Brandy laughed and rolled away before Kim caught me and rolled me onto my back, “Tammy?”

I grinned as I shifted and reached for my sister as she straddled me. She lifted and slowly pushed down onto my cock. I cupped her breasts as she began to rock and thrust back and forth, “you want me to fuck you in order?”

Kim bent to kiss me, “after Tammy is Storm and then Amanda and Cara. Later you can do me and Brandy and Dara.”

My sister shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock, “the council left a message that they would return later to speak with you.”

I tugged on her nipples and she jerked, “less talk, more work.”

They all laughed and I turned to pull Brandy to me for a kiss. Tammy rocked and twisted and rubbed her pussy on me while Amanda and Cara began sucking on her nipples and fingering her pussy. It wasn’t long before she bounced and rolled her hips and began to wail and howl. Storm took Brandy’s place to be kissed while my sister thrashed around erratically.

Her pussy constantly grasp and tightened while becoming a lot wetter. She was screaming and jerking back and forth while squirting and the girls laughed and began tugging on her nipples. They moved away and Kim bent to kiss me, “roll her over and fuck her.”

I pulled Tammy down and hugged her before I rolled and shifted. I kissed her and pulled back to fuck her firmly with deep grinding strokes. It wasn’t long before she was lifting her hips while her pussy clenched around my cock. She started thrashing around and yelling while clinging to me.

I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts for several minutes before suddenly shoving into her. I kissed her as my swelling cock throbbed before gushing a torrent of cum. Tammy screamed and spasmed and jerked when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “yyyeeeessss!”

Her pussy constantly squeezed and grasped my cock as I kept spurting. When I was done I felt Kim’s hand on my balls as she whispered a spell to regenerate what I had spent in my sister. I pulled out a moment later and turned to lay back beside her as the girls giggled. Storm straddled me and laid down as she wiggled, “I missed you.”

I caressed her hips and then gave her a hug, “I missed you too.”

She kissed me, “will you do me from behind?”

I smiled and shifted to lay her on the bed before I moved down as she rolled over and went to her knees. I moved behind her and slowly pushed into her. I held her hips as her warm pussy squeezed and she sighed and shuddered. I pulled back and started to fuck her with long thrusts. I took my time and enjoyed the way her pussy would grasp my cock each time I buried it.

It was a few minutes before she began to sing. She continued to push back when I was thrusting into her. Her pussy became slick and she began to wiggle and shake. I began to fuck her firmly with deep strokes and her song changed. She thrust back harder and faster so I began to fuck her hard with long, deep strokes that buried my cock.

She wailed and her song broke as she spasmed and jerked. I pushed her down on the bed while I continued to fuck her. She jerked and kicked the bed as her pussy clenched and squeezed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She writhed around as I kept fucking her but slower. I used long strokes and planted my cock firmly with each thrust. Every minute she would shudder and jerk while beginning to wail. It was awhile before I slowly sank all the way into her and buried my cock. I kissed her shoulder as my cock throbbed before pumping a stream of cum into her.

Storm jerked and her pussy tightened as she screamed and almost vibrated while shaking. When I was done she sighed and slowly relaxed and before I pulled out she was asleep. I smiled as I watched her before laying back. The girls giggled and Amanda moved and straddled me. She laid on me and gave me a kiss before sitting up and lifting to position her pussy.

She slowly sat and pushed my cock into her and wiggled before beginning to rock. She sighed and smiled as her warm pussy tightened. She started rolling her hips and twisting as she pressed down harder. She shuddered and her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

Cara laughed and reached up to rub her nipples, “horny girl.”

I grinned as the others laughed and Amanda bounced and wiggled, “yeah.”

She started rubbing on me harder while her pussy kept grasping. She moaned and shook after a few minutes and then fell on me. I rubbed her back before shifting until she was under me. I kissed her and pulled back to start fucking her with deep grinding thrusts. She was lifting her hips and shivering while her pussy kept tightening.

After a couple of minutes I began to fuck her firmly with long strokes. Amanda lifted her legs and began to wail and shake. It wasn’t long before she was bucking and thrashing around while clinging to me. I kept fucking her and burying my cock while her pussy constantly grasped and massaged it.

When I shoved into her and kissed her as I began to gush spurts of cum she jerked and hugged me tight. She wiggled and shook as I pumped sperm into her and when I stopped she sagged to the bed panting. She grinned and looked at Cara, “want it like a proper bitch?”

Cara laughed with the others and pulled on me, “yeah.”

