Jill had graduated from a great tight knit school in the southeast. In addition to turning out great engineers they turned out some damn loyal alumni. They knew no strangers among one another. It just so happened that Jill was also wearing a Tech shirt that day. When the red haired girl came to the chip table she and Jill immediately started talking.

“Did you go to Tech?” Jill asked.

“Yeah, civil, ninety-seven, how about you?” She replied

“Materials, ninety-eight, my name is Jill, this is my husband James. Are you here alone?” Jill asked.

“I’m Tina. No, my daughter went with the kids to the park. She is five. It’s just the two of us. We are up here from Gulfport Mississippi, ya’ll live up here?” She asked.

“Yeah, we are originally from Tennessee, but we moved down a couple of years ago for my work. Gulfport, I am so sorry, you guys got it pretty bad, do you have any family down there?” Jill asked as she stepped from the table to let another co-worker take over.

“No, it’s just me and Haley. My husband died in Afghanistan three years ago. I have been working as the assistant city engineer since I graduated, but I’m not sure there is much city to go back to. We were luckier than most, we had been on vacation and had some stuff packed. We were on our way home when the evacuation was announced, I called in and my boss said to turn around and head back out and here we are.” She said. As she spoke she looked over Jill’s shoulder towards the horizon, her mind lost in another place.

“Look, anything, I mean anything you need you call me and I’ll take care of. If you need a babysitter or a place to do laundry or a place to stay, you name it. My son is five so Haley can come over and play anytime.” Jill said in earnest. The two women walked out of earshot, and I started getting some meat ready to serve. It was an hour before I saw Jill again.

“What’s up?” Jill said as she approached me from behind while I was putting the last of the ribs on a platter. As soon as my hands were empty she pinched my butt and tipped her chin up for a kiss. We are a very affectionate couple, not crude; we just never quit acting like kids with each other.

“Did you make a friend? You two were gone a while.” I asked.

“Yeah, well, I need to ask you something. Tina went to Tech. She is from Gulfport and she is alone here with her daughter. They have been on the road for a while and she is not sure how long she will be in town. She does not have much in the way of family to fall back on. She had a good job and she has money in the bank, but the hotel and all is going to go through it . . .”

“Yes.” I interrupted. “I would be privileged, besides, she is really cute.” I teased.

Jill kicked my lightly on the shin. “Are you sure, I mean we will have to scrunch things around a little at the house. It won’t be for too long.” Jill said as she ritually chewed her lip, as she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and crooked grin. She had known my answer before she even asked but she still wanted it to be OK with me.

“Babe, she and her little girl can stay as long as they need to, hell they can stay indefinitely as far as I’m concerned. You oughta know by now that I wouldn’t say no to you on something like this. If you feel OK with her, then I’m OK. Did you already get her stuff packed?” I asked as I began scrubbing the grill.

“Yeah, kind of.” Jill blushed.

“Good, as soon as her daughter is back you two can head home and start laundry or whatever, I’ll finish up here. Is there anything you need me to pick up on the way home?” I asked.

Jill had a list of things I needed to pick up. She was like that. There had never been any doubt she was going to be an engineer, she was just such a detail-oriented person. She was not happy unless there was something to plan and organize. I watched her butt jiggle through her linen shorts as she walked away. She was short with broad hips and great shoulders, short sandy blonde hair, a thin waist; maybe not a beauty queen, but cute, smart, and funny. Thirty years and two kids had not been too hard on Jill. She was not in the shape she had been in college but in most ways I liked the package a lot more now.

After I finished up at the hotel and had my things loaded, I picked up the list of household items Jill had left for me. Then I headed home. We lived in a little cookie cutter sub-division on the outskirts of town. While we could have afforded a lot better, we had never really had the chance to look. When she had transferred down to Texas, we had to buy a house in a hurry and had ended up in suburbia. I still missed the acreage we had had in Tennessee but we had not started looking for anything better here yet. As I pulled into the drive I noticed Tina’s little black Nissan mommy-mobile in the driveway.

