I swam around the sunken boat carefully before I started to attach cables. I surfaced slowly and waved to the barge skipper and he started the large wenches. I sank to watch the eighty foot boat as it slowly began to rise. Once it broke the surface I swam to the ladder and climbed up and onto the barge.

I stripped quickly and bent to grab the gas powered pump. I carried it to the side and went back for the two long hoses. I connected them and tossed one over the side and jumped onto the boat with the other. The end was weighted and I moved to the hatch and tossed it in. I went back to start the pump and glanced at the captain.

I started walking to bring the second pump, “it may take awhile before we have most of the water out.”

He nodded, “yeah. The owner thinks everything inside is a complete write off.”

Four hours later I was pulling the boat out and into the waiting cradle for dry dock. I watched as it was lowered and then went to grab my gear, “see you in three days.”

The captain grinned, “I’ll deposit your share.”

I nodded as I headed towards the yards and my waiting jeep. When I pulled into the car port at home I saw Angel at the side door. She was only four years younger than me but I had been like a big brother for all her life. I climbed out and grabbed my bag, “hey Angel.”

She burst into tears and rushed to me. She crashed into me and clung while balling like the world was ending. I had dropped my bag and hugged her, “hey, what is it sweetness?”

She shook her head and I sighed as I bent and lifted her in my arms. I carried her to the door and touched the bio lock. I opened the door and carried her in and to the couch. I sat so she was on my lap and rubbed her back, “I can’t help if you don’t tell me what is wrong.”

That was when the story came out. She had gone on a date with a football player and he had talked her into having sex. The next thing she knew the whole team was there and raping her. She told me that she had heard about another girl but hadn’t believed it because the guy had been nice.

The team had told everyone that she was a whore and was trying to get her alone to rape her again. I cupped her face, “I will take care of it.”

She leaned against me, “my first time was supposed to be good.”

I sighed and hugged her, “sex does feel very good I hear.”

She looked at me, “you hear?”

I shrugged, “it doesn’t matter.”

She bit her lip, “I went to a doctor and they didn’t give me anything.”

I caressed her hip, “girlie if you are thinking I could fuck you we would be at it for days.”

She smiled and then grinned and finally giggled, “horny sailor.”

I gave her a soft kiss, “feeling better?”

She nodded as she slipped off my lap, “yeah.”

I stood and rubbed her hip, “why don’t you look in the kitchen for dinner while I get my gear.”

A few minutes later I was showering quickly. I was thinking of Angel on and against me and was tempted to jerk off. I didn’t and got out and wrapped my robe around me. I walked into the kitchen and found her humming as she made dinner. It was scallops and clams and shrimp with rice and green beans.

I slipped up behind her, “are you kidding? Do you know what this much seafood will do?”

She turned and pressed against me with her pelvis, “make you cum more?”

I smiled as I held her, “are you sure about this Sweetness?”

She smiled and nodded, “I called mom and told her I was spending the weekend here.”

I kissed her softly, “think we will make it out of bed before you have to go home?”

She laughed and shook me, “we will see.”

I let her go and started helping her with dinner. All through dinner we kept looking at each other, after dinner we cleaned up. She grabbed my hand and pulled me through the house when we were done. She turned beside my bed and blushed as she began to undress, “strip buster.”

I smiled as I began to remove my clothes. She finished before me and sat on the very edge of the bed. I moved to her and smiled as I pushed her back and down as I knelt. I pushed her legs open and leaned in to open and lick through her pussy. She shuddered and lifted her hips as she moaned, “ooohhh!”

I nibbled on her labia and pushed my tongue into her before wiggling my tongue on her clit and sucking. She shuddered and humped as she lifted and spread her legs, “ooohhh!”

I grinned as I continued to suck on her clit and tease it with my tongue. She wiggled and squirmed and kept lifting her hips and thrusting up. Finally she jerked and shuddered hard before trying to close her legs and push me away. I stood and stalked after her as she wiggled back on the bed. I moved between her legs and looked between us to slowly push into her.

Her pussy was tight and slick and warm as my cock spread her open and sank all the way to the back. She grunted and groaned as I settled on her and started kissing her. She hugged me and a minute later she squeezed and shuddered, “mmm!”

