Delta station was a huge collection of twenty kilometer bio domes, the last count had over two hundred domes. Most were factories and then there was the few domes for workers to live in and one dome that was considered a slum. My name is Edward Saint and I served a term in fleet before getting out and being stranded here.

The jobs were few and most were spoken for. I had a tiny cubicle in the slum dome as we called it. Around me were families crowded together doing anything to survive. When I found the old hatch it was sealed. It was at the end of a narrow garbage filled hall on the seventh tier level, junction five.

I bypassed the seal after making a check to see what was on the other side. It was one of the station owner’s bio domes and when I opened it I found green pastures everywhere. It was a farm with milk cows and hay fields. Something was strange about it, like no people had been here in awhile and everything was on a cycle run by machines.

I moved into the dome hesitantly and used an automated slid walk to reach the center barn collection area. I walked in after I didn’t find any people and started looking around. I was right, everything was on an automated cycle. The meat stasis containers were full and set so that when anything new was added the older items were sent to a recycler.

This dome had twenty levels and I used the central lift to check each level and they were the same. I used another slid walk to check a connected dome and found it the same. All together there were seven domes in the same state. Each dome had twenty levels but I returned to the first one with living quarters on the top level.

The hatch to the owner’s dome was locked and a check showed it had not been opened in a decade. When I returned to my tiny cubicle I saw one of several girls that lived around me trying to sell herself just for something to eat. I had brought back a large pack full of steaks, corn and even eggs.

I leaned against my door as I thought and then grinned, I was remembering salvage law. I was also horny as I looked at the girl. I gestured and she hesitated before strutting down the hall, “want to fuck?”

She was maybe fourteen and I took her hand, “and what would you do with enough food to feed your family for a week?”

She grinned and pressed her pelvis against me, “you can fuck me anyway you want.”

I caressed her hips, “and if I find a way to keep them fed?”

She looked into my eyes before smiling, “I will let you own me and breed me.”

I grinned, “and if I wanted a couple more girls? Would you have sex with them and be their mentor and sister?”

She straightened, “are you serous? My family is starving and...”

I touched her lips, “answer.”

She licked her lips, “would you feed them and their families?”

I nodded and she took a breath, “yes.”

I caressed her hips, “you find the two girls and their families.”

I turned and pulled her into my tiny cubicle and the stasis unit I had put everything into. I showed her what I had before starting to undress. She closed my door and stripped as I laid back on the bed and she stalked onto the bed to straddle me. She slowly lowered herself until I was all the way in and then pulled up and began to rock and twist.

I moved my hands to her breasts and started feeling them as I humped up to meet her pussy as it came down. She groaned and her pussy tightened before she shuddered, “mmmm!”

She rocked harder, almost bouncing while rolling her hips. Her tight pussy gripped my cock each time she pulled off and it wasn’t long before I needed to cum. I caught her hips and held her as I thrust up and started pumping a fountain of cum. She jerked and her pussy tightened, “oooohhhh!”

When I was done she laid on me and I felt and caressed from her bare hips to her shoulder blades. She lifted to let my cock slip out, “I’m Dawn.”

I pulled her against me and ignored the cum leaking out of her pussy and onto me as I rolled over and pushed back into her. I fucked her with long deep thrusts as she humped up and her slimy pussy grasped my cock. I fucked her six times before stopping and helping her wash. I made a nice dinner and made her sit and eat.

I kissed her and gave her more than enough food to take home. She was back when I was getting ready for bed and I let her in. She kissed me as she stripped and climbed into bed. I shut the light off and followed and lay holding her as she turned and scooted back to let me spoon. It was a minute before she started talking.

She sighed, “Tanya is fourteen like me, she has dark hair and enjoys sex. Megan is only thirteen and just starting. She is a blonde and very tight.”

She waited a minute, “you provide our family with food and we will only fuck you and you can do it how you want.”

I reached around her to cup a breast, “and they will listen to you and you three will have sex with each other?”

She pushed back, “yes.”

I caressed her hip, “sleep.”

I woke to the girl in my arms slipping out of bed. I watched her use the fresher before returning to the bed. I caressed her body and rubbed a nipple, “move some of your clothes in here. I have an extra key card on the shelf beside the door.”

She nodded as she looked at me and I moved over her to give her a kiss, “there are eggs and a package of bacon in the stasis unit. Take it home and let Tanya and Megan know to be here later when I return.”

