Kaira and I had been married for six months when she began to act different. She had to go see a friend or an unexpected hair appointment or something else that would come up suddenly. When she came home it would be a couple of hours later at least and she would take a shower right away.

It was a Friday and she made another excuse to leave when we had plans to go out. After the door closed and I fumed before walking back to the bedroom. I looked around before seeing her dairy on her dresser. It was open and I crossed to pick it up and look through it. My wife was having an affair because she wanted more sex.

The guy was her best friend’s husband and she wrote where they met. I put her dairy back and turned to go see for myself. I went to the cheap motel and found my wife’s car before checking the window. The curtain was wide open and she was on the bed with him between her legs fucking her hard.

I was tempted to pound the hell out of him but took a dozen pictures instead. I went home angry and waited for Kaira. When she came home she headed towards the bedroom to take a shower. I followed and waited until she undressed before pulling her to the bed and bending her over it as she struggled.

I opened my pants and shoved into her slimy cunt and fucked her hard and deep. She stopped fighting and shuddered as her greedy cunt squeezed. A minute and she was moaning and pushing back, “ooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her with long deep thrusts and a few minutes later she wailed and started jerking around. I shoved into her and pumped thick spurts of cum into her already cummy pussy. When I was done I pulled out and pushed her onto the bed and rolled her over before moving back between her legs to shove into her.

She clutched me as she thrust up and my cock sank into her all the way. I fucked her six times before pulling her out of bed and into the shower. After the shower we got dressed before I went to start dinner and she helped but kept looking at me. After we were done and had cleaned up I took her hand and we went for a walk.

It is hard to stay mad unless you work at it. We didn’t talk but I was thinking the whole time. The next two days we were off and as soon as we got home I made a dozen calls. Kaira snuggled against me that night like when we had first started going together. I forgot how much I liked that and held her as she fell asleep.

I was up early and left her sleeping as I went out. She was in the kitchen when I got back and I started moving the full size bed from the guest bedroom to the corner of the living room. She frowned but didn’t say anything. After I had put sheets on I checked the time and walked to her as I undressed.

I pulled her after me and into the bathroom where I gave her a douche and an enema. She frowned but didn’t say anything. I showered and dried her and myself before pulling her towards the living room. She resisted but not to much. I laid her on the bed and reached into the bag I had brought home.

I slipped the blindfold on her and she hesitated. It was to late for her to do anything as I brought out the restraints I had bought. I secured her wrists to the bedposts first and then her legs as she wiggled and struggled. I sat beside her as she squirmed to feel and caress her body and she moaned.

I bent to suck on her nipples and rubbed her pussy and she humped up. I turned and moved over her before slowly pushing into her as she groaned. Her pussy grasped and squeezed as I began to fuck her with long strokes and she kept thrusting up. She shuddered and jerked a few minutes later as she wailed and came.

I continued to fuck her, burying my cock and grinding. By the time I was ready she was incoherent and I shoved into her and began spewing and spurting. I pumped her pussy full before I stopped and looked at the door when I heard the knock. I pulled out as she moaned and slipped off the bed.

I grabbed the robe I had placed beside the door and opened it. Three friends from work grinned as they came in and held up beer. I took the beer and gestured, “change to your robes and you can take a turn with Kaira when you want.”

I headed to the kitchen as they began undressing and put the beer in the fridge. I came back as one was climbing onto my wife and she was asking who it was. I turned on the TV and changed it to the game that was going to start as he started fucking her and she began to moan louder. When the other guys arrived they undressed and put the robe on I told them to bring.

Kaira was wailing and howling as they took turns fucking her. It was an hour before I answered the door and Glenn stood there. I let him in and he stopped walking when he saw my wife getting fucked. I picked up the pictures from where I had placed them, “I would ask you to join us but you have already been fucking her for the last few weeks.”

He looked at me, “I...”

I cut him off and showed him the pictures, “contact my wife again or answer when she calls and I will cut your balls off before I gut you.”

I shoved the pictures into his chest and yanked the door open, “get the fuck out.”

I slammed the door after he left and went to drink a beer before trying to relax. It was another hour before the game was over and the guys were finished. They dressed and I let them out and went to Kaira and removed the blindfold as I sat on the bed. She looked at me, “I can’t believe you did that.”