The girls were both working in the kitchen when I got home. After I carried everything in I reintroduced myself to Tina and grabbed a beer. The kids were chasing each other around the back yard and seemed to be getting along just fine. After a few minutes, I made myself available to help the girls. Jill immediately put me to work.

While Jill finished cooking, Tina and I began to move her things into the guest room. We keep our computer and office in the guest room so I told Tina how to log on and helped her unpack As we worked and made small talk, I took the time to check her out little more closely. Here eyes were a dark smoky green that smoldered under her thick dark red hair. Her skin was pale with a light dusting of freckles around her nose and eyes. She had small pert breast that were bound by a slightly too tight bra, with nipples that stood out slightly under her tee shirt. As she bent over to put clothes in a drawer I realized that she was wearing a thong under her yoga pants. I was going to enjoy having her here.

Through the small talk she told me about her husband and her family. She hinted off hand that she was glad to be out of the hotel and with people, she had been alone long enough at home, she didn’t want to be alone now. We laughed at each other’s jokes and I could sense the conversation drifting towards flirting when Jill called us to dinner.

After that, we all settled into a routine. Tina was working part time for the city, I was traveling a lot, and Jill and Tina became friends as they kept house together. As the next two weeks passed we all became more comfortable with one another. On more than one occasion we would all be in our underwear on a Sunday morning, or pass each other wearing a towel while getting the kids ready for school. Once Jill and I both walked in on her naked while she was changing clothes in our bathroom, though no one acted terribly startled, we just tried to back out gracefully while she stood unflinching. I had had enough; I needed Jill that night.

Jill was normally very shy about having sex if we had guest because the guest room was right across the hall from our room.

“Can I come over there and play?” I asked her as I chewed her neck and took her magazine away. I pulled the covers down a little so I could slide my hand under her shirt and caress her hip and back.

“No, she is in the next room.” Jill said leaning away half-heartedly.

“Jill, she knows you’re not a nun, besides, she will think we are more weird if we don’t have sex before I go out of town for a week.” I had never stopped the kissing and nibbling on her neck and ears. I dropped my hand from her hip to her abdomen to her pubic mound. I firmly ran my palm over her sex but I held my fingers high, just giving her the sense of pressure. Her response was to melt into my mouth.

“OK, but be quiet.” She said as she reached for me. Jill was an odd girl in bed; she had never been much for foreplay. She would just reach out and grab what she wanted, which in this case rapidly hardening in her hand.

“Don’t tell me to be quiet, you’re the one that screams.” I teased as she slid and dipped down to take me in her mouth. She mostly used her strong little hands when she sucked me, her mouth was just there to lightly tease the first couple of inches and keep me wet and hard while she used both of her hands to stoke and squeeze my cock.

After a half minute she slid her left hand down into her panties and began masturbating. We had left the lamp on the nightstand on and the door was open about four inches so we could hear the kids. As I helped my wife out of her shorts and panties I caught a glimpse of a shadow in the crack of our door. At first there was an instant of panic until I realized it was too tall for one of the kids. So she wanted to watch huh. Jill and I had had sex in front of other people a few times in college and it was still a fond memory of mine. I was actually throbbing at the thought of an audience.

I pulled Jill away from what was turning into a fantastic blowjob and pulled her on top of me. As we kissed she reached down between us and guided me into her like a key into a lock. As soon as we were coupled, I rolled her over and began to slowly take long deep strokes in and out. I had positioned Jill across the bed so Tina would have a good view. After a few minutes, Jill threw both of her legs over my shoulders and I rolled her hips up and began pounding down into her.

Jill loves to fuck as hard and rough as possible. I learned a long time ago that if I threw my hipbones into her hard enough to make her whole body quiver with each smack she would lose it quick and stay lost as long as I could keep it up. I set up a steady pounding rhythm and hammered her until the headboard was knocking against the wall. Jill was starting to be very vocal, grunting and groaning in time to each stroke. I was in a groove; I could hold out forever or come whenever I wanted to.

Jill had grabbed a pillow and pulled it over her face and was muffling her cries with it. I took the opportunity to glance at our housemate. Tina was leaning against the wall on the other side of the door jam. I could not make out much but I did see her eyes shining in the lamplight. As I pulled Jill’s ankles over one shoulder I made deliberate eye contact with her. We held each other’s gaze for about three seconds then I increased the fury of my pounding.

