My father was an engineer and mom a pilot. She was also a whore that loved to fuck which left me with five half sisters. I had earned a certificate in ship engineering as well as Astro navigation and ship handling before I was eighteen. I had spent the last two years as a system courier for a large shipping company.

My name is Samuel Bright Star and I am two meters tall with sandy hair and cold grey eyes. Several years ago my father had shared a secret with me. A dead system with a planet made of metal, only the chunk he had brought back and given me was different. It was super dense with special properties, like nothing I had seen or read about.

My father had thought to go back one day but time and a sliver of metal in his brain had ended that idea. The empire of Seka and the empire of Kloski had been at war for almost thirty year. Now people were just trying to survive. There were a dozen systems that had seceded from one or both empires and were now considered independent systems.

It took me three month to get the opportunity I wanted... needed. The ore miner Tuff Job was a one million ton mining ship. I had managed to divert it to a maintenance yard just when I returned to the system it was in. I walked off the small courier with a bag and slipped into the crowded station.

I walked into the shipping company office and crossed to the senior assistance’s desk. I pulled a comp and held it out with a small sealed package. She looked at me and then at the comp and package before placing her thumb on the screen. I pulled it back and watched until a green acceptance screen appeared and handed the package to her before turning to leave.

My next stop was a small storage locker where I picked up a large bag. I used a tram and headed out to the maintenance yards. When I arrived I walked towards the docking slip of Tuff Job and closed the airlock behind me. I cycled the airlock before going to the engineering section.

I brought the reactors online and then the engines before heading up to the bridge. The ship’s crew had already left so the ship was empty. When I slipped into the pilot’s seat I checked the time and leaned back. Thirty minutes later I contacted the station control and began moving the huge ship away.

The time delayed flight ops had been uploaded and I was cleared for a direct departure. I moved away from the station and followed normal flight protocols. I accelerated and began skip jumps until the ship reached the heliopause. I changed course and started plotting before the ship made the long jump.

The system I jumped out at was dark and lifeless. I waited until I had all the return scans and began skipping in. The last twelve hours were spent in normal space as I moved behind and approached the first planet. I knew I couldn’t leave the ship because of the gravity but started a detailed mining scan.

The faint double echos over what would have been a sea of molten metal made me slow and hover just above the surface. The scan should have been louder and more defined. I used a remote to view the planet and started measuring. I lowered and used the ship’s remotes to cut a sample and test it before I knew for sure I was in the right spot.

It took the ship almost two weeks to cut out and fill the huge cargo holds. I pulled the remotes back aboard before heading out of the system. When I jumped into Omega it was dead with no ships moving. They had tried to build and use shipyards here but the system had been raided so often it had been abandoned except for those on the planet.

I moved into the system and headed for a shipyard that had been abandoned after the last attack. I knew it had a reactor with fuel as well as everything to build a ship, it just looked like it was in ruins. I moved into a bay and began unloading the unrefined metal ore. When I was done I moved everything off the ship and head into the station.

In a construction bay I brought the arc board alive and fed in the plans for my ship. I moved to the station inventory computer and accessed locations for the other material I would need. I finally locked everything into the builder program and hit the start button. The program used a beam and matter transmission as it created the two hundred meter Stalker.

That was like a cross between a destroyer and a cruiser. It was a lot more automated than either of the other two ship types. I went to wash and eat before returning to watch as my ship was built. It took a week before the system beeped and shut down. The rest was now up to me, I pulled the feed lines out to the ship using a combat hard suit.

It was one of many left behind that I was going to take. As the new ship was fueled and filled with air I went aboard and headed to the core. That was a central room with an AI core, only the core for my ship was the size of a battleship’s. I set the large bag down and pulled the plug out before inserting it into a core input slot.

I watched as the tiny power cell provided enough juice to start transferring the AI into the core. It was thirty minutes before it stopped and I pulled the plug. I headed aft to the engineering section and went through the sequence to start each of the three reactors. I checked the feed lines and then started the engines and ran checks on each.

I left and went to disconnect the feed lines before starting to load what I was taking. I returned to the ship and headed to the bridge. I sat in the command chair and began bringing the ship alive, “computer?”


