Nate and the girls slept for several hours as the storm peaked then began to decline. As the clouds receded and the afternoon sun began to warm up the raft Nate was awakened by the sound of gulls. He carefully disentangled himself from the two nude pixies sleeping beside him. Nate then craned his neck and peered out on the sea.

The sea had calmed to a gentle swell. The sky to the north was dark, but it looked to be receding. In the distance, Nate could see small low islands strung out across the horizon. It was impossible to tell just how far away they were but he would guess several miles. While the wind seemed to be moving them in that general direction, they had no way to paddle or steer the tiny raft so they would have to wait and see if they would actually reach the land without swimming. Nate felt some movement behind him as Kim slithered up his back and peeked over his shoulder. She silently eyed the islands on the horizon. With only a thin layer of sweat separating them, Nate could feel her lithe body pressing against him from head to toe.

“Well, it looks like land ho in about an hour or so. You guys up for a little island hopping?” Nate asked as Kim nibbled on his shoulder.

“Who you calling a ho?” Kim playfully challenged. “Hmm, it feels like you are getting up for some kind of hopping” She had reached around him and was stroking him lightly.

“Don’t even think about it you two! Kim, you promised me a turn, remember?” Mel called out from the dark interior of the raft. “If we are getting ready to land on some desert resort, I won’t get another chance…” Her actions picked up where her words left off. Her aggressiveness surprised him for a moment, but he went with the flow. He kinda wished he had a mint though.

She climbed up on Nate’s chest and kissed him awkwardly. Nate slid down on his back and ran his calloused hands down her smooth naked back and hips. Kim was right there beside them, whispering into Mel’s ear.

“Time for finals baby, are you scared?” She asked.

“A little, you’ll show me right?” Mel conceded between kisses.

“Don’t worry Mel. . .” Nate began before Kim cut him off.

“Shh, she’s mine spy boy. You just lay there and look pretty.” Kim kissed Nate on the nose and maneuvered around behind Melanie. She straddled Nate’s thighs just like Mel was. Kim dipped her head down and trailed her tongue down the small of Mel’s back. As she did, she reached between them for Nate’s now throbbing cock. Kim was excited for Mel, not to mention she enjoyed the part of the voyeur. Kim had developed genuine feelings for Mel; she did not normally hang around with innocents by choice. She had meant it when she said she would never let anything hurt Melanie.

In spite of all the recent use, the two pretty teens had no trouble arousing him. Kim’s light stroking and Melanie’s kissing and nuzzling had brought him to full alert in seconds. Kim entered Mel’s tight little slot with her other hand while her tongue paused for a moment at Melanie’s ass. She ground and prodded her tongue into Mel's anus while she gently eased a third finger along the roof of her vagina.

Mel’s heart nearly seized in her chest; this has to be wrong, she thought. The sensation was as intense as it was forbidden. Mel could not believe how far she had strayed in a matter of hours. “God Kimmy, you are going to give me a freaking stroke if you don’t stop that.” Mel bit down on Nate’s shoulder muffle her screams while her body was wracked by the most intense orgasm yet.

Satisfied that Mel was ready, Kim pushed Mel’s hips up a little and took Nate briefly in her mouth. She made three deep deliberate strokes before pulling off of him. She grasped the base with her thumb and two fingers and pointed it to the sky, then she pulled Mel’s hips back down. She guided the rigid shaft about half way into the slick tunnel before Mel was even aware what was happening. Nate eased up the rest of the way and was immediately buried to the hilt. For a moment Kim perched behind them watching as they joined, she then took one last long lick into Mel’s behind and slid up to her knees.

Mel gazed down at him in awe. It hadn’t hurt at all, in fact it felt pretty damn good. Wow. So this was it. She felt, filled, as if this was meant to be. Neither of them were moving at all yet so there was very little stimulation, just the gentle rocking of the boat. Then, rather abruptly, the raft was filled with daylight as Kim partially unzipped the rain fly. Mel felt the warm sun on her back for the first time in days. As Kim guided her up into a seated position she began to move her hips as naturally as if she had done it her entire life.