Jill’s orgasm was one of the best she had had in months, her entire body went limp except for her lungs and the little fist clutching the pillow. She wailed into the pillow between gasps for breath. Finally after a few minutes she started begging me to come inside her. That always pushed her to another orgasm.

“Please come for me. But be quiet, she is going to hear us. How can I make you come? Come for me baby.” Each sentence came out in a staccato between breathes.

“Baby” I whispered as I collapsed on top of her, “she is already awake, she has been watching us the whole time. Don’t look; I want to give her a show. I want her to see how hot my wife is. Get up and ride me, sit up tall so she can see your body.”

I was more than a little surprised when Jill complied. We rolled over together and she straddled me with her back to the door. She rolled her hips back and forth and ground herself into me for about three minutes until she came again, with her head thrown back and her thick hard nipples jutting into the air.

“I can’t, I am done, you are going to have to finish. Take me from behind.” Jill was exhausted. She rolled off of me and raised her hips up for me. She lay on the bed with her head pointing towards Tina. I caught her stealing a glance before she closed her eyes.

I reentered Jill easily and took her ample hips in my hands. I started with a few slow light strokes but soon picked up the pace. I knew Jill was tired and drying up so I rushed to finish. As I relentlessly pounded into my wife’s hips I once again made eye contact with Tina. Now she was openly staring back at us. She had pushed the door open a few more inches and I could see she had her right hand in her shorts while she bit down on her left thumb.

Knowing that another woman was only a few feet away masturbating while she watched me fuck Jill, and especially knowing that Jill knew and was not trying to stop it was driving me insane. I could feel the explosion welling up inside of me. I had pulled my hands down and had a hold of Jill’s plump little ass as I frantically drove into her. Jill cried out as she felt my cum splatter against her cervix. I threw my head back and groaned through my teeth as wave after wave swept over me.

Jill and I collapsed together on the bed clutching each other tightly as we regained ourselves. When I glanced at the door Tina was gone.

“How long was she there?” Jill asked me as I drew circles on her tummy with my fingers.

“The whole time I think. Did you see her too?” I asked.

“Yeah, a little weird. I am not sure about having her in the house now.” Jill stated, though I sensed something else. Sympathy.

“You know, she has been alone for at least three years babe. Cut her a little slack.” I replied. Then I continued, “You two are going to be alone here for a week while I’m gone. Talk to her and feel her out, whatever you decide, we will do.” I concluded. With that we turned back to the head of our bed, pulled the covers up and cuddled up to sleep. As usual, I got the wet spot.

The next morning Tina could barely contain a smirk as she greeted us for breakfast. Jill could barely look at her, but I smiled proudly and winked at both of them.

The first two nights out of town were uneventful, but during our bedtime phone conversation on the third night Jill dropped a bomb on me. We had just finished going over our day and discussing household business when she paused.

“Sweetie, you alone in your room.” She asked, hesitantly.

“Yep, what’s the matter?” I asked.

“It’s Tina. Something happened with her that I need to talk to you about.” Jill stated, haltingly.

“Is everything OK, you sound kinda weird.” I ventured, not sure where this was going.

“Last night after we got the kids to bed while we were in our room folding laundry, she apologized for the other night, when she watched us. We had made a pitcher of margaritas and we were about half way through it when she started talking. She knew I had seen her and she felt guilty. After we finished the laundry we sat on the bed with our drinks and talked for a long time. Her husband had been overseas for almost a year when the helicopter crashed so she has not really been around a man for almost four years. She had a young child and a full time job so she never really dated afterwards. She is really lonely.” Jill was rushing now, telling me details about how she and Tina sat up talking about men and sex. The conversation had turned to the fact that Tina had shared a room with her daughter since the storm and had had no privacy.

“Well, anyway, I don’t really know how it happened, I mean you know I am not really into that kind of stuff, but the drinks were really strong and well I felt so bad for her and, you know.” Jill left that dangling in the air.

“Know what? Jill where are you going with this?” Now in my mind I had a glimmer of hope, surely not Jill though. I was afraid to even suggest what I was hoping for.