She nodded and I was tempted but moved off her and out of bed. I showered and dressed before leaving and heading back to the other domes. First I checked the dome living quarters and found they were for families and large ones at that. This time I collected food using a cart and three stasis units.

I found my door open when I returned to my quarters with all three girls waiting. I smiled and nodded to the three stasis boxes, “take those home and come back.”

While they were gone I checked my credits and made a few buys. I left and returned to the entrance into the other domes and cleared the garbage out of the hall. I accepted the deliveries when they arrived. I moved everything in and up to the living quarters and the one I had selected to live in.

I used another cart and loaded it until the compensators groaned. This time I took it back and began selling it for almost nothing. When I got home the girls were making dinner and it smelled very good. Dawn closed the door and stripped me before pushing me towards Tanya. She pulled me into bed and between her legs as she laid back, “my turn.”

I grinned as I lifted and pushed into her tight pussy and she wiggled and tilted her hips to get me deeper. I rested on her and looked at Dawn and Megan, “we might be awhile.”

They grinned as Tanya humped, “pay attention and fuck me.”

I grinned and bent to kiss her before pulling back to do as she asked. I used long deep strokes and she kept thrusting up while her pussy squeezed each time I pulled back. It wasn’t long before she began to shudder hard and jerk as she bucked. Her pussy tightened and kept squeezing my cock as she wailed.

I kissed her as I fucked her hard and deep for a minute. She clutched me as she bucked and wiggled while howling. I kept fucking her and every other minute she would yell or scream as she came. I finally shoved into her and started spurting huge jets of cum. She shuddered and held her hips up while her pussy spasmed around my cock.

I pulled out when I was done and rolled onto my back as Dawn and Megan giggled. Megan moved onto the bed and straddled me before slowly impaling her extremely tight pussy and forcing my cock up into her. She began to rock and twist while rolling her hips. She also had the timing down and her pussy tightened and squeezed each time she pulled off my cock.

I groaned as she kept fucking me while her pussy milked my cock. A few minutes and she was erratic as she panted and spasmed. She wet me several times as she began to bounce and fucked just the head of my cock. I shuddered as I kept trying to thrust up to get my cock deeper. I finally grabbed her and pulled her onto me before rolling over.

I fucked her long, hard and deep while she lifted and spread her legs. She howled and thrashed around while bucking and kicking in the air. It took me a couple of minutes and then I shoved into her and buried my cock before kissing her hard and spewing cum. She clutched me as her pussy clenched with warm sperm flooding her.

When I stopped I sighed and we both started to relax. I pulled out and Dawn grinned as she pulled me out of bed. She pushed me towards the fresher, “wash and come eat.”

Tanya and Megan climbed out to follow and there was a lot petting and stroking before we returned. Dinner was good, especially the fresh butter on the steaks. After dinner we went for a walk and then returned to the tiny set of rooms. I smiled at the girls as I began to pack, “collect your things.”

Since I didn’t have much it didn’t take me long to pack. I led the girls after me and back to the abandoned farm domes. They looked around with wide eyes as I took them up to the living quarters and the one I had picked out. I led them in and straight back to the bed before dropping everything and striping them.

I pushed them into the new wide bed and shut the light out before following. It was awhile before we went to sleep and all three girls were leaking cum. I woke as I was rolled onto my back and opened my eyes when Megan straddled me and slowly impaled her extremely tight pussy. She shuddered before starting to rub her pussy back and forth.

I reached up to cup and knead her budding breasts, “need something?”

She shuddered as her pussy squeezed, “I’m really horny in the morning.”

I smiled and humped up and thrust my cock into her, “me too.”

Dawn shifted and reached out to rub my chest, “guys are horny all the time.”

Megan grinned as she began to rock and slowly twist while her grasping pussy worked on my cock. Her pussy was still very tight but she was cummy so my cock moved in her easily. It was a couple of minutes before her breathing changed and she began to shudder and jerk. I rubbed and tugged on her nipples as she twisted and rubbed her pussy on me.

A little longer and she was panting as she jerked and spasmed while her pussy constantly grasped and tightened. I was thrusting up to bury my cock as she wailed and almost fell. I grinned and pulled her down before rolling until she was under me. I began to fuck her firmly with deep thrusts and she clutched me as she wet me and howled, “oooohhhhh!”

I continued to fuck her as she wiggled and started bucking. Her warm slimy pussy began to grip my cock almost painfully as I kept fucking into her. She lifted her legs and began to convulse as I fucked her long, hard and deep. I only lasted another few minutes before I began to pump gushing spurts of cum while jabbing and humping against her cervix.

