The man that had built the huge estate manor must have been strange. When my parents bought the place no one knew about the secret passageways. I found the first by accident when I was looking for a way to spy on my mom in her bath. The first passageway led me to the others. They were all connected together in a maze of narrow halls and steep stairs.

I had two teenage sisters, Emily and Gem and they liked to tease me. Of course they were also deep sleepers or I thought they were. That was where I finally got the idea. I had used the passageways spy on mom and the girls but wanted more. When I saw Gem masturbating with a candle I knew I was going to fuck her and what one did the other did.

My dad took my mother on a weekend getaway so we had the house to ourselves. I waited until it was midnight and stripped and went to my closet. I stepped in and closed the closet before reaching for the back wall. In the top right corner I pressed and pushed on that part of the wall. There was a silent click and the wall slid back and I pushed it to the left.

I stepped into the passageway and turned on my flashlight before closing the panel. I followed the passageway through and up to the second floor before stopping. I touched the release for the secret panel and used the handle to pull it in and aside. I shut my flashlight off as I slipped into my sister’s closet and cracked the door.

I looked at Gem and in the light from her dim night light and saw she was asleep. I opened the closet door and crossed to the bed and lifted the sheet to see her naked body. I reached out to feel her and she didn’t do anything. I pulled her sheet down and off and rolled her onto her back.

I reached out again to feel her pussy and slip a finger into her. She shifted and spread her legs as she lifted her hips. I looked at her face before moving onto the bed and over her. I settled slowly and pushed into her with one long thrust. She groaned and tilted her hips as my cock spread her open and sank to the back of her pussy.

I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly with long deep strokes. She sighed and moaned as her warm pussy began grasping and squeezing my cock. I continued to fuck her and after a couple of minutes she shuddered and humped up, “mmmm!”

I buried my cock and looked into her face but her eyes were still closed. Her pussy constantly tightened and squeezed as I pulled back and started fucking her again. I was almost pulling out of her before I buried my cock against her cervix with each thrust. A few minutes and my balls were churning and she was jerking and spasming while moaning louder.

I pushed all the way into her and grunted as I pumped cum. I shook and jerked with each strong eruption that gushed out of my cock and into Gem. When I was done I pulled out and carefully moved off her and out of bed. I covered her up before silently moving to the closet and the secret passageway.

I closed the closet and the secret door after me and hesitated to return to my room. I thought of Emily and grinned as I followed the passageway to her room. I peeked out and like with Gem she had a night light. I slipped out the panel and into her open closet before crossing to the bed. I moved the covers to look at her body and reached out to feel her.

I pulled the covers down and turned her onto her back before moving onto the bed and over her. I settled between her legs slowly and pushed against her pussy. Slowly my cock spread her open and sank deeper until it was almost buried. I looked at Emily when she shifted and her pussy tightened and squeezed.

She humped but didn’t open her eyes so I pulled back and began fucking her with deep strokes. She sighed and moaned as I continued to fuck her slowly. Her breathing changed and she began to shudder and thrust up harder while her tight pussy constantly squeezed. Her pussy became slick as she shivered and shook and I kissed her softly.

It took awhile before I pushed all the way into her and began pumping cum. She jerked and spasmed while her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I looked into her face as she kept shuddering while her pussy milked my sperm into her. When I was done I slowly pulled out and moved off her. I pulled her covers up and moved back to the secret panel. When I got to my room all I could think of was the way my sisters had felt. I was just laying back in my bed when I heard the breaking glass.

My room was the only one on the ground floor. I climbed out of bed and put pajama pants on and went to the door. I cracked it and heard someone down the hall in the study, “go get the girls and I will get the punk.”

I spun and ran to my closet and the secret panel. I closed it behind me and hurried through the maze and up the stairs. I opened the panel into Emily’s room and ran to the bed and reached out to shake her hard. Her eyes opened, “back again?”

I pulled her out of bed as my mind spun, she knew what I had done, “quiet. Someone is in the house.”

I pulled her after me and closed the panel as I whispered, “don’t talk.”

I kept pulling her after me until I reached Gem’s room, “stay here.”

I opened the panel and then the closet, as I crossed to her bed I heard steps in the hall. I didn’t bother shaking her and bent to put my arms under her and lift. I spun and staggered to the closet and slipped in as I heard the door creak open. I moved into the secret panel and turned to close it. I looked at Gem’s face in the dim light and saw her looking at me.

