My father left us to be in the military but he put money in stocks every mouth for my trust. Mom was seeing a guy and I was in the way I guess, so off to the farm I went. I was going to spend the summer at my uncle and aunt’s farm in Canada. It wasn’t really his farm, it was his wife’s, mom’s sister.

My name is Kenneth and it has been just mom and I for as long as I can remember. I walked off the bus and looked at the long dirt road out to the farmhouse as the driver pulled my bag out from under the bus. There was two large barns and a huge looking farmhouse. I walked up the dirt road nervously, I hadn’t seen my uncle before and wasn’t sure what to expect.

He was an older man but in good shape. Aunt Vicky was a knock out brunette with firm breasts and a slim waist. She even had a gap between her legs. I thought I would be staying in the house but he led me to one of the barns. I was surprised at what I saw but kept my mouth shut as he nodded to a ladder.

It went up onto the top of the tack room, “There is a bed and a chest of drawers up there.”

I climbed up and looked around before starting to put my stuff in the cedar chest. I kept glancing at everything in the barn, whipping crosses, stocks, locking benches, dog and pony pens with benches... There were a lot of people here beside my uncle and aunt. One of his friends from the army was recovering here and there were a dozen women or girls.

It didn’t take me long to realize things weren’t great between my uncle and aunt. He was always feeling and pulling one of the other women away and ignoring her. That night was a real eye opener as another dozen people showed up. Naked women were spanked and whipped and teased.

I watch as a girl named Gwen was put in a set of stocks and spanked and two dogs were brought to just lick her pussy. Bob and Vicky argued and he slapped her before turning her and trying to put her in stocks. I could tell this was different and stopped watching and started walking.

I pulled my uncle back with Vicky only half secured, “Let her go!”

He spun and swung at me and that was a major mistake. I swayed back and caught his hand after it went by. I turned as I twisted and bent his wrist and he yelled as I locked his arm and kicked out. I caught him behind his knee and he dropped to the floor. I shifted around keeping my hold on his wrist and arm and reached out to unlock the stocks.

Vicky looked at me as she backed away and I moved and pulled. Bob was cussing and swearing as I pulled him to a vacant whipping cross. I was trying to think how to secure him when Vicky was suddenly there. She grabbed his other hand and pulled it out before locking a set of shackles around his wrist.

I moved his wrist and she moved around as he struggled and locked the wrist I held. She grinned at me before pulling one of his legs to the side and secured it and I did the other one. She straightened as I stood in front of my uncle, “there is a difference between sex play and abuse.”

He kept struggling and cussing as the men and women in the barn laughed. I turned as several women walked up, “our turn asshole.”

I looked at Bob, “have fun, they say payback is a bitch.”

Aunt Vicky took my hand as I backed away and the women and girls started whipping and beating him. I was surprise when they put some white paste on his cock and brought in a calf. He was screaming after that but so were other women. Vicky pulled me to an empty set of stocks and smiled as she rubbed my chest, “spank me and fuck me?”

I didn’t know what to say and finally just nodded. She turned and bent to put her wrists and head into the stocks and I closed them. I looked around before looking at her naked butt. I caressed her butt and rubbed her almost hot pussy before pulling my hand back and giving her a hard swat. She jumped and yelled and I caressed her butt and pussy again.

After a minute I pulled my hand back and gave her another swat. She screamed and wiggled as I caressed her butt and pussy again. I took my time and spanked her a couple of dozen times until her butt was red. I fingered her pussy before moving behind her as I stripped. I positioned my cock and rubbed the drooling head through her slit before pushing onto her.

She groaned and shuddered as my thick cock stretched her pussy and sank into her. I shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and started to fuck her with long, deep strokes that hit and pushed my cock into her cervix. Vicky screamed and wiggled while her pussy clenched around my cock. I kept fucking her with long strokes as she wailed and pushed back.

She squirted me a minute later and shuddered hard as I held her hips and planted my cock in her before gushing cum. Vicky jerked and howled when she felt the flood of warm sperm pumping into her. I held her and kept shuddering as I put my first load of cum into a woman. I pulled out when I was done and blushed as everyone clapped and whistled.

Well, almost everyone, uncle Bob had two girls whipping him and fucking his ass with a thick dildo. One of the dogs wandered over and pushed his nose between Vicky’s legs and started to lick her leaking pussy. She shuddered and wiggled but the dog continued to lick her. It was a couple of minutes before she was wailing and shaking as she tried to push back.

I finally pushed the dog away and moved behind her before thrusting all the way into her slimy pussy. I held her hips as she howled and her pussy tightened around my cock. I started to fuck her with long, hard, deep strokes. It wasn’t long before her body was jerking and spasmed as her cummy pussy milked my cock.