I smiled as I undid the restraints on her feet, “and I can’t believe you betrayed me and your girlfriend.”

She looked at me as I removed the other restraints and then pulled her off the bed. I pulled her after me and into the bathroom. I had filled the tub with hot water and stepped in and pulled her with me. I sat with her between my legs and held her, “now... we can get a divorce if that is what you want.”

She sniffed and began to cry and I hugged her, “you wrote you wanted more sex and that was why you let dickhead fuck you.”

She nodded, “I was horny and... it doesn’t matter.”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples, “yes it does. We can get a divorce if you want or...”

She turned to look at me as she sniffed, “or?”

I bent and kissed her, “or we can have weekend parties like today and maybe a mid week get together with a few of the guys.”

She looked at me and I smiled, “I am going to use your cunt too so don’t worry.”

She leaned against me, “today was very... satisfying.”

I grinned, “I bet. After you douche we are going out. I have already had words with Glenn, he has fucked you for the last time.”

She nodded and I tugged on her nipples, “don’t try to contact him and don’t answer if he calls.”

She shook her head and I gave her a squeeze, “the rule is simple. They fuck you and that is it. No dates or sweet talking.”

She smiled back at me, “just spreading my legs for them.”

I nodded, “maybe next time we will try it without the restraints and give you a double penetration.”

She laughed and wiggled, “that would be fun.”

I held her and we talked about things she wanted to do or try. When we got out I gave her several douches before we got dressed. We went to the mall and window shopped and saw a movie and just spent the day together. When we got home I fucked her before dinner, after dinner and for a couple of hours before we went to sleep.

For the next three days I fucked her a lot and then the next afternoon I called six of the guys. When Kaira walked into the house I was right behind her. I pulled her into the bathroom as I stripped her. I gave her a douche and enema before putting the dog collar I had bought on. She grinned, “are we playing?”

I rubbed her nipples and was tempted to fuck her but bent her over the sink to put lube on and in her asshole, “we have six of the guys coming over.”

She spread her legs and tilted her hips while pushing back, “are they going to fuck me?”

I fingered her ass, “do I need to use the blindfold?”

She groaned and shuddered, “yeah.”

I rubbed through her slit before pulling her up and led her back to the bed I had left in the living room. I laid her down and bent to kiss her before putting the blindfold on. I tugged on a nipple and started fingering her until there was a knock on the door. When I opened it the guys were waiting and grinned as I let them in.

They had robes like before and began to strip. I looked at my wife on the bed, “she wants to try double penetration.”

I headed towards the kitchen to make the large pot of stew. It wasn’t long before I heard Kaira moaning and wailing. I watched from time to time as she was fucked in several positions. She never removed the blindfold while they fucked her or she sucked them. When they left she was splayed out on the bed with cum leaking out of her pussy and ass.

I stripped as I walked to the bed and turned her on the edge. I bent over her as I pushed into her slimy cunt. I kissed her and pulled the blindfold off as she tried to stop me. I smiled when she saw my face and stood up. She wrapped her legs around my waist to keep me from pulling out, “hard honey.”

I used one hand to rub her clit and she lifted and spread her legs. I started to fuck her long, hard and deep and she wiggled and grunted as I kept shoving all the way into her. A few minutes and she was spasming and jerking. Just before I came she was thrashing around and I pulled out and buried my cock in her ass.

She howled as I held her while spurting and pumping cum. She twisted and bucked as her ass grasped and kept squeezing. When I was done I pulled out and waited to help her off the bed. I pulled her after me as I shut everything off before feeding her a late dinner. I cleaned up and when she was done took her to the bathroom.

I gave her a few douches and a couple of enemas before showering with her. After we were dry I pulled her to bed and moved over her. I kissed her and pushed into her hot puffy cunt. I fucked her with deep thrusts as she hugged me and shuddered while her pussy tightened. I fucked her for over an hour before stopping.

The next day when she came home she went shopping with me and we held hands. It was like that each day until the weekend. I had made a few calls and woke with Kaira in my arms. I rolled her onto her back and moved between her legs before pushing into her cummy pussy. She put her arms around me and smiled, “morning.”