I grinned and pulled back to fuck her slowly with deep strokes. She sighed and moaned as she kept lifting her hips and humping. It wasn’t long before she spasmed and jerked while her pussy became very slippery. She was clutching me as I began to fuck her firmly with long thrusts and started to grind.

A couple of minutes and she was wailing and thrashing around. Each time I buried my cock I rubbed against her and humped. She wiggled and shook while her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed. A little later I groaned and grunted as I pushed into her and kissed her. She shuddered hard as I began to gush cum through her cervix, “YES!”

She jerked and spasmed as I continued to pump spurts of cum into her. When I stopped she was still shaking and kissed me passionately. I grinned as I humped and then pulled back to start fucking her all over again. She grinned and thrust her pussy up, “horny sailor.”

I laughed and gave her another kiss as I kept fucking her now slimy pussy. It was awhile before we stopped and I held her as she fell asleep. I was thinking of the boys that had raped her and knew when I found them I wouldn’t be gentle. I woke to dawn and glanced at Angel snuggled against me.

I turned and caressed her bare hip and she groaned, “damn horny sailor.”

I laughed as I moved off the bed, “you were the one that fucked me the last time.”

She lifted her head as she turned to lay on her back, “but I was awake and it wasn’t morning.”

I grinned and walked out and went to the bathroom. I showered and came back to dress before bending over the bed to suck on one of her nipples. She held my head and shivered and I moved up to kiss her, “take an aspirin when you get up.”

She nodded, “where are you going?”

I smiled, “to get exercise.”

She sat up, “Harmon?”

I sighed as I headed for the door, “to see some guys.”

I drove to the school because I knew most teams practiced in the morning. I was right they were on the field and I started for them. They were laughing and joking as I walked up and looked at each of them, “you will stay away from Angel.”

They looked at each other as one sneered and stepped towards me, “or?”

I grabbed his shirt and slugged him several times in the face and then kicked out and into another guy’s groin as he came to help. I let the first guy go as I brushed a reaching hand away and then caught it and twisted. He screamed as he went back and down and I turned and kick out into the stomach of another guy.

I stepped back as the rest backed up, “or I will find each of you and kill you.”

I looked at them as they looked anywhere but at me, “and the next girl you rape I will come for you and when I leave you will be in tiny pieces.”

I turned and walked away and drove to the store. I made a couple of calls to a few friends that had taught me to dive before going home, they were all former navy divers. I walked in the front door and Angel looked back from the couch before jumping up, “what did you do?”

I grinned as I walked past her and rubbed a nipple, “had a few words and went shopping.”

She followed me into the kitchen, “and?”

I started putting things away, “and either they stay away or they become fish food.”

When I finished I turned and began undressing and she watched and grinned, “what are you doing?”

I reached for her and pulled her against me, “where were we?”

She laughed and humped, “horny sailor.”

She kissed me and turned to look at the door when someone knocked, “I invited Julie over.”

I looked at the door, “Julie?”

Angel nodded, “she was the other girl they raped.”

I sighed and reached for my clothes and she grinned as she started for the door, “don’t you dare touch clothes.”

I straightened and a couple of moments later a blonde haired girl stepped into the house. I turned and went to heat milk for hot coco. Angel came up behind me and put her arms around me, “this is Harmon.”

I glanced back and smiled as the nervous girl shifted on her feet, “hi.”

She smiled shyly, “hi.”

I looked at Angel as I kept the milk moving so it wouldn’t burn, “did you want me to talk to her?”

She shook her head, “I want you to make love to us together.”

I chuckled, “you haven’t let me finish molesting you from last night.”

She grinned, “please?”

I looked at Julie, “after a cup of hot coco.”

She nodded as Julie smiled and then giggled. She walked up beside me and I gestured to a cabinet, “the cups are in there.”

We were sipping coco in the front room when my phone rang. Julie had undressed like me and Angel and I had to reach over her to get the phone. Angel pushed me down so I was on her lap, “Harmon.”

I listened as a friend talked and grinned, “how many?”

I nodded and ignored Angel and Julie giggling, “there might be a couple more later but I doubt it.”

I hung up and turned as I sat up and stopped to suck on one of Julie’s nipples. She shivered and wiggled and I smiled before stopping and sitting up, “well the guys on the football team went to your house with bats. I’m afraid they had several accidents and had to go to the hospital.”