I kept fucking her and gave her butt a hard swat, she screamed and jerked as her pussy clenched around my cock. Several men and women laughed as I kept fucking her and every other minute gave her a hard swat. It took me over ten minutes to burying my cock in her before I started pumping more cum into her.

Vicky was incoherent as she jerked and shook while her warm messy pussy milking my cock. When I was done I pulled out and bent over her, “More?”

She laughed, “yes!”

I used a paddle and the dogs licked her before I fucked her again. I use a whip and let the dogs lick her before fucking her... again. Someone had released my uncle sometime during the night and helped him out of the barn. I fucked Vicky eight times before carrying her up to my bed. I woke as she shifted against me and turned my head to see her looking at me.

She smiled, “hey master.”

I smiled and turned to feel and caress her body. I pushed her onto her back and moved between her legs. I pushed into her warm, slimy pussy and kissed her as I started to fuck her slowly with deep strokes. She groaned as I buried my cock in her cummy pussy and began to hump and grind.

It wasn’t long before she started to wail and howl. Her pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock as she bucked and thrashed. I started fucking her hard and deep and she threw her legs out and spread them as she howled. Her cummy pussy kept grasping and clenching around my cock. A few minutes later I buried it in her and started to gush cum.

Vicky jerked and convulsed as her pussy milked the cum into her and clutched me as I continued to flood her. When I finished I pulled out, “I should go find out what Bob did.”

She sat up, “He better have left.”

I helped her up before looking for my pants. She waited and followed me naked as I climbed down. There were a couple of people still sleeping as we walked towards the house. Vicky slipped her hand in mine as we checked the house and Bob was gone along with all his clothes.

She smiled and sat me at the table and started breakfast, “we were fighting because he wanted to sell the farm.”

I glanced at her and she looked at me, “it has been in our family for a long time and I wasn’t going to sell it.”

I nodded and let her make breakfast. The others started coming in and helping to make it. I watched David when he came in slowly and sat with a sigh. He grinned at me, “you surprised me kid.”

I grinned and then scooted the chair back in surprise when Pam sat in my lap. She grinned and looked at my aunt, “he sure fucked you a lot.”

Vicky grinned, “and my butt is still stinging.”

The other women laughed and Pam wiggled on my lap, “maybe he can do me tonight, you are scheduled for the puppies.”

I looked at Vicky as she grinned, “just make sure he uses the paddle on you.”

David grinned, “I’ll make sure.”

I looked back and forth before looking at David, “what about Bob? He is your friend right?”

He frowned, “sex play is one thing but he has been getting out of hand, he got what he deserved.”

Vicky bent to kiss his cheek, “I’m going into town to see a lawyer.”

David looked at her, “are you sure?”

She nodded as she pulled Pam off my lap, “I’m sure, he told me he was selling my farm.”

She sat and wiggled before kissing me and looking at David, “it is my family’s and I’m not selling. He has been worse since you came back and keeps pushing me away to be with other women.”

David nodded and pulled Lisa onto his lap, “do what you need too. Do you want me to leave?”

Vicky shook her head, “he won’t try anything if you are here.”

She looked at me and grinned, “besides my new master might need some pointers.”

He grinned as the other women laughed. I took her to the bathroom and washed her in the shower and fingered her pussy until she shuddered and came. I held her before turning the water off, “What did Pam mean you are scheduled for the puppies?”

She pulled me out to dry me off, “you saw the dogs last night.”

I nodded, “they were licking some of the other ladies besides you.”

She looked at me for a minute, “didn’t you look in their pen?”

I thought about it and shook my head. She caressed my face, “each night one of the ladies takes a turn on a bench to train the puppies to lick pussy.”

I blinked and she rubbed my chest, “you aren’t put off are you?”

I grinned, “someone is getting so fucked.”

She grinned, “do Pam or Beth.”

I went back to washing her, “how often do you have these sex parties?”

She shut the water off, “a few times a week. More now that it is summer.”

I pulled her out and started drying her and feeling her body. She laughed and kissed me before pushing me towards the door, “go get dressed.”

I spent the day with David as he showed me around while Vicky left to see an attorney. People began arriving as we ate dinner and Vicky kissed my cheek before walking out. Gwen and Brook were left to clean up as Pam stripped and pulled me up and after her. She pulled me into the barn and across to a set of stocks, “whip me and fuck me.”

I grinned as I turned her and put her into the stocks. I went looking and returned with a set of vibrators that I pushed into her before turning them on. I undressed and used a thick whip I had found and took a practice swing before bringing it around and down. Pam screamed as it landed on her ass and shuddered as I did it again and then again.