I humped and pressed into her, “we have guests in an hour.”

She looked at me and then smiled, “the guys?”

I kissed her as I fucked her grasped pussy, “yeah.”

She humped and thrust up as she shuddered, “tie me on my stomach this time.”

I grinned and pulled out before rolling her over and moving back between her legs as she spread them. I pushed into her as she tilted her hips, “they can fuck whichever hole they want.”

She shuddered as her pussy clenched, “yeah.”

I fucked her with long deep thrusts as I tried to cum and she began to jerk as her pussy clenched. It wasn’t long before she was wailing and spasming. I continued to fuck her hard and deep as she kicked the bed and struggled. I finally buried my cock and shoved before I began gushing cum.

She screamed when she felt my warm sperm spurting in her and her pussy contracted. When I was done I pulled out and moved off the bed before pulling her with me. I pulled her into the bathroom where I let her go and waited until she finished peeing. I gave her a douche and a couple of enemas before we took a shower.

I pulled her out to the bed in the living room and she grinned as she laid on her stomach. I tied her spread eagle and then put lube in and on her asshole before putting her blindfold on. I went to make breakfast and feed her before the guys began arriving to watch the game. Like before they stripped and put on robes.

The first moved onto the bed and felt Kaira before moving between her legs and pushing into her. It was awhile before I took my robe off and moved onto the bed. I looked at my wife’s used and leaking pussy and ass before pushing my cock into her ass. She groaned as I began to fuck her slimy ass with long thrusts.

She began grunting and shuddering as her ass squeezed and I pushed deeper. It wasn’t long before she howled and jerked as I fucked her firmly and then she was spasming. She struggled against the restraints and kept wailing until I finally buried my cock and pumped spurts of warm cum.

I kissed her as she began to relax and pulled out and moved so one of the other guys could take my place. After they left I undid the restraints and the blindfold. I helped her off the bed and back to the bathroom. I gave her a couple of douches and a couple of enemas before pulling her into the shower.

After we got out I sent her to get dressed and we went out to a movie. We spent the day shopping together after that and finally returned home. She went to start a hot bath and then came to pull me back. I sat with her between my legs and she sighed as she leaned back against me, “Glenn called and left a message. He said unless I fuck him or if I told you he will tell Frost.”

I looked at her but she didn’t look back and I turned her head, “when did he call?”

She sighed, “yesterday.”

I nodded, “call Frost and have her come over.”

She opened her mouth but I shook her, “do it.”

She shook her head, “she is going to hate me.”

I smiled, “you know her right?”

Kaira nodded and I smiled, “doesn’t she like sex?”

She turned, “well yeah but...”

She got a funny look, “I didn’t think of it but she was always a horny slut.”

I smiled, “so why would her husband want to fuck around?”

Kaira shook her head, “Frost has a very nice body.”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples, “so I wonder if she would like to get even and fool around with a few guys?”

She turned and then grinned before standing, “we need to go out.”

We got dressed and I let her pull me into a furniture store a little later. She looked and finally bought another full sized bed and we loading it into my truck. When we got home she moved the furniture and arranged it so a bed was on each side of the TV and across from each other. She grinned when she was finished, “we need another blindfold and more restraints.”

I laughed as I went to start a quick dinner, “don’t forget the name plates for each bed.”

She giggled when she followed me and started helping. It was almost ready when Frost knocked and Kaira let her in. She was nervous as she led her friend into the kitchen where I was setting the dinner on the table. I had printed the pictures again but left them face down on the table.

I pulled Kaira onto my lap and looked at Frost, “is there a problem between you and Glenn?”

She blushed as she looked at Kaira, “no.”

I waited and she looked down, “yes. We used to have sex all the time but now he barely wants to touch me.”

She was a stunning woman with a nice body. I looked at Kaira, “we were having problems. Kaira wanted to have more sex. She finally let your husband fuck her.”

Frost looked stunned and opened her mouth as she looked at my wife. I shook my head, “it lasted for a few weeks but I put a stop to it. I even warned Glenn to stay away but he just left a message that if Kaira didn’t keep fucking him he would tell you.”

