I was dating Nancy for about three months before the first time that I was left alone with her two daughters. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust me with them, but she was kind of a reserved and responsible woman and we dated for more than a month before she introduced me to them. She said that she didn’t want her daughters to get to know a guy, get attached to him, and then have him disappear from their lives and rip their hearts out the way that their father had done.

Nancy’s oldest daughter Becka was thirteen and turned out to be the shiest girl I had ever seen in my life. The night that Nancy finally introduced us she basically hid behind her mother, blushing and giggling nervously and finally taking the first opportunity she could to jet off to her room. She didn’t come out the rest of the night.

Nancy apologized for her daughter’s odd behavior and excused it by saying that since their father left them seven years ago they hadn’t been around a guy and weren’t used to it. I shrugged it off and did my best to let her know that it didn’t bother me.

Cheyenne’s reaction, however, was completely different. Where Becka blushed and giggled and hid Cheyenne smiled and flirted and showed off. Both girls were blonde with curly locks, Cheyenne thin as a rail, and Becka was thick, but not at all fat.

The next few months I saw all three of the girl’s on a more and more regular basis. As we all became more comfortable around each other I was permitted to spend more and more time with ‘the family,’ which I liked a lot, because I needed a family in my life. I was tired of being single, bored, and alone all of the time.

Nancy worked nights and the girls went to school during the day so it was on a Friday night that I finally asked that I be allowed to stay with the girls while Nancy was at work. It was to the point that I thought it was ridiculous that she take the girls to her sisters every time she went to work, and since we always spent all of her nights off together, and since we all seemed to be getting along so well that it was time that we tested our relationship to the next level.

She reluctantly agreed and both of the girls immediately shrieked with joy. I knew they would both love the idea because Nancy’s sister was strict and as dry as the Mojave desert at high noon. The girls didn’t leave it at that. They both immediately started begging to let them have Becka’s best friend Mischa over. Nancy looked to me to convince them that it wasn’t a good idea, but I thought it was a great idea, because the girls could entertain themselves while I caught up on some television.

Mischa only lived a few doors down and she came over just after Nancy left. She had an overnight bag over her shoulder which was stuffed full. It almost looked like she were staying for a week instead of a night. I smiled at her and let her in and she brushed past me, bumping the bag against me as she did. The weight of the bag knocked me back a step and I ended up having to catch myself against the door to keep from falling over. Mischa wasn’t as lucky as I was. It knocked her off balance enough that the weight of the bag drug her small frame down with it. She landed on top of the bag with her legs splayed wide. Her skirt had risen to her stomach and my view was met with this tantalizing pink vertical smile that was surrounded by puffy brown lips like a chocolate pool with velvety pink waters.

I expected Mischa’s legs to snap closed in modesty, but they did not. I tore my eyes away from her young thighs, up to her face, and was surprised to see that Mischa had caught me looking. I knew Mischa to be a feisty little black girl but I had never expected her eyes to dare me to have another peak and yet that is exactly what I saw in them. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to not look and yet at the same time I did. I let my eyes wander down and she left her legs spread until I had my fill, which happened when we both heard Becka’s door open and two sets of feet beating like clopping hooves down the hall.

Mischa hopped up, quickly straightened her skirt, and picked up her bag only to have it knocked from her again as Cheyenne plowed into her with open arms.

“Yaaaay, Mischa’s here!” she said almost bowling her over for a second time. Cheyenne grabbed her hand and nearly dragged her back down the hall, Becka followed, but Mischa gave me one last smile over her shoulder as she disappeared from my view.

I sat down in the recliner leaned back and tried to focus on the television, but under the circumstances that was out of the question. I tried to get the image of Mischa’s tender young kitten out of my head, but I just couldn’t do it. Part of the reason was because it just looked so amazing, part was because of the way that she had looked at me daring me to have another gander, but another big part was because Nancy had worked the four evenings before that and I was starting to get horny. That part of me didn’t want the image shooed away. That part of me wanted to play it in my dirty head over and over and over.