I stopped to rub her butt and caressed beside her pussy as she wiggled and squirmed. She shuddered and kept trying to push back as she moaned and I pulled the vibrator out of her pussy before pushing into her and fucking her hard and deep. She jerked and her pussy clenched as she wailed. I kept fucking her and began spanking her butt with my hands.

She cried out but continued to push back, “oooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her as a couple of women came to hug me and one started fucking the vibrator in and out of her ass. Pam spasmed and jerked as I buried my cock and started gushing cum through her open cervix. She screamed as the women laughed and spanked her. When I was done I pulled out and pushed the vibrator back into her leaking pussy.

I let the women whip her while I went to look for Vicky. I found her bent over a low bench as a young dog licked her with two others pushing in to lick some of what looked like cream. I watched for a minute before going back to whip Pam again and then fuck her ass. I let her out and put her on a rack on her stomach.

A guy stopped and grinned, “can I spank and fuck her?”

I grinned, “sure.”

I went looking and found Beth wiggling and squirming as a dog licked her pussy while she was in another set of stocks. David grinned, “fuck her hard and use her.”

I felt her slimy pussy before pushing into her and holding her hips as I began to fuck her with deep strokes. She wiggled and moaned as her slimy hole squeezed and grasped at my cock. I kept going and used firm strokes until she began to howl. She was shaking and shuddering when she squirted and wet me.

I held her hips as I fucked her hard for a few minutes and then shoved her cervix open. She screamed when I began spurting cum and her pussy clenched around my cock. I pumped load after load while she kept shaking and finally I pulled out and grinned at David, “thanks.”

It was another couple of hours before I pulled Vicky away from the dogs and up to my bed. I tied her down on her stomach with her legs spread and spanked her and rubbed her slimy pussy. When I stopped I moved between her legs and shoved into her sloppy cunt and started fucking her.

I used long hard thrusts and she began to scream and jerk as I kept going. My thick cock was pushing into her cervix and she kept jerking and struggling. It was awhile before I buried my cock in her and started spurting cum into her womb. She spasmed as her pussy clenched, “YES!”

When I was done I pulled back and began to fuck her again, “wait until I start breeding you.”

She shuddered and looked back, “yes master.”

I grinned and fucked her hard before kissing her bare shoulder. It was awhile before I stopped and slept as I held her. When I woke I untied her and fingered her slimy cunt until she shuddered and looked back at me. I pulled her off the bed and down into the barn before taking her into the house. I watched her douche and use an enema.

I showered with her and washed her before going to get dressed. I came into the kitchen to the ladies making breakfast and sat across from David. He smiled, “you did okay last night. How would you like to fuck Gwen?”

The fourteen year old girl turned and grinned and he laughed, “she loves being spanked before you fuck her.”

I stood and reached out to pull her to the table and bent her over before feeling her slit. I put one hand on her back and started to spank her. I was hitting low on her butt as she jerked and yelled and wiggled. Between swats I rubbed her butt and fingered her pussy. I gave her thirty swats before I opened my pants.

She was already soaking wet and shuddering as she moaned. I moved behind her and pushed into her tight pussy. I held her waist and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. She screamed and spasmed while squirting and her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I was hitting her cervix and pushing as she continued to jerk and shake.

She wailed and howled as I fucked her and looked at David, “birth control?”

He grinned, “breed her.”

Gwen thrashed around almost wildly as she yelled and squirted me again while her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. She came continuously for almost fifteen minutes until I held her hips and shove into her. She screamed and spasmed again as I gushed spurts of cum, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

She twisted and her tight pussy kept milking my cock until I was done. I pulled out and rubbed her butt before turning to catch Vicky. She grinned when I pulled her onto my lap as I sat, “he wants to breed me too.”

David laughed, “if he is your master you better throw your birth control away.”

She smiled as she looked at me, “I have.”

I grinned, “oral or anal only if you fuck someone else.”

She nodded and kissed me while I caressed her hips. I looked at Gwen as she took a deep breath and stood up. She rubbed her pussy and smiled as she turned, “so only oral or anal for me until he is done breeding me?”

David chuckled, “yes.”

Vicky giggled, “no party tonight so Kenneth gets us together.”

Gwen snickered as she walked out, “in the stocks.”

They laughed as I grinned, “or tied to the bed.”

They laughed again and Vicky wiggled on my lap, “on me?”

I grinned, “with her head in your pussy and yours in hers.”

I never left the farm or my aunt. Mom has come up a few times and I was surprised when Vicky had me put her in a set of stocks and whip her and then fuck her. Both Vicky and Gwen got pregnant and had twins. Bob tried to sell Vicky’s farm but a judge stopped it. Vicky and I live on the farm now and still have weekend parties and I still tie her to the bed most nights.
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