She screamed when she felt the warm sperm erupting inside her and her pussy clasped my cock and tightened, “yyyeeeessssss!”

When I was done I pulled out and laid beside her to catch my breath and the other two laughed as they moved off the bed. Megan grinned and turned to kiss me quick before moving after them. I followed a little slower and took my turn in the fresher before we showered together in a much larger shower than I had seen before.

In the kitchen I grinned as I opened the stasis box for bacon and eggs. I spent half the day checking the dome in detail before we loaded three small stasis boxes. I had the girls check three other sets of quarters before sending them off to their families. I made an official request for hatch logs on the domes before filing for salvage rights with the system court.

It was a couple of hours before the girls returned with their families behind them. I had been impatiently checking on the court status and filed a petition to occupy as soon it changed from filed to pending. While the families looked around and checked the quarters I waited and grinned when the court accepted my petition.

I stood and went looking for the girls and pulled them after me. Dawn laughed as she realized I was heading to our quarters and moved ahead to pull on me, “my turn.”

She didn’t wait for us to reach the bedroom and started undressing when the door closed. Tanya and Megan turned me and began stripping me as Dawn giggled and bent over the new couch. I waited until I was naked and then moved behind her to rub her pussy. She wiggled and I grinned before pushing into her in one long slow shove.

I buried my cock and held her as I waited and she shuddered while her pussy tightened. I pulled back to fuck her with deep thrusts as she moaned and her pussy tightened. A couple of minutes and she was shuddering and trying to push back harder. I kept fucking her with long strokes while her pussy continued to get wetter.

She spasmed a few minutes later as her pussy clenched, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I buried my cock to let her tight pussy massage my cock. I pulled out and stood her up before leading her back to the bedroom and our bed. She laid back on the edge and lifted and spread her legs, “sperm me nice and deep.”

I grinned as the other two laughed and reached out to feel her slit before pushing into her. I held her waist as I began to fuck her with long thrusts. She groaned and shuddered as I continued to fuck her and reached down to rub and finger her clit. She jerked while her pussy tightened, “oooohhhh!”

I fucked her hard and deep suddenly and she twisted and wailed, “yyyyeeeeesssss!”

She began to buck and thrash around as I kept fucking her. I used firm thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was incoherent as I buried my cock. I groaned and grunted as my cock gushed a stream of cum into her. She jerked as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I held her as I pumped her full of sperm and bent over to kiss her when I was done. She sighed while her pussy continued to squeeze my cock, “mmmm!”

Tanya and Megan laughed and I grinned as I stood and pulled out, “Time to start dinner.”

Dawn grinned as she sat up and wiped her leaking pussy. We had enough and invited all three families to eat with us. That gave me the chance to explain my idea of a coop for all seven domes. That led to them thinking of people or families. After dinner they made calls and went to the hatch.

There was a crowd when the sixteen families returned and started looking at the quarters. I talked with the men and women about working the farms and they were more than willing to accept. It was late when I went to bed and the three girls were waiting. Dawn and Megan stripped me as Tanya lay back fingering her pussy.

I moved onto the bed and over her before sinking my cock into her tight pussy. She grunted but thrust up and I grinned before kissing her and pulling back. I fucked her with long strokes and her pussy began to tighten and grasp my cock. Dawn and Megan undressed and slipped into bed on each side of us.

They pressed against us and rubbed my back as I continued to fuck Tanya. She was humping and lifting her hips each time I buried my cock. Several minutes later she began to wail and struggle, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I kissed her as I buried my cock and began to hump and grind and jab and rub. She jerked and began bucking and thrashing around while her pussy constantly tightened and massaged my cock. She twisted and wiggled as I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep strokes, “yyyeeessss!”

Her pussy clenched and she wet me as she clutched me and began convulsing, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept fucking her with long thrusts while she jerked and spasmed. It was several minutes before I buried my cock and tried to push deeper. She wiggled and shook as I began to spew and spurt and pump cum. I kissed her while her tight pussy kept squeezing. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and Megan grinned as she pushed me onto my back and straddled me.

It took two weeks to get all the domes in my name as the owner. By then I had families in all of them and was providing cheaper food to those that really needed it, sometimes just for labor. The girls have stayed with me since then and after a couple of years we started our family. They always spread out the pregnancies so they don’t have the babies at the same time.
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