I growled as I pulled out of Amanda and Cara rolled onto her stomach before going to her knees. I moved behind her and closed her legs as she looked back. I straddled them and rubbed her pussy before slowly pushing into her. She sighed and pushed back as I buried my cock and held her hips. I began to fuck her with long thrusts while she kept shoving back.

Her warm pussy squeezed my cock as she shuddered and began moaning. She pulled forward and kept shoving back as I pushed into her. Soon she was jerking as her slick pussy constantly grasped at my cock. She shook and began grabbing the bed as her pussy clenched and she wet me, “yyyeeessss!”

I fucked her harder with long strokes and Brandy moved closer and reached under and between her legs. She started to finger Cara and she wailed and began to convulse, “fffuucccckkkkk!”

She kept spasming and her slick pussy continued to massage my cock as I fucked her with long firm strokes. It was a few more minutes before I groaned as I pushed all the way into her and held her hips. My cock was throbbing as Kim reached between my legs to cup my balls and whisper a spell. I grunted as I tried to shove deeper while peeing warm cum.

Cara howled and shook as her pussy clenched, “YES!”

I pumped thick streams of sperm into her and she kept jerking as her pussy constantly squeezed and milked my cock. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and laid forward and pulled off my cock. I sat back and shivered before shaking my head and moving off the bed, “tempting witches.”

They laughed as I headed for the door and then the bath wagon. I ignored all the people I saw as the girls followed and we began to wash. Kaira and Lynn were waiting when I came out and smiled as they handed me a clean silk robe. I dressed and glanced at the people still here and Kaira grinned, “some of the men went to check all the homes.”

I nodded and pulled in the wild magic and brought stones from the lake to make the fire platform. It burst into flames and I made seats and a platform for the leopards before sitting. I took a deep breath of fresh air and glanced down at Abe, “have you and your people looked around outside the walls?”

He nodded while leaning on his fox, “aye. No more signs of orcs.”

I smiled and looked at Edward and Grif, “has anyone been up in the air to look further away?”

Grif clacked his beak, “yes. We took turns but saw nothing.”

I relaxed as Brandy appeared and slipped onto my lap with a bowl of warm cereal. I caressed her hip and glanced across the fire as Trinity appeared. He looked tired as he walked around the fire and sat in a seat, “we need help Amerlyn.”

I nodded and he sighed and absently accepted a bowl of warm cereal from Tammy. He looked at me, “we need to bring all the mages together.”

I thought about it as he began to eat and looked at Kaira and Lynn and Kim as they took seats, “you want to make another Arolus.”

He looked at me, “no. We want to return and rebuild Arolus. At least until these troubles are over and the emperor agreed.”

I sighed as I thought about it and murmured while caressing Brandy. A small portal opened and I could see the library wagon. I gestured, “map of Arolus.”

It was a moment before a scroll floated out of the wagon and through the portal. I closed the portal and unrolled the scroll to look at the map. Tammy, Kim, Kaira and Lynn came to peer over my shoulders. I touched the name of a river and Tammy nodded and touched another, “I know where this is.”

I glanced at her before looking at Trinity, “you could have found Arolus without me.”

He nodded, “we have spoken to your father and the other arch mages. They will come but want the area checked first. We thought of you because of your... ability. Would you consider going to Arolus?”

I looked at the girls but Brandy wiggled on my lap, “we could wait here.”

I smiled and gave her a hug before taking a deep breath, “we will all go.”

I turned and looked at my friends, “close up the wagons Edward.”

He nodded and spun while calling for Pam. I gave Brandy’s hip a pat, “you girls better go help Faith pack.”

I let the wild magic in as I reached out to put the fire platform out. I guess I was thinking of Arolus as molten glass covered ground. When I opened the portal to the river it was to see lush forests with tall grass. I shifted the portal before gesturing to Abe and his scouts. They were the first through and then the guards for the wagons and the lantern men.

After them my friends went through and then the wagons. I walked after Kaira and Lynn’s wagon and through the portal before letting it close. I walked past the wagons to my friends and smiled at Abe, “find us a way through the forest heading northeast.”

He nodded and turned on the fox as he began giving orders. All the girls were crowded on the wagon seat and climbed down before heading for my friends. Abby, George, William and Grif leaped into the air and flew up over the river before turning to fly high above us. Amanda and Cara rode Max and Leo and I climbed onto the seat with Kim.

She kept taking deep breaths and I smiled as she hugged my arm. I began to pull in the wild magic and she slipped in to merge with me. I summoned dead wood and let her pull magic to merge the wood together into huge spheres that began floating after us. The way through the forest was twisting for several hours before we came to an ancient stone covered road.

