Peaceful siege
I looked out at the army around the city walls and shook my head. They stayed out of bow shot and kept all the roads and ways into the city blocked. Jason growled as I stood beside him and I grinned, “I warned you not to take the contract.”

He snorted, “there is nothing here. Why demand the city surrender and why put it under siege?”

We had been here two weeks and the army had arrived a few days after us. They hadn’t fired a single arrow and just began to blockade the city. It wasn’t a large city so they didn’t have a lot. Mostly they just had goats and made goat cheese. The goats had been removed and taken up into the hills before the army got here.

The city was built on and over older ruins of a large castle. The city walls had actually been the outer castle walls. There were small houses between the outer walls and the inner with all the shops inside the inner walls. I glanced at Jason as one of the city elders arrived. He looked out and nervously twisted the hair of his beard, “why don’t they attack?”

Jason sighed, he had explained this many times. I hadn’t used my magic because the army had a mage and a good one. It was accepted that I would not use magic unless he did and he had remained quiet. I turned and climbed down from the wall and walked back through the inner walls. I ignored the few dozen people as I crossed to my tent next to the old castle wells.

I walked in and smiled at Ash in the bath I had made. Nancy was naked and on the bed brushing Sara’s wet hair. I crossed to sit in my chair next to the bath. Ash grinned as she relaxed in the water, “thank you for making the bath master.”

I nodded and leaned back to think about why they wanted the city. Nancy crossed and bent to open my robe before straddling me. She wiggled down my cock and started rubbing her pussy on me. I held her hips and enjoyed her pussy as it began to massage my cock. She began to shudder and breath harder as she rocked.

Ash laughed as she reached over to rub her butt, “roll your hips and twist.”

Nancy shuddered hard and wailed while wetting me as her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

She started grinding and her pussy constantly clenched each time she lifted and then she shoved down. She began to twist and shake while yelling and fell against me. I glanced at Samuel when he came in but continued to let Nancy fuck my cock. She was spasming and jerking when he sat in my other chair and grinned.

It was several minutes before I held her down as my cock began pumping a geyser up and through her cervix. Nancy gasped and shook while her pussy milked my cock, “YES!”

When I was done I sighed and relaxed while she panted. Samuel chuckled, “they were complaining about the girls again.”

I shook my head, “they stay dressed when they go out. I am not keeping them locked up in the tent.”

He grinned, “this time it is about them making so much noise.”

I looked at him and he gestured to Nancy, “wailing and howling.”

I grinned, “tell them I like it and they can....”

He laughed, “I already told them to stuff their ears if they didn’t like it.”

Nancy kissed me and lifted up and off my lap, “I’m next Ash.”

Ash grinned as she stood up and stepped out of the bath, “want us to get clean water?”

Nancy shook her head as she stepped into the water, “no. It takes to long to pull up the water.”

I sat up and looked at the tent door as I thought of how deep the well was, “why put a city or castle so far from water? The well is at least fifty paces deep before you reach the water.”

Samuel looked at me, “so? They have water so why move?”

I looked at him as I stood, “you don’t dig a well and then build a castle around it, you build a castle and then dig a well. You always have to know there is water there and you don’t normally dig a well fifty paces deep. Sure many castles are built away from water but those are in places that were meant as a refuge for defense and not a daily life.”

He stood, “what are you thinking?”

I straightened my robe as I started walking, “I am thinking I need to look at the well.”

When I peered down the well it was pitch black. I drew a rune and gestured down into the darkness. The whole shaft brightened and I blinked when I saw the opening above the water. I looked at Samuel, “we are going to need rope. Let Jason know and see if the city elders know about this.”

He looked down and grinned, “it will give us something to do besides watching the army outside the walls.”

It wasn’t long before Jason and a city elder were there. I glanced at them as I waited for Samuel, “do you know what is down there?”

The elder shook his head and I smiled at Jason, “I get anything I find.”