Nate marveled at the site of her. He had speculated on how she would look naked but this was the first time he could really appreciate her. Her chin was up and her tangled mane of blonde hair was catching the afternoon sun. At first her tiny little fists dug into his chest, but as she relaxed she clasped her hands behind her head and arched her back, throwing her shoulders back. The sun lit up her skin, showing the freckles on her chest and shoulders, and the tan line from a running top. Mel then placed her hands on her thighs and looked down at him with those piercing sky blue eyes as she began to roll her hips back and forth.

As much as he wanted to close his eyes as she began grinding against him, Nate was too captivated not to look. He watched as Kim’s thin pale hands lifted and caressed Mel’s breasts; as she nuzzled her way through Mel’s hair to bite and suck at her neck. Kim trailed her left hand down Mel’s belly to where Nate and Mel were joined. She ran her fingers through the fine wispy curls and stroked Mel’s clitoris lightly, eliciting a groan from Melanie.

Kim was a quandary to Nate. She was a gorgeous lithe auburn haired quandary, but a quandary never the less. He reminded himself that she was really just a little girl playing grown up (very well), probably only a couple of years removed from her toys and dolls. How could someone so young be so sexually casual? There had to be more of a story there. He watched as she stared into his eyes and grinned baring a mouthful of braces. Mel was lost, her head thrown back, frantically grinding her hips down into him. Kim was coolly composed never blinking those green eyes as she took Mel’s earlobe into her mouth. She whispered into Melanie’s ear, and Mel began bouncing up and down while she ground her little cunt against him. Nate was actually holding up pretty well considering the show. It would take more than this to get him off for the third time in twenty-four hours.

Mel grabbed for Kim’s arm and held it around her chest. Kim held her tight with one arm while she began fingering her again with her right hand. After a couple of minutes of this, Kim spoke out loud to Mel, “Oh Mel baby, look at you, you are so fucking hot. Baby, I am so wet just watching you, please cum for me, please cum for me.” Kim was aggressively kissing and biting at Mel’s neck and ear. “It is going to feel so good when you make him explode inside you. Fuck him Melanie; fuck him as hard as you can”

Mel collapsed forward onto Nate’s chest and began pumping herself down on him. Kim stayed sitting up and grabbed her hips. She pulled Mel down, literally using Mel’s hips to stroke Nate’s cock as she stared at the spectacle of him pistoning in and out of Mel. So much for not being able to hold out, Nate thought. She was ridiculously tight now; he could feel her sopping wetness on his balls and thighs. Then she began screaming, crying out, losing all sense of rhythm. She clutched him around the neck and sobbed into his chest. Nate took one look at Kim’s fingertips pressing little white circles into Mel’s hips as she continued to fuck her into him. She looked like she was trying to take Mel from behind. The image was overwhelming. Nate could feel his back crack and pop as he arched up and ejaculated into Mel. The tip of his cock pressed against her cervix as he splashed jet after jet of cum into her.

A new wave swept through Mel as Nate came. Kim had laid down on her as she came so that she was sandwiched between the two of them. She could feel the heat of Nate’s ejaculation as it jetted against her womb. Kim’s hair was piled on her back as she clutched at Nate trying to draw every last drop from him. Finally the three of them were still. A few moments later as their breathing slowed and the sweat began to dry, they again heard the sound of gulls.

“You OK girly girl?” Kim asked as she swirled little circles in Mel’s hair.

“Wow. Uh huh, very OK. Hmm, very very OK.” Mel muttered back through a sublime grin, her eyes closed

“How ‘bout you Popeye? You doing OK, you deflowering fiend?” Kim asked Nate.