“Jill, tell me what happened.” I asked slowly.

“Maybe it would be better if I told you in person, after you got home.” Her voice trailed off.

“Jill, I am going to be gone until Saturday, I am going to be crazy worrying about you. What happened?” I was a little more assertive, but I was still careful not to push her buttons. The last thing I wanted was for her stubborn streak to kick in.

“She kissed me. Then I kissed her back. We messed around a little then we went to bed.” Her confession poured out quickly with pausing. My heart leapt, this could get really interesting as long as I could defuse Jill’s conscience.

“Was it weird the next morning? How do you feel now? You’re not getting off without telling me a little more then that.” I gently probed.

“Well, I felt weird, but she was very sunshiny and content when she woke up. She got in the shower with me. Are you mad or turned on? Or both?” She asked.

“Oh, you went to bed together. I am not mad at all. I am definitely turned on, but mostly I just want to make sure you’re OK. Uhm, define messed around.” I asked, doubting that she would be very forthcoming.

“Well, we kissed and cuddle a little, I was buzzing pretty good, and then she wanted to get undressed. I kinda balked at that so we compromised. She had not even masturbated in like a month and she really wanted to get off. So we got undressed and masturbated together. We took turns with my vibrator. She was very kissy and affectionate the whole time and I sorta got carried away and let myself go. She held me and kissed me while I came, it was awesome. Then when it was her turn I couldn’t keep my hands off of her while she got off. She begged to kiss and suck her boobs so I did. I so swear I’m not a dyke, it was just so, I don’t know the word. It just felt like it was OK. Are you mad now, or really really turned on?” She finished, putting the ball in my court.

“Jill, are you OK with this, because if you are cool than I am definitely cool. Are you to going to share a bed tonight?” I then had an alarming thought. “Is she there with you now?”


“Has she been listening the whole time?”


“Let me talk to her please.” I asked.

I listened to Tina’s startled yelp when Jill told her I wanted to talk to her.

“Hello Tina. How are you? Has Jill got you feeling all stressed out and guilty?” I said, trying to put her at ease. “Before you say anything I want you to know something, whatever happened was meant to be. I trust Jill completely and I know that neither of you meant any harm. I am fine with this; as long as you two don’t get hurt I am totally OK. I am a little surprised that it ended up being Jill instead of me.”

“It was not her fault, I just have not really been very close to anyone in a long time, I am so sorry. . .” I cut her off.

“Tina, relax, let me talk to Jill for a sec.” I asked.

“Hey” Jill said when she took the phone.

“I told her I was OK with all of this. Don’t let her sleep alone tonight, OK. Jill take care of her. I love you, I trust you, and I am so damn hot for you right now I am steaming. You guys have fun, I’ll Talk to you tomorrow. Love ya.” I said.

“I promise I’ll make this up to you when you get home. I love you too. Bye” Jill said.

I laid down and thought about the conversation for a minute. Then I got up and grabbed a beer out of the mini-fridge. I tried to watch TV but all I could see was my wife with her tongue all over those cute little nipples; or my wife passing a wet vibrator back and forth with Tina; or, and this was the best one, Jill and Tina lying in bed naked kissing. They might be doing that right now. About a half hour later, just as I had undressed and climbed into bed to jack off and go to sleep, the phone rang.

“Hello?” I asked, expecting a drunken wrong number.

“Shhh, I am going to put you on speaker so be quiet.” Jill whispered. Then she went on sounding slightly echoey. “OK, Tina is in the bathroom brushing her teeth, she jumped me a few minutes ago. We are both naked and we are going to do it. I want you to listen, I know how much it will turn you on, just please be quiet. I love you.”

“Thank you Jill, I love you too.” I whispered.