I had spent a little time with Mischa before that and I had known the girl to be spunky, but just like with Becka and Cheyenne I kinds viewed her like a smooth surface Barbie doll as if, when you removed the girl’s clothing, that they didn’t have anything underneath just like a Barbie doll didn’t. As if their genitalia suddenly appeared when they turned eighteen like magic. I now knew that wasn’t the case. I had seen it for myself and I was still in awe that the young girl, who I was then beginning to think of as a young woman, was walking around without any panties on. I had run into plenty of women that did that, but I would have never guessed that a thirteen-year-old would.

What was even more alarming was that I was as hard as a rock. I was glad that the girls were off in their room doing their own thing, because the more that I sat there thinking of Mischa’s pink treasure, the hornier I was getting. It didn’t take long before I was beginning to think about heading off to the bathroom to soften my hard-on.

I should have done it without thinking about it because before I got the chance Cheyenne came trotting into the living room and leaned against the chair I was sitting in bringing her face level with mine.

“We want you to play with us!” Cheyenne begged.

“Oh sweetie,” I responded. “I don’t think that is a good idea!” I said covering the bulge in my jeans as nonchalant as I could manage.

“Please!” she begged batting her eyes at me and scooting in further. She wrapped her arms around me and tucked her head into my chest. We had started getting pretty close over the past couple of months. She was already learning my weaknesses and one of them was telling her no. It was especially hard for me to do that when she begged like she was doing just then.

“Oh sweetie,” I said putting my hand on her back. I could smell the sweet strawberry smell of her hair and for some reason even that was making my dick twitch. “I have had a long day at work and I would rather just sit here and relax.”

I was really hoping that would be enough, but I should have known how strong willed Cheyenne was. She was a little flirt and she was spoiled and she was used to getting her way. She slid her way up onto me and straddled me. I was leaned all the way back into the recliner and at that point we were groin to groin. I felt her shift her weight a little bit as if she were trying to figure out what to do with the uncomfortable bulge that had to be digging into her girlhood. I expected her to shift away—to be appalled by what she was feeling down there—and maybe even to hop off of me because of it. She was only ten and even though I was sure that she understood what the bulge was, that didn’t mean that she would automatically be comfortable having it crammed up against her.

She didn’t shift away and she didn’t hop up and off of me. Instead she cuddled in and continued to beg.

“Please Derek… pleeeease play with us!” she went on.

At that point I should have just gave in and popped up from the recliner. I should have said “okay sweetie. Whatever you want,” but I didn’t. Instead my mind went back to Mischa. Once again my mind flashed to the part where Mischa’s eyes dared me to have another look. It went back to how, as my eyes meandered back down to her crotch, her legs opened just a little bit farther instead of snapping shut. That devilish little part of my brain was wondering if the same kind of thing could happen with Cheyenne.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to know. I slid my hands down onto her buttocks and cupped both of her little cheeks. They felt so tiny and firm in my hands. I waited for her to jump up and slap me but she didn’t. She just nuzzled in up against my chest. She did quit begging though. I could feel her heart begin to beat faster as my hands began to knead the soft flesh beneath her cotton pants. I could feel her heat against the palm of my hands.

“Besides Cheyenne. I don’t think that you girls are ready for the types of games that I would like to play,” I said. I could feel my cheeks heat up as the words left my mouth. I couldn’t believe that I had just said it, but there it was. The words hung in the air like cigarette smoke in a crusty motel room. I had just suggested to a ten-year-old kid that I wanted to have sex with her, her older sister, and her older sister’s best friend and my heart thudded in my chest as I waited for her response to that.

“What kind of games do you want to play?” she asked me innocently.

“Truth or dare kind of sounds fun to me,” I suggested.

“Okay!” she said popping her head back up. “That’s the game they said they wanted to play anyway!”

I knew that I had put my foot in my mouth but I also knew that the older girls were at that age where their curiosity would allow me to take things pretty far. They were still at that age where they hadn’t had any setbacks or suffered any letdowns from boys yet. They hadn’t learned to use their breaks yet, in other words, and I knew that I was headed toward a steep path. I would have to be the one to use the breaks when the time came, but I was sure that I could do it. I knew that Nancy would be home in about six more hours and I also knew that I would be staying the night. I told myself that I could just wait for her to get home. I could let the girls rev my engine for a while and then peel out on their mother when she got home. That was the plan anyway.