“Very OK also. What about you oh great corrupting influence? I hope you’re OK cause my tank is dry sweet pea, you are on your own for a few.” Nate said as he embraced both girls tighter.

“Corrupting?!?!, I like to think of it as ‘enlightenment’ for the uninformed, thank you very much. Mel sweetie, you are officially informed.” Kim declared rather formally.

“Melly no talk now, Melly seepy.” Mel mumbled, barely audibly.

“Guys, as much as I dread the thought, we should get dressed. Its hard to tell who we are going to meet if we make it to those islands.” Nate said as he squirmed out from between the girls and started sorting the unused pile of clothes that had been pushed to the side of the raft. Kim followed a moment later after basking in Mel’s afterglow. Mel whined when Kim got up, but she made no move to join them for another five minutes.

They could see the islands clearly now. There were at least four, though two of them were only a few acres in size and virtually barren of plant life. The other two were each less than a half-mile across and stood only a few feet above the sea. Both of the larger islands seemed well vegetated with a variety of trees and birds could be seen flying over them. The raft was less than a mile away from the islands now. None of the trio could see any sign of habitation.

Once they were dressed Nate removed the rain fly and he and Kim held it between them to form a very crude sail. It was inevitable that they would hit one of the two islands; the sail was basically to speed up the process. After a half hour, Nate hoped off the raft in the shallows and pulled the raft ashore on what appeared to be the larger of the two islands. The other large island was directly across wind and about 300 yards away, a dark sand bar just below surface connecting the two.

Nate and the girls gathered their things and the raft and moved up to the trees at the edge of the beach. Nate constructed a simple tent out of the deflated raft and rain fly in the shade of some palm trees. He picked a location that would be in shade most of the day, break up the wind, and also give a view of the sea. Most of his SERE training had dealt with desert survival, but the basics were the same. Nate’s woodcraft was a combination of Special Forces and Kentucky country boy.

After they finished camp and ate a snack, Nate and the girls went for a walk around the island. It took them a little over an hour to circle I1, as Nate had come to call it. During their circuit, they had counted a total of six islands in the small cluster visible from the beach. Only I1 and I2 looked habitable, the rest were either barely above sea level, or tiny un-vegetated humps of rock and sand. After circling the Island, they made their way into the interior. The elevation climbed about six feet during the twenty-minute hike to the center of the island. Nate guessed the islands were what was left of the eroded core of some ancient volcanic island.

They saw a lot of birds, a few small lizards, a single small black monkey, and a lot of bugs. There was no sign of human habitation or of larger critters. There was also no sign of water, though the birds and monkey obviously did not drink seawater. Finally Melanie climbed the tallest palm tree they could find with an unobstructed view. From her perch thirty feet above she could see no other islands, no ships, no smoke, nothing.

A while later they were sitting in the dark around a small driftwood fire. Kim had taken to going barefooted and topless during the day, pilfering some sunscreen from Nate’s bag. Mel was wearing a white tank top with no bra and her cut off shorts, but had been wearing her hair loose. The girls sat together and frequently held hands as the three discussed their game plan.

“I figure we may be stuck here for a week or so. Maybe more. We can swim over to the other island in the morning and have a look see, but I’ll wager it’s the same story as here. There is bound to be water on the island somewhere, but probably not enough to support many people. Otherwise we would see some sign of people here. There are oodles of small South Pacific Islands like this, big enough but not quite big enough.” Nate said while deliberately cleaning out a single serving can of peanut butter from their supplies. “We have some food and water, and we can surely find more, so we will be alright for a while. We just need to keep our eyes peeled at night for lights and be ready with a fire and the flare gun.” He continued.

“Is oodles really a word?” Kim asked as she added a limb to the fire. She then went on seriously, “Look, are you scared Nate? Because if you are not, I am not. I do not miss home, or the church, or anything. I feel like I have lived more in the last two days than I have my whole life. Besides, now I don’t have to pretend I am something I am not. I can have a boyfriend and a girlfriend and not wear clothes. Its like a huge weight has been lifted off of me. I mean, this is so cool.”