For the next twenty minutes I listened to the sounds of my wife making love with another woman. It was impossible to tell what was going on much of the time but Jill did her best to discreetly talk me through it. Tina was very talkative too. At one point when I knew Jill was penetrating Tina (though I don’t know if it was with her hand, the vibrator, or something else), Tina was crying out that she wished it was me. Jill grabbed that theme and ran with it for a while describing how hard I got and how much Tina would love having me inside of her. After Tina had come; I heard Jill begging Tina to eat her and then I heard Jill begging for ‘it’ harder. After a while they both had come and I was privy to a few minutes of pillow talk. Jill asked Tina if she really wanted me. Tina said of course but she would never ask for that. Jill said she might just get it anyway. Just as I let go and allowed myself to come, I heard Jill whisper ‘I love you’, though I am not sure if it was for me, Tina, or for both of us. Then the phone went dead.

The next two days dragged on for an eternity. Jill made little mention of what happened during our nightly conversations. She mentioned that Tina was staying in our room each night but she would not elaborate. I knew better than to push her. Finally Friday rolled around and we finished up by lunchtime and started the long drive back to whatever branch office we had originated from. I was heading back to Texas alone in the company truck. I called Jill once from Arkansas to let her know I would be home around ten o’clock. She said they would try to stay up.

I have to admit, I did not know what to expect when I got home. The lights were out, so I tip toed in quietly. I dropped my suitcase by the door and slipped passed the bed to take a quick shower. I could see them both in the bed, but I could not tell who was who.
After my shower I made a decision. I normally only wore underwear to bed and it was still my bed and my house, so I wasn’t putting on pajamas now. As I crawled into bed on my side I was careful not to disturb the person lying next to me. After a careful pat or two I determined (thankfully) that it was Jill, so I cuddle up to her. It was then that I realized she had on a shirt but nothing else.

As I was caressing her nude hip, I felt another hand cover mine. My eyes had adjusted to the dark well enough to be able to see Tina looking at me inquisitively. Then without prompting or releasing my hand, she began to nuzzle and kiss Jill.

“We have only been in bed a few minutes. I wanted to wait up for you, but Jill was a big sleepyhead. Do you want me to wake her up?” Tina asked, answering her own question as she kissed Jill more aggressively.

“I think Jill is awake already” I said as I felt Jill’s cool little hand find the waistband of my underwear under the covers.

Jill rolled to her back and I took her in my arms and began warming her up. I had no idea where this was going but I was in bed with to hot women and I was gonna roll with it. Jill kissed back aggressively while she continued pumping her fist up and down my hardening length. Meanwhile, Tina had quickly stripped and gotten out of bed to close the door and turn on a reading lamp. She then quickly climbed back into bed and began trying to undress the two of us. I quickly let her.

Now I slowed down and started teasing Jill a little while I took it all in. I had only briefly seen Tina nude that day in the shower, but now watching as she suckled Jill’s breast and stroked herself I could really appreciate how good she looked. She was much more tight and muscular up close. I watched as Jill’s other hand sought the neatly trimmed patch of fine red hair between Tina’s thighs. Jill’s legs were as wide as she could open herself and now both Tina and I were dipping and sliding our fingers in and around the slippery wet folds while we kissed and nibbled on her chest and neck.

Jill was in rapture, her eyes closed and her mouth partially open, bearing her teeth. She now pulled me insistently towards her, and for the first time Tina touched me also, grasping the base of my shaft and pulling me towards Jill. Needless to say, they did not have to pull hard. I mounted Jill in one smooth motion and slid in her gradually with ever deepening strokes. She sucked air in through her teeth as I found bottom. It was an old dance for us and we responded to each other instinctively as I slowly built up the intensity.

“I want you inside her too, I want to watch you take her. You have to finish me first though,” Jill added, grinning wryly.

I was now sitting on my heels, my knees spread wide with her hips riding the inside of my thighs and her feet over my left shoulder. Tina was sitting in the same position as me at Jill’s shoulder. Jill leaned towards her in an unsuccessful attempt to get her mouth to Tina’s vagina. I increased to an easy thumping stroke, smacking against Jill’s hips. Jill gave up on being proactive and just gave in to the wicked abuse in her pussy. Tina lightly pinched the nipples of Jill’s small jiggling breast, but she never took her eyes off of me. We kissed for the first time.