Cheyenne finally popped up, grabbed my hand, and drug me toward the bedroom like she had done to Mischa earlier. The only difference was that there was nobody behind me to smile at over my shoulder as I was dragged down the hall.

“He wants to play Truth or Dare too!” Cheyenne squealed as we walked into Becka’s bedroom.

“Really?” Becka asked folding her hands across her bosom and staring at her lap as the words left her mouth.

“Yep… and he does have a boner too Mischa! You were right!”

Mischa laughed heartily into her hand and Becka’s face turned two shades of pink. I’m pretty sure mine did too.

Cheyenne pulled me over to Becka’s desk chair and sat me down. Then she turned around scooted into my lap, centering the cheeks of her bum on either side of my pulsing shaft and I was again surprised at how comfortable she was at the idea of having my tool up against her like that.

“So how do we play it?” Cheyenne asked.

“It’s truth or dare! How you think we play it?” Mischa commented in her feisty black girl way. “I’ll start. Becka… truth or dare?”

“Me first??? Umm… ask Chey first.”

“Nope… I aksed you! That’s how you play it and if you refuse den you gotta take off one item of clothing!”

“Fine! Truth!”

“Okay. Truth be told… don’t lie… be bold! Have you ever masturbated thinking about your mom’s new boyfriend?”

“You can’t ask me that! You already know the answer!”

“I know the answer… but he don’t!” Mischa said pointing at me. “So answer it.”

I looked over at Becka and my heart went out to her. She was sitting on the top half of her bed facing toward Mischa but staring at her feet. Even at that point Becka had been so shy around me. She often laughed nervously at the stupidest jokes when I made them and I could make her cheeks turn pink at the slightest effort, which I often did just because it was so cute to see. I didn’t need to hear her say it. I had probably knew it a long time before that moment in the deepest regions of my brain. Becka had a crush on me. The truth was pretty obvious and I had just not thought about it before that. I had never guessed that she was to the point of masturbation though and the realization hit me with a thud.

Becka buried her face in her hands and blurted, “YES! Okay? Are you happy? Now he know’s. I’m so friggin embarrassed right now. Gawd!”

“You’ll get over it. Look his face is as red as yours Becka. He prolly do the same thing bout you!”

She was wrong about that. At least up until that point, but I knew right then and there that even though I had never done it in the past I was “prolly,” gonna start.

“Okay Becka… your turn,” Cheyenne piped in. “That’s how it goes right? Now she asks someone.”

“Truth or dare Mischa!” Becka fired before anyone could answer as if throwing a question back at Mischa was going to get her back. I had a feeling that Mischa was up for about anything—that this wasn’t the girl’s first time playing this particular game.

“Dare! I ain’t afraid o’ no ghost!”

“Dare me to dare you… Limber and be quick… Cheyenne get up and Mischa kiss his fat… hard… dick!”

Cheyenne’s eyes got wide as she jumped up from my lap in response to Becka’s crafty limerick. She turned toward me, covered her wide mouth. Mischa got up shot Becka a “Shit that ain’t nothing” look, and knelt before me. I didn’t know what else to do so I just leaned back and watched to see what Mischa would do. She got down onto her knees and without a second’s hesitation she bent and planted a lingering smooch on the bulge in my jeans.

Cheyenne squealed in delight and Becka stared at her best friend as if she couldn’t believe that her friend was doing that so easily. I had to admit that I couldn’t really believe it either. After she was done she stood back up proudly and walked back over to the bed where she was sitting before. She sat back down.

“Cheyenne… Truth or dare?”
“Dare! Dare!” she said excitedly.

“Your legs are thin and your butt is small… Your pants are too heavy so let them fall!”

It seemed like it took a second for the words to sink into Cheyenne’s brain. She stood there with a confused look on her face for a second, but then she got the meaning of it. She smiled and then dropped her cotton pants, kicking them away when they fell to her ankles. She turned so that her cute little butt was facing toward me and shook it at me like a hula dancer. She was wearing Hello Kitty panties that were trimmed with pink. The back of them had a picture of the kitty from the rear and when she turned back around I could see that the front of them was a view from the kitty’s front. My dirty mind immediately thought about licking the kitties snout.