“Does that make me your girlfriend? Shouldn’t I get a ring or something?” Mel bumped her head against Kim. She then added, “I am glad we’re alive and all but I don’t want to stay here forever. I don’t like peeing in the bushes. What if I get pregnant? What if those guys come back here? What if there isn’t enough water or if a hurricane blows us away?” Mel wasn’t really worked up, but she did gaze at Nate with that same fierce challenge that she had shown when he had first met her.

“Don’t worry, he had a vasecta-thingy, you can’t get preggers. You could always just get naked like me then you could go for a swim every time you needed to pee.” Kim bumped back against Melanie playfully.

“Mel hon, I think we will find enough water, those guys are long gone, there is nothing we can do about the weather and I think we’ll only be here for a while. Until then we will just make the best of it. We will build a little better shelter, catch fish, and make this place our own little Gilligan’s island. By the way, Kim, I do like the naked part though.” Nate looked at the two lovely figures in the firelight and said, “On the bright side it could be a whole lot worse, I could be stuck on this Island with nothing but a volley ball named Wilson and a guy named Skipper. Instead I am here with a couple of hotties that make Mary-Anne and Ginger look like trailer trash.”

“Does this mean I have to start wearing sequined gowns all over the island like Ginger. Cause if I do, professor boy, your gonna have to whip me up a mirror and some curling irons.” Kim teased.

They talked on into the night but sleep finally took them as the moon rose. The three of them slept in a pile on a blanket next to the fire. Kim had convinced Mel of the virtues of toplessness and so both of them were nearly nude as they slept. At one point during the night, Nate awoke and walked towards the beach to look for the light of passing ships. He saw a few distant possibilities but nothing within a dozen miles. He stripped to just his underwear to counter the humid tropical air. As he lay back down beside the girls he considered how much had happened in the last two days. He fell asleep cradling both girls as he lay on his side. A couple of weeks here would not be so bad.

Nate woke to an unmistakable sensation. He decided to keep his eyes closed for a while. Nate lay there feigning sleep as he puzzled over which mouth was doing such a good job of waking him. She had pulled his morning erection through his fly and was sucking about half his length while she slowly pumped her fist up and down her base. She was very bold and a little noisy which made him think of Kim, but she had a tiny hand and a firm grip like Mel. Wow, he thought, that’s gotta be Kim, she is fantastic. Just as he was about to look he heard them whispering to each other. Then he felt another cool little mouth take over. No hand this time, she took him straight down full length in one stroke.

Now that he knew they were both involved he opened his eyes. Kim was bent over kneeling by his shoulder taking the full length in her throat with each stroke. Mel was on her hands and knees across from Kim, looking at him and grinning.

“Good morning sleepyhead, Kim and I thought maybe we could start breakfast without you. Hope you didn’t mind” She smiled wickedly. Then she pushed Kim’s head to the side and began her little mouth and fist trick again. Kim stretched out beside him on her side and pulled Mel’s hair out of the way so he would have a better view. The she dipped her head down and joined Mel.

Much like they had on the raft they shared him reluctantly like spoiled children, each trying to monopolize on him. They would push and pull at each other trying to keep him in one mouth or the other while the loser licked and sucked at his balls. Just when they were starting to get rough with each other, they would break from him completely and begin kissing and sucking at each others mouths. They both had their eyes open the entire time and occasionally they glanced at Nate. Mostly they stayed focused on what they were doing and on each other. The main difference from the previous day was the sun, the brilliant glorious sun. Nate was able to watch the two teenage girls while they worked. They were both nude and their skin glowed in the early morning light. He could count every freckle that covered Kim’s long lithe body. Finally, he did close his eyes for a moment and lay back.