I looked at Emily as I set Gem down and gestured for them to hold hands. I pulled them after me as I made my way to our parents bedroom. I used a peep hole and whispered, “stay here.”

I slipped out of the panel and crossed to the phone and picked up the wireless handset. I moved back into the passageway and closed the panel before calling 911. The girls hugged me tight when we heard someone in the bedroom. We moved away as I started whispering to the operator and told them about someone in the house.

I led the girls back downstairs and we heard the men talking through a wall. They were searching for us and calling back and forth. When they heard the sirens the men panicked and left and I had the girls wait as I slipped out the panel in my bedroom. I moved quietly to the front door and opened it as I saw the police cars at the gate.

I hit the gate button and it began to open and they started up the drive. I went back to my room and pulled the girls out. I closed the panel and grabbed a couple of shirts, “don’t tell anyone about the passageways.”

They shook their heads as I led them out and into the hall. We heard the police announce themselves and I yelled, “here!”

The next couple of hours were spent with several cops going through the house. The men must have been wearing gloves because they didn’t leave fingerprints. I told the police I had awakened my sisters and hid them but we refused to say where except that it was secret. We even spoke with mom and dad on the phone and they said they would be back the next day.

Things finally quieted down and I sent the girls to shower and dress. After my shower I got dressed and went to find duct tape. I taped up the window the men had used to break into the house while Emily and Gem cleaned up the broken glass. It was a long day and we stayed together doing chores. We made lunch and dinner together and even cleaned up together.

After dinner we sat together to watch a show and then the girls went to shower and get ready for bed. I went looking for the old baby monitor and put new batteries in it and plugged it in. I put pajama pants on and turned when the girls peeked in my door. Emily cleared her throat, “Jason?”

I smiled as she and Gem came in and walked to me. They were both only wearing a long tee shirt and no panties. Emily pressed against me, “can we sleep with you?”

I looked at Gem, “sleep?”

She grinned, “after you leave us cummy.”

Emily giggled, “yeah.”

I looked at my closet, “go get your pillows and your sleeping bags and shut all the lights off.”

They nodded and left and I grabbed my cell phone and the monitor and went to my closet and opened the winter side. In the back corner was the queen size air mattress and my old cloth sleeping bag. I pulled both out and closed that side of the closet and opened the other side. I opened the secret panel and turned as Emily and Gem came in.

I gestured to the light switch, “turn the light off.”

They did and crossed to me and I led them into the secret passageway and closed the panel. I used a dim flashlight and led them around and all the way up to a tiny room that was in the attic. I set my sleeping bag down and began inflating the air mattress. It filled the room completely and once it finished Emily and Gem opened my sleeping bag and spread it out.

They opened theirs like thick blankets but left them folded at the foot of the mattress. Emily grinned as Gem crawled on the bed and turned to push my pants down. She pulled her tee shirt off and followed Gem. I looked at Emily and moved onto the bed and over her. I kissed her as I settled between her spread legs and slowly pushed my cock into her.

She wiggled as my cock sank into her and I kissed her and pulled back. I started fucking her slowly with long strokes to enjoy her warm pussy around my cock. She sighed and humped and hugged me as I continued to fuck her. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shuddering constantly. Her pussy kept grasping and squeezing as it became slick.

I kept fucking her and she began to pant and breath hard. Her pussy became slick and constantly tightened and squeezed. I fucked her hard and deep suddenly and Gem giggled as Emily wailed and began spasming. It was a few minutes before I buried my cock and kissed my sister again while humping and grinding.

She clutched me and jerked as her pussy grasped my cock, “yyyeeessss!”

I shoved into her and grunted as I gushed and began pumping cum. My sister jerked as her pussy clenched and tilted her hips so I was spurting sperm into her cervix. She shuddered and clutched me while her pussy grasped and milked the cum out of my cock. When I was finished I relaxed while she panted and sighed before slowly sagging to the bed.

Gem rubbed my back and I slowly pulled out of Emily. I turned and moved over Gem as she laid back and kissed her and pushed my slimy cock into her tight pussy. I began to fuck her slowly while I kept kissing her and it wasn’t long before I was burying my cock. She wiggled and humped as her tight pussy kept squeezing and put her arms around me, “mmmm!”