“Okay Cheyenne who are you gonna ask?” Becka questioned her.

Cheyenne put her finger to her cheek and scratched in thought. “Do I have to make a rhyme?”

“Naw… Not if you don’t want to. We just do that to make it more fun!” Mischa said.

“Okay! I want to see his pecker!” she said pointing at my crotch. I couldn’t help but to lean back in laughter and the other two girls followed in suit.

Cheyenne looked in turn at all three of us with her cute little confused look on her face. “What? He has to show us??? Don’t he?”

I thought about saying truth to throw a wrench into her plans. I felt like I had that right because she was supposed to start off by asking me truth or dare. A part of me thought that the game was moving way too fast, but there was also another part of me that liked the idea of just whipping it out. The first time I had played the game when I was young there was a guy that did it just that way and I had always admired his lack of modesty in the act. I stood up without giving it another thought and the two girls immediately stopped laughing. They both looked at me in disbelief. I don’t think they really believed I had it in me. I showed them that I did.

I unzipped my pants slowly taking turns viewing each of their anticipatory gawks as I did. I wasn’t sure if any of them had ever actually seen a real live dick before. I thought maybe Mischa had, but I doubted that either of the other two had. I was about to show them their first one.

I slid my fingers into the slot of my boxers and worked myself out. I pulled it out and let go of it and watched it bob up and down as the blood coursed through it. All three of them stared open jawed at my cock as it danced slightly up and down before their eyes. I left it there for their viewing pleasure for a full minute, then I tucked it back away, zipped myself up and sat back down.

“Becka… Truth or dare?” I said tempting her for the second time. I thought for sure that she would take the easy rode for a second time and choose truth again, but she surprised me by saying dare.

I knew what I wanted to dare her to do, but I wanted to spice it up with a rhyme like they had done so I thought about how to phrase it. “A test of will don’t churn don’t bustle. Lay on your bed with your legs spread wide and don’t you dare move a muscle.”

Becka’s demeanor got a little bit more serious, but she complied with my request. She scooted down toward the center of the bed and laid on her back, spreading her legs and waited for me. I got back up from my chair and walked over to the bed. She was wearing a knee high jean skirt and a blue button up shirt. I stood over her, leaned in and began slipping the buttons through their holes. She laid perfectly still and I watched as her eyes quivered nervously in their sockets. I could tell that she was scared to death and I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her head as more and more of her chest was slowly exposed to the rest of us. At first I just had it in mind to unbutton a few of the buttons but I just couldn’t stop myself as more and more of her tender skin was exposed. Her mounds were fleshier than I had imagined and I was delighted to see that the clasp of her bra was in the front as opposed to the back. It was all of the encouragement that I needed to keep going. I unbuttoned her blouse all of the way and then reached up placing my fingers on the clasp in between her breasts. I could see her throat swell up as she tried to moisten and swallow. Gulp.

I pinched the clasp twisted my fingers slightly and the elastic of the bra did it’s work, pulling the sides of her bra away from her plump breasts. I finished the work by pulling the cups away so I could see her pert nipples. They were pointing up at the ceiling and were the size of dimes with large areolas. I had never wanted to lick anything so bad in my life.

“How long do I have to lay here?” she asked nervously.

“Why… until I’m finished!” I informed her.

“finished?” she asked.

I answered her by taking a finger and circling each of her nipples in turn. I gently pinched each one in turn and she drew breath in between her teeth, but I was just getting started. I traced my finger down to her stomach and watched as she tightened her muscles up as my finger continued to her skirt. I still didn’t stop. I traced my fingers over the rough jean material until I reached the skin above her kneecap. I placed my palm on her leg and then began to slide my hand up taking the hem of her skirt with it as it rose up her thigh.

“Oh my God. I can’t believe your actually touching me like this!” she blurted.