After a few minutes Nate leaned over and began kissing and nibbling between Kim’s legs. She opened to him immediately and let Mel take over the blowjob. Kim threw a leg over his head and straddled his face. She bent and whispered something to Mel then she sat up and positioned her labia right over Nate’s mouth. While he caressed her smooth ass and hungrily devoured her tiny little box, Mel repositioned herself. He sensed her straddle his hips and lower her tight slick pussy onto his hard wet shaft. She took him in one long slow stroke.

Without the soft bottom of the raft to absorb the energy, Mel proceeded immediately to bouncing up and down, jarring her whole body with each stroke. More than once she over stroked and he popped out, but a hot little hand instantly would reposition him back inside her. Both of the girls were breathing deeply and raggedly, Mel was beginning to let out a little grunt with each thrust. Kim just hummed as she suckled Mel’s nipples and braced herself against Nate’s hips.

After a few minutes of pumping herself up and down at an ever increasing pace, Mel sank her entire weight down onto Nate’s pelvis and ground back and forth for a few seconds as she began to cry out, then she clutched Kim’s shoulders and screamed, her nails digging pink welts into Kim’s back.

“I have to have him inside me baby, please let me have him.” Kim eased Mel to the ground and shuffled forward to mount Nate with her back to him. Nate watched as she raised her pale freckly little heart shaped ass up and reached between her legs to ease him in. He was still slick with Mel’s juices and entered the slim tunnel with ease. She sat up tall and leaned back, her hands behind her holding his hands on the ground; then she began grounding her hips back and forth in a circular pattern.

Nate looked to his right and locked eyes with Mel. Her face was flushed and she was gasping for breathe. She kissed him lightly and turned to watch Kim.

Kim was wild, fucking with abandon like an animal. It was all Nate could do to hold back, but he had something better in mind. It didn’t take Kim long to cum. Unlike Mel, her orgasm was silent, she shook all over and whimpered through her teeth. Then she relaxed and lay back onto Nate, her sopping wet vagina still clenching him like a glove.

Nate ran his hands up her hips, belly, ribs and breasts. He gently squeezed the tiny mounds and then wrapped his arms around her and rolled her over onto her tummy with him still in her. At first he simply straddled her thighs and gently stroked in and out of her, grinding the vein along the bottom of his cock against her clitoris. He still held her in his arms. He whispered in her ears, he breathed in her thick auburn hair. Nate stayed like that slowly stroking her with his weight on her for about two minutes. Mel lay beside Kim and kissed her face while Nate chewed on her earlobe. Then he said to her, “I want you on your knees.”

Kim drew her knees up and apart as Nate pulled her up, never pulling out or stopping the slow deliberate stroking. He had to spread his knees a little to accommodate how small she was. He lightly laid a hand on the small of her back while he increased the tempo. Sometimes he would pull her back while he held still, sometimes he would grasp her hips firmly while he drove into her. He loved to watch the muscles in her butt and thighs jiggle when he set up a fast pace.

Mel had wiggled underneath Kim and the two were holding each other tightly and kissing passionately. Kim had rocked her hips back so that she was literally resting belly to belly with Mel. Nate could feel his balls dragging across Mel’s pubic mound while he sawed in and out of Kim. This gave Nate an even better idea. First he pulled out of Kim for a moment and slid back into Mel, then after just a few strokes he was back in Kim.

“Oh God, don’t tease me you fucker.” Mel whimpered to him. Then she pulled herself up the length of Kim’s body and grasped a fist full of Kim’s hair. “Please baby, lick me, I am dying” Mel begged.

“I can’t, he’s fucking me too hard. I can’t breathe.” Kim hissed through her teeth.

“Come her Mel, get on your knees beside Kim, I’ll take care of you too.” Nate said breathlessly.

Mel was there like a flash, her hips thrust into the air eagerly. She had an incredible ass, with rounder hips and nice tan line. He pulled out of Kim’s pussy and raised himself up to pound into Mel. Kim protested immediately, then she began to masturbate vigorously as she raised herself back up to match Mel’s height.