It was long overgrown but mostly clear of larger trees and it was heading in the direction we were going. Kim wiggled and shifted and I glanced at her and slipped her out of our merge. I grinned as I opened my robe and she laughed and stroked my cock. She stood and pulled her robe off before turning to straddle me and slowly sat on my cock.

She wiggled and then started to thrust back and forth as she sighed. Her warm pussy massaged my cock as it became wetter. She began to breath harder and twist and roll her hips. It was a little while before she shuddered and bounced and jerked as her pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

I caressed her hips as she panted and wiggled and glanced at the growing spheres of wood and gestured. They rose higher until they were above the trees and I returned my attention to Kim. She was grunting and jerking back and forth and shoving down as her pussy constantly clenched. She twisted and turned and shook harder and I held her hips to drag her back and forth.

She howled and spasmed as she wet me and her pussy gripped my cock, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

It was awhile before I yanked her down and held her as my cock erupted and I pumped a gushing geyser up into her. She jerked and clutched me when she felt the warm sperm spurting into her, “mmmm!”

It was several moments before I was finished and she slowly relaxed as she panted and tried to catch her breath. She grinned and kissed me before slowly standing and putting her robe on. She sat and leaned against me as she glanced back and up at the growing spheres of wood, “think we have enough?”

I smiled, “no.”

She looked at me and I shrugged, “if all the mages are coming to Arolus they will need homes.”

She grinned and then laughed as she bumped my shoulder. It was a couple of hours before we reached what had once been Arolus. It had been abandoned so long ago that it only looked like more forest. There were broken walls and a few ruins with trees and bushes growing on and in them. I looked around as we stopped and slowly climbed down.

I let the wild magic in and stopped the summoning spell and the merge. I brought the huge spheres down between the trees as the girls returned and my friends gathered around. I sighed and turned to look at the scouts, “we need a good check going out several leagues. Have your scouts go slow and check everything. They are to return each night to report.”

He nodded and I glanced at Edward, “I think the river is to the east a few hundred paces. Find us a place and set up the wagons.”

I looked around as the girls talked and then followed the wagons and gestured to lift and bring the spheres of wood. The spot Edward picked was on a high bank with old stone steps down to the river. I grinned as we opened up the wagons under and between trees. I caught Brandy before letting the wild magic in as I created a fire platform.

I repaired the stairs down to the river and created a stone floored area just under the water. I created chairs and a woven platform for the leopards before setting the spheres of wood down. Brandy grinned and kissed me when I was done and pushed me into a seat before heading for the wagon.

She looked up at the fishing eagles, “we need fish for dinner.”

The one looking down at her nodded and leaped into the air as it screamed. I watched the others take off and sighed as I let the wild magic in and opened a portal, “father?”

He turned and behind him I could see the wagons still moving, “is it liveable?”

I grinned, “actually it looks nice. Perhaps a little wild but so far everything looks good.”

He nodded, “give me a little time and I will open a large portal and bring our wagons through.”

The portal closed and I sat back before standing and walking out of camp a little way. I still held the wild magic as I reached down and brought up two stone pillars more than a dozen paces apart. I thought as I murmured and gestured and a shimmer appeared between the two as they became attuned for a permanent portal gateway.

I had thought about this and opened the large portal, “Megan.”

My sister turned and grinned, “hey.”

I sighed, “pack. I will open another portal in a couple of hours. Bring David and the children.”

She frowned, “but...”

I shook my head, “I think I am going to bring the family together. Chaos has returned and that means danger.”

She nodded, “David is home. We will be ready.”

I let the portal go and gestured once more, “Trinity.”

The portal opened and he was turning from what looked like a large stone chamber. He frowned before smiling, “Amerlyn. How does it look?”

I looked around, “we will need to make houses but so far everything looks good.”

He nodded and gestured, “you made a portal gateway?”

I smiled, “it will be easier than opening portals randomly.”

He looked around, “I will let the rest of the council know.”

I closed the portal and sighed before turning and walking back to camp. I grinned when I saw the small elves moving small bites of debris out of camp while the girls cooked on the fire platform. I moved around the camp and created a ward to keep insects away before returning and sitting. I glanced at Dark when she appeared with her carriage following.

Lynn and Kaira greeted her and talked as she parked. Dara walked out of the woods and into camp with a sad smile. Her fairy was on her shoulder and flew towards Dark as she crossed to me and bent to open my robe and straddle me. She wiggled down my cock with a sigh and leaned against me to be held.

Brandy stopped to rub her back while looking at me, “how many are coming?”

I caressed Dara as she began to rub her pussy on me while it began to grasp and squeeze, “hopefully they will spread out but if the council brings all the mages and their families it could be a few thousand.”