There is just something about a first kiss. I don’t care how old you are or how many women you have been with, the instant of that first kiss is always electric. I felt like a teenager again as the tingles rolled up and down my spine. I cupped her chin with my left hand and ran my fingers through that lovely red hair with the other hand. Tina pulled the back of my head to her as she braced herself on Jill’s thigh. I continued drive into Jill, harder by the minute.

By now Jill was teetering on the edge. Her fingers dug into the mattress, Tina’s thigh, whatever she could get her nails into. As Tina came up for air she turned her attention to my wife. She bent down and covered Jill with her body, first biting roughly at her nipples, then kissing her just as roughly, then back to her breasts. That was all it took.

Jill arched into me and cried out loud, and then she gasped and screamed before Tina could kiss her to quiet her. She dug her nails into Tina’s back raking red welts along her flanks. Then they held each other tightly while Jill caught her breath. I continued to light stroke in and out of Jill as I caressed Tina’s smooth round butt. Tina pulled her leg through and straddled Jill, to offer herself to me from behind. It was a simple matter for me to raise up and ease myself into her.

I heard Tina gasp then she and Jill whispered to each other while they made out and held each other. Tina felt completely different inside, she was smoother and straighter and the muscles that sheathed me were much more active. I lightly placed my hands on her hips and began to test her reaction to different tempos and depths.

Now I was able to make eye contact with Jill. At first she was very encouraging but after Tina whispered something in her ear she motioned for me to slow down then stop. I complied immediately, waiting.

“I want you to hold me. This is the first time in a long time and I want it to be right.” Tina said in a voice just above a whisper. So we all moved around, Jill spread her legs wide and leaned up against the headboard with Tina on her back propped up against Jill’s tummy. I reentered Tina gently and held her with both arms while I rested my head in her hair where I could kiss her cheek and ears.

She may have been demure for a moment, but as soon as we restarted she was wanton. She pulled my hips into her with her heels, and goaded my on between kisses. The harder I drove into her the more aggressively she pulled and clutched at me. I had taken my weight onto my elbows and had begun to pound into her as hard as I could go. I sensed Jill lean forward and grasp her ankles so Tina could brace herself with her hands. Her orgasm came out of nowhere after about three minutes of this brutal pounding. She wrapped her arms and legs around me as tightly as she could and literally stopped me in my tracks. She didn’t scream or cry out at all, she just gasped for air and squeezed me like a vice as her entire body convulsed. It was a full minute before she relaxed enough that I could begin gently easing back into a rhythm.

I was back on my knees sliding easily into her trying to find my own spot.

“Use me honey, take whatever you need.” Tina muttered.

“Come for her baby, I want you to fill her up, I want you to fuck her as hard as you can.” Jill encouraged me as she squeezed and pinched Tina’s tight little breasts. The sight of my normally reserved wife lustfully caressing and kissing another lovely woman in my own bed was all it took for me. I fell forward onto Tina and took her tightly into my arms as I slowed my pace and took three or four long deep strokes in her and exploded into her womb. She was once again wrapped tightly around me pulling me into her as I ejaculated. Both women held me tightly in their arms for several quiet heart pounding minutes afterwards. Finally when we had all disentangled I turned out the light and we fell asleep in a happy little pile with Jill in the middle (in the wet spot).

That was about a month ago. Tina is now working full time for a local engineering firm. We are trying to decide if we all want to build a bigger house in the country or if Tina is going to buy the house across the street. She is a Texan now and I am a winner either way.


2006-08-18 07:21:33
Boy, these are some really stupid comments on a good story. children please have a little respect for the relationship between a writer and his readers. Keep your poison lips to your selves.
Good job, the writing was well done and the sexy stuff, hot.


2006-06-21 12:12:25
maybe goat is an east texan thing. ive had bbq in north, west and central texan and goat has never been on the menu. Fuzzynutz


2006-06-01 22:10:19
It sure would be nice to end up with two women to service, besides if you pissed one could always fuck the other one! way to go!


2006-05-29 16:40:26
man you suck, are you like 9 years old?


2006-05-26 13:33:27
every red head i know has repulsed me to the point where i can't even watch porn with one. switched from past to present tense here: "I dig soccer moms. There is just something about them when I see them at the grocery store or gas station that turns me on". keep your tense consistent.

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