Mel had never imagined anything like it; it was so much better with him in charge. She loved the roughness of it. She could feel her whole body quiver with each thrust. Every single stroke battered at her cervix, driving her wild.

Nate could nearly touch the tips of his fingers around Melanie’s tiny waist. Her tight toned little ass jiggled in rhythm with his rough pounding. He could hear how wet she was, almost sloppy. Mel was very tight right at the entrance then softer deeper inside. He could feel the hard little knot of her cervix right at the tip of his cock on deep strokes. He decided to make them all deep. Feeling the edge he shifted back to Kim.

Kim’s pussy was a little easier to enter but glove tight for the whole depth. Where Mel curved up to her womb, Kim was long and straight inside. Nate got a much better response from Kim when he pressed himself down into the root of her clit. He was now alternating about ten strokes per girl.

Kim was the first to go, she made that same high pitched little groan and back into him hard, not allowing him to stroke or pull out. After a few seconds she pulled forward and reclined on her stomach next to Mel. Nate now began hammering away into the tight wet confines of Mel’s pussy. He could tell she was close by how vocal she was. Mel was a screamer and she began to let loose in earnest. In the back of his mind Nate was aware of startled birds cawing as they flew from the trees around them. Mel began shaking and tried to pull away, but Nate was not quite done. He looked down at her jiggling ass, then at Kim’s pale hips and back. He let Mel go. She immediately curled up on her side beside Kim gasping for breath.

The first spurt hit Kim between her shoulder blades, the second splashed down in Mel’s tangled blonde hair. As Nate took his cock in his hand and stroked it another rope splattered on Kim’s butt and trickled down to the little triangle between her thighs. He then milked the remaining cum out onto Mel’s right hip, thigh, and the side of her belly, where it ran down to the wispy little patch of blonde hairs. Nate then lay down behind Mel and pulled both of the girls to him, the three of them nested like spoons.

“Ooh, you’re all sticky” Mel teased at Kim, as her breasts mashed against Kim's slippery back.

“So are you. Now we are going to get stuck together.” Kim shot back.

“I can think of worse people to be stuck to.” Mel said, lowering her voice.

Nate squeezed the two girls tightly for a moment then closed his eyes and took a nap, a content smile on his face. The three of them stayed like that for over an hour before they finally straggled out for a swim, then breakfast.

Later the three of them began building a more permanent shelter. While the girls gathered materials, Nate went looking for water. After an hour of tracking monkey cries and bird droppings, he located a depression near a group of basalt outcrops. The depression smelled swampy, and after a little digging produced a small pool of fresh water. They would have to boil it, but it would do for now. The fifteen gallons they had taken from the ship had been consumed by nearly half in the tropical heat.

It took the rest of the day for them to finish building their low round hut set back in the trees. That evening they worked on building a fish trap that would take advantage of the tides. The girls also brought back an assortment of indigenous fruit, including small bananas, mangos, star fruit, and some berries that they said the birds and monkeys were eating.

While they were gathering fruit, Nate looked through their inventory. They had the rifle and pistol with a modest supply of ammunition, his knife plus a couple of kitchen knives. They also had the three water jugs, an aluminum pan, three porcelain cups, several sheets and blankets, a first aid kit, their own clothes, Massoud’s bag, Nate’s bag, and the raft and survival gear. Not too bad he thought. He had also grabbed two books written in English; a thick English to Spanish to Chinese dictionary and a ten-year-old world atlas with descriptions and notations. Well, he had always wanted to learn Chinese. He dug through the toiletries, notepads, camera, calculator, universal solar charger (that could be handy), book of engineering tables, and a lot of little doohickeys a traveling man would have. He had long ago been cleared to carry scissors, a pocketknife, and other things in his luggage by most major airlines. It cost a little extra for the elite membership, but in the long run it had saved him money, and he was very glad of the knife, razor, and scissors now.