I smiled, “I am Samuel Bright Star.”

“Welcome Captain.”

I nodded, “access all systems.”

I used the trusters to move away from the dock and turned. I began moving away from the station and glanced at the nav station as the console came alive, “transfer nav control to me.”


I started plotting a course out of the system and looked at the scan console, “transfer scan to my chair holograph.”


I ran tests all the way to the heliopause and then jumped. I appeared outside the Gere system and headed in towards the biggest station. Because of my ship’s special properties I knew it wouldn’t be seen on a scan. I docked at a dark and isolated bay before putting the ship on standby. I went to wash and change before going onto the station.

I walked into the huge set of quarters and shook my head, mom was having another party. I saw my fourteen and sixteen year old sisters on benches with their pussies cummy from being used. I opened my pants as I stopped behind Ruth and rubbed her slimy pussy before pushing my cock into her in one long shove.

She groaned as I held her hips and began to fuck her with deep thrusts while fingering her cummy asshole. She groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and I continued to fuck her. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and spasmed, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

I fucked her hard as she convulsed and buried my cock a minute later as I pumped cum through her cervix and into her belly. When I was done I pulled out of her and fixed my pants before reaching down to grab her long hair and pull her back and off the bench. She yelled and turned to see me and froze, “Samuel!”

I pulled her across to Sasha and grabbed her hair and pulled her up, “that’s right. I told both of you what I would do if I caught you doing this.”

I let them go, “go get dressed and pack. You have five minutes.”

They hesitated and I growled and they ran towards the hall. A drunk man staggered towards me, “taking our bitches will get you hurt.”

I slugged him and he dropped to the floor unconscious. I looked at the men in the other room before walking into the hall and down to the last door where three men were waiting. I shoved them out of the way and walked into my mother’s bedroom. I crossed to the bed and reached down to grab a man by the hair and pull him off her and then off the bed.

He came up fast in a lunge that stopped when my hand closed on his throat as the other struck into his gut. He grunted and went white as I shoved him towards the door, “the whore’s legs are closed.”

I looked at my mother as she looked back, “get dressed and pack. Make sure you bring your pilot’s kit.”

She blinked and then nodded and I turned to shove the men out of my way as she rolled off the bed. I kept shoving the men all the way out and into the other room. The men there were dressing and several were asking what was going on. I looked at the two naked girls with cum running down their legs.

I sighed, “you girls get dressed and grab whatever bag you brought.”

I slapped a man that stepped in front of me and opened his mouth, “The station police are coming.”

Those were magic words and men scrambled to leave. It was several minutes before Ruth and Sasha returned with the two girls. The girls were wide eyed and clutched packs, my sisters were trembling and held ship bags. Mom walked out, “this better be good Samuel.”

I looked at her, “it will be.”

I gestured, “out.”

I kept them moving all the way to the ship. I sat my sisters and their friends in the large common room with mom, “We are raiders. The men that will be the crew will use you like whores if you want.”

I looked at mom, “you have second shift as pilot but you will spread your legs when you are off.”

She grinned, “that is fine.”

I nodded and looked at the two girls, “your names?”

The younger trembled, “Hope Grace... I’m fourteen.”

I looked at the other and she looked at Sasha, “Angel Edwards and I’m sixteen.”

I looked at my sisters, “I warned my sisters that if I caught them acting like a whore that is what I would make them.”

I looked at Hope and Angel, “welcome to your new life.”

Mom cleared her throat and I looked at her, “careful or I will remove your implant a let every man that wants a turn take you.”

She looked at the girls, “they...”

I shook my head, “you chased Cynthia, Mary and Samantha away because they didn’t want to be like you. These girls will be taught and fucked until they understand what they are doing.”

Mom sighed, “I never meant to hurt you.”

I looked at her, “you should have thought of that sooner.”

I turned, “computer?”

“Yes captain?”

“My mother Tara Star is your second shift pilot. Cabin two is hers.”


I turned to my sisters, “Sasha Star is an apprentice pilot and will be on first shift under instruction. She has cabin three.”


