Morning sex after wife's lingerie modelling debut
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

Chapter 3 - A Naughty Wife is Punished

You wake up in the morning to find your wife stroking your morning erection.

“Hey,” you say sleepily as she runs her hand up and down your shaft.

She kisses you on the lips then looks into your eyes with a flirtatious smile.

“I can’t believe we did that last night,” she says excitedly as she works your knob.

“Me neither,” you say enjoying this unusual morning handjob.

“I was a naughty wife, wasn’t I?” she asks impishly.

“Oh yes you were,” you agree, playing along.

“Did you see me playing peekaboo with those men?” she purrs.

Your cock spasms at the memory and she laughs in response. “Oh you saw that alright. I just flashed my privates over and over to a bunch of strange horny guys while you stood right there, watching but unable to say a word.” She keeps stroking your member as she talks and you feel as though you are about to explode. Then she stops suddenly and jumps to her feet.

“You know what? If I’ve been naughty, I think I should be punished, don’t you?” she asks excitedly.

“Oh yes, definitely,” you say hoisting yourself up on your elbows with your penis still standing up stiffly at attention. You haven’t played this game before and you are enjoying it thoroughly.

Erin smiles at you and pulls down her sweat pants. You glance at her dark bush for a moment before she twirls around and bends over slightly to present her round, white ass to you.

“Yep, you need a spanking,” you say, getting the picture. So you sit up and slap her playfully across the buttocks.

“And did you see the way big man Witherspoon told me to go remove my bra and knickers?” she asks you, looking over her shoulder at you with a gleam in her eye. “I just ran right off and stripped off my undies so that he could see whatever he liked. Such a bad little wife.”

You stomach flips as she says this and you jump up at the provocation.

“Why you little...” you say, grabbing her sides and tickling her mercilessly. Erin shrieks with laughter and you throw her face down onto the bed.

“I’ll teach you!” you say, and give her a pretty sharp spank on the ass.

“Ooh, I deserve it,” she coos and arches her back to receive another. But you look down at her swollen labia peeking out at you below her ass cheeks and you have a better idea. You quickly climb on top of her from behind and push your quivering boner against her vagina.

“Oh Ted, I like that,” she gasps, reaching down to grasp the shaft of your rod to help guide it in.

She is already soaking wet and you slide in easily. You slowly work your cock in and out of her, building up momentum as she rubs her own clitoris. Soon your hips are slapping against her ass cheeks and she is gasping with pleasure. You are surprised when she starts climaxing almost immediately. It normally takes her quite a while to reach an orgasm.

As her spasms die down you resume the pace and she mutters. “I just meekly obeyed him when he told me to go take off my knickers you know.” As you process what she’s saying, you immediately start cumming, shooting spurt after spurt inside her until you are spent and flop down beside her on the bed.

You and Erin lay there cuddling silently for a while.

“That was good,” she says pensively. “Better than it has been in a long time.”

“Yeah, you were pretty wet right at the start,” you say, running your hand through her hair tenderly.

“Well I actually masturbated all morning before you woke up and came twice... thinking about last night,” she sighs, stretching luxuriously.

“Yeah,” you say sitting up. “I have to admit, the spark seems to be relit.”

“But didn’t I make you jealous?” she asks looking up at you innocently.

“Yes, of course. But I guess that’s part of the spice,” you say awkwardly.

Your wife thinks this over for a moment. “I saw you looking at Jenny’s body last night, you know,” she says.

“Well, yeah, I looked,” you admit.

“Did you get turned on?” she asks, looking at you curiously.

“Um, no?” you say with a furrowed brow.

She laughs lightly and slaps your thigh. “Liar. Her boobs looked great in that shelf bra didn’t they?”

“Can’t say. I didn’t notice,” making a face of mock perplexity.

“Well, I noticed. Did you like the way I grabbed her boobies?” she asks you with a bashful smile.

Your penis answers for you and visibly stiffens as your recall your wife handling her friend’s knockers. Your wife pinches the head distractedly. “I could tell that the boys really got a kick out of that one.”

“Well, I guess so,” you admit.

“What about when Witherspoon grabbed her leg and inspected it like a fine ham? Didn’t that excite you?” she asks with a scandalous giggle.

You chuckle along. “That was pretty bold of him,” you admit.

“He was bold with me, too,” she says, blushing.

“I know. Wow, when he told you raise your arms so he could look at, yeah,” you gulp thinking about it again and you cock is throbbing.

“As though it were just a perfectly normal thing to ask. Like ‘Oh, please pass the salt,’” she says shaking her head in disbelief. “‘Oh, would you mind showing me your pussy? Ah yes, that’s nice, thank you. Carry on.’”

You smile down at her and say. “Well you did it.”

“Yep,” she says. “I sure did. It was hot, what can I say?” She spreads her legs for you and you climb on readily. Your cock finds it’s way directly into her and she moans slightly as she receives it. You have a nice long lazy screw and then pull out and cum on her belly.

“You like it when I let other guys boss me around and show them my stuff,” she observes.

“I don’t know,” you say, a bit confused. “I guess it gets my dander up. I need to reassert control of you somehow...”

“...with your cock,” she says playfully.

“Well, yeah, I guess,” you admit bashfully.

“I like that,” she says.

“Are we turning into perverts?” you ask, half-jokingly.

“Maybe,” she admits brightly. “But if perverts have sex this good, then sign me up.”

You both laugh and then head to the shower to get cleaned up for breakfast.

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