Just for kicks he looked through Massoud’s bag for the first time. There were several notepads, files, folders, a PDA, several credit cards, an English to Arab dictionary, a Koran and Islamic verse book, a few thousand dollars in US cash and Japanese Yen. A small loaded Walther pistol, and many items similar to what Nate carried to ease the traveling blues. Nate looked through the notes. While he was a fluent reader of Arabic, the some of the words made little sense to him. They were obviously in code. Several of the notebooks contained material not in code, rosters, phone numbers, material lists, email addresses, a veritable treasure trove for an old spy like Nate. Well, now he had a project.

The next few days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months. Nate had begun teaching the girls all that he knew to teach them. He taught them the languages that he could and he made them study the dictionaries, atlas, and his engineering handbook. They wrote their lessons in the sand. He also taught them the beginnings of the craft. He taught them hand-to-hand fighting, woodcraft, hunting and fishing, and basic spy craft. They learned how to hide things, how to move quietly, how to discreetly case banana trees and birds nests, and how to leave and pass notes unseen. At night around the fire he told them stories about his travels and about different governments and how the world really worked. In his spare time during the heat of the day and in the evening, he worked on Massoud’s code.

“OK good, now climb up that tree for ten seconds then climb back down and tell me everything you saw.” He barked at Mel. The girls had spent the last half hour retelling him the capitals, currency, and language of dozens of nations.

“You know, you’re taking this whole professor thing a little too seriously. I mean the Kung-Fu is fun, and I like the whole multilingual thing, but climbing trees? Not exactly SAT prep.” Kim liked to constantly pick and tease.

“I think, Jane, that Tarzan just likes looking up our loin clothes while we climb the trees.” Mel said as she began shimmying up a tall rough palm.

“Oh, well as long as it’s educational.” Kim said matter of factly as she scurried up behind Mel, making a display of shaking her ass as she climbed.

The girls were hungry to learn and the days passed quickly. They all grew dark and lean. Mel was an excellent swimmer and diver and provided a steady supply of fish and crabs to eat. Kim had learned every inch of all six islands, where the best fruit trees were, where to collect fresh rainwater, and even all of the nests and critters. Nate built tools and shelter, tended to their cuts and scrapes and pushed them physically and mentally. They explored the other islands and now gathered food and supplies from all six islands. Everyday was full of swimming, climbing, ju-jitsu, and lots of walking and hiking. Nate had not been in this good of shape in years. Both of the girls were lean and wiry with dark tans and sun bleached hair.

Their nights were still full of all manner of sexual escapades. They tried everything they could think of and they all had vivid imaginations. Any moment might be the right time to push Kim against a tree and take her from behind or to tackle Mel in the sand and make her satisfy them each in turn with her mouth. The girls played sexual games as well, such as lesbian week or tease day. Most of this was driven by Kim’s wickedly deviant mind.

Nate had always believed that if you gave a man too much of a good thing he would eventually tire of it. Single malt scotch was great until you had an endless supply of it (he and an Air Force sergeant well versed in the black market had once proven that the hard way). If you didn’t have to work for something you would eventually not value it. He had always assumed that sex would be the same way. That’s why the rock stars always eventually divorced the super models.

Well, he was wrong on that count. Six months of fulfilling the most incredible fantasies he could muster had not dampened his enthusiasm for the girls in the least. As far as he could tell, the two little bundles of hormones were insatiable. He often watched as they snuck off with each other to make out in the woods or on the beach. They made a game of seducing him in new ways. There was nothing they had not or would not do. Mel had developed a fancy for anal sex. Kim was orally ravenous. She had once eaten them both repeatedly for three hours; she wasn’t able to talk for two days afterwards. They both liked to appease his own little kink of letting him cum on their hair and faces.