I looked at Ruth for a minute, “Ruth Star is under instruction in engineering on third shift. She has cabin four.”


I looked at the other two girls and Angel shifted, “I’m studying engineering.”

Hope glanced at her and bit her lip, “I can work a scan.”

I nodded, “computer. Angel Edwards will be under instruction in engineering on second shift. She will have cabin five.”


I looked at Hope, “Hope Grace will be on first shift under instruction to the scan tech. She will have cabin six.”


I gestured, “go find your cabins while I start contacting the crew.”

Mom cleared her throat, “how big is the ship?”

I looked around, “she is two hundred meters long, one hundred wide and fifty meters tall. She has fifteen decks with three reactors and two battlecruiser engines.”

Mom blinked, “three...”

She closed her mouth and grinned, “I can’t wait to fly her.”

I headed to the bridge and began making calls. I started adding names to the crew roster with the computer as each accepted. We had a total of over twenty crew plus my sisters and the two girls. The ship had a total of fifty suites so we had plenty of room. Besides pilots, engineers and scan techs we had ten men for boarding parties and one as the ship gunner.

I slipped off the ship and went to a deserted set of lounge lockers and retrieved a large bag I had left. I met Greg first, he was a pilot and the one I had chosen as the executive officer. Next was Elliot, also a pilot but with an engineering certificate. After him was Dan, Harry, Al, Tom, Ben, Gab, Scott and Ed. After them the gunnery and boarding crew started arriving.

I headed to the common room where I found most of the crew gathering. I caught Sasha and stripped her before sitting and pulling her onto my lap, “computer call everyone to the common room.”

I moved Sasha and spread her legs outside mine before I started to finger her. She shuddered and looked back, “you do that, you better fuck me.”

I slipped a finger into her, “I will.”

I smiled when Greg and Elliot grabbed Angel and Hope and copied me. One of the engineers caught Ruth and mom stripped and shoved one of the other men down before straddling him. Once everyone was there I started a briefing on what we were going to go. The girls kept moaning and shivering as they were fingered and felt until I finished.

I looked at all the men and started calling off names, five for each girl and mom except Sasha. I stood and took my sister’s hand, “each girl will be rotated everyday with five new men. The first man to abuse them or hurt them will be spaced.”

I looked around, “if they are not on a station or eating you can fuck them. Any problems with that?”

Ben a third shift engineer pointed to Sasha, “what about that one?”

I looked at her, “five of you will have your chance tomorrow and one of the others will come to me for a break.”

I looked around and started pulling Sasha as I walked towards a hall, “see you in the morning for the mission planning.”

After I closed the hatch I let my sister go and began undressing. She waited and then backed across the room to the large bed, “do all the cabins have large beds?”

I stalked after her and onto the bed between her legs, “yes.”

I kissed her and pushed into her. Her tight pussy was stretched as my cock sank deeper and I began to fuck her cummy pussy. Sasha shuddered as she wrapped her legs around me and her pussy squeezed. She hugged me as I continued to fuck her using deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before we were fucking each other hard and I was grinding as she spasmed.

As she came the third time I buried my throbbing cock and held her. She grunted and tilted her hips as I gushed and spewed cum deep inside her. She continued to shudder as I spurted and pumped cum. When I was done I pulled out and kissed her before rolling her over. I lifted her hips as she laughed and shoved back into her messy pussy.

It was hours before we stopped and I just held my sister as she fell asleep. I woke to the morning alarm and glanced at Sasha before fingering her until she shuddered and moaned. She turned her head to look at me and I smiled, “you need to wash before coming to the meeting. You get five men to service today.”

She turned and rubbed my chest, “how long are you going to make us do this?”

I rubbed a pretty pink nipple, “Until you learn and want to stop being a whore or until you ask for more men.”

Sasha nodded, “right now I like fucking.”

I sighed before moving off the bed, “there is a difference between enjoying sex and fucking a dozen men.”

She followed me, “you fucked me more than enough.”

I smiled as I pulled her into the huge bathroom, “one of the things that happens between a man and woman is she won’t let him fuck her when he wants, she wants to be in charge of when they have sex.”