Her eyes narrowed as I reached out to turn the pictures over. I took Kaira’s phone and went to voice messages as she sagged and stared at Glenn and my wife. I played the message he had left and then looked at Frost, “once a week I have a dozen guys over to fuck Kaira. In the middle of the week I bring over six so she gets used.”

I looked at my nervous wife before looking at Frost, “guys are guys and always want sex but a woman needs a friend.”

Frost looked down, “I have fucked around a couple of times since Glenn...”

She shook her head and I smiled, “how would you like to get even?”

She picked up a fork and looked at me and then at Kaira, “with Kaira or my husband?”

I smiled, “I’m sure you are as mad at Glenn as I was at Kaira. She has been your friend longer and wants to see if you want to join her in getting gang fucked.”

Frost froze as she looked at my wife, “Kaira? Are you serious?”

Kaira smiled, “well I love getting fucked and they fuck me stupid. You used to like sex a lot and I thought...”

Frost giggled and then laughed, “I think I have to take a trip out of town. The two beds in the other room is where you want to do this?”

I nodded, “she gets secured to the bed and blindfolded.”

She grinned as she looked at her plate before looking at Kaira, “we are going to talk.”

She looked at me, “make room in your closet. I need copies of the pictures and I’m moving in.”

She started eating and I began to feed Kaira. After dinner they disappeared into the bedroom as I started cleaning up. When I finished Kaira was waiting and grinned as she pulled me back to the bedroom. Frost was on the bed naked and looked nervous. I undressed as my wife walked around the bed and laid beside her friend.

I climbed onto the bed and reached out to feel Frost, “can I lick you?”

She grinned, “you can do whatever you want.”

I turned and moved over her and started kissing down her body. She spread her legs wider when I reached her pussy. I opened it and licked through it before pushing my tongue into her. I nibbled on her inner lips while she shuddered and humped and covered her clit. I started sucking and used my lips to nibble and she jerked and thrust up, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I began to wiggle my tongue around on her clit while continuing to suck. She shook and kept lifting and thrusting her hips up. She twisted and kept jerking and finally tried to cover her pussy. I grinned as I moved up and kissed her while forcing my cock into her. She tilted her hips and spread her legs more as she groaned.

Her pussy was warm and slick as I sank to her cervix. I humped and fucked her slowly with grinding jabs. She lifted her legs into her air and several moments late began to wail. I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. She clutched me as her pussy tightened and she spasmed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I fucked her firmly while she continued to jerk and her pussy constantly grasped my cock. She writhed around and kept thrusting up while I fucked her harder, “oooohhhh!”

I fucked her steadily while she wiggled and squirmed and bucked. She wailed and howled as I kept planting my cock and grinding while trying to shove into her deeper. It was several minutes before I was ready to cum and Frost was incoherent. Her eyes had rolled up and she was just spasming and jerking while her slick pussy constantly massaged and squeezed.

I buried my cock and grunted as I spewed thick spurts. I pumped a half dozen before I stopped and lay on her. I looked at her as she continued to twitch while her messy pussy kept grasping my cock. I pulled out and laid beside her and my wife put her head on her other shoulder. Frost relaxed and sighed as she continued to sleep.

Kaira grinned and reached across her for my hand and we snuggled against her friend. I woke to Frost shifting on the bed and gave my wife’s hand a squeeze before letting go and reaching out to cup one of Frost’s breasts. She stopped moving and then whispered, “what happened?”

Kaira chuckled and moved to suck on a nipple, “he fucked you and you passed out before he came in you.”

Frost smiled and then grinned, “well I remember the first part.”

She giggled and turned to push me onto my back before straddling me and sitting on my cock, “so when is the next fuck party?”

Kaira laughed as she got out of bed, “I had one yesterday.”

I grinned, “you want your own today?”

She wiggled and bounced as her pussy tightened, “sure.”

I cupped her breasts and pulled her down and rolled before I began to fuck her. She wiggled and tilted her hips as she grinned and kept thrusting up. Frost filed for divorce and moved in with us. We have two fuck parties during each week and one on the weekend. Between Kaira and Frost they keep my balls drained and are happy when they do it.

We have a special room we use now since they started having babies, which they always do together.
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