He grinned before laughing, “okay.”

I took the rope from Samuel and dropped one end down into the well. I held the other end as I knelt beside it. I stroked the end and murmured until the end was straight and solid. I drew a rune on the ground and slowly pushed the rope down into the ground like it was water. After a pace I erased the rune and watched as the ground became solid once more.

I gave the rope a pull before climbing over the lip of the well. I slowly slid down the rope until I was level with the opening. I swung and caught an ancient stone hand rail. I pulled myself in and drew a rune and gestured. Steps went down into a large room with several tunnels leading out. I glanced back and reached out to catch Samuel’s hand and pull him in.

One of the tunnels had more elaborate carvings on the walls so I gestured and started walking. Samuel followed as he kept looking around, “what is this place?”

I smiled and stopped to trace stone glyphs carved into the wall, “long long ago there was a race of people who used to create their homes and even their cities underground. They were warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They didn’t have to worry about rain or floods or storms that blew houses away.”

I looked at him as I started walking, “it also made it harder for enemies to attack them.”

He grinned as we walked into a wider tunnel that was more like a great hall. The tapestries were mostly gone and the few pieces of furniture had rotted away long ago. I moved slowly as I read the ancient runes and pointed to a hall, “the royal chambers.”

I looked around before walking towards the royal chambers. The hall was wide and had a few more split off from it. I hesitated and Samuel glanced at me, “what?”

I grinned and nodded to a set of runes, “the city treasury.”

He grinned and started walking but I shook my head and continued toward the royal chambers, “do not get lost.”

It was several minutes before I came to old rotted wooden doors. I pushed against one and they both fell and broke into pieces. I glanced back as Samuel trotted after me and then walked into what must have been elegance and riches at one time. I walked around the room slowly before crossing to another door that crumbled at my touch.

Samuel grinned as we looked into the next room, “this looks better.”

I smiled, “to bad it only looks good.”

He nodded, “the treasury was empty.”

I smiled, “when people move they tend to take their money with them.”

I frowned as I looked at a ragged tapestry and walked across the room. I whispered a spell and reached out to move it and look at the door that was behind it. The room we were in had been a large bed chamber. I touched the door and nodded at the magic I felt. I carefully drew a rune and the door shimmered before opening.

Inside was a dozen standing jewelry chests filled with sparkling riches. I nodded to the far wall that held a huge mirror, “the queen’s dressing room.”

Samuel grinned, “the girls will like the new jewelry.”

I murmured and the chests closed up and floated towards the door. I turned to leave, “since they had a mage I will need to find his or her chambers.”

I drew a rune in the air and turned to follow what almost looked like a wisp of smoke. Samuel followed as we walked out and into a maze of halls with rooms on each side. Finally I stopped beside what looked like a stone wall. Just a few steps away was what looked like a set of stairs that was choked with vines and weeds and brush.

I looked at the wall before stepping closer to draw runes and glyphs. A door glowed as it appeared and slowly opened. I stepped into the doorway and looked at the room as mage lanterns came on. I shook my head as I walked into the room, “something happened to this place. The queen would never leave her jewelry and a mage would never abandon his possessions.”

Samuel followed slower, “a sickness?”

I glanced at him before shrugging and walking to an elaborate chest. I gestured and it opened to show it was empty. I murmured and chanted and the tall bookcases shimmered before suddenly shrinking and moving to the chest. I nodded as everything in the room seemed to fold or shrink as it fit into the trunk until there was only an empty room.

I looked at one wall with glowing glyphs and walked closer to check it. I finally reached out and touched one spot and they vanished as a scroll dropped into my hand. I slipped it into my robe as we left and the chest lifted and began following. I looked at the debris filling the stairs and gestured before starting up as it exploded up and out.

I looked around when we climbed out to see we were outside the walls and not to far from the enemy army. I whispered and Samuel hissed as he turned towards the city gates but I reached out and caught him. It was several moments before I saw the mage and another man that looked like an officer.