After peeing I pulled her into the shower with a douche and started to clean her, “that creates problems. The man may stray or the woman may look at other men.”

I rubbed her clit and she shuddered, “ask Cynthia, Mary or Samantha. They may not be like mom and fuck a lot of men but that doesn’t mean they don’t wear out their partners and enjoy doing it.”

Sasha nodded and kissed me before climbing out and leaving. I finished and went to get dressed before heading to the dinning area and then the large common room that still smelled like sex. I switched on the central holograph and pulled up a system from the nav data. I ate and started a list to the side with each girls name, below each were the names of men.

I glanced at mom when she came in and smiled as she rubbed her pussy before heading towards the dinning area. Soon everyone was struggling in and the other girls looked tired. I waited until everyone was sitting, “starting now we start running shifts. The computer has them posted on each station comp. Weapons and boarding parties will be only running one ten hour shift during mid watch. They will inspect the weapons and start fitting the combat hard suits.”

I looked around before nodding to the large holograph, “This is Edilson. We are going to hit the weekly commerce ship delivering new supplies for the stations.”

I looked around again, “we will take the ship intact and sell everything in Stark.”

They grinned at that and I smiled, “now... How we do it is like this...”

It was a couple of hours before we had a firm plan. I stood and looked at Hope, “you are with me today.”

She nodded and stood to walk towards me as I removed everything in the holograph except the list of names. I headed towards the bridge and a minute later Gab and Dan walked in. I nodded to the scan station, “Gab, Hope is under instruction.”

He smiled and reached over to fold down a seat next to him, “take the jump seat.”

She looked at me and crossed to sit as Sasha walked in. She smiled at me and walked to Dan, “I’m apprenticed under you Dan.”

He grinned and finished a check before switching the second station on, “plot a course out on a heading to jump to Edilson.”

I watched for a minute and turned as Greg and Elliot stopped by my chair, “you checked everything?”

They grinned and nodded and I looked at Dan, “alright Dan separate from the station and get us moving.”

I looked at my two officers, “make sure the boarding crews know the priority is the hard suits. Anyone hunting pussy and not doing what they are supposed to is gone. The girls are spread out so everyone should get a chance with one.”

They nodded and left while I turned to watch as we moved away from the station. The ship started moving smoothly towards the heliopause before beginning to skip. Every other skip Sasha did the jump and Dan watched and checked her. We finally jumped away and appeared outside Edilson. We slowly moved towards our planned attack site and finally stopped.

I stood as the shift changed and waited for Hope before going to get food. After we ate I pulled her after me to the common room where we saw Sasha and Ruth getting fucked on the couches. I grinned and opened my pants before sitting and pulling Hope onto my lap. She wiggled and pushed down until my cock was buried and I pulled her back against me.

I cupped her breasts and watched as my sisters wailed and thrashed while several men fucked them. Hope giggled and began thrusting back and forth as her pussy rippled and kept gripping my cock, “they really fucked a lot of sperm into me yesterday.”

I hugged her and humped, “and you loved it.”

She shuddered, “most of the time yeah.”

I moved a hand down to finger her while she began to twist and roll her hips. Her pussy rippled and kept grasping my cock as she began to breath heavy and pant. She was erratic and jerking a few minutes later and I grinned as I lifted her and stood. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to my cabin before laying her back on the edge of the bed and lifting her legs.

I pushed into her as I bent over to give her a kiss and then I was fucking her with deep thrusts. It took me a few minutes before I shoved into her and began spewing cum. She spasmed and howled at the feel of warm sperm pumping into her. When I stopped I bent to kiss her again and then pulled out. I went to start a holograph video and came back to the bed.

I turned Hope and laid behind her and just held her as we watched. I fucked her eight times before holding her as I slept. I woke to the ship chime and glanced at Hope before fingering her slit until she shuddered and opened her eyes. I grinned and pulled her out of bed and into the fresher.

After going to the bathroom I pulled her into the shower and told her the same thing I had told Sasha. I let her go after drying her and headed to the dinning area. I got coffee before going to the common room to rotate names. I put mom’s under mine and went to wake her. I rubbed her bare butt and she lift her head from Tom’s shoulder.