It was with these thoughts that Nate now faced a dilemma. He had broken Massoud’s code a few days earlier. There were big things afoot. He knew long-term strategies, funding routes, names; he knew most of the plans for a substantial organization for the next three years. He also knew about several offshore bank accounts, including account numbers and passwords. In addition he now was familiar with the shipping schedules of the distantly seen ships. He had figured out about when the ships would be there and when they were at their closest. It would not be much of a task to row out in a canoe and attract one of the ships with a flare gun.

Nate stood in the surf pondering life in paradise as he watched the sun set. In about a week he would have another chance to try for a rescue. As he thought, Mel approached him from the camp. She ducked under his arm and watched the sunset with him. Wordlessly, she maneuvered in front of him and knelt. As Nate worked out how long it would take to upgrade their canoe for a sea voyage Mel lifted his improvised kilt and took him in her mouth.

She was an expert now. She timed her long deep strokes to hold him off as long as she wanted. It might take a week to make all the plans and get the canoe redone. Mel stared up at him while she worked, her pale blue eyes reflecting the setting sun. He would have to account for good weather; any sign of clouds would postpone the trip. Kim approached the two of them and leaned up against Nate as the ankle deep water splashed sand on Mel’s thighs. It would be important to find a ship small enough to actually rescue them as opposed to just calling for help and steaming on. Kim ran her fingers through Mel’s hair and looked at Nate grinning, her braces reflecting the sun’s orange glow; then she too dropped to her knees. The wind have to be right, if they didn’t make it they would need to be able to return easily to the island. Now both girls were sucking him together, neither holding back, both hungry for his seed. Hell, he thought, it might be a month before we could do it. Melanie gripped his cock and pointed it at Kim as jet after jet of semen spurted into her face. His knees buckled. Maybe two months he thought. Kim’s eyes and nose were drenched as well as the hair over her face; Mel greedily began licking her face clean. Nate would just have to start planning now and see how long it took. Both of the girls were now kissing deeply, smearing his sperm between them. He would have to tell the girls about his plans. . .tomorrow.


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Wow I love these stories. I hope you decide to finish them. I for one enjoy a story along with the sex. Hope you decide to finish this series. If some dont like it, just dont read it.


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What happened to part V & V1 etc, keep it going, just missed out on the anal detail 10 ?10


2006-07-09 00:30:19
What did you do to piss these people off? Nevermind, I don't really care.

The first criticism that comes to my mind as a passing editor is that you didn't cut. You're characters do have life, but it his hidden between too many words. The next thing you should do, on this or any similar story, is go through each paragraph and start ripping useless words out. If you think honestly, you have plenty. I would post an example but I fear the word limit. You don't make enough choices with your words and put to much in. That tends to dull the meaning.

I'll say it again because I think it's true: condense. (I don't practice what I preach because I'm not the kind of person I'm preaching too ;)


2006-05-29 16:41:37
I bet you’re a fat fucking looser, who’s 40 and works at burger king, and never moved out of his fucking house. Mommy still probably tucks you in while daddy reads you a bed time story. Then you fall asleep and have wet dreams about Al Roker rubbing turkey gravy all over your fat tits, and butt fucking you. You fucking give everyone bad reviews… when you yourself suck ass at writing. Why don’t you give them a fucking break, they don’t need you fat looser ass making bullshit comments about them. Why don’t you go make yourself a whopper and shove it up your ass.


2006-04-03 01:41:29
Well Archaic I do hope you read this. For a 34 year old you're quite ill informed. This is in response to a post you left on my story. Believe it or not I do know what egyptian cotton sheets are, and Im younger than 18 by a year. Also, yes I am in fact a football player for high school, I know you though that was quite inconcievable in your years as an adolescent but not everyone is quite so inept at sports as I'm sure you are. Lastly I don't quite think that you understand that a person can, in fact, go from not wearing underwear to wearing it, I know it defies all laws of physics, but yes, it can be done. Well I hope this set you straight, looking forward to a response...if at all.

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