They hesitated before walking towards us and waving the rest of the men back. I ignored the man that must be the army commander and bowed to the mage. He smiled and returned my bow before looking at the stairs down into the ground, “so you found the city.”

I turned and gestured to the jewelry chests, “the queen’s jewelry.”

He snorted as he looked at me, “I think you know we are not here for that.”

I nodded and gestured to the chest, “perhaps this?”

He sucked in his breath and stepped closer before touching it as it settled to the ground. The chest opened and he looked inside before murmuring. Nothing happened and he turned, “his treasure?”

I shook my head, “his room is below and beside the stairs. This was all that was in the room. No hidden doors, no secret passages. You are welcome to search.”

He turned to look at the scowling commander, “we could search?”

He growled, “the city treasury?”

Samuel cleared his throat, “I found it and it was empty.”

He spun, “a waste of time.”

I looked at the mage, “what happened here? Why did the mage abandon his belongings?”

He looked at me, “the roving marauder mages?”

I blinked, “but the whole city?”

He turned away, “it was cursed and the water tainted.”

They started walking away and I waited before starting for the city gates. The mage and jewelry chests floated after me while Samuel walked beside me, “who were the marauder mages?”

I glanced at him, “a little over a thousand years ago two dozen dark mages and close to five thousand men began a wild reign of terror. Of course since the dark mages craved death and power they tended to kill any and all, including their own men.”

I shook my head, “a gathering of almost a hundred white mages met them in a place that is only barren ground now. By then they had less than a hundred men and the way was sealed so they could not flee.”

He looked at me and then back at the army as it stirred and men began yelling, “so what is in the scroll?”

I grinned, “the treasure they came for.”

The city gates swung open as we reached them and Samuel grinned and hit my shoulder. Jason and the city elders strode towards us as we entered the inner walls and I started for my tent. Jason grinned, “I see you found something.”

I glanced back at the jewelry chests, “trinkets for the girls. The large chest belongs to a mage and has his books.”

The elders looked at each other and I smiled, “would you like to try reading one?”

One’s face paled, “no.”

I shrugged and looked at Jason, “they were looking for the mage’s treasure.”

He shook his head, “a waste of time.”

I headed for the tent, “their commander was not pleased. We told them they could search since there was a way down close to their camp.”

I walked into the tent to see the girls on the bed licking and teasing Ash who was moaning and shuddering. I sent the chests to the side as I undressed and moved to the bed. I rubbed Sara’s bare butt and she lifted her head and grinned, “hi.”

I reached for Ash, “Horny girl?”

They laughed and Ash turned and wiggled to the edge as she lifted and spread her legs. I fingered her warm slippery pussy before I pushed into her. I held her hips and started to fuck her with long strokes. Her pussy rippled and tightened as she shook and humped up, “mmmm!”

Nancy turned and reached down to finger Ash as I kept fucking her and Sara began sucking on her nipples. She writhed around and began to thrust up and wail, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept using long strokes as she began to thrash and buck. Her slippery pussy was constantly squeezing as she began to wail louder, “fffuuucccckkkk... mmmeeee!”

I grinned as Sara and Nancy giggled and started to fuck her hard and deep. Each time I buried my cock I would press and rub and it wasn’t long before Ash began to spasm as she wet me, “yyyeeessss!”

Several minutes later I buried my cock and held her while she wiggled and squirmed. My cock erupted and I pumped a strong gushing stream of cum into her. She jerked and shuddered while her pussy clenched and began trying to milk my cock. When I was done she sighed and started to relax.

I pulled out and gestured and she was turned and rolled onto the other side of the bed. I turned to move to my chair as Sara and Nancy began to lick the cum leaking out of Ash. I brought the scroll to me as Jason and Samuel walked in. I gestured to the bed and they began to undress as I murmured a spell to unseal the scroll.