I smiled, “your mine today so when you wake up wash and come to the bridge.”

She grinned and nodded and I left. We had a day or two before the weekly commerce ship arrived so we just had to wait. I glanced at Elliot when he turned to see me, “I have the ship.”

I sat in my chair, “I will have the boarding crew begin rehearsing in the common room later.”

He grinned, “sounds good.”

He walked out and Hope came in with Gab and a big grin. She wiped cum from her pussy as Gab relieved Ed. Sasha came in with Dan and stopped to kiss my cheek before going to join him. I watched as they started sims for the girls and checked with Al in engineering, “how does she look?”

He grinned back at me, “purring like a kitten.”

I nodded and brought up the plans for the cargo ship type we were expecting. I review them before alerting the boarding crew and sending them the plans. It was four hours before end of shift when mom walked onto the bridge. I smiled and pulled her onto my laps and began feeling her and caressing her.

She spread her legs and leaned against me with her head on my shoulder. It was a little while before I slipped a hand down between her legs and began to finger her. She shivered and her breathing changed while she began to shudder. When I slipped a finger into her she jerked as her pussy squeezed my finger, “ooohhh!”

I finger fucked her through three orgasms before letting her open my pants and sit on my cock. She slowly thrust back and forth as I continued to check the systems and the ship. The others on the bridge were grinning as mom wailed and spasmed. Her pussy kept squeezing my cock and she started to twist and wiggle.

When I finally came it was with a small geyser of cum. She jerked and her pussy contracted as she pushed down, “ooohhh!”

When I was done she sighed and turned her head to kiss me, “when I get off I’ll come to your bed.”

I smiled and gave her kiss before she lifted and moved off me. She walked out and I straightened my pants before going back to what I was doing. When Greg came in mom was following and stopped to kiss me before relieving Dan. I stood as the others were relieved and Sasha took my hand, “this is fun.”

I glanced back at Hope following, “and?”

She sighed, “and I think you may have been right.”

I nodded, “better you learn now.”

She smiled, “and be a whore before I find a couple of guys to stay with.”

I laughed, “yeah.”

She kissed my cheek and headed towards one of the men in the common room. I ate and made a check of the hard suits. I went to exercise and then went to my cabin and laid down. I woke to the door opening and watched mom as she crossed to the bed. She sat and I reached for her and pulled her to and over me as I rolled.

I kissed her as she hugged me and rubbed my back. I moved down and sucked on her nipples before going lower. I opened her pussy and licked through it as she shuddered and then began to tease her clit. She humped and spread her legs wider while tilting her hips. I continued to use my tongue on her clit while sucking and squeezing it with my lips.

It was a few minutes before she shuddered and jerked while trying to close her legs. I moved up and kissed her while slowly burying my cock. She sighed as her warm pussy tightened and I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. A couple of minutes and she began to spasm while her pussy clenched, “Samuel!”

I continued to fuck her and began to rub and grind each time I buried my cock. I kissed her again as she started to thrash around and cling to me. Her slick pussy was constantly squeezing and grasping my cock. I went back to fucking her with long deep thrusts that pushed against her cervix.

She came screaming and clutched me while she bucked and struggled. As she came the fourth time I was fucking her hard and shoved all the way into her before pumping and gushing cum. She jerked as her pussy tightened and clenched, “YES!”

I kept pressing into her while spewing and spurting until I was done and slowly relaxed. Mom was panting and shuddering as her pussy continued to grasp and squeeze. I pulled out and rolled her over before pushing back into her. It was a long time before I fell asleep with her half on me. I woke to my chime and caressed my mother’s bare hip before moving out of bed.

I went to shower and dress before heading to the common room. I posted the new schedule and went to eat. I was on the bridge several hours later when Angel came in. She hesitated before crossing to me as I watched a holograph of the boarders practicing in VR. I glanced at her and she smiled, “I got up early.”

I pulled her onto my lap and cupped a breast, “and how have you been?”

She grinned, “good. The men treat me nice.”

I nodded and she wiggled, “I don’t know if I would want to keep doing this though.”

I rubbed a nipple and gave her a kiss before patting her hip, “make sure you wash and douche before coming to me.”