Before she could say anything men and women and wagons began coming through the portal as it opened. More and more came through and headed to one side where I saw another fire platform being created. I grinned as Dara became erratic while she bounced and rocked harder. Her slick pussy clenched as she wailed and started spasming.

I turned as a woman walked into camp and grinned while hugging Dara. She twisted and thrashed around as she howled, “oooohhhh!”

Momma Tara bent to look into her eyes as she shook and grinned at me. It was another minute before I held her as I began to spurt and pump cum into her. She kissed me passionately when she felt the sperm gushing into her, “mmmm!”

Finally she just held me and panted while her pussy continued to squeeze and massage my cock. I smiled and caressed her hips until she leaned back and grinned before giving me a kiss. She stood and walked toward the others at the fire platform and Momma Tara laughed and sat in my lap, “so which was that one?”

I caressed her lovely hips and cupped one of her firm breasts, “the dryad Dara.”

She wiggled and looked at a frowning Brandy, “from her description this is your first one?”

I reached for Brandy’s hand, “Brandy this is momma Tara. She is my father’s concubine.”

Brandy smiled, “hi.”

Tara gave me a kiss before standing, “I’m sure all the ladies will want to come see you.”

I watched her walk towards the other camp and closed my robe before pulling Brandy onto my lap, “she wanted to teach me about sex but my parents were always afraid of the wild magic.”

Brandy grinned as she snuggled close, “and all the ladies?”

I smiled and hugged her, “travelers like those in the caravan believe the woman should share herself with any in the caravan. They are very strict about any male that harms a woman and the women seem to enjoy sharing.”

She grinned and wiggled, “yummy.”

I laughed and gave her a hug, “first I would have to introduce all of you to the entire caravan.”

I patted her hip when I saw Sofie and stood. She was as beautiful as ever and smiled as she began to sing while walking towards me. I knew everyone had turned to watch and feel the joy that seemed to fill the air they breathed in. I looked at Storm as she started towards Sofie and let her song blend with Sofie’s.

They looked at each other and I caught Sofie’s hand when she reached me. She sighed and let her song fade before turning to look into my face, “I missed you urchin.”

I hugged her and turned her to Storm, “this is Storm.”

She smiled, “welcome sister.”

Storm smiled shyly, “you were...”

Sofie nodded and let me go before holding out her hand, “walk with me.”

Brandy leaned against me as I watched them walk towards the river, “who is she?”

I grinned, “that is aunt Sofie.”

I shook myself and glanced around, “go check on dinner.”

I walked towards the edge of camp as Abe rode in. He looked up at me, “there is a large herd of centaurs a few leagues from here.”

I looked around before turning, “Edward!”

He trotted towards me with Pam following. I waited until he reached me and turned, “go with Abe. He found a herd of centaurs. See if they will speak with you. Find out if they wish our protection.”

He nodded and glanced at Pam before gesturing to Abe. I watched them leave before turning back to the camp. More people were coming through the gate and I let the wild magic in before whispering. When I sat it was to see many from my father’s caravan around the fire platform and a new large outdoor kitchen beside it.

I smiled and turned to let more of the wild magic in. I whispered Megan’s name and heard her answer before grinning as I stood and turned. I let the portal open after a family of mages came through and a few moments later the flaming horses pulled the library wagon through.

Tammy laughed and pulled Faith after her and towards our sister who was on the wagon seat with David and her boys. I smiled and glanced to the side at Grif, “help them set up the library somewhere close.”

He nodded and turned to move after the wagon. I turned and caught a stunning woman and grinned as I caressed her hips, “tempting Teresa.”

She grinned and pressed against me, “I have been talking to your ladies.”

I looked at Brandy who was grinning, “have they been tattling on me?”

She pulled my face down for a kiss, “I might have to ask Jeremy if I can have another child.”

I grinned and then laughed and swept her up into a hug. As the time passed more of my brothers and sisters came through and those that were not mages had a wagon or home made. After dinner mom was sitting on my lap while Tony and several others played and Sofie and Storm sang.

I hugged my mom when I saw Edward and gave her a pat before I stood. I moved to him and the scouts and he grinned, “they want to know if we want their protection?”

I grinned and he looked back, “I told them there would be many hundreds of mages. They wish to bargain for the guard positions.”

I smiled, “tomorrow we can let the council know. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few patrolling Clearing or the area around Faith’s lake.”

I turned to walk to the fire, “rest.”

I caught Brandy around the waist and she grinned at me before turning to press against me. I gave her a kiss before turning to pull her towards the wagon.
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