I continued to slide my hand slowly up her thigh until I felt the warmth that was emanating from beneath her panties, but I stopped there. She waited for a second and then looked me in the eye.

“You can keep going if you want.”

“Do you want me too?” I asked her. She nodded, but that wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to hear her say it. For some reason I needed to hear the words come from her mouth.

“Do you think about me touching you like this when you masturbate?”

Her cheeks ripened a bit, but she nodded again.

I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips and she eagerly parted them for me. I slid my tongue into her mouth and I could taste the cherry flavored sucker that she must have eaten earlier. I let my tongue dance with hers for a second and I slid my hand a little bit higher. I could feel her wetness down there.

“What do you want me to do?” I encouraged her. I had completely forgotten about the two other girls that were watching in silence as my hand massaged Becka’s thigh below her skirt.

“I want you to touch me. I want to feel your fingers touching me…”

I slid my fingers higher until I could feel her hot slit beneath her cotton panties. I could feel how wet she was. Her panties were nearly soaked through and as my fingers began to slide below her cotton covered lips she moaned softly into the air.

“Are you going to have sex with her?” Cheyenne asked out of nowhere. Her words brought me back to reality and I stood back up and took a step back.

Mischa smacked Cheyenne’s naked thigh. “Nice going goofball.”

“Ouch!!! I was only asking. They didn’t have to stop. I liked watching. Go ahead Derek. We don’t mind… You guys can do it if you want.”

The truth was that I wanted too. That very thought was beginning to run through my head as my fingers were getting closer and closer to the prize. I had gotten lost in the moment and if Cheyenne hadn’t said anything I don’t think I would have stopped, but now that I had stopped that moment was gone and everybody but Cheyenne knew it. Becka sat up in her bed and closed her blouse back up in front of her.

“Don’t,” I said out of nowhere. I said it without thinking, but I didn’t regret it. I liked the way that Becka looked and I didn’t want her to put herself away like that. I could already tell that her modesty was returning to her and I didn’t want it to.

She looked at me, but her hands stopped working which is what I wanted.

“I know that my dare to you is over, but I want you to take off your top and leave it off. I don’t want you to cover yourself at all. I am asking you to let me keep looking at you.”

A small little smile crept across her lips. At first she just let her hands drop to her sides. I could tell that she was gathering her courage. After a second she found what she needed and slid the garment from her shoulders. She finished off by taking off her bra and finally by seeking my approval which I gladly gave to her. I know that it wasn’t really my place to do it, but in that moment I felt like I was giving her more confidence. The thought that it wasn’t just me that she was so shy about when we first met, but men and even boys in general that scared her so badly—that by asking her to remove her top before she had a chance in covering herself back up completely—and preventing her from having the time to second guess everything was the perfect timing that she needed.

Her breasts looked so inviting to me. They weren’t huge, but they weren’t small either and as I sat there looking at them I could feel my mouth beginning to water as if I were a starving animal viewing a meal that meant the difference between life and death and I wanted that meal. I still hadn’t had the pleasure of feeling the hardness of them against my lips and I wanted to. I needed to.

“How would you feel about that?” I felt my lips asking. I heard the words hang in the air, but at first I thought the question had come from someone else and I actually wondered who had asked them before my mind came back to me from whatever unknown place It had gone and realized that it really was me that had said those words.

“Feel about what?” Becka asked, but I was pretty sure that she knew exactly what I was asking her, but I was also pretty sure that it was her turn to need to hear me say the words.

“Letting them watch us?”

I could see the happiness as it dripped into her face. It didn’t come all at once. It was as if she were throwing pebbles into a pond and each ripple that collided with the one next to it represented a thought wave instead of an aquatic wave. Once the ripples had calmed her mind had been made up and instead of answering yes or no she laid back down, spread her legs and lifted her skirt, waiting for me to make the next move.
I got up and so did Mischa. We switched places. I got onto the bed and Mischa and Cheyenne watched from the side.

I crawled in toward Becka as if I were a cat stalking its prey, with my mouth watering as I anticipated what a virgin pussy would taste like. I was a grown man and I had never tasted one. There was a first time for everything as they say and it was better late than never.
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