Emily giggled as she turned onto her side and I began to fuck Gem was long deep thrusts. A couple of minutes and she was clinging to me and shuddering while her pussy contracted constantly. She started to jerk and thrash around while her pussy became a lot wetter, “ooohhhh!”

I buried my cock and started humping, grinding and jabbing. My sister wailed and struggled under me as she kept thrusting up while hugging me tight, “aaahhhh!”

I kissed her a couple of minutes later and pulled back before I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. I loved her tight pussy grasping my cock and massaging it. Her eyes rolled up a little later as I fucked her firmly and tried to cum. She jerked and began to spasm and convulse and I shoved into her as deep as I could.

She stiffened and clutched me as my cock throbbed before erupting. She screamed as warm sperm was pumped into her cervix, “YES!”

Emily giggled and pressed against me as I pumped cum into Gem until I was done. I gave her a kiss before pulling out and moving over Emily as she laid back. I gave her a kiss and pushed back into her cummy hole. This time I went back and forth as I fucked them and did it again and then again.

We were holding each other much later when I heard something from the baby monitor. I shifted away from the girls and reached for the monitor as I sat up. I put it to my ear and heard men talking. I woke Emily and Gem, “put your night shirts on.”

I turned to find my pajama pants and pulled them on before moving off the bed. I waited and then led the girls down as we began checking the house and looking through spy holes. When I saw the first guy it was one of the men from before and he was talking to another in the hall. He was telling him that he knew we were here because he had watched the house.

I tried my cell but there was no signal so they were somehow jamming it. I turned and moved the girls back to the bed and pushed them on as I whispered, “stay here.”

I was thinking fast and turned to go back downstairs. In my father’s office I used the spy hole and listened. I finally moved to the panel and opened it before slipping out. I crossed to his desk and opened the top drawer to pull out the taser he kept. I went to listen at the hall door before returning to the secret passageway.

I looked into my room and saw a man going through the closet. I grinned as I moved to the panel and opened it. The man jerked and looked at me with wide eyes and I reached out and used the taser. He jerked and spasmed as I held it for several seconds before letting him fall. I used the laces from a pair of boots to tie his wrists behind his back.

I stuffed a shirt over his head and pulled him into the passageway and used a dirty sock to gag him. I slapped his face, “make a sound and I cut something off.”

He shook his head and I left and went to check the other rooms. I found another man in my parent’s walk in closet and grinned as I slipped out and up behind him. I stunned him for a few seconds and then used my other shoe lace to tie his wrists and gagged him with a pair of my mother’s panties.

I struggled to stuff him into the box that was in the changing room bench before I left. I pull laces out of a couple of pair of my father’s boots before returning to the passageways. I returned and stunned the first man I had caught when I found him struggling. I began going to the spy holes as I searched for the others.

I saw one in Emily’s room smelling her panties from the dirty hamper. I snuck out and up behind him before using the taser. I tied his hands behind his back and stuck him in the winter side of her closet. I went to the door to listen before going to Gem’s room. Another man was going through her dresser as I walked up behind him and hit him with the taser.

I tied him and pulled him into her closet before going to listen at the door again. I slipped out and went to look into other rooms and finally found the last guy in the kitchen. I walked straight to him as he began to turn and touched his neck with the taser. I tied him and pulled him out before going to get each of the other men and call my sisters.

I used the phone in the kitchen to call the police and several minutes later let them in. It turns out the men were here to kidnap us and hold us for ransom. They were pulled away and our parents got home while the detectives were still there. After the police left mom took the girls out of the room and dad actually slapped my shoulder and said he was proud of me.

I yawned and headed to my room remembering the girls pussy. I stopped when I saw them in my bed and mom stood and walked to me and kissed my cheek before whispering, “I married my brother and still love him very much.”

I looked at her in surprise and she winked as she walked out. I looked at Emily and Gem and Gem held the sheet up so I saw she was naked. I grinned as I closed the door, turned out the light and pushed my pants down as I walked to the bed. I climbed in and gave Gem a kiss as I moved over her. She wiggled as I pushed into her warm pussy and buried my cock.

When I built our house I made sure it had secret passageways. My sisters are still my lovers and we have our own children now.
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