It unrolled and I started reading as they moved onto the bed with the girls. Once I finished I leaned back to think and murmured a word of command from the scroll. A doorway of mist appeared and through it I could see many chests and a few bookcases. On shelves around the room were sparkling jeweled items.

I gestured and they lifted and started through the door. I sent everything to one corner as the girls wailed and moaned. Everything crowded into the tent and I looked into the room one last time before closing the doorway. It was several minutes before Jason and Samuel finished and began to dress.

That was when the runner came in, “they are lining up to attack!”

I walked out after Jason and followed to the outer wall. I looked out as the mage walked closer holding a white flag. He stopped and looked up towards me, “if you give us the mage’s treasure we will not attack and leave.”

I smiled, “he is long dead and you can look for whatever he left.”

His face reddened, “your treasure.”

I looked at him and smiled, “you wish my treasure?”

He glanced back before looking at me, “you have one hour to decide.”

I laughed and leaned on the wall, “attack.”

He looked at me, “you do not want to face me.”

I straightened and gestured Jason and Samuel away before murmuring and gesturing to the mage. He stiffened as a glow surrounded me and began to chant. I had prepared for this and drew a fiery rune in the air once the mage had brought up his protections. I began to chant and draw glyphs as the ground shook and the sky turned red.

Jagged green lightning crisscrossed the sky and thunder exploded above us. Slashing wind roared around us as ghostly wisps of magic crashed and fought. The other mage was straining as I continued to chant and draw runes that released spells. The whole area between us turned white as it froze.

There was a roar that grew louder as the number of ghostly wisps increased. I finally pointed at the mage as he stiffened and screamed. A huge tower of flame consumed him and reached into the sky. I looked beyond at the army and whispered words that roared out and over them, “you dare threaten me like common thieves?”

I gestured and the wisps flew towards them as lightning struck and ripped the ranks apart. Men screamed and turned to flee as the very ground seemed to reach up and grab at them. I whispered and drew a rune as I turned away and started for the stairs. The sky cleared and things began to calm as the army continued to flee.

I glanced at Jason, “they are running from illusions.”

He grinned and then laughed as I left and returned to my tent. The girls rushed to hug me when I walked in and I kissed each of them before sitting in my chair, “undress and climb on the bed.”

They grinned and turned to strip each other before getting into bed. I waited and watched the door and finally the mage walked in. He smiled and then chuckled as he looked at the girls before crossing to sit in the other chair, “I was getting tired of their nonsense anyway.”

I nodded and turned to gesture to the treasure in the corner, “he put it in a sealed room in another realm.”

He looked and nodded as he relaxed, “half?”

I smiled, “the least I can do for my own brother.”

He grinned and looked at the girls again, “I think I will go to the elven lands to see our mother.”

I laughed, “she is still creating constructs and training them.”

He stood before turning to walk to the treasure, “I will enjoy helping her.”

He went through the treasure and packed half away before leaving. I sighed and stood and crossed to the bed and reached for Sara. She turned and wiggled to the edge of the bed, “who was that?”

I undressed and rubbed her pussy as Ash held Nancy, “my older brother Stephen.”

I pushed into her and buried my cock, “I am glad he did not want one of you.”

They looked at each other as Sara’s warm pussy squeezed. I bent and sucked on a nipple, “I owe him a great deal and it would have been very hard to tell him no.”

They grinned as I began to fuck Sara and she shivered and humped. It was a few minutes before she howled and jerked. I grinned as I pulled out and rolled her over before holding her hips as I pushed back into her from behind. She shoved back and howled as her pussy clenched, “YES!”

She twisted and began thrashing around as I continued to fuck her firmly. It was still several minutes before I pushed all the way into her and held her while pumping thick spurts of cum. She screamed and beat the bed as Ash and Nancy snickered. When I was done I relaxed as she continued to pant.

I rubbed her butt, “take a look in the jewelry chests before I pack it away.
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