She slipped off my lap and grinned, “okay.”

An hour later I straightened as Gab turned, “it just jumped in.”

I hit the general quarters, “go after it Dan.”

I opened the intercom, “our target just came in. Boarding party suit up and stand by.”

Sasha moved as mom rushed in and took her place. She came to stand close to me with Hope as Scott came to sit beside Gab. I watched as we closed, “they aren’t responding.”

Gab shook his head, “they are still setting up their run insystem.”

We moved up to the ship without their knowing until we breached their particle shield and I hit the intercom, “fire the gav tractor Greg.”

We kept closing and I was sure the crew on the other ship was going crazy right now, “jam the comm Scott.”

A few moments later we had hard dock and the boarding party breached the other ship’s airlock. I pulled up the suit comms and listened as they began to move into the other ship. Ten minutes and Greg gave me the all clear and I opened the ship intercom, “third shift report to the cargo ship.”

I hit my comm for the boarding team, “put them in their lifeboat and kick it free.”

I glanced at Gab, “anything coming out?”

He shook his head, “nothing.”

I nodded and waited until Elliot called, “lifeboat free.”

I opened the intercom again, “seal the tube and kick us free.”

I waited and Gab gestured to Dan who began moving away. I pulled up the repeater and watched as the freighter turned and began moving. I was tense until it jumped and I glanced at Dan before the wormhole opened and we followed the other ship into jump. When we came out I had Dan stay with the other ship.

It began skipping into the system and I switched on our beacon transmitter. Stark was neutral and more than willing to acquire the odd ship or two. We followed the system control and docked beside the huge freighter. I slipped out of the seat, “put everything on standby.”

I headed to the airlock and used my private comm to make a call. I met Elliot and the prize crew at the freighter airlock and sent them back to the ship. It was another hour before the buyer arrived and began inspecting the ship. After we were done we began to bargain and finally agreed on a price. He left and I waited until he returned with a credit voucher.

I left and went into the huge station to an automated credit bank. When I walked into the ship’s common room everyone quieted as I caught Angel and sat with her on my lap. I handed the vouchers to Greg who looked at them and grinned before moving around the room and giving them out.

I waited until he was done, “you have twenty four hours before we leave.”

They grinned and began talking as I reached around Angel and cupped a breast, “did you want to go shopping?”

She grinned, “we decided to save our credits.”

I stood and headed towards my cabin and pulled her with me, “in that case.”

She laughed as she went faster to walk beside me. Once in the cabin I began to undress as she laid back in the bed. I moved into bed and began to caress her before moving down as she spread her legs. I licked through her pussy and nibbled on her inner lips. She moaned and lifted her hips while shivering.

I continued to lick her and pushed my tongue into her and she began to wiggle and squirm. I finally covered her clit and started sucking hard while wiggling my tongue back and forth. Angel moaned louder and began humping and shuddering. I kept teasing her clit as she panted and jerked and finally pushed my face away.

I grinned as I moved up and gave her a kiss while slowly sinking my cock into her. She groaned as I settled on her and began to slowly jab into her. Her hips continued to lift while her tight pussy squeezed. A few minutes and she was shuddering and clutching me. Her slippery pussy grasped and tightened as she started thrusting up harder.

I gave her another kiss before I pulled back and began to fuck her firmly with deep strokes. She howled and yelled as she began to jerk and buck, “aaaahhhh!”

I fucked her hard and kept it up as she spasmed and clung to me. When I was ready to cum she was tossing her head and incoherent. I buried my cock and kissed her as I pumped and spewed and spurted. When I stopped cumming she was panting and I rolled and pushed her up. She grinned as she wiggled before beginning to rub her slimy pussy on me.

Over six months we took six ships worth a lot more than expected. I let the men go and had to smile when Sasha went with Dan and Harry to a quiet spot in the back country of a colony world. Ruth went with Greg, Elliot and Al to a very large ranch they bought. What surprised me was mom, Hope and Angel. They stayed with me after I sent the ship into a star.

We live on a heavily forested world in a very large home. Mom and the girls take turns fucking me during the day and snuggling at night.
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