Angel looked at me with wide eyes and I smiled sweetly, “I think their cars spontaneously combusted too. The police suspect they burned them for the insurance money.”

Angel grinned and then giggled as Julie looked from her to me. She smiled, “what kind of accidents did they have?”

I stood and turned to pull her up, “they kept hitting and beating each other with their own bats according to the police reports.”

I pulled Angel up before pulling them both after me as I went back to the bedroom. I pushed Angel into bed and sat Julie on the edge before laying her back and kneeling. I pushed her legs open and leaned in to lick through her pussy and cover her clit. I sucked hard while wiggling my tongue and she lifted her hips and moaned as she shuddered.

I continued to lick her pussy and tease her clit and she started breathing harder while humping, “ooohhh!”

Angel giggled as she bent to suck on Julie’s nipples which made her wail and spasm. She bucked and writhed around before twisting and trying to close her legs. I stood and helped her turn on the bed before moving over her and kissing her as I sank my cock in her pussy. I touched Angel and rolled before helping Julie sit up.

She wiggled and shuddered and started to rub her pussy on me, “mmm!”

She grinned and rocked and bounced before giggling as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. She twisted and started thrusting back and forth and rubbing her pussy on me. A minute and she shuddered and jerked while wetting me and moaning, “aaaahhhh!”

I reached up and started kneading her breasts as she jerked and shuddered while her pussy constantly tightened. Angel put her head on my shoulder and reached between her friend’s legs to finger and rub her clit. Julie jerked and her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock as she wailed, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I rubbed her nipples and went back to kneading her breasts as she twisted and rolled her hips while her pussy constantly squeezed. She was erratic and almost pulling off my cock and then shoving back and down to drive it into her hard. She screamed and began spasming and I smiled and pulled her down and shifted until she was under me.

I fucked her firmly with long deep strokes and after a few minutes shoved into her and kissed her as my cock erupted. She jerked and clutched me as I pumped and spewed and spurted cum into her. When I was done I rolled and helped her sit up. She wiggled and grinned at Angel, “want a turn?”

Angel grinned and nodded and Julie leaned forward to let my slimy cock come out. She bent to kiss me before rolling off and Angel straddled me. She lifted and reached down to hold my cock as she sat on it slowly. She wiggled and then giggled as she rocked and bounced. Julie laughed as I groaned and reached up to hold and knead her breasts.

She began to twist and roll her hips while continuing to rock. Her pussy was slick and kept squeezing and grasping my cock. It didn’t take her long to become erratic and shudder hard. She started thrusting back and forth and rubbing her pussy on me harder. A couple of minutes and she wailed and began to spasm, “Harmon!”

I tugged on her nipples, “want me to roll over?”

She dropped onto me and kissed me passionately, “yes!”

I grinned as I shifted and rolled over before I began to fuck her with deep strokes. She wrapped her legs around me while her pussy constantly gripped my cock. I planted my cock and began to hump and jab and grind. Angel shuddered and bucked while her pussy constantly massaged my cock.

I kissed her a minute later before I pulled back and started fucking her with long strokes. She kept twisting and jerking as I fucked her and she began to howl and yell. When I finally shoved into her with my cock throbbing she had her legs up and spread. She screamed when she felt the warm sperm gushing into her open cervix, “YYYEEESSSS!”

I spurted a half dozen times before I was done and pulled out. Julie grinned as she pushed me onto my back and straddled me, “my turn.”

It was over an hour before we got out of bed and went to the kitchen. The girls kept looking at each other and grinning while I made lunch. After lunch we went out back and laid out and then I made them put a swim suit on. I took them to the docks and got fins, masks and snorkels. I took them out to a reef where the water was clear.

I had taught Angel before and together we showed Julie. We came back a couple of hours later and returned home. I had several messages, it turned out when they found out what happened to the guys on the football team a dozen girls had gone to the police with their parents to report the rape.

Neither Angel’s mom or Julie’s said anything when the girls began spending all their time with me. When they turned eighteen they became partners with me. We still salvage boats or sometimes wrecks. The two are always pulling me away any chance they get so I can fuck one or bother of them. They say I salvaged their used pussies so I get to keep them.
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